“Nerds” We Love

April 15, 2011  |  

We see the word “nerd” as a term of endearment. In fact, if loving nerds is wrong we don’t want to be right.  A nerd is someone who stayed on his/her intellectual grind, regardless of negative peer pressure. Nerds burned the midnight oil in the library while everyone else was at the party. They toiled to earn multiple degrees and academic accolades. As a result, they are leaders, innovators and thinkers who are taking us all to the next level in science, medicine, and civil rights. Their smarts make them Hot, interesting and admirable. Here are 4 nerds that we just love to pieces.

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  • The. Mrs…

    I love my nerd. I used to be into “thugs” and “bad boys” and it really is a matter of maturity. As girls become “women” (which some never do) they realize things like what’s most important to them, priorities, what they believe in. If I would have married the “bad boy” I would probably be somewhere taking care of kids who don’t know their daddy, visiting jail houses and having conjugal visits, broke and depressed. My nerd IS the prize and I wouldn’t change my situation for the world. It actually feels good to be treated with respect and having a responsible man you can trust and depend on. Nuff said.

  • Tupreup

    What about dr.micheal eric dyson hip hoP phisophe? The man goes out his way to step up for black culture, not to mention hip hop, he should be the first on the list. How can we neglect hip hops urkel?

  • leilani

    *pointing at menissance, saying “oooooooooooh!!!”* because of the comment by nursedred… ahem!! Ok… well, I personally think its very attractive when a man is more interested in swelling his knowledge and vocabulary, instead of swelling his mantool…lol.. in case there are some people who haven’t been outside of their neighborhoods or their own understanding of what a nerd is suppose to look like…. well, there are nerds who are azzholes, thugs, and badboys…. hello??…our government is of thug nerds of every type of race you can think of…

  • ManamongBoys

    I cosign this message. Menissance, you are always on point!

    • mel

      really, you co-sign that the only women who love nerds are older women who've been through the wringer? You must need a hug, or a lobotomy…. because that's totally discounting the fact that nerds love OTHER nerds.

      I'm a nerd, and proud of it. Trying to get a triple word score in scrabble was my idea of a fun time with friends. It is what it is….but you and menissance can keep consoling yourselves with thinking all women are the same.

  • menissance

    u know who love nerds…aging women who wasted their youth chasing after and being in relationships wtith bad boy men who ran thru them for a short period of time and tossed them aside for the next chick in line lol…yeah, thats right poindexter, women choose y'all after they've been riden hard and have a large number of mileage becuz they're no longer desirable to the men that really turn them on (bad boys/jerks/azzholes/thugs), ur not the trophy, ur the consolation prize they plan on divorcing and taking to the cleaners while puttin u on child support for kids that aren't yours or have u raise tyrone's 3 kids as ur own lmao

    • L-Boogie

      Menissance, did someone hurt you gravely? Why do you always seem so mad?

  • NatDNerd

    my favorite nerd is my engineer boyfriend – and I his. 🙂

  • Dream Job

    yall have some of the funniest post…by funny i mean dull..:/

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