[Watch] Sherri Shepherd Surrogate Breaks Silence: “I Have A Child Support Case Coming Against Me Now”

January 29, 2015  |  

Months after the explosive fall-out between estranged couple Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally, their surrogate, who birthed the child who is now positioned at the center of the pair’s nasty divorce, is speaking out. In an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, which airs Thursday, January 29, Jessica Bartholomew slams the former “View” host for walking out on her child.

Bartholomew explains that although she was connected with the couple through a surrogate agency, she is listed on the child’s birth certificate as a “noncustodial parent.” Because of this, she says that she is also being pursued for child support. Apparently, Sally applied for Medi-Cal, which is a state program that provides free or low-cost health insurance, to assist with medical costs relating to a health condition plaguing the infant. This resulted in the state of California going after Bartholomew for child support.

“It’s affected me a lot. I am now listed as a noncustodial parent in California. I have a child support case coming against me now.”

She adds that she’s especially upset with Shepherd because she’s left a ton of responsibilities in the wake of her departure.

“Because [Shepherd] doesn’t want to be a part of the baby’s life, I have to pick up all the slack with my name being on the birth certificate, a noncustodial parent, medical bills. I’m still considered the mother of a child that’s not mine.”

Inside Edition

According to Bartholomew’s version of events, Shepherd didn’t even inform her that she and Sally would be divorcing.

“I am angry with Sherri because she never once contacted me to tell me what was happening. It was kind of like I was left out in the cold.”

Prior to the split, Jessica says that Sherri seemed very excited about the baby’s upcoming birth.

“She would call up and check on me during the pregnancy in the beginning. At the 20 week appointment, she seemed very excited. She was going to see the baby for the first time…I didn’t see any warning signs right away.”

When asked what she would say to Sherri if she could sit down with her, Bartholomew had this to say:

“I would ask Sherri why she did what she did – if she thought it was okay to do something like that…I just don’t understand how she can act like this baby is nonexistent. It just blows my mind.”

So far, Sherri’s reps have not returned our request for comment.

AKM-GSI, Inside Edition

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  • calilife4me

    It’s unfortunate comments, that the moderator doesn’t like, get deleted.

  • marilynn

    Rest assured the kid won’t feel abandoned by her or the woman that carried and delivered him. The only woman who is missing from that kids life is his his mother the woman who made him and sold out her half under contract Sick

    • Greg

      How do you know how the kid will feel? Not every kid feels the way your friends do.

  • marilynn

    I agree with Dazzling’s comment below. Sherry is not this child’s mother! The surrogate is not this child’s mother! Why is nobody outraged at the woman who actually did abandon her offspring in this situation? Sherry did a bad thing by wanting this child to be separated from his mother thank god she backed out. The surro aided the mother in abandoning honestly the idea that the kid was abandoned by of all people the person who purchased him is absurd.

  • Latoya

    I’m seeing alot of comments about the divorce, the contract, the legalities…

    ummmmm and what about the baby?

  • Themia

    This is UNFAIR to this precious baby. He does not deserve to be treated like trash. Both of the entered into a surrogate contract (Lamar & Sherri) so both of them should be responsible for that child. It’s the MORAL thing to do. This is just shameful. Blessings to the baby for better health and a strong, loving bond with whoever raises him!

  • Dee

    NO, the surrogate’s egg was not used. The only person involved with biological ties to the child is Lamar.

  • vatrice george

    This incident has made me dislike Sherri. Sherri and Lamar had a contractual agreement and its sad they are not living up to their bargain of the agreement.

  • Gadget

    Anybody else watch the body language of Jessica? When she would say ‘yes’ her head shook ‘no’ and vice versa. I am not saying Sherri is innocent in the entire ordeal, but something is fishy about this woman. Maybe she wants her own 15 minutes of fame?

  • Which came first? The chickenhead or the egg?

  • Britney Robinson

    Ok I am going to say it, I know she didn’t use her egg, so why did she pick a non-black woman? To have a mixed baby???? So confused.

  • guest

    Is it me??? But both Sherri and her husband are black. And Sherri’s ex is the biological father to this child. Why is their surrogate white?

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  • LAFunnygal

    Sherri and Sal HIRED this woman to carry the baby to term. Sal filed in CA for whatever his reasons were(selfish?surrogate lived in CA?), for BOTH This child, and Sherri’s other son! What kind of crazy is going on in that household?Easy to blame the woman of course-she is the more public of the two. The surrogate is listed on the birth certificate even though there was a donor egg(so she is NO relation to the child she was carrying),but when Sal filed for health insurance in CA, the state goes after all parties listed on birth certificate FIRST. Sherri looks crazier than usual in this one. Sorry, but this child you crowed about for so long is not a bad meal you get to change your ind about b/c it has special needs- so does jefferey(1st son),or don’t like your husband anymore. You seem real easy to live with girl. Poor baby,hope it gets adopted into a REAL family soon!

  • Erica

    Where are the contracts for this surrogate process? All this legal stuff should have been worked out well before the surrogate got pregnant. I find it hard to believe that the surrogate is financially responsible for this baby.
    This is a morally bankrupt decision on Sherri’s part. You don’t make a conscious decision to hire a surrogate and then just abandon the baby. Sal is old as dirt too, the one that suffers is the innocent child.

  • anonymouse

    the surrogate is carrying somebody else’s egg. the baby is not bio related to sherri or the surrogate, just the ex.

  • theladymagic

    The main point is that Sherrie let Sal have his way, he just didn’t know what his way was.
    Sal went to California where they did not live, nor where they get married, and filed for divorce and full custody of the child.
    His reasoning for full custody was that Sherrie was not the biological parent of the child and he was. He filed, asking for halve of her assets, spouse surport and child support.
    She counter filed in New Jersey, where they where married and had lived. And then she agreed with him, and let him have the child that is biologically his and an unknown egg donor.
    Wheather you like Sherri Shepherd or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Sal put this/HIS baby in this situation. He really hadn’t thought his plan all the way through. His plan was to live off of Sherrie’s money with his child, but he did it before the child was born, and Sherrie under no obligation to do so, did not sign the birth certificate. Sal is the one that planned this mess.Its not working out well for him so far.

    • anonymouse

      thank you! these people are just biased because they don’t like sherri…..if this guy was smart, he would’ve waited until she adopted the kid to pull this stunt. she has no legal obligations to this child and it seems like he needs to get a job to support his kid.

  • Dee

    Seems like the surrogate didn’t do her research…or had a bad lawyer who didn’t advise her of ALL possible scenarios. Now she is stuck. (shrug)

  • Constance Couture

    She could always have her rights terminated…

  • virgo917

    she a dirty rotten scoundrel. Always with her holier than thou attitude and she turns around and does something like this. If you paid to “make” a baby and then decide you don’t want it well too bad for you. She is responsible in every single way. that child would not be on this earth as it was not for her buying it. She has about as many morals as a rock. Disgusting.

  • A818

    Someone has a child of which they share no DNA and then expect motherly feelings? I agree she has a contractual duty but when you mess with nature expect unnatural consequences.

  • Concerened for baby

    If Sherry Shepard had any shame at all, this would not have happened. How can anyone abandon a child like that ? She’s as disgusting as a human being can possibly become. I hope she see’s the day she’s broken and abandoned.

  • Crystal Hughes

    Sherri will be fine.

  • Surro1

    If 2 parents adopt a child together then get divorced they still share support. Genetics have nothing to do with it. They agreed to make/ have/ a baby. They should both be responsible.

  • Adrienne Wright

    I don’t think sherri should have 2 pay nothing!! This woman should take care of her own child

  • fromanotherplanet

    and of course, you go to the media. That’s the logical step.

  • KJ

    First; Why is he not working to pay for his own childs medical? Second: IF this is something they BOTH wanted and planned for and took part in Sherri should be paying half of everything for that baby. the surrogate shouldn’t even be a factor in this issue.


    What a mess. I remember when she was going to marry this dude and her people were not happy about it. And when she was on the View talking like a giddy fool. This thing was doomed from the beginning and people tried to talk sense into her but she just had to have a HUZBAND. GOOD GOD, when will these stupid women ever learn?

  • corbin56

    Her name is on the birth certificate. Jessica’s baby. The child has Jessica’s DNA. Jessica’s baby. Jessica gave birth to the child. Jessica’s baby.

    • A818

      They said the child was a result of a Black,athletic egg donor and Sherri’s husband.

  • WhatEVER!

    OMG, this is the messiest. smdh

  • TrillProphecies93

    Blame her trifling ex husband! All he wanted was to steal money from Sherri! No him and this woman are trying to get paid from her! Give the baby to him and let him get a real job to take care of it! Free loading a$$ ninja

  • sarah b

    When you sign a surrogate contract you ar. Signing your parental rights to the child. You cant agree to a baby and back out, blood or not. Jessica did these ppl a favor, and shes screwed now.

  • sarah b

    It is not the surrogates eggs, it is sherrys husbands and another egg donor. Dont speak unless you have intelligence

  • gapeach0614

    Well… this is what could possibly go wrong with carrying someone else’s baby. You inherit whatever drama that comes along with it.

  • BossLady.100K

    She abandoned her own baby and is forcing someone who only agreed to be pregnant for HER. Sherry is so wrong on so many levels.

  • 2754sdr

    Jesus take the wheel! Egg, donor, divorce, money, surrogate, It’s her ‘s his, theirs OMG
    I have a headache too!!

  • Ash

    Sherri needs to marry herself next time, lol.

  • Johnnie Q. X. Sturner


  • momsandpops

    I wonder how much Lamar has promised her of Sheri’s money? Both of these people should get a job.

  • Nicky

    Sherri should of made this surrogate sign a gag order. Give the baby to the father and hold him responsible. END OF STORY!! That surrogate should be after the father. When people think or know you got money, they will come after you.

  • Rosetta Stone

    I’m not surprised at Sherri all of a sudden not wanting the child. This is the same woman who came on television and told the world she’s had more abortions than she could remember.

  • hnv12

    The ex husband doesn’t come out of this smelling like roses. It seems like he was using Shepherd for a paycheck and using the baby to solidify that. If you found out your spouse was that conniving, would you want to continue to be involved in any way? The only biological parent involved here is him. Is he working and doing everything he can to be a provider or is he just going after state assistance and his ex’s money? I don’t know why this woman is heaping the blame solely on Sherri Shepherd. She doesn’t come out looking so great in this either, but I can understand it.

    • Justsaying24

      You are speaking an emotional point of view. So because the man she married the man she choose to be her husband who does not have money or a job decided to divorce you, the baby that you made happened should be abandoned. She is blaming Sherri because she was most involved. As one woman to a not her woman who baby she is carrying for her she was closer to Sherri. I have a feeling if she was calling out the father more people would think they had something on the side. They are both to blame and no matter how you look at it Sherri is going to have the most blame. I agree with you a little but the woman is not a blame at all.

  • Nay

    Why does the child’s father not have any blame in this? Can’t he get the case against her dropped since he is the one seeking child support? I don’t get it. Is he not the one raising his child?

    • Crisko

      He is raising the child and assumed responsibility. If his state is anything like ours, he isn’t necessarily doing this to her. In order to be verified for services, the court has to go through the process of seeking to obtain child support, whether he wants to or not. His only recourse would be to say he doesn’t know who the mother is … but that’s not possible. The hospital has already listed her as a non-custodial parent. It’s easy to have a blank space for the father in on a birth certificate, you just say you don’t know … but maternity is described as the person who is in the hospital, birthing the child.

      • Harold Osler

        He flew here to California to file for separation; that way, after meeting a three month residency, he could file for divorce and try to cancel the pre-nup he signed. That’s the only reason he came here.

      • Harold Osler

        But they never say why he’s seeking state help. From what I gathered, the child’s disability is a genetic thing and isn’t really as life-threatening as they claim.

  • CAliQueen

    Sherri’s egg or not (morally) I consider her the mother of this child. I would have a difference of opinion had she not decided along with her husband to have this baby via seregoncy. At the end of the day no matter how you spin it Sherri abandoned this baby. And i have a strong feeling there would be a double standard if the roles were reversed, with Sherri’s egg and a sp€rm donar, people would be calling Sherri’s low life husband a deadbeat dad.

    • Crisko

      Thank you! Common sense is so uncommon.

    • Jacque

      He is still a deadbeat dad. He only wanted to use Sherri for support. As soon as the delivery date was getting closer, he flew to Cali to file for support and full custody and only limited visitation for Sherry. If I was Sherri I would have walked away also. I’m not hiring you to take care of a child that is not biologically mine.

      • CAliQueen

        No doubt Sherri’s ex is a lousy person but that’s not my argument. I was specifically speaking of Sherri’s moral obligation as a woman who chose to be a mother to a child who did not ask to be here. Her choice to take the easy way out and walk away from her child speaks volumes to the type of person she is. That’s just my opinion on the subject.

  • mejustme

    I know Sherri Shepard has the bigger paycheck, but what kind of a man is this? Go get a job dude, provide for your son, set an example. He should never have applied for assistance, if it was going to get the surrogate involved. He needs a job. Yesterday!, and Sherri would not hurt herself to help the baby until he had a job. Help the baby not the Big Lazy Bum, the court could appoint a person to decide what the baby needed and provide receipts that it was handled. Sherri needs to think about her son, the one she gave birth to. He may regard this boy as his brother and she is going to have to answer some tough questions if she abandons him totally. The surrogate mother should not have to pay, she should have questioned that before agreeing to be a surrogate.

    • RareE

      Sherri has no genetic connection to this child. If they want Sherri want to pay for this child, then she should take full custody. Leave that surrogate and her sit on his butt ex out in the cold. Have them both sign off on their rights to the child.

      • mejustme

        The only reason I think S heri should help in addition to the reasons I stated is because she planned to give this child a home. The baby did not ask to be here. If Lazy won’t provide and the surrogate does not want custody and Sheri does not then place him in loving hoe where he will be lived and provided for. Lazy Is using him to get money.

        • RareE

          I agree!!!

    • Harold Osler

      The prenup gives him 60,000 bbut he wants more. SHe offered $150,000 for him to back off and not demand she be on the birth certificate but he refused. ANd with a lame-ass “How can I do that to the child–he’ll look at his birth certificate and it’ll be blank.” Boo Hoo. I never even saw mine until I was 30-why’s this kid gonna be looking for his?

  • A Low-Down Dirty Damn Shame

    What Sherri needs to do is pay for that girl’s lawyer team to get the surrogate out of the mess of being pursued for child support and other issues dealing with the child and that surrogate agency. This way they both get to walk away from that POS Lamar!!!

  • Tonie

    Sooo….Lamar didn’t want this baby to resemble Sherry at all huh? Well. Well. Well. Either way…it’s not her egg, but I don’t know if I could just walk away from a baby that I waited for. It would hurt. I’m sure she’s praying on it everyday.

    • ladeeda

      The women is a surrogate mother. It doesnt mean they used the surrogate’s egg. I know it’s not Sherri’s egg. But maybe they used a black woman’s egg. After 40, most IVF are not the mother’s egg but a donor egg.

    • hollyw

      I don’t think she “just walked away” either, I’m sure it was painful. Folks acting like she got a whiff of trickery and just bounced, but there’s no telling what that man said to her leading up to their divorce. If I were her, I’d probably end up at the same solution, after my husband tried divorcing me after getting me to sign on to this, w/ his sp3rm, after only 2yrs of marriage…tuh! It’d probably be more painful for her to stay and be tied forever to him and the baby he deceived her with.

  • justsaying

    Sherri is wrong and so is the husband. Though it is not Sherri egg the child in question would not exist without sherri consent and money. She made the baby happen. When a couple goes to a have a baby made it is something they discuss for awhile and should have talked about all the what if that can happen. What if the child was born and they broke up Sherri would still pay. Now no party wants the child that was made for this couple. Sherri should gain custody because at the time the man was her husband. Though the child is not biologically hers it is her baby. Her husband is a mess of course but she signed legal papers stating this is what she wanted at the time

    • Marehoop

      I’ve been saying the same thing…. I want him to get a job with benefits too!! (IMO)

    • janelle

      I agree. If things were fine with Sherri and her husband and the surrogate changed her mind and wanted to KEEP the baby, she wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on and Sherri and Lamar would be deemed the parents…so they should be deemed the parents in THIS situation. You can’t say “SIKE” in the middle of this whole thing because you married a bum. And he shouldn’t get off the hook either. They both should take responsibility for this child.

    • Guest

      The child supposedly only exists b/c of the lies of Lamar. Supposedly Lamar wanted the child only as a guaranteed pay check; supposedly it was all a set up. A setup not a loving relationship of two people wanting to have a child big difference. The problem is that his plan back fired.

  • Jay

    I do feel bad for the lady but why in these kinds of situations is the man less liable when it comes to being a parent. You’re mad at Sherri but IT IS Lamar’s baby, IT WAS Lamar that filed for medi-cal I’m sure knowing they would pursue her for support. If Lamar truly wanted the baby why not work and support your child while pursuing legal action against Sherry. Women take care of their kids ALL THE TIME while pursing child support but b/c Sherri has a little change she is automatically the monster.

    • hollyw

      That’s what I continue to find real weird about this all, like none of this ever would have happened if he didn’t clearly try to get over on her, but just b/c she didn’t roll over and take it, she’s a horrible person lol? He divorced her after 2yrs of marriage and right after she signed the surrogacy papers, with his sp3rm….??? Uh, no bueno, I’d walk away, too. It’d be painful, for sure, but there’s no way I’d be desperate enough for a man OR baby that wasn’t biologically mine, sorry to say! And now the surrogate heated at Sherri b/c the baby daddy is suing her and she didn’t get a phone call into the divorce, girl bye!

  • Hmmm

    I’ll admit I’m not familiar with this case but did she ever say why she didn’t use her eggs and why the donor’s egg is from a white woman (just curious was it purposeful or random)?

    • Callan

      Sherri is probably too old for her eggs to be of use.

    • hollyw

      I don’t think the egg is from a white woman. The white woman was just to carry and delivery the baby. But yeah, her own eggs weren’t viable, I think.

      • Hmmmm

        Thanks to all who answered without judgement of malicious intent. Was honestly confused. Didn’t know her age or possible complications. This story overall is so sad for the child. When they grow up and realize how in the beginning they were loved and wanted and shortly thereafter NO ONE wanted them….makes my soul weep for them.

    • ladeeda

      Im assuming because sherri is over 40 her eggs werent used. And how do you know the surrogate’s eggs were used. The surrogate only carries the baby. Another women’s egg could have been used.

    • RareE

      She can’t have children. I think she had a hysterectomy when she was younger due to medical complications.

      • toni

        Sherri has a young son. I think he has a disability. This is such an unfortunate situation. I think Sherri is WRONG! People keep making statements in regards to the eggs not being from her. REALLY?!!!! Sherri, along with her husband, made an agreement with this woman! This would be the same as any other agreements made with someone. You are supposed to hold up your end of the deal! What is it that people don’t understand? I can guarantee you, that the same people that are saying that they weren’t Sherri’s eggs, so she’s not responsible, are the same people that would be raising hell if someone didn’t hold up their end of the bargain with them, in a far less serious situation.

        • RareE

          She had it after her son then. She can’t have any more children.

  • hanalei

    I don’t know = maybe I am toooooo old to comment, things were never like this before, is it me or does this seem unnatural to be carrying someone else’s baby, I just don’t know.

    • hollyw

      Of course it’s unnatural; it’s a surrogate lol. But the laws haven’t fully caught up to surrogacy contracts, so! Looks like the surrogate got a little more than she bargained for!

    • Crisko

      Well think about all the children that are adopted. Plenty of mothers go through the entire process knowing that child will be turned over to someone else. There’s much more to being a parent than just “carrying” a baby. Surrogates provide a very worthwhile service to those that employ them. What’s more unnatural is to say hey … bring a life into the world for me because I can’t – and then to just walk away. That’s sick.

  • Almond E. Brown

    Smh…if this is true…..no bueno. They have that woman between a rock and a hard place. Foul.

    • RareE

      She knew the job was dirty when she took it.

      • Nicky

        I wouldn’t say the job was dirty but surrogates sign a whole bunch of forms knowing what could happen and so on. That is the business and the law when it comes to surrogates in the state of California.

        • RareE

          Exactly. That’s why I said the job was dirty. It’s a figure of speech. She knew what could happen if things fell apart.

      • Surro1

        Actually, no. Surrogates sign up because they can help a couple achieve their own child. You have to go through contracts worse than buying a house. Sherri breached the contract. Plain and simple.

        • sid

          It is just so sad, that the law can force a surrogate to give up a baby she feel she is emotionally attached too during conception, when a surrogate refused the court let her be aware of the contract signed and the couples that used the surrogate to have the baby always win, but in this case the same contract sign is forcing surrogate to care for a baby she never thought of keeping.

  • hollyw

    This is so stupid. Yes, she signed a paper and entered into a contact. Yes, she reniged on that contract. Horrible. Tragic. But it is just plain dumb for the other two people involved who have stronger genetic or partum ties to this baby to continue acting like they have NO responsibility. Y’all all knew the risks! This surrogate is being chased b/c, one, she let her body be used as a surrogate for money, and this outcome is possible for her in EVERY baby she gets paid to carry and delivery smh! At least in Cali. Yes, what she did was “nice”, but it was also a job, and this is clearly an occupational hazard! But she’s being chased, ultimately, b/c the baby’s father is UNEMPLOYED. He signed up for welfare, boo. That’s why. Again, I know it sucks you thought you were getting the check of a lifetime, and ended up having to pay child support, ahhh the irony! But let’s not pretend your chief concern is the baby, chick, cuz it’s pretty clear at this point that not one of the three parties is thinking about Sally Jr.’s welfare smh.

    • Callan

      So you’re cool with Sherri walking away because she has no genetic connection to this child? But the surrogate, who has no genetic connection to this child either, gets stuck with the cost? They used a donor egg. This isn’t this surrogate’s baby. Yeah, she agreed to carry the baby, but she agreed to carry the baby FOR THEM. Meaning, they get the baby at the end. She contracted to be a surrogate because Sherri couldn’t carry the baby herself. She didn’t contract to be a mother.

      Don’t get me wrong, this dad is complete scum, but so is Sherri for walking away and sticking this innocent woman with the fallout, based on a technicality.

      As far as I’m concerned, if Sherri contracted with this woman to have her carry the baby, it’s Sherri’s baby too.

      • Crisko

        Thank you! I agree with everything you said. People aren’t expected to just walk away from adopted children, and they have no “genetic” ties to them either. What people fail to realize is that surrogates are rigorously tested for emotional stability, etc. In Sherri and Lamar’s situation, the lady above is EXACTLY the kind of surrogate you hope for … one with an utter and complete understanding that the baby does not belong to her AT ALL … she is just a vehicle. Granted, the egg isn’t Sherri’s, but she requested a service, had the service provided and backed out. As crappy as people may “say” Lamar is … he’s entitled to be paid, he put his neck out for Sherri too – and she looks really bad in this – there is no excuse.

        • Jacque

          Lamarr did not put his neck out for Sherry. He was only looking for a come up. As the delivery date became closer. he flew to Cali to file for divorce and immediately requested alimony and child support with primary custody and requesting that Sherry only receive limited visitation. He knew exactly what he was doing. As dumb as Sherry appears to be sometimes, she isn’t that dumb. She filed in New Jersey, where they were married and lived.

          • Crisko

            Personally, I don’t think either one of us is in a position to say what went on behind closed doors. Just because he filed for divorce doesn’t mean she was used. You just said she wasn’t dumb – she is no angel herself. Sherri was clearly desperate for marriage. She was clear about that. Often times when you’re in that position you make poor decisions. This was one. But it does not absolve her of being a pretty crappy person for walking away. Makes her worse than anything he could have been. JMO

      • Surro1

        In some states if you care for a step child and get divorced you still have to pay for that child. Jess didnt sign up to be on the birth certificate. She was going to give a happily married family a baby.. of course laws differ state by state. This is a technicality and its terrifying for all the other surrogates wishing to help people achieve a family.

      • hollyw

        I’m not “cool” with somebody walking away from children, but at the end of the day, no amount of paper and signature can force human dedication and a relationship, and apparently, the American legal system agrees. It is a basic human right. That is why there is divorce even after signing marriage contacts and a severing of parental rights, even after bidding a baby. Like I said in the comment you replied to, yes it’s horrible that the surrogate is caught up in the mess, but it also didn’t seem bright that she signed on as a non-custodial parent. THAT, and the father getting in welfare and not returning her money back to her, is the reason why she will not have that money.

        It’s also ridiculous that, aside from all that, folks keep saying “That’s her baby” despite all biological, legal, and emotional ties not being in place. A contract and an agreement does not make someone a mother! Yes, Sherri is partially responsible for the surrogate being in this situation, but that does not translate into her being forced to take on the role of mother. No matter which perspective you look at in it, there is a better claim to it with either of the other two parties! So, at the most, Sherri could help the surrogate with paying her legal defense to get up from under this clown like she did, but it is absolutely ludicrous to expect her to take her place!

    • Harold Osler

      The surrogate probably got paid for that interview.

  • Daria

    It’s NOT Sherri’s egg so it’s NOT her baby. These comments are too funny.
    So y’all telling me that even tho its NOT her egg she’s still responsible for taking care of the baby???? Regardless of the situation pertaining to the divorce THAT’S NOT HER BABY. So should her estranged husband be responsible for the care of HER biological child???

    • RareE

      The surrogate knew California law when she went into this deal. The Biological father (Sally) is the responsible parent. He should get off his butt and get a job to support his baby and stop trying to live off the state since his cash cow (Sherri) left his stupid @$$

      • Harold Osler

        He should have taken the $150000 and put it away for that kid and gotten himself a job.

        • RareE

          Yep. He thought he was getting more. I can’t stand “parent” who get children, but forget that it takes love, support, and money to raise them.

  • Natalie Henderson Ray

    I believe this child is not Sherri’s genetically. It is Lamarr’s child and once he showed his true colors, S felt she could walk away from him and his child. I feel for her, she was so happy…until she found out w hat she really had. Not a fan of hers, by any means, but I get it!!!

    • Surro1

      Genetics don’t always make families. Is it ok to not want your adopted child either because its not genetically yours?

      • Natalie Henderson Ray

        There are any number of adopted children, especially the foreign children who have been “re-homed” which really means, given to somebody, anybody who will take them. Awful??? Yes.

  • J

    Sherri is real trifling….this is an innocent child. If you didn’t really want a baby why go through all this just to toss the child when your relationship didn’t work out???

  • i feel bad for this girl, she thought she was doing something good

    • Marehoop

      True but she did get paid.. And she’s only blaming Sherr, she needs to blame both of them. Hell he one that wanted the divorce in the middle of it…

      The whole thing is whacked and I feel for the baby.

      • i do too, why i would never agree to carry someone else’s baby. when the baby is in YOUR belly you can’t deny it, but with surrogacy people seem to feel they can walk away. lots of people get divorces or go through break ups while pregnant and they have to deal with it.

      • Surro1

        It doesn’t matter if she got paid or did it for free. She was matched with a loving couple in hopes of having a wonderful and positive surrogate journey and it broke apart half way through.

      • VeeGee

        Well he is taking care of the baby. Sherri completely abandoned him.

        • Harold Osler

          He turned down $150,000 in a deal that would have given him custody and full parental rights while releasing her from any further obligations. Turned it down. That says right there he’s planning on using that kid as an ATM

  • lulubear

    That poor baby.

  • rondav77

    Somewhere, I imagine Sherri is banging her head against the wall saying “Damn, damn, damn!” in a Florida Evans from “Good Times” voice. Why she would want to start the parenting process all over again in her mid 40’s is beyond me, especially when she had finally reached a high level of success. But it’s not my life, so who am I to judge?

  • question

    Exactly who egg was used hers or Sherri? If sherri egg was used then its Sherri. If this lady egg was used, than its yours. PEriod

    • NotSherris

      It’s the woman’s egg not Sherri’s.

      • Yvette

        Actually it’s not the woman’s egg. They used an egg donor.

      • belle

        I don’t think it’s the womans egg… i think its a donor egg, and the lady is just a host.

  • pie

    If its your egg, then it IS yours….. ? Science has gotten awayof themselves, now you have situations like this. Again whos to really blame?

    • hi-liter

      I was just about to type that. If the egg came from Sherri, then it’s Sherri’s baby. She’s arsed out because she wanted the baby at first, but got mad and now she wants nothing to do with the baby. She is looking real crazy right now. Sherri is going to have to pay to raise that baby, she knew the baby’s father was unemployed and dayum near homeless when she met him.

      • NotSherris

        It’s not Sherri’s egg though.

        • Callan

          It’s not this surrogate’s egg either. The egg came from a donor.

          Sherri and Lamar basically leased out this surrogate’s uterus, with the understanding that they’d get a baby at the end of it. Now Sherri is trying to get out of having any responsibility for this baby, even though she entered into a contract with this surrogate. The surrogate isn’t the mother. Sherri is the closest thing this baby has to a mother because she, along with Lamar, made the decision to bring this baby into the world. The surrogate didn’t go and get herself pregnant. They sought her out.

          • RareE

            In the State of California, the one who births the child in the parent. Albeit it Custodial or Non-Custodial. Doesn’t matter if she is a surrogate or not.

            • Callan

              Then the laws need to catch up with science, because it’s complete BS that this woman is on the hook for this.

              • Band Mom

                These stories need to come out bc there is no way I would become a surrogate under these circumstances

              • dj j

                and they are both poor, so WE will be on the hook. That baby is on welfare now. This is not fair. I don’t think Sherri will win this case. She signed the contract, and ratified the contract by paying the fees, and giving interviews, and going to doctor appointments. Good luck heffa

              • Tameko72

                That woman is on the hook because she got herself listed on the baby’s birth certificate. Either this was a smooth setup that Lamar Sally pulled the trigger too quick on or the agency is at fault for not protecting the surrogate from liability.

                • Callan

                  Yeah, she never should have been on the birth certificate in the first place. I’m guessing the hospital did it, since Sherri ran and they needed to list a mother. I really feel for this woman.

              • Dee

                If you are going to be a surrogate you better make sure YOUR rights are represented. This child had no biological ties to Sherri and this dude was shady from the jump. Going after the surrogate for child support is crazy because it was not HER egg and she was just the carrier. This is where all the advances in science/fertility meets the ratchetness of the human condition. I’m interested to see how it plays out. Will they go after the person who donated the egg? Dude needs to MAN UP and get a job and pay for his baby. Sheri was SOOOO desperate to get married again that she let this fool pull the wool over her eyes…smh.

            • kiminva

              But does it make it right? Sherry initiated this process, entered a contract, and paid this woman, she needs to take responsibility for this child, marriages sometimes don’t work out, but you still have to take responsibility for the children that you created. My respect level has gone out the window for this chick,

              • RareE

                Dad initiated the process. Sherri was reluctant because she knew they were having problems.

          • Themia


            This precious child would not exist had Sherri & Lamar not intended to create him!

        • dj j

          that doesn’t matter. You don’t hire someone to carry your baby with THAT as an option. If that was an option, nobody would go into surrogacy. This woman has the finances, yet she allows this baby to paid for by US…I can’t believe she has ANYONE that supports her.

      • dj j

        Just like Sherri was before the View. She ain’t no better than anyone else

    • they used an egg donor

    • hollyw

      That surrogate misused words…probably for sympathy and she don’t wanna pay that support lol…but the arrangement was a random egg from an egg donor to be implemented into a random surrogate. The only legal blood relative is Sally, the dad. Legally, though, the surrogate is the legal mom…for now.

      • Callan

        I feel like that’s total bullshit though, because it lets Sherri off the hook on a technicality, when she contracted and agreed to have this woman carry the baby. Both her and her disgusting husband should be on the hook for this baby, and this poor surrogate shouldn’t be paying these expenses.

        • hollyw

          Ideally, I think the baby should just be put into the system. Yes, I know it’s not perfect, but no one seems to want him/her except the greedy daddy, who’d also likely not want him/her if the adoptive mom was not rich. Baby probably would have a better chance at a good life with a whole new family. Financially, though, I don’t think anyone not biologically linked to the baby should have to pay regular support. Perhaps a one-off deal in a lump sum, but if my husband of two yrs tried to divorce me RIGHT AFTER getting me to sign off on a surrogacy w/ his sp3rm?? If try to totally cut my losses, too, sorry to say.

          The part I’m confused on is, did the judge not award Sally w/ at least temporary alimony, like they did w/ Tasha Smith’s manager/soon-to-be ex husband? If so, then he clearly don’t think he should be using any of that money to take care of his child lol…I’m sure he has no qualms w/the surrogate paying him child support, either and won’t be giving that money back to her. It is just bizarre how neither he, nor the surrogate, are talking about this…

          • Callan

            I don’t really support the idea of putting a baby into a foster care system, because I work in family law, and while there are great foster families out there, a lot of kids get messed up from being shuffled around. I also don’t think the tax payers should bear the burden of supporting this kid when these two entitled a-holes brought this baby into the world and have the resources to care for it.

            With all that being said, I honestly think this child would be better off being raised by wolves than these two clowns.

            I have no idea re: alimony. This guy’s a total bottom feeder.

            • Libera_Free

              I agree Callan, this entire situation is nothing but foolishness driven by selfishness, entitlement and greed. Sally needs to be a man and just walk away with his child and care for him/or she on his own. Sherri needs Jesus and I wish the surrogate well.

            • Nicky

              Well why don’t you adopt the baby then.

              • Callan

                Thanks, but I’m already pregnant with a baby and planning on raising it, instead of walking out on it and sticking someone else with the responsibility.

                • Nicky

                  Oh so you’re not a surrogate? Seems like your situation is totally different. Congrats on becoming pregnant with your own child and having plans on raising it.

            • hollyw

              I work in social services, so I also know the imperfection of the system. Those in social services don’t “support” that as the ideal option; it’s used b/c it’s necessary. How much money an adult makes should never weigh on their parentability, and legally is not. Obviously I’d choose a foster or adoptive family only wolves lol.

          • Band Mom

            I wonder bc I believe they had a prenup and that is one of the things he was fighting.

          • dj j

            That father stepped up and is raising that baby. He doesn’t deserve this. All the negative stuff about him, came from Sherri and her “team”

            • hollyw

              …how do you know that? Do you know Sally personally? Dead serious. Otherwise, you’re just speculating like most everybody else on here, but the facts are is that he is the only one with known biological ties to the baby, he was the one who filed for divorce after two yrs of marriage, and in the middle of their surrogate’s pregnancy, and he is the one attesting the prenup he signed. So, he has all incentive to “step up” right now, and that proves nothing of his character.

      • The surrogate is only a ‘uterus for hire’.
        Why should she pay child support for a child that’s not her’s?
        Why isn’t the court system going after the child’s only blood relative, aka the father?
        Start with him first, then go after Sherri for aditional costs.

        The laws need to change otherwise no one will want to be a surrogate.

        • hollyw

          If I’m not mistaken, not every surrogate has to sign on as noncustodial parent, but I could be wrong. If not, then it just seems they need more education on their roles so as not to become victims due to ignorance.

          I never said it’s the surrogate’s responsibility for any of this, but I also don’t think it’s Sherri’s. Someone else said Sherri should pay the surrogate legal fees to get her out of this mess, and I think that’s fair. They’re not going after the father b/c he is broke lol! He’s pathetic, taking the baby and filing for welfare, and I’m sure he won’t be returning ol’ girl’s money that he getting anytime soon, though I don’t hear her asking, either… Family court is only in the child’s best interest, and their first priority is custody (which is taken care of) and who gone pay, which unfortunately isn’t also mutual.

    • Marehoop

      It’s not Sherri’s egg.

    • RareE

      The egg didn’t come from Sherri

    • Band Mom

      Yeah but it wasn’t Sherri’s egg

    • speaksthetruth

      It’s NOT sherries egg. Let me repeat it’s NOT sherries egg.

  • T. T.

    I have a headache! From the Luda story to this, I have a pounding headache! I’m about to pray for folks like Oprah gives away cars. I’m shocked to hear this about Sherri. If it is true then why wouldn’t she want anything to do with her own child. Why are people bring lives into this world & just tossing them aside & treating them as disposable property? I have to take a full dose of Tylenol now. SMDH!

    • DA-BIG-D

      I never thought Sherri was isht, to begin with. Never liked her or found her funny.

    • Glim

      The child has no genetic connectin to Sherri as far as I know so the child aint hers IMO nd apparently hers as well.

      • dj j

        who cares, she knew that when she signed the contract and paid the lady to carry the child. She gushed to People magazine that it didn’t matter about genes, she would love it as her own. You don’t go into a surrogacy without looking at all the things that can go wrong. This isn’t like buying new shoes.

      • sid

        And so what! Is like you are saying every adopted children should not be loved and adore just as if they were your biological children.

    • belle

      It was a donor egg, so she probably doesn’t feel the baby is hers. She’s wrong though… smh

      • sid

        Tell that to all adopted children out there, being a mother is not only when you carry the pregnancies, is giving your children unconditional love, and always there for them.

      • Themia

        Exactly. She & Lamar created a life that would otherwise not exist, despite method and genetics. They should both be help responsible. Poor, sweet baby 🙁

  • Truth be Told

    Sherri, this isn’t lookin good girl ..

    • Dazzling

      I don’t think she’s at fault at all. Everyone is looking at Sherri’s checks. Dude thought hed have a permanent check because of this baby…. and probably get a new mom for himself.

      • Nene’s Toupee


      • adub

        well, she married him and they went into this TOGETHER!

        • Marehoop

          But he decided he wanted a divorce..

          • Dominique Thompson

            Didn’t she file?

            • Marehoop

              Yes, but after he decided he didn’t want to be with her anymore and ended the relationship. So she filed divorce on those grounds.

              • Jacque

                He filed first. But he filed in California, so he could claim half her estate even though they didn’t live in California nor did they get married there. Sherri then filed in New Jersey, where half is not on the table and where they actually lived.

                • Marehoop

                  WOW, they both need their azz whipped…. Now, you hire a surrogate to have the baby… (9 months) about 6 months you decide I don’t want to be married….What the hell happened that bad…hmmm maybe it was a money thing for him and Sherry is dumb for not doing her homework on her husband prior to marrying…

                • DKC

                  If he did file first, maybe he was well within his rights to do so. We don’t know the underlying details of their split. Only Sherri’s side of the details have been made public, not his side. Most women will always blame the man publically and will own none of the blame herself. Always playing the victim. Their marriage could have fallen apart exactly as Sherri has so publically and frequently described; but, we, the public, don’t that for sure.

              • Randy Allthetimeforsure

                you are so full of crap.. this is a trash person. sherrie whatever. leave a baby like this? she didn’t want to be with him anymore.. wha.. wha..wha.. and then this baby. .who she is part of contractually. She deserves to pay.. ignorant fool

          • dj j

            that isn’t true.

      • Dominique Thompson

        I do. She made an agreement with this woman. You can’t say have my baby then the woman gets pregnant and you change your mind. Had a man done this we’d be trying to burn him at the stake.

        • C.

          Right, she should have took the baby and kicked that man to curb still. The baby didn’t deserve to be tossed around.

          • Jacque

            He had already filed for custody with Sherry only receiving limited visitation. He would have won being that the child is biologically his.

            • Band Mom

              exactly and not biologically Sherri’s

          • dj j

            the VERY LEAST she could do was to take care of the baby financially. This woman made millions on the View. And she will allow her child to go on welfare? How Christian like is that??? Why can’t she co parent? And she wouldn’t have to pay child support if she took the baby, so that stupid excuse doesn’t make sense. You can’t say I was defrauded because he wanted child support, well if you take custody, then you don’t pay. But so what, it is an innocent baby, how could you not love it? I feel so badly for the child. And this poor surrogate has to now pay for what Sherri should pay? Hell no

            • Harold Osler

              If Sally can’t support this child then let him go into adoption. And what kind of medical care does this child need? I thought it was a genetic condition that meant he had to be careful what he ate. And didn’t she use her own egg so technically it is her child.
              I think one thing Sherri could do is set up a fund for the child when he turns 18 (for school or whatever). That way, she would still some of the voices that seem to want to trash her for not wanting for Sally to be in her life (and you KNOW this was all a plan by him to get money)

              • Anonymous
            • anonymouse

              She offered 3k a month an a 100k settlement to him. He refused. She could never take custody of that baby because she would have to adopt him to be his legal mother, since it’s her husband’s bio child. The legal father wants her to have nothing to do with co-parenting…so that’s what the situation is.

        • CAliQueen

          Thank you!!!!

        • Guest

          She made an agreement under false pretenses. I’m sure her mind hasn’t change and she would love to a child with a man that loves her and wants to raise the child together however this is not the case (at least that’s the way it’s being told). She didn’t abandoned the child she simply left the child with his/her father. The father is the one that could care less about the surrogate mother allowing the state to go after her for child support. Heck, men want equal rights when it comes to parenting. So I say be a parent, why are we holding Sherri to a high moral regard when the entire decision was based on fraud and deceit from Lamar. The only person I feel sorry for is the child as he/she didn’t ask to be born in such a crazy situation but I don’t blame Sherri for not allowing herself to be screwed for years to come.

        • Want2BHomeAlone

          Sherri is not the brightest/smartest cookie in the box. All that buffoonery skinning and grinning is catching up with her.

        • Nene’s Toupee

          Men do it all the time. Ask single mothers if men abandon their fatherly duties.

      • haylee

        Sal filed for divorce in Cali before Sheri filed in New Jersey. Sal filed in California because it is a 50/50 state and it also recognize surrogacy agreements. Sheri counter by filing for a divorce in New Jersey because they do not recognize surrogacy agreements. Sal set this woman up because he knew she was desperate to be married and he saw the baby as a cash cow.

        • speaksthetruth

          Where exactly did they get married Jersey or Cali?

          • Random Thoughts

            They got married in Chicago

      • calilife4me

        What are you talking about? She abandoned the baby she hired someone to carry for her. She’s no better than mothers who abandon their kids on doorsteps, and toilets. No sane person thinks what she did is okay!

        • dj j

          you are so right! What is wrong with supporting this child you signed a contract for? Pay up at least! Look what pure greed looks like. Not very Christian

        • sid

          Thank you, the only reasonable words have read so far.

      • dj j

        that is what SHERRI wants you to say…that was her LEGAL defense. It doesn’t make it true. The guy was good enough to marry..try to become pregnant with, and finally resort to hiring a surrogate. Now, that she doesn’t have the View, she just can leave her surrogate to pay the med bills, and leave her child to go on welfare? If it was a man that did this, you would call him a deadbeat. What is the diff? Why would you say this, as there would be NO BABY if Sherri didn’t ask this woman to carry her child!!!!! At least keep the child on your health insurance? Sherri is just greedy, she needs to remember HER roots. She wasn’t always employed either..that is the life of someone who chooses to be in entertainment. Now that she lost her View job, she wants to hoard all her money? At least think of this poor child, who will grow up to realize his MOTHER dumped him!! Not because she was poor..but because she was GREEDY.

        • sid

          The problem is that she so desperate for a husband and to have baby with him, to really tie the knot to make it real, and now that there is no more husband, she don care to keep the baby. I think this woman is selfish and wicked to think he can use a child to keep a man and now there is no more man she is ready to discard her own child, I have no sympathy or respect for her.

          • Latoya

            …and she calls herself a Christian. I haaaaaaaaaaaaate when evil witches claim Jesus. Aaaaaaggggh

      • Want2BHomeAlone

        Sherri is at fault because she agreed to have a baby. She thought that she was going to have a child to exploit on “The View”, but being fired changed all that.
        Both Sherri and Lamar are at fault for playing with an innocent life. Shame on both of them. Sherri keep proving to be a buffoon with money, and zero common sense.

      • Kimberly

        You hit on the nail. I don’t blame Sherri!

      • Latoya

        …I cannot believe someone would say that and 99 ups? wow

      • Randy Allthetimeforsure

        LOL. you lose.. the judge has entered this idiots name on the baby birth cert. shephard is now beholdin for all she has done and lied about.. LOL. all those abortions and she can’t lay an egg any longer.. she will pay. and pay big! LOL. Dazzling. you are a fool .. read what you have written! LOL. you lose too.. ignorance knows no bounds that is for sure.. you n sherrie are the proof!

    • HmmmIJS

      Where there’s Fire there’s smoke. So I agree that there may have been other issues in the marriage. But the child didn’t ask to be here. Sherri’s integrity is in question. He may have thought whatever he wanted about living the life but remember it’s her that couldn’t have children. So the agreement made to another woman to carry a child for Sherri should be honored. This woman shouldn’t have to pay child support. It doesn’t matter if it’s not Sherri’s eggs. It’s a morals and that child will want to know how she came into the world. What’s in the best interest of the child is for them to co parent. He needs a job yes but she needs to stick to her end of the agreement. There should be laws against this cause any woman on here would agree if you carried a child 9 months for any amount of money you wouldn’t want to be liable for that child after.