The First Things a Man Notices About a Woman

April 7, 2011  |  

Have you heard the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Of course you have, and it’s true which is why we should always try to look our best even though sometimes I don’t shave for a few days at a time or take dressing down to work way TOO SERIOUSLY. Let’s talk about 5 things a man notices about you when he first sees you. Let’s imagine you’re riding the train, bus, a walk in the park and he’s able to look at you for a few minutes or so. Excluding your assets, like breast and backside, what does he see?

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  • TexasArmadillo

    To some extent, it depends on the woman. If she has unusually large breasts, a guy will look at those first. If she has distinctive eyes – attractive or unattractive – he will look at those first. If she has hair that he finds attractive, he will look at that first. What makes her hair attractive varies somewhat from one guy to another – some like strawberry blonds, some like long and full hair, etc.

    But what keeps a guy interested is her personality, character and values.

  • That's Wasup

    Yeah aight! what str8 man you know looks @ a woman shoes??? lol we could careless. Yes we do look @ what women have on which includes their shoes obviously (head to toe) but I could've sworn all of this what called a wardrobe? bottom line…. Men look at anything that looks back at us and then determines what we want out of it if any…lol

  • Bob

    Surely this was written by a woman or by a man thinking about a woman wants to hear. Shoes? I don't think so.

  • Darkesthourglass

    Common sense. Don’t wanna smile too much for too long, might attract those creepy old men from that other thread on this site.

  • Dream Job

    fir thing i notice is their butt and smile…hahaha :)…

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  • Kint Verbal

    After reading the first few, I just want to get out and notice some WHITE women… I've had enough black ones for a week.

  • Yvette

    I can't believe I wasted my time reading this. All of what was written is COMMON SENSE!! And there was me thinking that there would be something more insightful….

  • Whyvet

    Agree with "Only too true" What a piece of nonsense!!! honestly i am getting disappointed by Madame Noire's articles more and more….by the second page of the article i already know nothing fresh will come out of it….same old sh';t ..

  • Elton

    What man wrote this a metrosexual/ gay man. What man looks at a woman's hair & shoes only other women do that? I thought women looked at mens shoes . You cannot exclude that assets. It start with the angle which you are approaching her. If it is from the rear it starts with her butt and ends there if you don't find her appealing. If so you then want to see what she looks like/face.Then you look at what she is wearing followed by how she carries herself. Lastly you listen to her speak taken in the tone, inteliigence level, and willingness to speak.

  • Prissy

    This article isn't meant to be anything "profound"… It's just a man's opinion of what he likes to see in a woman that he may potentially may want go date. LOL . It's ok sometimes to just have a "non thought provoking" thing to read. We don't have to be serious all the time.

  • Dream Job

    obviously NOT written by a man….smh or somebody with the sense of humor of corn nut

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