“I’m A Damn Good Mom” Diamond Strawberry Talks That Dog Reference, Cisco’s Lies And More

January 15, 2015  |  

Source: Hello Beautiful

On one of the earlier episodes of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” the internets were buzzing with talk about Darryl Strawberry’s daughter, Diamond, and the fact that she was calling her daughter a dog to keep her raggedy boyfriend from knowing about her existence.  Well recently, in an interview with Hello Beautiful Diamond sat down to clarify a few things and explain why she lied, how her relationship with Cisco failed and more. Take a look at what she had to say in the quotes below.

What her father Darryl Strawberry thinks of his daughter being on the show. 

He doesn’t really agree with me being on but he supports my decision. His phone is blowing up all day and night but he just encourages me to be strong through all the b.s., everything the show puts me through.

The Dog Reference 

If there’s one thing I wish I could take back in the season so far is the dog reference to my daughter. Anybody that knows me, knows that my daughter is my world! I love that little girl to death. And the funny thing is when Cisco and I used to talk on the phone my dogs would really be in the background, yipping and yapping. My daughter would be there too, I’m not going to lie. But I just really wish that I could take that back. I’m a damn good mom. I give my first, last and everything to my daughter. People don’t know me. They get bits and pieces of me for an hour every night. So the people that know me, know what kind of mother I am.

Why she moved to New York 

I decided to move to New York after Cisco had been begging me for months and months to come. He promised me all these things, you know, ‘Baby, when you get here I have all of these modeling gigs lined up for you. My friend is the publisher of this magazine and we’re going to get you on the cover of this magazine…full spread here.’

Cisco’s lies

Learning that Cisco had a child was very hard for me. I was pissed. I felt like when I told him I had my daughter, that was the perfect opportunity for him to step up and say ‘You know what I cheated on you matter of fact, I had a baby.’ So for him to flip out on me, put me through all these changes when he’s hiding an even bigger secret, it’s f*8ked up. It’s not like I cheated on him. My daughter was four when I met him. Yeah, I withheld information. I should not have done that and I will never do it again but what he did is f*cked up.

I do no regret not introducing her to Cisco because look at what happened. He turned out to be a complete f*ck up. If anything, I protected my daughter. She always comes first. She came first in that situation so no, I don’t regret it.

Her group home

I am the face of a hair company, it’s called Echelon hair. I’m actually the co-founder of a group home for pregnant teens, runaways, victims of abuse. It’s in Los Angeles, it’s called A Safe Place Youth Center. That group home is my baby. I was there from day 1 when we were just thinking about doing it. It’s so dear to my heart because I was a teen mother. I know exactly how it feels to feel like you’ve let people down, you’ve let yourself down and to feel like your only identity is going to be having babies. I feel like I can relate to these girls so much and I just want to encourage and inspire them to push and be and do all that they can for themselves and their children.

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  • fixitJesus

    Honestly I saw a child making childish decisions. These girls stay with these men that bring NOTHING to the table but some fairy tales (the grimm kind) and sex that they sell as intimacy. I think this is a learning experience for her but I was annoyed at how naive she was. I hope she learns her lesson.
    I do know this. Her mom don’t play!

  • fixitJesus

    Honestly I saw a child making childish decisions. These girls stay with these men that bring NOTHING to the table but some fairy tales (the grimm kind) and sex that they sell as intimacy. I think this is a learning experience for her but I was annoyed at how naive she was. I hope she learns her lesson.
    I do know this. Her mom don’t play!

  • Guestest

    I’ve never heard of this woman but judging by the comments she sounds like a horrible mother.. smh

  • Lissa329

    Jesus Tyrone Christ. I would NEVER move across the company with 1. Someone who only sleeps with me in a car and doesn’t even have the decency to bring me to his hotel room when he is in town; 2. Who NEVER made me his woman. I cannot stand when Diamond appears on the screen. Not bc of what she does when she is on camera; but what she has done off camera. Why would you move when you were never asked to be in a committed relationship with this man!? I can’t fault her for not wanting to introduce him to her daughter, but after time went by, I would have definitely told him that I did have a child. How does that not come up in conversation? Oh, wait, they were never in a relationship so obviously didn’t matter.

    • Lissa329

      across the country*

  • Trini_Angel

    U know I can’t judge based on the fact that the show made it seem as if she went to another state for a man (FULL STOP)…..I also believed that. Now that she’s saying (hopefully its the truth) that the move also involved her getting work, I can’t knock her hustle. She could’ve simply said so when they showed a clip of her speaking to her mother and sister on the move. Reality shows mess people’s lives/relationships and/or give u a bad reputation. Its beyond me why persons haven’t learnt from it

    • Who_Der

      You know, I can’t knock anyone’s hustle either, but you know these shows will edit to make you look bad or crazy. I’m a regular person knows that, if I were ever in a position to be cast for one of these shows, I simply would not do it. These reality stars talk about cycler bullying, but when you film for one of these shows, you are open game.

      Sometimes, our reputation is all that we have, and have kids what do you want them to see you as…..

  • IllyPhilly

    I was done with her when she first left her daughter to model

  • Mocha

    You can tell that she was a teenage mom. She’s still running around acting like a teenagere! Clearly, her mom has been raising her daughter. I’m sure Diamond was around, but I choose to believe her mother has been the stable parent in this situation. You can’t be a “damn good mom” and leave your child behind for a man. I don’t care what he promised you. Also, she has NO PLAN of action. At this rate, she’ll never bring her daugher to NY because she has no plan for herself. She keeps saying “once she get’s on her feet and is established” but that could take years! You’re willing to sacrifice the time with your child for that? I could see if it was someone who didn’t have the “Strawberry” name behind them. But she has way too many avenues open to her to settle and live life like this. It’s time to grow up Diamond..you’re acting like a cubic zarconia honey.

    • Mocha

      LOL! Sorry for the typos, but I couldn’t wait for a discussion to pop up on this girl. LOL! Also, with a name like Strawberry, if it were me, I would have asked my parents to set me up with an apartment for my daughter and I to reside in for a reasonable amount of time to persue my modeling career. After that time, if I hadn’t made any major moves, I’d move back with my parents or at least back to LA. That’s an option!

  • Stefanie

    It is me or does her name just scream stripper? Really, Diamond Strawberry, say it fast 4 times. Why couldn’t her mother name her Stacy, Christina or something like that?

    • Bee

      Omg u read my mind. I’ve been saying this from jump. Her parents set her up for failure with a name like Diamond Strawberry

      • FromTokyo

        So that’s her real name?!

        • gapeach0614

          Yep. Her dad is Darryl Strawberry the former baseball player

  • mmmdot

    How in the fxck did Rhinestone…oops I mean Copper…oops I mean Diamond not only abandon her daughter BUT decide to move across the country and not even secure her own place to stay???….What kind of bird shat is that? I feel sorry for her child, because it’s obvious that her mother has quite a few screws loose. Seriously.

    • FromTokyo

      When I read that name, I couldn’t help but think, “What’s a diamond strawberry?” smh

      • mmmdot

        Exactly. SMH.

  • gapeach0614

    … really? Who is she trying to convince? #1 a mother would not leave her child with the grandparents to chase a man who never wanted more than some wetness from her IN THE BACKSEAT OF A CAR! What kind of woman simply settles for backseat action? Where is her self respect?! What example are you setting for your child? And why lie about having a child? He can either accept it or keep it moving! I completely understand not introducing your child(ren) to everyone, but whomever I choose to date is definitely going to know upfront that I am a mother, and a proud one at that! She needs help!

    • Miss D

      I forgot all about the sex in cars comment she made awhile ago…..sad

      • gapeach0614

        That stuck with me when she revealed that they only did it in cars. WTF?? Is she like 15? He’s supposed to have money but can’t afford to at least get you a $50/night motel room?? That’s her fault. A man will only do what you allow him to. She’s still a little girl in the head.

  • Miss D

    After all the scandal her dad had back in the day w/drug use, who knows what else went on that the world isn’t aware of? Social media wasn’t the hype back then so we weren’t always notified every time a celebrity used the restroom. She may have seen her mom go thru some stuff with her father that causes her to act/think like she does now. Someone else on this thread said it’s a cry for help and I really agree. She needs to get away from reality TV ASAP and focus on her daughter and herself or in 10 years we’ll be hearing about her daughter cutting up.

  • enlightenment

    I know she’s trying to clean up her image, but the damage is done. We all know exactly what type of person she is…the type of woman who would put their own CHILD on the backburner to be with some ain’t-sh*t-@ss dude.

    And the fact that she hid this from this ain’t-sh*t-@ss dude for 2 years tells us that she is ashamed of her daughter and almost wish she didn’t have her to pursue her fantasy of a “perfect family.”

    IDK how old this loser is, but this is why they say kids can’t be havin kids. On another note, we know Love & Hip Hop is fake…but her acting is TERRIBLE & overdramatic.

  • Now one thing I can say is that most people should know she wasn’t refering to her daughter as a dog in a literal sense. So to me that’s not something to really trip about. The issue is that she’s lying about having a daughter or withholding that type of information and also the fact that she is putting her own desires to have a man before her daughter’s best interest. Sadly, this happens quite often. Women desire to be girlfriends and wives so bad that they tolerate disrespectful behavior and chaotic relationships and put their child/ren through so much in doing so. When all they have to do is take care of their children and themselves and when the RIGHT man comes along because she is actually ready for him then she won’t have to go above and beyond trying to force a man to be a husband or husband material. If you’re not putting out the aura of a wife then you’re not going to attract a husband.

    Now back to Strawberry lol, she’s forcing husband qualities on a man that is not even boyfriend material. The last thing she needs to be worried about is relocating to another state to live wth some man that’s not even her husband. Priorities are not in order and that’s why so many people fail. #notjudgingjustbeinghonest

  • CAliQueen

    She is immature and mentally off her rocker.

  • Guest

    She is physically beautiful; Internally–not so much.

    Oh well, the curse of chasing reality fame wins again.

  • Who_Der

    This is why our kids have no hope for their future. First, I will NEVER hide my child from ANYONE, he is my most prized possession. IF someone want’s a future with me, they want a future, with everything that comes along with me. As, a parent, you can never go off of promises, you have to go on confirmation. The fake reality shows, makes humans look bad, because the ones that starts whites are just as bad as the ones with blacks. People will sale their soul to the devil for a little fame and money, and want to retract and wonder why people see them as they do. Perception is EVERYTHING, and because she chooses to take this path and act this way in front of a camera, she has no one to blame but myself.

    We as women, especially when you are a single mom, have to take control of our lives. If we want a relationship, do not settle for a man, make sure you get the RIGHT man. He is there, continue to pray. When I am dating, a man can not come sit in my house, the only thing we can do is have lunch, until I am sure we are going in the same direction. We hurt our kids, and do not show them the right way of love and healthy relationships, by having men in and out of our homes every other month, week, or day. Our kids are smarter than we may think, and will remember a lot. Why do you think so many adults, have certain issues? Because of what momma and daddy did when they were kids. Let’s not do the same to our children.

    • Lissa329

      WHEW!!!! Yes, I had a friend that used to have men around her two boys after having met them weeks ago! I just couldn’t understand that if she really wanted to have male company, why not just call a friend to babysit for a few hours or take them to her mother’s? Kids are impressionable and just because a man is nice to you doesn’t mean he’s going to be as nice to your children.

      • FromTokyo

        I know someone who does that, and what makes it worse is that they have little girls too young to articulate if someone has done something wrong to them. So dangerous!

      • Who_Der

        I think the problem is a lot of parents are too selfish. They are too selfish to give up “that life”. I was the last person that people would thought to have a child but it change me to be a better person in a different and new light. I rarely go out, rarely let anyone keep my son, and that is including family as well, because not everyone needs to keep you child no matter who they are, and I’m not out with him all hours of the night. I don’t say this for a pat on the back because it’s my duty as a good mother to protective him from what I can and prepare him for what I can not. There are many things I take into account now that I have a child. We need to do better by our kids, they have it tougher than we may think I in today’s society and we don’t need to add to that in their supposed safe haven.

    • FromTokyo

      “The way that people see you is the way that they will treat you” is what I’ve often heard. Until you show people something different, I believe that to be the case. I’ve had a lot of people step to me expecting something negative just for being a certain race and gender but walked away humbled, or at least aware of their ignorance. It boggles my mind how people can act one way but expect people to treat them another. Is there some mental block that blinds them to their faults or what?

  • lulubear

    Reading the last paragraph, I’m very sad that someone with all of that going on and a beautiful child needs attention so bad she would join a stupid reality show and completely ruin any reputation she had.

    • Stacey

      It is a deeper issue. Even if part of it is fake.

      She is beautiful, seems to be well spoken, trying to force the slang talk.

      The group home, that is amazing. Wish they would show that instead of her chasing dyck.

      We have all done some stuff but just try to showcase the good or overcome situations. expecially for black girls.

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  • _a_

    She kind of disgusts me, and here’s why…
    1.The fact that she left her child on a whim, and moved onto the other side of the country to be with some dude.
    2. The, “dog thing”.
    3. The fact that in spite of the first two things that I stated, she can still sit there and call herself, “a damn good mom”, and say that she puts her daughter first.
    4. The fact that she’s acting like she’s some kind of victim (Talkin bout how she has to stay strong).

    SN: Her group home thing is nice, fine, and dandy but maybe she should worry about taking care of her own child before she tries to help with someone else’s. How about raise your daughter, because I’m sure having a mom like this puts a young girl at risk for all sorts of thangs.

    • Miss D

      Well said…..and I’m thinking HOW in the Sam Hill is she doing anything at a group home outside of housekeeping that makes her a good mentor or whatever title she has? She did the very thing she should be discouraging her clients from doing.

      • _a_

        lol @ housekeeping!!!! & i agree.



    • HoyesMiGente

      She needs to go back to LA and be with her daughter and work at her charity. This girl ain’t too bright– her picking Cisco was the first clue about that.