Mother Arrested For Beating Child Over Bad Grades, Making Her Wear Shame Shirt To School: “I Can No Longer Have ANY Friends”

February 24, 2015  |  

NBC News

You have to get creative with your forms of disciplinary action as a parent, because if you’re not careful, and a little too reckless, the police will be knocking at your door and throwing you in jail.

According to NBC News, a Florida woman was not pleased to find out that her daughter had earned some pretty poor grades. To punish her, not only did Melany Joyce Alexander beat her with a belt, but the 31-year-old woman made the child go to school with a T-shirt that said the following on the front and back. Be warned, this is exactly how everything was written:

My name is (word removed) I currently have all F’s in all of my classes. I am not aloud to have a boyfriend no time soon. So back OFF before I get another good woopin like I got last night. Also I can no longer have ANY friends until ALL of my F’s are ALL brought up to C’s and up!!! So unless you are helping me with this goal… BACK OFF!!! My eating french fries & being a social butterfly is over because I know why my parents send me to school. I now know the IMPORTANCE of my education. I will learn. I will listen to my teachers and be respectful, at all times. I will do these things because I am failing (word removed) due to my social life. Want to be my friend 🙂 Help me by not!!!”

When school officials at West Hernando Middle School saw the young girl with the shirt on, they approached her and noticed that she had bruises and belt marks all over her arms and down to her wrists. The child told school officials she had received a beating with a belt (a leather one with holes and metal divots) the night before. Officials gave her a different shirt to wear and police were called over the bruises.

Alexander was arrested on Friday on suspicion of child abuse after admitting that she did hit her child multiple times. She is currently being held on $2,500 bond and was ordered to not have contact with the child.

The Department of Children and Families is now involved and according to NBC News, after looking at more bruises on her neck, chest, back and legs, the bruises are in line with an excessive beating.

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  • UBARacist

    Whippings, yes beatings no. Teachers at inner city schools get to deal with kids that curse them, hit them, bully others and run the halls all day long. Why? Because the districts cater to the parents and are afraid to be called racist. The kids aren’t suspended whether they attack kids, teachers or show nothing but disrespect. Parents come to take the side of their children. Teachers have no recourse for bad kids. Parents fail to come to parent teacher conferences but there to beat you up when you correct their kid. School is not a babysitting service contrary to parents belief.Parents need to spank these kids because teachers can’t. .

  • Deezy

    I personally think the school went too far in this matter. Where was all the concern when this child was failing all her classes? No I don’t think embarrassing a child in this manner is wrong. When you act up in public you get corrected in public. Now that this mother has been arrested for disciplining her own child what happens to the child? Who takes care and looks out for her while mommy is away. I also believe in beating not abusing a child. I also feel there is a difference. You may think the word beat is too strong and word but that’s the word I grew up with as well as much deserved and now appreciated whoopings. Mom wherever you are I applaud you trying get to raise a decent young lady. If all the details listed here are correct and the child wasn’t abused I stand behind you and your actions. Praying you are released soon.

  • Shelly Walker

    Its okay for kids to watch people having sex on TV 24 hours a day and they can curse you out. Try correcting that and it is child abuse. When are the self righteous going to speak out about what is being shown to children 24/7. You don’t need an education to have sex on TV

  • dj

    I’ll never understand how black people who, justifiably, were so against slaves being whipped, but turn right around and do the same thing to their own children. SMH.

  • dj

    “Wooped” her like a slavemaster……

  • dj

    Looks like mom needs both parenting and spelling classes.

  • mmmdot

    Rods were used to guide the sheep, not hit them. Shepards used rods to
    guide sheep, not hit them. Jesus spoke about teaching and guiding your
    children into adulthood. He was not an advocate for beating your kids like a
    runaway sl@ve. People need to stop picking up that belt [or shoe, switch, etc.] and beating their child in anger and frustration. Period.

    • guest

      Yes yes yes and yes again.

  • lilrockdiva

    If I ever brought home a report card with all Fs…I would not be here right now; Thanks Mom!

  • shante

    It may be something going on with this kid. She may be depressed or have something in her mind. She may be getting bullied, it could me something medical(vision problems). Find out whats going on on a deeper level! Beatings and shaming like this just make kids afraid to talk to you when they need to.

    • mmmdot

      Thank you!

  • DiscoQueenB

    The girl probably put arms and hands in the way of the belt hitting her butt. bruises are too much though

  • AndiCandy

    Wow..a lot of these comments have me straight shaking my head over here. To actually try to justify this woman putting bruises on her child’s body in places a belt should have never touched. This is not discipline…this is a parent who let their anger get the best of them. There is a big difference between spanking your child, and beating them. I understand that the way that a lot of folks grew up, beatings were masked as spankings, but as a grown adult, please take the time to learn the difference.

  • MsUnderstood30

    How is it that these poor grades come as a surprise to her?? An active parent that is “active” in parenting , should have made appearances at the child’s school, helped out with home work and inquire as to what is going on in that child’s life. If this kid was failing so horribly there were some warning signs along the way. She waited till the kid screwed up to be a ‘parent’.

  • ibdw

    The punishment was obviously excessive if she had marks on her body however, I don’t think spanking is bad. At a certain age though, you can discipline a child without hitting them. And if you start at a early age and are teaching the child why they are being punished it might go a longer way than humiliating or abusing them. Now the mother is in jail and could possibly lose custody of her child thereby destroying a family.

  • On screen I’m Nifa Dean

    That mother needs a few ‘C’ grades herself. She meant ‘allowed’ surely, not ‘aloud’. SMH.

  • girlfriendnj

    If she gets beat for bad grades, I’d hate to see what she gets for having a boyfriend, coming home late, not answering her cell when her parent calls. My point is she went too GOTT DAMNED far. Clearly this parent doesn’t possess the necessary tools for disciplining a child her age. When we know better we do better.

  • Is anybody else concerned that the t-shirt has multiple grammatical errors? No wonder the girl is failing her classes, look at her example.

  • MekaK

    I think she did what she learned!!! It was abuse if you whoop your child to a point of bruising but we dont know the whole the story. She may have done all the things suggested she have done at first and this was her last option. Obviously she is invested in her child becoming an educationed adult she just went too far with the beating and should be arestted but counseled and educated herself!! Kids these days do get caught up in social acceptance and peer pressure and CAN BECOME COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL AND WE HAVE TO GET CREATED TO GET THEIR ATTENTION AND LET THEM KNOW IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO BE IGNORANT!!! My mom had to threaten to have a family friend who was an officer to excort me to school and stand there with me in handcuffs at graduation if thats what it took but I was going to finish school. She didn’t finish the 10th grade helped me with as much as she could but struggled herself and was determined I would be better then her! Before she passes I wa able to look at how many of my high school friends became young mothers, dropouts, and/or inmates.. if still alive and I thanked her for the whoopings, creative punishments, and strictness bc I was not one of the crew.

  • Anon89

    First and foremost, you should be on top of your child’s school work. So if a child brings home bad grades I feel it’s the parents fault. However, shaming the child is not answer. My mother was on top of my homework until I graduated highschool. Even when I went away to college, she would still check up on my grades.

  • NoneOfMyBusiness

    There’s a bigger socio-economic picture for her grades/her interest in her grades, her parents under education, and her parents inability to monitor her grades. Any comment about this article has a valid counter argument, but this is such a smaller issue than the true focus or solution warrants. I personally believe kids should get whoopings, though.

  • Ferita Mcbride

    That’s a bit extreme. My son didn’t do well, but I dare not take it out on him. It’s a reflection upon me as his mother. I got to the root of the problem. I got more involved and the results are much better. But making them feel even bad and to shame them. Not a good idea. JUST MY OPINION!!

    • Eri Cad

      I agree. When a child is straight up failing thats a cry for help. I struggled in certain subjects I didn’t get F’s but I struggled my parents knew that and did what they could to help. I’m not a fan of parents humiliating their kids as a form of discipline.

  • NewYorkBunny

    Tried to be like these other parents on the internet but didn’t have enough discipline her damn self to effectively discipline her child.

  • #ParentTo4Adults

    This will not be popular HOWEVER, I do not think the mother was ‘over the top’ nor did she go too far. I absolutely understand exactly where she was coming from….. If you’re not humiliated by the grades you bring home that you shouldn’t be humiliated by the words your parent(s) had you write and wear to school. She received a good ‘ole ass-whoopin like so many of US received as children. Judging by the complexion of the Mom, the marks from the belt would indeed show the next day but sh wasn’t bleeding, no open wombs and no broken bones. If MORE parents did what our grandparents did and handed out whoopins more often, our children dare not be as disrespectful and unruly as they are now. And wearing the t-shirt… Kudos on that too as far as I’m concerned. Spare the rod, spoil the child isn’t working Ladies and Gentlemen. Investigated for what? Punishing her child? I would vote against that action. I don’t think open fists and hands are suitable for punishments but a few licks to the back-side… and she’ll bring them damn grades up!

    • Totally85

      To the backside, arms and leaving bruises? I think not. Everyone responds differently and this happened to me growing up and didn’t have a good effect at all. If the mother truly wanted to help the daughter, maybe she should spend time teaching her instead of hitting her with a belt and humiliating her. Now on top of failing in her classes, the mother is behind bars for hurting her child. That’s gonna have a big emotional impact on the little girl. What the mother did wasn’t loving at all. Everybody punishes differently but you can’t whoop everything into a child, especially when it comes to grades.

      • Anonymous

        C’mon! if the mother truly didn’t give a darn, would she have even tried to discipline here? Probably not. She clearly put some thought into this punishment and thought, at the time, it was the best solution to the issue. Did she mean to humiliate her child and/or harm the child to the point of jail… NO. Of course not. But YOUR perception of what you THINK she did is more than likely far off from what really happened. Let my child come home from school with failing grades when I know they can and will do better. Please! I’m putting heat to that backside as well and if they didn’t move around so much or attempt to catch the belt, they’d avoid licks to the arms and legs but you best believe, you will feel and remember my wrath. AND you will live to make that mistake again…. I dare you!

        • 1Val

          The mother’s time would have been better spent putting thought into how did she allow her child to fall behind. Perhaps she should have asked herself why hadn’t she responded to teacher’s emails, letters and phone calls, didn’t check daughter’s homework, never asked to see weekly test scores, enroll her daughter in extra curricular activities, hire tutors to help her daughter and why is she angry now when she the MOTHER did nothing for 9 weeks.

        • Some parents enjoy inflicting punishment on their kids and the attention it gets when their child is publicly shamed over social media.

        • AndiCandy

          If she had REALLY put some though into the proper discipline, I don’t think she would have put bruises all over hers child’s arms, neck, chest and back. That actually shows the opposite…she didn’t think.

      • KjB

        Really, so you being whooped didn’t do a thing for you? Your life was ruined because of the abuse you received as a child? Just curious…are you uneducated, disrespect to your elders, rude and selfish to your peers, abusive to your parents and grandparents? Just wondering, to all those who thing that our younger generation is doing BETTER than those of us that received corporal punishment and hands on discipline. That this generation couldn’t use some order to their behinds at home before the Police use their own type of law and order (shooting our children down in the streets and locking them up for the most ridiculous infractions). that was one of the reasons our grandparents use this type of discipline because better for the people who love you to get you straight by whoopin you behind at home than for the to kill you. I agree with #ParentsToAdults!!!

        • 1Val

          If parents value education their children will value obtaining an education. Corporal punishment is not the issue here. It is a mother’s failure to instill values into her daughter with bad grades a result of a parent’s failure to parent.

          Many of our younger generation are doing quite well in society. The children who are succeeding most likely having loving, nurturing, supportive, attentive and involved parents in their lives. But properly rearing children are investments of parental time, patience, guidance, finances and resources.

          • KjB

            With all that you stated, my question still hasn’t been answered. Many are doing quite well and so many more are not.

            • 1Val

              Any parent who fails to instill values in their children can not beat morals, ambition, respect, intellect or drive into them.

              • mmmdot

                Thank you!

        • Discipline should never leave marks. I was spanked, but never beaten and grew up having respect for my elders and authority figures. This mother is where she should be.

        • Love

          Children who receive corporal punishment still turn out to be disrespectful and unruly. There is no evidence to support that this type of punishment works better than anything else. That argument tired and played.

    • wizegirl06

      Agreed. But she didn’t have to beat her.

    • 1Val

      The mother needs her arse whoop for not rearing her daughter and beating her child because she is an unfit parent. I haven’t a clue as to where this mother is coming from. If she isn’t humiliated for being a non-involved parent who neglected to check her daughter’s homework, introduce herself to child’s teacher, hire a tutor for subjects child struggled with, sign progress reports and monitor child’s progress throughout the week why or how she feels justified beating her child is insane!

      The child wasn’t humiliated by her grades because her mother demonstrated she did not care about them. If more parents valued education similar to past generations more children would excel in school. For examples, every school my son attended receptionist knew my name by the sound of my voice. I was at my son’s school daily, knew ALL of his teachers, coaches and friends. And I didn’t beat my son for him to get good grades.

      The best way for her daughter to bring up her grades is for mother to do her job as a parent. Instead of beating her daughter’s arse to save mom’s face if child fails her grade.

      • Rochelle

        I agree with you. 100%. But you and I know that most hood and poor parents could care less about school. This mom probably wants her child to get good grades, but she doesn’t want to put in the effort. Or worst yet, doesn’t know or care how to.

        • 1Val

          Perhaps its an indicator of not knowing how to.

        • oscardgrouch

          People are making a lot of assumptions about this mother without any information. Perhaps she lived in the hood but worked two jobs. Maybe she couldn’t take time away from her job but trusted that her daughter was doing the right thing. Teens are sneaky as hell.

          I don’t know anything about where she lives, is it really the hood? Maybe she was back and forth to school and the child still wasn’t doing right. We don’t know. All we know is she got her behind beat and had to wear an embarrassing shirt for bad grades. Until more is reported everyone is just speculating.

      • in_reality

        Id just like to point out that no one knows that this mom hasn’t been involved and hasn’t tried and tried and tried with this child. You can beat or whoop or pop a child without it being abusive. My family is Caribbean and corporal punishment was and still is used. And my family has turned out quite well (doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, teachers, architects, etc.). Maybe this embarrasment was her way of trying to show her daughter the notion that “See how people are laughing at you for wearing this shirt? It’s the same way people will laugh at you and not respect you when you’re 40 and working as an entry level employee at a fast food joint because you decided that education wasn’t important.” For some kids words aren’t enough. They need to learn by doing and seeing and experiencing. If I tell you twenty times to not touch the hot pot because you’ll burn yourself and you still don’t listen then on the 21st time I’m gonna let you touch it and maybe you’ll learn.

        • 1Val

          The child’s grades and mother’s inappropriate actions are indicators mom was never involved with this child’s education. There isn’t any justification for this mom’s behaviors. Anyone who has discipline to work for a living regardless of occupation deserves respect including mature entry level fast food workers. For kids without foundations of values, morals, respect and integrity showing them humiliation and beating will not alter their realities.

          • in_reality

            It might. Humiliation and pain and the desire to avoid feeling either of those things is and always will be a strong motivating force for people whether you are an adult or a child. Look up the sherrid that makes his inmates clean up the roads in embarrassing clothes. His return inmate rates have dropped. And in my eyes what respect have you earned and what example have you set as a 40 year old entry level food worker that got stuck working in this job because you threw away your education? You had the ability to be a big earner but threw it away for a life of minimum wages, govt assistance, and mediocrity. You want respect go and get that GED and then a higher level degree and make something of yourself. That is discipline. No sympathy from me. Honestly neither of us knows whether this mother was involved or not and everyone’s arguments are based off of speculation and personal biases and whether or not her actions were justified or inappropriate is also based on those personal biases so let’s agree to disagree.

            • Rochelle

              Im confused why you are shaming older people working in a certain position. You don’t know what happened in their lives. That
              statement was very asinine and silly. How old
              are you? You sound very immature and closed minded. I can also tell you that a lot of things Caribbean Americans are very backwards, including the way they punish their children. Before you say something stupid, I want you to know that I am Caribbean and I have a masters.

              • in_reality

                I’m confused about why my statement is so confusing. And I stand by my opinion. I’m not shaming older people working in a certain position. If my statement was read fully and comprehended it would be clear that the only older people I’m supposedly shaming are ones that get stuck in minimum wage jobs because they decided that their education wasn’t important and they wanted to do other things than educate themselves. And no I’m not referring to individuals that for example had to drop out of school to support their family or to help pay bills or to support themselves or anything like that. Im talking about individuals that sincerely figured school was a waste of time and preferred to run the streets or just stay home or whatever they do with their time. Now if you’re older and have an education and you’re working a minimum wage job because you can’t find anything else and you’re doing what you have to do to pay your bills then kudos to you that is discipline and integrity and having a work ethic, but if working minimum wage is your ONLY choice and option because you don’t have the education by your own doing then shame on you. Those are the circumstances I am speaking of.

                Well my parents (and my grandparents) are full blooded Caribbean and they managed to raise me and the rest of my siblings pretty well…despite their “backwards” thinking….and before you say anything stupid, I’m Caribbean and working on my doctorate.

                • Rochelle

                  I think the thing that your missing is that you can have all the education in the word, but still have to beg someone for a job. Not cool, so keep that in mind. Entrepreneurship leads to financial freedom. Point is, you don’t know any ones situation, so it is best to shut it up. It is fine to beat the child for grades, but then talk to the child, get them a tutor, and keep up with their work and teachers. Beatings aren’t for all punishments. Like I said, parents need to be more creative.

          • oscardgrouch

            Inappropriate to you. There are a few people responding who have no issue with the punishment.

    • AndiCandy

      So bruises on the neck, chest, back and arms are justified? Give me a break! There’s a big difference between spanking your child as a form of discipline, and beating the crap out of them, all because you can’t control your temper.

    • mmmdot

      Rods were used to GUIDE the sheep, not BEAT them. Shepards used rods to guide sheep, not beat them. Jesus spoke about teaching and guiding your children into adulthood. He was not an advocate for beating your kids like a RUNAWAY SL@VE. Do you love your children and want them to THRIVE or do you own them and you want them to “obey?”

  • in_reality

    Sometimes children need to be embarrassed to learn. That’s what I learned when my grandmother popped my azz in front of the whole church congregation for acting a fool during the sermon. You bet I never misbehaved in church again. What that mother should have done is been a lot more restrictive with that belt usage. You can’t send a child to school with welts and bruises all over their body. There is a fine line between what is conceived as abusive and excessive and what is conceived as okay by societal standards.

    • LL

      I would be more embarrassed about my mom looking like she received all ‘F’s as well. The issue is that just like everything else on social media, everyone is a copycat. You see all these stories about parents embarrassing kids and now everyone wants a piece of the popular pie. The mom came off looking extremely ignorant. I am all about proper consequences for kids and yes, sometimes some embarrassment may be involved, but clearly this won’t help her daughter.

      • KjB

        How do we know the mom wrote what was on the tee-shirt? Maybe having the child write what was on the tee-shirt was another example to the child that education in important and that her use of the English language (or misuse) was just as embarrassing.

        • Bambi

          When was the last time you heard a child in middle school use the term “social butterfly”?

    • NicoleS

      @in_reality I understand and appreciate your comments, and even agree with you about not abusing your children. However, I respectfully disagree with the ‘it’s ok to embarrass your children to teach them’ sentiment. As a parent, we should NEVER intentionally embarrass our children! We should be the constant source of love, caring, support and sensitivity from an already harsh world, that for many become even harsher once they have left the nest and need to fend for themselves. Once you set the precedence of willfully embarrassing your kids, you are teaching them that their self esteem and self confidence aren’t worth much. Why should we tear down our children when they will face enough of that in life? What we SHOULD be doing as parents is helping to build strong, educated, well adjusted children. Ones that can handle the adversity of this world. Not instill in them that we think they are idiots and will treat them as such. This is what they will expect and accept from others.

      • in_reality

        I also agree with your statement that parents should be a constant source of love and support, and that embarrassment shouldnt be used as a constant go to way of punishing your kids because that would be emotional and verbal abuse, and I don’t condone abusing children in ANY way. But at what point do we stop coddling our children and start giving them some tough love? For all we know this woman has done everything else in the book to try and get her daughter on the right path and this was just a last ditch effort. This may have been her Hail Mary pass. Why shouldn’t that child be embarrased? She should be embarrassed that as a little black child that already has strikes against her that she doesn’t value herself or her future enough to do what she has to do to get her education. I bet the same friends she’s keekeeing with aren’t failing. The joke is going to be on her when they get out of middle school and she is stuck. All Fs? Seriously? I’m sure one of her classes is P.E. How the heck do you fail that?! She needs to learn to take responsibility for herself and her future. She’s not a baby.It’s not about tearing down our children. It’s about teaching them that the world is harsh and cruel and dog eat dog and the weakest will get left by the wayside to struggle and that people will judge you by what they see on paper. What will she be able to make of herself in this day and age if she cant even make it through middle school? And if she carries this education doesn’t matter attitude throughout her life? If you act like an idiot and portray yourself as an idiot people will treat you as such. Now if her mom isn’t doing her part then shame on mama…but if she is and her daughter is still not having a positive change then what else can she do, but try and pull some crazy stunt? You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make them drink. A little embarrasment and an azz whopping isnt going to kill her. It might just change her life.

    • fixitJesus

      I don’t agree with humiliation. How is that showing love through discipline? I agree yes a proper discipline was needed for correction but not humiliation. Children are fragile and it’s not about being weak. The beating she gave a child was bad enough. But to humiliate her I hold no sympathy

  • anon

    Welp… Given the poor grammar on this shirt, its easy to see why this girl is failing. We have got to do better.

  • b617

    Yeah that was straight up abuse and humiliation…mother sounds a tad sick in the head. I feel bad for that child.

    • 1Val

      The mother is failing at parenting her daughter. Since involved parents are NEVER surprised by their child’s report cards because grades are a weekly occurrence.

  • Faye

    “aloud” -_-

    • Dominique Thompson

      That’s why she has all Fs I suppose lol.

    • IllyPhilly

      Aaaaaahaha! Well like mother like daughter.

  • Dominique Thompson

    I’m all for creative punishment but this is a little ignorant.

    • December86

      Exactly… its ways to disciple but not totally destroy your child and their perception of love. I am making F’s in class so okay mom help me get better by paying attention to my homework, my progress reports, my conference visits to my teacher. All F’S in each subject one of those teachers had to reach out at some point. Parents make it our business to teach our kids and learn their progress in school. So we wont be so surprised when they are failing and we lash out like this.

      • speaksthetruth

        Can I give you a million likes! You said it perfectly!

      • IllyPhilly

        Thank You. I was like, huh? How come you didn’t know your child was failing EVERY damn class?

    • 1Val

      The mother should be thrown underneath the jail!

      There are 9 weeks in a grading period to check homework, view test scores, sign progress reports, schedule parent/teacher conferences, volunteer at school, enroll child in extra curricular activities, attend school functions, hire tutors and aid a struggling student. So how and why mother was outraged by a failing report card is beyond me.

      • 9rounds

        Thaaannnnk you. Clearly, Mom didnt keep in contact with the school and teachers.

    • Rochelle

      I am so angry. I am so angry right now! So you have a woman beating a child for the RIGHT THING….not something stupid like “you broke my xbox,” or “you are standing in front of the TV and blocking my view.” NO, she beat her for one of the only things a child really SHOULD be beaten for, grades, disrespect, and manners. Now she is in trouble. I am thinking this mom just wanted her child to do well and concentrate, not be a teen mom, as student talking back to teachers, a stripper, prostitute, welfare parasite, etc. Now she gets locked up? Unbelievable! Black parents, start getting on your children for grades, better yet get a tutor. Does wonders. I digress. Only thing is, if a child is getting straight “F’s” she was a bad parent to begin with. Great parents produce great, disciplined children. Obviously, this mother was taking out her failure on that child’s behind. That is unacceptable. All parents that have failing children should really look at themselves. Did you read to them as children, help them with homework, talk to them about school, teach them anything???!!! Parents are most likely the problem and did not instill the purpose of schooling and did not give out good values and butt whippings when anything less than a “B” goes home. This mother is a failure and should be ashamed. Not for the whipping, but that her child was getting all “F’s” in the first place.

      • AndiCandy

        So I guess you just gonna ignore the part where it stated there were bruises all over this child’s body huh? Mmkay…

      • Deezy

        I have been surprised by my children’s grades before and I am as diligent as possible. The children brought the best grades to be seen. I work strange hours as well as my husband. I never received a call from a teacher nor a letter or email. I don’t know how this baby slipped through the cracks but it seems to me that mama was trying to get her back on track.

    • Rochelle

      Also, parents should be creative with punishments. Not everything has to be a whopping. Your child slams doors when they are angry. Take the door off the hinges. Your teen boy won’t clean up after himself in the bathroom, lock the bathroom. He now has to go in a bucket or at the nearest gas station bathroom. Your child gets consistently bad grades, get him a tutor and no birthday celebration, xbox, etc until all grades are satisfactory.