Are You a Party Girl or an Alcoholic? 10 Ways to Tell the Difference

April 22, 2011  |  



Among me and all of my friends , every single one of us has either been affected by alcoholism or dealt with an addiction personally.  In the African-American community, one of the reasons alcoholism is so prevalent and often fatal is because we tend to not take it as seriously.  Drunken fist fights, binges and blackouts are a Friday night with family and friends, not an indication of a problem.  Witnessing several people in my family suffer from addiction I can attest to the fact alcoholism is a family disease: When one person suffers so does all who love them with secrets and shame and a feeling of helplessness.  Alcohol attacks your life like a loose thread on a cheap dress: With every pull it slowly unravels until all that you’re left with something that doesn’t remotely resemble the life you once had.  Check out the following signs that it’s all about to fall apart and one way to try and keep it all together.

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  • Thank you, Toya, for this critical article and the valuable resources it presents to its readers. I like that it's framed so commercially, pushing readers through with three paragraphs per page, and confronting them with a truth they can only avoid for so long.

    Although I don't approved of GrammarPoliceq's tone, he or she has a point. Grammatical errors undermine the weight of the information you are presenting, and make readers forget what an amazing writer you are. Your blog is nicely built and well formatted. If you have a budget for a humble proofreader, drop me a line. I will arrange all your punctuation in record time.

  • MollyNYC

    GrammarPoliceq: I believe that's known as a greengrocers' apostrophe.

    Why people blame this on greengrocers, I cannot tell you. However, the fact that it's not called an African-American's apostrophe implies that African Americans don't handle apostrophes appreciably worse than other people do.

    It may simply be this writer who is punctuation-impaired, as he also doesn't know that commas and periods go inside (to the left) of closing quotation marks.

  • GrammarPoliceq

    Even more disturbing and prevalent in the African American community: Extra apostrophe's. You see, many African Americans are ending their pluralized word's with apostrophe's that don't need to be there.

    Correct: John can't seem to find Gerald's car keys.

    Incorrect: Da'ashawndra can't manage the up's and down's of life without many bottle's of different liquor's poured into her glasse's.

  • Mike

    ZZZZzzzzzzzzz. You Negroes are funny.

  • justaguest

    not only is this information that every adult already knows…you shouldn't write articles comparing the average drunk college chick my friend bangs every weekend to real alcoholics….my mother is an alcoholic,. has been suffering for thirty years…the way she raised me and my family completed changed my life and molded me into the person i am today…not an alcoholic, but one to take offense at casually approaching such a serious issues. this is fodder for cosmopolitan magazine…as an Africana Studies major, i'd say set your sights higher, Toya Sharee, and go seek real news out there…

  • Although i’m no n00b in the blogging industry, your site really sticks out and features some valuable articles… Fantastic! I’ll incorporate you in the links on my site, i think it will provide more value to my readers.