K. Michelle Comes Clean About Idris Elba Relationship: “I’m Not In The Way Of His Baby Mother And His Family Right Now”

December 9, 2014  |  

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For months, we’ve been speculating whether or not Idris Elba is the man that K. Michelle admitted to basing her entire album on. Today on The Breakfast Club, the reality star finally came clean.

On the album being about Idris:

“Yeah, [this album is about Idris Elba]. I’m not going to sit up here and lie to y’all.”

On how their fling affected his relationship with his son’s mother, Naiyana Garth:

“I don’t know. He’s not married.”

On if he’s actually in a relationship with Naiyana:

“I think now [they are].”

On Idris hearing the album:

“I sent him these records before they came out. He said, ‘This is art. I hate that we’re at this place.’”

“We had such a creative situation and relationship that I thank him for a lot of things. He brought that music out of me. He taught me a lot.”

On their split:

“It’s no hate for Idris. He actually was a good man and my thing is you have to go raise your child and what I’m not going to do is get in the way of that. I’m not in the way of his baby mother and his family right now. I’ve been a woman.”

“He had the baby and it was just kind of like, I’m not going to be in the middle of this so I walked away from it. What kind of woman am I to say, ‘Okay, leave your family and come and be with me.’”

“I think that as a woman I did the right thing.”

On meeting Idris:

“When he first tried to talk to me I told him: ‘Your jeans too tight.’ I met him out at the Soul Train Awards and he said with that accent, ‘Hi K. Michelle, I think you’re beautiful.’ I thought he was fine, but I never liked him. You know, I wanted the rappers.”

On their relationship:

“We went through things [and dated for] about 8 months.”

“I wasn’t used to a man who got up in the morning, put on Burberry and tight slacks.”

On what he said about their relationship:

“He told me we had a future. He directed my opera for free!”

Watch K’s interview on the next page. Idris talk begins around the 17:02 mark.

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  • Ifuaskme2

    If he said you had a future he would not have left you. No chile, he left YOU not the other way around because you’re the only one still talking about it

  • Shuvonneco Von Jones

    You how’s on here are just bitter any real women wood have walked away she did right if she didn’t do that then y’all wood say she’s a home wreaker


    Idris…..ALL Pu$$y is NOT good Pu$$y!

  • Eeka Baby

    Well at least she gave Madamenoire a shot out LOL… I was thinking when I saw the post, “Wasn’t it MN that put the article saying she was lying about it?” I don’t think she was lying about the situation because she has always been open (maybe too open) about her relationships. Also with this rumor being around for so long if it was untrue I think Idris would have denied it by now. He hasn’t said anything about it which actually says a lot.

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  • Sariah

    I don’t know you’re all hating on K Michelle. From where I stand, Idris is the one that should be holding his head in shame, and he is remaining silent. What does that tell ya? He was hitting that azz while his BM cross the pond. I doubt not that there are more “secret” booty calls going on. His ego is loving it. He is doing a world tour smashing his way through fo sure and they all sitting around fighting for his affections. Like she said, he’s just a regular guy, that happened to get some celebrity so now he’s getting what he can because it’ll all be over in a flash. On to the next flavor ==>

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  • Check Mate

    K Michelle is the female version of Drake.

  • anonymouse

    When women who think that they have their stuff together see a prime dude with a woman that they think is not worthy of his caliber……………..there’s no jealousy like it. This girl is being called all kinds of names because some of yall think that she’s not good enough for him. He’s just a man, not that special.

    • Danielle Duverglas McCants

      It has nothing to do with her not being good enough she’s too damn messy. Talks too much

      • anonymouse

        And he liked it. A lot of dudes like women like that.

  • disqus_i2mGG8nKsY


  • Golden Grahams

    Is she cross-eyed?

  • Golden Grahams

    She should have been thrilled to have Idris because she’s just an average looking gal. Her makeup is way to heavy and those fake eyelashes and weave got to go. When did black girls start wearing so much make-up.

  • K

    The thing is beautiful women with big booties are a dime a dozen , especially with the popularity of body altering shots and surgery, luxury hair weave,&Mac. These types of women aren’t difficult to come by especially to a now wealthy man who has his pick of women. I don’t know that he’s faithful to his baby’s mother or not, but she has at least been seen with her. At the end of the day Idris Elba is a man.Take away the Hollywood he is a man, so him liking, dating or even sleeping with someone who isn’t A or B List isn’t impossible. K Michelle just really even with her talent seems so insecure, needy , and messy. This is how she comes across. There is a fine line between keeping it real and ratchet. She’s discussed her other issues with men..

  • K

    Trying to make more of it than it was. If it was going to be more it would have. He wasn’t going to leave the mother of his child for her. If anything she would have been the side chick. I have heard many people say that he likes the ratchet types so I don’t doubt that he had a fling with her. She’s college educated but acts like a loud hood rat..so yeah until she acts differently the shoe fits. Notice she’s talking about him. Beyond admitting to work with her as an artist and direct her latest project has he mentioned ever dating her? Has anyone ever seen the two of them out on a date together publicly? He has been seen out publicly and photographed with the mother of his child. She can’t hold water..so you know she would eventually tell it , considering that he’s not mentioning her at all in that way.

  • jsmnthomas

    K Michelle came away with a wet p and a memory…

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  • Persona Non Grata

    A fling? Yes. A relationship, no. Don’t kiss and tell.

  • Public_Programming

    She’s nuts…Who cares that she slept with him and why does she have to let the world know anyway? She’s just an insecure attention wh0re.. Transparency my a**.. The public does not have the right to know EVERYTHING about these “so called” celebs.. Give me back the days when real Stars had mystery and class about them and it was a rare treasure to hear them speak.. These fly-by-night “look at me” R&B winches are tired.. I guess they know their music and fame will only last a few short minutes so they have to milk every opportunity even their love life…

  • ATLien

    In her dreams…
    Why would he degrades himself to her level o_O?

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  • Real Talk…

    I’m expecting him to drop a defamation lawsuit against her any day now. Why would he be caught hanging with gutter trash like her

  • faithful

    In my opinion, that shows class. Any woman that steps back and not try to break a man from his responsibility is classy. Knowing that a man is involved and has a child, to remove yourself willingly out of respect of the child it shows that you are without a doubt a real woman.

    • Danielle Duverglas McCants

      A classy woman would not have gotten involved with him in the first place. She knew he had a baby on the way. Thotism

  • kierah

    You are getting in the way by even talking about this publicly. Just let it go…

  • tjml320

    This poor girl is dumb as a box of rocks!

  • D.j. Ruffhouse

    Hi , I’m K. Michelle. Simply ANOTHER dumbass, baldheaded, weave wearing black chick who can’t have a silent relationship with a celebrity. No, I have to tell the whole world my business though when he dumps me I will be screaming ‘Mind your own business’ and I will look like a total fool to other musical artists for basing my music on a piece of d*ck. I’m one of many weak-ass black chicks who has to celebrate that she has a man, but wait, I don’t even have Idris because my hole ain’t as good as his baby mamas, obviously so I will just hafta wait til I find a man that ACTUALLY wants me and not as his secret blow up doll to be played as a fool

  • Webslinga

    “I thought he was fine, but I never liked him. You know, I wanted the rappers.ā€ – *shakes heads and gets back to working at secure and stable job*

  • I.am.ShaRee.Amor

    I really wonder if idris used the word “art??”

  • Vicki

    I enjoyed the interview, it allowed me to get to know her a little more besides seeing her on television!

  • DoinMe

    She’s giving me Fatal Attraction teas.

  • Brandi

    If THIS man of all men wanted her a$$, she was lucky. But also dumb as hell for wanting the”rappers’ when you can have an actual man. Why not appreciate the fact he gets up and his clothes fit him and are quality as opposed to an urban brand wearing homeboy. This just solidified to me how dumb she really is. As if her show hasn’t shown me enough…..

  • Dee

    Not sure what was to gain by airing this but whatever. People create they’re own drama. Regardless of how their relationship ended….it should’ve been kept between the two…especially if a child is involved in some way.

  • jerseryvixen

    I like her music, same with a lot of artist i like, it’s all about their music for me because once they interview i roll my eyes. I have an issue with women who go above and beyond to claim dudes. If anyone needs to be vocal about who they have been with it’s a man, let a man be so danm proud of having history with you that he can’t wait to bring it up and not the other way around. smh. lost child. And in GENERAL, women need to understand the man who will go through hell and back to keep you doesn’t need you to do anything but be you. With that said, your focus first when meeting a dude is to see how much he’s willing to invest in the relationship emotionally, time wise, financially, what sacrifices he’s willing to make, he needs to be the one convincing you to be with him and THEN you can start losing your danm mind over him, stop trying to “cook, love, nurture” a man into choosing you. You are enough.
    And for the guys reading this who may feel that i m being “old school”, it’s because men by nature are more fickle than women to commit, a woman will commit just because hes a good dude and she’s ready to settle down , but for a guy it’s timing, the right person, and him feeling like he doesnt want to risk losing that her to anyone else. K. Michelle if you ever read this, you are ENOUGH stop trying, and stop putting these dudes on your IG after 1 month. Even Fortune 500 companies put new employees on a 6 month probation, sheesh

  • Sylvia Crenshaw

    Hmmmmmm didn’t she also say that she was besties with Lil Kim? Lil Kim shut that down and said they only met once

  • doogal

    Idris Elba! Really, Idris Elba and K Michelle!?

  • fromanotherplanet

    I love y’all but I literally DIED @ “Madam Noire with your 3 hits per day” LMAO!!!!! MadamNoire’s wig got snatched and dem dreads were tugged a little . Too much tension at the roots. Y’all might need to see a loctician to loc those roots LOL!!! This girl is a trip.

  • vfocused

    Well I believe its actually true. Just think I am seeing her thank you to him on her album cover. Thanking him for the inspiration. I hope he is ok with the admitting but maybe he already told his baby mother. I can see the two together anyway. They don’t make a bad couple. Just saying. Just visitied his twitter page and Idris is FINEEEEE! YOU DID THAT K AND YOU CREATED A WONDERFUL ALBUM. Don’t care one way or the other cus you had me first song from Rebellious Soul. Congrats on AWBAH, I love it! Thanks to you to Idris.! Lol Just in case, lol

  • mmmdot

    This is interesting…Anyway, of *ALL* the men out here why pick Idris Elba to “lie” about? K. Michelle doesn’t strike me as liar.

    • vfocused

      She is not a liar, I believe she thanked him in her THANK YOUS on the album cover. I think I see the letters IE being thanked for the last one. So…….. K did that! I am by no means hating tho. Idris is Fine and if he is not speaking on it then that’s the answer. He wasn’t married anyway so….. but she backed out of the situation which took a lot. If it was me that would have hurt me to leave someone looking like that. He is too fine! K always keeps it 100, straight with no chaser. lol

      • mmmdot

        Oh, I don’t think she’s lying. K. Michelle doesn’t strike me as a liar. And of all the men in the world why would she just randomly pick Idris Elba to talk about it. To my mind, she wouldn’t be talking about him if it wasn’t true.

  • Bella_Monah

    For some reason I just don’t believe it. i feel like she needed something to help sell albums and she knows he won’t comment either way. I for one have no interest in listening to this album, he last one was ok. This girl just annoys me. She’s just so damn messy

    • vfocused

      Most definitely not! This album is everything! Copies getting sold out. No worries she got so many fans she don’t need you. But you can cop that Tamar single which you prob have already, which is why the deep hate for K. Trust me you are so missing out on this new cd. Rebellious Soul was a classic and so it this one. #AWBAH! Deluxe at Best Buy.

      • Bella_Monah

        you seem to be all up in your feelings about my opinions on someone who is clearly a messy individual. The only way she can get ppl to talk about her is by being ratchet, stay claiming these people who will never claim her in public.

        As for the whole Tamar comment girl bye. I knew of K Michelle when she was working with R Kelly and was rooting for her but this new K Michelle is a turn off which is why she will never appeal to the masses, he career will always stay stagnant cause she likes to run off at the mouth and call it “keeping it real”. And I sure can cop that Tamar singled because guess what…its my money to spend however I feel like.

        And In case you didn’t know it, there are some people that can conclusion on someone based on facts rather than hate, its called being intelligent, maybe you should try it sometime.

        I think you need to look up what classic is…classic is Mary J’s first album, classic is Lauryn Hill, albums that are still relevant years later, 10 years from now only thing ppl will remember abt K will be her ratchetness, and her loud mouth.


  • 2nd degree

    Idris I’d work which cha…

  • Charlotte

    The only thing this interview is going to do for him is lower his likability. Women fans will drop a celebrity with the quickness if they find out he slept with women they don’t like or even if they get married, that’s why they keep these relationships on the hush. Idris, his agent, and his publicist are all probably mad as hell that K is talking and wishing she would shut up… Idris is NO LONGER going to be the same in a lot of women eyes; his popularity will drop… IJS

    • K

      His career won’t suffer.Many Hollywood men have slept around and they keep right on doing what they do..May not be right but it happens,and especially with BIG NAMES..they have their choice of women willing and able.

    • Clara

      Just can’t understand why so many people are hatin’ on K… She’s not an ugly woman, in fact she is pretty, she’s college educated, she’s in a sorority, she’s not fat, she’s a musician, she’s talented, and even kids love her songs. To me, she’s got way more going for herself than the average chick. And besides, Idris Elba said she was pretty. She doesn’t have to talk to gain fans or sell her music. She talks because she doesn’t want to be labeled a snob or be seen as unapproachable like Keri Hilson, for example. She had the brains to elevate her music career but it looks like people want to try to tear it all down…why?

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    y is this bytch so messy?

  • Mmmkay

    Whew… the most bird-brained interview of hers by far. Even Taylor Swift doesn’t share so many receipts. I don’t care how real her fans like her for being, no one likes a chick who will deal with a taken man. Just the allegations alone against Alisha Keys tanked her popularity… No thanks!

  • fromanotherplanet

    Hood Taylor Swift. I ain’t even mad. If it’s her story, let me tell it. If it’s her life, then she is free to write songs about her experience. Y’all would never go IN on Taylor Swift for writing about all those dudes she porked. Let K be. This is definitely messy and but if she wants to spills the beans, it’s her beans to spill. These men already know by now that K’s music is influenced by her life, so if you’re messing with her you should already know what’s coming. Idris has no one but himself to blame.

  • Sorry I am not sorry!!!!

    Sometimes with these discussion on any article on anybody. Some people in the comments are extremely extra for no reason. Yes her attitude is bad but at she speak her mind more then most people in general. I know somebody has that friend who say what is on her mind. We don’t her life but at least she lets you. All the bashing by Black women to other Black need to stop.

    • FromTokyo

      I think the problem is that K. bashes other black women herself. And she often personifies several negative stereotypes of black women. There truly is such a thing as being outspoken and telling the truth without being “extra,” a balance the woman herself has yet to attain. That you see the people commenting as being extra but not K. Michelle is kind of confusing. Let it sound how it sounds, but I will not support someone on the merit of simply being the same race as me. My requirements are higher than that.

  • cryssi

    I really have no idea what it is about her, but I just take everything she says with a grain of salt.

    Is it possible? Yes. Do I know either of these people? No. Yet, I still just don’t believe it. Idris is no saint in my eyes, idk the man. But K just seems to suffer from the “Hazel E syndrome” coupled with “Kenya Moore disorder”.

  • Smmmoke

    Call this lady what you want but she tells the absolute truth from 21:21-21:35.

  • Mary

    If this is true then Idris must be bitterly regretting getting involved with this thoroughly unplesant woman.

  • Dee

    Damn Madam Noire! She called y’all out! LOL

    • enlightenment

      She suuuuuuure did. Ouch!!!!

  • Trisha_B

    This is hilarious to me lmao. The way she’s talking you would think they were almost at the alter to say I do lol….I’m sorry, if a man doesn’t claim me there is no way I’m going to be talking about our “relationship” so publicly. I would be too embarrassed.

    • Vandellish

      Mainstream acts these days would slide down a 10 foot razor into a pool of iodine to sell a record or two.

    • 1Val

      K.Michelle brags on her sexuality like men brag on their dycks.
      Her bravado is similar to that of a man.
      If I had banged Idris Elba I’d tell the world too.
      He didn’t ask her to sign a confidentiality agreement so Idris knew who and what K. Michelle is about.

      • Trisha_B

        Lmao I know you love you some Idris ! …but you are right. Besides super head, I’ve never seen a woman brag so much about who they have jumped in bed with lol….but if Idris is banging chicks like K, I wonder what kind of guy he is off screen

        • 1Val

          As much as I love Morris Chestnutt!!! My husband laughed at me something pitiful when Morris was shirtless in Best Man Holiday. I had a moment and forgot my husband was sitting there. A celebrity crush is harmless for most people.

          K. Michelle and Karrine Steffans are cut from same cloth. lol. But there is something to be said for black women who are sexual feminists. Since K.Michelle and Karrine will never earn wealth and status of white questionable moral celebrity women like Kim Kardashian West, Angelina Jolie and Madonna to name a few who can be the biggest heauxs and remain respectable LADIES i.e. Taylor Swift, J-lO, Jennifer Aniston but change men as often as they change their panties.

          Apparently, Idris is a ladies man who likes to bed multiple women at the same time. He is a good looking dawg but a dawg nonetheless.

  • oldfatmotherfucker

    When I first read this, I didn’t know if it was true, but damn, I guess it is. lol. Idris is really ratchet. First he has 2 kids with 2 different women, then he had to get the paternity test to find out if that stripper’s baby was his and it wasn’t, and now he has a side chick. This guy is all the way out there.

  • susan

    So let me get this right.. this man put his hands (allegedly) on the woman that lied about him having her son, publicly said on many occasions that he and his baby’s mother are just that.. he doesn’t plan on marrying her and he moved to London to be a father more so than a partner and we are still calling K Michelle the ratchet, unfavorable one with a questionable moral? WOW!! crabs in a barrel man , just plain crabs in a barrel!!

    • oldfatmotherfucker

      They’re both ratchet, quite frankly. Idris is just ratchet with an accent.

      • Yvette

        Dead@ratchet with an accent!….lol lol lol!!!!

      • Sunshinegirl

        And fine as hell though! I’ll take his ratchet a z z any day, LOL!!!

        • oldfatmotherfucker

          Me too!

    • Suchalady

      Crabs in a barrel? Some of you throw out terms that you hear often without using it properly or actually knowing what it means…

    • FromTokyo

      People are calling out Idris’ ratchet behind as well.
      There ain’t that much “fine” in the world. He’s gross to me. Something always seemed off to me before this, though. In his eyes. They’re insincere.

    • Danielle Duverglas McCants

      She is rachat and he’s just as bad

  • Sunshinegirl

    Dang, she spilled all the tea and then some. I don’t know how I feel about that.

  • Guest

    My thoughts exactly

  • Hollie Perez

    oooooo, Madame Noire was called out at the end…. yikes!

    • Justwow

      What was said?!?!?

      • Hollie Perez

        At the end of the radio interview it was a question about all the people speculating that her relationship with Idris wasn’t real or something she was making up to get press … and she goes “I know who you are talking about, Madame Noire.” And went from there… Listen to the last minutes, it’s in that segment.

  • ceeceebaker

    This is the first I am hearing that he even knew of a K.Michelle. Wow, this is shocking, but not unbelievable. I didn’t picture Idris as going for someone like K. Michelle to wife up, maybe spread her out, but not seriously.

  • Teree

    In my opinion she is being told that she need to STFU but they(Media) is asking the questions so she is answering them and we are all reading it if people weren’t interested they wouldn’t be reading it. It is her business and if she wants to put it out there then goodness gracious have at it. Now if what she is saying are lies it will all come out sooner rather than later. It’s all entertainment and attention for her album…FREE celebs love that word…lol

  • most ninjas ain’t faithful

    If that British ninja would’ve actually been faithful to his baby mama, this wouldn’t be a story. Ladies, it’s not your job to tell someone he’s yours.

  • Vandellish

    A couple of thoughts:

    -Elba’s choices in women (this girl, the lady who lied to him and said her kid was his, etc…) seems rather sordid. Even if this lady is/was a mere paramour why would he pick someone known for her giant mouth? The mic cord thing worked wonders for him so perhaps he didn’t mind this kind of exposure.

    -Will anyone ever release another album without these kind of shenanigans??? Is it just me or is great music + clever marketing simply not enough anymore?

  • Smartss

    She can be the most talented singer on the planet but that stank attitude that constantly pops up will ruin it for me every time. I’m not saying she has to be perfect but come on media training has not worked for her at all. She wonders why people “always come for her” but not once has she considered that maybe she is the problem?!?!

    • FromTokyo

      She is the common denominator, after all. She has no self-awareness if she doesn’t realize that.

  • oscardgrouch

    I have to take Idris down a notch for dealing with this bird. Why Idris, why? I really hope this isn’t true.

    • Rosebayrose

      That’s how I felt the first time this came up but I got so much slack for it lol

    • enlightenment

      Why was he on a top-notch to begin with? Idris might be fine as hell, but don’t forget he’s human and as flawed as your average joe.

      • Hollie Perez

        mmmhmm, also Idris has a past. He’s more street than folks seem to realize. And it would make sense that he would dig someone involved in music, so — I don’t discount this relationship as a true relationship. No one truely knows what happens behind closed doors šŸ˜€

    • Courtney Banks

      He’s from the hood too. Just another one across the pond. Don’t let that accent fool you.

      • Nik

        LMBO! Funny but true.

  • Tricia

    I’m sorry but I will never think of Idris Elba the same. I don’t think this helps his career very much especially if the “mainstream” gossip sites get hold of it. K Michelle is an attractive woman but she is not very mature or sophisticated. Oh well I’ve learned a lesson about not projecting my ideas about a person onto them and that’s a good thing. But someone needs to pull Idris’ coat tail about the projects he chooses to work on. Get with Denzel and Will Smith on how to take it to the next level and stay there.

    • curtis

      Why what did he do wrong?

  • roxy

    Don’t you ever just wish some people would just go away…not die, but just go away. She is one of those people…..smh

    • FromTokyo

      I have some celebrities like that. Do I ever.

  • Aj

    He must have been hard up, to do anything with that classless act!!

  • I’ve never heard anything about them being in a relationship but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have something going on. My stance though K please stop going around “bragging” about a man that obviously didn’t want you to do be an exclusive item (hence him never mentioning you or a relationship, fling or thing, least that I haven’t heard) it makes you look desperate. Idk if she’s trying to gain brownie points or she wants people to know that an eligible bachelor in Hollywood actually bedded her. Women need to stop going out of their way to be a tool used by men. You’re not in a relationship with him so why give him any more power than what you’ve already given him by obviously sleeping with him. Let’s do better ladies!

    Follow on instagram @therealMaCoyaaa for daily encouraging posts and the real. šŸ™‚

    • And please don’t make it seem like you’re the one that chose not to be in a relationship with him. I don’t think Idris would have did that just based off her bad attitude and reputation alone, I’m sure that would have been career suicide for him. IMO.

      • 1Val

        You certainly are reaching with career suicide analogy. Kanye married a skank. Prince Charles risked the throne for his old ugly heaux that he later married. Eddie Cibrian and Leeann Rimes. Brad Pitt with trashy before she became saintly mother Angelina Jolie. Men have always been attracted to uncouth women like many women desire bad boys.

        • I don’t think so. It probably won’t be as detrimental as it would have been in the past because the morals have been thrown out the window. But with Bragelina it did affect them for a while but people just eventually got over it same with Leann Rimes. It won’t affect them like it could have back in Old Hollywood but now-a-days people don’t care anymore so it’s whatever…..

          • 1Val

            I agree people get over who celebrities date and marry.

    • speaksthetruth

      Once again with no surprise you are CORRECT. He was using her and haiting on his baby mother. If she could do it over again, she would of gotten pregno to keep him around.

      • Too many women walk around basing their worth on how many men are attracted to them, want them or have slept with them. I don’t recall any interview where Idris even mentioned knowing her. Why does she feel the need to speak on a relationship that no one even knew existed (it probably didn’t even exist to Idris she probably was just a booty call). It’s because she wants the world to know that the hottest and most desired man on the planet actually took an interest in big ol fake-booty K. I don’t have anything against her but her entire existence annoys because of what she aims to represent. The only thing she promotes about herself is her operation table made body. But she will continue to do it because these so called “men” give her the attention she desires. This interview was completely irrelevant, unnecessary and she should be embarrassed. She might as well be the ex gf that doesn’t know how to move on and bases her entire being around some guy.

        #donewithmyrant #carryyourselflikealady #thatisalliamasking #encourageandempower #shedlightondarkness

        • 1Val

          If Idris wanted a woman who carried herself like a lady he would never had bedded K.Michelle.
          We don’t know nature of their relationship.
          But Idris silence is quite telling because he could deny her claims.

          • A man as usual won’t turn down anything that is thrown at him.

            • 1Val

              Because you know Idris didn’t approach K.Michelle.
              Girl just stop!

              • It doesn’t matter who approached whom. Whether he approached K Michelle or not she obviously didn’t turn him down. Women are usually the ones that need to really think because most men think with the wrong head. If you’re not looking out for your best interest then the man surely won’t. And that can go with women too. Like I said a man usually won’t turn down anything that is thrown at him unless he is that rare percentage of men that actually have morals and won’t just sleep with any and everybody. #thankGodformyhusband

                • 1Val

                  Idris is a single man. Who knows their relationship timeline. The onus is on women to do better because according to you men get a pass for thinking with their wrong head. If you aren’t a male apologist invested into sexism.

                  • No I think you’re just reading too much into what I’m saying or hearing what you want to hear. I’m all about protecting one’s self. I can’t blame a man for anything I allowed him to do. I can only take responsibility for my own part that I play in my life and the same for anyone else. Idris can only be blamed for what he did wrong as well as K Michelle. THEREFORE, if K slept with him whether it was under false pretenses or whatever she still made her own choice. She’s responsible for her choice. So if I’m going to protect myself against a player then I need to have MY BEST INTEREST at heart and use common sense in whatever situation I’m in and NOT EXPECT someone else to do it for me.

                    For example, that’s like a woman going to a club and getting so drunk that she is placing her life in someone else’s hands. She put herself in a situation where she could be taken advantage of hoping that a man or whomever she encounters will do the right thing by her. Instead of using common sense and wisdom and not putting herself in that position in the first place.

                    • 1Val

                      So K.Michelle was Idris’s victim? Because he held power in their interaction to determine if it was an actual “relationship?” From my perspective it was a mutual exchange since both used each other’s fame to produce art and have sex.

                    • I didn’t say either one was a victim. I was clarifying your misunderstanding of my comment with this response:

                      “The onus is on women to do better because according to you men get a past for thinking with their wrong head. If you aren’t a male apologist invested into sexism.”

                      BUT, if she was another woman to fall victim to believing or expecting their relationship to be more just to found out she ws okie doked then yes she would be a victim. But in this case I don’t believe either one was a victim unless it was a victim to immaturity and a lack of common sense, well more on her part by this interview than his.

                    • right on just good common sense, it’s not that much to it, it ain’t all that complicated it’s just good old common sense for the most part, you know we have been lured into always playing and crying the “victim” and in the next breath say they are smart and strong so if you are all that smart and strong how come you are always being victimized?

                • “Like I said a man usually won’t turn down anything that is thrown at him unless he is that rare percentage of men” you are one smart, wise, and well balance young women [and I bet you got a good husband too] and I bet you can teach them how to get one [a good husband] too but they will not want to listen to you cause it got to be “there way” even if it’s the wrong way they will argue you down and you are the one who have had some success in this area and they are the one who have been losing in this area but still somehow another they know more about it than you do it seems that it’s more important to them to win the gender war which is lose lose for everyone than to have understanding and build a strong loving family and a strong black community, most of these sister will do well to listen to you rather that to continue to think something is wrong with all men who are not perfect and keep on trying to reinvent the wheel or beat their heads up against a brick wall.

              • vfocused

                ….and you know this how? Why not K? You stop it.

                • 1Val

                  I’ll carry on.

          • PleaseDOBetter

            I think you could also take his silence to mean that 1. he does not entertain baseless claims (assuming that this is not true) OR 2. that he is waiting until it dies down and she stops speaking about it to then say something. I don’t necessarily care one way or the other, I do find the situation funny though.

            • Sariah

              His typical behavior is to address claims about him, so his silence on this particular issue speaks volumes – no words needed. Better to shut up than open your mouth and look a fool.

              • PleaseDOBetter

                That’s fair too…I don’t pay that much attention to him speaking on issues so I didn’t know.

        • curtis

          Are you a therapist?

    • Vandellish

      In her twisted existence SHE’s using HIM for better ‘art’. We’ll see…I seriously doubt this album is another “Here, My Dear.”

    • 1Val

      Perhaps they used each other. Idris certainly isn’t any better than K. Michelle. In the character department he is much worse than her.

      • I agree. But K is embarrassing herself trying to make it appear as something mutual when it obviously wasn’t. People need to stop putting their business in the streets. And by K doing this it only makes her look desperate. It would have been different had they both been open about this situationship. Since Idris has never come out it appears to be just a booty call to him and K trying to come out making it appear like more than that is kind of sad. Poor girl.

        • 1Val

          It was mutual since she didn’t rape Idris. If she wants to talk about her love life like so many other celebrities God bless her. We don’t know nature of their relationship. It was obviously more than a booty call he invested time and money on K.Michelle. So it wasn’t as casual as you claim. All parties are grown playing sex games. The baby mama tolerating cheating boyfriend, cheating boyfriend playing family man with a woman he clearly doesn’t love nor respect and K. Michelle involving herself in a couple’s failing relationship. The only victim in this scenario is Idris’s baby.

          • Well when it all boils down we’re only playing a guessing game, no one knows what went on except them two. But like we all know when someone is silent about something it is usually perceived as embarrassment or they don’t want anything to do with it. That’s what Idris’s silence is perceived as to me. Only my opinion because no one really knows and probably won’t ever know.

            • 1Val

              A man embarrassed by having sex with an attractive woman. Not hardly. lol. I perceive his silence as acceptance of K.Michelle actions as her being who she is. If he ain’t shame for sleeping around on his pregnant girlfriend Idris certainly isn’t shame that he slept with an attractive woman. You truly are giving Idris too much credit when he doesn’t deserve any in this scenario.

              • louvres

                K Michelle may be attractive to you but not to other people…

        • curtis

          She is a reality star so thats how her bread is buttered…putting her business in the streets. Unfortunately. Just becasue Idris didnt come out doesnt mean it was a booty call. Alot of those Hollywood men dont kiss and tell as much as men would in the real world

    • tutttul

      But to put things in perspective – Tyler Perry didn’t publicly announce he had a child on the way until the mother was seven months pregnant. Celebrities are sooo sick of the “public” believing they have a right to know, speculate and comment on their very private lives. Trust me celebrities are exactly like other people and do the same things – want the same things and need the same things. Being famous does not change basic instinct or desire and many celebrities see through the fluff of mindless Hollywood and want no part of it.

    • jerseryvixen

      I agree with you 100!, unless she is the ugliest thing that ever walked the earth, why would a woman be impressed by a man wanting to sleep with her? that holds NO VALUE, BE IMPRESSED with a man allowing himself to be vulnerable and sacrificial for you. Sadly most women do not know what that looks like. It really comes from Daddy issues. If you never witness your own father or other men in your family demonstrate sacrificial love, it’s easy for you to mistake a man wanting to bang you as love. I recently went on a date with a dude, very nice first date, then he proceeds to completely “forget” about our second date, became very busy/travelling for work, yet texting me every night, talking about how he “miss me ” (one date!), “admitting that he really wanted to kiss me when he last saw me”, asking me if i will cook for him, and using the word “baby” in our exchanges. I am like confused, so i keep putting it out there, “let me know next time u want to meet up”, but same repertoire. And it aint even about him buying me a meal/our first date was at a chain and we just sat and talked as i had just come from having dinner with my folks, so really its about you opening up to me about who you are, talking, and spending time. Then I thought Danm there are women out there who are taking this Textationship bait, like 1-2-3 weeks of this they will let the man up in their crib, ribs and will be giving him their all when this man has not done one thing to get to know them. Emotionally unavailable, physically unavailable, yet i have to believe these men do get women to sleep with them with these lazy tricks otherwise they would evolve. Then she would be talking how she was played? no you played yourself honey. I am not saying that’s K michelle situation, but overall I think women JUMP the gun to think something is deeper than it is when a man is just blowing smoke up their ( in her case) inflated arses.

      • FromTokyo

        Thank you so much for all of this! This actually gives me hope that there’s more people out there with their eyes all the way open!

        Ladies (and fellas), never forget: you get what you settle/fall for. Stop jumping in head first and step back, wait and see, and ask yourself the hard questions. If you’re just out to have some fun, don’t be shocked when you might actually develop genuine feelings for the person and not have them returned. That will be your fault for putting yourself out there like that for something that was never meant to be meaningful. And always remember: “Past is prologue.” Some people may change, but if they have no motivation to, they won’t.

        I’m willing to wait and see what someone is about. I had a year actually making an effort to date and found that not one guy was able to become more than an acquaintance that ended up evaporating. I guess they were used to things being easy and their go-to tricks working. I think we show our truest faces to our friends – there are some things that your closest friends know about you that even your own parents don’t know sometimes. You don’t have to fake things for your friends. You can be who/what you really are. So I believe in getting to know a person first. If the person can’t even be my friend and let me become comfortable with them, then why should they expect I would let them jump from hello to the bedroom? The answer is because many people often do. I would just rather people didn’t try to copy/paste their experiences onto me, thinking it’s going to play out the same way. It’s not. But I won’t settle for less than what I want. I’d advise anyone to do the same.

  • cris

    so ratchet

  • Dominique Thompson

    I listened to a portion of the interview and what she said was true (as I stated a week ago) He is just a man. Stop putting him on a pedestal because of what you envision him to be. Idris Elba is a man like all the rest he is not special just because he’s attractive. I believe they had a situation. I don’t know why she feels the need to speak on it but I do believe her. Women don’t generally lie about stuff like that. Now it may have been a relationship to her and a booty call to him but something happened.

    • Common Cent$

      I don’t think it’s about putting him on a pedestal but she’s making all the public declarations for a man who’s never acknowledged her or done the same. Which imo makes her look crazy whatever they had it obviously didn’t work but the way she tells it they were ready to jump the broom. At this point she needs to make like Elsa and, “let it go!” lol

      • Dominique Thompson

        Lol @ let it go but ppl are calling her delusional insinuating she made it all up.

        • Digiscope

          Dude is a rich, famous, well-mannered, healthy and handsome black man. Those
          dudes are unicorns amongst regular guys and most women give them the benefit of the doubt on most things.

          Celebs like this are bigger than life for
          most people and it seems we’d rather not disturb our own almost
          god-like perception of them. It’s much easier to just say she’s lying. Who knows but it’s hard to imagine her making ALL of this up.

          • Scissors

            “Dude is a rich, famous, well-mannered, healthy and handsome black man. Those
            dudes are unicorns amongst regular guys and most women give them the benefit of the doubt on most things.

            Celebs like this are bigger than life for
            most people and it seems we’d rather not disturb our own almost
            god-like perception of them.”

            THAT PART.

      • Dee

        You took it that way. Thats not what I got from it. And a lot of men dont tell. I have dated men that were not introduced to the family and only told one person about. Because I knew it wasnt going anywhere so there was no need…

      • ckatrun

        Exactly, who makes a album about a man you were in a relationship for 8 months, that doesn’t seem right…I think she was maybe involved but not to the magnitude she wishes it was…its ok to say yall was just smashing…LOL

    • Lilacbenson

      Ditto,women can be so catty when they feel threatened,i love my husband but i put zero past him,not a damm thing,as long as he own a pienis.
      Remember the writer here who wrote that lonely post about kmichelle “lying” with no facts whatsoever,just her own delusions SMH.

      • tutttul

        Gurl you crazy! Better love that husband – it’s other women you can’t always trust lol.

        • Lilacbenson

          I do love and respect him but my eyes are still open,you are SO right about other women tho,exactly why that “friendship” woth the oposite sex thing is not for us! Lol

          • T. T.

            I applaud your honesty & I agree with you 100%. A man is made of flesh, weak flesh at that. No doubt you will go to the ends of earth for him & love him like no one or nothing else (because that’s why you married him) I’m sure, but he is still a man.

    • FromTokyo

      Personally, I don’t find him attractive, and there isn’t a single celebrity that I would put up on a pedestal. I’d have to personally know someone first to place them on a pedestal.

      I think Idris likes ratchet women (and is low-key ratchet himself) because they’re easier not to commit to, because in the end the man can simply say that “She was too…” this or ” She was too…” that and that’s why he never made a commitment, knowing good and well in his mind that he never meant to in the first place. A woman of true class and quality and self-worth would not settle for being a side-piece. She’s going to want a full relationship that progresses. In other words, she’ll want everything, which is what she deserves.

      So, I believe her, but I agree with the people saying that she only said something now because it was over. Given her nature, she just can’t not say something. It’s like she has no self-awareness to know how embarrassing her situation is. I don’t even hate the woman; I just think it’s disappointing that she has so much talent hampered by unchecked instability. She needs to look at her self. She could be so much bigger than she is if she could get the help she needs. She has the vocal tools to do it.

  • vw


  • sit down

    K . Michelle *sigh* please oh please STFU!!!!

    • Nikki B

      I agree everything does not need to be public information. No one would have known this if she wouldn’t have kept her big mouth shut. She talks wayyyy too much.

      • Why

        K gotta stop dating these chick mcm. Lmao! They mad and hating on her. Lmao

  • Yolanda Harris

    Have they ever been photographed together? Like on a date?

    • Dee

      How many times have you seen Denzel and his wife on dates? In all these years how many times? Alicia Keys stated “people who are photographed a lot by the paps go places where they can be photographed” How many dates have you seen him on with the childs mother prior to the pregnancy? afterwards? Exactly there is your answer

      • ckatrun

        Ive seen Denzel photographed with his wife a lot……his WIFE….of many years…not 8 months..u can google pics of them together

        • Likewaterforchoc

          Real talk and also Denzel isn’t really a scene/seen guy. He’s a working actor and you seriously don’t really see him unless he’s promoting a film which he only does about 1 a year. But yes, when he does promote, they ARE photo’d together and they just did a spread for Essence or Ebony this past year or so.

          • 1Val

            He also is a known philanderer. In fact, his wife alluded to his cheating ways congratulating herself for knowing that in spite of all his affairs her husband knows that SHE is the only woman who truly loves him. If I’m not mistaken his wife shared her marital views in their latest Ebony interview.

            • Likewaterforchoc

              My point was to counter the fact that the commenter above stated that Denzel is rarely photo’d with his wife and he is.

            • PleaseDOBetter

              Hmmm, I’m going to have to look into this. I had heard speculation, but not on this level.

  • FeelsGood


    • Selena McQueen


      • Why

        He was ur man crush monday huh? LMAO

        • Ben Robinson III


        • Selena McQueen

          No i don’t do those sorry

        • fromanotherplanet


    • Rosebayrose


    • enlightenment

      Idk man. K Michelle is one of the most transparent celebrities I know.

      • FeelsGood

        She also lives inside her head. She think its one think and these dudes see something completely different. She fell in love and dedicated a whole album to Idris while (I’m sure) he saw her as nothing more than somebody to conveniently sleep with. If you’ve watched her on any of the reality shows (including her own), its obvious the chic has mental issues.

        • enlightenment

          Oh I thought you were saying she made the whole screwing with Idris Elba thing up. Yeah he probably saw her as a piece of @ss for sure.

          • Dee

            She may have seen him the same exact way. Some women want sexual relationships with some men with no strings attached.

            • Public_Programming

              Exactly.. “Women” who know how to handle their business, feelings and are realistic about their relationships not delusional groupies who just happen to have a hit record..

            • KingCetshwayo

              No you don’t. That’s just stupid s/ hit you women say now because men seldom want to commit to you.

          • Public_Programming

            I’m sure he could have almost any black starlet in the industry..

            • I don’t get why people are truly shocked or disbelieving that he messed with her or even had a relationship… have y’all not seen the chicks he rocks with? He was dating his hairstylist for a while… he obviously likes thick chicks with fat asses, usually not the famous starlet type, either. K. Michelle is ratchet and indiscreet, which is why I question why ANYBODY who enjoys their reputation would deal with her, but he may just like crazy. He dated that one chick who tried to pretend her baby was his, so she wouldn’t be the first batshit knot on his bedpost.

              • Nia Vant

                batshit knot lol !!

              • Not There

                “Notch,” not “knot”

        • Scissors

          It’s so funny, the same place your hating stems from is exactly what she addressed in the original interview. Just because it’s “Idris Elba” and the pedestal women, specifically black woman, places him on, its impossible that someone like K Michelle would have an actual relationship with him. As if to say she’s not worthy. If anyone is delusional it’s you, for thinking you know him.She’s one of the most open, honest, and transparent entertainers to date. She may be a little intense at times but what she says seems genuine. Why would she make up all these false feelings going around doing interviews just to embarrass herself? She may have been MISLEAD, for sure but the fact tha Idris Elba doesn’t feel the need to deny ANYTHING. say a lot.

          • Dee

            EXACTLY. They said she lied about the abuse but now we know that was TRUE. She explained how she felt. And those who proclaim to know she was a jump off must have experienced jump-offism lol themselves

          • tutttul

            Thank you well said. Not one commenter knows Idris Elba or K. Michelle but believe themselves experts on where that train went. Both Idris and K. Michelle are popular entertainers – and he was executive director for at least one K. Michelle video shoot so the brother put in work – for free. Also several months ago Elba admitted the baby wasn’t his – maybe he was on the rebound from heartbreak or maybe K. Michelle just needed some one at the time and he was there.
            K. Michelle may be intense, loud and opinionated but she’s also an extremely talented vocalist, musician and writer – and a grown man knows exactly what he wants – as in “Hello K. Michelle – I think you’re beautiful.” And she is.

            • lrush

              You don’t have to know her to know she has a big mouth. Everything is not meant to be told.

            • K

              He wasn’t talking about the most recent baby which is his, but the one that he supposedly had by some other lady he used to deal with.I for one don’t place celebrities on a pedestal but many do. Fact is if your aren’t a friend or family member to these people ..you don’t really know who they are and what they like outside of what is publicly seen. She wasn’t the first to screw him and likely won’t be the last. I have heard far too many stories of him getting with women ..like her or similar to her before her, so its not reaching to say that they could have been messing around at one time. I personally thought about that as soon as I heard word of the 2 of them working together on a music project because it was so random,and a time when no one had really even seen them together or even had a clue that they knew one another. He chose to not discuss it, and if she hadn’t spoken on it no one outside maybe her close circle would have known. She obviously has no problem telling her business and anyone else business right along with it. This would lead one to believe that he was content to not talk about it,and she wanted the world to know.

          • FeelsGood

            Hating OR having an opinion? I digress…

            You sure did read a lot into a one word comment. My insinuation that she is delusional has nothing to do with Idris Elba being placed on some kind of imaginary pedestal. Her being delusional stems from her involvement in various toxic relationships where she was more emotionally invested than he (ie, JR Smith, Bobby Maze, etc). Idris is just one of many. She embarrassed herself when she was screwing around and fell in love with a man that was in a relationship that resulted in a child being born. She is constantly looking for love in the arms of men who are emotionally unavailable. And she wails over and over about being done wrong.Did you even listen to her newly released album today? Did you listen to the last one? If anyone is unaware of her worth its K herself.

            • Likewaterforchoc

              When she talked about getting into that relationship with Lance Stephenson through him posting his phone number on Vine from some azz video she posted, I pretty much just started questioning her choice in men.

              • Public_Programming

                Exactly.. this chick is a groupie who got a backstage pass to Hollywood due to her singing and reality show fame.. That’s all.. These chicks on here defending her most likely have been in the same position. Trying to defend her because she rocks nice wigs…smh..

                • Likewaterforchoc

                  Agreed. Instead of being a celeb who happens to date anoother celeb, she just makes herself look like more of a groupie when it comes to airing out her personal business. That’s something that groupies do to let the world know their conquests and are always attention-sloring with booty pics. This “interview” is only to air out folks dirty laundry. Memphitz, Ryan Lochte, Chad Ochocinco, JR Smith, Lance Stephenson. The booty catches ’em but the personality can’t keep ’em.She is beginning to rival Superhead with all the industry trim she’s passing out. She has talent and could really go to the next level but the fact that she has NO chill holds her back.

                  • K

                    It should be noted that azz is no hot commodity, because you can go to any city especially NY and Atlanta among other states and see women with azz for days..REAL and altered azz. A man can get that anywhere so as you said(very true) that will get temporary attention but won’t hold it.You have to have more going for than just azz. She is a talented woman but when your personality and attitude is more talked about than your singing than you have a problem.

                    • FromTokyo

                      “…but when your personality and attitude is more talked about than your singing than you have a problem.”

                      This right here!!!

                  • bkbrom29

                    I been saying the same thing about this Queen of Ratchville for a while now. She has talent. But she is so mentally unstable with diarrhea of the mouth she will never reach a noteworthy level in her career. Her personality is so abrasive and the lunacy is clearly apparent. She is definitely so far into her crazy head that she doesn’t see the damage she causes herself.It’s pretty pathetic. I see her doing harm to herself not to far in the future. She is THAT unstable,

                • FromTokyo

                  What I’ve seen of K. Michelle is very unpleasant, including her calling a black woman “monkey” knowing good and doggone well how inflammatory that designation is for any person of color.

                  She seems to like a type that doesn’t value her (but pretends to) and he likes his own type. I’d never even heard of him being with her until she brought it up – did he ever take her out publicly? If not, that says that he doesn’t value her enough to be seen with her. Frankly, it makes him even less attractive to me, because seeing her on reality tv and her antics on Twitter and such, what kind of man would still find her attractive, especially if her body parts are over-inflated to the point of looking deformed? If he had no problem with that, though, why didn’t he announce her publicly? Says everything I need to know about him, as well as being in some kind of relationship with her while he has a bun baking in someone else’s oven. He’s messy.

                  • Public_Programming

                    Exactly…I heard he was regular, but smashin’ her makes him look extra basic. It’s all good, everybody has a look a like.. lol

            • FromTokyo

              Excellent points!

              So many people – not just women – don’t know their worth, so they settle for less and make justifications. But if they would start looking at themselves hard and assess, then subsequently raise, their self-worth, hold back for someone worthy of them (i.e. someone who realizes their worth and has their own sense of self-worth), then they wouldn’t keep going through the same cycle.

              Makes me think about men/women who say there aren’t any good men/women out there. No – you just keep dating/sexing/marrying ones that are no good or at least not good for you.

          • Just my opinion

            I think what could be throwing people off is not him being incapable of being with him, it’s just the fact that she dated this man for 8 months and nobody heard a peep out of her about it. Unlike her other relationships, she hid this one and so did he. The minute he leaves her and goes back with his BM, she goes on a press run and puts him on blast. As much as she claims to “be a woman” about it, she wants his BM to know that she screwed him plain and simple cause she’s bitter. Sometimes it’s just better to take the loss, keep your mouth shut and move on. She talks too much. JMO

            • 2cents

              @ Justmyopinion-You are so right! Why would she make those statements as if it makes her look like an honorable woman. NO, this was a dig at his woman.
              And her statement his pants were too tight I was into rapper’s sounds silly as hell. SMH

              • Khloe Lynn McClain-Hill

                Sounds silly?… It sounds like HER truth to me! She’s being honest and everyone is judging her for HER mistakes.

                • Public_Programming

                  It’s only a mistake after they leave her a**. And we don’t need to hear about all of them.. smh

                  • Likewaterforchoc

                    Riiiight. Real talk. She was “with” him for 8 months and suddenly when he looks like he’s not leaving his bm, she was NEVER into him and she wanted rappers? I try hard to like her and want to see her win but stuff like this interview just made me want to throw bird seed at my computer screen.

                    • Public_Programming

                      Yup.. I’m trying to like her too, but every time I watch her or hear her open her mouth it doesn’t work out too well.. smh

                • lrush

                  All of your “honesty”, “truth”, and “mistakes” don’t need to be announced

              • Public_Programming

                Thank you. Groupie sh** right there…

            • Public_Programming

              Right.. . And although I think the word bitter is overused, trust me celebs (especially from the look at me- reality TV generation) use their platform all the time to take shots at their non famous competition..I’m sure it’s a whole lot of chicks in Hollywood mad he chose a makeup artist over them. She’s just dumb and unclassy enough to talk about it..

            • K

              You hit the nail on the head.very true.

          • Simply Said

            Exxxactly Scissors, Idris is a hood dude, he just viewed in the public eye as this refined actor, but please! I live in Jersey and when the WIRE was hot and he was becoming a fan favorite, he was partying in NYC heavy and let me say this, he LOVED A HOODRAT!! LOL he dated not one but two POPULAR beauticians I know and they said he just a cool dude from the ghettos of Britain!! lolol I think folks painting him as this polished dude and that’s just not who he is!! I believe every word she saying and Im sure he got hooked on her too cause K a freak and I don’t find K. Michelle to be delusional at all! She knows exactly whats going on and she very forthright in telling her own business!

            • Likewaterforchoc

              He used to hang out pretty heavy in club spots in Atlanta as well. I met him when Justin’s was still open here. There weren’t many folks in the restaurant and he was very nice and not a snob. I even asked him why they had to kill Stringer Bell on the Wire.
              As far as K being forthright, I think a lot of it has to do with her own insecurity. She puts her business out there, when really her talent can speak for itself.

            • Public_Programming

              Trust, all black women who wound up at a party with him know what’s up.. Nobody’s hating on K. She’s just making herself look stupid by running her mouth.

            • anonymouse

              yeah and dude admitted to dealing and using drugs. his baby mama got pregnant after only a month of dating………..don’t let the accent fool ya, dude is ratchet

            • FromTokyo

              I think K. was just his type. He doesn’t fool me at all. It’s just that mainstream America sees another side.

          • Public_Programming

            Fine black actors come and go..Idris is just the flava of the moment.. And K makes herself look unworthy by blabbing about every dude in the industry she’s slept with. It’s one thing to be transparent, and another to be a crass, loudmouth groupie with just enough talent to get her into the right parties to meet guys with $$ and fame…She’s just milking her few more minutes..

          • lrush

            “Hating” needs to be retired after 2014 because it’s used too much in the wrong context. If you have an opposing view that’s not hating, that means you disagree. If someone doesn’t care for you, it might be because they simply don’t like you, not hating. Nobody put him on a pedestal, she’s just messy and it shows. Tackiness follows her and it’s not by accident. People are just stating being involved with her comes with mess because it will be told to the world because she can’t keep her mouth shut. She tells her business and then get upset about others have about it. Umm hello, people can’t have an opinion about things they don’t know. She is way beyond embarrassing herself, she’s tacky. She has talent, but class not. She’s not transparent, she likes attention

            • Likewaterforchoc

              A lot of folks mistake her attention-whoring for realness and transparency. Like I stated earlier, antics like this speaks to her insecurity. She wants folks to know that SHE can pull a “MCM dude” like Idris. The thing is, it’s not like no one doubts she can and she really is just embarrassing no one but herself at this point.

              • FromTokyo

                A lot of folks mistake her attention-whoring for realness and transparency.

                I very much agree, and that is something I take exception to for the fact that people are trying to give a pass to being rude and hateful and petty and bitter, etc. because it’s actually just being “real.” Uh, nope.

            • FromTokyo

              Thank you. I define “hating” as saying vicious, unsubstantiated things about someone out of nowhere. Like, if you are dressed well and someone cattily says, “She think she cute” or laughs (y’all know what I’m talking about). They don’t know the person to know what they’re thinking; they were just responding with “hatred” because that person made them feel insecure.

              But when someone puts themselves out there negatively and gets called on it, that response is not hating. It can be criticizing or judging, or merely having an opinion, but it is not hating.

          • Guest

            Yeah.. I don’t get why people are truly shocked or disbelieving that he messed with her or even had a relationship… have y’all not seen the chicks he rocks with? He was dating his hairstylist for a while… he obviously likes thick chicks with fat asses, usually not the famous starlet type, either. K. Michelle is ratchet and indiscreet, which is why I question why ANYBODY who enjoys their reputation would deal with her, but he may just like crazy. He dated that one chick who tried to pretend her baby was his, so she wouldn’t be the first batshit knot on his bedpost.

        • Dee

          Funny how none you actually know her, probably are not doctors yet you know whats goes on in her head. I remeber a lot of folks stating that the abuse was a delusion as well but it wasnt. He admitted in court that he abused her so….. Check the facts first

          • Public_Programming

            Don’t need to know her personally. Everybody knows her “type” and it is common.

          • lrush

            You don’t need to know her because you can hear her. Nobody is saying they know anything about her other than what she shows, which is loud mouth, abrasive, and messy acting.

        • Why

          U had a crush on Idris huh. Lmao

    • Why

      Look at u. HATING. LAMO

    • Hositdown

      Why are you bitter