White Women Do It, Too: 8 Things Black Women Can’t Get Away With

April 16, 2011  |  
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It seems like every week there is a new study about black women ranking number one in something perceived negatively—abortions, births out of wedlock, multiple baby fathers. And, among the popular defenses is that black women are not alone in these statistics. “White women do it, too” is one of the most common excuses.

Black, white, yellow, brown—we are all one in the same in that we come from the same species; but, it would be silly not to acknowledge that we do come from varying creeds. We are culturally and genetically bred differently; and, society has been conditioned to see black and white women in conflicting regards. Thus, we are impacted differently by similar actions.

Here are common things white women do, too, that we just can’t get away with:

1. Sex on the first date.
Make that the first three months. Black women have to be especially strategic when it comes to giving up the goods. It is often an immediate dealbreaker if sexual intimacy happens too soon. Black men are turned off by black women they perceive as easy. However, for white women, it works a little differently. Black men cannot compare them to the female staples (mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc.) in their lives; thus, there are lower standards. Doing backflips and tongue tricks on the first date can land her a significant other.

2.“Leaking” sex tapes.
There are no black Kim Kardashians. Superhead is about as close as it is going to get to a black woman gaining mainstream notoriety for sex; and, although scandalously delicious, it was short-lived. We are, unfortunately, still shadowed by the Jezebel stereotype. Sixty million dollars, ELLE magazine covers, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards shows? Out of the question. Remember Montana Fishburne? Yeah, she’s making low budget Adult Videos and whoring.

3. Speaking in baby voice.
Paris Hilton used to do it and now the Kardashian sisters are using it to amplify their cuteness. Clear enough to be coherent and underdeveloped-sounding enough to not be intimidating, baby voice alleviates notions of an intellectual threat. Too bad black men typically like their black women to at least sound like they have a brain.

4. Getting a nose job.
Our noses are genetically-designed to be rounder, with nostrils a little wider. White women don’t look so strange because they fix their noses to look whiter, removing bumps and breaking bridges to make it smoother and slimmer. We often look ridiculous trying to surgically make ourselves look more like them.  Halle Berry is an exception. Most rhinoplasties turn out more like Latoya Jackson.

5. Walking around straight-faced.
Stereotyped as angry, bitter and flat-out mean, black women have to put in a little work to be perceived as personable and friendly. If we aren’t smiling, potential suitors assume we are unapproachable or upset. We have the burden of fighting a stigma. A straight-faced white woman translates to the public much differently. In fact, they don’t really think much of it; and, it’s not something that deters an interested brother.

6. Cackling loudly on the phone.
The boisterous, ghetto stereotype is one that applies to black women, alone. People hear us speaking loudly and turn the corner in fear of something popping off. Even though it is usually due to passion and excitement, the volume has to come down a few decibels. Or else you will be that woman. Since white women are viewed in a more demure, feminine manner, such behavior is not as damning.

7. Wearing low-rise skinny jeans.
These were not created with shapely, plump backsides in mind. Slim, slender, thick or fat—low-rise skinny jeans are a black woman’s recipe for plumber’s crack. They work best to highlight the barely-there bum and straight up and down physique. Our pants need to come all the way to the waist in order to provide complete coverage for the booty.

8. Getting knocked up.
The fastest growing segments of the homeless population are women and children, the majority of which are black. Class differentiations make black, single mothers more susceptible to poverty than white women. In many cases, single mothers (commonly referenced as baby mamas) receive little financial support from fathers and do not come from families with a significant amount of extra income to help. Also, a solid percentage of white, single mothers are divorcées, which is a dissimilar scenario.

LaShaun Williams is a lifestyle and relationship advice columnist, blogger and soon-to-be author. Her work has been featured on popular urban sites, such as The Grio, and she has made appearances on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and Santita Jackson Show. She is also the founder of Politically Unapologetic, where she unabashedly discusses pop culture, life, love and a dash of politics. Williams lives in Atlanta with her husband and young children. Follow @itsmelashaun on Twitter or visit her on Facebook.

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  • Barbara Dion

    Let me tell you something a white woman can’t do. She can’t write an obviously racist article like this and get away with it. Imagine if we wrote an article like this about black woman with it’s thinly veiled insults. This is an attack and it is offensive. You should be ashamed.

  • Teena

    People are people – the no sex things for 3 months? COME ON. I know women of EVERY race that struggle with how long they should wait to have sex – nobody wants to be labelled easy.

  • bugalugs2

    Fascinating to see the high level of racism both in the article and comments, all apparently without the authors realising just how offensively racist they are being. Guess that is something that black women DO get a free pass on where white women wouldn’t.

  • VisionAri

    I’ve been the victim of #5 in the workplace. I’ve had white coworkers who have never had a good day in their entire lives and everyone accepts that, but let me have a day when I’m not as chirpy as a cricket on Ecstasy, and I get “spoken to”.

    I’m not even surly when I’m in a bad mood, just quiet and withdrawn. But apparently, a black person being quiet is a far worse thing than a white person biting people’s heads off.

  • PeaceCorps1

    I am SOOOO tired of Halle Berry being held up as the beauty for black women. SHE IS ONLY HALF BLACK so to hold her as our aesthetic is a huge insult.

  • layla

    You forgot to add the one number problem, how to keep your Afro hair?Sometimes I am really tired of their many stupid and disrespectful questions! I keep my Afro hair and I do not tell you what a nightmare! Especially if you go to a job interview and they say “Sorry Can you put down the volume of your hair lowest?” As if to say that our hair is not straight enough is synonymous with disorder and unprofessional?What is professional to stretch their hair and put a wig? If I refuse categorically to do one thing and the other! When you decide to change your look? Oh my God! How come you changed your look? I should to ask you permission to change my look? If was my mother! This obsession with the hair especially of black women at certain times to touch my nerves! Absolutely I don’t care how they keep their hair etc.
    If education for them to ask, “Can I touch your hair?” to a person who you don’t know and you don’t have any bond with her! I don’t know where is respect!

  • Children Of Nephilim

    “5. Walking around straight-faced.”

    You can also scare away potential assholes from trying to ruin your day. As a white chick who employs the “resting bitch-face/straight-face,” it doesn’t work as well as I would like it to.

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    I wish this wasn’t a thing.
    I’m a white woman and I just find it really difficult to swallow that all of these are still beliefs people hold. I didn’t land a boyfriend through sleeping with him on the first date, but regardless of race, it’s entirely up to the woman what she does with her body, it’s just not my bag to give up my goods… Or my ‘not greats’.
    White women aren’t all demure and sweet little English Roses we’re painted out to be as I’m sure not all black women are the totally ignorant picture we’ve painted of them as being ‘abrasive’ or ‘ghetto’. So as far as having a cackle on the phone goes… Go for it! My mother’s white and she cackles like a fekking hag over the phone, I wouldn’t think any less of her if she was a black woman I didn’t know. If anything, she sounds like someone I wanna know!

    And I’m from a family of short women with huge asses. We have more booty than we’d like and watching us walk down the street is like a re-enactment of March of the Penguins. We can’t wear low rise skinnies, we don’t all have the bodies of teenage boys just because we’re white. We feel the booty pain too!

    My point is that all of the topics in this article don’t fit exclusively for black women, not in my eyes anyway, and as a white person it upsets me that black women are still thought to be oppressed or feel like their behaviour has to be prohibited in some way. No woman or man should ever feel like they’re wrong for just ‘being’ and if white people genuinely still share these kinds of beliefs too then I’m truly sorry.

    I don’t like to think black men or women are or feel somehow oppressed in this day and age. I may be white but that means nothing when it comes to my identity. I just am. Similarly I don’t think of being black as an identity, but the awesome unique characteristics that make a person ‘them’. So I can’t apologise for the way white people before me behaved, but I can tell a black woman that she can be whoever she wants, without restraint or a colour being fundamental to who she is. She just is… She can be loud/quiet, get a nose job, have tonnes of sex or not, snort-laugh on the phone like I do or not.
    I’m a human, She’s a human. Unique and equal with no right to demand otherwise of each other.
    It’s as long as we keep pointing out the differences or enforcing rules that don’t need to apply to us all that causes a divide when there’s really none.
    We share a planet and the world wouldn’t be the same without each other. Not as black, white, asian, straight, gay or other, but just people.

  • Alina

    I’m a white girl of dirt poor white family, and I honestly do not believe I cold get away with any such things either.

  • Mortimer Finklestein

    This article is an absolute disgrace and insult to Black women EVERYWHERE! You’re upset that there are no Black Kardashians? Or that Black women can’t get away with doing things like the Kardashians or Paris Hilton? You see THAT as being bad? Newsflash: they do NOT get a pass for their actions for being White. Being a dumbass has no color barrier (as noted by your reference of those two oxygen thieves). I’ve dated plenty of Black women who had sex on the first date. It has NOTHING to do with culture, it has to do with individual perceptions of morality and sexual freedom. I have NEVER seen a woman, of any ethnicity/race/color who looked “good” in low-rise skinny jeans. These days, you usually don’t see them on women at all, just boys walking out of Abercrombie & Fitch. NO ONE, of any gender or ethnicity gets a pass on loud phone conversations. If you don’t want me to be a part of it, then, I don’t need to hear it. I’m kind of an old dirty bastard and not very nice to people who are rude; if I am made to listen to your conversation (because, you’re just that loud), I promise you, I will become PART of your conversation. Leaked sex tapes?? REALLY? You don’t think there are enough issues with the world that we should be upset about who can and can’t put out a sex tape? Trash puts out sex tapes. No color there either. Just, trash. “Notice me! Notice meeee!! Daddy didn’t pay enough attention to me! PLEEEASE NOTICE ME!! I’ll get naked!”
    You did more in this one article to shame Black women for being Black than was done in any one month of the Jim Crow era. Congrats.

  • Run

    A black woman will give it up on the first night if she’s with a decent-looking white dude who has even a little money. Black women trust white men more, and they shouldn’t. White men have been phuqing over black men and women for centuries.

    • naynay

      That is not true — Black women are very suspicious of White men coming on to them, even if they have money. It is the Black men who she is the most vulnerable and gullible to because that is what the majority of Black women want, and that is a decent Black man who is committed to her. Now that is a fact!!

    • johnsor

      That is a bald-faced lie!

      • Run

        No…it isn’t. Black women are less trusting of black men, just like a lot of black men will treat white wonen better…take them to expensive dinners ‘n’ sh*t.

        We don’t treat each other the way we deserve to be treated.

  • Run


    Well TMSIDKMF!

    It works the same way for black men. A few examples:

    Charlie Sheen and Robert Doeney, Jr. Can do all of the drugs from Columbia to China, go to rehab repeatedly, sleep with p0rn stars, and still be seen as bankable Hollywood stars.

    Todd Bridges, Gary Dourdan and other black stars who lose their way are essentially ruined.

    Ben Affleck can boldly s3xually harass women on camera. A black man who behaved that way would lose his job/jobs, and face lawsuits and arrests!

    White males can slam doors, throw temper tantrums, use profanities, and flirt with coworkers. Black men get fired for similar, less egregious behaviors.

    White men can be fired from their jobs and later return to those same employers and be rehired, or admit to prospective new employers that their previous employers fired them and still get the job. A black man can NEVER admit to having been fired by a previous employer.

    White men can curse at cops, resist arrest and even fight them without worrying that they will be killed for it. If a black man so much as raises his voice at a cop, he might be toast!

  • stay


  • Mike Weiss

    Of course there are double standards! But a lot of the stuff that was mentioned here is nonsense. You know what white men call a white girl who gives it up on the first date? “easy” As for leaking sex tapes etc., men may watch the tapes but have little respect for the women in them. White women who are divorced, or are single mothers are stigmatized even if it was their husbands that left them. My mother was divorced when I was a kid, it wasn’t her fault but she was looked down upon anyway. Alll of her kids were with the same man and conceived within wedlock, but it made no difference! An article could have been written about negatively stereotyping all women, but race had to be pushed into it. This article is a self-pity party.

    • PeaceCorps1

      Kanye married a ho, so this is not true. Yes, she got him doing what no sista could have done.

  • dilee

    I am a happy black female and thank God i was born to live in Africa. Our traditions would be the reason a black woman cant get away with being a baby mama. Albeit i can wear whatever i want and really i don’t have to smile to win a man. Would never relocate to a white-man’s land. I am better as the Queen of some dark village, than a servant in a white kingdom..lol. I feel for my black brothers and sisters in diaspora.

  • elliemae

    very american stereotypes

  • Rory

    After reading articles on this site for three hours, I just finally realized that the articles were targeted toward black women…

    This white woman would like to say that NO ONE with even the tiniest bum should wear “low rise” jeans. You’ll get plumber’s crack from raising your arms. Personally, I’ve just had to get jeans three sizes larger than my legs and just wear belts for the past ten years or so of my life. Then I discovered yoga pants. OMG FREEDOM.

    Most fashionable women’s jeans are designed by skinny gay boys who have no idea what kinda curves a woman has. I’m so done. Yoga pants forever.

  • ♏ ®

    Sad but absolutely true. Primarily because any actions by a black woman that are a part of already well-known stereotypes (black women are ghetto, rude, fight a lot, wear loud-colored hair, are baby mamas, never get married, live in the projects, all have EBT cards….you know where I’m going) just further perpetuate the low brow opinions that already hang over our heads. The truth is: black women DO go to college, get decent jobs, get married, raise well-mannered children, own homes & cars, are comfortable with self. Those that do won’t make public spectacles of themselves for the purpose of being seen.
    If no one ever sees this, they don’t believe it exists. That’s THEIR ignorance, not mine.

  • guest

    This has got to be THE most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. This article sounds more like a jealous rant than actual fact. And the things said about white women are pretty stereotypical too. No, they don’t all wear skinny jeans and get nose jobs. What kind of idiot is allowed to post this garbage on the internet? Keep sparking the fire and spreading the hate. Good job idiot.

    • Run

      Sorry, but these really are FACTS!

  • On Point

    This is all or almost all true. I could add that white women can get away with same sex experiences more without being labeled. So many white women that I know have been with a girl before. Black women have to keep our checkered histories hush hush. Even black celebrities are afraid to kiss a girl. Unlike Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Lady GaGa, Brittany Spears etc. Rhianna is the only one who’s not scared to do whatever.

  • Claire

    As the white mother of a black child I have massive problems with people thinking that skin colour is important. It isn’t, it just doesn’t come into anything in any form. It’s quaint to think that it is what is inside that is important, but it’s true. No one is better or worse than anyone else based on skin tone.

    • Run

      It’s too bad that the world doesn’t operate the way you and I wish it would. Facts are facts, and you cannot “wish away” racism any more than you can wish away AIDS or Ebola. They are sicknesses that have to be addressed directly, honestly, vigorously, and comprehensively.

  • Nicky

    This is stupid. These things are frowned upon no matter what race you are. I wish the black community will stop thinking like this.

    • Run

      We all agree that these actions are theoretically frowned upon, but you miss the point: THEY ARE “FAR LESS FROWNED UPON” WHEN THE BAD ACTORS ARE WHITE!

      It works that way with anything, which is why disparate sentences are handed out for similarly situated black and white defendants, why unarmed black suspects are far more likely to be shot and killed by police while armed white suspects who kill people or attack cops make it to prison, and why blacks tend to get fired for actions that bet white offenders warnings or probation at their jobs.

      Michael Brown was unarmed but killed. The Colorado theater shooter was armed and dangerous, and had murdered several people by the time cops had arrived. He was ARRESTED!!!

      The fact is, whites are more inclined to give other whites more rope…the benefit of the doubt in situations that would warrant treating blacks the same way.

      Try to think a bit more deeply…

  • Captive Audience

    Nobody wants the Jackson family cosmetic surgeon. You can ad the Priscilla Presley surgeon to that list as well. A reputable, talented plastic surgeon is very careful to make subtle improvements while preserving what makes you unique.

  • Leane

    ok this article is rude. So to make one group of women happy just make the other group look bad? I never slept with someone on a first date. I have only had one sexual partner and I’m ‘white’. How is it the fault of ‘white women’ that some people don’t like their nose jobs? Also talking in a baby voice is a little ridiculous but why all the hate? There is no reason for this distasteful article as its innapropriate to everyone included within it. I mean why are we even pointing out differences like this when we are all trying to be the same and accept each other? Its like ‘if we don’t want to shame one group we just have to shame the others too…’

  • ODWms

    I always find the admonition that “white women do it too” when it comes to things like things they supposedly are trying to copy us with (read: butt injections) laughable, especially in response to criticism about things like sistas’ ubiquitous usage of hair weaves. The number one client for butt injections and other buttocks enhancement treatments by a huge margin are… black women.

  • Alfreda Calbert

    Wrong. Skinny jeans do not fit us because our thighs are bigger than the white woman. White and Latina women have large derrieres too, so, stop spreading myths and get it straight. Those skinny jean pants are made for women with smaller derrieres of all ethnic groups, not just white women.

    • Run

      But White and Asian women are generally the ones with the smaller butts.

  • Andrea A

    This is an extremely racist article. Much of what is discussed is baseless. Shame on you. Racism is racism, whether it’s from someone black, white, korean, mexican, etc. Find some decent material and don’t fall back on insulting other races, whichever one it may be. Put some effort into your articles.

    • Run

      It is NOT racism to point out racism!

  • Shivb

    wow i came across this site while looking for something else….as a mixed race girl with amazing, strong, admirable, beautiful female relatives who are both white and black, this article made me feel a little bit sick. Not only that, but some of it is absolutely laughable. For example, white women don’t get judged if they put out on the first date – COME ON! I’ve read some rubbish in my time but congratulations madame noire, you might just have topped it all.

    • Run

      They aren’t judged as harshly. This article is true.

  • Define2

    Well something is going on that’s different…I’ve read so often about how by 30 the average woman had slept with 20+ men as if this is normal…these are not black magazines so I’m thinking wow who is this the norm for?

  • Alessa

    As a white woman, I can say that this article disgusts me- not because of the content, but because of the double standards. I’ve seen so much of this, and it confuses and disgusts me. Am I rare in thinking people should be only judged by attitude/actions, and not the color of their skin? All shades, from pale white to the darkest brown, are beautiful. Period.

  • Megan

    This is one of the most ignorant, condescending articles I’ve read in a long time. I absoutely love how people complain about racism, yet they continue to separate the population based on color. Way to go.

  • TheHarper

    Where do u get this crap from how raciest is this.

  • Olu Akani

    Lol .. black women don’t have sex on first date .. 95% of the women I have been with are black.. the writer is delusional. Yep some wait .. and some have sex on the first date but it ain’t 3 months .. more Like 1st to 3rd date .. . I ain’t judging though .. nothing wrong with satisfying human urges

    • CC

      She’s not saying that black women don’t do it, she’s saying they don’t get away with it like white women do.

  • normalblackguy25

    wow I never realized how close minded this blog is. This really enforces a lot of stereotypes.

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins


  • Shawndrea Rachelle


  • eff.my.noise

    While this article does address many of the stereotypes and prejudices we as black women have had to struggle against our whole lives, I’m stuck by the superficial nature of these “8 things” we can’t get away with. As if having a wider nose, a bigger booty, a louder voice, and being promiscuous are the measuring stick of the Black experience. Please.

    Being a black woman is not defined by the “straight face” look I give people when I’m having a regular day… It’s defined by the looks OTHER people give me, if I wanna wear skinny, low-rise jeans. Or get a nose job. Or talk and laugh loudly on my phone.

    If we want to change these stereotypes and destroy the prejudices holding us back, then black women need to think about more important things than what they wear, what they sound like to other people, or who they sleep with. That is how you fight racism without buying into it the way this article has!

  • ObrackBarama

    I think the important takeaway from this article is that niglet women are the d1ck-cheese of the world. Followed VERY closely by niglet men and Beaners. God, this country needs some good ol’ fashioned, Slobodan Milosovic ethnic cleansing.

  • roughcutdiamond

    Lies. Most white single mothers are not divorced! White women have a longstanding history of having children out of wedlock. And white families kick out their women too when they have white children out of wedlock. Since we all live in segregated neighborhoods you don’t know.

  • Joede Brown

    I thought this discussion was going to be a bit more substantial…What about nervous breakdowns? Not allowed to take a stand at work?

    Come on, there is more to the black woman stereotype than we are just loud and get pregnant every 3 days. Thanks to society’s viewpoint (black and white) we are not allowed to take care of ourselves when we are sick (physically and/or mentally). When going through cancer treatment, my boss suggested I continue working to get my mind off of things. Yeah, right. I ended up quitting. They thought I was bluffing until I walked out that door.

    Mental illness (stress of raising our race on our own and much more) is prevalent within black women but we are all too busy trying to be “strong” to deal with the situation. One is strong because they ask for help when needed and that takes more courage that just allowing others to control you and your actions.

  • George Ford

    I’m a white man married to a strong black woman for 12 years now. The thing that turned me on to her was her presence and self awareness. She is loud around me behind closed doors but more professional in public than I am. She has been accused of sounding too white amongst some black peers and family. Maybe I am dumb but I still think it is the person. People sound stupid talking loud on the phone no matter what color and I would lose total respect for a woman sleeping with me on the first date no matter what ethnicity.

  • Guest

    I can understand some of the differences (like skinny jeans) but it’s no better when a white woman acts like a tramp or gets too loud on the phone. As far as my opinion is concerned, obnoxious people are frowned upon regardless of race.

  • Una

    Rude behavior is color blind. I don’t need, nor do I want, to hear all the spicy details of one’s bedroom acrobatics, financial woes, medical problems including but not limited to one’s Social Security number to which the insurance company on the line needs access, family issues, relationship updates and all manner of other intensely personal details of one’s life. Yet I (along with thousands of my fellow humans) are subjected to this very thing by people of all colors, ethnicities, socio-economic groups and ages who engage in loud, animated, often angry, expletive-filled conversations and/or rants, in excruciating detail, using cell phones in public places. That is not a race issue; it’s an etiquette issue.

  • Captive Audience

    I guess it comes down to what you consider getting away with something.

    Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian et al. are considered trashy, pathetic, class A morons. Their “careers” consist of inane reality shows and other drivel. If they didn’t already have money they would be in big trouble.

    As far as plastic surgery is concerned there are many talented, reputable cosmetic surgeons out there. In my opinion the surgeons to the Jacksons do not belong in that category.

    • cvxxx

      When that moron already has banked 500 million(Paris Hilton) she has the clout to be as she pleases. It’s the girl with no status who worries about inconsequential things.

  • janet

    Funny how I typed up a full response to each and every ridiculous thing on the list by the author which is not racist and it doesn’t get posted. could it be b/c I clearly discredited each and every point the author was trying to make? Could it be b/c the author is full of it? Yet, my comment stating how accurate the article is gets posted immediately.

  • Janet

    This is so accurate…

  • Akatsuki

    IMO this is all total garbage portrayed by a jealous black woman extremely bias, the only true one is number 5 and the rest is imagined.
    I can tell by the way its written and the language “another brother” “jezebelle” ect.
    Its no excuse however for spreading ignorance.

  • Christine

    This is nonsense.

  • Terriwith2arfs

    Well, I got as far as Paris Hilton when I realized what a racist, degrading article this was… You described white women as having “lower standards” – “talking in a baby voice” ie; not having a brain. How rabid would you black women be if you were described this way on a WHITE lifestyle website (which would immediately be classified as racist). I couldn’t read any further, because, frankly, I’m sick of all the hatred directed at white people. Could you guess that I’m white? Or should I say German American, because my ancestors came from there. Call me that from now on. Instead of putting all women first, you’ve decided that blacks would NEVER do any of the “bad” things that whites do. Shameful and shame on you. Keep the hatred alive folks, guess it’s all you have. Concentrate on uplifting yourselves instead of hating others.

  • keepit100percenttruth

    Totally agree with #8. There is nothing more ratchet than a pregnant black woman. Good call!

  • Brian Odom

    Most of these are true except the last one. Black women are getting away with getting knocked up all the time to the point where it’s expected that if a black woman is pregnant, she’s still single. White women can’t get away with this because there is still a strong presence of a stigma of single parenthood, especially if the white woman got knocked up by a black man.

  • LikeALady

    I don’t know if a straight face deters guys from hitting on white women (Disclaimer: I’m a white chick), but it certainly results in complete strangers commenting on our faces. Not smiling doesn’t mean I’m angry or sad, but being told to “Smile!” by random guys or asked what is wrong or why I’m angry gets annoying. It isn’t just white guys that comment either. Maybe it’s a guy thing, thinking all ladies should be smiling all the time. I’d think there was something wrong with somebody if they always had a smile on their face.

    • Captive Audience

      Whenever some stranger tells me to “smile” I feel like telling them to mind their own GD business.

  • BigDog40

    Black or white, when did the world decide that a man could father a child and then just split. No harm, no foul. What a bad idea. Ladies, you need to take charge.

  • flowerpower

    Can not believe what I am reading – a bunch of racist crap ! We are better than this drivel !!

  • tone

    excuses excuses excuses, give it up

  • Rio Nineteenseventyfour

    You left out not stinking as bad a black women! Smells like Valvoline in here!

  • Brian Quinn

    Black only Organizations. Black only TV Shows. Black only Magazines. Blacks deserve every negative label they get. THEY are the Racists. There is no denying it.

  • James H Watschke

    One very sad commentary on all of these. First off, I live in, very racially diverse, SoCal. Black and Hispanic women get hit with practicality all of these stereotypes all of the time. And yes, it is the case of white women being able to get away with a lot more of the above mentioned items. BUT, there is also the reverse racism that comes from the white community itself. Sadly, due to welfare and ‘section 8’ programs we see way too many living racial stereotypes right in front of our faces every day, Sacramento and Washington seem to be hurting much more than they help, but when certain whites(males and females) see ‘their own’ women, I apologize for this term ahead of time, BEHAVING like minority females they consider this as even worse. That they have somehow lowered themselves and are now ‘white or trailer trash’. In a way it’s one of the worst forms of racism, rationalizing that certain behavior is somehow below yourself or your group but acceptable for others of a different skin color or national origin.

  • Toni

    so true about being straight faced I am that way and I get so much of why are you mad or people assuming I have an attitude!

    • IMJSANYUmad

      u prolly do

  • Alisha Dixon

    I know white women and black women who do all of this stuff. This really isn’t as “black and white” as they claim. Didn’t queen Bey get a nose job? Don’t those video vixens put out in the first five minutes? I wear skinny jeans because NOT EVERY BLACK WOMAN HAS MAJOR CURVES! This is stupid and most of this is tied to class, not race. Poor women (regardless of color) should not get knocked up and just because the media don’t have those tailer trash b*tches everywhere doesn’t mean they don’t deal with their own shame and scrutiny.

    Why do we think White women have it so much better than us? Those b*tches steady injecting themselves to be more curvy; sitting in the sun to be darker and putting fake hair in their head. We got b*tches whitening their skin, making their noses skinny and hiding their naps. Both sides got their fair share of trifflin b*tches…just try not to get caught up with them.

  • rockfoilshears

    Racist much!?!? This is complete bs! These things aren’t acceptable for any race.

  • ann done

    what race have the best bones is it true white women fracture easier

  • ann done

    what race has the worse teeth

  • ann done

    why kind of women wrinkles faster

  • ann done

    just what type of women wrinkles faster

  • ann done

    just what kind of women demographics get a lift style lift

  • Guest

    I was seeing some truth…. until you started yapping about skinny jeans. So stupid. Like all black women come with big butts and hips. Some of us are naturally busty ie top heavy and not bottom heavy. Maybe there is something in your water because not all black women in the entire world have giant hips or a s s es and I’m sick of hearing this BS.

  • Sisi Kitty Linton

    #1 I’ve often heard about this, #5 I have to put up with this every day, though some people do see straight faced white women as stuck up, #6 oh well, mind your own business, #7, I’ve had problems shopping for jeans while I was in Southport before and #8 too many heated discussions about this.

  • whitegirl

    Are you kidding me? I’m a white woman who is naturally straight faced and I am absolutely judged to be an angry, stuck-up, cranky b*#ch! I have been always been perceived this way and it DOES deter men/people in general from talking to me. This is not exclusive to black women or any other ethnicity for that matter!

    • Guest

      Believe me, you are not perceived as negatively as a straight faced black woman. You being white, would have to pay very close attention to see what I’m saying. People talk to straight faced white girls all the time without a problem. I’m very shy and I cannot tell you how many times this has left a negative impression. People assumed the worse of me when I was simply too shy to properly socialize and so they avoided me. Whereas the straight faced white girls in the program had no problems with people chatting them up. You won’t understand.

    • IMJSANYUmad

      shut up

  • Dev2008

    racist website….why are all black websites so obsessed with whites?? Because blacks are the most bigoted of the races. The hate whites, asians, hispanics, et al

    • Guest

      Haha! You must be asian or hispanic because white folks would not even bother mentioning you if they made this exact statement you made above. Stop trying to associate yourself with whiteness. Nobody is checking for you, lmao! Pathetic.

  • asdfghjkl;

    Edit: last post – that dark skin “isn’t more of a beauty ideal than it seems to be.” Time for more coffee.

  • asdfghjkl;

    Wow. I went into this article thinking (as a white woman) it was going to be negative and maybe annoy me a little. But these are all SO TRUE. That stinks. I wonder what would be something black women can get away with but white girls cant? Possibly racist remarks, to an extent? Showing off their curves/skin as much? Sometimes I see Beyonce in certain outfits that look totally appropriate and amazing on her, but I know a white girl would be judged harshly if she wore. On the flip side, white skin is also harder to show more of (legs, etc) and look good, from a thin, freckley white girl with stubborn cellulite’s perspective. I have another one that black girls can’t get away with: lightening their skin! I think it’s a little sad, too, but I use skin lighteners as well! For sun spots. Asian girls do it, white people all over the world both tan and lighten their skin. Nobody gets mad at Lindsey Lohan for trying to be a tan blonde when she’s a pale, freckled redhead! Black communities don’t seem nearly as accepting of folks who try to change their hair or skin tone. I agree, it irks and saddens me that dark skin as more of a beauty ideal than it seems to be, but maybe lightening up (on all the judgement) wouldn’t be so terrible.

  • kasiola2003

    I’m Cherokee and white, so I’m fairly light skinned, and was raised til 17, in a white neighborhood. While most of these are true and sadly speaks of the double standard when it it comes to minority women in general. The only one I take exception to is the one about sleeping with someone on the first date. A hoe is a hoe, is a hoe. That’s not cool in any race. I waited a year to have sex with my husband because I believe in a strong friendship foundation and you can’t do that having sex.White women get catcalling also and it’s just as disrespectful from any man. Men that do this are just dumb.

  • Julia

    Interesting list. About being loud on the phone: I use a lot of public transportation, and that’s just obnoxious, period. If I get force-fed with a conversation over 6 yards away from me, it’s annoying no matter what skin tone you come in. Or, for that matter, what shape, size, age, or gender,

    Nose job – not so sure there. Surely just smoothing out bumps or making the whole nose a bit smaller works in every ethnicity? But too much of a change usually looks bad. I’ve seen images of european women (low-grade celebrities, mostly) who pumped up their lips to what could look natural on an afro-american woman. But on a white woman? Heavens, no. Just looks mis-matched.

  • tysandsnyc

    I disagree with the nose job thing. To me, I believe that’s the one thing that’s holding back Black women of all shades reach their true beauty.

    I agree with the skinny jeans though. Very few Black women can rock them without looking hooker-ish or Hunts Point-ish.

  • Andy Beth

    I don’t agree with some of these at all. I’m white, but I’m told constantly that I have a “b.tch face”. I don’t wear low rise jeans because they don’t fit me right. My mother didn’t “get away” with getting knocked up. The father still doesn’t pay child support and they WERE married! Maybe I’m just speaking from personal opinion, but I don’t feel that white women “get away” with a lot of these things. If ANY girl gives it up on the first date, most guys will lose interest. As far as people being loud on the phone, it annoys me when anyone does it (including my mom, who I constantly have to tell her to be quiet). I like a lot of these articles, but this just seems so spread a negative message that I personally feel isn’t true because I know I don’t get away with ANY of these…. Btw came across this site from facebook… so sorry if I “don’t belong here”. I just enjoy some of the articles.

  • william Bramblett

    Why do you assume that all black women who have nose jobs do it to look more like white women? What a misguided, boneheaded, and downright racist thing to say. Maybe some of them just think they would look better with a smaller, straighter, more narrow, whatever nose, and race has nothing to do with it? Why bring rase into it at all, you nitwits?

  • mememe

    Ok the pants one was a kinda funny but a tad unfair.

  • takeover

    I am biracial (black and white), and I’m not sure if I have a different perspective on this because of that, but it’s generally frowned upon for anybody to do most of these things, at least from what I have seen, and I have been involved with both black and white social groups. Either way, blacks are going to show disdain for things white people do, and whites are going to show disdain for things black people do. That’s life.

  • MadwomanM

    I don’t know where everyone gets off saying ‘white women get away with all this’ etc etc. Just listen to a bunch of gossipy white women talking about the ‘town drain’ or the tramp in the office who’s sleeping around and you’ll change your tune. They get no respect either and if some dude does marry them in spite of their easy attitude, he’s often a total loser. Sounds like this article wants to promote racism, not dialogue. Also sounds like this person never hung around very many white women. A double standard exists, all right..but it’s more between the genders than anything. Men of all types seem to think women exist as inferior beings and are there to entertain and serve. Not all men, but a good portion of them.

  • temporary user

    Im sorry but I don’t understand what POINT youre trying to make

  • Page

    Some of this is right on the money! But # 3 and # 5 are something all women can get bashed for.

  • Jamie

    Don’t forget being a gold digger. White women can tell a black man that she is a gold digger and they don’t have not one problem with it. Black girls can’t get away with that. Black guys don’t have not one problem giving up the money to white women.

  • Catlace

    First of all this list is silly and second of all most nose jobs do NOT turn out like Latoya Jackson. I got a nose job when i was 18 and my nose looks great. It fits my face perfectly plus most people find me more attractive after getting one and they don’t even know why(im black btw). However u will look like Latoya Jackson if you don’t go to a surgeon that is skilled in ethnic rhinoplasties or in rhinoplasties in general. Don’t let this list discourage you from fixing the things you don’t like about yourself.

    I hate how people say black girls shouldn’t get nose jobs and blah blah blah blah blah BUT the moment I get one more guys a suddenly more interested in me.

  • Rosetta

    This is a ridiculously stupid and sad list. Madame Noire needs some better writers on their staff.

  • pepjrp

    The number one thing that White women, or men cannot do that Blacks get away with everyday, is to have a website like this and other segregating sites like Vibe and Essence, Fubu, you name it. European Americans would be called racists for having it, but blacks can have them and even ones that pose racist questions like this. This is soooooo racist!!!

  • sydney

    Kim isnt white, wtf.

  • sydney

    so.. youre saying white women are easy? please, any man no matter his race, wants sex on the first date.

  • John Z

    Stupid article. A waste of my time.

  • John Z

    Stupid article. A waste of my time.

  • CC

    Okay, I’ve read a little further down and I’m going to say this with all-due respect. It may come out as harsh but that is my reality everyday…… “WALK A DAY OR EVEN AN HOUR IN MY SHOES (AS A BLACK WOMAN) AND I’LL BET YOU SHUT THE FAWK UP ABOUT THIS ARTICLE BEING RACIST AND IGNORANT”. Any takers on that go for it!!! I say this because I am an educated black woman with high standards and I have friends of all walks of life and I see this article as being a reality because I have experienced it FIRST HAND. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but what I and the author is talking about is the issue in general. You can vote down all you want but like I said vote down after walking in my shoes………

  • randomtandem

    actually when black women get knocked up, nobody gives it a second look. its when white women get knocked up out of wedlock people seem to be more surprised because it seems more white women get married first.

    Also the nose job is a damn lie! there are plenty of black women with nose jobs! Kelly Rowland’s nose job looks cute on her! there are a bunch besides Halle Berry who look nice with their new noses lol

    • CC

      What the author is saying is that the reason that nobody “gives it a second look” as you put it, is because it is expected from the black woman. She is also questioning the issue because when other races of women get knocked up out of wedlock society is putting emphasis on the fact that she is not black so she must be an exception and the man that got her pregnant is not as “low-life” as the black man that got the black woman pregnant out of wedlock (it’s swept under the rug, so to speak). If it is the same situation, then why is there a different speculation of her & his character??

      As far as the nose job situation, they made a big deal out of Kelly Rowland’s nose job, Nicki Minaj’s alleged butt implants, and several other black women’s plastic surgery whereas women of other races go under the knife an uncountable number of times and usually (I said USUALLY) the reaction is “She looks GREAT!!!” or, “She shouldn’t have done that she was already beautiful”. Not so much with black women, she’s usually accused of that other double-standard card “SELF-HATING”. Just a speculation of what I’ve seen and experienced first hand………

  • CC

    I know this is an old article but I couldn’t help but comment. Unfortunately I have to agree with this ENTIRE article. I have seen or experienced these situations first hand and I just don’t get the double standard. Maybe I didn’t read far enough down in the comments before posting this but I would like to hear what the EDUCATED, experienced, unbiased black man has to say to all of this………

  • Heaven4AHater

    As a black man I don’t feel most these are true.

  • Really..!!

    This site needs new writers. I rock skinny jeans and can only wear low rise jeans so the waistband doesn’t gap around my waist. I do look at anybody who is cackling on their phone or using tones that would make a baby look at them stupid, with an “are you serious” look. I also wonder why a large number of Black American women look angry even though I’m black myself or are the first to mean mug another black woman who happens to be smiling. My nose isn’t wide by any means and the only reason I want some type of rhinoplasty is because it’s hard for me to breathe when I’m working out. Perhaps the reason baby mama drama is look towards Black American women is because too many of them are going on talk shows looking for their babies’ daddies so they can get a free vacation and try to embarrass some guy who did them wrong. Stop going on the talk shows and find out in the privacy of your own home or go to court. It’s that simple.

  • Tresix

    To be honest, NO woman should do some of these things no matter what color or nationality. Especially the baby talk! :-p However, I’ve encountered both black and white women who have gotten intimate on the first date. And THEY were the ones who made the first move!

  • Angry

    This article makes a lot of generalisations…… NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN HAVE A LARGE BUTT!!! “Skinny jeans weren’t designed for black women” yeah that’s bullshit, skinny jeans weren’t designed for anyone with a larger physique, black, white or Asian. And also, if ANYONE was talking loudly on the phone it would piss me off whatever race they were.

  • Claire Magras

    This is all ridiculous. If a white online magazine had written this, we would all be in up roar. Why are you making it public what black women can and cannot do compared to white people. If I ever have strong black daughters I surely hope they never compare themselves to other people let alone another race. Such stupidness that you’re letting people limit what they can do with there free will. When I see a black girl who is talking loudly on the phone, I think as lowly of her as I would a white girl. I thought these days we were being taught to be color blind. Such a shame.

  • hrmny

    While I agree with some of the content (like the single mother scenario), for the most part I find this article to be ridiculous. There are plenty of things white women can’t get away with, that black women can. For instance, no matter how racist this is, black women dating outside of their race is seen as an upgrade. White women dating a black or Hispanic man automatically makes them white trash. Black women who wear their natural hair are seen as unique and beautiful, and held up as examples to be admired for their fearlessness and being impervious to societal pressure. Curly or wild hair on a white woman is seen as unprofessional, and weird, and “trying to be black.” No one gives a second thought to a curvy black woman, not even if she’s wearing revealing clothes. Curvy white women are called “fat”, no matter what the measurements are, and they’re expected to be ashamed of their curves and cover them up at all times. And there are plenty of things black people get away with that white people probably wouldn’t WANT to, like black men casually calling each other racial slurs or making a generalized statement about all people of their race. And I totally disagree with the comment about attitude–to be attractive, white women are expected to be smiling, giggly, and “cute” at all times.

  • Kristine

    Keep crying, thats why most black women are still single, have children but will never marry. Always worried so much about what everyone else can do/get instead of just being yourself. White women can be obnoxious too, but black women do not know when to shut the hell up. Many black women are overbearing, too rowdy, too worried about gossip and playing games, too jealous, and too superficial. In case you havent noticed, the black men are running for the damn hills, while you all are on here ranting about race, and what you “cant get away with.” SMDH. Yes, I’m white, and yes Im married to a white man. (In case you were wondering if i was one of the, uh, “white girls takin all the black men away.” Sit down.

    • Concerned Reader

      Overbearing: The Kardashians
      Too Rowdy: Honey Boo Boo crowd, Teen Mom crowd
      Too worried about gossip: the Kardashians
      Playing games: Kim Kardashian (LOL!)
      Too jealous: white women
      Too superficial: White women have the most plastic surgeries and are top of the Google search for plastic surgery disasters.
      Black men running for the hills: Oh, you mean the ones who get with non-black women and then cheat on them, are dumped by them, burn them to death, behead them or murder them some other way (read the news)? The black men with non black women where the divorce/ failure rates are the HIGHEST of interracial couples (Google the research)?

      What were you saying again?
      Low self-esteem Idiot.

      • jen

        You do realize that Kim Kardashian isn’t white….

      • jen

        You do realize that Kim Kardashian isn’t white….

  • Most of these are trifling stuff. Why would black women want to do these things. We have higher standards for ourselves, and that’s a good thing.

  • shetriedit

    I do agree with most of these especially the one about being loud. I get really irritated when I hear white women talking loudly and nobody seems to care even though they are talking about absolutely nothing. I just don’t like loud people black or white. White women can even get angry and start cursing and nobody will tell them to leave and security isn’t even called. I guess it’s upsetting because white women are always given the benefit of the doubt whereas black women are routinely scrutinized for stereotypical behavior. But loud is ghetto or trailer trash regardless if your black or white.

    The only thing I don’t agree with is the low rise jeans. Low rise jeans look better on black women in my opinion than white women. Most of the white women I see with low rise jeans have the worst case of muffin top. Maybe you mean that we have bigger butts and thighs but smaller waists so we typically have to go up two sizes just for jeans to fit.

  • Kim

    I have told my friends the same thing. No, we can NOT leak a Kim K tape and develop a million dollar empire after the fact.

  • IfUrPerfectJudgeDaActNotDaRace

    I wish everyone would just realize we are individuals and shouldn’t be classified by race or ethnic background. Every woman is different no matter what the race if she wants to get hers on the first date go for it. If she wants to wait for a ring and papers right on! these “statistics” come from women who want to be surveyed. The audience could have been manipulated to show the results they wanted. They could have surveyed black women who are more open about their sexual encounters, and surveyed white women who are conservative as hell.

  • harttohart

    I will say the pregnant one rings true. I was married, 30 and pregnant, I got the sad or disgusted “looks” all the time. I went to register for my shower and the lady actually looked shocked when I corrected her and said my husband wasn’t my boyfriend. All I did was shrug … oh well

  • More2Life

    Stop hating on Kim K. all of the time! Stop comparing a girl who has had sex, mostly within relationships, and probably a couple of one night stands JUST LIKE other women to wh**ish women like Superhead who has been rumored to have slept with as many as 100 or more men. Superhead is like the Wilt Chamberlain or Tiger Woods of men. The only difference in Kim & a lot of other women is that men consider her to be very beautiful just
    like they consider Bey& Halle to be just as beautiful. Paris Hilton had a sex tape that leaked & it actually took her lazy, socialite status down a peg. At least Kim K. has business smarts and works, unlike so many other girls who have been born rich. Amber Rose has been rumored to have slept her way up. Where is the hate towards her? It’s just that, as an African-American, I really do not know of any African-American women, who are BEAUTIFUL, that had a sex tape leaked. That does not mean that we do not or have not made a sex tape. Making a sex tape with a man that you feel that you can trust does not make you a wh**ish woman. Some men are just very good at tricking women. Ray J is so low-grade & keeps getting lower, from how he dealt with Whitney H. & on & on. Also, some of the pretty African-American women who have been “groupies” for celebs and athletes are married to rich men. We just need to stop hating on Kim K. as if she has done something that we cannot do or have not done. Plenty of African-American women have done similarly without being wh**ish, just as Kim has not been wh**ish.

  • EqualityNow

    wow RIDICULOUSLY racist. i think this article is utterly ridiculous.

  • itallpinktome

    Women of all races….shut your mouths and open your legs. That’s all us guys care about.

  • Big ol poor white girl

    I cant believe so many think white girls are like this. I cant get away with any of this stuff either n i am white and big n tall with out of control hair and a big butt and tummy and no fashion sense and I look kinda man-ish even and I cant help it its just the way i am built. The white girl the author is referring to doesn’t exist and I know of plenty of Black girls that Can get away with that stuff. Pretty small-ish thin girls of any race can get away with anything and plus size girl who are poor any of of ANY race cant . I think its funny and also kind of dangerous that you all think that white girls are all the same and all have it better than you just on virtue of being white. it has more to do with being pretty thin and having nice clothes and a good education and some money. And these stupid low rise stretchy jeans don’t fit anyone and they are truly form hell. And there are tons of Poor white folks w no money who get discriminated against for being poor and ugly and fat and dressed poorly.

    • maggie

      You just totally reduced the social implications of black vs white women to fashion? You dodged all the other comparisons the author made. And no, I am pretty sure that the author doesn’t think all white women are the same and the same goes for black women. But that doesn’t mean her ability to see strong patterns in men’s reaction(esp. black men) to black and white women don’t exist. You most likely have benefitted from your whiteness and didn’t even know it.

  • Advice for black people: Put less effort into blaming white people for your problems and instead put more effort into improving yourself and then you might get out of the ghetto. Most of the people going on about how they are “advancing that black community” are doing the exact opposite.

  • BillRiedel

    A number of these are racist, if you ask me. Loud cackling? I don’t care what color you are, it is not appropriate out in public. It’s not a race thing. Speaking in “baby voice” is just as irritating from a white woman as from a black woman. I don’t know any white woman doing it that wouldn’t totally turn off a man of any color. Who the heck cares about a nose job? Not me. Walking around in a straight face? Any woman doing that who does not smile at least some of time comes off the same way. Race is not a deciding factor here. Getting ‘knocked’ up. It is a fact that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. That percentage is far lower outside of the black community. And a lot of black women have children by multiple men and many black men have far too many children by far too many women (have 9 children by 6 baby mamas). That would be very much frowned upon in the white community, too. The fact is that the black culture needs to change. It is not alright for black men to father so many children by so many different women and usually not pay child support. This is an issue that blacks themselves need to resolve.

  • BillRiedel

    A number of these are racist, if you ask me. Loud cackling? I don’t care what color you are, it is not appropriate out in public. It’s not a race thing. Speaking in “baby voice” is just as irritating from a white woman as from a black woman. I don’t know any white woman doing it that wouldn’t totally turn off a man of any color. Who the heck cares about a nose job? Not me. Walking around in a straight face? Any woman doing that who does not smile at least some of time comes off the same way. Race is not a deciding factor here. Getting ‘knocked’ up. It is a fact that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. That percentage is far lower outside of the black community. And a lot of black women have children by multiple men and many black men have far too many children by far too many women (have 9 children by 6 baby mamas). That would be very much frowned upon in the white community, too. The fact is that the black culture needs to change. It is not alright for black men to father so many children by so many different women and usually not pay child support. This is an issue that blacks themselves need to resolve.

  • BillRiedel

    A number of these are racist, if you ask me. Loud cackling? I don’t care what color you are, it is not appropriate out in public. It’s not a race thing. Speaking in “baby voice” is just as irritating from a white woman as from a black woman. I don’t know any white woman doing it that wouldn’t totally turn off a man of any color. Who the heck cares about a nose job? Not me. Walking around in a straight face? Any woman doing that who does not smile at least some of time comes off the same way. Race is not a deciding factor here. Getting ‘knocked’ up. It is a fact that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. That percentage is far lower outside of the black community. And a lot of black women have children by multiple men and many black men have far too many children by far too many women (have 9 children by 6 baby mamas). That would be very much frowned upon in the white community, too. The fact is that the black culture needs to change. It is not alright for black men to father so many children by so many different women and usually not pay child support. This is an issue that blacks themselves need to resolve.

  • LifeJunkie

    I’ve never done any of these things…

  • Tina Brown

    Jeans don’t look better on a black body when it is out of shape.

  • Nappyhippiechick

    So black men are telling me what I can’t get away with as a black woman? And I’m suppose to listen to them because…. why?

    They have already quite proven themselves they can’t handle me and want a ‘Becky.’ So F’em, I’m going to get a Brad or a Clive or some white guy doesn’t give me stupid’ass ‘rules’ to live by.

    • Tina Brown

      Sorry doesn’t work that way. This things apply across the board. Basically, black women need to carry themselves with self-respect and manage their image at all times. I do that naturally.

  • Angela

    White girls can get away being gold diggers. Black men don’t have not one problem with a white girl being a gold diggers. They give them all their money and have a huge smile on their face. Also white girls can get child support money, alimony money from black guys with no problem at all. They can also can get sloppy drunk, have a foul mouth. cuss and fight.

    • Tina Brown

      That’s true, it’s not the same for us, but I don’t mind presenting myself well. I would never want to get sloppy drunk, sleep with someone on the first date, or even be a prostitute, oops I mean gold digger.

  • Crystal Henry

    I’m white and I can’t go around “straight faced” without people asking me what I’m so mad about. I think some of these things come down to the individual person, not necessarily race.

  • Antoinette

    I had no idea the Kardashians were white. This article is just generalities and ruffling feathers.

  • August

    I think you forgot two very important things.

    #1 – Marrying a rich man – When black women marry rich men, they are considered gold diggers but when a white woman does it, it is for love.

    #2- Wearing Weaves – When black women wear weaves we are criticized for it but not white women.

    • Tina Brown

      1) Black women are not criticized for being gold diggers when marrying rich – especially if he is a respectable wealthy man. I think it’s the women who try to get pregnant by wealthy men who they call gold diggers. Plus, I don’t care what people call me, they are jealous for not measuring up to a standard that appeals to me. They are losers simply put and I don’t need to justify what I like for anyone. My happiness is my responsibility.

      2) Weave wearing – This is not the same with white women. Black women wear weave on a daily basis. Most white women who wear them do so if they’re going out or for a formal event. However, even then, I really don’t see many extensions on white women period because they seem to focus on overall health which promotes hair growth. Some black women do grow very long thick beautiful hair, and these are the holistic black women who are into healthy living. They are like a breath of fresh air.

      Another thing may be perception in that white women overall wear their hair long naturally, so they may be viewed as enhancing their looks, while a black woman is viewed as transforming her looks when attaching false hair.

      I don’t know…I just know it is a major turn off for most men who prefer a reasonable level of authenticity with women.

      I disagree with the nose job piece, some bw could use more symmetrical noses and surgeons have come a loooong way since Latoya Jackson’s surgery. They know how to make noses look natural for ethnic women. I say do what’s necessary to look and feel beautiful.

      • CC

        On the weave thing, as a black woman, it is VERY hard to grow natural hair without being ridiculed by none other than our own black man. Don’t get me wrong, there are black men out there that love the black woman’s naturally course-looking hair but if she is not rocking a silky weave she is not considered beautiful. That’s the reason black women keep the weave. Fortunately I have taken time to grow my hair out and take care of it. UNFORTUNATELY, what I mean by taking care of it includes but is not limited to relaxing it. My hair is not naturally straight!!! If I were to rock a natural fro’ or locks I would shrink my suitor pool tremendously (from all races of men). Just clarifying what the article is saying. I think some people commenting on this is either not getting it, only looking at a few exceptions (not what the author was trying to get at she meant in general), or simply they have not experienced these situations AS A BLACK WOMAN…….ijs

  • handerson13

    if this was on reversed and on a “white website” it would be considered racist and people would be calling for action of some kind. Some blacks are the most racist people to ever walk this earth is today’s society walking around like we white people owe you something like you yourselves were slaves. Though slavery was a horrible part of our history, it was 150 yrs ago get over it and btw yall werent the only people to be slaves just the most recent

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  • This list is a little ridiculous…

  • Proudblacklady

    I have been saying for years that it’s hard being black. Our black men are not supportive. We barely have real black fathers in our communities. Worst of all, there are some black women that fulfilled the negative stereotypes, which makes it hard for the good ones like.

    • Tina Brown

      Well ladies, if you want better men you need to start uplifting versus condemning.

  • gsutiger

    I agree with the majority.

  • Jussayin

    A few more that should have made the list….#10. Give your children” unique”names. Its ok for a child to be named Apple or Rumor, but for example, my daughter’s name is Amaya and I get frowns and funny looks before someone tries to pronounce her name. And #11….black women can’t get lip injections…for example Lil Kim. JMO

  • Valhalla

    Be fat? That’s hilarious! Over half of black women are obese.your culture of laziness, poor dietary decisions and acceptance of this (over)size is rampant. The only way a white woman can be obese is if she wants a blk boyfriend.

  • ellablue

    Hi, white girl here, I’ll give you baby-voice (gross! Why would you want to?) skinny jeans, rhinoplasty and (most interesting) “walking around with a straight face” (which hadn’t occurred to me, but by god you’re right! and if I were a black woman this one would make me soooo frustrated… now that you point it out, I admit I’m also guilty the same dumb thing: that an unsmiling black lady is “pissed” while an unsmiling white lady could be any number of things: stressed, sad, neutral, spaced out, haughty, impassive….(or sulking since the guy she met online talks in a baby voice in bed… which she found out by sleeping with him on the first date. Which is why my roomie isn’t smiling today.) —

    As for the rest of it, where I’m from, white women aren’t absolved from those things any more readily than women of colour. It’s still a man’s world, not mine.

    • CC

      Big ups to you for admitting it!!!

  • elouai

    This article is extremely presumptuous and whiny. Some of these things, women in general don’t have it good ( being judge for being a single parent, sex tape, sex on the first date).

  • nonyabizzz

    for the record, most white women shouldn’t be wearing them either…

  • Worldwalker

    Re: Skinny Jeans
    “These were not created with shapely, plump backsides in mind.”Scratch “shapely, plump.” In fact, “shapely, plump backsides” can be replaced with “human bodies” to improve the sentence.

  • JustAnotherWhitegirl

    This article is totally racist and ignorant…As a white woman married to a black man raising his 2 BLACK daughters I would never let them see this….
    ‘Doing backflips and tongue tricks on the first date can land her a significant other.’
    Wow…. Sound like another bitter black woman
    Shame on any “whites” for feeding into this bullshit

    • Concerned Reader

      You sound like another jealous white woman. How do you like that phrase? idiot, be more original and get an education!

  • respondent249

    Yes, beautiful people get away with more stuff. Life isn’t fair. Oh well.

  • Just when I thought LaShaun Williams couldn’t get any more irrational, histrionic, shrill and ignorant I’m proven wrong. Maybe LaShaun can bring out Shaniqua’s article. Lol

  • andies

    “White women do it, too” is one of the most common excuses.
    at least you got that right “excuses” ..racism stirring excuses, poor victimized black womem

  • Garbage Man

    About #1. I was raised by an African mother but also had white friends who I stayed with when I was in school in Europe. I can say 100% – perception is everything. Learning to view another as a potential partner is easier when you can identify with them inside a strong moral framework like family or close friendships.

    If your ideal of family or friendship involves someone that, to your mind, looks different from your potential partner, it’s a little hard(er) to believe that they are a suitable or worthy match for you.

    The judgement call I make if / when I decide to become intimate, is that my partner and I have that type of connection and can be honest about what we are experiencing.

    No matter what the differences between two people are, I believe it is still a minor miracle when two independently thinking and feeling people decide to get together and make it work in this complicated world we live in.

  • Toaster

    This site has so many ads that it is almost unuseable….

    • Th1rdeyeNY

      I recently got “adfender” best program I ever found

  • Alice

    In my personal opinion, the melanin content in your skin doesn’t mean a damn thing. But I guess it’s easy for me to say that because I am white so I don’t get how difficult it is. It’s not fair, but it’s true… being white is an automatic advantage in society. However, stuff like “baby talking” and leaking sex tapes is just annoying and trashy no matter your skin color, and we should all be more careful about having unplanned babies. I don’t think “white women do it too” is an acceptable excuse. There are some things we (as women, bollocks skin color) just shouldn’t do, period. We all came from the same soil. We’re a family… we should better each other and support each other rather than focusing on our minor differences and letting it cause rifts. We’re past that point as humans, aren’t we?

  • meme

    Oh my….. this is just so wrong in so many ways…. where do I start…. I believe whom ever wrote this is not white…. regardless of race sleeping with some right away is whorish behavior and speaks volume of her as a person… lowrise jeans are meant for real skinny girls regardless of color… I could go on and on about how this is so wrong…. smh at this….. usually love MN but this is crazy..

  • If you act Black you are “ghetto” and falling into stereotypes. If you
    try to improve yourself, have good diction, have a good career and
    actually made it through life without making mistakes 1 through 8 then
    you’re “acting white.” I
    am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I
    joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with
    beautiful and excellent people!Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. It stinks.

  • Racist bullcrap

  • Jennifer

    It’s true white women can be loud and lack class, swear every second word and people think it’s cute, black women do the same and they are being ghetto, a double standard.

    • Tina Brown

      I think it’s how its done. Ghettoness is rough, tough and masculine in nature. White women who curse would be viewed more as white trash. Same thing essentially.

  • Jamal Jackson

    This is some racist crap…racist against white people. How hypocritical!

  • Cglov

    This sh*ts racist.. White girls and black girls–were the same. And last time I checked white guys don’t like easy girls either. That’s ignorant.

  • Megan

    Women arguing with other women. What else is new. You know, it’s not hard to be a female and be nice to other females. Even just being civil or GOD FORBID complimenting another female. We shouldn’t be fighting each other. We should be fighting the gender inequality.

  • Karen

    Ummm…Why would I want to do anything on this list? I think it is time for me to stop reading this blog, I’m really disappointed in the the quality of articles that have been posted recently. This blog used to be different from all the other rag papers, but now I every other article mentions a Kardashian.

  • Lele19106

    This is the stupidest post ever. Why are we encouraging black women to take on the outdated prejudices and anxieties of our grandmothers? If you want to screw a guy on the first date, do it. If he bounces, he’s probably not the one for you anyway. And if he can’t see you as an individual, why would you want to spend time with someone so small-minded. Second, not all black women have big butts nor do she want them. Just because you can’t squeeze you’re big behind into low-rise skinny jeans doesn’t mean all black women can’t.

    • Tina Brown

      You should never ”screw” on the first date. You are selling yourself at basement level price. If he’s trying to get in your pants that soon then you know he’s a user and schemer. Even the female rhinosaurus makes a suitor chase her beyond exhaustion, non-stop running for weeks – sun up to sun down. She’s testing to see who is the fittest and most deserving of males to perpetuate his genes with her. No half asses make the cut. BW need to have higher standards than that, I mean we are humans and it’s a shame that females of the lesser animals have more rigid requirements. SMH

  • VaveeVendetta

    lol this is so true

  • joejoe

    lol stupid article
    wah wah boo whoooo bunch of big babies that buy into this crap.This person doesnt even have balls to say this ignorant junk to ppl… good job lashaun you hide behind your computer to support your insecurities,foolishness, and a bunch of personal feelings. CONGRATS your a damn idiot.

  • joejoe

    lol stupid article
    wah wah boo whoooo bunch of big babies that buy into this crap.This person doesnt even have balls to say this ignorant junk to ppl… good job lashaun you hide behind your computer to support your insecurities,foolishness, and a bunch of personal feelings. CONGRATS your a damn idiot.

  • joejoe

    lol stupid article
    wah wah boo whoooo bunch of big babies that buy into this crap.This person doesnt even have balls to say this ignorant junk to ppl… good job lashaun you hide behind your computer to support your insecurities,foolishness, and a bunch of personal feelings. CONGRATS your a damn idiot.

  • CarlaKah


  • Unknown

    What about wearing weave. People often stereotype black women as wearing weave. I have seen all different races of women wearing extensions.

  • Bianca

    I never wait 3 months to have sex. That’s too long. Maybe a week is enough. I wear skinny low rise jeans all the time. I look better than a white woman in them. I do agree with number five though. Some of this other stuff is a bit ridiculous.

  • Lashwan – that was awesome!! You forgot being ecclctic like Lady Gaga – When Lady does it, its’ considered art, when Nicki does it, it’s considered weird and outlandish…

  • justme

    personally i think this list is a bunch of crap…im just saying…I am both black and white and i think the list is inaccurate as both black and white women get away with it everyday…

  • JustSaying

    I suffer from the Straight-Face. Since I don’t walk around with a smile on my face all day people assume that I’m a Beyotch, I’m intimidating, I’m not friendly, etc. Guys are even scared to approach me. Lol. When people tell me this, I automatically think, “WOW! A girl has to have a smile on her face to walk to class or to dinner.” 

  • This list and the majority of comments are incredibly disturbing…

  • Grace

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of validity to this list.  Although I must admit, it makes me cringe when I hear “us” speaking loudly on the phone at the most inappropriate of times re: what should be a private matter.  
    Regarding the getting “knocked up” part, while I believe people should marry prior to conceiving, you can’t impart your morals on those who can financially support their children.  If you are having kids out of wedlock who you can’t support financially, emotionally, etc, then prepare for the criticism/judgement that accompanies such poor decision making. #yeahisaidit.

  • When are we going to stop comparing ourselves to White people when the truth is White folks run this country and manipulate what is read, seen, taught and pushed on the American psyche.  When will we begin to concentrate on ouselves and stop worrying about how we measure up to a bunch of degenerate human beings.  Those Whites who are able to openly support other ethnicities are far and few so as long as they rule this nation I cant stand most of them.  What we need to do is concentrate on healing our people.  Get a grip.

  •  Society and the media!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ma Caree

    I guess being “politically unapologetic” means saying whatever retarded thing comes to mind. Funny all of these rules come from another black woman so is it White women or is it you that spends all your time approving of what Black women can and can’t do? By looking at that first picture, I know there was supposed to be a # 11 post: Black women can’t be bald while White women can. Geez Girl you are trapped. Maybe it’s society’s fault or maybe you care too much about what the brothas and everyone else thinks.

  • Polished

    That is so true for being knocked up. A white woman who is knocked up can easily get another man to pick her up while pregnant, ie Heidi Klum. A black woman who is pregnant without a baby father gets labeled as “typical,” “ghetto,” “and “ratchet.”

  • Doubtit

    So clearly out of touch, and so obviously NOT much of a fashionista… skinny jeans look WORST on girls with no a**.

  • Nope

    You’re dumb. *Almost* every single one of these applies to white women as well.

  • Guest

    No wonder black women can’t get a man.

  • In-Tune Sista

    This article is an horrific surprise to me!  I am a Black Woman who is very professional.  I have friends of so many races that I cannot even count the races–since I was a child.  I’m in my 40s now.  My immediate family members who are passed away were Aerospace Engineers, Computer Engineers, Attorneys for the White House, Entrepreneurs, Educators, etc.–and there is no mistaking that we’re Black.  Other family members still alive have “professional” careers and/or have businesses which meet a true need in our society.  My complexion is brown and there is no mistaking I’m Black.  HOWEVER, over 90% of my family members features are “European” if you have to categorize things.  I have a sister-in-law whose voice is naturally soft but she is an intellectual and business fire-ball who has her own business which is operating successfully in Southern California.  As a writer, I deliberately write against these stereotypes to help dispel myths about the Black race, but IT SEEMS MANY WANT TO STILL KEEP THEM GOING!  Get off it!

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  • JoeDeFelice

    wow this is one of the most offensive website i have ever visited. No wonder racism exists and always will. 

  • Randi1_cakes

    White women are taking over what? Yall taking over wanting and trying to look like the black women. You all are lab created and anybody that’s filthy enough to mess with yall, you deserve eachother!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cdcny

    I am Black male but I think this list is ridiculous. I am not necessarily saying that it is not true but it makes no sense. For example, #10 Black women getting knocked up. How bout this no one should. And if you can afford to get knocked up then you should even less. Think about it!

  • Macofalltrades

    This is the most ignorant article ever written on ANY women…

  • letsbefair

    Yep, I just read all the things we “can’t get away with.”  Why would we want to?  Disgusting?  I don’t think anyone should cackle on the phone, hang out over the jeans, etc.  Who wants it?  Stay classy!

    • monee’

      I agree. Why intentionally make a spectacle of yourself.

  • letsbefair

    I had no idea white women were supposed to do those things either! Why is it ok for white women or black women, or for that matter, men?

  • Anthonymays1972

    I’m a white girl and I have to say that nobody likes the baby voice except for babies and dogs! People like Paris Hilton annoy the hell out of me and everyone that I know (mostly white people). I would never speak in a baby voice and think that it was cute also I am pretty sure that it would send any man of any race running. I blame the media for these flakey baby talking famous for being trashy girls thinking that all of their ridiculous antics are cute. I am confident that most women of all races are equally annoyed by this type of behavior.

  • Ochoriosesmiscasa

    I have one question, would any major magazine publish this except in the opposite roles? Hell no you would have Sharpton and Jackson there in a heartbeat. Why then do blacks get some sort of privilege to be racist? ( I am a West Indian American)

    • It’s not racist. Much of it is the truth, as uncomfortable and inconvenient as it is. There is a different set of rules for indigenous black American women. The reason you think this article is racist is because you are not an indigenous black American. Black immigrants are given passes that indigenous black Americans are not given, and therefore you all aren’t targeted for the double standard *once you make it known that you’re an immigrant*, which you all tend to do from the time you step foot in the USA. You know this, which is exactly why you made sure to note that you were a West Indian American, even though despite cultural differences, “black is black”. You’re fooling no one with this spiel, so just quit it.

  • Bonethemall

    What a racist article…if that sh&t was about black women in some Cosmo mag there would be a sh&tstorm…….

    • CarlaKah

      But it’s not in Cosmo. It is written by a black woman who knows what she’s seen and been through. Every one of her points touch on occurences in society:
      1. Sex on the first date
      My brother and his friends have been saying it for years. They perceive mixed and white girls as “easier” but black girls as “sisters” and demand “sister/mother-like” behaviour from them. It is a reality we (black women) deal with.
      2.“Leaking” sex tapes
      The stereotypical black woman is already oversexualized in every way. The images about us in the western world are sustained by the different entertainers, movies and other media creations that chose or are chosen by strategic marketers to profit from an apparent struggle. The last thing that can help us is to be “caught” on tape. It’s behaviour that is secretly expected from us thus there is only a hoe-factor instead of a surprise factor.
      3. Speaking in baby voice.

      In black communities the strength of women is often protected, motivated and praised. A baby voice simply doesn’t reflect strength. It only works when the target group (men) consider it “cute” if you do it. Im not saying that there are no black women who succesfully do it, I just doubt doing it would work for the majority due to our backgrounds. And who wants to sounds like a baby, when you’re a woman? Not a woman who wants to be taken serious I’ll tell you that much…
      4. Getting a nose job
      According to a combination of statistics, researches, surveys and the media, black people still could use a healthier dose of self-love (think of the DOLL-test!). This is a great generalisation of course because we all have our own DNA and can variate from boulimic insecurity to narcisistic confidence. However, thanks to several nosy stories about MJ and the like, a nose job or cheek implants or jaw “correction” will often be depicted as a clear sign of self-hatred. I will not say it always looks horrible. The reactions in the black communities just might be “not so much” as Borat would say.
      5. Walking around straight-faced
      If you don’t care about how people perceive you or the consequences that come with how people perceive you, when “walking around straight-faced” then there is nothing to worry about it. For the rest of us, it may very soon lead to being judged. Have an angry/serious face most of the time and you’ll be described as a closed of/angry black woman.
      6. Cackling loudly on the phone
      True as well. When I laugh, I love to laugh with passion. Life can be beautiful, especially through laughter. I’ve unfortunately have this bliss seen cut short by people who deemed it as ghetto/inaproprioate. Especially when I’m in public.
      7. Wearing low-rise skinny jeans
      Not true. The right size, brand, width and length can get most women there. A muffin top is however a no-no anywhere….
      8. Getting knocked up
      Walking around alone with a young kid, while being young yourself, already gets you certain looks. I say just don’t care. Once you are a “single baby momma” then you’ve got to work a little harder to gain respect from people in the (church) community. Deal with it and move on. It’s not the end of the world.
      Most of the judgements come from our “own people”. It all boils down to have purpose in your life, being self-confident and knowing where you stand for and why. Think about none of the point (except for #2!) have any effect on your life if you are a succesful lawyer, doctor or politician.
      It is all about how much other people’s opinions affect YOU when you’re already being a responsible put together adult with clothes that fit and don’t show your crack, self-confidence, only an eye for mature guys when dating, a good eye for what cosmetic enhancements would work for your face and body and (the according to your own beliefs) needed houshold situation for a child.
      I say get yourself together and # 1 en #3 to #8 simply won’t define you. Ever.

  • Markyj210

    Its a trip that so many brothas are sick & tired of the black female scowl face…..u wonder why they go elsewhere?  they tired of hearing that BS from sistas

    • Just because a black woman isn’t smiling doesn’t mean she’s scowling. She could be preoccupied and thinking about something else. Some people just look very serious when they’re not smiling, but that doesn’t mean they’re in a bad mood or are angry. And, if the only women a lot of black men come into contact with really ARE scowling, these men need to find new places to meet women who are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced. IJS.

  • Genuwine

    Lot of people have serious issues on here………

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  • mixedsingle_com



  • LoveIsCrzy

    it’s sad though. i hate the fact that we let this happen. black men are  changing now; they dont look at black women as desirable…they only want sex. which is so sad, because a white woman can have sex and get married to that black man. we are looked at, generally by all men, as sex slaves.. A man who cant love a black woman is not a “good one”. I’m so sick of hearing that,white women do not get the “good” black men, they usually get the scum of the earth… but, because they’re generally rich and famous, sometimes they (the men) feel they need a white woman.. as a trophy to symbolize their successes. i’m not saying interracial love (TRUE LOVE) is impossible or that a black man with a white woman is a “bad” man.. i’m just speaking from experience.. i’m currently am engaged to a black man.. who once had a thing for white girls…but you wouldnt imagine the things did to date me..nor how long he waited! I’m curvy with natural hair; the total opposite of his “type”… i’ve had him wrapped around my for nearly 3 years now.. and many more to come! lol   

  • middleagedblackwoman

    #9 Be fat. Never mind the porker white girls out there. They get to be plus sized models  and go on reality shows. We get lampooned by Norbit and Madea and stay home every Saturday night

    #10 Date or marry outside the race. White women who do sp are open-minded and truly in love. Black women who do are either sell outs or self-loathing or simply tramps.

    #10 Be OURSELVES!  As long as Black women continue to be judged more than anyone else we might as well forget ever being accepted for ourselves. If you act Black you are “ghetto” and falling into stereotypes. If you try to improve yourself, have good diction, have a good career and actually made it through life without making mistakes 1 through 8 then you’re “acting white.” Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. It stinks.

    • Guy

      I agree with you on some of your points. As an outside observer of the African-American culture (Northwest European-American male here), it seems that your culture is hardest on itself. To be different from the “mainstream” Black culture is to be criticized. I think homosexual Blacks have it the hardest…everybody seems to be down on them.
      I was raised without prejudice by pretty decent parents. I’m married to a Latina and my brother-in-law is African-American. Hopefully, more and more people are like me in society – caring less about skin color and more about character. I read Madame Noir regularly and I often am surprised by the things I read. Like the thing about Black women not being able to walk around without a smile without being thought of as mean. That one blew me away! I’ve never even considered that. Whether or not a Black woman smiles all the time does not affect my opinion of her. Maybe I’m the minority here with respect to this type of thinking?
      But I do have to disagree with the thing about low-rise, skinny cut jeans. They are just as hot on Black women as they are on white women, if not more so! And your # 9, to me, is flat wrong. I find Black women beautiful, including those that are not skinny. In fact, although this may be a grossly stereotypical and insulting remark, I think Black women with a little extra weight carry it much, much better than White women. Overweight White women generally look sloppy to me while overweight Black women look very sexy.

      • Very well said! Made me smile a little too! ^5

      • monee’

        Yes, believe it. I’ve been walking down the street minding my own business as usual and was told ” smile, it can’t be that bad.” Now I want to look mean (but I won’t) because you pissed me off. Do I have to smile at everyone all day..geez? Sometimes when I do attempt to smile at people in passing, I get the look like…seriously? no one is that nice.

        • Katie

          I’m lilly white and I get that alllll the friggin time! It’s really annoying!

          • Susan Bailey

            If you think Harold`s story is unimaginable…, 4 weaks-ago mother in-law basically also made $6216 working a sixteen hour week from their apartment and there roomate’s mother-in-law`s neighbour was doing this for 9-months and got a cheque for more than $6216 part-time on line. applie the information at this site, jump15.comCHECK IT OUT

        • Thank you ,Thank you, and Thank you !!!

    • maria

      #10s are the truth.

      I kinda disagree with your #9 though. I feel like Black women are the only women allowed to be overweight/curvy in the media. Think Amber Riley, Queen Latifa, Oprah, Octavia Spencer, Toccara, Jill Scott, Raven Goodwin, Raven Simone and the list goes on. When is the last time you’ve seen a fat white woman on TV that wasn’t the token-fat binge-eating comedic relief? Even singers Beyonce and Rihanna are waaaay curvier than most white singers. And pretty much any white singer over a size 4 is promoting weight loss. White plus size models stay famous for 2 years max, but everyone remembers Toccara.

      • Beautifulchocolate

        The reason we have so many successful big girls in Hollywood is actually insulting. The mainstream doesn’t consider us a sex symbol or threat to the holy white woman. So we do get a pass to be fat, because they figured that no one wants us anyway.

        • Run

          It’s more because they want to promote the idea that whites are naturally more beautiful by juxtaposing them directly with overweight black women.

          “The View” will never have a beautiful, THIN black woman, because she will take Elizabeth Hasslebeck’s shine.

      • tiffany

        Yes, but you must admit white women are displayed on every channel, all forms of advertisement ad media, all pictures, all movies, commercials, all marketing products in stores, all tv sitcoms, all products in stores across the country, and paraded in every other races face as the epitomy of beauty. We all know that is not true. Why is it this way? All you have to do is take a look at who is in the boardroom that makes the decisions for what the US has available for entertainment
        Many people decide to lighten their skin because they don’t realize the effects of billions of images of white women being promoted as the most valued and beautiful throughout their life time, but I do. This is how young children believe by the time they are five they should be White and Black is bad.

        Now, we don’t hear of any White women complaining about that! As far as size is concerned Black women have curves that the average White women does not have, that’s why the world calls it voluptuous, and guess what they don’t have billions of images programming their mind for a life time, like white women do, for men to be attracted to a voluptuous figure.

    • CarlaKah

      But it’s not in Cosmo. It is written by a black woman who knows what she’s seen and been through. Every one of her points touch on occurences in society:

      1. Sex on the first date

      My brother and his friends have been saying it for years. They perceive mixed and white girls as “easier” but black girls as “sisters” and demand “sister/mother-like” behaviour from them. It is a reality we (black women) deal with.

      2.“Leaking” sex tapes

      The stereotypical black woman is already oversexualized in every way. The images about us in the western world are sustained by the different entertainers, movies and other media creations that chose or are chosen by strategic marketers to profit from an apparent struggle. The last thing that can help us is to be “caught” on tape. It’s behaviour that is secretly expected from us thus there is only a hoe-factor instead of a surprise factor.

      3. Speaking in baby voice.

      In black communities the strength of women is often protected, motivated and praised. A baby voice simply doesn’t reflect strength. It only works when the target group (men) consider it “cute” if you do it. Im not saying that there are no black women who succesfully do it, I just doubt doing it would work for the majority due to our backgrounds. And who wants to sounds like a baby, when you’re a woman? Not a woman who wants to be taken serious I’ll tell you that much…

      4. Getting a nose job

      According to a combination of statistics, researches, surveys and the media, black people still could use a healthier dose of self-love (think of the DOLL-test!). This is a great generalisation of course because we all have our own DNA and can variate from boulimic insecurity to narcisistic confidence. However, thanks to several nosy stories about MJ and the like, a nose job or cheek implants or jaw “correction” will often be depicted as a clear sign of self-hatred. I will not say it always looks horrible. The reactions in the black communities just might be “not so much” as Borat would say.

      5. Walking around straight-faced

      If you don’t care about how people perceive you or the consequences that come with how people perceive you, when “walking around straight-faced” then there is nothing to worry about it. For the rest of us, it may very soon lead to being judged. Have an angry/serious face most of the time and you’ll be described as a closed of/angry black woman.

      6. Cackling loudly on the phone

      True as well. When I laugh, I love to laugh with passion. Life can be beautiful, especially through laughter. I’ve unfortunately have this bliss seen cut short by people who deemed it as ghetto/inaproprioate. Especially when I’m in public.

      7. Wearing low-rise skinny jeans

      Not true. The right size, brand, width and length can get most women there. A muffin top is however a no-no anywhere….

      8. Getting knocked up

      Walking around alone with a young kid, while being young yourself, already gets you certain looks. I say just don’t care. Once you are a “single baby momma” then you’ve got to work a little harder to gain respect from people in the (church) community. Deal with it and move on. It’s not the end of the world.

      Most of the judgements come from our “own people”. It all boils down to have purpose in your life, being self-confident and knowing where you stand for and why. Think about none of the point (except for #2!) have any effect on your life if you are a succesful lawyer, doctor or politician.
      It is all about how much other people’s opinions affect YOU when you’re already being a responsible put together adult with clothes that fit and don’t show your crack, self-confidence, only an eye for mature guys when dating, a good eye for what cosmetic enhancements would work for your face and body and (the according to your own beliefs) needed houshold situation for a child.
      I say get yourself together and # 1 en #3 to #8 simply won’t define you. Ever.


      • nsu1997

        We black men perceive white women as easier only if they are among those who deal with black guys (honestly most don’t) but the ones that do are typically easy and loose. But there are PLENTY of easy black women to counteract that so it’s really a non-issue.

        I also agree with you on the low-rise jeans. The original author wrote it as if most black women have big shapely butts. More than any other race of women, black women truly are in all shapes & sizes and most don’t have what I’d consider a big butt.

    • Jennifer

      10) that is only what black men think. I think in society the black man, white women relationship is still the least accepted, many think they are only date each other because of stereotypes and that is true for some but not all black men white women relationships. when black women date and marry white men it less often for stereoptypical reasons and because they love each other, interracial marriage between white men and black women is more likely to last.

      • Brandy

        saying white women are easy and that’s why black men flock to them is just an excuse and an “easy” way out of explaining why they are attracted to any female outside their race. It’s a cop out.

    • Betty D. Matta

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      friend who’s a single mum basically made the small fortune of $5097
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  • Terminator258

    Yes, it is definitely true that there are white women, asian women, and hispanic women who talk loudly on the phone, get pregnant early and wear skinny jeans, but what I would really like to know if whether or not black girls, on average, act more like this than other races….?

  • TruthisReal

    If ya wanna know the End (stereotypical effect); look into the Beggining (originating cause): Plantation. Part of “their” ideology in regards to depreciating any element of value regarding we Nubian Descendancts was to implement all misogynistic ‘isms’ upon us. Why? Well back in the Bad Ol’ Days of Slavery; it played an effective role in minimizing any apprehension or guilt within the male slaves assigned the task of randomly copulating and conceiving with the females “They’s just hot black wenches anyway”.  As we have (sadly but truly) continue/d to be exploited to this day; just remember one thing my fellow MN Sistahs: WE HAVE THE FINAL SAY. Of these “8 Things”; I can’t honestly profess that I’d be inclined to encourage my own ‘black’ 9 y/o daughter to make a way of life anyway. To know that such is inadvertantly expected of her (at her Worst) simply reinforces my resolve to ensure she ‘beats the odds’. Who’s with me?

  • TruthisReal

    If ya wanna know the End (stereotypical effect); look into the Beggining (originating cause): Plantation. Part of “their” ideology in regards to depreciating any element of value regarding we Nubian Descendancts was to implement all misogynistic ‘isms’ upon us. Why? Well back in the Bad Ol’ Days of Slavery; it played an effective role in minimizing any apprehension or guilt within the male slaves assigned the task of randomly copulating and conceiving with the females “They’s just hot black wenches anyway”.  As we have (sadly but truly) continue/d to be exploited to this day; just remember one thing my fellow MN Sistahs: WE HAVE THE FINAL SAY. Of these “8 Things”; I can’t honestly profess that I’d be inclined to encourage my own ‘black’ 9 y/o daughter to make a way of life anyway. To know that such is inadvertantly expected of her (at her Worst) simply reinforces my resolve to ensure she ‘beats the odds’. Who’s with me?


    Maybe all of you just need to smile more, because if this many people come up to you and tell you to smile you’re probably a frigid b!tc# lol. There might be something wrong with your faces, not with us. Also, this is not a race-exclusive issue, I look at (white) women grimacing on the buses and trains all the time

  • Helen

     Black women do it MORE than non-black women.  Nobody said non-black
    women don’t do these things or that it’s only wrong for black women to
    do it.  And by the way, black MEN play a role in this behavior too just
    like non-black men play a role in this behavior.

  • TheTanningMom

    I highly disagree with number 8. I wear lowrise skinny jeans.

  • Gatorswifee

    blah blah blah waa waa waa! quit bytching and crying no on cares! just a bitter bytch rant.

  • John Cappel

    ….First off…only ignorant people believe this…..According to the economic studies and government statistics…..Caucasian Americans live off of welfare than most African Americans…secretly and publicly….it is not really  a race thing anymore….it only for those who are, just either ignorant or…….stuck in the pass…..this may have nothing to do with this..but as i was scanning all of these…’disturbing’ comments…i just had to say it. i am white, and my family has lived off of Welfare or ‘food-stamps’ and had good paying jobs…’law suit’ you may say.? who cares?? They are dead now anyways…

  • Halle Berry is different in the nose job department because she’s mixed. Her father is black and her mother is white. 

  • Happydiamond

     Because all you do you whites is think of money like prosts,ha ha ha!!

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  • Ronnie D.

    Stereotypes, stereotypes, stereotypes, and speaking of feminine, why did you put such a masculine, black woman, as the woman cackling on her phone? Also, Kim Kardashian isn’t white, and if she is, then she disproves your theory of skinny jeans, since she has as big a booty as pretty much anyone out there.

    • bully

      Kim Kardashian is part Armenian. Last time I checked, Armenians are White.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    Dang yall forgot about lotion….

  • Menaxoxo

    This is so fhuckin stupid. Really….? A black women can’t get pregnant or wear skinny jeans cos her skin is brown but a white person can?! Da Fhuuuuuck! 
    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Who ever wrote this needs to be shot in the boob. 

  • Goregeousxoxo

    ohhh man, this is so stereotypical. who made all of these rules, anyway? where are you getting your data? I honestly believe anything goes when it comes to all of the topics you adressed. I don’t even know where to begin…everyone talks to babies and dogs in high-pitched voices. scientists performed a study on how the pitch of voice soothes babies and that is just the human response to cuteness. anyone who sleeps on the first date is easy, and skinny jeans…really?! oh my gosh, I would continue but I do not have the strength. it would be easier just to delete this.

  • Vpotenza

    all i know is – the girl in the skinny jeans photo looks black, as fas as i can tell, and she is ROCKIN those skinny jeans in way this white girl wishes she could!  there are no rules…

  • Lunas_wolf14

    I really don’t understand what this article it trying to achieve. As a list, it has it’s faults. Is it really socially acceptable for anyone to “give it up” on the first date? Where are the suggestions on how, as a society, we can address these stereotypes? Where’s the discussion on how popular culture contributes to the stereotypes? The article seems unfinished.

  • Women who are saying this isn’t true have lost a man for giving it up, talked loudly on the phone, and every other thing on this list. It ALL TRUE! To the point where it’s scary. Black woman stereotype number 9, “closed mindedness”

  • Diane

    DAMN! There are so many white women reading an article for black women!

    I am taking an history class. I am African and here a bunch of stereotypes about us every single day. I do not talk. why don’t you all stay quiet? If you know you don’t do that why do you all mind? 

  • Josie

    I am a black woman. 

    I do not think the author wanted to be racist. She/he just wrote what we see on the television.
    That’s how it works there. Blame the media, not the black people.

    We are all victims of stereotypes everyday. But honestly, what can we do? this is how this society is.

  • Erika

    This was one of the most ignorant and uneducated articles I have ever read.

  • annoyed reader

    This is the dumbest thing I ever read. None of these are true. Just because white women do it doesn't mean it's accepted or 'ok'. ANYONE who laughs loudly on their phone is annoying, plastic surgery can go right or wrong on anyone and they're called SKINNY jeans for a reason. Not all black people are 'thick'…I've seen skinny black girls wear skinny jeans and it looks fine. I've seen fat white chicks wear skinny jeans and it does not look good. You put yourself in a stupid stereotype. And for the record, no one really cares what you do. Be responsible and live your own life. If you believe there is a stereotype why don't you prove everyone wrong? If you had confidence you might not play the white vs black game. Stop complaining about what 'white people' think and try making a change and doing something about it.

    • Udolipixie

      I see the annoyed part in your username not much on the reader part.

      “Not all black people are ‘thick’…I’ve seen skinny black girls wear skinny jeans and it looks fine. I’ve seen fat white chicks wear skinny jeans and it does not look good. You put yourself in a stupid stereotype.”

      No you put the stereotype out there. She didn’t state or imply that all black people are thick she was implying that no matter what shape a black woman is she has a plump butt and plump butts are not designed for skinny jeans.

      Her words:
      “These were not created with shapely, plump backsides in mind. Slim, slender, thick or fat—low-rise skinny jeans are a black woman’s recipe for plumber’s crack. ”

      Nothing about all black people are thick. More like all black women have plump butts and skinny jeans don’t work with plump butts.

      • Guest

        Um.. plump and fat are the same thing

      • Allison Matthews

        …that’s still stereotyping..to say all black women have plump butts….

  • techlilinu

    Is Montana Fishburne really whoring? She is beautiful, young and she's Lawrence's daughter. Why would she choose pornography as a career? This makes no sense.

  • WeRallBeautiful

    EXACTLY! I am not racist. I do not care what color your skin is, I expect the same from everyone. Be restpectful of EVERYONE. This jealous crap is ridiculous. This racist crap is insane. Who makes this stuff up? And you cannot clump everyone who is NOT black into the WHITE category. Women need to stop being jealous of each other and learn to appreciate the diverse beauty God has bestowed upon us. Why are some people so hateful? If you are insecure about yourself, your physical being is not the issue. There are beautiful people who hate themselves, and ugly people who love themselves. I have had female friends of every color. They are the hardest to keep because jealousy so often rips those relationships apart. Yes, your culture is an important part of who you are, just don't force stigmas and so-called stereotypes upon yourself and say it's 'The white man/woman keeping you down'. That is irresponsible. If women are at each other's throats, then it keeps ALL women down. You are building walls around yourselves and around everyone else. Stop it. Get a grip.

    • WeRallBeautiful

      There is nothing wrong with your skin, or your hair, or your butts (women are SUPPOSED to have curves!) Women of every color have wanted something that women of another color tend to have. Black women like white hair (as do asians), white women want darker skin, hair, fuller lips, rounder butts, etc. Asians want..boobs and height and blue eyes (like everyone else except those who have blue eyes who want green) and. Latinos want to be skinny and not have to wax so often and for some reason unbenownst to me love to shave their eyebrows off or pluck them bare. (WHY!?!?!) Everyone wants to mutilate themselves with surgery, and starve themselves to death, and change everything about themselves who makes them who they are. We are all different. That is a good thing. We are all beautiful in very different ways. What is wrong with that? Why can't we love each other and ourselves and respect each other as human beings?

  • Sara

    Society sucks, society oppresses black women, society oppresses women in general, society oppresses people. all people. especially black women. But those most capable of fighting oppression are the oppressed. Strong, independent, accomplished black women fight oppression everyday just by being themselves. But black women who attempt to degrade white women in order to make a point about oppression are not fighting oppression. I don't know any white or black women who have done sex tapes, talk baby talk regularly, put out on the first date, or anything else on this list, other than maybe walking around with a straight face. And I look terrible in skinny jeans. But that's besides the point. This article is silly and divisive and only reinforces negative stereotypes and sexism. If you want to write about black female oppression, write about something that matters, not skinny jeans and sex tapes.

  • BKJ

    and also…for #2…umm is paris hilton black? b/c last time i checked she was white and she didn't get away with that…that was the most publicized one in the past few YEARS. this article is horrible i'm not even reading this again. it portrays black women horribly and doesn't do anything to combat the "stereotypes" (if they even exist), which if the author actually cared she would post something INTELLIGENT or something that doesn't comdemn people who have done any of these!

  • BKJ

    ok…1st off, this goes both ways. i agree with some of them, but i look at people who do any of these the same way whether they're black or white or brown or orange or whatever. and honestly, racism goes both ways. this isn't to everyone, but those of you that do this, stop flipping out about things that our ancestors did to each other. yeah racism is wrong, but does it make it anymore right to start complaining that white people get away with so much more nowadays? or having SATs say "latin american, african american, and white" where you put in your information? or what about affirmative action? everyone should have the same rights/be viewed the SAME no matter what. it shouldn't be a competition for who gets away with more b/c of skin color. dr. king said he had a dream that one day everyone, no matter what race/ethnicity/religion/color/etc would be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood…NOT "i have a dream that one day blacks/whites will sit on a higher, more comfortable table than whites/blacks". not trying to piss anyone off, but this is just something to think about…

    • truthteller

      I get what you are saying but at the same time you’re not being realistic stereotypes or racism is not something that is going to go away easily so just because Martin Luther King made the ” I Had A Dream” speech doesn’t mean that people will stop being ignorant and making people of the other races go on the defensive but what you and alot of other people on here that are getting upset have to understand is that the author of this article is NOT speaking about every white woman but just speaking in a general term, so stop being so defensive and actually listen (or read) about what she is really saying (or writing) and if it doesn’t apply to you then no need to act defensive.

  • Samia

    Oh please, this is the most ignorant article that I have read! It just sounds like this author is trying to pull the black card just because she may not be as socially accepted as her "white peers".
    Get over it!
    Number one Kim Kardashian is not technically white, she is Armenian, Scottish, and dutch.
    Number two, your president is black!!! White men did it, so did he!!!
    Please go find something else to do than complain. And please not super loud on your cell phone when you're in the damn store. Some black girls are way louder than the crazy puertoricans

  • Holly

    I found this article somewhat offensive. Many of these claims simply aren't true. I am a white female, but that doesn't mean I can go around with an expressionless face or skinny jeans. Everyone has a different body type. I've seen plenty of white AND black women with small body frames, and plenty with larger frames that don't look good in those jeans. I found the section about "baby talk" particularly alarming. It said something about black men wanting their women to have a brain. I'm sorry, I was not aware that talking to your pet or child in a higher octave lowered your IQ… The author of this article seemed to only continue these ridiculous stereotypes instead of putting an end to them.

  • shosty

    C'mon… Am I really supposed to believe that wearing skinny jeans is dependent on race? Stereotypes about all kinds of people exist… while the author points out (SOME) accurate ones about black women in this particular society, she (I'm supposing by accident) exposes her own stereotypical mindset on white women. It goes full circle. We all do it and we are all victims of it.

  • Helena

    wow, shit like this is why we have a problem, if it didn't I might actually address the african american community as part of my culture

  • MakeAChange

    Wow, just when we thought racism was dwindling out we get an article like this. This was only meant to segregate us even more, hope that was at least the intention. Now, take for instance if I, a white female, posted this same exact argument only flipped the races around. Now I'm racist right?
    There is a double standard, no doubt about it. I also feel that white women are more a minority now than black women because we are so shunned to say anything about it.
    It most of these cases, it would be more fair to say "some" rather than "all" in reference to white women…no one race is all the same. All you did was make yourself look bad.
    I sure as hell cannot fit into lowrise skinny jeans, because i have hips. We are not all slim and slender with stick figure bodies. Seems to me you are looking more at vogue magazines than reality around you.
    The 'baby mama' thing is also ridiculous. I work with four white girls, that have black 'baby daddies' and they have no money, get no child support and two of them let their kids see their father through glass at a penitentiary. Does that say anything? No. Because now you think I am fitting them into a different category about black men. I'm not. Any man could fit that description.
    Just keep in mind that before you start bashing a race, splash a bit of reality in it and you will see that we are all the same in one way or another.
    Slavery is over. I understand that this is where the majority of every racist argument is from. Understand that society has accepted the fact to now feel bad and hold black people on some sort of a pedastool out of remorse. You are no longer the minority because you make white folks one by saying things like this.
    We will never fully get over the idea of segregation between races because people post diminishing stuff like this on the internet. I get it. Power of speech. But why not speak about something positive, something to help someone out, something to help people unite. Not a post about why white people suck. And I'm sure you have NOO white friends right? Well, if I can guess correctly, you do, and I bet they haven't read this. Because if they did, they are not your friends anymore.
    Wake up. A change starts with one person. Let that person be you…

  • Carly

    Since when is it ok for ANY woman, or man, black or white, to have sex on the first date? And on that note, if it does occur, keep it to your damn self and there would be no problem "getting away with it".
    The skinny jeans are pretty ridiculous. That has nothing to do with being frowned upon for being a black woman wearing skinny jeans. That is all on you. If someone gives you dirty looks, most likely is because you're black overall, not your clothes. I am a curvy white woman, wide hips with an a*s and thighs to match (according to this article, not many of us exist apparently – another no-no). I don't wear skinny jeans on the regular because unless I wear heels, I look and feel like an oompa loompa. I think it's pretty egotistical of the author to think that people are so concentrated on what she wears ESPECIALLY the type of jeans, and god forbid if they're fitting the world's just going to disown her. lol really??? C'mon now..

    P.S. PLEASE, do not mistake all of us white women for Paris Hilton act-alikes. Or whores. Or insecure plastic surgery addicts. Or any of these things.

  • Glen Nicholson

    I am a white middle aged female, and I'm completely baffeled by the concept expressed here. This hypothosis is only true if you think that all of the above is acceptable for anyone! I work in education. I see all races all cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. If any of the above takes place among any of these groups, the opiinon is negative. Sex tapes are the provence of the infamous and trashy, the rest is common courtesy, and self respect. Good god, I would run a mile from ANYONE who engaged in this kind of behavior! I think it would be fairer to say that MEN, White or Black are not as redily judged for these things.

    As for "mean face", I recall walking out of a Florist's with a serious face and getting snapped at by a woman who said "Whatever it is, it can't be so bad you have to walk around looking so hostile!" I did stop and explain to her that my father had just died , and I was ordering flowers. And yes, I spoke very softly ,so she had to lean in close when I told her to go to hell. It's more effective that way.

  • Get Over Yourselves

    WOW THIS IS SO RACIST! Black people can say whatever they want about white people and its not racist, But one negative thing about a black person and your a member of the KKK! Black Women particularly act like they are better than every white women and that white people owe you something. And the author of this article should look up the national statistics on abortion….maybe that is where the stereotypes come from!

  • This article seems a little biased; but regardless though, you shouldn't compare yourself to "white" women or any other woman. Things happen and everybody sees beauty differently. Please don't think that all "black" men think the same, or that everyone in our "socially made-up race classifications" think the same. This article needs to be about all the beautiful aspects of the general so-called "black" woman…no need to cause any more tension between people by posting a comparative article like this.

  • kate

    This article is pretty much a form of racism in itself. I can see points in some places where yea there may be double standards, but for the most part I feel like this is one person's list of things maybe they are not happy with or that they feel they cannot do (sex on first date, wearing skinny jeans, being in porn etc.) and for some reason they are turning it into a racial issue. If you want to have sex on a first date do it you’re an adult, but you should be prepared to have that man look at you in a different light, that has nothing to do with your skin color but sleeping with someone on the first date tends to carry a stigma with it. Saying there aren’t many black women in porn is kind of a random and irrelevant point. Baby talk is kind of ridiculous in my book and once again who says you can’t do it if you want, I don’t think anyone should "dumb themselves down" or seem less intelligent as to not intimidate a man, but if that’s what you want to do you can’t complain when a man sees you as less intelligent.

    • kate

      The statement “White women don’t look so strange because they fix their noses to look whiter, removing bumps and breaking bridges to make it smoother and slimmer.” is just racist not all white women get nose jobs; to say rich women or celebrity women yea sure that’s no secret there are a lot of women in the lime light that openly and publicly admit to plastic surgery but still it’s not only white women. If you walk around with a straight face all the time (and I am one of these people) then people that don’t know you may thing your unfriendly, I’ve had people tell me after becoming friends with them and they get to know me better that when they met me they thought I was a bitch just because of the way I looked and carried myself. Talking and laughing loudly in public can get you looks ( this I am also guilty of) and there have been times that I have unknowingly at the time embarrassed a friend I was with for being so loud in public, but it’s just because maybe your disrupting the conversations around you, important business calls, a baby sleeping etc

      • kate

        Skinny jeans flatter probably 1% of the population they are made for very thin people and it has nothing to do with race if you don’t fit into that small population of people that are that are size 2 or smaller it’s just not for you, if you have curves you should wear things that exentuate them most men love curves you should be happy you have them. Getting knocked up can happen to any woman having sex, unfortunately most women that get pregnant unmarried or when their a teenager still are looked down upon, instead of looking at woman and race maybe this country should start addressing the double standard with women and men with the issues of being sexual promiscuous and pregnancy as it’s not just the women, after all were not getting ourselves pregnant.

        • kate

          Reading this article and a lot of the comments was frustrating for me, I am a 22 year old white female and I just can’t say I agree with the overall message this article is sending out, it seems to be mostly of superficial things and nothing of real substance other than the topic of pregnancy which I feel is the only topic of real merit. I cannot say I have ever been privileged I have always worked for anything I wanted or needed, so I can’t really agree with that comment and just that fact that you can’t speak for an entire race of people based on maybe a few people you know that may be like that. I grew up with my second family being west Caribbean, from Montserrat and St. Thomas. I grew up around strong black women who to this day I look up to and see as family. I just wish people would be more accepting and open minded and I hope that as time goes on there are less and less of these type of comparisons

          sorry for the multiple posts everything i wanted to say wouldnt fit in just one

  • Articles like this are what defines a "standard"… A Women should be held accountable for who she is and how she acts… Be Proud of who you are White, Black or Yellow! Grouping yourself in a sterotype, like this- takes a way from your Personal beauty. If a MAN cant recongize what a beautiful, smart women you are, he's not worth your time, "Brother"… or not.

  • Dance!

    Aside from walking around straight faced and wearing skinnies, none of these things are anything any woman should seek to "get away with." Seriously.

  • looloo

    Wrong!!! im a white girl with a big backside !! im not fat but you wont catch me in booty shorts, i know alot black girls who have noooooo but and get away with that mess. I aint a race thang, its a booty thang!! lol

  • I maybe wrong, but I doubt it; the Kardashians aren't White.

    • Glittergirl13

      You’re right; they’re armenian.

  • VanillaIce

    The one about straight faced black ladies being thought of as unfriendly: the same thing happens to white women, too.

    I’m a white woman, have been very shy, introverted, and quiet since I was a kid, and many times over my life, I’ve had many people either assume that I’m arrogant, I’m unfriendly and I’ve had others make other negative assumptions.

    I think most people in the United States are talkative, smiley, and extroverted, so if you don’t behave like that (regardless of your skin color), most people (regardless of their skin color) will perceive you as cold, unfriendly, or stuck up.

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  • wow

    As a 20 year old white woman who has lived for the last eight years in a small mostly white community, just moved to a bigger city. My parent never really talked to me about other races, you know except that we are all equal, I cannot believe some of the opinions people have on here. I guess I am naive, but the hate? Black people talking about other blacks and white people? I thought racism was a dying thing, this scares me and to be honest hurts me to know what some people think of me just from my color. Im shocked I guess… and the whole marriage thing? milk before the cow or whatever? either way your something thats being bought ladies! I would rather be loved and wanted because I am a wonderful person AND I am great at sex, why would you want to coerce someone into marriage?

  • ashleigh

    I think its funny how we all argue about the most stupid things that shouldn't matter! Where im from and live, we have that issue of what white women and black women can and can't get away with. As a little white girl lol, people automatically assume im this precious baby talkin girl that this generation has made me out to be, because they judge the book by its cover. yes I can be sweet but i can also be LOUD MOUTHED obnoxious, and just a crazy as anyone else out there, and NO i don't wear skinny jeans because i have a big butt, and curvy legs, NO i don't give it up on the first date my mama and daddy tought me better plus as a christian I don't believe in sex before marriage, and hunny I am proud of my big nose its been broke multiple times still love it and myself for who I am.

  • guest

    Very sad that people(both sides) are trapped by generations of hate, unforgiveness, and ignorance. Whites are oblivious to differing standards and blacks can't move on so they can have a more fulfilling life. IMO

  • lay

    8 is true have a white friend with three different bdaddies don't think she seen as a babymama she gets away with just having alote of kids

  • Bren82

    I totally disagree with number 7. Being that I am a slim black woman with no ample derrier, I don't have a problem with low rise skinny jeans covering my backside. As a matter of fact, I could use more hips.

  • Barak

    At least black women can make racist comments and get away with it.

  • no name

    i also think this article is stupid. 1st of all I'm white and people ask me all the time if i'm mad because 'im not smiling. No im not mad i just don't need to smile 24/7.. 2nd if i see some white girl screaming in public on her phone being stupid i think she is being ignorant, because that's disrespectful and rude, have some manners. And 3 i consider ANY woman who sleeps around on the 1st date or beginning of the relationship easy. I don't care what color they are.

  • cupcake

    okay, this is the dumbest thing ive ever read.
    anyone looks dumb speaking baby talk, white women look bad with bad nose jobs too, some white ladies cant wear skinny jeans either, we cant be straight faced or else we look like wednesday addams, and anyone who has sex on the first date is a whore. these arnt double standards, they're simple facts that apply to all women.

  • if more of any women would embrace their beauty we would be more empowered, you notice all these white chicks trying to be tan? trying to have bleach blond hair?

  • i assumed she was angry because of the amount of capitalized letters not because she may or may not be black. and when i see statistics they normally show alot of equality idk what statistics you are looking at

  • marsha harris

    i read this whole paragraph about our people as awhole and especially and a majority of black women are whores and a majority isnt.so,our coulture have to love and respect themselved.thats important its morals and your upbrinhing and have a lot to do with how u were raised.but that one or fewwomen thats a ho will make it bad for every women.thats why all men think we all are hos and we sleep around and all that and thats not true.and black men cant be a dog and be screwing everybody neither.so, i understand why our brothers get upset when our sisters is shaking our booty.and it these white women do that it wouldnt bother them. im serious and im not prejudice.im speaking my mind.so, us sisters gotta resspect themselves..and then white women are confusing cause one minute,they dont lkie us then the next, they wanna be us.

  • bella

    hahah yes! when ever i am on the bus with my mother. She can be very loud on her cell phone and i'm looking around analyzing people and i see the turn ups the eye rolling the grotesque faces. i always say mother sshh keep it down because this is how they look at us.

  • Bella

    omg this is a great one i had tons of girls that met me say to me " hey when i first met you i thought you was mean or you didn't like me" i mean i am like one of the nicest people in the world and you see how i was stereotyped !

  • Bella

    haha this is so true cause when janet and la toya or beyonce or any other black female celeb got a nose job they were made fun of and a skeptical of and like seriously almost every white person did it! like Michael Jackson said it's not just me the whole hollywood does it. but they were so quick to point him out. If we don't like our nose why can't we feel equally to change it too i mean isn't that what the white people did. color has nothing to do with your physical appearance because there are black people that are lighter than the average white girl….HELLO!

  • Bella

    this is false cause la toya jackson has a baby voice and i love it.

  • Seriously

    I have to agree that Black women get judged way more harshly for doing the same things White women do, and we are often condemned more by the Black "community". I don't know what it's like to be a White woman, as I am not White, but I have observed that people of all races, Black included, respond to them with much less condemnation for their less attractive qualities and actions. Black women are often seen in such a negative way. No matter what we do lol. Sometimes I tire of being a Black woman, ain't gonna lie. And don't ask for help from your Black "brother" lol. Most of them really could care less about "progress" and the "community". If Black women ever wonder why sometimes we have it so hard, know that it's because we stand ALONE.

  • vegasplayer

    sounds like you got lucky!
    i have cash and still can't find a date!
    10 yrs now zero … still a monk
    who needs a woman anyways..
    stay single and your pockets will jingle
    that is why we are monks…
    cold showers does a man good!

  • Chris


    Will you just shut up about slavery and the hand outs that you think your entitled to.

    No family black,white,Asian should be plunged into poverty because of the crimes of a long dead relative.

  • Chris

    A black women loudly comments about a women calling her a skinny or fat white bitch and nobody thinks anything of it.

    A white women calls a black women a fat or skinny black bitch she is screamed at and called a racist.

    This is bull $hit. Black people can be racist too.

  • logablogaboo

    The issue here is much deeper than the stereotypical associations of the race. We have media promoted by society that demeans the black race in ways that are subtle but so definitely effective. There has been an entire show dedicated to teen women having children with many being unmarried and with little financial support, this is viewed as acceptable and seemingly these girls are glorified. Many time blacks are cast in a negative light for the world to see and many blacks think, "well if this got them on television, maybe I should use incorrect grammar, let my pants hang below the waist, use profanity instead of enhancing my vocabulary or get my hair painted red, green, or blue." Blacks are not given enough strong role models in the media or within there community to aspire to be anything other than average or mediocre. The attempts at remedying this situation are futile to due to that there is so much that must be counteracted. I hope that more people will become aware of themselves, the role they play in society and be the best they can according to the universal standards of right and wrong regardless of what they see around them. Holding true to your moral character and giving yourself a positive identity will help others to see that they too do not have to succumb to those `group of minorities black and white who want see each other fail.

  • tanya

    Jay sorry to say it is true about the sex thing between Black and White. Perfect example the Sex in the City show on HBO and still showing reruns. Two Movies was made for the show. They slept with so many men It looked bad for even a Fiction TV show. If that had been 4 Black women, the show would have gotten a bad reviews and no way it would be showing reruns now. They would never have made a movie for it, let alone 2 movies.

  • Pingback: I Can’t Get Away With It Either, Lady « tone deaf joke()

  • Haha well don't think it's just what you black women have to go through – all the above also applies completely to what us brown women have to go through. The double standards our men have when it comes to white women as compared to us.

    I guess brown is the new black given the current situation.

  • A white chick

    Wow. I found this article highly offensive. And I think dead baby jokes are funny.

  • Brent

    What a bunch of stereotypical BS. Web pages like this one keep black woman believing this type of crap…you can do anything you want to do. PEOPLE’S PERCEPTIONS OF YOU DON”T MATTER. Who cares if Joe Blow thinks your “ghetto” for laughing on the phone loudly?!?!?! Jeez…

  • Laura

    I get that sometimes this is the case and it's funny to make racial satirical jokes some times but …no offense; things like this get on my nerves because it's just promoting more "segregated" ideas. The fact that people are still thinking of things as "black" things or "white" things gets on my nerves. Maybe some people seriously think this way but I don't and I'd like to think this generation is more open to the fact that color is not something to base anyones behavior on. I'm only 20 so maybe for older people of past generations this is more accurate.

  • Rose

    I don't agree with the baby voice comment. It stated something along the lines of "black men prefer women who sound like they have a brain". White chicks use that stupid baby voice, but I was made fun of (and I'm still made fun of) for sounding different. I'm a linguist, and I can speak 14 languages. Therefor, I pay close attention to my English and how I pronounce my words. I find that other black women, even intelligent ones, slur their words, and it's been expected of me to do the same on many occasions.

    I think that instead of pointing out white girl's faults to make our race feel better, we should take a look at the negative image we put out for ourselves and try to fix it. I'm tired of having to explain myself to people. I'm not a hoochy mamma, I know who my daddy is, and my husband is not in a gang. Honestly, I'm not mad that these stereotypes are made, I'm mad that the people of my race can't prove to be anything different.

  • sara

    OKAY – White girls cant have sex on the first date and not be looked down upon, we look just as weird when we get nose jobs, we can look just an angry has any other person if we dont smile (it all depends on your facial structure), noone looks good after having a sex tape, and skinny jeans are a style of pants, they arent to flatter a flatter bum.. its to show off shoes and to enhance an hourglass shape. ALL jeans, whether they be wide legged or skinny.. are going to show buttcrack if they are low rise. you can get high rise skinny jeans.., the word "skinny" when speaking about these jeans is referring to the ankle seam not the body type that looks best in them

  • sara

    This so unbelievably racist and insensitive

  • Marge

    This is bullshit.

  • FedUp

    This is the most racist thing I have ever seen. If a white woman put something like this up they would be scolded and put down as being racist bitches. The examples given disgust me. We are all supposed to be created equal right?? You are doing a shitty job of that here. WTF

  • Katie

    im white and if i slept around i would also get a name for myself?!!?!?!?!?!! i dont agree with these at all. If i saw a black girl who wasnt smiling i wouldnt think anything of it. If a black girl was speaking loud on the phone i wouldnt, as the author of this s**t puts is " turn in fear". Is that how you think your perceived??? because its wrong. This is ridiculous, to speak on behalf of anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity is stupid. If anything you are just stirring racial hatred. And before i get any one blaming me a racism then you might like to know i have an afro american husband!!!!
    And ok, i have never personally heard a black women speak in baby language but then let me ask you this? You ever heard or seen a white woman doing the whole "clicky, dont go there girlfriend" stance. Or the amazing laughing which is a stereotype of larger black women???
    White or black we are all the same and all different. This is something the world needs to accept and to stop drawing comparisons.

  • swm

    this article made me sort of sad. are these really true? is this what our country is like?

  • Disappointed

    Seriously… this article was a waste of time and I have no excuse why I stuck around to read some of these comments. A bunch of angry hateful people on here.

    You do realize by being hateful, calling white women hoes with no supporting evidence other than Kim K. which news flash – white women hate her too, your just fueling the stereotype in which you claim you are trying to rid yourselves of. And Kim K is not white, she's Armenian… so if your going to state "white bicthes are hoes" maybe you should pick a "white bitch" first.

    BTW… I am straight faced and I am always misunderstood as being angry or a bitch. Its not a race thing. None of these are race specific.

    The only post I agree with are the hair comments. yes there is a clear difference in regards to hair. Mine just grows this way, I do not have much control over it… yet you can get any style you wish sewn in or glued. I think Black women hair is fascinating, and white women hair can be boring.

  • GAC

    Amen, Amen & Amen Jay. It's not about color. We women need toband together for employment equalitity. We are getting PHD, MBA etc and still our salaries wre lower that our male counterpart. Why must we start pregnant, baefoot and in the kitchen. We have been made to do it all and when we do we get very little respect for being REAL women. World look up and admire us for the real women we are.
    Thank You JAY!

  • Strong-Black-Man

    In all of these studies, the task of assigning race is placed solely on the person who is taking the poll, not the person giving it. All of the attributes they look at may be negative – amoral, even – but when it comes to identifying the trends with in the 'races', that lies solely with the people who are participating. They identify as black, white, white-hispanic, or what-have-you; then they admit to this behavior. When I know something I am filling out will reflect badly on my race, I always make sure to put myself down as white. Just to throw the statistics off as best I can. And if anyone ever calls me on it, I'm planning on letting them know that I'm just a white man trapped in a black mans body; then I plan to make the biggest stink.

  • Gladys Gropplebottom

    What an incredibly racist column. I can't imagine a mainstream (non-black) column ever being printed with this sort of content. The column does nothing more than perpetuate stereotypes.

  • kjph

    omg talk about double standards , i am a white girl and i am in no way rasist but this kinda makes me mad.. you are talking about double standards when this website is one, when BET is on if a giorl like me were to even think of creating a all white tv channel i would be called rasist and horrable and a lot of other things. even if i was not being rasist and mearly expressing my love for my race. if u really wanna talk about double standards may be the black cultur should look at their selfs bc why cant i say sertant words to u but u can say them to me. or about how u can have your own month , and tv channel and dress certant ways with out looking like a freak or a slut. like i said i accpt everyone and i really try not to even see someones race, and just seem them as a person. but when something like this pops up it makes me mad bc it seems like alot of people dont see how racist twards another race they are being

  • Yellobrix

    As a white female, I find this article trivial and sad. There are real problems for black women to overcome that have nothing to do with having a big ass, wide nostrils, or loud voice. Not only that, but NO woman of ANY COLOR needs to have her serious challenges reduced to her physical atributes and sexuality. Instead of whether she can surgically rearrange her face with the help of a fancy plastic surgeon, how about worrying over her access to basic healthcare? Instead of blaming a loud voice at the office for a stalled career, let's tackle access to education. Or we can just pretend that dark skin and ovaries have given a whole group of otherwise wonderful humans insurmountable and unfair disadvantages. Is our culture unfair to black women? In many ways, yes. Is it over the stuff on this silly, shallow list? Hmmm…

  • jennifer

    I will admit it is pretty awesome being white.I don't have any relatives dealing drugs or in jail, and my father loves me and i am currently employed and married to my child's father. However just because white women are so much better than black women doesn't mean you shouldn't still strive to be as awesome as us for example stop dating dumb black men and getting pregnant and living off the government stop talking ghetto it makes you look uneducated (which you probably are) stop acting so angry all the time cause you were born black and not white no one likes a mean black bitc#. And stop taking stuff so personally and deciding the only way to handle a disagreement is by getting all loud talking about how you are gonna whip some ass it just makes you look trashy but that is what you have learned from your trashy mothers so until you can break the cycle black women will just never compare!

  • pfft

    Why are there so many white folks on a site designed for black women? Lurkers or is this article linked some place?

  • Coco

    I'm white and trust me, I can't get away with skinny jeans.

  • Dating a Brother

    Hey, guess what? Not all white women walk around in low rise pants talking baby talk and making sex tapes. All of these stupid items focus on white women as sexual objects. Many of us also have brains (and curves) and we are the white women that brothers like best… Turning against white women is not the answer to whatever negative stereotypes black woman face.

  • c.o.f.

    The only one I disagree with is cackling on the phone. Nobody should do that. It's obnoxious no matter who is doing it.

    The double standard is unfair, but most white women who do most of the things on this list are considered sluts or white trash, at least by other white people, so it isn't like black women are missing out.

  • Ashley

    I could hardly even get through this "article". I understand that there are undeniable cultural differences between races and even genders, but this article addresses silly and rather insulting stereotypes that mostly still exist because of the misguided notions like that found in this article. As a 22 year old white woman, I sleep with who I want to, I do my hair the way I want to, and I could care LESS who plastic surgery looks better on, white or black women, etc. Maybe I'm just way too much of an idealist, but I don't even want this kind of crap on my radar, so to speak. All women out there should love who they are, and never let themselves be labeled. Ladies, we are not bound by any cultural or behavioral "norms", because in fact, these "norms" don't exist. Get plastic surgery wherever you'd like, sleep with who you want to, and be COMPLETELY UNAPOLOGETIC about it. That's not a black, white, pretty, or fat woman…that's a woman who is living her life the way she wants. Cheers!

  • Hang on…

    You DO realize that white women come in different shapes and sizes too, right? Some of these are very true. BUT you can't wear this or that based on race. I'd say women in general have problems with it being acceptable for some women being able to wear certain things and others can't because it's interpreted as unappealing or "trashy".

  • NotRace

    You know all of those things don't really have race attached to them. They seem to be things that out of shape, uneducated skanks can't get away with but in shape, intelligent women can. Skinny jeans on Zoe Saldana would go over much better than the baby momma drama January Jones (in shape, but seems to be a stupid skank from my bleacher seat) is getting ripped for at the moment.

    I don't know why we insist on inserting race where it doesn't matter. I guess its just another way of making your own problem someone else's fault so you don't have to take responsibility for it.

    And who exactly is 'getting away' with anything? Kardashian I'll give you, but Paris Hilton is universally regarded as a stupid whore, and last I checked Maury had plenty of white guests my wife and I mock just as hard as the black ones when they've cheated and don't know who their kids' father is.

  • Anonymous

    Racist much? Sheesh…I could comment on pretty much all of these, but why bother?

  • No judgement

    I think that everyone is different. If a woman wants to sleep with a man on the first date, that's her choice. To call her a 'ho' is just crazy. Everyone has a different perception on what they feel is moral or immoral. If a person does not fit into a box, it does not make them right or wrong. They are different. Our different beliefs are what make the 'world go round'. When we let others opinions of us dictate how we live, that spells control. As long as we are not breaking any laws, we should live how we please.

  • grey eyed girl

    this is why i stopped dating black men years ago, you hold us to a different standard, yet you marry the woman that has lower standards. well i held black men to a different standard than other men also. but since i grew TIRED of fighting a losing battle with black men, i moved on. with black men black women cant win; unless she's a white woman. if you give it up too soon then you're a hoe, if you don't then you're a bitch. enough was enough for me and i began dating dating out. strangely enough, i don't get hit with this bullshit with white and other men.

  • nina

    All women can be viewed as sluts. All woman can be either skinny, fat, have big or small butts, big or small boobs. I don't know about any one else, but i live in a world that no matter what color skin you have, if you do whorish things, you will be viewed as a whore, period. Corine (or whatever her name is) or super head is considered a slut not beause she is black, but because she has A LOT of sex tapes/pornos & even books doing sexual things where as Kim had one sex tape that was made with her boyfriend at the time, she doesnt have sex for a living like super head…nor does she call her self a name such as super head. Not saying i kim is any better, i just thing that comparison was pretty DUMB. Well, i think this whole article is really dumb. If you continue to have the mindstate that everyone is out to get you, or black women white women this & that, you will not get very far in life. Just saying.

  • Well said Jay. We need to be supporting each other as women period. We are all affected the same when it comes to woman rights and are looked as second class citiziens. Lots of work needs to be done. Why is it ok for reverse racisim? It is still hate and hate breeds hate…it will never stop

  • Ahkim

    Must have been written by someone who's black…if it was someone who was white, it'd be called racist. Hey! There's something white woman can't do!

    Oh, and I have no idea why anyone would be jealous of most of this stuff. Black, white or green, most of it is pretty vapid behaviour.

  • Amelia

    This sounds like the racist band wagon that it is. If a white person wrote this article, the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be standing in front of news cameras shouting about how wrong it is. The thing is, black people feel themselves completely free to perpetuate racial hatred and think it is perfectly acceptable as long as it is against white people. Wake up. It's still racism, it is still hatred, and it is not meant to bring any kind of diversity or racial understanding. So Stupid.

  • Diana

    This list of generalizations is sickening. If we want to truly grow as a people, stop pigeonholing yourselves into stereotypes. It's no wonder people "sellout." All of this black people do this, white people do that is tiring and downright annoying. BTW, this comment is coming from a black woman who doesn't fit any of these stereotypes!

  • maria

    Weird article that paints black women as being all the same! Some black women are naturally slender, conservative and have beautiful noses-look at all the women in East Africa. I sometimes wished I looked like them and I'm white! But you look at the majority of black women in america and I feel some sympathy for them because they are discouraged when trying to move forward in society. I think if they tried to be more conservative, not have sex outside of marriage and were more personable they would be seen as stuck up instead of smart and reasonable.
    Or maybe these views are just whacked?

  • dsfgreshye

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  • T-dawg

    Judging by this article I can tell you one thing black women (people) get away with that white don't…being ignorant racist garbage. If this was written by a white person and listing things blacks get away with that whites don't it would be labelled as racist and disgusting. Some of the comments about black women being smarter than white women or white women putting out on the first date etc..unreal. Being openly racist, that's number one on the list. I've heard blacks on buses going on and on about how much the white man can kiss their ass, totally unprovoked. If whitey does the same thing, what happens? This is just another pathetic example of reverse racism. Keep feeding the stereotypes and trying to make yourselves feel better by putting down white women, I'll take a white woman over some nasty, loud, arrogant disgusting black woman any day of the week.

  • TelleyJ

    Women in general need to stop having unwanted children. In a perfect, moral world people would have kids after they're married but it's not a perfect world so people use birth control, already.

  • TelleyJ

    Have to say I'm equally annoyed by cackling black women as I am by baby-voice talking white chicks.

  • Rosie

    I really loved reading your article. I am a white woman accustomed to so many niceties and, taking myself into the world of someone else, realize that MY world is not the only one. It's amazing to be reading something as trivial as attraction from the point of a black woman. We REALLY do have different cultures and mannerisms. It just goes to show how diverse the "American public"/world is. We attract men differently, act differently, speak differently, and try to portray ourselves in a different manner completely. I'm going to be honest, I don't completely understand all (not most) of the black women I've met in my lifetime, or where they're coming from in regards to life, love, and even the pursuit of happiness. What I do know is I, without a doubt, love every person I TRULY meet until they lie to me. In my 'white woman's' view, trust is the most important factor. I'm curious to see if trust is the most important in a black woman's culture, or a European woman's culture, or any other woman's culture.
    I do not ask this question to be insulting in any way, and I apologize if I do. (Please let me know if I am!!) I'm very curious!
    PS Wonderful article, great insight. Extremely enjoyable.

  • Open

    You hit all my problems with this article right on the head!!!! I think it is ridiculous. I'm a white girl and almost the opposite of all of these stereotypes. I wouldn't get a nose job, and I don't think I could get away with it (it would make me look funny). I cannot wear low rise skinny jeans. Actually I can't wear low rise jeans or skinny jeans let alone the combination. I've got curves, always have. I have a booty. I can't wear booty shorts as my butt would hang out and it would look like I was trying to get some. I use baby talk with my cats but find myself thinking god I sound ridiculous, and my fiance echos that thought by precisely telling me the same thing. I don't talk loud on my phone because it's rude period. I criticize anyone who has this habit irregardless of race, sex, or otherwise. Why can't blogs like this be about empowering all women. Trying to fix racism and race stereotypes is NOT about ascribing these exact same things to another race. And that's how I see this article.

  • RememberTheBellCurve

    Please do the tiniest bit of research before publishing. To say "We are culturally and genetically bred differently" is just false. We are genetically different, as individuals. But, as we all should know by now, there are more genetic variations within the same "race" than between "races," which, themselves, aren't really biological categories. This is a misconception that really doesn't need to be furthered. Geez.

  • Jacqueline

    Thank you! I don't know how anyone could put any WHOLE group of women – black, white, asain, hispanic, etc… – into a stereotype like that. Race has absolutely nothing to do with an individual's morals or lifestyle. ALL white women are not whores, just like ALL black women are not whores. Plus who is to say what makes a women a whore anyway?

  • Paige

    Everything goes both ways. I agree that black women are stereotyped more negatively in our society and that there is a unfair white privilege, but racism is a two-way street. My white friend was called a white bitch by a black girl, but thats not considered racist. The moment my friend would have called her a black bitch, everyone would have been crying racism.

    Instead of separating into races, we should be sticking together as women because there's also male privilege out there that needs to be leveled.

  • Becs

    First of all, I can COMPLETELY agree about the skinny jeans, and i'm white. It's awful.
    Second, the angry face thing has nothing to do with race. Most people in general are percieved as bitchy if they don't CONSTANTLY smile.

    Lastly, some of these are just whiny.
    Sorry, but if statistics show things like high pregnancy rates among black women, it's probably a legitimate fact.
    Granted, it's certainly not because of race, but because of communities. As one person commented earlier, complaining isn't going to do anything. Make a real effort to better your communities.
    One more thing, the loud talking and baby voice are annoying among ALL races. Black women just have naturally stronger voices. It's why Condy is so amazing at speaking and why you all have so many more amazing singers. You're not known for it more because some racist thing, but because you have to work sooooo much harder to control it.
    Society isn't as racist as you may want to believe.

  • cam comments

    I'm really sad to see that so many comments have the words "slut" or "whore" in them. It's like sexual liberation never happened. Calling white women whores and then saying they don't get judged for it like black women makes no sense. If they don't get judged for it, why are you calling them whores?

    I'm white and in the past I've found that stereotype really harmful. I do not sleep around, and I hate the assumption guys make that I do and will.

    As for having kids outside of marriage, I'm finding it difficult to see the problem. My mum had me outside of marriage and did a great job on her own. I don't understand why people feel that they have the right to judge single women, whatever colour they are.

    As for the not smiling thing – I only WISH my scowl could stop a pervert in his tracks. That would be amazing.

  • kayla

    what about wearing fake hair. black women always get slammed for wearing weaves, but white women wear fair extensions as well.

  • millie2qt

    I am a white woman and I feel like I DON'T get away with most of these things. I have a loud laugh and my boyfriend (who is half black half Puerto Rican) hates it.
    I also can't wear low rise jeans because of my figure. I put on a straight face just so guys WON'T hit on me and it works! I've also learned from experience having sex on the first date definitely does not get a brother to stick around. And doing a baby voice is annoying no matter what race the woman is, and the main actress in Jump The Broom totally does a baby voice.

    I feel like there is an equal amount that woman of different backgrounds get a way with and don't. white woman don't get away with wearing hair pieces. People look at us funny if we try to rap or wear big gold hoop earings with our names in them.

  • Guest

    Ok, I'm a white woman in my later 20s. I realize I will probably get lambasted on here, but I have to say something. Almost NONE of these are true.
    1) We're expected to have sex on the first date? WHAT? Are you kidding me? Seriously? ANYONE that has sex on the first date is seen as a whore. Not just black women. Please, even my best friend would call me a whore for that. Nevermind what would happen if my family found out.
    2) Sex tapes? When is it ok for anyone to have a sex tape? Seriously, it's just trashy any way you look at it. Pamela Anderson? Paris Hilton? And trust me, Kim K? Ok, it may have made them famous but they are by no means seen as a role model or anything. They are famous for being whores. It's disgusting, really.
    3) I'm not even sure what "Baby Voice" is, other than what you do to a child. Is it the way that Paris Hilton talks? Does it just mean speaking quietly and in an octave only heard by dogs? Marilyn Monroe talked like that. Do people think it makes them desirable? I guess I can't really comment on this one.
    4) Nose jobs? That's just stupid. Anyone can get a nose job and look completely fine. Conversely, anyone can get a nose job and look moronic. Now if a Black woman is getting a "White" nose, then ok, I can see that looking a little silly. But White women can't get a "Black" nose either.
    5) Walking around straight faced is completely dependent on what you look like. Any person of any race can look mean and unapproachable when they aren't smiling. It's not just Black people. I think on some of these you're seeing stereotypes where there aren't any.
    6) Cackling loudly on the phone I do agree with. People are much more likely to get annoyed with a Black woman doing it than a White woman. Why, I don't know. But either way, it's freaking annoying and no one should do it. Honestly, why does anyone think it's ok to do that?
    7) Low rise skinny jeans – HA. Almost no one can wear those. They look terrible on almost everyone. I can't wear them. Only one of my friends can pull it off and that's because she's a beanpole. Oh, and by the way, she's Black. Most people just can't (or shouldn't, anyway) wear them because we have curves. ALL women have curves. The kinds of people that can wear these kinds of pants are people that are tall, thin, and have no butt. Black or White has no relevance whatsoever. Besides, there are plenty of things that Black women can wear that White women could never pull off. It's a 2 way street.
    8) Getting knocked up, that one I will agree with as well. While it is always looked down upon, stereotypically, it is usually Black women and "White Trash" that gets the brunt of the stigma. But, don't think that White women that get knocked up aren't ostracized. It's hard no matter who it happens to.

  • Rickard

    All I'm seeing here is black people blaming all their problems on white women and calling them nothing but whores and trash. Nice! No wonder no one takes you serious!!

  • mike

    No offense intended, but if we're basically comparing to "white" standards of female attractiveness, then what exactly are the "black" standards (if there is such a thing)?

  • X for the future

    What ignorance of history and class. The rich and upper class have different standard the lower classes do not see. We American were settles primarily by the poor downtrodden declase' so the so called moral are those of the lack.
    By trying to keep it a race issue this just makes the road harder. No matter what ethnic group one is or perceived of class is the determinate factor. But now those are being thrown into the void as women are in the workforce. What holds people back is the allegiance to those values the demean others and frustrate the self. media portrays a lower middle class venue. Abortion allows women to free themselves of economic anchors. Men need to step forward against the imposition of unilateral decisions by females and the rich makes who exploit them. Yes, that is what I said. The possibility of a male contraceptive is on the horizon from India which frees men from the horror of the unilateral decision. Learning the manners of the upper class is necessary in the Global economy. Thinking small and not learning the rules of acquiring wealth and protecting it is the first problem.
    The 2nd is de-ghettoizing! Dehumanizing people into stepford citizens is as damaging as any other group centered prejudice. The anti-sex is another piece of evil work. Why not take effective birth control or get sterilized?
    Why support a system the uses welfare as welfare for corporation who know you need to spend so they are glad to have an return of their tax ,lobbing investment. Oh did not think of that! Abortion was freeing so many on Washing D.C. the so called ethnic politicians saw rthe it would be the end of their race card. Do not like the way the system is then join with the frustrated to iron out a political plan to change things for the better and move into more of a individualistic future,

  • niknik

    if u have a white man and child, why are you on this black site anyways? the point was kim kardashian is still held as a "desireable woman" and is now engaged-if a black woman would have done that we probably wld still be walking around with a dart thrown between our legs-secondly, the standards of sex are different-white women can do w "girls gone wild" video(old school i know) but just for black women dancing on a video with a provacative outfit, we get called every name in the book-these examples may not sit well w u, but there is a white privelege-i wont even get into my work stories.i do like your comment that a respectable black woman shouldl try different flavors-but as far as for washing-when i look at all the feminine odor commercials i happen to see white women mostly-not to mention, well i wont even go there cz this isnot meant to be an attack so have a good day

  • niknik

    understood about wanting to see the race as a whole do better-but the circumstance is what it is-we are not perfect and this constant standard that no one can live up to is way too much pressure, i myself am sick of it. i cannot be a superhero thinking everyday i wake up(i need to represent the entire black population) i can only be the best me God made me to be-its too much, ease up a bit-my behavior is between me and GOD.I should be allowed to be an individual and live my life the way is best for ME.i cannot live up to ANYONE'S stereotypes, positive or negative-its RIDICULOUS.What is defined as loose anyways-if u dont wait 3 months or if u dont wait til u get married? SHIT we need to stay n our own lane sometimes-your rent/mortgage and mine will not be affected based off what i choose to do with the life ive been blessed to live the way i see fit.my GOSH everything is not about behaving like white women or a different race-these rules were INFLICTED by chauvanist males-period.women arent allowed to like sex unless its when SOMEONE else sees fit-my entire life will not be controlled to live up to SOMEONE ELSES expectations-ENOUGH IM SICK OF IT!!

    • angela

      don't stess, it's still changing, it's changing REAL SLOW, though…I'm encouraged by all of the responses here, even the ones that some folks are getting worked up about. I think most of us here are different than your everyday man on the street, in that even when we don't agree, we're actually thinking about these issues and trying to see a way to get together. we just have to keep pushing the "we're all people" thing, we're ALL THE SAME, black white yellow brown. Don't you worry about being anyone else but yourself, that's what's ultimately going to bring us all together

  • ithinktoomuch

    Hi Ladies! GWM from SF here to throw in a different perspective. Only slightly different though. I thought 7 of the 8 things were absolutely spot-on. Though just a few of them are exclusively black female issues (such as the low-rise jeans phenomenon), I could see how they all disproportionately affect you, especially when compared to white ladies specifically. The one point I would disagree with however is the cackling on the cell phone point. As an urbanite without a car, I am on public transit daily, and while black people make up a small proportion of MUNI's ridership, they make a TON of noise, from really, really loud conversations (the ladies) to radio playing (the men). I just chalk it up to cultural differences and live with it. After all, they have to live with my gay-fashionable low-rise jeans, complete with plumber's crack 🙂

  • Lovin black women

    It's articles like this that keep people mad at being who they are. In my opinion this article was offensive to both races… Black and white. and I found it was clear that the author did not do enough research on the topic to warrant an opinion on either race unless she said somewhere in the article that her statements were completely based upon visual observation. I didn't see that anywhere.

  • So black women can't do the baby voice? What about Macy Gray?

    • Tina Brown

      No, black women do not need to be speaking in a baby voice.

  • TheGirl

    This article is written by an insecure woman rationalizing away the things that make her feel inadequate. Hookers are hookers in all races. Only certain women should wear skinny jeans. It does not make you more or less to be able to pull it off. Halle is prettier than most of us. (Yep, we all feel bad when we look at her. Still, no reason to try to make her look vain and foolish.) Single mothers are everywhere. It's all the same.

    It's up to every one of us to either buy or deny what they're selling us. We should, as females of every race, stop buying that we have to destroy each other in order to survive. It's ridiculous and keeps us focused on differences that are minute and made of air. Instead, we should focus on the fact that men will continue to do whatever it takes to gain a female partner. Then, we should focus on making them behave as stand-up, worthwhile men. All of this female bashing will end when we don't have to compete for the 5 decent men out there.

  • Black and proud

    This article is a joke. Or a blatant example of racism against non blacks. I'm not sure which. Every one of those points has nothing to do with race. Whites, asians, blacks, they are all dissed for that crap.

    The reason that Blacks get blasted for what's seen on so called "black shows" is because the black producer choose to put that example up there. If they would start treating "their own" with some respect, the rest of the world might also. If young black and white men would learn to pull up their pants and dress like they are older than 3 years old, they won't be treated as trash punks. White girls that can't afford a baby and get knocked up are white trash just as much as the black girls are black trash.

    Get out and open your eyes a little and perhaps you'll see the real picture and stop being racist yourself (yeah whites are victims of racism too). And that's coming from another black woman


    false. wrong statiatics, from experience i know most white girls it up in the first night. juast because we ashow a lil bitty to much doesnt mean we are giving it up..ooh boy am beginning to think you hate black girls now..

  • Kamii


  • GirlySmiles

    This article talks an awful lot about stereotypes against black women, yet the author fails to realize that the whole article itself is also entirely stereotyping white women

    theres no need to get nasty people racism isnt just whites towards other races racism is hate from one race, ANY race, towards another.. put it aside and realize that everyone is different as individuals.. this whole racism thing is about as bad as a bunch of toddlers throwing fits because someone else has something they want and “its not fair” be grateful for your life and what you got and work with it thats the best anyone and everyone CAN do

  • Jason

    These apply to all women (or men).

  • Captain

    As a 34 year old white male, I do have final say on all issues. I say all women should wear hip hugger jeans. That is all…

  • Pfft

    Agreed! I really wish blacks would stop valuing or not valuing themselves based on what whites do or think. It makes me sad to know that they have our minds like this. Really sad.

  • Kelly

    Well I'm white and none of these make sense to me. Just because Paris Hilton or the Kardashians do something doesn't mean any other white girl can get away with it. and I didn't think the Kardashians were even white anyway. also, I only know 1 or 2 white girls out of everyone I know who have ever had sex on a first date, and only a handful of times in my life have I heard white women being really loud on a phone whereas black women are generally, pretty much always loud.

  • Pfft

    Why are people acting as if White Privileged in this society doesn't exist, because when we're talking about what white women can and do get away with in essence this is precisely what we are talking about. I remember when I attended the school for performing arts in my city, how I and the other black children would watch the little white girls cry their way into good grades. While I, an those like myself, whenever we failed to do something, were strongly chastised and ordered to do better. And that's only a little of what I've seen over the years. White privileged exist and it's not just white men reaping the benefits of it. For those wanting to learn more, check out Tim Wise and watch the documentary Creating White on you tube. It discusses this very thing.

  • ccccccc

    I don't think many of these are correct. Think about white girls from Jersey, they couldn't get away with a lot of this stuff either, loud and boisterous on the phone, sex on the first date, getting pregnant. And the skinny jeans one was just ridiculous. a majority of white women these days are not a size 2 and don't look that great in skinny jeans either.

  • Milly

    I agree with everything except the last. White single mothers do not all come from money. There are several with a house full of kids (3-5), that do not have a dad and some have a different dad for all the kids. These same women are able to make it because they work hard and still receive full state benefits. The black women that work hard do not get that extra help. Both black and white women, if on housing assistance, cannot locate to the same area. The white woman can secure lodging in an upscale neighborhood while the black woman will have to settle for less than savory areas unless she is a professional making mega bucks. The white woman can work at McDonald's and still live good. I say this because I know people personally that fit these categories.

  • elise crumo

    I agree with some of the things youre saying,but I also feel a bit of contradiction as well. Think how hard it can be for black women to love themselves,respect themselves,look in the mirror and say I am beautiful,and I wouldnt change a thing about me.when 90% of black men dont even want us,they dont even see that .I mean unless youre high yellow or mixed with something else ,they completely walk right pass us.In todays society the new black children have white mamas.How are we suppose to compete with that.that sounds like oh they're better than you,we'd rather make black babies with them,than with you.and white women know this too,I swear I have been in a room with a interacial couple,and without think anything of it I swear she will give this look like Yeah! and what. And Im not even paying attention to them like that,and the black man does the same thing.I mean how do you come back from that.Thats why I pride myself when I see a sista with another race man.Step outside the box we were raised to stay in

    • Guest

      Nearly 80% of Black males who are married are married to Black women. Perhaps if you spent more time in factual knowledge you would not be a defeatist individual with low self-esteem who focuses on the 20%. And perhaps you could stop making up things like 90% by pulling numbers out of your behind. Ironically, it is women like you who perpetrate the untruth that the majority of Black men do not date Black women when in fact 8 out of 10 married Black males are with women of their same race. If you don't want things to be perceived differently why make up hogwash without doing your research first. The entire first half of your post in simply embarrassing and I'm not even the one who wrote it. It's sad you would describe your own self as "unwanted", wtf does that? You need to go pick your poor self image up off your bathroom floor..sheesh.

  • Ari B

    I'm pretty sure this is one of the most ragingly sexist and racist things I've ever read. Are you serious? Let's make a list of reasons why you should be embarrassed to have published this, publicly.
    1. Universalization of races: For example, when discussing nose jobs the assumption is made that all black women have similar bone structures when really human bone structure varies not only within certain "Races" but also from race to race. I don't think a woman from Uganda would be receptive to the interpretation that her body is the same as a woman from Jamaica just because their skin has the possibility of similar pigmentation.
    2. Biological Justification of Difference: the discourse of biological difference (ie "this is what a black woman's bone structure is") isn't real (see the problem of universalization), but rather reinforces claims like "black women can't put out on the first date." That isn't unique to a woman's race. That's a social standard put on women (and frankly, women of all races can be easy, what about the stereotype of "white trash" or "blond bimbos?" the problem isn't necessarily one of race and pretending it is is problematic) and the social standard, or difference, is reinforced by claims that black women are biologically (read: necessarily) different than white women. The entire list is predicated on this assumption, and its one that men and women working for gender and race equity have worked years to eliminate.
    3. It's asinine. The nature of intersectionality isn't one meant for tragedy comparison. We can see how effective drawing lines in the sand between black women and white women worked in the first wave of the feminist movement when segregation was put before race equity. Remember when women got the vote? Yeah, not until 1920. Remember when the equal rights amendment was passed? No? Probably because it still hasn't. Every issue highlighted as an issue for black women in this article neglects things like the universal infantilization of women. Women of EVERY race up-talk, women of EVERY race are expected to shave their legs, armpits, and genitalia. Fashionable styles for EVERY women run along the lines of "baby doll" tops and so on.
    4. Epistemological standpoint. Thanks for your one perspective, but this should probably be presented as an "in my experience" thing. Do you want to cite a scientific study that says black women aren't allowed to talk loudly on their cell phones? Because I'm sure that (a) it doesn't exist and (b) the one you use to justify it would be ripe with racism disguised in the "objective" language of "social science." That means it's just a stereotype, and frankly, well, the next part I'll make into #5. Without addressing the speaker's context, and the context of the subjects being discussed, this becomes a series of sexist, racist, assertions.

  • Equality for ALl

    It doesnt make sense to me that certain races including white, feel that they deserve a higher respect or regard because of the color of their skin. Your personal actions are what make you who you are, and yes, culture does have a lot to do with that, but we all make our own choices, and maybe the reason people do things is so that they DONT attract a certain type of person. And just cuz some stupid bitch is on TV making a baby voice doesnt mean that all white women are like that… that is not only obsurd but it is exactly what you are complaining is done to black women- it is judgemental. And to assume any woman is the same as another, whether you be white, black, yellow,brown or purple is just ignorant. We ALL are women, and WE ALL have the same stereotypes and criticizms as the other… white women are also expected a lot of as well, and cant get away with things black girls (or latina or asians) do, so where is the forum on that???

  • Equality for ALL

    Wow, this is why there is so much racism in the world… I am a white woman but i am in a biracial relationship and have a bi-racial child, so i am the last person to be a racist or judge someone based on their color. FIRST because for some reason just because ONE white woman is a slut that makes us ALL sluts who talk in baby voices and have sex on the first date?!?! I judge people based on the PERSON, not their color. I was a virgin til i was 20- is that within white statistics??

  • Sophia

    As a black women, I don't agree with this article! The person who wrote this angry. A lot of things in this article no one white or black should be doing. I have to say, a lot of black women and men are loud, ghetto, angry and don't dress properly. I find that a lot of ghetto black women tend to target women who do carry themselves in a respectable manner. I have personally been called Oreo, wannabe white girl, fake, high maintenance and the list goes because I have the audacity to talk proper, dress nice, wear make-up and do my hair/nails. I understand why some black guys date outside of their race. I date outside of my race all the time. I see nothing wrong with it. I know this is going upset a few people but it's the truth. All you have to do is take a look around….

  • samantha

    REALLY FOR REAL?!! THIS IS YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE WORLD?!! PA-LEASE. For real this is so ignorant and childish. The poor me of the black community really needs to stop cause it's pissing me off. It's people like you who have a pity party for themselves, like society owes you something cause you're black! Get real. The government just hands food stamps and welfare to people because they are black. Or they get more of a pell grant for college. There are also scholarships just because you are black, but trying to find a scholarship for a white girl just won't happen. Why don't you do us white folk a favor and quit bitching to the government so we have a good chance at life too.

  • As a white woman I am just as offended by these stereotypes. Most of the "thinking" types of women, no matter what color abhor these behaviors. But I do have an idea: make friends with white women. You will hear many of us can't stand sex tape fame, women in booty shorts, loose women. I have two kids by two different fathers. yes, I was married to one and I ma in a 10 relationship with my youngest' father. You know what? I am a little embarrased of that fact. But I know it does not change the way I feel about my children or how much I love them.

  • Gaelina

    Man! Thank you for speaking the truth. This entire article is b/s.

  • Tiffany

    I agree with a lot of this. But some of these are not bad things. Sex on the first date is an abomination on so many levels and you're lucky it's out of the question for you. People almost expect it of white girls, though.

    On a related note, there are a few things I wish I could do but I can't get away with it because I'm not black. For example, I would really like to shave my head and wear wigs everyday. Or walk around bald, even. White girl shaves her head – she's crazy (see: Britney Spears) Black girl shaves her head – beautiful. I'm jealous of that.

  • That being said, good for you for standing up for yourself and speaking out….
    Just please try not to forget that not all while women do these things.
    & Some of us have more in common with you than we do the average white female. 🙂

  • This is the kind of thing that will NEVER help different races to coexist! I don't take it personally, because I know that in NO way can I even begin to imagine the prejudice black women (or even men, for that matter) experience, but at the same time…..not all white women are like this. It saddens me to even see this. I'm not racist at all, but things like this really make me sick. I've been called a "white bitch" by black women so many times in my life that I can't even count them or even estimate a number, despite the fact that I have never once said anything derogatory towards any race. Like I previously stated, I'm not racist at all, but when I come across things like this it just breaks my heart because I feel there is such a hatred towards women such as myself for things we cannnot control, such as the general majority of white females being ignorant & racist……I'm not trying to preach. I'm sure black women face a multitide of problems I can't understand at all….but at the same time…I was raised in a small town in Tennessee where racism is overabundant, and I chose to believe that it's best to judge people on their individual character & NOT their race (or not judge at all)….so I really wish that others would do the same.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Julie

    For the black men judging you on the sex on the first date thing because they compare you to mothers and grandmothers I definitely understand your reasoning but honestly I think every man judges a female if she sleeps with him on the first date, black women should be as monogomous as they choose or choose not to be. But there will always be a double standard for all women that men can do it but females can’t

    Also another double standard I see black women held to is that of the nose job, they make it out like your trying to change your ethnicity but hey isn’t anyone getting plastic surgery just trying to change themselves not neccessarily there ethnicity… Examplei have a huge italian noise right here, im getting a nose job, not because I hate being italian I just hate my big italian nose… Are you judging me? I freaking love being italian!! So I agree that you ladies have a double standard there as well

    And with the getting knocked up thing,im just being honest and agreeing with you, but I contribute those double standards too shows such as maury, etc.

    Sadly the other points I dont really, cause number1 you ladies are lucky its not a big thing to have sex tapes, I feel like im held to this sexual goddess standard of whoredom since all these famous reality star white women are all hoes and running there careers off of it, which brings me to another disagreement ANYONE talking in a high pitched squeel can kill themselves, that is the most unflattering feature ever… Basically what I’m saying is from a white womens perspective I understand what your saying here and im not mad at you but basically you should feel blessed you black ladies dont have any paris’s or kim k’s clouding your mens judgement or out there being role models for your teenage daughters.

    Oo and one last thing, I rarely smile and I always have some dumbass saying to me weelll y dont you smile once in a while you know what I tell them FOH, then I smile 🙂

  • wtF?

    This S*** is ridiculous. Not every white women is rich, skinny, and promiscuous. I am a CURVY white woman from the south. Maybe it is a southern thing but down here ALL woman are held to these standards. If you wear booty shorts, speak boisterously, and sleep around you are considered a HO no matter what color. That comment about "white women and their nasty ways" is just ridiculous. I am a lower middle class white woman who has worked my way through college and have a child out of wedlock as well. I have received the same negative statements and looks as anyone else that has had a child without being married. I cannot wear booty short without my big ol butt stickin out. These are standards that all women should be held too. As much negativity that we see I honestly hope that you guys(black women) need to realize that everyone wants to LOOK JUST LIKE YOU! i.e booty shots,breast implants, lip fillers??? I think that when you look at an article like this you need to think about the white/asian/hispanic girls that would DIE to have to the things that black woman are more often blessed with naturally. @prissy as far as that comment about "white women" maybe if you didn't snap judge every white girl you would know that we look at these HOES the same way you do. Hate breeds ignorance and vice versa and until we can learn to come together as WOMEN we will forever be locked in a battle of who is better, when in reality we need to appreciate of the GOOD LORD made us and be happy we are blessed with breath each day. #IMJUSTSAYIN

  • groegiagirl

    What a load of crap!!! I am so tired of hearing about the black/white issues…You are what YOU make of yourself, that's it!! Don't worry about how "Your people" are perceived….concentrate on what you are doing with your life! I am a white woman and believe me, we are perceived in certain ways by white men, black men, black women too! So what…I know who I am; I was raised with values and morals and I don't give a rat's a$$ what others think about me…PLEEZE let's stop the racial stereotyping and get on with life!

  • BHAMM1360

    I'm calling BS on this crap! A woman, white or black, that has sex on the first date is considered easy. Period. A woman, white or black, talking in babytalk is not to be taken seriously. A woman, white or black, walking around straight-faced, is considered unapproachable and in a foul mood. I can't believe this is serious writing. Stop LOOKING for differences! Blacks expect whites to consider them without regard to the color of their skin, yet a black writer promotes this crap! Are you kidding me? I view all women the same–black, white, asian—it doesn't matter. Your actions are viewed the same. Now, go write about something important. Have you noticed the price of fuel lately?

  • Amanda

    Haha, okay #7 is unfair. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my butt and my hips, because my butt is just WAY big. Skinny/low-rise jeans are just not for curvy women in general. XD

  • Sarah

    You're reinforcing these stereotypes by writing an article like this.

  • Maria

    Woahhhhhh woah, I don't care what color your skin is, if you're cackling on the phone, particularly at the gym & wearing TOO SMALL workout shorts (which is what makes you look like a ho, btw. I'm Italian & curvy & I can't wear smalls without looking like a ho even tho I work out every day) you're just wrong & I will fantasize about punching you in the throat while I do my workout.
    Plus at least black ladies can work out hardcore without being a dyke 🙁

  • Natalie

    I honestly really don't agree. My two good friends and roommates are black, another is white, and I am hispanic. I don't feel like these really applied, even out in the real world, except for the loud cackling, that one is true due to stereotyping. In all honesty, I hate it as well, but I just don't like loud obnoxious people, not solely because they may be black. But the others, not so much. I walk around straight faced all the time and people tell me I look harsh and like a mean b*itch. But I'm not black, and I'm a lighter hispanic so most people assume me to be white. Wearing skinny jeans, what are you talking about? Many black women I know pull that look off best. Now if your referring to thicker black women, then obviously but there are a lot of thick white and hispanic women who should reconsider the skinny jeans as well. Having sex on the first date.. just in general I think all women are viewed with the same criteria. I'm in college and any of my black guy friends would say that white, black, oriental, whatever.. A "girl who puts out" is a "girl who puts out," regardless of race. I'm also a swim instructor that teaches adult and child swim lessons. When I hear a black mother speak in baby voice to her child, I adore it as much as any other woman talking like that. Showing affection never made someone a bad person. Of course there will always be stereotypes and prejudices but this isn't accurate at all.

  • Debo

    This has got to be the most pathetic article I have read in a long time
    To say a black woman cant get away with having a nose job or wearing skinny jeans
    or having sex on the first date, just because she is black. Hello are you from the 1800 or what.
    This article and the writer shows such a slave mentality. Further more who gives a damn what white women
    can do, I say do you regardless of what race you are. If there are black women or black people period still
    thinking like this the black race will find itself 300 years behind. Its a global world that requires a global mindset
    get with the program and get over this black woman vs white woman bullishit

  • Some of this is incredible craziness…..you should be able to smile to anyone. However they perceive it is there problem. Halle Berry a hybrid…..is she a car? And yes, as far as dress decorum is concerned, we as WOMEN need to learn to be a little more classier in how we dress….howbeit I believe for most women, how they dress is a matter of self-esteem. Believing they will get more attention and associating attention with like, they dress whorish and this is not just women in skinny jeans.

    I still believe there is something wrong with bringing a child into this world without being married and this has absolutely nothing to do with race. A child NEEDS both parents although as African American women we have raised children by ourselves. I've even raised two children that are not biologically my own….I've never had kids…..and became a single, unwed mother by choice because their lives were at stake more than my reputation. But I still believe they need a positive male presence in their lives. God created male and female for a reason.

    It's good you made a lot of accomplishments on your own, and I applaud you, but I still believe that we need to have greater relationships. Maybe you are the exception but our community has some serious problems with self because of these relationship breakdowns. It is not what God intended atleast according to my understanding. If society was just about us, then our accomplishments would be enough…..there are a lot of hurting people whose successes don't measure yours and they may need more than what is being shown.

  • I don't believe it's never….that's pretty strong but I don't believe it's often enough.

  • proud woman

    all these f***ing comments, and nobody says anything about not calling women whores. fight racism, fine. but see how bad sexism is? see how much worse it is than racism? stop calling women sluts. especially you, women. we will never be equal as long as women keep other women down. i HATE when women who are against other women.

  • TIna

    Amen, Sistah!

  • lol

    so, this is just a forum for racists, huh? this is the most ridiculously small-minded narrowly researched article i have ever read… short of something on huffington post.

    • K Bug

      I've stumbled on this site a few times because of the articles about women, but they always have a racist slant against white women. I wish everyone would lose their hyphenated American status and just be American!

  • K Bug

    A white woman couldn't get away with the race baiting that this site does. OR even having a site directed to women of her own race…. that would be considered racist.

    Other things whites can't get away with – National Groups for Advancement of White People, White Entertainment Channels, Caucasion College Funds, Republican White Caucuses. etc………. any award for White anything, we have to be happy just being Americans. Y'all oughta try that!
    Signed a white woman with a straight face who looks like hell in low riders and never baby talks.

  • Meg

    Wow, I read this article thinking I'd know what it was about. Being a white woman I thought I might even be offended but read it anyway. There were things here that my friends and coworkers have never said to me, but I can still see the truth in much of it. I'm glad I read this.

  • KKK

    Shut up n*gger!

  • Normon

    "When white females have sex on the first date nobody criticizes the female because her having sex was expected."

    "White people don't have negative stereotypes."

    First, how do you reconcile these two statements?

    Second, what white women are you dating, that sex is expected? Not that way with the ones I date.

  • rkahqla

    yeah because white women can totally walk around with a scowl on their face and are high fived when they get pregnant out of wedlock. sex on the first date? still considered trashy. this is completely stereotypical and maybe you should stop constantly seeing things as black and white.

  • Ashley

    This article is so incorrect it’s ridiculous. I just don’t agree. People are people. All black women are not curvaceous — myself for example– I know plenty of black women who wear skinny jeans and look fantastic in them. Any person that I see cackling loudly on the phone, whatever race, I’ll find a little bit obnoxious. I also don’t know any guy that would want to create a long-term relationship with a woman who has sex on the first date. They would all view her as a skank. And many guys just don’t want that.

  • Spain

    The amount of hate from the article and comments is disgusting.

  • Nic

    I don't think I agree with this at all. If I see a white person cackling loudly on the phone I think "that damn white person is obnoxious". If I see a black person cackling loudly I think "that damn black person is obnoxious" the only issue there is that for some seeing a black person do that perpetuates the 'stereotype'. I believe an obnoxious person cackling loudly on their phone – any race – should go do something with themselves – like go home where they can cackle with no one judging them, it is a free country though. Anyway I don't think that a lot of these things are true – it all depends on how you were raised, not what you can and cannot get 'away with'. The fact that this post is even here makes it clear that we still have not gotten over the divide between black and white and are OK with being a part of racism. If black people really want to get rid of these issues we have to rise above and stop comparing ourselves with any other race – we're not the same color for a reason. Don't compare apples to oranges the only thing they have in common is that they're fruits. The only thing we have in common:our humanity, everything else shouldn't matter. Get over yourselves

  • It_Is_What_It_Is

    For me…I am constantly slapped in the face by stereotypes that have made it difficult to date as freely as I would like. If it's not because of my race, it's because I'm well educated and make more money than most of the men I meet. And of course, together all three are more intimidating. This article and the comments I read here just confirm for me that I will continue to be me and explore life as usual; and ignoring those who are negative against me without sound reason. It would be nice to have it easier than women of other races but it is what it is. I will continue to live my life to the fullest and perhaps one day I will have a great partner to share it with!

    • Ed_Anger

      Are you kidding? Hard to date because of Race, Education and Money? Maybe if your throwing it in their face it would be a problem but I just can't see that being an issue. Why would anyone have a problem dating a educated financially independent woman of any race if they had a nice personality?

  • Hicks

    Let's talk double standards. Who was the last boisterous person I heard speaking on the phone? It was not a white girl. Or, how about getting into college. Have you ever met a white girl with sub-par grades and low test scores taking the place of another, better qualified, white student? How about the extra 10 pounds black women are supposed to carry? It is considered fashionable. Meanwhile, white women are supposed to be 10 pounds underweight. Maybe you find this "list" of unfair realities offensive and untrue. Interesting. That's how I read your's too! This paragraph is divisive and inaccurate, and I am writing it to make a point. Please read below.

    Double standards are often based on stereotypes, and stereotypes and judgments are generalizations. Generalizations are the foundation of racism. We need to start looking at people as individuals, not as collective groupings with this trait or that trait. If black and white women are ever going to come together and show the female leaders of tomorrow how to create a meaningful, powerful, moral, and happy lives, then we need to kill the comparative essays. Looking at another race, and saying, "but they get to do it" is not the path to finding a peaceful existence.

  • Pinger

    Its not that white women “appear more demure”… its that THEY ARE!

    I have never seen a white woman spot a few of her friends on the other side of a shopping mall food court and immediately, at the top of her lungs, scream “YO!! SHANIQUA!!”

    That said, this phenomenon has nothing to do with actual race and all to do with upbringing and culture. “Ghetto” culture glorifies and and all antisocial, offensive behavior. Its a pattern of social interaction intentionally designed to make white people uncomfortable and afraid of you…

    and guess what, bitches: it works!

    The person (I assume its a black woman) who wrote this is about the biggest, most ignorant racist dipshit to ever steal oxygen from the human race as a whole while specifically denigrating her own.

  • Queen

    This is one thing I have noticed about people period, the ones who walk around half naked, are the least promiscious, and the people who are buttoned up to the top of the neck (figure of speech), are the biggest freaks out there, and the ones who preach all the time are freaks also. Now as a olive skinned chameleon eyed black woman I will tell you this, if you want to put skin color on it, I think it is a compliment that we are not allowed to do certain things, "Really, who wants to be known as a piece of ***t that the world can do without?"

  • linda

    Yeah! We think the same…body types/clothing and stereotypes…and giving it up times based on colour? I'd like to see the stats on that, sure there is no quanititative merit to that lame biased conclusion.

  • linda

    There's truth in this, except what you say about your sexual expectations of white women, where are you hanging out? Promiscuity knows no racial or socio-economic barriers,its a matter of self-esteem and that may stem from upbringing. So if your female and male relatives are respectful and behave in a caring, thoughtful and considerate way within their society it is likely you will too, and will unlikely be disposed to "giving it away" too early in a relationship – as a function of being cautiousabout your reputation and your heart. Pair these attitudes with a hard work ethic and this may be a good formula for a happy life. On the otherhand, if you come from a family where disrespect, unfairness and social and physical violence are a staple, then you might be looking to rush into something, hoping for escape or love or even just attention. I hate these divisionist white/black commentaries, pits you as some kind of competitor white against black. Losing these attitudes, leveling expectations and holding all to a standard meritocracy will go far in making this a fairer world. I see it happening in Toronto. AND a pet peeve… Hopefully those cliche gangsta videos are going out of style along with those booty shaking dancers , to be replaced with something less exploitive.

  • uknowit

    Race bait article strictly to keep black skin black. Some people fear real integration and have to endlessly divide. There is no double standard, everyone has their issues, foibles, things they can and can't "get away" with. There is no standard of behavior any race gets away with over any others, especially in the proliferation of tasteless divisive neanderthal thinking blogs. Case in point.

  • April

    My nephew had an 18th birthday the other day, and my boyfriend and I helped out. It was really interesting. My nephew attends an expensive university, and his friends although equally wealthy cover several race groups, although about half are like him – white. None of them appear to be spectacularly cool, good-looking or charismatic.

    Something stood out across race groups. Basically boys congregate together, and girls congregate together. But white couples "came together" constantly – to dance, to play a game of snooker, just to sit together and hold hands on the patio. The black girls – all of whom arrived with "boyfriends", were complete ignored the entire night. The boys flirted whether or not the girlfriend was in the room, and the girlfriends didn't do anything or say anything. They drank continuously, and the primary job of a girlfriend appeared to be fetching beers from the bar.

    Two of the girls – I would have judged the best dressed and most attractive – didn't drink and were "designated drivers", and in fact the only ones who owned cars. Both sat and watched TV in another room, and admitted they hadn't wanted to come. They wanted to watch the music awards that evening. They were ignored all night, but at 1am, the boys said they were ready to move on, so the girls dutifully drove them to the next party.

    You try that with an average white girl, and she'll just walk off and leave you to find your own way home. It doesn't matter what colour you are, if you behave like a doormat, you'll get walked on.

  • Amelia

    This article is pretty much racist and the author doesn't strike me as intelligent, otherwise he/she would be able to question at least SOME of the statements written in it.
    I can *somewhat* agree on the jeans thing but my black ladyfriends do find themselves low rise jeans and look as good as anyone in them. If the lady is size 14 then it doesn't matter what ethnicity she is, she probably won't look very good in low rise jeans. It's a size thing, not a race/ethnicity thing. Baby voice, sex tapes – no one can get away with that and it doesn't matter whether a white or a black woman does it. Pregnancies, sex on the first date and the rest – those are just ridiculous examples and I find it sad that the author wasn't able to meet enough people to be able to write less ridiculousness like that.

  • Loren C. Jones

    I think if a sister carry herself with class, charm, and dignity, she doesnt have to worry about her white counterparts, she will have what it takes to hold her own, and aint nothing like a classy sista.

    • MEB

      What a great statement!

      Generalizations tend to not work – no matter what you're trying to get away with. I won't deign myself to discuss any specific points in this article, because its simply a fluff piece designed to take us from the beautiful individuals we are, and lump us into a larger category. It's not informative, it's … entertainment? And really, I'm not sure the article itself was as entertaining as some of the debate it has inspired.

      When we allow ourselves to rise above "you're this, I'm that, we're different, let's fight" and get to these conversations at a personal, civil level in a constructive manner, we will see true betterment. For all of us.

      Summarized: if you worry about you, and make yourself the best you you can be, then you don't have to worry about what categories others might be trying to put you into.

  • scir91onyoutube

    haven't you learned by now? women are ALWAYS jealous of each other!

  • scir91onyoutube

    this article is spot on although rules are evident for all races and classes in all societies.

  • Maur Garby

    this is so dumb! these are all unattractive things, no one should change their voice, get a nose job etc. etc. men aren't just uninterested with BLACK women giving it up on the first date. All women, this article is ridiculous. If any woman walks around straight faced or person at that matter they usually look bitchy. this is real real ridiculous and you are creating your own stereo types and prejudices.

  • hello

    kim k is not white.

  • piz

    All of these comments saying ''When a black women does this _____, she is accused of emmulating a white woman.'' YOUR OWN RACE IS THE ONE ACCUSING YOU! Black people accuse other black people of trying to be ''WHITE''. I have never heard one white person (or any other race) say ''LOOK AT THAT GIRL WISHING SHE WAS A WHITEY''. The only race that is saying ''a black women can't get away with that'' is the black race. You guys should be more accepting of each other and stop acting like its other races that are judging you.

  • Sam

    Well… I'm white and I can't do half of that. I've got short, muscled legs (9 years of soccer and softball will do that to a girl) and a big butt and thighs no matter what I do so I can't wear low rise jeans unless I do a series of tests that involve wearing a belt, doing a wall sit, sitting on the floor and seeing if any crack is showing. I also can't do the baby voice thing because you spend 5 minutes in the same room as me and you know I'm smarter than that. I can't have sex on a first date because then the people who call me white trash actually have a reason. And don't get me started on the pregnancy thing because my gramma is southern baptist and the rest of my family is catholic. I'm about a white as they come and I still can't do half that stuff. My family expects better of me, guys and friends expect more of me and I expect more of me.
    There are some things you can do that I can't though:
    1. wear purple; if I wear it I look like a umpa-lumpa and somehow you pull it off
    2. shake my butt; no matter how hard I try I look like a fool and you look like were born doing it
    3. cut my hair short; a round face and hair with waves not curls and you look grown up and a little wild
    4. skip the tanners at prom; unless I want to look like a pasty doughy girl I can not get away with it and you have a ready made tan
    Point is that stuff goes both ways and I wish I could do all the above.

  • kimmi

    oh, please have you seen the new white teen tv shows that glamorize white teenage pregnancy??? Juno!!?? come on when a young Black girl (or Latina) gets pregant she is just another NEGATIVE STATISTIC!!! it is always going to be SICKENING!!!!

  • Chauncey

    im black and i dont fully agree with everything on this list. honestly i think if you go around thinking that these double standards are always what you're gonna face, then so be it. I know many white women who go through the same stuff i go through. regardless of creed, just being a woman is hard. I was raised thinking that anyone of a different race had it better than myself. now that im older, have experienced a dynamic amount of cultures and races, ive learned that we all got it just as hard as the next one. Just saying, dont put you own self one step back, based what something SEEMS.

  • unisaurrrr

    This is just furthering the distance between white and black women. You, dear author, are contributing to the separation of our races and are showing us what you really think white women do. Women are women no matter what and we all do things we shouldn't. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Sex tapes, baby voices, looking like a slut, being a slut are frowned upon whether you're black, white, asian, native american, etc. Get off your high horse and realize you're just making shit worse.

  • humanityplease

    I have many black girlfriends and have showed them this and they were upset. This author is making black womenout to be jealous, catty, mean-spirited, and ignorant. My friends are none of the above. The people who are making comments and putting down each others race are everything I just said. No one is better than anyone. Averyone can be whore, anyone can wear skinny jeans (I see my friends black friends wearing them everyday), If some underage white girls get a tv show on Mtv( Mtv sucks anyway nowadays), that is sad and its the media's fault for glamorizing it. Who in their right mind would want to be famous over a sex-tape. The only people who get nose jobs are usually people who are well-off or save their money. Also, white women are not more promiscuious than black women. Trust me…I have seen my friends ''undercovering hoeing'' both black ,white, and spanish. This article makes me sick. I cannot believe this author has not been fired. I will make sure I steer clear of her articles from now on. If I want to read racist dribble I will go to a KKK website.

  • Guest

    Interesting these "sorts of discussions" which are basically of a person's "enjoyment of a particular brand of ICE CREAM". Should it also make you wonder why divorce rates are so high. pftt ! "FIND YOUR ICE CREAM AND EAT UP !" Stop justifying #$@ you like what you like.

  • D R

    I think it's funny that blacks need to separate themselves with their own websites, channels, award shows, college funds and affirmative action! Maybe if you get over the color of your skin and actually work for what you want, you will succeed in life and the stupid lists of differences between races wouldn't be an issue….eventually. Think about it?!?


    There were SO many unrealistic generalizations in this article….
    In fact, I am somewhat appalled that there is even a comparison of white and black women. WE are ALL WOMEN. skin color is really void when we all have boobs and vaginas and the ability to create life.
    1. not all black girls have HUGE backsides… i guarantee half of the black women in my city are stick thin. I see skinny jeans all the time. and besides that, plenty of people can get away with skinny jeans. high waisted is back in.
    2. many white females cant get nose jobs they would look dumb.
    3. anyone talking in baby voices is extremely annoying
    4. I am white and have been asked "are you mad, is something wrong?" on multiple occasions when i keep a straight face. white girls can look very off putting as well.
    5. any girl who has sex on the first date is a slut. regardless of color. And I have seen plenty guilty of this on BOTH ends of the spectrum.
    that was only a few things off the top of my head. I feel as if all this writer did was think of everything SHE personally couldnt do, or didnt like, and then generalized it to the whole black female population and compared herself to white celebrities.
    there was nothing factual here, just stereotypical blahblahblah, and feeding in into the disconnect and hatred between cultures.

  • humanityplease

    By the way, Kim K. is not white, she is Armenian. Just because someone has white features does not mean she is white, that is a stereotype. This article is The most racist crap I have ever read. I work in the mall with my black best friend. Our clients are mainly black. I have seen MANY black women come in our store wearing booty shorts, short dresses, buisness attire, sweat pants….all different sorts of clothing. No one bats an eyelash about it. I live in a culturally diverse area but I come from a small town where no white girl could have sex on the first date without being called a slut. You dont have sex on the first date and that is a universal rule. I have watched numerous youtube vids that have white women dancing like whores and being called a whore for it. I have also seen the same thing done to black women. To read responses from black people saying that white women are sluts and whores is completely terrible. We are all humans. Bad things have happened to certain races since the begining of time. I am half Jewish, a very much persecuted race. What about the Indians, hell even the irish were persecuted after coming to America back in the day. When is this prejudice going to die??

  • Ronnie

    And most of all, being jealous of a few white low lives only cheapens YOU.

  • Ronnie

    About the loud talking on the phone – Anyone talking loudly on the phone is looked at like they at best have no manners and at worst are a little strange. It's a fact that a lot of black people have far more naturally powerful voices than whites, which incidentally gives them many more advantages than disadvantages. The thing about the baby voices is also untrue as that is completely low class behavior by anyone's standards. Most white women wouldn't lower themselves that way and most intelligent men wouldn't find it attractive anyway. So who cares if a few brutish low lives like that kind of thing? Is that something to be jealous of? And unless you're talking about trailer trash white culture also frowns upon getting "knocked up". Perhaps if the writer of this article knew some white people who weren't on the level of the "Jersey Shore" she might not see us all in that light. We run the gamut as far as class and cultural values go.

  • Ronnie

    I think this article is racist and disturbing. If this is what Black women really think I think they need a reality check as it is truly paranoid. What it shows me is that black women perceive white women as all alike and that's just completely untrue. My large Italian backside is proof of that as I can't wear low rise jeans either. Plus men in general expect a woman to smile and always be "agreeable" and a lot of white women don't fit that bill either.

  • Aggravated

    Oh for the love of God, this website is horribly disappointing, as usual. I'd say every example listed in this "article" if you can call it that can be applied to EVERY SINGLE RACE, rather than singling blacks out and complaining about how unfair we have it. EVERYONE has it unfair. Some complaining about how life is soooo much mroe difficult because it isn't.

  • Sasa

    well said!

  • Moveover

    If sleeping with someone on the first date makes you a whore then what does having children with 2 or 3 baby daddy's make you, a dumb black whore ! BW need to shut the hell up with there uneducated fat asses and stop putting other races of women down. When I say uneducated that includes these sorry excuses for BW who like to parade their meaningless degree around as if that makes them something when they are working for social services and making $ 8 dollars an hour and can't spell diploma. I DID NOT GO TO COLLEGE BUT ALL 3 OF MY CREDIT SCORES ARE ABOVE 800, I HAVE 200,000 IN MY ACCOUNT, HOME OWNERSHIP, LAND OWNERSHIP, NO CHILDREN, NO CRIMINAL HISTORY AND I SUPERVISE ANYWHERE FROM 8 TO 10 WM ON A DAILY BASIS. I would not date a BW not even as a prank because they are truly the most ignorant, unappreciative and most needy of all women. They make poor mothers, worst wives, and there only worth is the ass shaking contest at the local club.

    • proud lady

      what does that say about your own mother?

  • skylar

    In short, all you are saying is that you are jealous of WW. This has nothing to do with WW but everything to do with race because BM are in the same boat. You do have an advantage, when you find your White Prince you will have the opportunity to tell his granny, momma, sister, aunts and neices just how you feel and I am sure all will be bettter.

  • JCaskey

    You are racist. No women should act like that. It makes no difference what color we are. By continually bringing up white vs black your are contributing to the myth that a woman is better than another solely based on the color of her skin. Any reasonable person knows that is simply not true.

    Your ignorance offends me.

    • Jeff

      Thank you!! If I had a dollar for every time a commenter bashed white women, I would have 30 bucks now, and I've just started reading.

      It seems to me that a person that could casually say "all white women are whores" or imply that white women can do whatever they please without sanction, probably knows no white women as friends. Try getting to know those of whom you speak. You will find that within rudeness, promiscuity, childish behavior, and anything else that the author condemned, are condemned ANYwhere! No one wants to listen to a loud and foolish woman, and no one respects a promiscuous woman, no matter her color.

      • Guest

        "no one respects a promiscuous woman, no matter her color"….as the white sex tape pornstars film their reality shows, cover magazines, are made into wax figures and have stars added to the hollywood walk of fame and count their millions. Dear Jeff, you are cordially invited to the real world, please RSVP ASAP.

  • Lola

    Ridiculous. This is not a black/white situation at all.

  • Page

    I myself am and Irish/spanish mixed woman. From my irish side I get my facial structure and skin (I would kill to have had my fathers skin tone) and from my father I get my hair color and body shape. So basically people think I'm a thick white girl. Historically speaking, white women are more prone to give it up, not because they are white but because of religious differences. If you look it up black women tend to be more religiously active in modern times then white woman. But in every race you will have the exceptions, I love black women their fantastic and loyal friends, thats another strero type that a lot of people tend to over look, people of an african american dessent have a greater appertian and respect for their elders and family values and their hard workers. and no girl with a big bootey (myself included) should ever wear those damn skinny jeans.

  • Abbott

    This pulp is proof that black people can be racist.

  • Melba N.

    You know what white women can't do that black women get away with all the time? They can't have a website devoted to their race, and they definitely can't take pride in their race. Every other "double standard" you talk about here is insignificant compared to that one.

  • These are absolutely silly. Makes me sad to see that us black women have nothing better to do than sit and be jealous of these perceived "privileges" of a white woman. We can't wear skinny jeans? Nonsense; I wear them all the time. Can't sleep around? Nonsense; just keep your business discrete like it should be. Can't make sex tapes? Well that's weird to do in the first place, but to each their own. Baby voice? What a pointless thing to be jealous of. Anyways, last time I checked a black woman can do anything she wants! The last time I let someone else's opinion stop me from doing, wearing, or acting how I wanted was in high school. We're all grown, let's act like it.

  • Sophie

    It's articles like this that only reinforce all of these stereotypes. Ladies of all colors, stop wasting your time cataloging rule like this. We can get away with anything we want, just do it.

  • Yanina

    This could have been a chance to write a really thoughtful, insightful article. Instead it ended up being a poorly written, b!tchy cat fight, trashing White women who are more or less accused of being whores. Unattractive ones, at that. I can't believe someone got paid to write this sheet stirring tripe.

  • Rob

    I agree with you brother. Just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from, I hold a degree in political science with a specialty in Sub-Saharan African geopolitical systems. If you look at the great pre-colonial African empires, most of them were very maternalistic and placed a great deal of emphasis on the importance of women in society. They were greatly respected, and as a result, respected themselves. They would be appalled at the state of black women in American society today. The traditional black women is strong and independent and realize that they hold the most power when they are reserved in their demeanor, they don't have to be loud to show that they are powerful. I am inspired when I see women like Condelezza Rice, Carol Moseley-Braun and Maya Angelou, women of grace and intelligence. Then I see videos like the one taken by a McDonalds security camera where a group of black women – that I can only describe as savages – beat a white woman for no apparant reason other than that she was white. It's truly a quandry. How can we get black women back to their true essence as the powerful, intelligent and beautiful creatures God meant them to be?

    • Anne

      Rob…I share your vision for black women and I am a white woman. I have always seen black women as strong, smart and powerful. Unfortunately in America, many of them have shown me a different picture. I have dated numerous black men, some professional….some not so professional…but what it seems they all share is an an angry black mother. Those women raised boys to answer only direct questions, to think about survival at all times, to fear white people, and so many other ignorant lessons I cannot even describe. None of these men were ever appreciated, celebrated, or acknowledged for all the good they can bring to the word. Their angry black mothers instilled fear and hate in them. They all had an "I don't need a man" attitude and their boys heard that message repeatedly. I'm not saying this type of ignorance is only prevalent in black women but I have learned that when I date a black man, I'm going to have to show him there is more to life than anger and survival.

      • Guest

        Whenever you are ready to live in the real world it might behoove you to keep yourself abreast of the fact that Black male are the least educated, least employed, most imprisoned demographic in the nation with the highest AIDS rate, the highest rate of engaging in multiple concurrent sexual relationships and transmitting STDS and a rate of not fathering their children that is twice that of men of all other races combined. Funny how you think dating a man with mommy issues is positive…wouldn't a man with mommy issues in fact indicate that the only reason he is interested in you is because of his childhood baggage, because you don't phenotypically resemble his mother? That's what, a bonus…guys with issues? And also interesting how in these situations you describe you don't mention a father…but that isn't the glaringly obvious issue as to why so many Black males grow up to be losers. So, let me get this right, according to you the women who raise their children and not the males who abandon their sons are why Black guys don't know how to be men. Do us all a favor and lay of the drugs.

    • Guest

      Whenever you are ready to live in the real world it might behoove you to keep yourself abreast of the fact that Black males are the least educated, least employed, most imprisoned demographic in the nation with the highest AIDS rate, the highest rate of engaging in multiple concurrent sexual relationships and transmitting STDS and a rate of not fathering their children that is twice that of men of all other races combined. Black women are 30% more likely to be victims of domestic violence than women of all other races at the hands of Black men. And I suppose you are also unaware that the Black male population is virtually half that of the Black female population because the average Black male dies before 21. If "savages" outeducate Black males by 200% what does that make you all? Apes, retards, degenerates, worthless just to name a few. Perhaps we should ask the Black males in prison, whose population behind bars is currently greater than the number who were enslaved in the year 1842. While you were watching hype tv about a McDonald's brawl the news, which you probably don't watch often, was busy reporting on your state of being low-performing underachievers…but I guess that's when you pulled the lamb's wool over your eyes. And I almost believe you have to be half joking to consider a GOP pawn and Uncle Tom like Condelezza as inspirational…..what, Michelle Obama too "savage" for you…lol. Your entire post is practically reasons #1-10 why I could not care less whenever yet another one of you is gunned down by a White cop who will never see the inside of a courtroom or jail cell, notice no one is mourning Troy Davis, ever wonder why you're not missed? Ever wonder where you really stand in society? Why your worth is only measured by how many balls you can catch and throw?….even when you're trying to be intelligent you fail, it's getting pathetic.

  • Ami

    As a white woman who's had sex on a first date, I don't see it as "giving up" anything or lacking "respect" for myself. I'm emotionally and financially self-sufficient, so I relate to a man as an equal partner. I exchange sexual pleasure for sexual pleasure; love and attention for love and attention. I respect my body and its desires by satisfying it not repressing it. I try to have an attractive mind and soul as well as an attractive body so I don't need to exploit every ounce of physical sexual attraction to convince a man to love me and treat me well.

    I think that artificially withholding sex makes sex into a goal to be pursued and distracts from building a genuine connection. Once the sexual goal is reached where does the relationship go next? Women are worthy of respect because they are human beings not because they play hard to get.

    • Tina Brown

      Well Ami, you keep selling yourself short. You are giving too much of yourself to a man underserving of you. You don’t even know a man’s middle name on the first date. You are not equal to every man you meet and vice versa, that is what dating a while will determine. A worthwhile woman should be a goal and pursued…something worthy of focus and determination from a man.

  • Me!

    Not all white women abort their babies or put them up for adoption…

    I know too many young white girls who have babies. In fact, a woman I know who has had EIGHT abortions out of ten pregnancies is a black girl.

  • Riceroni

    Oh my god, I fell into a time warp and came out in the 1950's.

  • zora

    I am fully aware that these amongst many other double standards do indeed exist. However I enjoy getting people wound up about the fact that I refuse to act a certain way just because f my gender, race, or any other physical characteristic.

    I am really amused by people's insistance on controlling the LEGAL behavior of others that is not even harming them in any way. I get a kick out of rubbing it in their faces that I can do things that they perceive as out of my place or out of line according to who I am and they cant do jack about it.

    BUT I wont claim that I don't care how people judge me or what they think of me because I do. I want them to be pissed off thinking that I am a wild, badly behaved messed up person and to fully digest that plus the fact that there is not a damn thing they can do about it and their anger or irritation at me only pleases me and gives me a rush.

    Ladies-It's fun try it. But only if you are fierce enough to defend yourself in case someone decides to try some social vigilante garbage in response to their pathetic pointless outrage which you will invoke (if you do it right that is)

  • beckymyass


  • RideThisBlackCowboy

    Eight more reasons why I STRONGLY PREFER buxom blondes and Latinas!!!

  • As a white dude I gotta say…this is bullshit. Now I'm not saying black girls don't have it rough sometimes because of stereotypes and what not, but the problem with the examples listed here is that WHITE WOMEN CAN"T REALLY GET AWAY WITH MOST OF THIS SHIT EITHER. Regardless of what other women or the media say, if a white girl acts like an annoying ho…she will be seen as an annoying ho in the eyes of WHITE MEN, which is what actually matters as far as reproductive success is concerned. For example, a knocked-up white girl is seen as a WHITE TRASH HO. Single motherhood is only socially acceptable when you're rich. It's about money and class. If a rich, 35-year-old black careerwoman has a kid, no one's gonna call it a social problem. Now it's true that a pretty 15-year-old white girl who gets knocked up will probably get a reality show these days, which is pathetic. But no dude who has anything going for him is gonna hitch his wagon to that.

  • Guest

    Your hate perpetuates division. We are all God's children,

  • sistagurl4567

    White women that date black men are mostly whores, which explains the sex on the first date thing that apparently you think is a staple of the caucasian dating scene.

  • D.A.V.M2. L

    LaShaun needs to come to NY. I shared this with my friends (black, white, asian, latino) and they all had a good laugh. There are so many black girls here wearing skinny jeans it would blow her mind. Two of my black friends (Dara & Angela) are built like models complete with no bootie whereas I, the white girl, have bootie to spare. They actually took offense because they said LaShaun seems to assume that all black girls have bootie-which is not the case. There are two sides to sex on the first date-those who think it's alright and those who don't. It doesn't matter what color you are, it depends on which side of the opinion you are on. None of us knew anyone who respected or thought it was right to do a sex tape or talk in baby talk. And Athena (asian) pointed out that the women who became famous from that stuff were all rich-that was the deciding factor. All of us have been busted at one time or another for "being angry" just for having a straight–ace (smiling really does do wonders) and Angela wanted to know why her nosejob didn't look good just because she was black. As for cackling on the phone, it depends on the time and the place-and if either of those are wrong then it's wrong for everybody. (For research we tried it out different places. No one cared except if it was a quiet place or movie or something like that. And color did not make a difference) As for the last, Dara said the author spelled out exactly why people look at getting knocked up differently. LaShaun states, "a solid percentage of white, single mothers are divorcées" and insinuate that they come from families with extra income. Who cares if they are single mothers if they can afford the kid? The ones you worry about are the women who have kids, can't afford them, become homeless, and have to live off of welfare. So she is right, it is a dissimilar scenario-I'd worry about the people having kids that can't afford them too. If she is saying the majority of them are black, then by all means we need to find a way to help them back on their feet or prevent it. We also really need to stop using "baby mama". I know far too many people who use this term proudly and it makes us sad. My friends and I all agree that we have been looked at differently or looked down upon by other races for different things. It usually depends on the area we are in. We've discovered that we just have to be ourselves and not worry about what others think. When you automatically think someone perceives you a certain way (even if you've had experience) doesn't mean that everyone of that color or background will think/perceive the same way-you'd be judging them on their color while you state that they are judging you on yours.
    Dara, Angela, Vera, Mya, Michelle, Luce

  • Tam

    LOL@this article. This is a joke right????

  • James

    The can’t smile thing. Let me be clear-if she likes me from a distance but doesn’t smile when we lock eyes I dont holla.

    Ditto if she eyes me as we approach one another walking down the block-if she doesn’t smile and cuts her eyes-I don’t holla.

    I respect a woman’s public space-if she wants me to notice her I wait for a signal-thru body language. Again that’s if she likes me.

    Who expects anyone to stay smiling 24/7? But when we see something we like who doesn’t smile?

    It’s just odd when she gazes at me for damn near a minute-poker faced, sorry that’s just too indifferent for me I take it you not really feeling me like that.

    So what do women do when you notice a man in public who has no idea your scoping him y’all make eye contact and….

    Btw, White. Spanish. European women have been accused of doing the 1000 yard stare from what my White,Spansih, Euro friends tell me. It ain’t a black woman thing.

  • blackirishrose

    As a black irish person I find that where my demographic is in the midwest (you want to talk about being the only black irish person in an all white school lets just say I got beat up a lot for looking different) but as an adult today I find that no one looks good in short shorts imo…I just have this cringe and desire to wear a hazmat suit if near them…and sure has heck am not sitting where they just sat! ew.
    Nose jobs are for rich people..and I'm not rich..so this large nose of mine is going to be here for life and I'm ok with that.
    I disagree with giving up the goods on the first date, I've done it and I've not done it, it depended on the date…and I regret some choices and others not…it's a personal opinion regardless of color.
    Baby voice is just stupid with anyone…if you want to be instantly taken as someone who thinks so little of themselves they can not talk as an adult…bingo baby voice is your answer…but with that comes being treated like you are stupid…and that is just not cool.
    I think where I live the biggest thing I see is many white people see every black person as "ghetto" and the white people are all "rich" or "trailortrashtastic".
    Also people do say I look mad or mean if I don't smile all the time my response is "you want non stop smiles buy yourself a doll…I don't paint a smile on this face I'm real I have feelings and right now they are neutral.

  • Cynie1999

    We as African-american women have to take the "bull" by the horn and advise our younger women that children out of wedlock are not only a statistic they are a realty for our community. What happened to birth control? I will see a young lady with a weave half way down her back tugging on one or two children and wonder why didn't you spend that money on birth control so you could pursue your life first and have a family second. What we don't dream anymore. According to my 22 year old son, 95% of the young women he meets on-line are looking for a "baller" which means they want to be wined. dined etc. Why not do this for yourself? When I was in my twenties the last thing I wanted was a baby; I wanted to have my fun, enjoy life and new experiences. We have no excuses, the information is out there, the free clinics are out there, we need to get it together. And finally, let's be honest, go a park and see who you can hear first, us or them? Be honest now.

    • Tina Brown

      I know, I think bw often times make life hard on themselves by making bad choices.

  • natasha

    I am so sick and TIRED of hearing about this black woman vs. white woman crap! I am a black woman who can care less about what the other races ( as well as my own), think I am or should be. We as black women care too much about others perception toward us. I am sure that you will never read an article about what white, asian, or hispanic women think about us. Furthermore, if black men do not view us as equal, or better yet superior to other races, then forget them too. There are plenty of men from other races that would love to have a black woman on their arm. There are also many black men who do not feed into the hype. If we as black women are ever going to win the race, we need to quit looking back all of the time. How many lip injections, and booty implants is it going to take for black women to realize that we are beautiful? The other races who receive said injections and implants will never give credit where credit is due. Don't believe the hype, and these BLACK websites need to stop perpetuating this bullsh**!

  • It doesn't require critical thinking to know this is all very, very true. Though it does require critical thinking for defensive white women to admit it's true and not rationalize. I'm a white woman of Slavic and Irish descent and have picked up on this type of thing since I was a kid but couldn't quite put it into words.

    Another one I'd add: black women wear weaves, which are mocked as "cheap" and phoney whereas white women wear *extensions,* which are regarded as good maintenance and high class. Don't get it, never did, never will.

  • CTM

    I don't know why black women would WANT to be able to do the baby voice talk thing… it's annoying to all guys, white or black or whatever shade between.

  • jadenovelty

    umm honestly I found this a little degrading. Women shouldn't be behaving themselves in this manner period no matter what there skin color is. We(black and white) should not be Kim K's (btw she's successful because she knew who to be seen with and what to do not her tone of skin super head did not) Paris Hilton is just purely dumb and why would we want to be a Paris Hilton? When I see white people being loud I think they're ghetto or have no class same why I see if any other race do it. Having a child with out a significant other I still think that you're nasty. Walk around with a stank face I still think you're angry and bitter don't make it about skin tone you're promoting the nagativity toward blacks by saying we can't do things because of our skin to but its ok if we're lighter? WTF great message

  • More lame racial caterwauling. BOOHOO! I wish I could be a loud-talking, surgically enhanced, mean-faced slut just like white girls!

  • WOW

    wow this website is full of ignorant racists, its truly unbelievable. everyone on this website perpetuates racism among all people by writing things like this. Stop making excuses for yourselves, not all black people talk loud on the phone, but its a sterotype because a lot of them do. Why arent other races criticized for that?-because maybe because its not as prevalent among them. White people "cant get away with" criticizing any black person regardless of the situation, but black people publicly criticize white people all the time and "get away with it". It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with stupidity, and people who write articles like this ensure that change will not happen.

  • muhammad abdullah

    Look at the statistics. They don't lie. I have a very low number of blacks in my community,
    & the only one in my office has 5 kids by 3 fathers. I don't know a single white female who
    conducts themselves that way. It's called birth control. A pack of condoms are the same
    price as 3 40's of malt liquor.
    So please, stop with the excuses.

  • Jazzer

    My issue with this comment is multi fold. i sort of understand the undertone of what you are trying to say..but ironically you are a hypocrit. Why don;t black men set a standard and stop screwing white women just because they are loose?? Say no as to drugs and all things negatve.I have come to realize the power of sex.. no matter how we want to slice it and dice it..it is the driving force and motivation for almost everything. Procreation is not lost on sainthood. White women learn that inorder to be a reproductive species..they must screw..but they do it responsible most of the time so it works out for them. They know how to insists their partners wear a condom and there is no drama. we can learn somethings from them..But…brotha please don't sound so old world..if black men were't loving loose white woman behavior..there would be a lot more black girls getting married and living the happy dream of partnership and family and commitment…all that waiting and behaving for mr. right.

  • Heather

    I'm a white woman.
    I don't care what color skin you have, where you live, how much money you have:
    If you put out on the first date, that says something about how you feel about yourself, and it's not good.
    If you wear clothing that does not fit you well, it says something about how you feel about yourself, and it's not good.
    If you let other people tell you what your nose should look like, how you should laugh, or derive your value by releasing a sex tape, it says something about how you feel about yourself, and it's not good.
    I can't wear booty shorts. I can't wear skinny jeans. I wouldn't get a nose job. I have a loud, recognizable laugh. And no, I didn't ever put out on the first date. I don't do baby talk in public (I might baby talk to my pets, but no, really… for the most part, I'm an adult, I expect to be treated like an adult, and therefore I speak like an adult). I don't think I saw anything on this list that I consider to be acceptable behavior for whites but not blacks. If I had no problem with it (the laughter), race didn't matter. If I did, I don't care what your skin color is- It's a problem that needs dealing with, and I can't do it for you.

    Oh, and I grew up with a wildly varied background: lived in a mostly rural northern Pennsylvania town until I was 6, moved to Hampton Roads where I lived until I was 18, moved to the Dallas area, moved to Oklahoma to go to college where I met my husband and we've stayed here. So I've seen the PWT, the rich areas, and the poor areas, and everything between. It still never changed my opinion.

  • jenkinsk

    The author sounds like a racist with a chip on her shoulder. And she doesn't back up her opinions with any evidence.

  • suga

    I just think its always the labeling of black women…THAT wihite people do…White women do more of the things than their on counter parts like to reveal….They like to keep their focus on black women to take focus off of them……

    So to me this is not true at all every black lady have their ways and their responses for themselves…bottomline….They need to keep check in their own backyard with the labeling that comes from them as white folks to make them selfs feel important.

  • Jessica

    You should be aware that whatever perceived inequalites black people feel they endure, it is by no means commited on a concious level. It seems that black people are constantly and obsessively comparing themselves to white people while white people, largely, do not even consider black people while going through their daily lives (with the exception of their one, token black, work "friend").

  • what if?

    Just curious, if any woman wanted to do any of these things listed, what exactly is stopping them? Is this really such a problem or just an excuse for certain individuals to feel persecuted and sorry for themselves?

  • Jayeesha

    Things a Black woman can "get away with" that a white woman cannot:

    1. Talking loudly throughout a movie about absolutely nothing evoking the fear of god in everyone around her to dare ask her to shut the *… up!
    2. Scowling at a mixed race couple (because according to this article, it's because a white woman "stole" her man)
    3. Being prejudiced – yep, I said it
    4. Yelling at her children in public (and or dragging by one arm towards the front of the store)
    5. Not asking herself "why am I being treated this way?" and not working on self improvement

    I could go on. This article was the biggest piece of donkey fodder I have ever read!

    • Brodie

      Number 3 is true for me. Sorry but I've seen the consequences of being "friends" with nonblack people. There is enough diversity in the Diaspora to last me a lifetime.

      Other Black Women can do what they like but when it comes to whites, asians, even latins, I keep it cordial.

      • pfft

        Word. Plus I've noticed whites don't want to befriend you as much as they do treat you like a science project. Something to be touched, and stared at questioned at length about absurd shit. But I'm good at faking it. Yep I said fake it. The funny part is, I've noticed white people don't like you to keep it real. They feed off of pretense. They'd much rather you smile while secretly hating their guts then have a stern look on your face and like them. Odd, but it's the way they like things done and I have adjusted to the program and the funny things is, smiling like I'm high off prescription drugs has landed me more promotions then ever.

  • white gal

    Ms. Williams sounds like an ignorant, bitter, "I'm black so the whole world's against me" girl. She obviously only sees her OWN perceptions of the white race, not what actually goes on. Whites also deal with out-of-wedlock mothers and it looks no better to us than to you guys. Rhinoplasty? I don't know any white people outside of Hollywood that has had it done except for medical reasons! lol! And to say white women do it to make their noses look 'whiter'?! rofl! Umm..they're already white, Ms. Williams..catch a clue. They don't need rhinoplasty for that. As far as sex on the first date…it's trashy in ANY race..not just black or white..it shows a lack of restraint…you might as well be a dog humping in the alley. Low-rise jeans don't look good on PLENTY of white girls..muffin tops hanging out,etc…it's not just a black thing. Get over yourself. All this article was, was simply white-bashing. It amazes me how I hear how racist us whites are from the black community at large, yet you print articles like this. Racism..pure and simple.

  • Garnet

    This is so stupid that I don't even know where to start.

  • Brodie

    I personally don't have a problem being held to a higher stand. Again this only applies to me. I don't want to behave ways that indicate my parents didn't have a clue.

    I want black girls to value their virtue, mainly because the consequences are more extreme. I also don't like the idea of little girls being made to live for the insecurities of their elder women. They should never be forced to think that irresponsible sexual behavior or conduct is becoming. We're more worried about what white women can get away with but we haven't considered the fact that us, as American Black Women, can get away behaviors that Indian, Asian, and even African women can't.

    Let's get some perspective here.

    • niknik

      if u like the higher standard live w it, bt people shouldnt put it on EVERYONE-im sick of it, im told how i can wear my hair, when i can have sex, what tone i should speak in, who i should date-im not a f** robot and i wish people wld mind their own damn bzness its getting ridiculous-let us live our own lives as INDIVIDUALS, im so sick of one person in the race doing something and someone says"omg she made all black women look bad" wtf is up w the fact that we were on the plantation so long we cant realize we are FREE bt we still have the crabs in a barrell mentality to pull and tug at eachother to all think and act alike-we discriminate against eachoher too frequently-DO YOU-im worried about wht i can get away w cz im so sick of hearing what i should and shouldnt do because im BLACK-gtfoh

  • CC89

    You can so tell a black woman wrote this. Just pathetic that everyone wants to be treated equally then some woman puts out this garbage! Get over yourself black woman. There will always be a divide between the races because of theblacks. They have to have their own schools, scholarships, awards and TV channels. Let a whote person try that and they would be screaming racism.

    • niknik

      latinos have their own channels too, why? because you've owned everything for hundreds of years, we couldnt even vote or sit on the same bus-its not garbage its reality-and you would never know of this experience because obviously youre not black-we as a black population have not been afforded an equal education, so yes there needs to be some type of apologetic thing going on-now not to say this can be used as an EXCUSE for a lifetime-but the civil rights movement didnt get over w until the early 70's so this is HUNDREDS of years worth.youve always had your own schools-we had to be escorded in the 60's just to attend sweetie, so yove gotten to be racist for centuries give someone else a chance, and get off black sites if you dont like black experiences or black articles-go wear a KKK hat or something-BYE

  • H8T YT

    Alright! Just 10 more reasons for everyone to hate Whitey. But come on, just 10? I'm sure that you can come up with many more reasons than that without even really trying hard.

  • angry reader

    wow, what a bunch of whiny babies! most of the stereotypes are true. and stop acting like "a brother" is all classy and intellectual when ya know damn well they'd hit it on the 1st date. you think all the pregnancies are from a relationship with a solid foundation? no they're from the one night stands and they dont wanna stick around because the chic got knocked up. wicked racial article BUT the black woman does have this over the white woman, if a white woman did an article like this? they'd be ridiculed and put into a bad light!

  • jason

    this is one of the stupidest, shallowest, most ridiculously unimportant piece of crap i've seen in a long-time. americans of all colors should be ashamed to waste time on fake-provocative, stereotype-affirming nonsense like this.

  • Total BS

    It's refreshing to find an author who isn't afraid to get out there and spew racist stereotypes based on nothing more than their negative opinions of people of another race.

    That's something right there that black people can get away with, whereas meanwhile a white person can't say anything that might even be perceived as negative about non-whites, even if it's supported by fact rather than the sort of mean-spirited griping that apparently motivated this column.

  • Guest

    This is some bullsh*t. Yes, there is the perception, that any of these things may or may not be true. But who seriously wants to be the man who get's with the white girl who made a sex tape with *RAY J*!!!

    r u serious?

    Is this what we have reduced to comparing ourselves too.

    Montana Fishburne?

    What about a Dahlia Wasfi – Let's talk about comparing in the way she did. Let's look a little more critically at ourselves, instead of this nonesense?

    I wanted to think this was satire, but LaShaunda Honey, you need to read some books. Get you some Audre Lorde, Get you some Saidiya Hartman, get you some Ivan Van Sertima, Black women in antiquity should help you out.

    Girl, your self-hate is wretched. That you can even write this says more about where your head is at than about society.

  • Nameless Brit

    lol It is always white people that say this kind of thing is bs and that they believe in equality. However you aren't going to get equality until some of these unbalances are addressed, acknowledging that they exist is part of it.

    That said, the author made some weak choices to bring attention to, like having a straight face. People definitely see me as unapproachable because I straight-face a lot, and make comments about it but that's because I'm deep in thought, like most of the time!

    Judgements about womens promiscuity are made and wielded against them all across the board, but MEDIA helps perpetuate these nasty, hurtful stereotypes that black women are easy, or carelessly getting themselves knocked up, and especially that they are gold digging. That they are loud and obnoxious.

    There was a huge discussion locally on our radio about Tyler Perry's movies for example. I'm not fond of that man – Yes they have some kind of moral element or redeeming feature to many of the comedy movies but not before they help cement these annoying steriotypes that many black people all over would rather get away from. Would that we lived in a world where racist/sexist bs didn't exist, we could take such things at face value entertainment but we don't so it just makes for more reinforcement of ignorant ideas.

    Saving a page for skinny jeans is dumb too. I mean come on, they look cute on some people but there are lots of outfits and styles for black figures that blow stick thin right out of the water. Don't perpetuate that skinny low rise is the most desirable – the shapes of women are beautiful and variety is the spice of life. Here's something miserable we share in common body wise, post baby muffin tops D: UGh still working on mine!

    These stereotypes for ALL women have existed to help perpetuate and maintain a pecking order where black women come at the bottom. They start by giving reasons to look down on someone or treat them as second class (ugh look at what she's wearing, she's so easy) and then they are maintained by women to cement their status on the ladder of society by behaviors that are considered modest and virtuous (while men can do things like sleep around without any labels attached to them) – adding to the ages long vicious cycle of double standards that women have had to live by!

    When my black teen sister and mother in law took my baby out shopping with them and people stare and make negative judgements from ASSUMING she is the mother when they don't KNOW anything, something is most definitely wrong with the way society is operating.

    • Pfft

      White people always cry foul when shit that is "true" is pointed out to them. I'm not saying everything presented is fact, but some of it is. Also, for all of these people crying about how they want equality and we're all the same, where are you crying the same when black women come under attacked in articles? Huh? The fact so many white men felt the need to come and "white knight" these women while never uttering a peep when black women are targeted speaks volumes of their thoughts on equality. That goes for white women as well. Where's your call for sisterhood when black women are being rolled over time and time again, and your "kind" is used as the standard by which all our faults are measured? You are no sisters to me.

      • Pfft

        i meant were, not where. Where an edit button when you need it?

  • Lizzy

    I initially thought this would be offensive (as I am white) but I actually got a good laugh out of this. The first one is totally wrong, but the rest certainly have some truth. And to be honest, there are lots of things black people can do that white people can't (White men can't wear jean shorts, or brightly colored suits for example). Another thing white people can't do is say they don't like inter-racial relationships in public. I was on the train and overheard three black girls saying loudly how they would NEVER date a white men and how horrible white people are, and not a peep was heard from anyone on the train for it. If a bunch of white girls had done the same thing, we'd have our butts whipped – if not by the black people on board, then the white people would get us too and shame us into submission. The list goes on and on…

  • Smokypiny

    Iam tried hearing that black women dont have respect for themself because they are easy, want to be white, their cloths dont fit,or black men choice white women. The true is we are free to be what we want to be. Its not a black thing or white thing, or any other race. We as black women should worry about ourself not worry about other women every women has the right to choose to live their life. We hate on other women because we aren't happy with ourself. As for our black men who seek out white women it's because they hate to deal with strong black woman who love to be in control and demand more from them. Maybe they think a white woman make them feel important.

  • cindy wood

    Im so sick of hearing about how bad BLACK women have it…… the white man is bringing us down…..w.t.f.e. black women and men need to get off their lazy asses and start educating themselves instead of worrying about black history month and do I get mine? attitudes like this is what makes people in general hate race cards being played..it's cause iM BLACK. Im so sick of hearing this CRAP. like any of you had a hard days work in your life…. your ancestors would be appalled at your behavior so SHUT UP STOP CRYING ABOUT SHIT AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFES

    • proud lady

      "like any of you had a hard day's work in your life, ect" How do you know this, cindy wood? Dispite the fact that I am a hard working African American woman who conducts herself in a respectable manner, I have discovered that (occasionaly ) there are plenty of people who could care less. Discrimination is an issue in this country whether you like it or not.

    • niknik

      cindy u blind bat-"never had a hard days work" sweetie ive been in sales, and trust me i would do 12 hours plus per week including weekends-ive faced discrimination so many times its unheard of-its not CRAP just because you may have not experienced it on the level of some others-be careful about pointing your ignorant finger-just when youve sat on your soapbox you might walk outside the next day, get beat down and called a n**-you never know what tomorrow will bring unless u have a crystal ball in your ass, and you never know what any family members mite face tomorrow EVEN if it doesnt happen to you-im not playing a race card either, but i have been discriminated against several times

  • Cindy wood

    huh that's kinda funny all of it! Just about every black woman I know is very sweet and mannered but once A Sista comes along. You act like neither of you can hear so you have to talk and scream, laugh as loud as you can. All the slang comes rolling out. Like "ya no that the truff girl" and "who dat?" , "what you say babygirl"…so as far as white women sleeping around getting knocked up Most of the women I know are black with 4-6 different baby daddys and all are on welfare. I pay those taxes so do my friends and family. sooooo clean up your acts and maybe you will get respect.

  • Rave

    WOW, number 2 and number 8 contradict each other. Memphis has a lot of pregnant black women young and old who do not know who the father of thier baby is.

  • amy

    To some of you: What a bunch of racists. The good points made by author & commenters alike are buried in a landslide of ignorance, prejudice & stereotyping against white women. Across every culture, as women, we have way more in common than not.

    • Pfft

      When I see white women raising hell to have their private doctors release abortion stats amongts your ranks to show we're equal in this then I'll view you the same as me. Until then, save the we are the "same" nonsense for those slow enough to buy it.

  • cheese

    poor me I'm Black awwww

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  • kathleen

    I can't believe some of the things the writer says. "Too bad black men typically like their black women to at least sound like they have a brain." Yeah, that's really…too bad. And, we're "bred differently?" Ew. You should be more careful what you publish.

  • loiters21

    I don't like the idea of compartmenting this black and white differences idea or notion. All women have many qualities in common. Society pushes people into cubby holes. This must stop

  • FedUpCracker

    Racism and lies

    I'm shocked by how bigoted, racist and pathetic this article is. Some people will stop at nothing to make themselves feel persecuted, without trying to figure out how to make a situation better. This is the Charlie Rangle of articles.. bitch, bitch, bitch, lie to get attention and do nothing to solve anything. SHAME.

  • Coop C

    #10 cry at the drop of a hat. White women can cry at will and the world stops. On tv, at Wal-mart, in the news, in court….cry. Very rarely my sisters shed tears in public. However the reaction is different. I don't understand.

  • AinthatinonU

    this article is on the nose on a few things. lets go to the out of wedlock one shall we? black girls get downed for being unmarried mothers. white girls get tv deals. mtv 16 and pregnant ring a bell? i know a couple loud,uncouth white women and people tend to think their behavior is acceptable. let a black woman try it and she's labelled ghetto! welfare was begun to give financial support to only white families even though blacks paid their taxes into. and there are many many more white families not only on welfare but in rehab then there are blacks. i work in the field so i know the truth about it.whites also commit the most heinous and atrocious crimes in history. but who gets the media coverage for crime? society and the media attempts to blame blacks for everything wrong in the world. conveniently ignoring the fact that crime began and will end with them.@ confused MANY OF US SPEND LIFETIMES telling our kids they are intelligent, beautiful and can do and be anything they want. how many parents told their kids they could be president and look at the disrespect that obama gets for doing EXACTLY WHAT WE TELL OUR KIDS THEY CAN DO???!!!!! if all black people were to leave and move to another country leaving white people behind. how much do you want to bet that they would find a way and a reason to come to that country trying to take over? history always repeats itself. go look up the book of ENOCH and find out WHO THE REAL CHOSEN PEOPLE ARE!! and look up Namaan.

  • POV

    1) I can't speak for the men, but I was taught that men don't respect women who sleep with them on the first date.
    2) The reason why certain sex tapes are so popular is that men want to do these women. They are unapproachable, yet there is some lucky bastard who got some from them. People don't typically crave what's readily available.
    3) Baby talk. Doesn't matter if they're pink with white polka dots. Does anyone take seriously anyone who talks this way?

    • POV

      4) Kardashians are Armenian. Halle Berry's nose is due to genetics: She got the best of both worlds. If you don't want to look ridiculous by trying to get a nose that doesn't fit your face, then get one that does.
      5) Anyone with a serious or frowning face is seen as unapproachable. Race has nothing to do with that.
      6) Just because you don't think twice about your "private" conversation being heard around the block doesn't mean others weren't taught better.

      • POV

        7) Genetics can be a bitch. Think of all the white women who get butt implants while your curves are natural. But then again, white women can't get away with being fat. Fat white women are despised, denegrated, looked down on in disgust, discriminated against. It's not only expected for black women to be fat, it's considered sexually arousing.
        8) You made your own point. If a single white mother is a divorcee and has financial help while a baby mamma doesn't, it's not the white mother's fault that baby mamma didn't have enough foresight to get knocked up by someone with some sense of financial and familial responsibilty.

  • dawg

    Utter nonsense. This is KKK rubbish except backwards in a mirror. Asian women are of course treated as if they don't exist. They're going to M.I.T. andCalTech while you're whining is if all women of color are shaped in the same way and have big bootys. Haven't you ever heard of DIVERSITY? Take a lesson from (most of) your Asian sistahs and start studying. Asians make more money than white folk and they're not obsessing over the race of the man they're dating and marrying since they're open to all races, unlike this site which suggests that fake "keepin' it real" by dating "inside" the race. What a bunch of poseurs on this site.

    Wait–Asians make more money than white folk? Impossible in evil ameriKKKa…Yeah, keep thinking that way while (most of) your Asian sistahs are getting exactly what they want in supposedly hopelessly racist U.S.

    • pfft

      Read Tim Wise. Asians are not doing as well as white like to believe. Sorry.




    THIS IS A RACIST BUNCH OF BULLSHIT. the author should be ashamed of herself. get off your high horse and focus on issues that actually matter, you trash talking ignorant fool.

  • bobby

    black women are ghetto, there hair grows about 12 inches sometimes just over a weekend and they put emphasis on the wrong words, for example: WHO does THAT???

  • mindbird

    When everyone realizes there are several African American cultures and several European-American cultures, things will be easier to understand.
    That first date thing–I think it comes from outmoded ideas that white (not poor) women would sleep with someone because the person is special, while black (poor) women would sleep with someone for a sandwich.

  • guest

    This has to be the stupidest thing I've ever read. Not only does this promote untrue differences between women, but I think type of bullshit fosters racism. Having a one night stand does not always lead to a boyfriend for white women; while having a one night stand might lead to a boyfriend for a black woman. It depends on each individual. Making simplistic stereotypes does nothing


    This article is so bitter. Here's one thing White Women don't do…spend any time being bitter about what any other race is doing. Black women (including exes of mine) seem to be obsessed with others. I've also rarely if ever seen white women (other than immigrants) speaking loudly into a phone. It's not so much a color thing as a manners issue.

  • sabrina

    I'm a white woman in NYC and as "liberal" as they come but I don't have sex on the first date for the same reason this article that claims black women don't. Because men can't handle it and will back off – thinking I'm easy. Not all white women are "fast", that's so racist! and not all white women look good in booty shorts or low waist jeans. Who's to say what looks good? As a "Becky" (sooo racist), I think that women come in all shapes and sizes and I have certainly seen MANY black women that look gorgeous in shorts. I'm so sick of some black people thinking it's okay to be racist – why should that be acceptable?? And if you have a problem with how some black men think and act – take it up with them and stop bashing other women.

  • samantha

    black women are some of the most evil loud bitches on the planet and ghetto and ignorant to the core try acting like a lady and you will be treated like one!!

    • proud lady

      lmao @ you, samantha!! calling women names shows your own stupidity and ignorance.

  • Mark

    It is also imperative to hold MEN accountable for having sex too soon! As women have tacitly taken on the burden of 'not being too easy', it has left men free to do as they please and call women names(whore, slut) to keep them in 'there places'. If it is wrong for women, it is wrong for men! It is up to women to refrain from calling each other names because she feels jealousy. I am a man who values himself and I treat my body as a temple, selective about who I sleep with..

  • mawskrat

    really……. did the author get paid for this crock

  • Why why why are there so many of these types of articles on blk sites and blk magazines(hello Escence)? Are we really this desperate to make money? Selling ourselves out, attempting to create low self esteem in young blk girls???

    Man I tired of this.

    • POV

      Some possible answers:

      Some other races aren't thin skinned
      Some other races don't use what was done seven generations ago as an excuse to considered themselves victimized
      Some other races deal with important issues that concern their readers
      Not everyone has a chip on their shoulder

  • TheChamp

    Well, just so ya'll know, as a white man who has been out with several black women, it's only to black men that maybe a black woman will not put out on a first date. Generally, I find that black women are VERY open to sex and various sexual playtime activities with me, almost BEFORE a date. I've had many close calls with black women I work with totally without the benefit of ANY date or relationship, a little hanky-panky in an empty meeting room, etc. Only reason for this I can think of is that I am white and this makes me a bit "exotic" to them AND they probably figure that I don't have the same problems they might feel brothers have. Sisters just seem to dig a sensitive white guy who takes a genuine personal interest in them. When I turn my attentions toward a black woman, being as honest and sincerely personally interested in them as I can, they just, well, they open up. So you gotta realize, if you're an African American speaking to other African Americans about such matters as these you're totally unaware of what happens from the white or otherwise non-African American perspective. So, you think black ladies are more "chaste" on first dates and beginning of relationships? OK, maybe that's true… for YOU, but from where I am standing, well, I can only say a big, big THANK YOU to all those wonderful, vivacious black ladies I have known who have been open to what I have to give right off the bat. And conversely, white women are VERY cold toward me, so clearly this is a "grass is always greener" thing. To you black dudes reading this, you would be SO jealous of me when it comes to my romantic dealings with your sisters. On a side note, what is it about African American men and fat red headed white women? Seems like 9 times outta 10 when I see a black guy with a white woman, that woman is very very fat and has red hair. That some sorta turn on for you? Or is that the only kinda white woman many of you can get? For some strange reason, I see a lot of this at Kroger. Last time I was there I actually saw three mixed couples, all of them a regular looking black guy with a fat red headed white girl.

  • elletee

    As a white woman, and a Canadian to boot, this is disturbing to me. Do black women really see it that way? It makes me wonder if you dislike us. If any of that is true, I hope you put the blame on the men or society, and not us! I agree that women of all colours should band together. I grew up with 70's feminism and to me it's "Sisterhood is powerful" – and that means all women are sisters, not just black women.

    I have to tell you too that I have a very serious face and if I had a dollar for every time some man said "smile!" to me….It's so annoying! (telling me that is the last way to get me to smile!) I guess I look angry – I once had someone tell me they saw me walking down the street and I looked angry – I thought back to where I was when they saw me and I wasn't angry at all, just lost in my thoughts!

    I'm not the cutsie type (and I hate the cutsie thing!) I couldn't get away with the Paris Hilton voice if I tried to – but I don't want to anyway, so that's fine with me! And let me tell you, the number of white women who can get away with skinny jeans & all that is not in reality that high! I could go on but it doesn't really matter what I say about each of those points – I think what struck me about this is that that is possibly black women's perception of how it works, and whether or not that's accurate is beside the point – it's awful to me that you see things as so unbalanced. I don't want things to be unfair for anyone, or for you to feel that way!

    • scir91onyoutube

      you're note the cutsie type and you grew up during the feminist movement. this means you must look like a man.

    • WeRallBeautiful

      I know WHY black women are made to feel this way. I understand the history. I wish black women would OVERCOME the animosity and hatred. I remember when I was little black girls were always so bitchy and mean and threatened to cut my hair off. I know this was jealously, and that it is instilled into black girls at a very young age. Doesn't make it right, and it shapes other young girls view of you. If you want people to think differently then act like it.

  • This is all about the color of the skin it's a war in the making ! I am white an i sure the heck don agree with sex on the first date what are we basically being called whores gee thanks alot ! and for the most part we may come from different religions backgrounds and races but all in all we are females … people that write crap like this should be ashamed everyone women big small black or white is beautiful in her own way we should not judge or fight among ourselves thats jus childish mess people and for the one who wrote this GROW UP !!!!!!!!!

  • i completely agree wit u this is not about stereotypes this is all about the color of the skin !

  • Dani

    /Ugh –
    I don't usually bother to post comments, but I am white and just happened upon this article, and the only thing that bothers me is that:
    White women don't give it up on a first date any more than black women do!
    Maybe there are certain personality types that give it up faster, but really?

    I just hope black people really don't think us white women are a bunch of "ho s"
    I promise, it's not true!
    Don't listen to this article 😀

    come on you guys!

  • elise

    The straight-faced one is not limited to black women. I'm white and I usually have a "neutral" face. I'm not angry, I'm not sad, actually I'm usually thinking. At work, customers piss me off cuz they're like "c'mon smile, it ain't that bad" THEN i get in a bad mood. Before they said anything I was probably daydreaming about stuff that's more important than the mundane routines I have to go through every day at work. Although, as a white woman, I will say that black women do tend to seem more intimidating at times…luckily for me, I'm not easily scared by anyone, actually I'm the only white person in my apartment complex and I'm cool with all my neighbors, but I can see how some people may be intimidated by black women. I will admit one time I was really high and rear ended an SVU in stop and go traffic and when a black women stepped out, I was kinda wishing that it had at least been a black man….However, my car was way more messed up than hers. she just brushed my paint off the bumper and it was cool. So, I do feel sorry that people tend to perceive black women as angry all of the time, and I personally do feel the same way in certain situations- it's a habit I need to break. Stereotypes are habits, and they are wrong no matter how much you think it's not "racist" it is still a generalization about a group of people.

  • Aj

    This may be the dumbest article I’ve ever read, certainly in the top five. Generally I don’t disagree with disparities within societal perception regarding race and/or gender, but there are so many other variables and factors one has to consider when making claims about who is treating whom differently and for what reason. First and foremost this is more or less a social experiment and there needs to be a research model constructed. You cannot rely on data that is not recorded alluding to memory of personal experience cased on your own perception. Second, it becomes fallible when you introduce multiple variables or controls in one experiment. For example you say society as a whole views black women as having lower character value if they sleep with a partner on the first date, and then you give an analysis stating that black men can’t compare white women to family icons therefore they are held to a lower standard. WOW! where to begin… 1. who are you accusing of saying black women can’t get away with this? Black men? All men? White women? everybody? You clearly gear the emphasis on black men and the relationship to white and black women, but you never you generalize when you claim society. 2. If your analysis is valid, barring any introduction of new variable true that whitemen dating black women versus white women would have the same higher standard for white women and lower standards for black women? Basically every one of your claims is highly debatable with no real evidence put forth on your part ultimately rendering them baseless. No interviewsm, no public polls, no questionaires, not even any personal experience stories, just wild accusations against ambiguous culprits because you dont outwardly accuse a specific people! HAHA this is laughable. White woem get nose jobs to have whiter noses?! Cackling on the phone? In my experience anyone loud on the phone draws attention.. I would say that you imply that black women are stereotypically known for being loud on the phone, once you use the word cackling. Either Ms. Williams is pitifully ignorant, or a brilliant business woman with Jerry Springer like ambition. You know, bring some drama, get people riled up. i mean look .. a month later and people are still bloggin about it… I never respond to this stuff, but she got me this time Bravo Lashaun, you go t me.. but I had to because the examples were so poorly put together with cheap threads of racism..

  • LLL

    It's an interesting article…but I would have to lean with this article should have never been written.

    First, I'm really sure I don't appreciate or understand the following statement…"We are culturally and genetically bred differently." Culturally, yes, I get that….but can someone explain to my Ivy educated ass how on earth people are "BRED" differently? Does that mean my parents used Sinatra and not Marvin, the O'Jays? Is there some freaky difference in the bedroom I am not aware of? Not bred the same? You used "bred", as in "breeding" (controlled copulation) to describe how one generates offspring? I bring this up b/c America went through Chattel slavery…and the term "bred" was used mostly b/c black americans were viewed as livestock…so as a sensitive person writing this article…why on earth would you choose to use the term "breed" when you are about to compare and contrast black and white women…Maybe I'm missing something…so if someone can, please do explain to me how black and white women "breed" differently?

    As far I know, the process is the same world wide for our species….and if you must ask…Human. I don't remember there being a difference in the subspecies of humans…whether it being mongoloid, caucasoid, or negroid…so that line has me baffled!

    And my second reason…you are perpetuating a myth that there is an existent difference between black and white women. By the very fact that you are setting up this dichotomy…white women this, black women that….black women do this, so white women do that…the fact that you're agreeing with these various dichotomies is actually contributing to the disenfranchisement that black women feel b/c it's evident that white women hold higher socio-economic positions than black women in this society, b/c of the legacy of slavery. there's no difference between black women and white women…outside of melanin and their current socio-economic positioning as groups. How one is raised culturally creates a difference…but there is no built in difference between the two…so why use these dichotomies. People are who they are…they are individuals. For every person that you can identify that does one thing, you can easily find the same "type" of person that will do the other. Until we stop separating ourselves from the ultimate ideal…being human…we can never grow. So while I understand why this article was written…I think this does more damage b/c it plays on a perceived difference between black and white women when there are nNO fundamental differences.

  • ruth

    This is the biggest load of garbage I have ever come across. In the first place, any white woman who has sex on a first date is considered a slut by white society. It is not expected for her to do so and it is morally unacceptable. Secondly white women have religious values too. Thirdly, who is it you are looking at ? Kardashian and Paris Hilton? Certainly not your average white woman. Then there is the nose issue. Most white women do not get nose jobs and the ones that do usually have a huge bump or disfiguring thing causing them to do so. As for the slim jeans they can get away with, that is only a small number of women. Most women have trouble keeping themselves slim enough to dress like that. As for looking angry, I don't know that is about but I'd guess from the article that the writer is probably very angry that she was not born white. The article reeks of jealousy and racism.

  • Popeye

    How about looking like a screaming monkey?

  • Rick

    Is this an affiliate of Fox News? Under cover Rush Limbaugh? This is the most ignorant, and untrue article I have seen in a long time. Basically NONE of the premise is based in fact, but conjecture. It's a typical "oh poor" me, and the white girl took my man attitude. This is why Black woman act they way they do , because writers like this make them feel silly about silly things. Be happy with who you are! And your not, then change it! Reverse racism is a joke, as is the writer of this peice of crap. And yes you maniacs I am a Black man. But I read and have a brain.

  • stainedwhite

    I am the white girl with the tiny booty and nose who just gave it up to HBM after meeting him an hour ago, and I'm offended too. And sticky.

  • Wow, I didn't realize that because I am a white woman I can now have one night stands, talk in a stupid baby voice, get knocked up and have sex tapes without anyone saying or thinking less of me! I better go and do it now huh? This is a ridiculous racist article.
    PS MOST women can't wear skinny jeans (and most white women aren't size 2), neither can we talk in a loud voice on cell phone- guess what?? It is annoying when ANYONE does it!

  • Waste of time

    I didn't realize how much black women hate themselves till I visited this blog. Stop comparing what you "think" you can't do (because, trust me, nobody can get away with several of the items listed in this article), and start focusing on what you can.

  • Ellen

    As interesting as I thought this article was, I also think that it serves to widen the gap between white and black women. I know there's double standards out there, I get it. And pointing them out may be a way toward fixing the double standards. But it just made me feel negative after reading this. As Women, we should stand together, not pick apart our differences.

    I also noticed how many of the things that Black women can't "get away with" pertain to how Black men perceive them. Well, then, isn't the issue with Black men, rather than white women?

    I don't know what I'm trying to say here, just that this article left a bad taste in my mouth. Generalizing is usually a bad idea and this article generalizes a lot about women.

  • Laughing Guest

    Yawn & snore. Yet another article wholly designed to separate and perpetuate near total BS with little to no scientific statistical facts but rather with pure perception. Give the perceptions and stereotypical rhetoric a rest already.

  • speaking up

    This nasty racist site is disgusting. I am a white woman and all of you angry black women are a joke. Instead of concentrating on white/black and how the media, the man, etc. is holding you down with these unfair stereotypes, put the cpu down and go get on with your life. It's funny bc as you people whine about white girls putting out or their baby voices-it's obviuous that all of you angry heffers have never met a white woman. What are we taking our opinions of people from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. They are rich, classless women with no dignity or shame for themselves or their respective families. These are not typical white women. They are trashy whores , it just so happens they are white. All you angry women need to stop. If you carry yourself with some dignity and pride it dosent matter what color you are. Sad, sad day. This racist ass site is pathetic and so are al of you "women" talking about "oh I work with white women and bla bla bla" why dont you stop watching us as if we in a zoo and do some work you racist ass b**ches.

  • andrew

    i seriously hope this article is a joke. if it is not, then the author has some life experience to catch up on. at the very best this article is borderline racist.
    every human is a individual and you can't just assign actions to groups of people based on skin color…we aren't breeds of dogs like "border collies are smart and beagles bark too much in the morning." that just isn't the way humans work.

  • Cid

    This article is quite foolish. You have no statistical data whatsoever.

    – Trying to pass sex tapes leaking into the media as a cultural trend is just beyond ridiculous! How many people do that? How many do ti that anyone cares! This is NOT a cultural thing.
    – I'd also like to see any proof that white girls sleeping with black males on the first date can get them a significant other.
    – Trying to pass off Paris Hilton or the Kardashians as representatives of all the the white race is just as if I went and said Flava Flav is an accurate representation of all he black race.
    – If you want a good nose-job go to a good doctor. Guaranteed they'll make you look however you want (and note that if you're so unhappy with the way you are, a nose-job is the least of your problems).
    – Again, where is your proof that white women with a straight face get asked out more than black ones?
    – The whole loud thing is Annoying and impolite to everyone around you. Black, white, Asian, latinos… Nobody should be yelling on the phone in a public place. Passion nothing! It's common courtesy and if you can't get your emotions under control you really really should take a course.
    -Clothes are designed with a specific target demographic in mind. If they are designed for slim white girls, why the hell would you buy a pair that will make your ass look huge? Are trying to get it past everyone that there are no clothes designed exclusively for the target demographic of black women?
    -gettin knocked up… seriously? Are you trying to say that you get knocked up and get no help because you're black? This is not a racial issue, it's a cultural one. If you go and get knocked up before you have a steady relationship with a man that actually cares about you you will get hosed, regardless of your ethnicity. I find it ridiculous that I have to point this out.

    In all this article is akin to troll science. You have no facts but you try to pass your opinions and prejudices as if they were facts. Your entire article is aimed at getting people riled up about a racial debate that does not exist in the terms you invented to fill your 8 pages. This is very poor work and I am surprised that someone allowed you to actually publish it.

  • WHose opinion

    We have the experience but we're supposed to not say that we do???

    Speaking out is now in 'bad taste'?

  • Michele

    I think i agree with you as your a statement i read in your comment on WE WERE THOUGHT BETTER,and i dont believe we have to compare ourselves to a particular race as standard to how we rate the entire human race,but i must add that white women more often than not did enjoy liberation as human females beings in a society that restricted ownership of property,to vote,and had restricted choices once upon a time,and black women were given these privileged much later on history and are catching up with the price of progress allowed to us in only recent times,and have more challenges to face,as often single mothers,and facing the world by providing for them,the children,and more often than not their extended family,i am sorry the media portrays the negatives and not the strong enterprising ,law abiding strong women whom made it successfully against adversity in this sometimes cruel world,but in these days,i think it has nothing to do with one issue or the other,if you are good person,you are a good person ,nothing else to do with race to the letter ,even though i will be bias towards my race,as i feel we should help each other up the lather,example(dont like rappers derogates)but i do support them because is their time,and will never fight down,as for a change thier success and that of others should be celebrated.and that of the females,making black beauty into the centerfold,because its time to see all their faces as successful people,and eventually like it or not,in 100 years there would be noo such thing as race,the issue would be a different one,i might have blue eyed descendants,or who knows what god has up his sleeves then.

  • BigMeany

    The author is obviously one of those people that think that if he says it, then it must be true. I've heard "white" stereotypes before, but never that white women were more promiscuous than black women. The statistics don't lie. By the way, there is a difference between incidence and rate. The incidence is how many, while the rate the percentage. Look at the rate, not the incidence. There are a lot more whites than blacks in the U.S. It is unbelievable that so many posters here think that std infection rates are higher in whites than blacks when they "read" the statistics. If you don't understand this, you probably should not quote statistics in public. Of course this is not a black white thing anyway, its an education thing. All of the bad stuff goes up when the average educational level goes down. But, to suggest that white women are more promiscuous than black women is outrageous and makes the author look like a racist idiot.

  • FN Jerk

    From what I read these things that white women "get away with" is nothing more than a giant list of stuff that black women "get away with" on a daily. Also, are you really all so jealous of white women that you'd actually like to be able to do these thing and get away with them. Getting knocked up? Sex on the first date? Cackling loudly on your cellphone? Are these the things you are choosing to envy….? Sad….really FN sad.

    P.S – If you think all white chics look good in booty shorts and skinny jeans then you have obviously never been to any rural events or gatherings. Trailer girls look just as poorly as ghetto girls especially when they have no self respect.

  • Truth

    How about black women smack and pop their chewing gum like a three dollar hooker? I don't see white women doing that. Unless of course, they are a three dollar hooker.

  • Kiki

    -My favorite pair of jeans are black skinny jeans I've had for two years. I don't have…plumber's crack.

    -I laugh loudly on the phone if something is funny…nobody cares.

    -Maybe you should try smiling because it's nice to smile, not because ethno-social concerns have forced this yoke upon you? Anyone who has a creepy, mean "straight face" is perceived as creepy, mean, or boring.

    -Maybe the reason white women "get away" with dying their hair blonde is because generally, its even possible they could have naturally blonde hair. White women with freaky, obviously dyed blonde hair don't "get away" with it. They are made fun of, routinely, like Real Housewives of OC.

    -Maybe if every black man you've ever met treats you like shit, you should respect yourself enough to try a different model.

    -Flavor of Love and Sex and the City actually cannot even be compared. One is a reality show. One is a sitcom. I personally didn't like either…but Sex and the City was about finding true love in the sex-crazed city…while Flavor of Love was about finding… something in the hot tub. Also, wasn't the most raggety character on Flavor of Love that dumpy white blonde woman??

    -Black women get nose jobs…cf. NYC.

    -Black women use baby voices. And do the baby thing. Does no one remember how Lil Kim used to do that all the time??? And there was actually a time people found her to be a most adorable lil hussy! And half the female rappers put on a baby voice at some point…even Minaj does it for contrast. I mean, this is just false and so weird.

    -Note to Innocent Truth: Actually, I don't really care about your monologue. I know you …think you mean well, but I'm pretty attractive, and despite frequent media attempts to assert otherwise, a lot of men besides black men can "handle" us black women. Maybe you black men should stop being sluts, and then we wouldn't have a problem. It's really not our fault, and being lectured by someone who is probably hugely promiscuous, male or female, is just a joke. I've tuned you out. I've found a boyfriend of a different race. But thanks for the advice!

  • Scarah

    This is the most ignorant, stereotype enforcing thing I've ever read!! I am seriously sick to my stomach.

  • Tired of this

    The subject of this article is what the French like to call GAR-BAJ! Sounds like whining to me. This article should have "RANTING" in size 26 font stamped over the title. I agree with Jay and all the posters who think this expression of opinion reflects on the author's desire to separate herself in as many ways as possible from women of a different shade. Don't we all know that Black women have varying body types, attitudes, opinions and voices? So how is it that some of "us" continue to draw a line in the sand and stereotype all or most Black women as being of one mind?

    Not only is that inconceivable, it's undesirable. I love women BECAUSE of their many differences, too. Let's all please try and fight the urge to spark these Black women vs white women bottom feeder debates. Not only do they do no justice to women-kind because of it's divisive nature, these assumptions being made in this article just aren't 100% true.

    • This is not actually talking about black women – it IS talking about how OTHERs choose to SEE black women!

  • Phyllis Bignall

    To some extent, we as Black women have to take responsibly for the continued negative perceptions of our attitudes, behaviours, sense of beauty, intelligence, sense of style, and our overall ideologies. If we do not defy all the negative preconceived notions out there by continuing to achieve, educate, advocate and just live our lives, we will be giving the pessimists in the world a boost by saying yes indeed there are things to change about us. The best reaction we can have these bias is to continue to prosper, strive to be happy and content and just live our lives trusting in the power of God to deal with everything else and believe me when I say the Lord will deal with it all.

    • Brenda Comeaux-Billiot

      Well said:)

  • Bobby

    These are all reasons that I can't stand white women…or women that do these things in general.

  • Sarah

    I find it hard to believe white women date you considering your low opinion of them. You assume that white women are raised to put out on the first date? to dress trashy? to dance half naked on youtube? Too bad your mother didn't teach you to respect ALL women not just black women. I happen to know women of many races who would find this article insulting to their intelligence. I know not one woman, white or black that talks in a baby voice. Do I know women who have sex on the first day? Of course I do. But that is a choice they made, not a racial sterotype or what they were taught because they're white or black. All women need to love and respect themselves. Maybe once they do, men like you will find yourself dateless. Considering your low opinion of white women and your double standard for black women. You don't seem to me much of an intellectual catch.

  • pukeinmymouth

    I am so sick of black people whining. This article is fkn ridiculously stupid. If you can't change your world, then change yourself. Quit playing the victim and viewing white women as more "privledged" than you, and as if it's purposely done to get black women down. This is how you generate your own problems and hang ups, leave us out of it. Just shut up!!

    • proud lady

      You shut up!! While in some cases plenty of African Americn men and women use racism as an excuse not to do much with their lives, you have to understand that racism does exist!!!! Any well educated, respectable African American person has been discriminated against at some point in their lives. You, my dear are not black, so of course you will not understand. I really don't understand why people like you take time to comment on sites like these, because these issues do not apply to you.

  • john

    I'm a white guy..I think color has nothing to do with promiscuity amongst other things..it's all about insecurity,upbringing etc..lack of morals,lack of God…I don't blame parents since I've known girls who come from very loving and close families.who were very out of control with their behavior(drinking,sex etc).if anything alot has to do with being young,curious and wanting to be accepted.Let's try looking more at the garbage that Hollywood feeds our society on a 24-7 basis.I think overall people are people and are swayed more by culture and media these days than anything else..thats why the family is being destroyed at record pace..thats why God is quickly being replaced.We all need to shut the garbage box off and reject immorality .

  • Laura

    And to the man who said he fully expects to receive sex from a white girl on a date: Who is being stereotypical now? Puh-leeze. Get to steppin'.

  • Laura

    Wow, another way to point out differences instead of similarities. Why do people insist on keeping races separate this way? As long as you keep thinking this way, racial segregation will continue. I'm sorry, but I'm white and I can't get away with ANY of this stuff.

    1. I don't sleep around or have sex on the first date and there are no videos of me having sex ANYWHERE. For that matter, I was with my ex TWO YEARS before we had intercourse.
    2. I don't wear skinny jeans or booty shorts, or any other crap like that. I have DDD cup boobs and a huge ass, so I know that I will look like a ho in anything like that. It's a matter of using some damn common sense before you walk out of the house.
    3. Never had any sort of cosmetic surgery; don't really want it.
    4. I apparently look like a bitch if I'm not smiling all the time…People say, "What's wrong with you? You look mad at the world."
    5. Baby talk is bullshit, I don't care what color your skin is.
    6. Talking loudly on the phone or acting a fool in public is not cool whether you're black, white, or purple polka-dotted. My mama raised me to act better than that in public, and if she saw me acting up, she'd knock my teeth down my throat.
    7. As for pregnant women, I think the women and girls I know who have gotten pregnant outside of marriage are pretty evenly split between races and ethnicities. In fact, one of my best friends is my hero because even though she got pregnant, she's still with the father, she works two jobs to help pay the bills, and she will be graduating with her B.S. degree this Friday, and I couldn't be more proud of her…And she's black. It doesn't really matter what race you are, it matters who you are and what kind of initiative you have to get things done.

    Maybe I'll get crucified for being white and posting on a black forum, but I just felt it should be said most white women don't necessarily act like this. You know those black stereotypes the media pushes that you try to avoid? Well they exist for every race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and socio-economic background.

  • maxie

    the whole world is full of stereotypes. I can look at a skanky white woman with high cut-offs and think crack whore. Why would white women want to have sex on the first date anymore than black women. that is an individual thing. there's alot of ignorance out there.

  • Brenda Comeaux-Billiot

    When talking about rates of STD transmission, you cannot go simply by numbers of each race affected. The only reason rates of STD infection are higher in white people is that there are far more white people. When you take into account African American people make up only 15 to 20 % of the population, their rates are far higher! Take a look at these facts, and you will see what I mean :http://www.cdc.gov/std/stats09/tables/34b.htm

    Instead of causing more animosity by making sweeping generalizations that are simply not true, how about addressing the actual problem, and that is the rates of STD transmission itself, and why the rates are so much higher among black women.

    In reality, every one should be held to the same standards, regardless of race. Race is a social construction, one which only causes more animosity. How about we just view one another as human beings, period.

  • Sara

    I just skimmed this article and found it to be a waste if time. The experiences of Black women may differ from White women but they can do whatever they want. What exactly does "they can't get away with it" mean? Are there some Black women police enforcing these ridiculous notions?!

    • Me!

      Thank you, Sara! That's exactly what I'm saying. Are there enforcers outside of black women's homes who make them go back inside if they're wearing skinny jeans and aren't smiling? When a black woman goes to a plastic surgeon and asks for a rhinoplasty, does he say, "Nope, sorry, you're black. Can't do it."

  • kayla

    Shes like trippin lol

  • Lala

    Is it just me, or is this article actually trying to make black women racist and prejudiced towards white women? We should be women and humans first, and it is wrong to instigate black women's perception of white women as being women they can't relate to, as women who are something "other."

  • Michael

    Mary, your facts are tottally wrong. Look at the statistics for STDs among the different groups. Blacks, in any nation, out number all the other groups COMBINED. Get informed.

  • guest

    InnocentTruth, you hit the nail right on the head when you said that 'black men have dropped the ball the last 30 years." How can you make a statement like "we are SLOWLY working on our problems" and not give credit to the mutltitudes of black women who defy the stereotypes you're speaking of. I am aware of NUMEROUS situations where the black women in black-on-black relationships/marriages are 'holdin' it down' in numerous areas, and the men they're dealing with are irresponsible, promiscuous, deceitful, incapable or providing the way they should, etc. I think we have to work together as a group of people to help lift each other up and not make judgements and place blame on women. What happen to the men being men and providing the direction and leadership that the Bible speaks of?

    • Bailey

      I like this comment but I want to point out, as a white divorce lawyer, that the marriage situation you're describing (women are working double time with their employment AND domestic duties while men don't really do… anything) is all too common among families of ALL races. maybe men in general have dropped the ball.

      • linda

        i agree..!

      • Guest

        It has been statistically proven that Black males are the least educated and least employed demographic in America and that as a result Black women marry down MORE than women of all races because their community is overrun with more male underachievers than any other. It is also a fact that Black males have a higher rate of engaging in multiple, concurrent sexual relationships and are therefore more likely to be transmitters of STD's than men of other races. Not to mention that Black women are 30% more likely to be victims of domestic violence. I think perhaps the unspoken need of every white person to somehow detract from the situations blacks describe in their own community is indicative of the heavily discussed concept of white anxiety and the need of some white people to make it seem as though they are the new oppressed demographic in America. Black women out-educate black men 2:1, it simply cannot be said that white women or other come from a comparable community where they are faced with having to settle for an unemployed batterer who is twice as likely as all other men of every race to be a deadbeat dad. As a lawyer you would think facts would not evade you, everything this individual above posted was accurate and can be proven with numbers…numbers don't lie. In addition to having the highest mortality rate and therefore being less than half the population of women of their own race (BW account for around 13% of the American population, BM less than 6%) to make it seem as though all women come from an environment where their experience rivals that of Black women is a farce.

  • Mary

    Wake up people, since when was the last time a Black women went into surgery to get butt implants? NEVER! White women are on most college campus' during Spring break having sex with everyone an their mother. They are also the first ones to have sex with another female and think nothing of it! Let's not mention the fact when they get drunk and have everyone rubbing on them and having sex with everyone in the room.

    Whtie women also have more abortions than any race of women and will use abortions as a form of birth control. I'm not saying Black women are perfect, because we're still having babies out of wedlock and let's not forget my Hispanic sisters, you'll are having mutiple children by the time you're 20. Instead of spreading your legs to have all these children, try getting an education for once in your life!

    • Michael

      RE: "still having babies out of wedlock"…

      Mary, most black women age 20 – 35 mave 3 or more children from MULTIPLE partners… and collect state assistance to help them feed those kids. Get real gal!

    • Me!

      Didn't Nicki Minaj get butt implants?

      And I saw a couple (black) chicks on Montel a few years ago talking about their butt implant surgeries gone wrong…

    • Dani

      Mary, your facts are wrong:
      Every day in America, an average of 3,315 human beings lose their lives to abortion12. Based on the percentages above, between 666-829 of those babies are Hispanic, between 1,193-1,197 are white, and between 995-1,207 are black. Not only are black children being killed at a far greater percentage than white children, it's possible they're being killed in greater numbers, period. Is that not shocking?! Though the white population in the U.S. outnumbers the black population five to one, abortion may well be killing more black children each day than white children.
      Check this out: http://www.abort73.com/abortion/abortion_and_race

  • Mary

    Listen, I hate to say it about White women, but I'm going there. When we talk about attitudes, most White women walk around as though they are entitled to any and everything in life. They are just as vicious and obnoxious as Black women, if not more. There are a lot of White women who sleep around on the first date (young or old). Just check out the number of chlaymida cases in the United States.

  • Olwen

    This is the most ridiculous and racist article I have ever read. Any woman doing any of things is a complete moron and should be held accountable for her actions by the way those who associate with her. LaShaun Williams should be ashamed of herself for writing such drivel and lowering herself and other black women to such stereotypical associations. There are many women out there (white, black, yellow, red, brown, etc.) that would be ashamed to behave in such a manner. If any non-black female writer were to ever write such reverse racist palaver they would the headline story on CNN. Grow up LaShaun and look around you, you just set female rights back fifty years you twit.

  • Michael

    Black women don't have sex on the first date? I guess they must go on A LOT of dates given that most have half a dozen kids from multiple partners… I guess the auther looked over that little tidbit. LOL

  • Mike

    IMHO, this is a pretty racist article. Pointing out differences is what keeps the divide alive and well.

    There are no madamblanca.com websites that make lists about black women, are there?

    Also, Ms. Fishburne is a poor example. She's really not that attractive, sorry. Kim is considered a beauty and she's all over ads and magazine covers because of it. If it was some other beautiful black woman trying to pull a Kim K, it could work, not that it's something to be proud of. I hardly doubt anyone thinks Kim K is really awesome because of her fame, most white people think she's a joke. Be glad nobody will accept a black woman doing the same, it's shameful.

  • CJay

    I thought about the women I've known all my life, black and white. These things didn't seem true when compared to those I've personally known. I suspect what's happening is that a small percentage of our society tries to put down black women, and because what they do is so negative it sticks out in the mind. But when you look at what's really going on with people you know, you can't say white women are more promiscious or that they can better get away with being promiscious. At least I cannot say that.

  • Rodney

    White women do a lot of negative things, but the important point is that black women are disproportionately represented when it comes to these negative statistics. The author named a few, but when you look at things like AIDS you see the incidence rate as being much higher among black women. Instead of dealing with this issue, the response is that there are white people that do it too. I'm sure there are Asians that so it too, but how significant is it in their community? Who are the majority of people that you see walking around with their pants hanging off their ass? Per capita and perhaps even in absolute numbers, who are the criminals that get locked up? Black on black crime is another one.

  • Michele

    It's not "… one in the same…", it's ONE AND THE SAME. I have seen so many grammatical mistakes like this and I just can't get over the fact that someone is getting paid to write these articles!

  • letitbe

    wow…just ……wow. I feel like I woke up and read an article from 1962.

    You speak as if because youre black youre supposed to be fat. Are you joking? I am embarrased as a person of colour when I am in the states and all the people with my skin tone weigh in at 250-300lbs average. YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY.
    Just take the fried food out of your mouth, put down the x-box and go take a walk….Like every body else.

  • Frank

    Why is it everytime anything about being a black woman, Halle Berry's name comes up? She does not represent all Black women…Halle Berry' is 1/2 black period…Her baby is only 1/4 black period…She is not the same as a Whoopy Goldberg type or even a Beyonce type (Beyonce's mother is not 100 percent black) for that matter. Halle looks the way she does because of her mixed heritage. She is what I and many of us consider her to be exactly what she is a women of color, which by definition can be Black, Hispanic, Arabic, Romanian ect…In the article they mention the Khardasians, they to me have a women of color look…And, by the way Halle Berry looks mixed period. She does not look like a Whoopy Goldberg type or an Aretha Franklyn type.

    Halle can scream all she wants about being African American and that her baby is also African American. The facts remain that they are only part African American and although people blacks and whites don't say it they deep down know that she is different from Whoopy, Aretha to name a few.

  • Juanita

    Imagine that the same people who don't want to be judged on the color of their skin, is judging skin color………….

  • ruthena

    as a caucasian woman plagued all my life by "chronic bitch face" i can tell you that no, i have never "gotten away with" it. and i am actually forced to "really think much of it" as i'm constantly told (by many random strangers) to smile.

    it is perfectly human to assume that one's own pain is worse than anyone else' but really, every single person has a lot of pain and $h!t in one's own life, caused by a variety of things: oneself, others, bad circumstances, the unfair way the universe works, etc.

  • Ed Angers

    Wait…you’re claiming sows (black
    “women”) don’t blab into cellphones ALL THE TIME? “Girrrl dat nigga Dontrone he so faaaan! Sheeeyat!” Most usually expressed in the middle of a movie theatre.

  • surprisedwhitewoman

    Gosh, this article and comments have really opened my eyes as to the view the black community has of white women. Being a white woman myself, I had no idea that we were viewed the way that has been said. I can say that not all white women are easy, whores, have sex on the first, second or tenth date or are on birthcontrol in high school. None of my friends or myself ever conducted ourselves in that way. The strangest part about all of this is that white women have the same misconception of black women, as has been stated in the above comments about white women. It makes me sad to think that we are all under the same misconceptions and judgments of each other. We are all women and should stand up for each other no matter our race or color – white, black, red, purple or green !

    • teething

      dont be surprised deary. this article is as representative of the views of black women, as david bowie is representative of all british people.

      As a black woman…i think this article is complete horse manure

  • CEBM

    Number 9: Live their own lives comfortably?

  • dbg

    I can understand why Black women have a chip on their shoulders, but let's be real. No one thinks Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian are women we look up to. They get attention for negative reasons and are looked down on for these reason.

  • Mattys_Mama

    If you hold black women to such high standards, and put them up on such pedestals, why are you taking white women out and having sex with them on the first date? Double standard anyone? I didn't get much past that part of your post, because the hypocrisy about slapped me out of my chair.

  • Jerome

    You forgot clipping cigarettes. If the bus is coming, and the cigarette is not finished, it gets extinguished, and placed in a pocket. I think is just nasty. It smells out the bus for the entire ride.

  • cantbelievethisbs

    What Racist bullshit ! Nice list of excuses. Now go work on educating about teen pregnancy, HIV, abortion rates, etc.

  • Youngman

    This is all just racial properganda. im proud to be a white male. but i mean come on people, until everyone relises we are all the same, we just want to be happy and raise a family, bloggers like this person are going to make racism last even longer. im aware we are all different by far. but the statistics on black women, or whatever, are like that because most of those people are poor, because REAL racism is still around. when people are stuck in a bad enviroment, stuff happens, do the research, people who go to college have less kids, because they are SMARTER. lets focus on real racism and not this bilateral bull shit

  • Rae

    This article is such bull from the word go. Way to back us all into a racist, stereotypical corner. Y'all eating this crap up should be ashamed of yourselves for the self-pity. Maybe your man just was never your man. Maybe you should find clothes that actually fit instead of trying to wear skinny jeans (those barely fit anyone btw, black or white). Maybe you shouldn't be easy and sleep on the first date/get knocked up by a hundred guys. Everything listed in this article is trashy for white or black girls, and they don't get away with it either. Trash is trash.

  • AbleCynic

    Having spent a career in the military or around it, and being a white male, I read this article with a certain amount of disbelief. Almost none of the things listed seemed to be universally true. And the one that caught my eye was the one about black women not smiling. From my perspective, black women are the only happy people in the military — they are professional, competent, and happy — and often with three times the work load of others. Maybe all of this is true, but I guess as an aging white male, I don't see it that way. There is such an incredible variety of facial types and physical types that some of these generalizations just don't seem to be true.

  • White Male 38 y.o.

    Just happened upon this article while surfing. WOW. Very informative of the black female's perspective. I have to say I am guilty of some of these stereotypical attitudes. Especially the "mean face". As an educator working with a diverse population I have to have these reminders from time to time. While there are certainly things that I can't "get away with" as a white man, I can see now that those actions only reflect on me, not my entire race/gender. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do to change these stereotypes seems to be the hardest – open discussion.

    In any case, here is one white man who will be buying your book LaShaun!! Strainght talk is good no matter the color of the speaker!

  • Juan


  • Robin

    Oh I so agreed with this!!!! I can't wear skinny jeans I have a big white booty. My family would of kicked my butt giving it up on the first date plus my family didn't want us to have children to take care before a career. So giving it up on the the first is that persons choice, white, black, ect. Baby voices from any race is not cute. We are women,
    everyone of us is different in some way.

  • blah

    wow that article felt super racist.
    oh well, so am i, nig.

  • Seth

    Some of our cultural historians claim that the whole movement for integration and assimilation into Eurocentric culture is at the root of the problem. Dr. King advocated civil rights for the former slaves leading to full participation in the American Dream. From the genesis of the movement we have had black individuals make leaps and bounds in applying their talents to achieving their goals and we also have had a certain segment of the Black demographic de-evolve and embrace a return to the cultural mud. For those who have de-evolved the symptoms of psychic trauma has played out in aberrant and illogical behavior. Politicians, capitalist, and the government controlled media have always conspired to portray "the forbidden other" (black people) in a negative light to foster a permanent underclass. Consider the end-state of many Indian tribes Reservations; poly-substance abuse and casinos. In light of these socio-economic outcomes for a segment of the black demographic was integration and assimilation into white culture a viable solution for Blacks. Would a better alternative have been too do business with white folks but maintain our own cultural and genetic identity via separation? We can see how America counts up the cost of doing business; the recent bailout of AIG Wall street banks and the rest is what we as blacks have integrated into. The influx of narcotics into our community via quasi governmental agencies has a historical p residence with the Indians when they gave them alcohol, syphilis and the plague. The unintended results of integration is what is killing us now. The Black male has been emasculated when it comes to policing his own family life and community. I mean this collectively considering our blatant failure to protect our communities from the ravages of ignorance; drugs; wanton behavior of our children. We have taken our collective destiny and partnered with a people who have displayed behavior akin to savages and psychopaths. Many have adopted a version of religion that denigrates women and leads to the worship of a Caucasoid image. So now we wonder why blacks don't get along? I see much of what is being said here as the unintended results of integrating into the American way of life..

  • You have to mention if you have two kids or more and you get on the bus or subway, the looks are like wow , so much kids, like she's not even married, and you just know they talking about you, at the supermarket line the list goes on. I seem to have to always flash my wedding ring and talk about my husband in order to feel confortable when i'm out alone with my children. I have been with my hubby now for 11 years we have 4 kids , My first child I had her at 27, never been on welfare. I just don't understand why the looks and the suprise faces.

    • Lesley

      While I suspect you're correct, that you get that worse (or more) due to racism, trust me, as a white woman who raised 4 kids, we aren't immune from the snarky "Hey, you know what CAUSES that, right?" comments and the "looks". People are jerks, I think is what it comes down to!

  • Tiffany

    With regards to #1, I actually don't believe there's any golden standard with regards to how long you should wait to sleep with a man, I think it really has to do with mindset. My boyfriend (I slept with him mad early too, and we've been together for ages lol, I got lucky) always suggested that it had to do with her attitude towards men. If you seem like the type of woman who has no scruples about who she sleeps with…then the right man isn't really gonna be eager to commit. But if you can honestly say that every man you've been with was in fact someone special, then its viewed a bit differently. Its not purely a numbers game…

  • Miss Dee08

    @Innocent Truth cont.
    In regards to your conversations, I would shut down my co-workers, (I've had this conversation one good time with my w-co-workers), and advised them that such conversations are grossly out of place; if they really want to know the plight of Black people, speak to more than me, at work, read…and read some more, because one Black person does not speak for all, nor represents our experiences as a people. In addition to this, most W-people are not conditioned as we are to socialize with those outside of their homes, social circles and communities. As Black people, are we are taught from a very young age to do this, especially, in the South.

    Peace and Blessings to all.

    Innocent Truth; you bring up valid points, and I've seen some of your posts previously. Though I do not necessarily agree with all of them, I will say, I always like to see a well articulated argument.

    Miss Dee08

  • MissDee08

    @InnocentTruth-I think you are spot on with a lot of what you are saying, however understand, as a BF working in corporate America who, a lot of what the author says, is actually true. Certain behaviors that WF's emanate are not acceptable behaviors for BF's. Whereas a WF can be 'frustrated', or having a 'bad day', if I have the same emotion, I am considered 'angry'. Whereas a strong BF is considered 'too aggressive', a WF, is deemed 'assertive'. Now, as far as wanting to emulate these characteristics, for those BF's who do not have knowledge of who they really are, then wanting to emulate the actions of WF's is understandable, but certainly not acceptable.

  • May5

    Imagine if white people spoke this way about black people, the way you all are talking? Wow. You all are so racist! Plain and simple! Who are any of you to make these comments about white people like you're so perfect and right about everything? Racists, just like the ones you hate.

  • dap

    u gotta love how kim kardashian is used as an example of a 'white girl' making a sex tape, meanwhile her a$$ is treated like a national treasure because it mirrors the stereotypical (and now culturally desired) curvy figure which apparently doesn't allow black women to look good in 'booty shorts', meanwhile kardashian wears 'em all the time as do plenty of fine looking black women.

    man, this just seems like a bunch of stereotypical nonsense.

  • Ted C

    Why is the white woman bald in the photo?

    • stainedwhite

      I thought everyone knew, we are all shaved. It's so we can get our low rise skinny jeans really low while remaining silky smooth! 🙂
      Oh, you meant her head. Now, back to my privileged life. Man, my butt is tiny….

  • mike

    im sorry, but most of this is bs. any supposed stereotype having to do with styles of dress and how they are perceived by society is ridiculous. Black, white, yellow, brown or red you either have the body to pull it off, or you dont.
    personally, i prefer a angry woman to happy one, i think that girls who are perpetually happy must be stupid, but thats just me. Ive dated white chicks, black chicks, and brown chicks, and i dont expect sex on the first date, nor do i want it, because it does make you look like a hoe regardless of your skin color. Personally i prefer latin woman, im turned off by most white women, and dont hold black women to a different standard than i hold women in general. commence flame war…….

    • Stupid to be perpetually happy perhaps because that's not real…..but to be happy and smiling is plausible. What's wrong with us in this country when we can't even accept that a person can sincerely be kind, caring and happy without it being something evil. smh

  • dontcare

    Sounds to me like Ol’ Girl got dumped for a white chick! HA HA HA! Maybe it’s because you have a crap attitude as seen by this article. I heard a famous Black ball player one comment when asked why he had a white girl and not a black girl he said “No brotha wants to go to a formal black tie affair and have some black women on his arm. You never know what the hell is gonna happen”.

    • That's extremely racist and I take offense to that…..I'm black and I can guarantee you that you wouldn't have to worry about what might happen with me…….we All need to be better than this…I realize you didn't make this quote but even using it hear to express a point without at least clarify that it is half truth is incredulous.

  • TYyrant

    The real issue is. White people really don't care what Lashaunnatzina or Jamulasta or Colgatetedon or Lamonjello has to say about ANYTHING!!! We just don't care. We are simply trying to have a career and a life and move on to a better place. You seem to want to hold everyone back with this type of article. Have fun in the Black community.

  • TimTim

    I would like to personally thank you for this article. It simply proves to Whites that Blacks are still inferior and still not ready for prime time. Doesn’t this article epitomize what is actually wrong with your culture? Damn blacks complain about everything. It is the white man’s fault, I grew up in the ghetto, my mama was a drug addict, or my daddy beat me, blah…blah…blah! This very article shows how distorted and out of sync some Black people really are. You are worried about this? For real? You have just gotten the first Black person in the White House and you are concerned about this? WOW! Good luck with that.
    All my life growing up I heard Black people say “If we could get a Black president things would be different.” HA! It looks like things are still the same to me, you are just as lost as ever writing this dribble.

  • Tome Richard

    I'm sorry but this was just awful. Get that chip off your shoulder, sister girl…it's not that serious.

  • FedUp

    This article is pretty much on point in my book. There is no way a tramp like Kardashian would be all over the media and on mainstream TV nearly every day after the world has seen her naked butt having sex if she were a black woman. African-American women are forever charaterized as sexually loose when from what I have seen the opposite may be true. I have always noticed how sexually aggresive white women are around black men in the workplace. But if you listen to the media you would think the sisters are the super freaks.

  • beu

    White women having sex on the first date is the reason why herpes is so big in this country.. Tired of seeing white girls walking around with oral herpes bumps.. That ish is nasty, those girls need to stop.. Sucking @ocks like they eating candy. How i know well going to white colleges, white high school got me freaked out about that ish..

    • Colleen

      haha funny look up the statistics for STD rates~ Blacks have more STDs than white and mexicans put together! Look it up before you open your mouth

  • lee

    This is one of the best lists I have ever read. So on point.

  • UNO momento

    See this is the problem, this man isnt saying anything negative of black women but you got women just jumping at a brother. He brought up legitimate issues in the black community and how we need to just upgrade out whole approach to this society we live. I don't see what's wrong with that. Black women are they're own worst enemy. I love black women to death and they'll fight for you till the death but black women got a hard head. You can't tell em anything. I do see the double standards but I see where homie was coming from and I know alot of black females out there know what's up. Black men isn't perfect either but black woman got the pussy. Lol. You call the shots. Black men, please teach your daughter this. Instead of buying fake barbies give your sister, daughter, or mother a compliment. Simple but effective.

    • Holden MyBreath

      UNO, you are absolutely right. Compliments are definitely important but I think a second date might mean more. What I'm saying is yes, "..black woman got the pussy" but if we make the mistake of using it, you'll go call up the last white whore who gave head instead. Forgive me but something about this double standard seems unappealing.

      Ever yours,

    • But that's where you're wrong – HE is saying somehting negative about black women. White women with many lovers = normal. I would date her.

      Black women with many lovers = trash and she should know better.

      He's putting a scarlet letter on us while saying of course white women don't have to wear one.

  • Usagi

    Except for #2.,#5( If my nose was any smaller, I don't think I can beath), and never been knocked up, I doo all those things. I like low-rise jeans.I don't really have a butt. Angelina Jolie's ass is bigger than mine and Jenneifer Lopez's ass is too big. # 1 applies to all women of all races. It's the mean that don't get judged. I'm black.

  • Vampire Bill

    Well, it is natural to have differences and different standards. It only appears to be problem when we look at it in a problematic context. In other words, you will find a problem if you are looking for a problem. The bottom line is that white women and black women do not have to perceive themselves as one upping each other or getting by because as individuals they are on their own paths. So if you are trying to catch a certain man or employer's eye you don't need to worry about what the other woman is doing. You only need to worry about your personal goals, right? You have to be on point because you are not only competing against other ethnic groups, but against people in your own group, against other sexes, and even against people of optional sexual orientations. We will always have advantages and disadvantages so just work with the tools you have and makes sure that your assets are all in the best working order. After that it is all a foot race. Besides, all women have a select group of men who will always see that woman as their "type". See how we forget how life really works? It is not so bad. Take it easy folks.

  • Tika

    They forgot to add wearing weave

  • No Lies

    lol are you serious this article was stupid, thought it actually had things that are comparable things that made sense. smh and to think some folks really use this as a yard stick for comparisson.

  • Prissy

    THANKS @TheIntelligentOne … I'm glad you and the other 55 wonderful people who liked my comment understood what I was trying to say.

  • sporty

    what about black porn!, versus white porn!black women are considered as sluts, while white women are the porn"queen's.

    • Me!

      They might be considered "queens" in the porn industry, but I'm pretty sure much of the world outside that industry views them as sluts.

  • Nina Tusabe

    "Class differentiations make black, single mothers more susceptible to poverty than white women. In many cases, single mothers (commonly referenced as baby mamas) " what class differentiations are you speaking of? you're just making empty statements you need to make statements that you can back up with facts because this is not true, there are more white women living in poverty in the United States than black single mothers…check the stats on the us.gov site.
    I mean look at how you quantify your statistics.." Also, a solid percentage of white, single mothers are divorcées, which is a dissimilar scenario.
    " what the heck is a solid percentage??? Leave the writing to ppl who actually do research…n stop dissing other black women, we are more than capable of raising our kids, with or without a man…you should mention that black women are the fastest growing segment of the population to earn college degrees. Learn to build your sister up instead of tearing her down and then maybe you'll be able to see yourself outside of the shadow of a white woman.

  • Sweetness

    This is the most stereotypical and absurd article I have ever read… seriously??? Skinny jeans? Giving it up on the first date? Nose Jobs??? Getting knocked up? OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG … Articles like this just reinforce ridiculous and ignorant notions about ethnicity. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE… Dumb people are dumb no matter what color they are…. Girls and guys of ALL colors give it up on the first date… A bad nose job comes from a BAD surgeon not the color of the person getting it… Women with big ole butts and/or muffin tops should NOT wear skinny jeans NO MATTER WHAT SHADE OF THE RAINBOW THEY ARE.

  • NEH

    OMG, thank you so much for speaking some sense.

    I am a white woman, and enjoy this site most of the time, because it applys to my life as well, and usually speaks sense. this on the other hand seems to be trying to get some kind of war started.
    I've been steriotyped against for every single one of these things.
    Straighfaced? – yup i'm a bitch
    Skinny Jeans? – Not with my ass and hips
    Getting knocked up? – i don't care what color you are you're retarded with all the free or cheap contraception out there.
    Baby Voice? – WTF how immature are you, I HATE Paris Hilton and the Kardashians.

    It's so wrong that apparently this is 'fine' for white women to do, none of these are fine for any women to do, or be judged on.

    • You can say it's not fine for white women to do all you want – but many have been able to translate it into a career, a popular persona with much social clout: True both in and outside of the entertainment realms.

  • nuuon

    This article was a bunch of ridiculous ying-yang from a sheltered black nimrod who hasn’t clue of what’s really going on in the black community:

    1)Sex on first date: black women are doing that left and right and nobody cares.
    2) Leaking sex tapes: The Internet is filled with the “leaked” sex tapes of Black women from the fame-less to infamous: nobody cares– except to masturbate off of them.
    3) Speaking in baby voice: that would be easier for black women if they were getting the hormones banged out of them since middle school.
    4) Getting a nose job: there are so many black celebrities with nose, boobs, and butt jobs that it is impossible to tell what’s real anymore– and nobody cares except black gossip rags.
    5) Walking around straight-faced: exact inverse of what’s happening, black don’t have straight faces– they have HATE faces > Don’t EVEN get it twisted.
    6) Black don’t “cackle loudly”– they go, on on with loud hood-booga yap: welfare checks, what ninja did what, what girl they’re gonna slap, etc. Wish they WOULD cackle, it would be pleasant.
    7) Low-rise skinny jeans?: Get real, black girls are going virtually naked in the summer time by the 6th grade– open your eyes.

  • Yemmy

    Oh please! Spare me! We all need to hold ourselves to better standards FIRST! Before you sit in judgement of anyone, black or white look in the mirror. If you must hold anyone to any kind of moral standards, it should be yourself.
    Hypocrisy is very unbecoming.

  • L'Auorie

    Simply another racist article on how whitie gets away with more! Lumping everyone together as a stereotypical personality is dangerous!!

  • Nicole

    This article is bogus. I was expecting to read a well researched, well written article about the stereotypes applied to black women. Instead, I got this MESS. Am I wrong in thinking that this kind of article actually hurts the status of black women instead of helps us? I don't care that 'white women' can do if what they are doing doesn't lift me up in any way. I don't want to have sex on the first date and not because black women aren't supposed to. I don't do that because it violates MY moral code. I don't care it might land a white girl a man. So what?! Who cares?!! Really!!
    Not to say anything about the ridiculous assumption that some of these things are ok for any woman…white, black, or blue or man…I mean leaking sex tapes…Really?! Should I aspire to be like Superhead? Really?!

    LaShaun Williams, I am offended and appalled at this article. Please do better.

    ….and I am a black woman who looks darn good in skinny jeans!!! Big booty and all. Thank you very much.

  • lalalala

    Oooohh, the smiling thing just erks me…Do I have to smile 24/7 just so you can know I'm in a good mood??? D*mn!
    White girls wear lil itty bitty shorts to class and to the gym,but if I wore them, and I'm skinny, I would be considered a hoochie.
    Also, white people in general can get away with wearing whatever they want and can have their own sense of style,their own likes and dislikes,etc.if you know what I mean. When your not a "stereotypical" black person, black people judge you and even other races think your "different." <<my own experience

  • TimTim

    The Government of this very country we live in perpetuates racism and stereotypes of ALL races. Why do we need the government counting the different colors and ethnic groups in this country? It is so our community leaders, if you can call them that, can tell the government we are unable to stand on our own so we need the government to help, for free. This action pigeon holes minorities in a part of society that tells everyone we cannot, or will not, or are too dumb to survive if someone does not help. Well, Al Sharpton and the likes do not speak for me or this community as far as I’m concerned. Stop them and we can start to rebuild.

  • Tee

    This article is the truth. And to all the black men criticizing or claiming this article is BS answer me this, can you get away with going into a store without a store worker look at you or follow you around suspiciously. How many times have you gotten on an elevator and had a white women grip her purse in your presence? Hmm I wonder how many of ya'll would be so quick to call BS then.

    • TimTim

      What you are commenting on really has nothing to do with this article. But if you want an answer to your questions here ya go.
      #1 – No we can’t get away with going into a store and not being followed suspiciously however that is OUR OWN FAULT! Blacks make up just a little over 25% of the total population in the USA but have over 51% of the crime. I did not make this up go to the Black Attorney General Eric Holders web site, the FBI Crime Statistics, US Justice Dept, etc. and see it with your own eyes.
      #2 – When a white woman grips her purse it is also because of answer number 1 above.
      There you go another brain washed black culture follower not a leader. This is the problem with the black culture. Not a single person wants to take responsibility for their actions or the actions of our community.

      • Me!

        Sorry TimTim, Blacks only make up about 13% of the U.S. population, according to the 2010 Census.

    • ReggaeRastamom

      Black women ALSO grip their purses when black men get into an elevator with them. Why is that? Are you saying that black women are racists? Please explain why black store owners ALSO follow black people around their stores and aren't so concerned with following the white patrons around? Are those black store owners racist? Why do black people move out of the hood as soon as they can and as far away from other black people? Are black people racist? Why is it that the black waiters at the restaurant I hostess at do not want black people seated in their sections? Are these black waiters racist? Hmm I wonder how many of ya'll will answer that question for me….

  • Don't forget that white women are allowed to cry. If they want to shut down an argument, all they have to do is drop a few tears. Us? It's open season when we cry.

    • Me!

      That has to do with the people they're arguing with, not the women themselves. If the same person who stops arguing when the white woman cries were to argue with a black woman, I'm sure they'd stop when she cried too.

  • La Cajun

    The article fails to mention what black women (and blacks in general) can get away with saying or doing that nobody else (whites) can. Using the "N" word. Whites cannot "lump" blacks together however blacks can say phrases like "White people all…" Whites cannot be critical of the black community but blacks can be critical of the black AND white community. White on black crime is always called a hate crime but black on white crime is not. Charles Barkley can say white men can't jump and not worry about a call to boycott any products he endorses. Blacks can say white people can't dance or have no rhythm, but whites better never never never say anything about blacks not being adept at something. Kayne West even declared that white people should not be allowed to use certain "Black Slang" unless it's outdated in the Black Community. One thing that is even however. Neither blacks nor whites can use the F word. No not f&#k, f as in sexual orientation. Just ask Kobe.

    • TimTim

      That is where you are wrong. You are allowed to say and do whatever you like in America. If you feel like saying they when speaking about blacks as a group go right ahead. If you want to say us and them go ahead. Until you can overcome your fears racisim will continue. You are unknowingly perpetuating racism by changing the way YOU deal with it. Don't be scared, I use us, them, they all the time. Like it or not Black people ARE DIFFERENT! First they are black it is obvious! Second our cultures are completelly opposite, also different. There are just a great deal of different things between all cultures. Not talking or wanting to talk about them does not change the fact that they are still different!

  • Bambieyes

    This article to me is a matter of perception versus reality.

  • Boston

    I will add, white woman are quick to put their feet (bare or with shoes) on other's furniture. They have this thing were they like to put their feet into the seat that they are sitting in with their crotch exposed. It doesn't matter where or what they are wearing (dress, Daisy Duke shorts, etc.). I've seen it at restaurants, socials at another person's home, and in the office. As a senior banker, I had to tell an analyst that she could not sit at a conference table during a meeting Indian style or with her knees rested on the table's edge like she was sitting in her parents' family room. Black women and girls with home training or in the presence of elders better not sit anywhere wide legged or with their feet in chairs.

    • Morgan

      LOL, thats funny as hell to me for some reason. I never even noticed that i did that..not sure if its a white thing but i do tend to sit indian style when im @ work n i always have my feet up on the couch..but ive seen my black girlfriends do that too..so its always gonna work both ways.

  • DeAnthony Barrett

    Why is it that the brothers always prefer white women?

  • ihatesnobs

    I completely agree with the one about cackling loudly on the phone. I take public transportation and I noticed that white people act extremely snobby and rude when ever there are blacks or latinos talking really loudly on the train. Another thing I noticed is that they never point out or are mean to the latinos who look white for example the ones from Argentina, Bolivia ect, but for dark skinned Dominicans and people who have prominent Mexican features it's another story… And no one ever tells the super loud white girls on the trains to shut up! It's so stupid!

    • Me!

      If you're in public talking loud on the phone, no matter what race you are, that is rude. People need to consider the other passengers on the train/bus when they're yelling into the phone.

      And if the white girls on your train are so super loud, why don't YOU tell them to shut up? I would.

      Expecting a relatively quiet environment on a train is not snobby…

  • whtever

    I will do what I damn well please

  • asha

    any one of any colours living in the nature have same sex organ will perform the order of nature with knowldge it changes

  • Sure

    This is really bad logic there using here. Equivocation and over-generalization are the makings of a bad argument. Where's the data? Let's blame the white women for the low black women marriage rate. I date all races and Asian, Latina, and Persian/Arabian women aren't as uptight about sex on the first date either. Black women it just depends.

  • Cane


    You get a "Hoe Sit Down" for this comment! I agree with whom ever said "The conversations keep happening because you sit there like a dummy and answer the questions!" Why should you have to be an ambassador and explain anything to ANY individual?

    • Xqwizit

      I agree. You are stupid for even answering those type of questions.




  • browngirl

    yes it is true so get over that!!and black women have plenty of convidence

  • meme

    lol she hit it dead on the head with these answers. Its ok about the jeans though i love my t&a.

  • Barb

    LOL, almost all of the listed things apply to all women the same. I often wonder how much exposure or research is done for some of these articles. I am white and I can't sleep with a man on the first date and not be a slut. It seems that there is more of an assumption in the black men that I am easy because of being white which gets busted when they approach me, I have quit an a ss and cannot wear low rise pants either. Getting loud is considered low class no matter what your skin tone is.

  • virgo

    I think she was full of sht on this one, i am white and all of my girls are black, some wear skinny jeans an i dont and none of us r giving up shit on the 1st date, just an excuse to make it a black or white thing, its women period some females get away with things that others dont reguardless what color u r

  • mr_wunderful

    yall dumb..instead of saying"white women do it too"why dont you stop doin it?????uhh its not that hard..if u didnt do it u wouldnt have to worry about sterotypes..its like the when black men say the white men does this or makes it hard for us to do….1st thing a black woman says is stop blaming the white man and take responsability for you own actions..now ima say the same thing stop doing what your doin and stand up and take responsibilty..then u wouldnt be cast in this light..same with our black brothers..

  • Anonymous

    This article is RIDICULOUS for so many reasons. I have NO desire to have sex on the first date, make a sex tape or get a nose job, but if I wanted to do so I would, because I'm a grown woman and that's my prerogative. I do wear low-rise skinny jeans and speak in a baby voice when I feel like being cute. I will continue to do so. Ugh! LOL.

    • Guest

      This article IS ridiculous. Loud boisterous black women on the phone, or talking between themselves ARE very annoying and distracting to those around them, but so are white women. Although I do tend to find black women doing this MUCH more frequently. I am a male and do not expect a white woman to have sex on the first date. I would tend to think of her as a bit too easy. The 3rd or so date is fine if we are getting along well. But to me that same standard would apply to a black woman, and i would be hard pressed to wait 3 months if i really cared for the lack woman.

  • MichelleLuvsDelorian

    this is bcuz as black women we have alot of butt n the bac

  • Really?

    Why was Kim Kardashian mentioned? She isn't white…..

  • MichelleLuvsDelorian

    this is the first one I can agree with

  • Jim

    I think white women in general just come off as more confident and more balanced emotionally than black women. When black women learn to project confidence and balance those stereotypes will erode.

    • AJo

      Yeah white privilege tends to help wit that balance and confidence thing.

  • WhiteChick

    This ranks in the top 10 of just about the DUMBEST articles I have ever read.

    GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really?

    Yay for ignorance being so completely alive. A lot of these anti-white women posts, while mildly entertaining to read, are in fact unbelievably depressing. And also show why black women may be perceived as so "angry". People need to stop blaming everyone else for generalizations, and what they don't have and take some responsibility for themselves and their own actions. Race and gender have nothing to do with it, but unfortunately petty articles like this make it appear so. And of course there will always be mindless saps of all races and both genders that fall into the vicious cycle of hate and discrimination. Oh, side note: No matter what race you are, putting out on the first date is still looked upon as "easy".

    • Some of the examples are perceived but there is an underlying double standard for women of color. I don't say this as a victim, I say this to feel the pain that black women might be experiencing because of this. We can't begin to change behavior whether perceived or real until we can empathize with each other. I don't really care much about any of this except being the best person I can be but I do know that there are times I am perceived differently by society both whites and blacks and they don't really know me. It tends to anger me but I just continue to make them a lie. However, I believe sometimes black men hurt us by not at least trying to understand us and coming off as very bitter. As a black woman, I could feel the same since there are a lot of negative statistics floating around about black men but I refuse to allow someone else's perception to color my thinking. I will love until it hurts and until we realize that the key to all of this insanity is love and respect of self.

  • Jen

    I'm a white woman who rarely gets away with having a straight face. I'm often told that I look angry… but what am I supposed to do? Smile constantly so it looks like I'm a mental patient? Also, I don't think the *majority* of white women out there use baby talk. I didn't even know that the Kardashians were white, lol (an even so, they hardly represent a "real" anyone). i definitely agree with this article on the loud voices. A lot of black women I know could definitely tone it down a bit : /

  • Harajuku


  • BeautifulQueen

    This is the most intellectual post I have seen. As a black woman I completely agree with everything you said. As black people we must try to hold ourselves to a higher standard or we will become every stereotype placed upon us. But some of you were not taught better because you think this black man is being rude, disrespectful, mean, or too critical. REREAD WHAT HE SAID. He is putting us on a higher pedestal than white woman and when we behave like them we are lowering ourselves to their status. We will never become anything better than what we are now until black women learn their worth. You are all Queens, act like it. A queen does not put out on the first night, she is too precious for that. Reevaluate yourself, because you ARE better. You should act like it. Unless you think that your not good enough, that you deserve to act like some white people. You will be doing exactly is expected, a loud, ghetto, nappy-headed, inarticulate, baby mama, who is living off of the government. YOUR CHOICE!

    • Ray

      Finally a woman who make sense!

    • Right – Thank you Sir for blessing me with anarrower margin for error. thank you for forcing me to be more rigid, wary of making amistake because "on my pedestal" I will be judged more harshly – oops, I meant, held to a higher standard.

      Maybe we should thank courts for putting us in jail more frequently than other races for similar crimes – because the courts are therefore putting us on a pedestal. After all we should know better and not lower ourselves.

      Thank you teachers for giving me a lower grade for the same level of work – that's how you show faith that I can and show do better than others…

      • gina

        totally agree!

    • Lisa

      How racist it is to state "all white women are whores" and that you wouldn't want to "lower yourself to the level of a white woman." How ignorant. Open-minded people of all races might be reading this. I am white, and I would NEVER ignorantly stereotype a group of people in such a way! Shame on you. Ignorance of this sort promotes hatred and resentment between races. You can do better.

      "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

      • linda

        Yes, nice MLK quote

        • Blah

          F-ck MLK. His ass is the reason are communities are worse. Integrate? Integrate into what? Hell? All we needed was what was due to us for our sacrifices for this God for saken country. We didn't need to be "socialized" with you mofo's. We were prouder, stronger and more together before integrations and our families were better to. If only he could have seen the hell he would bring upon us. White have always been selfish me thinkers and it works for them, but minorities in a country surrounded by the enemy, we are in no position to think about simply "me" as our communities would and did fall to ruin. The only thng we ever truly needed from whites was to be left alone. That's it. So don't go preaching no MLK shit becuase not all of us are feeling the results of his "good work".

          • gina

            sad to say, i actually agree with you… i live in austin, where there was a black school, anderson high, that was far better off than the white schools here, better academics, better athletics, overall, a damn good school. but they shut it down. they couldnt handle the fact that this school was producing some of the best black americans of their time. this was back in the 60's i believe. there are quite a few instances where black people did outstanding OWN THEIR OWN. oklahoma had a city known as the black wall street, a very well off black neighborhood with prospering businesses. it all was burned down by them. yea, i agree, just leave me and mine alone.

      • Guest

        If you really believe the MLK quote you included in your own response than you too would have a problem with the white groupies, sluts, whores, pornstars and sex tape celebrities with their own shows, clothing lines, brands and being equated to a larger than life status. You act as though this article, while sensationalist in some areas, wasn't true in others. If white americans were judged by the content of their character there would be no Kardashians or talentless Hitlons, these individuals are being judged by the color of their skin and therefore being excused for their worthlessness because they are white…yet you find more error with someone's response to this double standard than the original offense itself? Funny how when whites are treated a certain way for being white no one wants to quote MLK but when a black person points out the general debauchery of the false white idols littering our American media now all of a sudden it's black people being racists? So if I call a slut a slut if it's a white slut, I'm racist? Good one…perhaps your understanding of King's words doesn't go any farther than your copy and paste. His very speech was given to a society that persecuted blacks for crimes for which whites were not punished, excused the brutality of whites against blacks as common place and denied blacks rights, you seriously think the phenomenon of whores and white collar criminals being praised for nothing other than being white is different than the society in which King found himself just a few decades past?

    • Annonymous

      As a black woman, I have heard plenty of black pride speeches and though I do applaud the attempt to build self-esteem, this should be done not based on the color of your skin, your sex, or anything else like that. You are a person, born on the same level as everyone else. No race is better than another and no race should be placed on a pedestal nor judged differently because of what parents they happened to be born to. Ignorance should not an option, no matter who you are.

    • Stop the Madness

      You are clearly a racist. There exists nothing, in any community within America to support a belief that one community is "better" than another. You refer to the white women "status", and that black women "ARE better." Does your racism make you better? Does your generalizing of all white women make you better? Do you have any white female co-workers who know that you feel superior to them, or that you hold them in contempt? Don't cry foul the next time you feel you are a victim of racism or prejudice, just look in the mirror and realize that you're no different from those that did it to you.

    • eff you too… god help the man who is tappin that

  • Vee

    Look, whether some of you want to get angry over this or not, much of this list is true and there are real double standards that exist, period. It is not about women not getting on well together or trying to create some racial division…this is a real and felt experience of black women and inflicted by the white media and white people on the street, at work etc.

    And if you want to keep carrying on about racial division, look into how this all came about throughout history because black people were not the ones causing such racial divisions and stereotypes.

    However, one thing that was not added onto this list was hair. For example, white women can wear a weave and its acceptable, whereas when black women wear one, we hate ourselves, want to be white and black men dont like it, although they tend to desire long straight hair! Also, why white people in work environments always want to touch a black women's hair (or weave) confuses me! (has happened to most black women i know and me!). I have never touched a white women's hair in my life….why would I?

    Oh, and for the record, Halle Berry has had a nose job so mentioning her was relevant.

  • Big Pimpin

    sound like some more..racial boredom to me..
    Me and my girl going on vacation…Travelocity giving away $1000 Giftcards for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1 http://goo.gl/8IQWl

  • Mirabella

    A hit dog hollas when it hurts. Love this read.

    • And your comment would make sense or be in a more proper context if we were actually talking about animals but we are talking about and with humans, who have a right to express their disdain and/or agreement with this article that borders on a bunch of stereotypes and generalizations, at best and is condescending and flawed at worst.

  • NanSee

    This is a list that can apply to anyone of any race. It’s a no-no list for everybody, men and women too. Don’t have sex on the first date. Don’t make or leak sex tapes. Do not talk baby talk, ever. Bad nose jobs are not race specific. I think the author would be very surprised to find out that many of the women she admires have actually had nose jobs. Anyone walking around slack faced (without emotion) looks stern, unhappy, and unapproachable. If you want to look personable, happy and approachable, smile! Don’t be rude to others by cackling or carrying on in public, on the phone or not. Don’t wear jeans that don’t fit your body shape. Being pregnant out of wedlock is seen in society negatively no matter what race you are. It’s not race exclusive. Ultimately, saying one race can “get away” with one thing or another just reinforces negative racial stereotypes.

  • marty

    there are a couple of things not being said. If white woman are more promiscous than black woman, then why is the out of wedlock birth in black women much, much higher than whites? Also, scoring on a first date is merely speculation on anyones part. Black woman who do it on the first date would be totally relinquishing control. It's not that they are moral or anything. Although, some of these were interesting and probably true, most were dribble and add to the fact that this article should never of been written.

    • Ray

      Great point marty!

    • you just dont know

      uh easy the black community are less educated and less likely to use birth control while even white mothers advocate birth control for their daughters trust me I'm from a white community and went to high school with whites and was shocked to know that most of the white girls I knew were on birth control in HIGH SCHOOL while non of the black girls were. Also check the census bureau website white women have a higher abortion and adoption rate for thier children so there you have it.

    • Nichole

      Marty, since when does having sex ALWAYS have to produce a child? You can be a slut and use birth control.

    • This article absolutely should have been written – agree or disagree – the opinions get aired and the discussion can be had. that happened BECAUSE the article was written.

      • soo soo sooo true, if someone believes there is an issue Why tell them not to state it? thats just suppressing someones opinion

    • Danielle

      The beauty of birth control. I'm white, and I went on BC at the relatively late age of 19. One of my sisters started when she was 13

    • Cory

      It is truly a class and race issue. Middle class white women are much more likely to have access to contraception than lower class black women. With Planned Parenthood losing federal money it will be increasingly difficult to obtain safe and effective birth control. Sex is much like eating, you do not always eat only what you need to continue living, I know I sometimes eat just because I crave something even though it has no nutritional value for me. (Like ice cream.) People partake in sex not only to have a baby, but for pleasure as well as creating stronger emotional ties with their partner. Not to mention, there are those who take advantage of others sexually for power. Perhaps a better way to go about answering that question would be to do research on what each woman's situation was and compare that to a larger societal context. How many of those pregnancies were because of rape? How many of those pregnancies were because of male coercion? How many of those pregnancies were because they did not have access to affordable birth control? How many because our school systems do not have comprehensive sex education programs? How many because they chose not to use condoms or they used a condom and it broke? Numbers only tell so much, and it is always wise to find out the whole truth before placing judgment.

      • my only correction to this statement is that pregnancy is a rarity when rape is involved because the hormones from the stress of the situation make it less suitable for bearing a child, but otherwise. great comment

        • Guest

          Correction to your statement, rates of rape and childhood sexual abuse or child exploitation are higher for minority girl teens. You act as though the only definition of rape is getting hit over the head with a beer bottle in an alley way outside a bar and waking up with your panties around your ankles. Rape is also prolonged molestation by a family member, clergyman or someone in your community which as this person correctly implied occurs more and is less likely to be reported against black children. Rape can take place over years, it is not a one-time incident and our country currently does not make a distinction between forced pregnancies and intentional pregnancies when calculating pregnancy rates across different racial groups, nor do they account for the effect poverty has at depriving underage girls the education required to exercise safe sex practices. Every baby was not carried by an adult….in fact over 50% of teen pregnancies are the result of statutory rape yet these get lumped in together with general pregnancy stats. Learn a little, please and thank you.

  • Ashleigh

    Some of these things are a little too small and petty for us to worry about but I think a major one was left off the list. I have noticed that if a White woman stands her ground and is assertive, she is considered strong or fiesty which has no real negative connotations. it's almost considered "cute" and admirable. But when a Black woman acts the same way, she is considered bitchy or the stereotypical angry Black female. Why is it okay for White women to be alpha females in the work place and n relationships but Black women get labeled as "angry?"

    • Me!

      I think any woman who stands her ground will be called a "bitch," not cute or admirable. Women are "supposed to be" mild-mannered and not speak out, so when they do, people react negatively to it.

  • Anonymous

    "White people don't have negative stereotypes"??? WHAT? Where the **** are you from? Everyone and I mean everyone has negative stereotypes. White people are not the exception. They are not holier than thow, and their lifestyles are not the ultimate goal for every other group of people. Each and every person's qualities, good or bad, contribute to certain beliefs that the rest of the world has about that person's race, age, religion, gender, socioeconomic group, etc… Unfortunately, we are all a slave to those beliefs that have been instilled in us since we are children. We all judge, even knowing that our judgment may contribute to some of the inequalities in this world. But you, me, and everyone else could stand to do it a little less.
    It is also unfortunate that you feel the need to defend the actions of your entire race. That is a heavy burden to bear on your shoulders. Have you ever considered that not everyone was brought up to believe marriage is yet another ultimate goal of life? I personally want to get married some day but I want to be a mother more. If that Mr Right doesn't come along, Im not going to let statistics, religious views, or a closed minded black man deter me from fulfilling my dream. It is not always a matter of BEING TAUGHT BETTER as you say. Sometimes it is just a matter of being taught different. There are exceptions to everything. Not every person who does something that you or others do not approve of, is doing something wrong. We are all individuals and we should be judged (if at all) on our individual choices based on our personal circumstances. You could and possibly should seek to open up your eyes a little more and expose yourself to a wider variety of people. Even traveling the world doesn't ensure, you know all of the views of that world. Sit down and talk with people, but mostly just listen, and try not to judge. Im not saying your entire statement is wrong. You may well have some valid points. But you honestly sound like the type of person who disapproves of many things without thinking about the story of the person(s) you are criticizing. If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me.
    And might I add, artists like those you have mentioned may be lame and questionable (in my opinion) but listening to their music doesn't dumb me down, or make me any less stringent in the standards that I hold for myself. Maybe people should be teaching their children that, instead of blaming issues of "the community" on a poor choice in music.

    • MyName

      Best comment I've read thus far.

    • NY29memberofsociety

      I have to say that I agree and disagree with you. As a white woman who is absolutely the opposite of racist and very open minded about most things, some things you have said kind of irked me. The issue of marriage and reproduction: You say that "not everyone was brought up to believe marriage is yet another ultimate goal of life? I personally want to get married some day but I want to be a mother more. If that Mr Right doesn't come along, Im not going to let statistics, religious views, or a closed minded black man deter me from fulfilling my dream". I can't agree with that. Studies consistently show that children are much healthier mentally and emotionally in a 2 parent household. (Obviously, they refer to a household where the parents get along). Now, this definitely goes for every single race, creed and ethnicity. Also, if Mr. Right just is not going to come along, then yes, sperm donors are available. From what I see everywhere, I think that the underlying issue is that women are not seeing reproducing offspring as the absolute most wonderful and demanding thing we can do. Your children NEED to come before anything/one else and that includes removing any drama from your life and from the child's life. Drama would include having various other "baby daddies" (as much as I hate that word). So, that woman who will force a pregnancy, she will be valuing her ability to reproduce more so than the accidental baby. She will probably dedicate herself to her child and her career and assure that she is responsible enough to care for the child. The other issue I have is with the choice of music. Now, if you are a responsible working person who is filled with integrity and respect, and in your own words you don't even like those artists, then what would you gain from listening to them? How could you relate to their music? Those were my 2 issues I wanted to elaborate on, but everything else you said was awesome! Teach your children well!

      • poop

        gotta say i think the lyrics stink but i like the bumping beats 🙂 only very impressionable people are going to let song lyrics change their attitudes and how do you know people filled with integrity just don't like that music?? and duh stats are going to show kids from a two parent household are better off. How many single moms are you going to find in middle class? a lot less than you are going to find at the poverty level, people in higher income brackets stay together, so their kids are probably going to have an easier time of it. That doesn't mean you can responsibly raise a child on your own.

    • i love you 🙂

    • i love you

  • Christy Love

    I could agree more with this article. Myself and my girlfriends have noticed this for years. Its good to see we weren't paranoid in observing the double standard. I know so many more promiscuous white women than black, and they wear in on their selve like a badge. The promiscous black women are treat like pariahs.

  • fabu78

    As soon as I saw the title I knew this article was by LaShaun Williams. I swear your as wack as they come…smh. Always trying to stir up some mess. Your a messy ass broad Ms. Williams

    • @Fabu78 I am with you!!! Her articles are often suspect, I feel her topic can be something as benign as our hair and she'll find a way to whip it into some tye of class, cultural or field vs. house, war!!!! I also find her attempts at humor not funny at all they simply come across as plain condescending!!!

      • I meant some type of class instead of tye, sorry for the typo.

  • chanela

    Wth! are people serious? why the hell was kim at the damn kids choice awards?? im still wondering why snoop dogg was there too. they both do absolutely nothing for kids and should stay 400yds away from that awards show. wtf is our world becoming?? ughh

  • Elleboogi

    I agree with everything you said. I thought this list was just another way to separate ethnicities and create tension. As a mixed white and mexican woman i have to say i have never wore low rise skinny jeans due to my wide hips. I'm loud on the phone and I get judgmental looks because of it. If any man I ever met expected me to give it up on the first night then sorry but he's mistaken. All types of women give it up the first night, the first month, the first 6 months. It has nothing to do with the color of the woman's skin. There are hoes in every group of women no matter what their background is. Just like their are prudes in every group. It has to do with the individual and nothing to do with the color. As for looking straight faced…. my sister is the meanest looking person in the world. She is constantly looking like she is about to scream at you. But when she opens her mouth its a smile and kind words. I frown a lot not knowing it but I do and I get people thinking that I'm giving them dirty looks. In conclusion making rifts between ethnicities like this sets us back as a society. Why even try and make something like this into a racial thing?

    • If you do a search for "angry black woman" how many hits will you get. do the same for white, mexican or others and what will you find in comparison?

      • Sasha Styles

        Just did- white gets 94,400,000, hispanic gets 3,990,000, black gets 119,000,000, asian gets 15,700,000. The front page for ‘angry black woman’ is mostly dealing with it being a trope or negative stereotype. Interesting. Apparently Latinas are the least likely to be judged ‘angry’, but white women are a close second (with nothing on it being a destructive trope to counter it being meant seriously)

  • mistyjean

    I've made it a habit to smile more often after this one Asian girl back in high school told me she thought I was mean because I always kept a straight face. Anybody who knows me knows I'm outgoing and bubbly, but I guess because I'm black I'm bitter before proven sweet :/

    • Me!

      I'm not black, I usually walk around with a straight face and people have told me that they thought I was mean.

      I don't think it's a racial thing. If you see anyone walking down the street with a straight face, you're not going to automatically assume they're outgoing and bubbly.

  • I think it apply to all "races" no one is exempt.


    TP PRISSY- wheres the statistics on hispanic and white women??? EVERYWHERE right next to the stats on black woman. As for abortions they do take the lead. Dont be mad at anybody else for statistics babygirl. Theres a reason things are brought to light. Not to make black women feel bad but to take action to do better. period the end stop with the pity shit. and white sleeping on the first date?? let me just blacks think that about whites whits men think that about black and hispanics and hispanics think that about blacks and white. All women as a whole get it together no matter what race!!!!!

  • Jenny

    As a white woman, I cannot/will not claim to know what black women "can't get away with"; however, I do know white women can't get away with these things either. Baby voices, obvious nose jobs, and booty shorts on curvy figures aren't well-regarded on white women either. Having sex on the first date will probably not lead to a second date, whether you're white or black, or whether the man involved is white or black. And most importantly, pro-lifers will condemn any woman who gets an abortion, regardless of her skin color. (Quick reminder: not all white people are pro-life! Not all pro-lifers are white!)

    This article ould have made a compelling and legitimate article if less fluffy and/or unfounded examples had been used.

    • theBlackPocahontas

      so Paris Hilton and the Kardashians or even Marilyn Monroe aren't valid examples?

      So every TV program that shows a white woman being oversexualized isn't a good example?

      So all the folks who have had nose jobs and plastic surgery like Melanie Griffith, Lisa Rinna etc aren't a good example?

      So The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Teen Mom & Pregnant at 16 plus pregnancy pacts aren't good examples?

      I;m just saying Samantha on Sex and the City is a bona fide WHORE. The movie and show are big hits. It's called sexual freedom.

      • Confused

        Those are all celebs or tv shows. What about real life people, since the article is written for them? Come back to reality Pocahontas.

  • sgichuhi

    GOSH!! No wonder prejudice will never cease, it is because of such articles that there's a lack of integration from both races, a young black woman will read this and tell her peers and judgement starts from there, a young white woman does the same and then judgement starts from there…..it all trickles down and it becomes a never ending cycle of IGNORANCE!!!

    • theBlackPocahontas

      I hope that means that you troll website targeted primarily toward white women and say the same things when you read the comments.

      But let's just start with WHY there is a reason that we have to have sites like this since you appear to forget that black people have a reason to distrust white folks overall. And it isn't OUR job to get over it. Especially when it continues to happen. It's their job to first acknowledge that this stuff exists but since we have black folks volunteering to to cut off the conversation, we never seem to get to that point.

  • denise

    Maybe I missed the line that said that this article was supposed to be taken as pure factual information, but I thought the point was to be satirical and entertaining. I thought the whole thing was hilarious. and it amazes me how small minded all of u must be to get so angry and upset over this. Calm the heck down. The only thing keeping women apart isn’t race or articles like this one, its our own irrational BS. And BTW I’m black and I still think its funny.

    • theBlackPocahontas

      funny because I didn't detect any anger from the women agreeing with the article. The only anger detected was from the 1 or 2 white folks who said that wasn't their experience.

      Yeah it's funny but is doesn't make these issues any less true. There are always exceptions to the rule but to categorically deny that double stands don't exists between the races and then between sexes is asinine at best

      This is a website mainly targeted to the black community and much the barber shop and/or beauty shop, it is a place to discuss things that you've felt. People may or may not agree but hammering them because they decided to have a conversation about it is irrational IMO

      • L@L

        @theBlackPocahontas. I totally agree with your statement. People are getting angry about the article and trying to state that there is no truth in it. There is an element of truth in it, especially here in the U.K, but it is written in a comical way. The ignorance isn't coming from the writer, she is highlighting something that exists within communities.
        The problem with things like this is if you bring it up or discuss it, non black people always make out that you (black people) are the ones with the problem. In order to live as one we don't have to conform to the man who calls himself master. Thats the beauty of cultural diversity we are all diverse like flowers in Gods garden. It would be a little boring if we all had the same cultural aesthetics.

      • Jay

        @theBlackPocahontas: You know that generalizations cannot be held as a truth right? A statement like "All white women are skinny and can get away with wearing skinny jeans while all black women have huge asses and cannot wear skinny jeans" is merely the truth but just stupid ass bullshit.

        The real issue is that so many people are still hyping up stereotypes and generalizing the shit out of everybody, when we really should respect that people are different, no matter the color of skin. It's a damn shame we can't just embrace that we're different, but instead we feed into the hate.

  • OMG this is so true! I blogged about the outrage that Kim Kardashian was rewarded for her "fame" by appearing on the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. We know that a black woman with the same history/reputation would have never been given the same popularity and adoration by society. It's not that I'm mad because I want black hoes to be presented in the media like that, I would love to see classy come back in a big way. But I don't like that a lot of hip hop models and baller's wives are immediately labeled as bad women when white women who take that to the max are rewarded with praise. Even by some of our own people. That's really something to think about

  • ST

    Black women phuck on the first date all the time. However, I am appreciative of that friendliness. I’m not waiting 3 months and I tend to believe that I am very hard to resist. that’s why I do not disrespect them for dropping them draws. Cause im gonna want more

    • grey eyed girl

      not so and you know it , if a bw drops her draws, you hit and quit, a white woman do it and you marry her. if a sista give it up on the 1st date, then she's a hoe and if a white woman gives it up, she's being comfortable with sexual being and gets wifed up.

  • moonbeam

    just look at maury and see all the white women with different baby daddy's from other races, or from their husband brother or best friend.

  • Some of these writers do not believe the crap that they write, They just want to generate comments.

    • @Kathy, I have been wondering if some of the articles are written to drive traffic to the site and rack up page views which could possibly generate income and/or bonus for the writers as well continue to bring visitors to the site; that's one opinion even though I have several others regarding this article. Also, wrote something similar a couple of days ago, which was never posted!!!

  • AlyssaV

    Those things you list, sex on the first date, dressing "half nude", getting pregnant out of wedlock….aren't trashy. ALL women do these things or find themselves in these situations for many different reasons, not just because they are trashy. THAT'S THE POINT. But we as black women are judged differently for it and it's wrong. All you are excusing is your sexist, paternalistic attitude towards ALL women and MORESO your own. Particularly shameful!

    • THANK YOU, nobody should be viewed as trashy everybody has their own lives and they arrive at situations differently, I dont know much about black women being viewed differently because i grew up in a mostly white small town. white girls are viewed as trashy just as much as black woman but i think because people (atleast in situation i've been in) put so much emphasis on the "poor black mothers living in poverty" issue, which came about from a long history of social redlining and shit, white people tend to assume those mothers are loose or trashy especially uneducated bastards. because they dont look around and see the white girls who act the same way and they dont put themselves in the situations that those mothers have to go through. please give me your imput.

  • Rastaman

    To show how ridiculous the premise of this article is:
    #9. White women can sleep with Tiger Woods and Black Women can't.


    • essence

      lol! that's funny and yes this article is a bunch of bullshit but what you expect. Because of writers like Lashaun madame noire will never be in the same competition as Clutch magazine.

      • I actually prefer Madame to Clutch. Clutch, ironically enough, becomes more and more like Bossip everyday- especially in the comments section.

        • Lauren

          Do you know Madame is owned by Bossip. Clutch is NOTHING Like bossip or Madame..lol – not even on the same level.

  • lauren

    not all black women are curvy. Not all white women are straight up n down…I know plenny of black women wearing skinny jeans, and white girls that hate em. Comparing a show called "sex and the city" to FLAVOR OF LOVE? ALL the women on that show r skanks-white, black, Cuban, or Asian…Yall r crazy to entertain this at all. Ignorance is not bliss….and you showing some major ignorance with this. U stereotypin ppl in a way that's unfair. I'm white and if I walk around wit a straight face, ppl ask me y I'm mad n upset, it ain't jus u sweetie. This article is somethin that I'd expect from a low level teen gossip website…..hmmmmm

    • theBlackPocahontas

      so because YOUR white makes these statements UNTRUE when so many agree with them. Interesting?

      And then you turn around and call us sweetie, how mighty white of you

      • ReggaeRastamom

        It's "you're" not YOUR…but I guess you would have to be white to spell correctly!!! How mighty white of you for even having a computer…doesn't feel nice does it? Racists come in ALL colors…and so does STUPID..get it!!

  • shonda

    This list is Bullshit. ur complaining u can't get a mainstream sex tape??? Really?!?! Ur not a soon to be author, ur a never to be author with this horrible nonsense. this shits so ignorant and THE precise reason ppl have stereotypes, because u wanna create them out of nothing. no female should get away with bein obnoxious on the phone, no matter the race. u wanna complain about a division in society, YOU'RE MAKING IT WORSE. grow up. take a step back n look at the big picture. is THIS what u wanna be known for???? This is so ridiculous…..

    • WHose opinion

      The article merely mentioned making a sex tape. That's far from the FOCUS of the article. The article says we are more PUNished for 'bad behavior' and less able to 'flip the script' so to speak by taking advantage of bad behavior.

  • Ashley

    this list is half true half bullshit…. ok… black girls can wear skinny jeans thats all i wear and i look amazing in them, i can get knocked up if i like and i wont be in poverty because a. im not poor b.my boyfriend isnt black so he wouldnt desert me and baby, the reason black women dont have sex on the first date is we're no whores. And the reason that fishburn girl didnt work out… she doesnt have giant fake boobs and a enormous fake ass like kim kardashian plus kardashian had famous friends… that will help. I feel no double standard and I wont let u or anyone else stop me from being the woman i want to be! You can believe in this bullshit but i myself choose to live as it no one but my opinion matters.

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Are you f'n kidding me? This article has got to be the most racist shit ever. If you think that white women can get away with (having sex on the first night, getting knocked up, talking in a baby voice, keeping a straightface and wearing skinny jeans w/blubber rolling over, being loud on the phone and the other last stupid one) more than black women. I'm told all the time I look mean when I am not smiling and I think someone is just plain stupid for assuming that, if one isn't smiling. ANY woman with fat hanging over her skinny ass jeans is not cute regardless of your skin color. The baby voice ain't cute less your a white baby, perhaps…but not a grown ass white bitch. I'm wasting my time w/ignorace. Peace!

    Getting knocked up–
    Talking in baby voice
    Having sex on the first night
    Keeping a straight-face
    Skinny Jeans

  • Darkesthourglass

    Some things white women can’t get away with but a black woman can is diversity of hairstyles: braids, afros, shaved head. Unless she has a cute face and/or nice shaped head then maybe. Erykah and India Arie can walk around bald all they want, Britney can’t.

    • WHose opinion

      But Sinead O'connor did!

      • kpuff

        yeah 20 years ago and the world's still not over it

  • hopedawg86

    When we accept that we can't get away with the same things white women can get away with, we are selling ourselves short. Yes, this list is bit comical, but I think there is an underlying issue at hand, which is why blogs such as Madame Noire are important. They dispel these stereotypes and empower black women. Oftentimes, I feel it's black women perpetuating the whole "what we can and cannot get away with." We think there's a secret formula to being a black woman and as soon as a black woman steps out of that "formula," we talk about her like she's weird, strange, worthless or a hoe, instead of embracing the fact that we, too, are complex beings who don't fit into a box. Ultimately, I think it's about white women being accepted by the mainstream as being complex, whereas we are either Michelle Obamas or Hoes. There's nothing in between and part of it is because we accept it.

    • WHose opinion

      O MY GODD!! I was waiting for someone, someone else to say that! 🙂

      Other's are 'complex' – we're fallen.

  • Dimples

    True, very true and please don't be a black woman with natural hair and a straight face (me). I am "unapproachablel" because I have a straight face and don't smile and my hair which I wear in a twist out scares people ……it's crazy!

    • WHose opinion

      Thank you, thank you, thank you – lived it for YEARS!

  • I wrote about a similar subject on my blog a few months ago. I called it ‘Different grading curve’ and it’s the truth. Some black men do give white girls a pass on things that we wouldn’t let a black girl get away with. Oh ya and you forgot that we also give them a pass if they can’t cook and they get a pass for being slightly out of shape. Some black men like a thick white girl because it makes him feel like she has a body like a black girl, when in actuality she is just fat or chubby.

    • lauren

      there is such thing as think white girls, and PLENTY of fat and chubby black girls that claim "thick." Get outta here wit yo ignorant ass!!!

    • Bella

      Unbelieveable. Only in black culture do women believe that in order for a man to respect a woman that woman must look like his mother, grandmother, aunts, etc. ONLY BLACK WOMEN even stop to consider that. A man will respect a woman who respects herself and sets boundaries regardless of whether she looks like his mother. Who are you to speak for what a black man thinks when he sees a white woman? Who are you to speak for a black man's interpretation of a white woman's physical appearance? You are applying YOUR perceptions of white women's physical appearance to satisfy your deeply rooted insecurity of "losing" a black man to a white woman. In your opinion, a white woman must look and act like a black woman to get a black man to love her. Why are black women so desparate to justify a black man loving a white woman? Why do you refuse to allow a black man to simply be attracted to a white woman without regard for how "black" she looks or behaves?

      • Bella

        Perhaps black men will never admit to you their genuine feelings towards white women; you have only yourself to blame for not allowing your black men the freedom to be with whomever they want to be with. Further, if a black man is disrespectful towards ANY woman of ANY race, that should be a red flag. If a black man pursues white women because he percieves them to be "easy", that would be a red flag. Read between the lines. A real man of virtue will respect ALL women without regard for their race or physical appearance. When it comes to love and respect, the color of your skin should have nothing to do with it. Whilst you stand on your pedestal passing judgement and stereotyping women of another race, you are breathing life into the very negativity you claim to be rising above.

        • Why does this issue always turn into a relationship dilemma. I believe that most of the people on here are just trying to understand the dynamics of race that play out in this country. These are real issues whether perceived or not. I do believe black women are prejudged about things that might be normal in other cultures; however, we as women should not let men or whose loving who determine the kind of women we become. Whomever a black man marries is his business……I don't really care….what I do care about is how I'm perceived by God and by myself and how I treat and talk to anyone whether male, female or black or white.

  • Keshia

    SOOOOO true. And black men are the reasons that these stereotypes aren’t dying.

    • grey eyed girl

      Black men have replaced the media and have became the mean reason why the hatred against us still rages on. Black men bashes us more than anyone else on earth. Which is why I could no longer deal with much less date them any longer. moved on and not looked back since.

    • grey eyed girl

      Yes, black men have replaced the media in and on attacking us at every angle. no one shows more hatred and disdain towards us than black men, they show more cruelty towards us than anyone else on the planet. this is why i stopped dealing and dating black men, why and how can a black woman deal with a black man when it is clear that he despises her? No need in keeping company with the enemy. moved on and not looked back.

  • Roswell

    It's true that somethings White women do, a Black women can't get away with. Some of the things listed are true, but some aren't.


    What…nothing about HAIR !?!

    • Neesy

      I know. A LOT of White women have weaves and no one ever says anything.

      • TheReal

        really? Of the white women I know, the fast majority just use "hair extensions," or small amounts of hair exactly matched to their real hair, and only for going out. Why would a white woman go to all the expense and agony of a weave, when her hair can NATURALLY grow long and straight?

        • ….And so can a black woman's if she is taught that her hair can and the value of her hair. I never put perm in my daughters hair and they have beautiful, strong and long hair. Although I'm not an advocate of beauty being in a woman's hair, I believe black women can have beautiful locks if they appreciate the hair they have. I didn't when I was younger because no one told me any better but I've decided to change that and make up for lost time. I've gone natural and I'm loving it. My hair is much stronger and healthy. It's taking time to grow but that is a matter of time only. For black women, it's okay to be whatever they choose but like any life choice there are consequences attached. I CHOOSE to be moralistic and upright because I want to leave a legacy of something substantial. I'm by no means am saying other women can't do the same, but living this way is my choice.

        • My hair doesn't grow straight, it gets curly and puffs out ^_^*

        • believe what you want

          Sorry “The Real” but I’m a stylist and my friends son’s girlfriend is white and I’ve sewn a full on weave in her hair. By the way I’m black my hair is passed bra strap length, whilst her hair continues to stay well above her shoulders.

      • Me!

        A lot of white women don't brag about it like some black women do. I hear black girls say all the time, "Ooh, I gotta go get some new weave." If you didn't point it out yourselves, I don't think other people would either.

        • girliusmaximus

          Don't worry about what black women point out. And when they do point it out, it's not in a negative way, it's just about them getting their hair done. And for the record a lot of black women get weaves done so as not to damage their natural hair with all the processing, curling and products. Which is a lot smarter than what I see some frizzy, frazzled and fried white women do.

        • Kamii

          If we dont point it most guys already think we have weave in our hair and this is a personal view because i"m Black,White, and Indian and my hair is somewhat long and guys automatically think my hair is weave by say "is this your real hair".

    • girliusmaximus

      I was thinking the same thing. We get criticized and lambasted about any kind of fake hair whether it's extensions, weave, or whatever but there are white women who have their own line of hair pieces. WTF??? I call BS.

  • theBlackPocahontas

    I think this list forgot to mention them being a whore overall. In every sitcom, LMN movie, cable movie, big budget movie, reality TV show, her sexual prowess is only display. They make time to insert sex scenes. Samantha in Sex and the City is revered and no one says anything.

    Black women got lambasted for Flavor of Love etc. What pisses me off is that the world wants to keep black women in a neat little moralistic box where they criticize us for who we are but don't want to see us any other way.

    That's some mother of the earth stuff for you.

    • BECKY

      The "women" on flavor of love are nasty. That was a poor choice on your part. I would hope black woman would not compare themselves to that kind of fame hungry trash that was on that show. That is itself is insulting. Samantha is a ho as well….but I dont think white women everywhere are like "oh….how sweet". C'mon. Its a damn shame we re even having this discussion and comparing these things in the first place. Be your own person. Be a good freaking person. Why is that so difficult? Why must everything be a pointing the finger, but she did it first, its not my fault, blah blah blah moment???????

    • Cid

      Oh yeah sure, flavor of love… because rock of love shone such a great light on white women…

    • elise

      You're right. I think it has to do with the fact that a lot of the critics and people in control of what we watch are white males and they see black women as exotic. Also, personally I think black women are way more seductive than white women. It's wrong, you are correct, but it probably has something to do with what white males find exotic and perhaps even taboo and then they get off on it.

    • scir91onyoutube

      i am a man and i never appreciate a woman's brain first. only her body parts and her face. to say otherwise is lying to myself and being politically correct.

      • steve j

        it's true !

    • Cassandra

      You do forget Rock of Love, and that fact that the women on there were labeled just as trashy as some of the ones for Flavor of Love.

      It's TV, ratings, and the women who let themselves be portrayed or act like fools on reality tv shows that lambast themselves

    • Morgan

      Although I believe there is some validity to these statements and I cannot, nor ever will be able to, testify on behalf of a black woman's perspective (as I am White), I believe this is more of a women issue. Samantha is revered by many, no doubt, but also scolded by many (both in and out of the show). Since when do white women "give it up on the first date" and are considered still respectable for it? The girls I know who do that have been long ago targetted as sluts.

      In terms of Flavor of Love, what about Rock of Love (or whatever was the trashy white girl version with the guy from Poison)? In the Surreal Life, the white girls are the trashy ones. This is a general problem of reality tv. Kim Kardashian isn't the white girl ideal. I'm not trying to hate on my own race or others but this is a problem that transcends gender and although black women feel targetted, people should look beyond race. Often, people assume that white girls know what they're doing or "have it all", but that is NOT the case whatsoever. Honestly, look past the color of peoples' skins. Society will be a less resentful place

  • @Pashunfruit, I agree w/you! I find myself cringing & wanting to curl into the fetal position ’cause of the embarrassment!

    O.a.n., who is Vivica ‘Fix’ ??

    • Willito

      Failed troll attempt.

  • theBlackPocahontas

    so because your experience is different, that makes the list UNTRUE?

    • Zas

      Yes!!! It does.

      • No, it doesn't! It just makes it untrue for you and those LIKE YOU. And I'm not sure people are understanding this.

        The author is not saying we oughtn't to do these things as black women – but that social mores PENAlize us more frequently for these behaviours. And allows itself to believe that we are more frequently GUILTy of these.

        That's what she's saying. If you doN"T feel more punished or more often accused – congrats! But some of us DO.

        This list as TRUE for me – I've lived it.

    • WeRallBeautiful

      The fact that 'WHITE WOMEN' in this 'article' are represented by some flat-chested, flat-arsed, mentally retarded, whoreish, baby-talking (seriously? No one does this {who is not talking to a dog/baby} who doesn't get paid to…), black man-stealing (by the way, this implies that black women OWN men when they say this), abortion-having bitch who has had several nose jobs would, in itself, make this list UNTRUE. THAT is HORRIBLE. Black women appear to be bad when you write crap like this. A female, black write should write things that build up black women and give them hope, not tell them they should hate everyone, distance themselves from other races, and lead them to despair. Just stop it. It is disgusting.

  • theBlackPocahontas

    How do you begin by criticizing the author but then you agree with what was written.

    And WHY do you feel the need to have to explain anything. Did it ever occur to you that the conversations continue to come up because you sit there like a dummy and answer the questions? Why don't you try and flip the script and ask them about pregnancy pacts, meth heads, serial killers, rapists, child molesters and so forth.

    And then you have the nerve to say you criticize black women harshly because you love them. Sorry I don't need or want your kind of love. ANd quit using your expectations of black women to justify your behavior. Okay we get it, you know white women are whores and black women tend not to be, but WHY allow people to get away with that instead of trying to explain a small percentage in our community?

    The reality is this, if black women was all of the things things, why do we educate ourselves more than a black man almost 2:1?

    And since you are a Black man, why don't you start with breaking the stereotypes of black men first. You can work on anyone else until you work on yourself

    • tonya

      I love you Sister! TELL HIM!

      • Ray

        Bitter Black women jumping on the bandwagon with flat tires. When will you stop being a cheerleader for bitternes?

        • When the language becomes more respectful and more supportive – It's ok for him to tell us off but not ok for us to defend ourselves? how does that work??

        • word

    • Ray

      Using the 2:1 ratio is so narrow minded it's NOT because of the reasons you think it is. The reasons are many and varied and go way back in our history.
      We all have the right to voice our opinions here, whether you like it or not.
      By the way Black women are just as "whoreish" as White women and vice versa. Black women don't walk on water.

      • Tiffany

        "By the way Black women are just as "whoreish" as White women and vice versa. Black women don't walk on water. "

        Sure. Because examples of black men like Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Tiger, and the dudes from the neighborhood are so chaste. As far as the 2:1 ratio being narrow minded, don't you think it's a bit narrow to claim black women as "whoreish" period.

    • Black

      Yet you name yourself theBlackPocahontas. The irony.

      We all need to do better. Black men and women. All.

    • Tyrone Gibson

      Why must you be so racist! I am STRONG black man with great education and I am married to a white woman. The reason is because of comments like "Okay we get it, you know white women are whores and black women tend not to be." How about you stop being so jealous, like a lot of black women, and get your s**t together!

      • Hatsu

        I agree with the racist part, but I sense some deep rooted anger here from women maybe being jealous of your wife in the past. You're telling people to stop being racist, well why don't you stop generalizing people?

      • Lucky

        That's like saying that most white men are most likely to be child molesters, meth users and cuckholds. Do you happen to know the FBI profile for a child molester? Check it out on their site and then get back to me. Dumbass!

        PS: Under an ape's fur is pink skin…just like yours.
        PPS: Don't be so hard on people with big lips. Your women pay top dollar to get that physical characteristic.

  • Lynnett

    If u ever look at a pic of Halle Berry's mother, Judith u'll see that Berry has her mother's nose & not her blk father's nose. So how is mentioning her in this article relevant.

    • JSoli

      because she has admitted to having rhinoplasty. Which makes her an example of a good nose job because you cannot tell shes had one.

    • essence

      have you seen Halle's nose when she was younger? She def had a black nose no denying that

    • Ashleigh

      Halle Berry did have a nose job done. It just looks natural.

    • Lyn

      If you look at old pictures of Halle Berry, you'll see had a different nose then than she does now.

  • itsreal

    Get it through your heads Black People, Female and Male!!! The playing field IS NOT leveled & the "Double Standard" does exist!

    • Anonymous

      Black people already know the playing field is not level. And its never going to be until we acknowledge it and have open dialogue about it. But in a way that's not hurtful and insulting to other races. This whole discussion has gone awry.

    • Garnet

      There are a lot of double standards; not just the ones between black and white women. Confront the most serious examples in a way that'll actually have a chance of getting the problem fixed and keep doing the best you can. Blacks aren't the only people in the US who are held to an alternate standard. Members of other racial and ethnic groups, whites in areas where they're the minority, religious minorities, atheists and agnostics, intelligent people of all stripes, and on and on. For that matter, half of the things talked about here aren't even double standards really, they're just circumstances. OMG, some black women can't pull off the low-cut jeans that are popular right now! FFS, it's not like it's an intentional affront to blacks, and there's certainly a whole bunch of women of other races who can't pull that look off either.

    • guest

      You are sooooo on point. that field is not level and never will be. We as black women should buying into the Bull—-

  • Confused

    What's the point of this article? Sites like these and other blogs (which shall remain nameless- one of which Madame Noire has direct ties to) to nothing but stir up controversy, race bait, and sensationalize truth, sometimes rumor. Again, what is the point? Are there any solutions provided? Is there any contextualization?

    As sites like these proliferate, continue to perpetuate stereotypes, and serve as breeding grounds for black women to commiserate and argue with one another, what's being done to combat the issues we talk about? Many of us can recite Kim Kardashian's trajectory to fame, but while she's making millions, what are WE doing to positively impact the community and let our daughters and sisters know that there are other ways to be beautiful or famous? These are things the author perceives we CAN NOT do. We damn sure CAN DO whatever the hell we please. We were not put on this earth to please backwards-thinking, close-minded racists and the like.

    I could go on but I'll end here. This site consistently disappoints me, so I think I will stop visiting it.

    • Thanks you confused. I entered some comments earlier also expressing my disdain with this ridiculous article and have yet to see them. But I agree and for the most part am now suspect of anything written by La Shaun Williams. I feel her 10 tips or less spew is typically not well-written or well-researched. Nor does her point of view seem to offer any type of balance, statistics, expertise other than her own attempt at trying to be funny while sounding plain condescending, hateful, classist, and out of touch with a good segment of the African-American community whether it's hair or this nonsense, her articles, tips, points, consistently disappoint this reader. The only point that half way made any sense was #7 but as some readers have pointed out depending on how much "junk" is in your trunk skinny jeans either are or not an issue but most of the stuff so-called white women are able to get away isn't much of a plus to began with for any woman!!

    • Anonymous

      In full agreement. My suggestion would be to continue to visit the site, if only to expose others who comment to the fact that this and many other articles have serious flaws in their approach. I would also suggest writing the author. I too found this article to be very messy: insulting and in bad taste.

    • smoltz

      Great post

    • BKJ

      couldn't have said it better myself. thank you for making sense unlike a billion other people who are complaining about the one stereotype they're supporting with their own actions!!!

  • Neomi

    I have to disagree with the nose jobs. It is really a matter of redefining your new nose WITHIN your race and NOT trying to make your nose look like another race. There are some black women who had great nose jobs like Left Eye. It's not about the shape of the nose. It is really about having a nose that is too large for your face. If it is too large, then by all means take it down a size or two. As long as it is tasteful and believable, who cares what others think.

    • Guest 18

      I totally agree, Neomi. I want a nose job badly. I'd like a thinner more contoured nose that fits my face. I am NOT trying to have the profile of a white woman. And Halle Berry is not the only black celebrity to have benefited from a good nose job. Just about every black actor/actress in Hollywood has had some nasal reshaping.

    • theBlackPocahontas

      Yeah but before it's accepted, people talk about it badly.

    • WHose opinion

      …and who decides what is tasteful and believable? Aren't those terms social constructs that are based on "what others think"??

  • Prissy

    DO NOT get me started on what White women get "away" with versus what WE Black women get TARGETED to death about! The HIV rates, the ABORTION rates, the WELFARE rates and being FAST in general is CLEARLY more of a WHITE woman thing. Yet WE Black women are ALWAYS and consistently BOMBARDED with "facts", "figures" & "statistics" about WHY We are "poor", "lonely", "Manless", "Destitute" and even more ridiculous ass things that are put out there. We have been hit by the MEDIA (Television, music, magazines and even online forums such as these). NOT being a "naive" young lady, I KNOW that we have LARGE rates of some very inexcusable diseases that we MUST take action within our community to deal with… BUT where are the OTHER races statistics? I WILL be posting out ALL of their information as well. I can NOT wait for the day that I will be pulling out ALL the stops on White women and their gross ass ways. ENOUGH is a ENOUGH when abortion ads on main highways have BLACK children depicted on it when we know damn well White & Hispanic women abort in HIGHER numbers than Black women. *sigh* What is it about us that makes everyone (even our own men it seems sometimes) to HATE us so much? We get DEGRADED so much! WHEN will this STOP? It is so frustrating and aggravating.

    • Elleboogie

      I can understand that you are frustrated. But as a woman who lives in Arizona I have to say that I never hear any of these comments being directed towards black women. In my community these stereotypes are directed towards women of hispanic origin. Unfortunately your post just makes you sound racist. I'm a white and mexican woman so are you going to "pull out all the stops on me and my gross ways?" Cause I'm sorry but you have no idea who I am or what my ways are. All you are doing is generalizing a population and being a hypocrite. You don't like to be part of a generalization so why would you do that to other women? Just think about it, two wrongs don't make a right. Instead of trying to bring other women down why not try to build up the community of women that you feel are being wrongfully accused of actions they have not commited

      • huh??

        ARE you serious???
        you don't hear the comments directed towards black women – and you're white and mexican.So, what? Being white and mexican puts you in the know – about black women???

    • 2me

      Oh yea, the only reason your post has so many hits is this stupid blog goes to the oldest posts first, so you are actually out of date. If you were on the last page you would have been long forgotten.

      • Interesting2some

        not really. I live this daily so it's of interest to me. And to all like me who experience it. Apparently, it's equally interesting to all those looking for yet another excuse to bash black women or who need to say "there THEY go complaining again. Imagining things again…"

    • walkaway

      wow….reading this reminds me of one thing black and white women have in common…….nagging…..

    • LizzyB

      Sorry, but did you ever think that black women are targeted in the anti-abortion advertising for a different reason? The people who are fighting against abortion want it to stop. The white population has been targeted for decades, with few results. Maybe those who are advertising feel that they have a better chance of getting through to a black woman. Among the other stereo-types about black people, they are also often perceived as being more religious. 7 years ago, before we met, my husband was a (white) missionary for our church in Baltimore city in his early 20s. They were allowed to go into the worst parts of the primarily African-American populated city because even the worst that the city has to offer (and it gets bad, look at the crime rates) generally had some respect for, as many locals called them "the Jesus boys." In contrast, there are a couple of surrounding areas that are mostly populated with plain white trash that the missionaries were simply told to steer clear of. It's not safe. In addition to this, there is a stereotype (whether deserved or undeserved, I cannot tell) of strong black women valuing traditional roles in the family more than strong white women. A strong white woman is often depicted as throwing off the bonds and oppression of roles like "mother" and "wife," whereas a strong black woman is often portrayed as not depending on men, but, upon finding the right one, embracing those roles and still being strong, or possibly being stronger once she assumes those roles. Watch mainstream action movies or crime dramas. White villains (male and female) are often portrayed as completely unfeeling without any bonds to humanity. Black villains are portrayed as having some family and even Christian values that only get distorted or suppressed when a conflict arises between those values and their "villainous pursuits," or their criminal ways are attributed to ignorance and conditioning. Maybe it's not a double standard for those trying to put an end to abortion. Maybe it does come from stereotypes, but maybe it comes from positive stereotypes. Maybe they're just speaking to those who they think might actually listen.

      • yeah right!

        PLEAse! What thy realized was that by targetting black women/ black communities, they would get a huge reaction – both in and out of the black community. That was the equivalent of the bikini babe selling…whatever..

      • almo

        Well, that kinda blows your theory out the water doesn’t it?

    • Venus

      While you are very upset about statistics, why blame whites ? The Federal Government has black,single women, with the highest rate of abortions, 2nd single,Hispanic females and 3rd single, white females. I don't believe our President would allow this department to lie about these statistics. He believes in abortions, even late term,and if the baby is born alive, he believes it should not be given medical care if it was aborted. This is the part that is
      horrifying to me; allowing the infant to die. I see where whites view us as ignorant; the term …….."baby mamas"……….has a negative connotation and does not help these young women's plight.

    • BECKY

      Why are black woman degraded so much? Id is everyone elses fault? When a song comes on in a club and the rapper is singing about ejaculating on a woman, or having her clean up the mess with her body (those are tame, as I am sure they have numerous other disgusting and demoralizing lyrics I cannot think of), I get disgusted. Initially I was disgusted that some songs I hear even get radio play they are do degrading, but then….WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! Every woman in the place starts screaming "Oh now this is MY SONG!!!!" and proceed to run out to the dance floor. If you dont want to be degraded….don't make it so easy.

    • Brenda Comeaux-Billiot

      I posted a link to the statistics in a link earlier. It's not fun to read, but it is what it is. And it includes all races. :http://www.cdc.gov/std/stats09/tables/34b.htm

    • Heather

      Racism –
      1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
      2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
      3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

      How many of these apply to you?

    • Denice

      Good luck on those studies! I have to agree 100% on everything you said. I think it is time for us as black women to start fighting back! Enough is enough. Maybe it's time to give them a taste of their own medicine! Lol

    • linda

      It'll stop when all women -white or black- stop pandering and acting not in their own best interests but going for the short term fast gratification… why do we need attention from men when we are young? why do we compete for this? Why are young people such risk takers with their health and futures? That's youth for you, a bit stupid. But these female attitudes stem from society as a whole is still recovering from a paternalistic (i.e. male / father figure oriented) society. Society now, cause it costs so much to own a home and just pay to EXIST, needs both parents working. You can't live for free, so we have to focus on getting good educations that take us where we need to be. Employed in well paying jobs. Independent. Secure. Self confident and knowing our value to our selves and society. Act as you want to be, perception becomes reality.

    • Although it is ignorant for anyone to label another based on stereotypes, we as African American women do need to take into consideration some of the weaknesses we have. My main concern is that we try to hard to fit in and not really focus more on becoming the best woman you can be. We are either trying to be black enough or show how good we are with whites…..how about just being and becoming the best person God intended you to become? All of this other stuff would not even matter. I can't get into hairstyles and weave and wearing particular types of clothing because I believe the more you understand what it means to be a woman, the less important any of those things become.

      I'm not suggesting these things are not real but by focusing on them we give them too much power. If you want to wear weave, then wear it proudly. You are the only one who has to deal with the consequences. But more significant is what type of person or woman are your trying to be or project to the world. Even if people perceive you wrongly, the truth will stand. Be you, only better.

    • wtF?

      This S*** is ridiculous. Not every white women is rich, skinny, and promiscuous. I am a CURVY white woman from the south. Maybe it is a southern thing but down here ALL woman are held to these standards. If you wear booty shorts, speak boisterously, and sleep around you are considered a HO no matter what color. That comment about "white women and their nasty ways" is just ridiculous. I am a lower middle class white woman who has worked my way through college and have a child out of wedlock as well. I have received the same negative statements and looks as anyone else that has had a child without being married. I cannot wear booty short without my big ol butt stickin out. These are standards that all women should be held too. As much negativity that we see I honestly hope that you guys(black women) need to realize that everyone wants to LOOK JUST LIKE YOU! i.e booty shots,breast implants, lip fillers??? I think that when you look at an article like this you need to think about the white/asian/hispanic girls that would DIE to have to the things that black woman are more often blessed with naturally. @prissy as far as that comment about "white women" maybe if you didn't snap judge every white girl you would know that we look at these HOES the same way you do. Hate breeds ignorance and vice versa and until we can learn to come together as WOMEN we will forever be locked in a battle of who is better, when in reality we need to appreciate how the GOOD LORD made us and be happy we are blessed with breath each day. #IMJUSTSAYIN

    • federalist

      Actually, African American women do have abortions at higher rates than White women. However, anyone who says that therefore a Black woman is more likely to abort a pregnancy than a White woman is f***ing stupid, so I agree with you on that. Further, I think the problem isn't the statistics–numbers don't lie; a fact is a fact. The problem is that whenever they indicate that African Americans are doing something wrong at higher rates than other races, there are people who wind up posting huge billboards about it–it's clearly racist.

      The problem here is largely the media. I'm a political scientist, and I did a study on media depictions of poverty. Consistently the media portray poverty as a "Black" problem, when in actuality White people make up a much larger percentage of the total poor (46% White versus something like 20% Black). I wouldn't be surprised if this trend existed in other areas–HIV/AIDS, abortion, etc. Even if African American females have HIV/AIDS or get abortions in higher numbers, there is absolutely no excuse to label it a "Black" problem. There's never an excuse to label any problem a "Black" problem or a "White" problem or a "Hispanic" problem. The problem isn't that Black women have more abortions, the problem is that there are way too many abortions in our country. The same goes with HIV. Who cares if Black people have it at higher rates? The real problem is that so many people, REGARDLESS of race, have it.

      I am a white male, and so I implore you to understand that not all white people think of African American women as inferior. I simply loathe any remark that attributes a type of behavior to any race–including the comment about "White women and their gross ass ways."

    • guest

      TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL! You non-white people,and some white "hillbillies" have just not taught your children respect,manners,how to speak correctly,basic civil knowledge. "section 8" was designed to "teach" you how civilized people live. Not working,just dragging the neighborhood down__

    • grey eyed girl

      it will never stop, seems to the that the world wants black women to disappear; to die. to go away…this is why we are forever targeted, with the knowledge of black men hating us only fuels the flames against us. thank goodness god loves us.

      • personally i am very attracted to black women but obviously you are looking for a man

  • Cougar Lover

    yall just want an excuse not to feel bad..hush black women…HUSH

    Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL http://goo.gl/g4zvo

    • Lala

      Girl shut yo ass up! Its clear that you are not mature because you date young ass boys cougar lover! its that an excuse to not feel like a old hag because you date young guys to make yourself feel good…..now you hush!!

    • Daddy

      You need to take those 2 gift cards and put it towards those wrinkles on your turkey neck. Now you have an excuse to feel bad. Wit cho old-ass!!!!

    • roscoe p

      stop your spamming animal lover

  • honeyB

    you forgot hair weaves, dying hair blonde, and getting perms

    • theBlackPocahontas

      YUP but this part applies to ALL other women versus Black women. We have to either die our hair browns or low lights while bleached blond, red etc is okay for everyone else. For us, we are hoodrats. ANd a ton of this comes from a Black Man

    • Lala

      Exactly!! To me this was not a good list of points some of these were silly! I agree with the hair thing. If a white woman wears her hair red, pink, blue they will say she is alternative,punkrock,gothic but if a black girl wears it she is ghetto! They try to put black women down for wearing weaves but yet white women wear it everyday and everybody just praises them or aitomatically assumes its their hair and Jessica Simpson's hair line is one of the biggest out there that caters to white women's weave but like I said its considered cute if a white woman does it. The show teen mom on MTV, they get glamorized and get articles done on them in magazines weekly but let the same show be about black teen moms on BET it would be people protesting and calling it a disgrace! I am definitely not encouraging teen pregancy no matter what race you are but its amazing how cute people think the show is smh!

      • Me!

        You've never heard anybody deride Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant? I have heard so many people talk about how bad that show is.

    • Nichole

      Could you imagine how "uncomfortable" some white people would be if all of us decided to "go natural"? In order not be looked at as "Ghetto", we sometimes have to put on our "smile" and our "phone voice" to be even considered. You can speak proper english without the "white accent" but sometimes some of us get so caught up in "being accepted" we loose site of what is really important….how we feel about ourselves. We don't need their acceptance. Once we realize (and alot of us have) how important education is and having our own businesses and applying the "each one teach one" method. We as a people would be so strong. I say, let them think what they will, we can show them better than we can tell them!

      • linda

        Do you think white people don't want you to succeed? Do you think white people think as one? There's an a*shole of every colour out there. This speaks more of your own insecurities than anything else. White people have insecurities too. Women in general have insecurities relative to men. But you are very right about focusing on Education, a good job or business …all these things are important for a happy life. White or black. Good luck, I hope good things happen for you.

    • grey eyed girl

      hell or just simply being pretty, black women are not allow to be pretty or beautiful. if we are, then we are trying to be white. seems like black women cant win at all…

      • RIGHT?! black women are beautiful natural black women are beautiful when they "try to be white" wtf is trying to be white? having straight hair? not all white people have straight hair i know a white girl whos hair is so nappy she could be labeled as "trying to be black"

      • Sasha Styles

        Are you kidding? My brother’s ex was a knockout and a half! Tons of guys would mack it to her when they hit the bar. Anyone trying to convince you black women can’t be beautiful or if they try to they’re trying to be white needs to have their head examined!

  • renee

    @Jay, while your comments have some validity if we are speaking about in terms of generalizations in race. However, take those same do’s & don’ts and place them geographically (between say beverly hills & oakland) a black woman in booty shorts or skinny jeans vs. a white woman in the same outfit will be perceived diferently. One will be fashionable & one will be a Ho. With that said, I AGREE with you that as women we should come together to support each other. Unfortunately, as long as everyone has an opinion and free will these differences will remain a fact. Whether we like it or not.

    • LizzyB

      what about some other geographical differences? between say, beverly hills and the neares poor-white trailer park. If a Black woman who carries herself well is wearing tailored, pressed shorts with nice shoes basic tank top and a trailer-trash white girl showing the same amount of skin in cut-off daisy-dukes, flip-flops, and a basic tank top, one will be fashionable and one will be a ho. now if you take all three (including your beverly hills native) throw them somewhere more conservative in say, the midwest, I bet they all get labeled hos.

    • Willito

      You can't change the way you're perceived. You can only change how you're presented.

      Stop wearing booty shorts if you have a massive ass and you wont be perceived as a whore.

      Just like a white girl with large breasts will be considered easy if she walks around town with nothing but a bikini top. If you're putting all your business out there, people are going to think you're trying to bring attention to it.

      I'm a white man whos dated more black girls than white girls and i gotta tell ya, the blacks girls i've been with have been the biggest hating, jealous, predjudice bitches i've met.

      Thanks for reading the truth.


      generalizations are what cause stereotypes and racism. just saying.

  • mack

    sounds like another reason to complain and to seperate races instead of us all just being human and having equality.

    • Kristina

      I agree… Say it again!!!

      • Charles

        Agreed as a black man this whole article is really finding yet another reason to separate people!!!!…Now you can give me a thumbs down…..

    • Keisha

      I love this rhetoric; loving the oppressor like a loyal dog does not make them respect you.

      • MyName

        THANK YOU

    • guest

      Are you serious? There has been race separation, discrimination,and racism in this country. WAKE UP

      • Me!

        And articles like this perpetuate that separation…

        • JCaskey


  • Jen

    I am white and I find these too funny. I have a downturned straightface so if I don’t smile a bit I look like a serialkiller.

    • Cane

      What was the point in your comment?

      • thinkingingrey

        the point, i think is that she is white and cant have a turned down face, but this article clearly says white women can do whatever we want to do and get away with it?? i have a frown when i am straight faced and look VERY angry, so i cannot go around without some kind of small smile on my face. i also cannot wear skinny jeans bc my butt would hang out. sex tape? if i ever made a sex tape, let alone leaked it id be in a you-know-what load of trouble and be perceived as a slut- no thanks. nose job? whatever, not interested. getting pregnant (or knocked up) well, lets see. i live in the poorest county in my state. ANYONE low class black white OR hispanic that gets knocked up ill see in line at social services. i dont care what color a person is if they cant afford kids when they get pregnant they ought to use some really nice birth control given free by the state, in some cases girls keep going back to have more kids to get more money- and in other cases they could afford the kids when get got pregnant but lost their job(s) in which case ill see you in the unemployment line, till we both land a nice job! (again, that is any women not a color thing) i forget the others, and i wont go back to look bc i think some were just ridiculous.

        • Me!

          Why can't you walk around with a straight face? Do you really care if strangers think you're mean?

          • Elizabeth

            haha lord knows I don't. Unless I'm at work. Then I try to half smile so it doesn't look like I'm wanting to kill people. It's really hard to pretend to be happy, though with all of the crap I have to put up with whilst at work. Seriously, who in their right minds let's their kids poop in the fitting room?

    • Samparmus

      Lmbo Jen

    • guest

      You really should check yourself. My self being a black woman in college, i see quite a few white females trying emulate the black woman. You are the ones that live in tanning salons, and dear God let's not forget the make-up. Those few things that we have naturally and i did forget our naturally curved bodies and i mean naturally makes us shall we say you dream of?

      • melissa

        Sweetheart, black women aren't the only ones who own curves…latina and white women can and do, too. Your race doesn't mean you automatically ahve ownership of a body-type. PLus, my sister's african american girlfriend's ass is flat as a pancake.
        Also.. the Kardashians are middle eastern, so I'm not sure why they're included as "white women" who made a sex tape…

        • Me!

          because I guess they're ancestry is from the part of the world that contains the caucasus mountains… making them caucasian? Which most people think means white… but it doesn't.

      • Danielle

        A lot of white girls *want* to look flat and straight–which is rather unfortunate for me, as I am curvy in the hips and butt region. All I hear is I have "good birthing hips".

      • Ashley

        Honey, will you please stop making our race look bad? I am black and have the flattest ass imaginable, I am also 5'7 and have no hips. It doesn't matter what race you are. You body type is your body type. Also, all Caucasians don't tan, just as all black people aren't ghetto whores.

      • Ronnie D.

        Yea, you right girl, especially since black girls aren't jealous of white girls' hair or noses or anything like that (sarcasm intended).

    • lol I am a white women and yes this article is funny, to a point. I don't like being compared to celebrites because that is not Ideal behavior of ladies in america. I don't walk around smiling,lol I am told Iook like a biatch..can't wear those low rise skinny pants because I have a booty, my daughter does too. I believe those pants are made for the girls of any race that starve them selfs to look like models. Only thing that saddens me about this article is knowing that we are preceived as loose and it's ok, which for me is not the case…Maybe that is why I am always going to be single..I am not putting out and it's preceived I am loose and I should. I think every race has it's trash..and hate and racisim is still going to exist because we (all races) in America still want to seperate and like to think in the manner of this article.

    • grey eyed girl

      There is nothing funny about it…nothing at all…I wish you were a black woman for 3 days; you wouldn't last 24hrs..

  • Just when you think that the invisible handbag of white female privledge couldn't get any fuller…

    • Renee

      Oh, always play the victim role.

    • I totally agree with you. This article, which will not receive praise from me, is only supporting white female privilege. I can't believe that some black women are aligning themselves with this article and agree with some of its sentiment. How can we, as black women, uplift and empowering ourselves when we prohibit ourselves to interact with others and behave a certain way just because we're "black?" What's up with all of this internalized racism?!

      • Thank you! We are all people and this article is just disguised racism. I have been the victim of racism since I moved here to the south. It is depressing how much meanness I take for being white from black and latina women. It seems that they expect racism from me, so they just dislike me based on my skin color right off the bat, or judge me on color-based stereotypes like this article perpetuates. I can't help my skin color any more than anyone else. I wonder if some of the racism here could be quelled if stereotypes, both black AND white were no longer supported??

    • Eli

      I am a white woman, and I don't feel like I am privileged. I have ALWAYS had to earn anything and everything I've wanted, just like everyone else. I believe that race is not the issue in feeling privileged, but wealth and how one is raised has EVERYTHING to do with the "invisible handbag of . . . female privilege." Personally I don't care what color someone's skin is. Being white, black, yellow, purple, or transparent doesn't make you a good or bad person, it's ones personality and how one treats others that shows others what kind of person one is.

      • trellis

        I am a white woman and I don't feel like you're paying attention. And I definitely don't feel like you even bothered to read this article before commenting on it. Yes there are privileges that are afforded to people based on class/wealth. But there are many based on the color of your skin as well. Accepting this truth, does not make you a bad person for being white.

        • Eli

          I most definitely did read this article. I was not commenting on the article, but a comment (Hence the reason I hit the reply button on the comment I wished to reply to rather than comment directly to the article). I was just merely stating that I personally do not feel privileged based on the color of my skin. I think accepting that there are still privileges based on skin color is what keeps us separated; but no, it doesn't make you a bad person to accept that fact. I am not naive enough to believe that there aren't privileges that whites are automatically given because of their skin color, although it may have seemed that way in my previous comment. I've lived in the South my entire life so I've seen it first hand, but how someone is raised can change this. These are just my personal beliefs. I do not wish to offend, but I felt that the comment I replied to previously warranted it.

          As for the article, I may not agree 100% with every generalization, but a good bit are true in one way or another. I cannot deny that.

          • Eli

            I agree with you. It is most definitely necessary to have a support system. There are far too many hateful people in the world not to have someone to support you. I'm beginning to think that I am just kind of a freak of nature, because I don't really care what color someones skin is. What matters to me is the persons actions. It sounds so cliché, but it's the honest truth. I must say that I too am a victim of "perpetual bitch-face," as I like to jokingly call it. I've had several people comment on the fact that I look like I'm going to kill someone, or ask me if I'm alright. The corners of my mouth are more down turned than most, and my eyes are awkwardly sunken into my head with bags under them. I've perfected the serial killer look, sadly.

  • InnocentTruth

    I get the impression that the author of this piece was making things up as she neared the end. Nonetheless, I want to offer my opinion on this matter from the male perspective. Please keep in mind that the following opinion represents my thoughts as a black man. I do not speak for the entire black male population.

    I must admit that I am guilty for holding black women to a different standard than other groups of women. From childhood I was taught that blacks should behave in a particular manner. It was instilled in me not to contribute to negative stereotypes historically labeled on my people. When white females have sex on the first date nobody criticizes the female because her having sex was expected. When I take a white girl out on a date I fully expect to receive sex from her. I'm not implying that white females are promiscuous, but they tend to have a liberal attitude towards sex. Black women are not capable of behaving sexually like white women because it is viewed as contributing to black stereotypes. White people don't have negative stereotypes. Since emancipation black men and women have worked desperately to eradicate negative perceptions of our race. If a black women screws on the first date she only contributes to the "Jezebel" stereotype. Anyone who is familiar with the black woman's social groups of the 1930s-1940s know that these groups worked tirelessly to educate black females in proper behavior. I hold black females accountable for their behavior because they know how their behavior contributes to our community as a whole. There are times when I have lunch with my white colleagues and the issue of black out of wedlock births becomes the discussion. These are the worse times because I have to explain to a table full of white people why our community is a mess. Naturally, I have to explain that all black women are not "baby mommas" and not all black women sleep around. The thing that bothers me the most is not the questions that non black people ask me, but the fact that I have to address this issue at all! Whether you want to blame black men or women for out of wedlock births, the issue remains that as a people WE WERE TAUGHT BETTER. As a means to cope in society, our history taught us to emulate white people in public, but not to become like them behind closed doors. Often I am agitated to here black women say "Becky did it so why can't I?". I'm thinking "So just because Becky has 20 sex partners that means you must have the same"? For some strange reason we have lost our way. Though I am not a Muslim, I understand what Minister Farrakhan means we he say "A nation can rise no higher than its women". How can blacks in America reestablish our identity when black women want to behave as white women? What benefit is there to be a loose woman? What value is there in having multiple babies by numerous men? What respect do you earn in talking to me in a baby voice? I offer no response to these questions because you know the answer. I am guilty of criticizing black women harshly because I love them. I hold you to a different standard because I hold you in a higher regard than non black women. When I surf the net and see white women dancing half naked on Utube I don't get upset. You know why? Because I expect them to do trashy things. And if you read the comments section, people often say the nicest things about the women. When I see black girls on the same site doing trashy dances the comments are much different. This is because blacks in America are always going to be second class citizens. Until we break the cycle of debauchery and ignorance that torments our community we will never be considered equals. Breaking the cycle begins with our women. I admit that black men have dropped the ball of the last 30 years but we are SLOWLY working on our problems. (If it were up to me I would send Soulja Boy, Wacka Flocka, Lil Bootsie, Gucci Maine, and the whole pack of those fools back to school.) Black women must learn to once again show love and respect for themselves. That means not trying to imitate the trashy ways of the dominate culture. So I judge black women differently because it is not within our nature to behave like in an immoral fashion. It's upsetting that I'm trying to break black stereotypes and SOME black people, in this case, black women, want to add to them.

    • AHHHH… Good post….


      wow, I am completely shocked and saddened by the article I just read and the replies including yours. I thought white people were supposed to be the prejudiced ones. As a wite woman myself this whole thing makes me sick not only is this some of the very worst racial prejudices I have had the displeasure of reading, but you sir are also a complete sexist and I feal very sorry for you. All white woman are tramps and whores? I am a beautiful, intelligent white woman and did not even begin dating till I was 16 yrs. old and even then it took me 6 whole months of dating my first boyfriend before I would even kiss him.


      I hope from the bottem of my heart that one day you can be healed of your "diseased thinking" ! I grew up in California and was the minority myself, I have to say that all of the black population I grew up with did not think as twisted as you all seem to! Stop poisoning one another with your stupid black/white comparisons, stereotypes, assumptions, racial slander, resentment and rage and start trying to love yourselves and ALL people around you for what is in their hearts and souls not for the color of their skin or whether or not they have junk in the trunk, which by the way, WHITE women can also have!!!! I think that revisiting the wise words and philosophy of Martin Luther King would do some of you some good, he is the kind of person we should all try to emulate!! Good Day

    • Elizabeth

      I would completely agree with what you said if you omitted the black or white parts and put in women as a whole. White women who do these things are sluts. End of story. They're trashy good for nothing whores. I don't know why this nation puts women like Kim K and Paris Hilton "on a pedestal" but it's not right. What message are we giving our children by supporting crap like that through viewership? What message are we sending to other countries? Most men in other countries think American women are easy. They don't discriminate between our separate races. They think "oh an American woman. She has so little self respect that anyone can sleep with her." It is entirely because of what our media portrays. But you know what? If no one watched it, it wouldn't be there. No group of people should act this way because Its degrading to the individual.

  • Candy

    Sorry, I don't think this is a black or white thing. No women should get away with some of these things. Some are just ignorant.

    • Marie

      Candy your kind of right because black women from other parts of the world are able to get away with these things. I think this article has a degree of truth to it but this describes only the surface and pertains mostly to Black Americans specifically.

    • Curt

      Thank you Candy for telling the plain and simple of it…..all men and women were created "equal". Now what one chooses to do with these lives we've been bless with is entirely up to the individual. Like wisdom, ignorance too knows no boundaries as Mr. InnocentTruth has demonstrated. Love/Curt

      • Guest

        Just because all men and women were created "equal" doesn't mean society treats them that way. I love how whenever a Black person dares to point out our nation's double standards the response is always denial….shows who's really ignorant and who's really in the know. If you are seriously of the opinion that double standards do not exist for women of color than you are more ignorant than you perceive the individual who wrote this article to be….unless of course in whatever part of the delusional world of your own creation you live in there are melanated groupies, sluts, pornstars and prostitutes whose only talents are being simple minded and selling their bodies with their own clothing lines, perfumes, and reality shows being treated like trophies. Exactly.

    • vivian

      thank you this shit just another reason for black and white women to not like each other when some this stuff no women of any race should do we should all take pride in our selves .my stomach turned when i seen the title n began to get tighter as i read futher

      • lyn

        That's what I thought too.

      • Guest

        I love how whenever a Black person dares to point out our nation's double standards the response is always denial….shows who's really ignorant and who's really in the know. If you are seriously of the opinion that double standards do not exist for women of color than you are more ignorant than you perceive the individual who wrote this article to be….Why are you in denial that there aren't white groupies, sluts, pornstars and prostitutes whose only talents are being simple minded and selling their bodies with their own clothing lines, perfumes, and reality shows being treated like trophies. Unless of course you are insinuating that to you that's normal?

    • Normon

      Best response yet. Thanks.

    • Perfect comment, short and sweet. This article kind of disturbed me a bit–it is absolutely not a black v. white issue. No one can get away with talking in a baby voice like Paris Hilton….girls who aren't stick-skinny can't get away with wearing low-rise skinny jeans….no one in their right mind would let someone get away with talking/cackling loudly on a phone. And getting "knocked up?!?!" What in the world…??? Only extremely racist people think like this…I think a lot of African American people blow things way out of proportion and are super paranoid about white people. Just get over it, we don't think about stereotypes as much as you think. Except sometimes we do. Anyway, just chill out.

      • Guest

        Correction only extremely racist people think the white groupies, sluts, pornstars and prostitutes whose only talents are being simple minded and selling their bodies with their own clothing lines, perfumes, and reality shows being treated like trophies are normal. Interesting how you left that out of your list of things included in this article that aren't relevant. Perhaps because it's true that whites in america are put on a pedestal even when they are corrupt and trashy. How then is there not a need to point out the double standard? I'm sorry, did reading this interrupt the Kardashian marathon you were watching?

      • Guest

        And I guessed you also missed the part where white actresses like January Jones have babies by men they can't even identify but still have spotless reputations and Black women, married with children are perceived to be bad mothers. When Beyonce finally conceived it was met with negative publicity about her selfishness for waiting so long and chasing her career, yet white whores get preggers by athletes for child support checks and end up on television. Or the ads covering building in NYC claiming black women have more abortions than every one else in the nation even though the demographic that has the most are white women, I guess things like that are normal to you as well? Interesting, the way the world is seen through different eyes..I kinda want to know how that would feel just for one day, to be so darn empty headed

    • Sonia

      Candy, you are a 100% right!

    • grey eyed girl

      like it or not Candy, it is a black and white thing. white women get away with everything and black women are attacked and accused of everything. it is what it is…

    • Kym

      I agree. I also believe until we can start accepting people as individuals and not judging an entire race of people based on ignorant stereotypes, we will continue to suffer the injustices of racism. Instead of articles that point out what "she can get away with that I can not," we need to focus on articles that are motivating and encouraging. Give us something that lifts us up, not something that simply gives us another reason to complain or another person at whom to point a finger when we are feeling down.

    • Savannah

      I agree completely. This article is just something else for "blacks" or "whites" to complain about. It's border line of racist to be truthful.

  • Muffy

    The baby voice one cracked me up cause that mess is ridiculous. The article is true because my a** sure can’t fit in low rise skinny jeans. I’d be looking like a mean blk woman with the top half of her a** hanging out. The rest is just unfortunate stereotypes.

    • lilblkpiggy

      why dont yall just go lose alot of weight, quit acting like you own the world, stop being complete bitches for no reason and actually get a job instead of getting on here and complaining about how people like white girls better than yall losers.

    • FedUp

      YOU ARE AN IDIOT. even white women who are thick can't where skinny jeans. ITS NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK ITS BECAUSE YOU ARE FAT.

    • Elizabeth

      I'm white and I have this issue, also. In fact people make fun of me because my butt sticks out "about a foot" from my body… and I'm only like 15 lbs over weight. 🙁 I only talk the baby voice to my pets and really young kids… I get super pissed and impatient with girls who do that to adults. If you want respect and to be treated like an adult, don't use that voice.

      As far as the rest of this article goes…. Well, Kim K is not technically white. Paris is though. She did the same thing. Girls like that should be an embarrassment not to just white girls, but every one in general. They're embarrassing to the human race as a whole. Just because white girls "get away with it" doesn't make it any less trashy. When white women give it up on the first date, it shows how little self respect they have. From then on the guy sees them as a thing to be used… not even a girlfriend… or a person at all.

      Just because there are different stigmas and stereotypes attached to different circumstances that are varied by race, just means the outcome is different. It does not mean that the result is any less difficult.

  • Shanice

    I actually like number 2. I’m glad we don’t have black women like Kim K. Getting those covers for one sex tape. There are few black women who are famous for no reason.

    • Truthsayer

      that's because you're fat.. not thick. There's plenty of black girls that are skinny. There's just 10 millions who eat too much damn McDonalds

    • Normon

      Why is anyone bemoaning not being able to pull off the ditzy rich slut thing? I would think that would be a good thing.

      • Guest

        There is a difference between bemoaning and pointing out a double standard. It's no different than petty criminals drawing attention to the fact that white collar criminals are rarely prosecuted. There are more individuals in prison who did not commit crimes than those who actually did yet money launderers and corporate thieves are wiring the fruits of their crimes to foreign bank accounts. In light of everything that is going on in America (yoohoo, Occupy Wall St, Einstein) you would think it would be obvious that status and yes, still to this very day, skin color make the transgressions of some virtually invisible. No one is bemoaning anything, just pointing out the differences. If reality bothers you so much perhaps your should refrain from partaking of television or the internet in any form.

  • Jael

    You forgot to add dress how ever they want.
    Because we tend to be thicker, those little gym shorts make us seem like hoochies, but white women are just perceived as cute or athletic.

    • mel

      this is so true, and I wish some of our kind would take notice…just because it comes in your size and looks cute on your friend, doesn't mean you can wear it on the street. Honestly, there are lots of cute mini skirts and tiny shorts I would love to wear, and at a size 6 I feel like I *should* be able to wear them. But when I put them on, my butt makes the skirts HIKE UP in the back so the outfit takes on a much more vulgar look.

      Like the article said, the low rise skinny jeans are not for most of us. That and the sex tape scenario are the most true. The Kardashians made an empire off sleeping with athletes and making sex tapes (Kourtney had Kim had one that was mentioned on Season 1, but their Mom managed to Block it).

      • Cheryl

        so true I have done this with my daughter

      • Nate

        You know, thinking in terms of being a particular "kind", as in your statement "…I wish some of our kind would take notice…", is extremely divisive and reminds me of how people in the KKK talk. You, like those idiots, are flawed in your thinking.

    • Tink

      i think anyone that wears those in any place other than for excersie puposes looks like a hoochie…

    • April

      You know what I think not looking in the mirror is one thing that no woman should get away with. I see too many women, black and white who wear shorts that literally bunch at their coochies. That's not even respectful. Forget hoochies. It's out and out nasty! That looks so disgusting, just like a pair of pants bunching up your ass. Why oh why don't these women wear things that fit? How do you have a camel toe in your ass?!!! Unbelievable. Smh. Really

    • Andrea

      SO TRUE! I see black women walking around in short shorts and hoochie and attention seeker comes to mind even if they aren't curve. I see another race doing it and I'll be like is she was black it would be soooooooooo different. But now that I think about it though…. If I see a black girl in short shorts with other "white girl" clothing on, I think nothing of it. When I think about it though, it's how you rock those short shorts. If you have on short shorts to seek attention (hoochy), you'll also have on a low cut, short and/or tight shirt with some heels and hair and make up all done up OR the shorts won't flatter their body. In most cases that's how minority raced women rock it in the daytime. For other races though, I'll see them in short shorts with a tshirt, sneakers, hair in a ponytail, minimal make up-casual. No matter how curvy a person is, that's not really hoochish to me (tacky, yeah).

    • TKLA

      WOW…How racist are all these posts?

      There are many, many types of white women, black women, asian women, etc. W T H is wrong with people categorizing all women based on race? WOW!!!

      • Jenny

        I'm just going to have to say I agree with you. This is absurd. I'm white, and I gotta say if I was a black lady, I think I would find this offensive. And as a white lady, I definitely do. Women of all shapes, sizes, and colors–do what you what, for land's sake. Our culture is already full of magazines, beauty products, commercials, movies, and sitcoms telling us how to be right kind of woman, when in truth we were alright to begin with. If you want to wear short shorts, go on with it. If you want to wear a burqua, that's fine too. If you want to give it up on the first date or the 365th, it's up to YOU. Never feel ashamed, too black, too white, too asian, too native american, or too indian for anything that you want to do.

        • FedUp

          I completely agree! you girls are stupid. Women of all colors can be thicker..and white women who dress like that are perceived as little sluts when they where stuff like that (JUST TO WORK OUT) not as cute. Get over your insecurities ans start treating everyone equally. People who see this as any bit accurate are completely crazy and should really double check their issues before blaming all white women for their problems.

      • Jennifer


        I find this whole site RACIST! How offensive! No 2 women are the same no matter what color they are. Stop judging women based on their color and disputing stereotypes with stereotypes of your own.

    • Mim

      LMFAO 😀

    • Savannah

      I've noticed that a lot of bigger or "thicker" women like to wear things that are way too tight. It's disgusting..

    • Katie

      If a fat white girl wears little gym shorts she is going to be looked at like a hoochie too. I'm so tired of any color woman not wearing the right size. You can't just go to a store and find a one size fits all. Clothing has to be tailored, even for white athletic girls like me…

    • fruzzx86

      um white women have curves too. stop pretending like we are SO different and there are no overlaps. white women have big breasts sometimes so they cant wear certain things. fat blacks and fat whites cant wear certain things. i am a black woman with NO curves.

  • Pashunfruit

    Loud blk ppl, especially certain ones make me embarrassed!

    • Bambieyes

      It embarrasses me at times as well. I try to overlook it, but it's hard to ignore.

    • as if you care

      you should have more pride in yourself than to be embarassed for being how a person is. we are proud people and have allowed white people ( who don't mind stealing all parts of our culture and using them yet condemn us for it) to dictate how you should act or be. what about suicide?> I bet they lead that statistic yet you still want to be like them?? thats sad good points in the article but you still come across as worshipers of the pale

      • Dwight D'evalle

        You, as well as most of these other posters, have some antiquated notions of how "white" people and "black" people interact in general. You all are perpetuating the racial division in our society. Get real and get over yourself. "white" people are a not certain way, nor are "black" people another way. You are hung up on unrealistic perceptions of "OUR" culture. By the way, wtf do you mean "our" culture?!

        • dudelookslikeababy

          Thank you dwight,

          All humans are cousins.

        • fruzzx86

          we (blacks) ALWAYS talk about how ghetto we are, how loud we are etc…but when someone ELSE brings it up we want to be proud? yes there are good things and BAD things. ok so stop acting like we are so great. no race is perfect and stop bringing up such stupid differences (like out noses??!?!? really?!?!) and focus on studying, finishing college and raising good kids.

      • valkyrie

        A big part of the problem is image. I am not saying that class is something that all white women have, absolutely not, however, the lack of class in black women is more apparent because it is flaunted. Here's an example.. I was at a pretty high end nightclub a few wekends ago. Sophisticated crowd, having drinks, dancing, having fun. In walk a group of 5 black females and within 5 minutes they had taken their shoes off, were grinding on eachother, trying to grind on other men there that were with somebody else, bending over with their a$$ cheeks all hanging out and finally down on the ground basically humping eachother. The security/bouncers had to ask them to leave and they started to make a fuss about that so the police officers that were outside had to come in and escort them out. Now, I am not saying that this behaviour occurs in all black women, there were many black woment in the club that night that were as appalled as I was, but people tend to remember the worse things they see and then apply it as a generality. It's those kind of women that hurt the image of the majority of self-respecting, decent intelligent black women.

        • hbic_of_me

          Then why aren’t all bad apples representing a generality of every race? Or is generalizing and stereotyping only true for black people?

  • RN,BSN


    • Shy

      tell me about it! my first year in college as a black women i decided to have an abortion. I stayed in my neck of the woods and visited the clinic in my neighborhood i was shocked when i got there because the abortion clinic in a predominantly black neighborhood was full of "white" girls from the other side of town. Oh trust me they are doing the samething just better at keeping it a secret…

      • blackgirl

        The statistics are bunk! White women get way more abortions than we do. For every black woman at the clinic, there are at least 20 white women sitting next to her.

        • Mickey


        • LLM

          That’s because for every white girl getting the abortion, there are 2 or more black girls having the baby whether it’s a good decision or not. 

          • JoMama

            or those Black women actually value life unlike some hypocrite white women who wear purity rings, then have multiple abortions and then have the nerve to wear white at their weddings like they’re still virgins lol

            • Swag77

              Value LIFE… LMAO! They value welfair checks and HUD.

            • fruzzx86

              have you even met a white woman? wtf are you talking about purity rings. nice stereotype.

            • reverie

              Hypocrite? No, no, no.. there’s plenty of white women out there who think abortions are wonderful! After all, white women led the feminist movement. Roe vs. Wade involved a white woman. So, if it weren’t for a white woman demanding a legal abortion decades ago, black women wouldn’t be able to have them now. Know your facts!

    • jazz

      Yeah–well maybe it is because abortion was originally designed to get rid of black babies. So i heard anyway–It may not be factual.

      • dudelookslikeababy

        not factual

      • reverie

        Not factual at all! Roe vs. Wade involved a WHITE woman. It was a WHITE woman who wanted an abortion and wanted them to be legal for everyone.

        • reverie

          Oh yeah, and abortion wasn’t ‘designed’.. women have been doing it since Ancient Roman times, probably even earlier.

      • Sasha Styles

        Margret Sanger the founder of planned parenthood was an eugenicist, but abortion is ancient, dating back at east to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Medical papyri have been found describing a procedure using herbs. So it’s kinda partially true.

    • Guest

      Perhaps the ad is trying to target a new demographic. The plans you had before you got pregnant don't have to disappear. You said so yourself that white women have more abortions. Maybe they are targeting you because white women already feel comfortable enough to have one.

      • reverie

        Maybe it’s because statistically black women with multiple children are more likely to end up living on the welfare system than whites? I mean.. since we’re talking statistics, demographics and all..

    • nastyblkwoman

      there just mad because even the black males are pickin white girls now over them. its bad when even your own race cant even stand you anymore.

      • I'mjustsaying

        It's not that black women are mad about it. The black men just pic white women because they can say and do what they want, usually without consequences.

        • LCM

          With your comment you're implying that white women are just spineless submissive little airheads, and that all men want to do is order women around and treat them like subservient nothings . Give me a break.

          • Guest

            Newsflash, stereotpyes perpetrated about races are what fuels a lot of ignorant people's life decisions and perceptions of the people around them…unless of course you are living in some pretend world where humans are intelligent, open-minded people making smart decisions, in which case you should invite the rest of us to join you in your secret space. Easier to cheat on, easier to beat on are stereotypes that make white females seem docile, weak and submissive, which insecure, unsuccessful, low achieving males translate as attractive. And Black males happen to be the least educated, least employed, most imprisoned demographic in America, they can't even keep up with the women of their own race. I'm sorry, perhaps after being seen in the media more often than not as groupies for pro-athletes, professional pornstars, sluts and playboy prostitutes you were under the impression you attracted mates on what, merit? Easy sex, follows instructions, likely to ignore faults as long as she doesn't have to work and earn a living are the images that define you whether you like it or not…until there are no more Kim's, Coco's and Kendra's (who are ironically endorsed by white female fans as though they are somehow positive representations of yourselves) that is all you will ever be so yeah, that is what the average Joe sees….sorry to drain your bubble, I guess you thought it was the enticing conversation and book knowledge…lmao

        • fruzzx86

          seriously. most of the people here WANT white women to be the submissive type. it is NOT TRUE. there are black submissive types too! stop generalizing!

      • kate

        sense when does it matter who you pick to be with, who said black men and women can only be with eachother? Whats the big deal if a black man is attracted to and wants to be with a white woman?i just dont understand the issue like its suppose to be only one way and if its not like that somethings wrong.

        • Guest

          I love when people are largely ignorant about the rest of the world around them but brag about their ignorance as though their "we-are-the-world" approach to life is somehow more enlightened than the rest of us who don't live with their heads stuck up our own rectums. When I walk out my front door and some pitch black, black guy accosts me with screams of "light-skin", "if we ever have children I hope they get your nose", "I want children with light skin and light eyes", "you have good hair", I'm supposed to what, be flattered because this blue black animal is "attracted" to me? Are you a chronic weed smoker or do you live under a rock? How can you seriously be so clueless to the fact that the average wide-nosed, big-lipped, nappy haired black man thinks attractive is whatever doesn't remind him of the hideous reflection he sees in his own mirror. Why else do you think black guys are so desperate they would actually sleep with the fattest, most disgusting white or other females on Earth that no other man would touch? You think Lamar Odom thinks Khloe is "attractive"….no, he's black as dirt, his first baby mama was a walrus but he would pork anything to give his offspring thin noses and pale skin. Until you understand the deep-seeded self hatred that fuels the average black guy's decision of what he is "attracted" too perhaps you should opt out of commenting on topics about which you are clearly the equivalent of a mental retard. I'm assuming you must live in some part of the country where the radio reception has deprived you of all the lyrics black guys write about light eyes, light skin and hair type in virtually every single rap song ever made, or how Lil Wayne degraded his eldest daughter for being born dark-skinned, or the brown-paper bag test requirement for BET programming. Have you ever heard a White guy go on the radio and write song after song about how much he hates his own face? No, because he's not an ignorant waste-brained nigga. That's why the social response to White guys and black guys is different. Black guys are nothing more than coons with a slave mentality who for some reason centuries post slavery are still under achieving, low performing prisoners, closet homosexuals and deadbeat dads barely one-foot off the plantation. Are you insinuating that the opinion of the least educated, least employed, most imprisoned, fastest dying demographic in America with the highest AIDS rate, highest mortality rate and a 80% rate of not raising their own children should somehow be revered? Oh, let me guess, you were probably to far on your trek into la-la land to know that about black guys….figures..lol

          • Kate

            wow you’re pretty full of yourself seems like you’re one of those people that thinks they are the smartest person they ever met, maybe you should take your own advice and pull your head out of your ass for a moment and re-evaluate exactly what your saying because that is one of the most ignorant and disgusting things ive ever read. I am most certianly not ignorant to the subject at all im born and raised in boston and have been around this my entire life. If your argument is that only a black male can understand exactly how they feel towards women and why they choose the woman they do i absolutely agree im not a black man, so i cannot speak for them or know why they do what they do. Like i said you may want to re-evaluate your outlook because its just absolutely disgusting, you seem to have a lot of hatred and a down look on black men just from what i see in what you wrote, but just because maybe thats how you percieve things or how you feel personally i wouldnt speak for everyone, i know plenty of black men that are proud of who they are and their culture.This is just the type of thing that perpetuates ignorance and racism.

    • Given U Coue

      That is incorrect According to the Guttmacher Institute Black women are more than 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely (AGI) http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induced_abortio

      • BMore

        The link you posted said non-Hispanic white women were 36% of the women who had an abortion.

  • duck

    This is so true. I get told all the time I’m looking mean when I’m straight face….what am I suppose to do? Walk around smiling all the time lol. But this article is on the nose

    • Monique

      I get that all the time! Really it puts me in a bad mood that was not even there before. But I chucked it up to they are the uncomfortable ones and now I know why and that I was right!

    • I hear that all the time too! Especially from white people. I'm not gonna walk around smiling for no reason just so other people can feel comfortable. You shouldn't be assuming things about me anyway!

      • AFVetgrrl84

        Same here; it's ALWAYS white people that has issues with my "straight face". I'm not going to be walking around grinning like Louis Armstrong to make you feel comfortable.

        • Katie

          whatever! I’m white and I’ve had several black dudes randomly tell me to “smile” or whatever. White people do it to me too. It’s annoying as f*ck.

          • LikeALady

            I’ve never met a guy who had someone tell them to Smile!

      • ProverbialQueen

        I am so glad that someone brought this to light. I had this one white lady walk up to me and tell me that I needed a massage and that she would pay for it. I started to go in on her but I just let it go and moved on. It is so sad that people take to the time to pay that much attention to me. I work with a Korean lady (doesn't speak English too well) that was always commenting on the look on my face. I have a suggestion for both of them spend less time worrying about the look on my face and be concerned with yourself. UGGH

        • Adonis

          You should have took that free massage…

        • 123go

          “You look stressed, here, let me offer to be super nice and try to make your day better, by getting you a super relaxing massage with my own hard earned money, so you can be happier, and look happier.”
          So logically you freaked out on her… yeah, that’s totally a rational, and not insane reaction to someone trying to be nice to you. Not insane, hyper-reactive, or negative stereotype proving reaction at all.

          I don’t know, I’m told everyday to smile when I walk around with a straight face. I’ve never taken it personally. White people say it to other white people all the time. You ever think that maybe it’s not racism, maybe it’s just a cultural difference? If you go to Japan, and they ask you to take bath before eating with them are you going to explode on them to? Say they inferred you were dirty? Say they were racist? Even though in Japan it’s totally seen as being polite to offer your guest a bath so that they may wash up before a meal. Just sayin’ maybe she was just trying to be a nice person.

        • brandy

          I’m told that all the time. Ever since I was young. People are always asking me why am I angry, what or who is upsetting me, or it isn’t that bad. By the way, I”m WHITE! Go figure!

      • brandy

        I’m told that all the time. Ever since I was young. People are always asking me Tam I angry, what or who is upsetting me, or it isn’t that bad. By the way, I”m WHITE! Go figure!

      • Caroline

        I get this one too about the straight-face. I usually get asked by white co-workers, “Are you OK?” or “Is something wrong?” Sorry. I’m not a smiling monkey. The rest of the article is on point.

        Side note: I just discovered this site today and have read quite a few articles. While they were informative, it was probably a bad idea to read so many. I’m a single, black, 40 yr old, college-educated woman who has a great job and a very good salary. I’m still hoping to get married and have a child. Unfortunately, after reading these articles, it seems like we black women are just f****d. It’s completely depressing.

      • Define2

        I also detest when you look at a white person and they do the fake smile…so disingenuous…just be yourself…and relax sheesh

        • Andrea A

          It’s called being polite… Anytime I make eye contact with someone, I smile. It’s like chucking the deuce when you tippin’ through the hood.

          • Andrea A

            chunkin* 😉

    • L@L

      I thought it was just me. I could be deep in thought minding my own business and somebody would come up to me and say 'whats up with you?' Or 'It wouldn't hurt to smile.' This makes me feel annoyed especially when there was nothing wrong with me before. I am sick of feeling like I always have explain myself. I know more white girls with attitudes but it is not seen this way.

      Of course people are going to say that black women have attitude it's because we no longer have to bow to anyone and move to the back of the bus. Sometimes we are in situations where people want to take liberties with us and we have to stand firm or else they will take the p***. Lets say for instance in the work place the way some of your white collegues want to speak to you in a condescending patronising manner. Some of us are not gonna sit there and take it. Then they are quick to say black women have an attitude problem when we stand up for ourselves. I think women from all walks of life have attitudes, unfortunately we are stuck with this stigma created by whom?

      • tomhoser

        Me thinks the lady doth protest toomuch

        • hammy

          Get thee to a nunnery: why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?

          • Julia

            patronizing =/= racist. Seriously. Anyone thinks there’s a skin-tone you can have that keeps away patronizing comments about your looks / behaviour / clothing / anything at all? If so, tell me! And someone hand me the make-up.

            (Also, can’t resist jumpin in with the Shakespearean quotes. English language in that time was so full of double-meaning, every third line in Hamlet could mean something dirty. Nunnery could mean brothel. And just google “Shakespeare country matters”,

            Some things never change… 😉 )

      • drina

        AMEN!!!!!!! Couldn't of said it better myself! Thats why I need to be my own boss because I'm sick of being degraded by white people..and on the other hand, sick of recieving attitude from my fellow sistas as well! It's a lose lose situation..smh

      • Lola

        I am very sorry to say that you, as most women here, sound like you have a massive chip on your shoulders. I am black, the daughter of Nigerian parents, and I do happen that there is nothing wrong with smiling and being pleasant with my fellow human beings, whatever colour their skin is. Because I have no problems with my skin, nor will I ever listen to anyone trying to convince me that I do (not that that’s ever happened). I am happy person and I intend to enjoy life to the fullest.

        • u no nada

          No one ever said that anyone is unhappy, but we are tired of explaining ourselves for every little move we make, we are tired of being quiet while being mistreated, and we’re tired of our space being invaded by stalkers. I am especially tired of people always focusing in on me it’s uncomfortable and it’s not normal, I’m tired of being questioned all of the time like i’m on an interview. All we’re trying to say is we don’t see caucasian women having to put up with this, no one is nit picking at them everyday of their lives so until you go through it “shut the f up”!!!!!!

          • fruzz86

            what do you mean being invaded by stalkers or questioned? i am a black woman grew up in NYC and i never encountered this. i have never been stopped by police (nor my brothers) or questioned about anything. my siblings and i worked hard in school (we went to a horrible public school) and now i am in law school. so where is my turn at racism? i have a job and i have never had a problem finding one. so i dont get it. and im not the only one many of my friends are nurses, doctors or in law school and we are of color.

            • brandy

              No replies b/c you made a point that can’t be argued. And if there ends up being a reply later, it will most likely be “you are the exception”.

          • brandy

            Why are you explaining yourself now then? I thought white women were the docile one’s and that’s why black men seek white women out instead of black women. I thought black women were strong & stand up for what they believe? So, how is it that you are saying that you are tired of remaining quiet? Everyone needs to stop pointing fingers. Everyone needs to stop making everything a race issue. How about not writing dumb articles that continue the race war? And I”m sorry but I’ve gone on interviews before at a predominantly black establishment and I was looked at funny, snickered at and was asked how would I feel about working with a majority of African Americans because white people don’t usually last that long “here”. How do you explain that??????

      • Christina

        Created by many black women. I am white/Hispanic who was friends with a girl who was black. She invited me to her wedding shower (I was not invited to the wedding though). So I took my mother with me and a gift for my friend and her husband to be. We go to the shower and we happen to be the only white people there. I felt ok because my friend was there and it’s in her honor. The older ladies were soooo nice but my friends best friend who was black was so mean and hateful towards me in front of everyone for no reason at all. It was humiliating. I still play it back in my mind at why I was too kind. This is why i avoid black women when possible. You never know when they will take whatever built up anger they may have on you. I’m nobody’s punching bag. You angry women are doing it to yourselves. I no longer have sympathy I have apathy

        • ikwiata

          Unfortunately, there are unkind people in every ethnic group. white/hispanics are not immuned from behaving hatefully towards blacks. So, your pity party won’t work. Get some backbone and stop lumping every black female as angry women. Geez.

        • Sasha Styles

          You do know not all folks of any given race are alike? My ‘lil bro got jumped by some PoC in Philly for being there with his black girlfriend. His recent ex gf, also black, always was really nice to everyone. I never equated angry with black, that just seems silly. That said I’m sorry those girls were racist towards you. It comes down to whichever group of people is larger in a given community it seems. Asinine behavior is an equal opportunity employer.

    • Neesy

      This got to me too! Since I was little, people are always asking me what's wrong. What's sad is that I think I've alienated people unintentionally and they have lost opportunities with making friends. So many people think I'm stuck up UNTIL they actually speak to me.

      • allie

        I have this same issue it is very frustrating when people want to look only skin deep

    • Sam

      My experience has been mostly w/other black ppl,if Iam not constantly cheesing,I get the what's wrong baby's?,or once we get 2 talking,"I thought u was the angry type".I am a very friendly person and nothing about my attire or hair we give me "the angry blk woman" label.If I was white most of them wouldn't question my facial exspressions period.

    • Ray

      This is crap. Black women don't have to look mean. I don't date white women, but Black women have a history of snarling as the're going down the street. Why? You don't have to skin and grin all the time but at least look pleasant.

      • Carly

        So true! I’m a black female but I notice that so many other black females look really sour and offputting!!

      • GeminiJazz

        We don’t snarl, we scrutinize. I think it because out of the way remarks have been made in the past and we have our dukes up ready. Men can sometimes invade a woman’s space, he said Hello I say Hi, sometimes that’s all it should be but some cats just gotta dialog and we have things we want to get done or maybe we are just heading in the direction of the dude we really wanna to talk to but this cat is holding us up when he knows he has a boo or two waiting for their turn to talk. We just haven’t got time for the game.

      • hbic_of_me

        I know personally, if I’m smiling and expressing that I’m happy, idiots think that I’m interested in them and that is not the case, I just happen to be nice. I had to pick up looking like I have an attitude (even though I’m very content) just so I won’t get some idiot approaching me thinking I want him because I happen to be nice and give respect by responding back. It’s a no win situation. You either get stereotyped as being angry or you have to be approached by a strange assuming ahole.

    • Ray

      Stop snarling like a pit bull. Period.

      • Wow – "Stop snarling like a pit bull." deepest apologies, your highness.

        how about if we do – get away from us and don't say anything.

        Thanks for the support by the way.

      • Amanda

        Ew, god. Please kill yourself. Or at least stop talking to us. Perfect example of stupid, foolish men thinking we care whether or not we seem pleasant to them. Honestly they make me want to bite their heads off when they walk past. It's no wonder you think we're harsh, we have to deal with your arrogant, dumbass anytime we go anywhere.

    • yell

      I get that too but I'm white!

    • Ms Johnson

      This is very true. I totally agree with this whole list especially the one about looking mean when you have a straight face look. I never hear white women get this. I have a serious look and always get I look mean.

      • ruthena

        women in general get this comment. i am caucasian and i get this comment all the time. no, my face "just sits that way". i'll smile when i have something special to smile about.

        trust me–it's not only black women who get this crap (altho i can definitely agree that people are probably more inclined to think that black women who aren't smiling are aggressive whereas i'm probably thought of as in a sore mood, which *is* a double standard).

        the smiling thing is a woman thing b/c women are "supposed to be" cheery and feminine and in a good mood all the time.

        try telling the person you have a serious condition "chronic bitch face" or that you got really bad news. that will shut someone up and maybe s/he'll learn to stop telling people to smile!

        • Lesley

          Yup, me too, all my life (and also white, mid-40s)… "What's wrong? Smile!" "Are you MAD?" >< No, I just don't walk around with a vapid grin on my face all the time, thank you.

          • Sharon

            Heh, love that answer!

        • steph

          Yep, I too am a white lady who's been getting these comments since I was in high school. "Are you mad/upset/okay?" Plus even worse- the unspoken assumption that I am stuck-up, or dislike them, etc. Smiling is what animal behaviorists call a "pacifying signal" and once I learned that people expect this as almost a default, whenever I go in for job interviews I smile LOTS. Fake it til you make it, right?

      • Katie

        i can assure you that white women get it all the time as well.

      • reverie

        White girls get told they look sad all the time. We get it, just differently.

    • Evelyn

      Happens with Latina women too. Latino men think that you're suppose to smile and respond to them while they scream "hey mami" and make kissy sounds.

    • Tony Dedrick

      I guess it begs the question….why would anyone wanna perpetuate the notion that your angry about something? And when I say this, I mean why not try to have a more pleasant face and seem more approachable? Not trying to please or make anyone comfortable. But put yourself out there in the off chance someone you don't mind striking up a conversation with does approach you. It doesn't have to be someone trying to hook up with you or even anything of the serious. Coming from Boston where everyone acts as if being cordial and friendly is a crime at times, it makes my day when anyone (male or female) takes time out of their day to say hello, strike up a friendly conversation or just gives you a smiling, wordless hello.

      • It makes OUR day when someone simply says "Hello, Miss" too. that would encourage a smile.

        Instead of telling me ot smile or acting as if you are somehow ENTITLED to a bevvy of smiling women all around you – change the situation. Smile first – won't always work – many of us will be downright wary of an unsolicited smile. But sometimes that will work.

        Listen to your own instruction – Put yourself out htere. The REAL problem is – even though the world has become more dangerous – or maybe we are simply more aware of how many different ways we can get snatched up, there will always be people like YOU demanding that we "put yourself out there".

        What you're really saying is "How dare you be self-protective" "You have no right to be wary" "WE are entitled to YOUR smiles"

      • Allie

        It's easy for you, as a man, to say this. You don't have to walk around constantly on guard against strange men who are usually larger and stronger than you, leering at you like you're a piece of meat. Violence against women is a very real threat that we live with every day, and when men we don't know approach us or say sexually explicit things to us we are fearful for our safety. Try walking a mile in our shoes knowing that hundreds of women are raped or sexually assaulted by strangers every day. Not trying to be dramatic here, but we all know at least one woman who has been the victim of sexual assault. The first thing they teach you in self-defense classes is to walk with a determined and sometimes unapproachable look on our face. It makes us less likely to be seen as prey. Think about that next time you expect us to be more pleasant.

        • As far as I am concerned… Women are a piece of meat… What else are y'all good for…

          • JoMama

            Good for smacking idiots like you straight into next week…

          • Genuwine

            same thing as that black pu$#y…its just p…. period

    • Sharon

      Eh, I'm white and I've gotten this all my life. "Aww, what's wrong, it won't hurt you to smile for me" "Cheer up, you always look so sad" "What's gotten you so angry today? You look like you gonna hit someone!" I had to quit one job becuse my boss wouldn't come into the same room with me because he thought I had the evil eye. (guys are sooo dumb sometimes) I even had a doctor refer me for councelling because I always 'looked so depressed' when I came in! I said; Look at MY FACE for a minute before you judge like that! This is me relaxed, and I closed my eyes and let my muscles go limp, and I have one of those mouths that the corners go down, just like my mother, just like my grandmother, and then I said "Just cause I don't put on some fake smile all the time doesn't mean I'm depressed, it just means you aren't looking at ME." and then I got a new doc, who once said I reminded him of an actress who had a mouth that had that sort of downturn. It's all about taking the time to see the YOU in your face, ladies!

    • Ola

      Oh my god. I am SO glad to discover that I'm not the only one who goes through this "smiling" issue. When I was a kid, teachers would think I was depressed just because I was slightly reserved(I went to a predominantly white elemntary school mind you), but I KNOW I was never a depressed kid at all. There were some situations when I was quiet and others when loud and outgoing. It annoys me that throughout my childhood, people would try to diagnose me with an issue I NEVER had. BEING RESERVED DOES NOT TRANSLATE TO BEING UNHAPPY. People need to open their eyes a little.

      • Katie

        right?! i went through the same thing except that I’m white. I had this one teacher in high school that would always ask if I was alright. One time he even gave me a slip to go see the nurse without me asking. I was really confused….he was black btw. So I don’t think this particular issue actually has a color line.

        • brandy

          Thank you. I get the same thing from people, but I am WHITE. I don’t see how this particular point has anything to do with race, at all.

    • so true, so true!

    • Allyson

      As a woman I completely agree with you that being hollered at by a strange man is disrespectful and can be uncomfortable (and sometimes a little scary) especially when we're alone and getting it from a group of strange men. It is disrespectful to all women to be treated like a sex object. However, as a white woman who has been on the receiving end of this, I disagree with you that these men wouldn't have spoken if you were white. Men who behave this way are too dumb to realize that it's not flattering, but they do it to white women too. When I've responded to these comments with a dirty look or an equally rude hand gesture, I too get the comments about being a b*%$ch. I'm not saying that some of these differences in the way black women and white women are perceived are not accurate, I'm just saying that we white women get this childish, sexist behavior from stupid men as well. And we don't like it any more than you do, regardless of the man's race.

      • Adonis

        If you are hot, you will get harassed… be thankful…

    • Watermelon

      I am so glad I found this site…I get this 'you look unapproachable, too strong, so independent' all the time. And I'm a happy person! I have had so many people say, after they've gotten to know me, "Wow, you are so different than I thought, I was afraid to talk to you." (And how is being independent or having your own opinion a bad thing, exactly?)

      It bothered me as young adult, but now I just think, if you don't have the guts to talk to me and find out, we probably wouldn't make it as friends anyway – their loss.

      White mom, black dad – divorced. I stayed with my mom- Who knew nothing about braiding, mini twists, how about just the right conditioner?….don't even get me started about my hair. I was in my late teens before I figured it out and made peace with it…

      And my husband loves my booty, but it really is a struggle to find jeans that work…..It's a whole different shopping experience when you are not shaped like the norm. No rack purchases – you have to try on EVERYTHING. I am so glad I'm not alone!!

    • Michelle

      I've noticed a huge difference in how people of all races and genders perceive me and others based oh whether there is a smile or straight face. I studied this in college some. It really doesn't matter if the person is a bumbling, lost, idiot or truly happy, if she (or he) is smiling, she's perceived as friendly, nice, kind, etc. So when you feel miserable, put on that smile, so the world will be kind to you.

    • allie

      I am hispanic and get the same thing I almost lost a kob because of it ppl r ridiculous

      • allie

        Job sorry

    • GeminiJazz

      I am #5 also. Men tell me to smile all the time it gets on my nerves. A Black Man said smile, I said make me, he was stuck. What am I supposed to do walk around looking like I’m on meds waiting for my coo-coo check to be cut?

    • brandy

      So do I. I’m white. How do you explain that one? Not race related. This article is full of it.

    • guest2

      I am white, and I am told all the time I look unfriendly when I do not smile. I am also told that a lot of people do not like me. Do you know how that hurts? I work very hard at being friendly, I smile all the time at work so people do not say I am unfriendly. I am not curvaceous. I am overweight and dress conservatively. I find that I just get along better by not talking to anyone. At least if you are Black and a bit overweight it is considered curvaceous and not fat.

    • Define2

      I’ve had black men angrily tell me to smile when I’m just walking around minding my own business…one said damn smile it’s not that bad…totally blindsided me and scared me too…I wonder why they do that?

    • elvira

      White women get that too, you know – it used to happen to me all the time when I was younger. I once had a customer complain to my boss because I wasn’t smiling and male workmates were forever saying “Smile!” at me.
      I used to tell strangers about imaginary family tragedies just to make them feel awful.

  • datgirl4509

    OMG!!!! All of these are soooo true. I work with white and black women that fit all of these. The way we are look upon for the same things white women do is TRULY ridiculous but nothing new. Throughout our history these 8 things( and many more) have followed us and always will. But the same applies to black/white men also. I know white women who are loud, slept with numerous men (married and not), slept with each others spouses, gotten pregnant by several different men, swing and kiss co-workers (male/female) etc, etc but it is like none of it ever happened. But let a sister try that all hell would break loose.

    • cry baby

      yall just hating..white women taking over..
      Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. http://goo.gl/OeFMB to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

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      • Gethers1965

        Who effing cares. Them shits are so ugly, they SHOULD be free!!!!

    • ghjng

      Coundlt agree with you more! Alwasy wondered how I saw ugly ass unattractive and easy white women who still managed to land a husband.

      • middleagedblackwoman

        but usually the husbands are no prizes either LOL

      • Guest

        You’re part of the reason we still have racism in this day and age, congrats!

    • scir91onyoutube

      white DNA is more prized in society than black or asian DNA. that's just how it works.

      • In-Tune Sista

        Technically, Black DNA is naturally Stronger than the other two races you mentioned here!  If there is a battle between Dominant vs Recessive DOMINANT will win with no issues!

        • newenglish

          Please refrain from spreading unfactional bulls**t like this thanks. Also, f**k white DNA. F**k black at that as well. F**k DNA in general. See I’m unbiased. I say f**k all ethnicities. That way I don’t get troubled with this black/white/etc. superiority complex.

          • LadyFireworks

            It’s…not really a superiority complex. High melanin, dark hair, and dark eyes are all dominant traits. All happen to be present in black DNA. But at the same time, everyone is pretty and lovely in their own ways, so let’s stop hating and start appreciating, mk? ^-^

            • madcapfeline

              While I wholly agree with the sentiment, your science is a little bit broken there. Apologies, but as a biological scientist with a touch of OCD, I just can’t let it go. All humans from the darkest black to the lightest white are born with exactly the same amount of melanocytes. While genetics do play a role in melanocyte expression of melanin, both nutritional and environmental factors play an equal role. And yes, everyone remembers the Punnett square from eighth grade biology, but that is an oversimplification of how genetics works. Traits like skin color, eye color, hair color are polygenic traits, which are considerably more complex than just dominant and recessive.

              • Mortimer Finklestein

                Step back! We’re doing SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!
                (Well done, madcapfeline!)

        • 123go

          They said prized, they’re not talking about strength. Recessive traits are rare, that’s why they’re prized… well at least in women. You don’t see women flocking to Ginger guys, but people rave about red headed women.

          • Deidra

            I actually love ginger men. I prefer them to other men. You say they don’t flock, I say more for me.

        • Mike Weiss

          Never seen a black person with green eyes? the recessives can match up as soon as the second generation. One gene having a dominant phenotype doesn’t turn the other genes off, that’s why mixing all populations together actually does very little to eliminate recessive genetic disorders. It just spreads them around faster. They can easily pop up again a generation removed, like green eyes.

      • whatever, troll.

      • Karl

        White DNA is more prized in WHITE society. I am a man and white, but I far prefer the Asian DNA, when it comes to women certainly !

      • johnsor

        A lot of White women swear by Black DNA from Black males! White women not producing White children and more bi-racial babies with Black men!

    • Given U Coue

      These 8 things? LOL.tis is not a "documented phonon" and this is just this angry persons opinion. "Thee 8 things" are made up. Take the sex tapes for instance. Look at Paris Hilton and her "sex tapes" if you can call giving someone a hummer and in the middle of it getting up to look in the mirror and ask if you are pretty…to yourself, a sex tape.People called her whore,nasty,hooker,etc. and will continue to. Now, look at the Collin Farrell sex tape with , Playboy model Nicole Narain, First,the beautiful women acts classy even in the tape,not writhing and moaning and all fake. She is seen as classy still and she was the one who released it for cash! Good for her–she was in it and had the right. Point is, I have seen many many sex tapes with both black,white,Asian, Hispanic and mixed stars.It all depends on the tape,the way the act in private and other body language factors. White women get just as bad or half way decent reaction as black .The author of this is silly,immature and splitting hairs. Women, we have to stick together,.

    • tiger1324

      However, just that we have this article is pretty racist. As a professional black woman just to think that this would be in a white magazine would mean an immediate suit, news coverage, and formal apology. One thing that we can get away with that white woman don't is blatant reverse prejudice and racism.

      • Baiaforever

        This is not reverse discrimination. It’s just facts adn truth. I bet you are not even black but just some white person pretending to be black. Commenting on inequality and double standards is not reverse discrimination. It’s just examing a social issues that exists and maybe thinking up ways  to end these racist practices against black women.

        • smartwoman

          how is this the truth??? this article is plain ignorant!!! white people are poor too!! go to oklahoma, kansas…etc…theyre living in trailer parks!

          • CC

            That’s her point. She’s saying that society has come down hard on black women for the issues listed in this article but when women of other races do it, they don’t get the same backlash as the black woman. Tiger was saying that the article is self-hate but Baiaforever was correcting with the explanation that the author is simply pointing out facts not saying she hates her skin color. Just a thought…….

          • Sisi Kitty Linton

            Yea but who do you see being ridiculed for it?

          • blackbeauty2013

            I agree with you, ” our noses are rounder and wider and white women dont look so strange” WTF is this sh!t.

          • racism sucks

            WHile this may be true they aren’t killing, raping and stealing from each other in anywhere NEAR the same numbers 🙂

            • Unbiased

              racism sucks. I feel sorry for you because you are one of those people who take gossip, lies, and propaganda and run with it. I’m going to assume from your comment that you don’t take the time to educate yourself.

              Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

              Bureau of Justice Statistics: 69.7 percent of crimes committed against whites, were committed by whites. 77.7 percent of crimes committed against blacks were committed by blacks. The numbers are similar for all races. It is always more likely someone will be victimized by someone of their own race as opposed to someone of a different race. An 8% difference is pretty near to me racism sucks and while I don’t feel like citing anymore statistics, the same is true of urban, or poor neighborhoods.

            • naynay

              Whites rape, kill, and steal from each other in horrific numbers. They just do not get caught as Black people. The biggest steal was Madoff stealing over $50 billion and a factor in helping bring this economy down! Don’t give these people all the credit of honesty and fairness, please, just because they are control. They are in control and they perpetuate this negativity against Black people for a reason.

        • Faux Mcfakerson


          • naynay


        • racism sucks

          Well blacks committing the VAST majority of the crime is true as well but when it is mentioned it is slammed as racism. The problem with you defending this racist article is that it is not true at all. It’s simple, blatant racism. Only when the black community stops whining about being the victims of racism, while being the most blatant offenders of perpetrating racism will we achieve real equality.

          • ikwiata

            I havent’ been on this post for quite some time, but you are definitely a troll. You need to get your facts straight and stop falling for and listening to the crap that you are spewing out. Either you are ignorant, don’t know how to interpret and understand stats, or you are just a plain ole’ redneck incognito.

            • Rich

              Or just a plain old truth teller.. Redneck is often used when a person tells the TRUTH! Cause the ghetto sure does NOT..

          • Carynn

            Wow. You sound really insignifiCUNT

          • Rich

            They love it.. They live for the whine and distortions.. It has been their ticket for decades now along with racist democrat black politicians promoting it and disgusting white liberals as well..

        • Unbiased

          This is not discimination. Discrimination is action that denies social participation or human rights to categories of people based on prejudice. This article is based on opinion. I am a black women and based on personal experience I have dealt with some of these things. People will perceive your actions in a more negative light if your are black, a lot of the times.

        • Stay

          This is not truth. White women do not “get away” with being easy. White women do not all get to wear the same clothes. White women don’t get away with being famous from a sex tape, plenty can’t stand that “woman”. White women don’t all get away with baby voices because their partners don’t want brains…. how ignorant is the author?

          • naynay

            Yes, they do and they can become rich off of a sex tape. KK already has proven that. The only reason that few hate her is be cause she/her family prefer to date Black men!

        • Nrthrnlghts

          your right, its not reverse discrimination. It is straight up racist! To claim anyone is a certain way because of their skin colour is the definition of racism. And what makes your statement worse, claiming that she is not black because she is speaking against racism towards white people.But that must not be racist right? People are people, not matter what their colour is. Every black person is a different shade of black, some darker, some lighter. Every white person is a different shade. Not many people in this world share the exact same colour. We need to start thinking in terms of people instead of colours. Even anti-racism laws are racist. Here in Ontario Canada, as a white person, you cant get a job as a police officer or firefighter or anything like that unless you live in a very white town. They only hire minorities in big cities because everyone screams racism. I have 2 friends that have taken firefighter training and have waited more than 6 years for a placement because they get pass up for minorities. These 2 people have school loans to pay and families to support. Doesnt matter if they graduated top of their class, they are white. Black people suffer, white people suffer. Both want to blame the other. When do we as a people say “Enough is enough. let the past be the past, we learned from it, so why are we repeating it?”

      • Davinci17

        Well said! Come on guys, at least pretend to have some dignity and class. Don’t you get tired of whining and blaming ridiculous things on race? I’m honestly shocked that this is actually still an issue. I thought we’ve evolved past this. 

        Go, be happy, life is a gift. 

        • Caydence james

          In order for you to debunk what was said you would have to admit that you haven’t noticed these things. Are you saying that you HAVEN’T noticed these differences or have you noticed it and are saying that despite this being a reality for most black women that we should hide under a rock and pretend that it doesn’t happen?

          If it’s the latter, then that doesn’t make sense. We have just as much right to talk about our experiences as anyone else. We also have the right to not be accused of whining when we do.

          As for the other comment that had this been in a white magazine it would mean an instant of apology…well sure it would! In that situation THEY would be talking about something that they neither had experience with or know about) while in this article we are talking about ourselves.

          Look, I’m not saying that we should take a “whoa is me” role but ignoring the double standard hasn’t helped in the past so maybe it’s time to just mention the pink elephant in the room? After all, acknowledgement is the first step to change. I’m jus’ sayin’……

          • me

            Double standards exist on both sides. Black people get to be racists with no repercussions. And, by the way, its “woe” is me.

            • pan

              oh my god shut up and go away

          • tiffany

            I love it!

          • guest3847

            what double standard???? wtf! i am a black woman in law school, grew up poor in NYC my parents are STILL together….i worked hard in school and now im married to a wonderful white man who grew up poorer than i did, and can’t find a job. get over the differences. a cat and dog are different. big deal. why talk about how we are physically different and cry about it?? its just a difference. neither is better than the other. i have never been put down because of my name or how i look. so i dont know what black ppl are talking about when they say they are put down.

            • MissG

              As a young black woman, I must say that you are very lucky not to have been picked on because of the way you look. As a little girl and even as I got older, I was picked on and bothered by people that were not black about everything from my hair to the size of my breasts and thighs, and I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last.

              • reverie

                And as a white girl I was humiliated to the point of having suicidal thoughts because the constant harassment about how I look by black kids in my school. It was horrible! And none of the kids were held accountable because one of the mother’s cried racist when I reported it to the principal. She threatened to sue the school if they took actions any further. So you know what happened? One of those boys tried to rape me after school because he thought he could get away with it.

                • l♌la

                  Reverie, I am so sorry you had to live through that. Why very few people are acknowledging what you said is beyond me. But I read it and I apologise on behalf of my species. Humanity fails us when it comes to being part of a racial majority/minority. In an increasingly multi-cultural society it leads to our ugliest sides exposing our fear. A brutish lack of tolerance houses within us. At times a distorted sense of self-preservation takes the upper hand. We’re still too animal to transcend to a higher consciousness. I hope that after all that suffering you haven’t grown to hate all black people, for if so you become what you hate. All the best.

                  • reverie

                    Not at all. I can’t hold a grudge against an entire race because of the actions of a few. That’s not an accurate representation of all black people, much the same as how racist whites aren’t an accurate representation of all whites. Considering whites make up nearly 3/4 the population of the US, there’s bound to be some bad apples in the bunch. As for me, I respect those who deserve it. Regardless of their color or my past experiences.

          • Telling It Like It Is


            I can see your point of view, but by your own admission (“THEY would be talking about something that they neither had experience with or know about”).

            Wouldn’t this also pertain to the author who is black talking about the white women of which I’m sure they “neither had experience with or know about”? I would have to say that your comment is a double sided blade and that the validity of your argument goes up in smoke.

            If we want to claim that the one who finds the material offensive is the one that the law stands behind, isn’t it just as possible that white women could take offense to this article since it does objectify them?

            Looking at this from a logical point of view, you can’t claim that you are offended because they are offended. It doesn’t work that way. If someone takes offense to this, it is how they perceived it.

            In my 21 years in the Army, it wasn’t what the intention was, but how the victim perceived it. In this case, the “victim” is not the black woman, but the white woman since the article is defining how white women “get away with it”.

            I am not decrying, nor defending the article. Instead, I am pointing out that, in this particular instance, the derogatory comments are made about white women and whether some can relate or not makes no difference. That’s called stereotyping. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

        • Beautifulchocolate

          This is a black article site and we have the right to vent. If you have never been a black woman then I do not expect you to show empathy. This is a self-help/tip article for black women to survive in a world that perceives us negatively. This is not whining or complaining. Get lost and go vent about gun control or something on the MSNBC page.

          • Lilly

            Wonder if it is more damaging being picked on and ridiculed about your appearance by someone of your own race or a different race? Because maybe this has more to do with us being women than being of a particular race. Your particular race will give its own special flavor, but it sucks for all of us when we experience it.

          • pokeahiie

            I was a black woman once

      • Guest

        I totally agree.  Show me an article that has 8 things a black woman can get away with that a white woman could not.  There are none, because they would be sued and the whole thing would be a huge deal.  I was actually appalled when I read the title of this article.  Why are we still seperating ourselves.  We are women, can’t we stick together instead of complaining about who gets away with what! 

        • Racistsucks

          Obviously, you ae not black. You’re just some ignorant, trouble-making racist that is trolling. Like someone else just said. It is not reverse racism to talk about the inequalites for black women in the US. I don’t expect you to know the difference because most racist are not very bright.

        • l♌la

          Hear, hear! @Guest

    • Paul

      um not at all i spent plenty of time in germany and with me and countless brothas white woman got sent packing when they commited to sex too soon. This issue has no color line

      • Katie

        as a white chick i agree. it’s a known fact.

      • You effing hypocrites

    • Helen

      Black women do it MORE than non-black women.  Nobody said non-black women don’t do these things or that it’s only wrong for black women to do it.  And by the way, black MEN play a role in this behavior too just like non-black men play a role in this behavior.

      • pan

        no we don’t.

        • l♌la

          Takes two to tango.

      • ikwiata

        Factually and statistically speaking, white women are more promiscuous than black women.

    • Katie

      I don’t know if I agree with that. it seems to me if any woman (white, black, whatever) slept around there would be consequences in how society perceives them compared to men.

    • pepjrp

      What hell broke loose? This article is racist and designed to produce hate towards white women and with you, it seems to have worked. Don’t let it take you to that bad side of us all.

    • Mike Weiss

      I know white women who wanted children who have had abortions because they they weren’t married to their fiancés yet; they didn’t want the stigma of a “shotgun wedding.” It always disturbs me when I see something like that. You see black women held to higher (and unreasonable) standards and I’ve seen white women held to higher (unreasonable) standards. It’s as much about class perceptions as anything else. Poor black women are called “ghetto” and poor white women “white trash,” just because they are from a lower economic classes. What you said is often repeated with the races reversed, perhaps the reason is that critiques of one’s own are not as easily shared with people from other demographic groups. All women have to put up with this sort of thing, even Amish women (who get shunned for it).

    • antoniosantiago

      Yep. Also try being a man and kissing a co-worker. 99% of the time your butt is fired if you are a man. If you are a man, even saying “you look nice” can get you fired off the job….well I guess it applies to women also but we the guys don’t complain as much about it I guess.