Signs You’re Dating A Stalker

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It can be tough to identify a stalker once you’re dating him for two reasons: 1) You don’t want to see him as a stalker since you really want a relationship to work out already and 2) The line between attentive and aggressive is very thin. So, to help you out, here are a few sure signs you’re dating a stalker.

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He surprises you at home/work very soon

After only one or two dates, he surprises you at your job or your home. You may have not even told him exactly where you work, but he did his own research to find out. Creeeepy.


He asks your friends lots of questions

He practically interrogates your friends to find out about your exes, your male coworkers and male friends, your history, your daily activities and more.


He doesn’t respect ask-out etiquette

If he asks you out on a certain night and you’re busy, he simply suggests another date, and then another and then another. He doesn’t follow the etiquette of allowing you to suggest a date you’re free.



He gets angry if you want space

If you try to set up some sort of boundary, like asking that you only talk on the phone twice a day or that you can spend weeknights alone, he gets angry.






He joins your hobbies

He had zero interest in Zumba before but now that you’re dating, he has signed up for every class you’re taking.


He needs proof of your whereabouts

He always asks for a picture of you and your friends when you’re out with them, or of the place you said you went to.

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He dislikes your friends

As far as a stalker is concerned, your friends only take you away from him. Plus he’s worried they’ll notice something is off about him and mention it to you.


He watches you in social settings

When you bring him to a party, he mostly clings to your side and when you’re separated, instead of socializing with others, he just watches you.

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He buys you inappropriate gifts

He buys you a gift on the first date, or a pricey gift after just a couple of dates. He is trying to guilt you into being with him.


He wants to meet your family fast

He is eager to meet your family after only a couple of weeks of dating. Maybe he even looks them up, and reaches out to them on his own.



He gets upset if you take too long to text

If you are stuck in a meeting for four hours and can’t check your phone, when you return to it there’s a list o angry, anxious messages from your guy.


He shows up where you checked in

When he sees you checked in on social media somewhere, he shows up there to surprise you.


He accuses you of cheating

He is so paranoid he is convinced you’ve cheated on him when you haven’t. Either that, or he accuses you of it hoping you give him extra attention to keep him feeling safe.





He wants your friends’/family’s phone numbers

He demands the contact information of your friends and family so that, as he says, he can reach you if your phone isn’t working.

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