Tone Down The Turn Up: 15 Ways Alcohol Is Bad For Your Relationship

February 6, 2015  |  
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Going out for drinks with friends on the weekend or having some wine at dinner can be a fun way to socialize with your man, or wind down together. But if you look at your nights together and realize there is always alcohol involved, you might realize you also have some of these problems. Here are 15 ways alcohol is bad for your relationship.




Decreases his chance of performance

The term “whiskey dick” exists for a reason. The more a man drinks, the more difficult it becomes for him to get an erection, keep an erection or ejaculate, all of which are frustrating for him and demoralizing for you.


Decreases your chance of orgasm

With every drink you have, your va-jay-jay becomes less sensitive and you become less likely to orgasm. And guess what? Orgasms release chemicals that make you feel close to your partner, so without them, you’re missing out on some great bonding.


Makes sober sex difficult

If most of your sex is drunk sex, sober sex can feel awkward. You might start to feel shy about your performance when you’re sober, or insecure about your body. You need to learn to feel confident in these things sober, but being drunk all the time won’t help you do that.


Makes you pass out too early

You know it’s happened: you had plans to go to a show or meet up with friends after dinner, but then you had too many drinks at dinner and just felt like going home and passing out. But it’s important to go out and do things with your partner to keep things exciting.





Makes you sensitive

You know you take everything the wrong way when you’re drunk. Yes you do. And you find you and your partner arguing when just a minute ago you were getting along. That’s the booze making you paranoid and sensitive.


Gives you hangovers/kills your day dates

You don’t just cancel plans when you’re drunk; you cancel them when you’re hungover too. There goes that cute idea of going on a hike or going to an art museum. Now the landscape of your relationship is becoming pretty flat.

Gives you hangover depression/anxiety

Hangovers usually come with depression and anxiety, which make you reclusive and distant from your partner.


All your money goes to cabs/alcohol

You can’t afford to do the things you want to do because when you were drunk you picked up the bar tab for all your friends and took three cabs to your favorite fast food place, then his, then home.



Makes you flirty

You don’t mean to, but you get too touchy with other guys and this of course causes an explosive fight with your man.


Makes you argumentative

Alcohol tends to cause some rage and suddenly you become a major b*tch. But you swear you’re not!


Makes you say things you shouldn’t have

Alcohol gives you the urge to be honest and suddenly you spill secrets and private thoughts to your partner that you really regret saying the next day. He did not need to know you think his brother is hot.

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Gives the illusion of connection

Alcohol makes you feel all warm and excited inside—it can make you feel like you’re having a deep conversation with your partner. But the next day you realize you didn’t really connect.



Makes you forgetful

Your partner tells you something important when you’re drunk, but you forget it the next day and he is upset. In fact, he has told you that same important detail many times, but you’re always drunk, so you always forget.

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Makes you ugly

It dehydrates you, which affects your skin, your hair and even bloats you.


Makes you sleep bad/cranky

A drunken sleep is never a good sleep and when you don’t sleep well, you get cranky and pick fights.

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