GOP Staffer Tells Sasha and Malia Obama To “Show A Little Class”

November 29, 2014  |  

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While most people found Sasha and Malia’s facial expressions during The White House Turkey Pardon funny, GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten did not. In an absolutely uncalled for and unprofessional Facebook post, Lauten said the following,


Of course, Lauten deleted the post after it went viral. Afterwards she issued an apology (now deleted) on Facebook.

I reacted to an article and quickly judged the two young ladies in a way that I would never have wanted to be judged myself as a teenager. After many hours of prayer, talking to my parents and re-reading my words online, I can see more clearly how hurtful my words were. Please know that these judgmental feelings truly have no pace in my heart. Furthermore, I’d like to apologize to all of those who I have hurt and offended with my words, and pledge to learn and grow (and I assure you I have) from this experience.

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Lautren loses her job.

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  • bellaboone

    Republicans are the most despicable people walking the planet today.

  • linda

    She needs to be fired

  • Guest83

    This family has received an incredible amount of disrespect that i’ve ever seen towards a President. It’s flat out disgusting at how others within the political realm have issued racially undertones towards him and other hateful and disrespectful comments. People may not like the man or the fact he is the President but deal with it! I don’t agree with EVERYTHING Obama has done but some act like he’s sending our country to h3ll. H3ll i didn’t like Bush and towards the end of his presidency some of his own people in his party didn’t like him but he certainly never received the level of disrespect Obama and his family have received. I’m happy he just has two more years b/c I can only imagine what that man and his family has to go through on a regular basis.

  • Aj

    Elizabeth, your the one that needs to grow up, a grown woman bulling teen age girls, shows us your just another classless republican act, america and Washington are full classless, racist republicans!

  • soisaid

    just another white b!tch jealous of a black person being where she wishes she were. go fawk yourself and post that on facebook. then sit your howazz down.

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  • FromUR2UB

    Some people just need a good old fashioned butt-kicking.

  • KathB

    That ingrate woman should be thrown in jail!!!

  • Normella

    LOL at “after hours of praying”

  • positivebeatsnegative

    President Obama is not a perfect leader but I don’t ever recall in my adult life any President of this country be out right disrespected by in the manner they do this man. I for one don’t find this cool at all, you may not agree with his policies but he still deserves the respect as the President of this country.

    They’ve gotten so that they just blatant and careless….smh

  • Trini_Angel

    This Lauten woman is a social media bully. When Bush’s daughters were in nightclubs underaged and slithering into the White House at all ungodly hours of the morning, WHERE WAS ELIZABETH LAUTEN then? Oh right, she’s a Bush supporter so she saw nothing wrong then #ByeFelicia #ByeHater

  • Tired

    The idea that she says fully clothed 13 and 16 year olds look like they are going to a bar is deeming and disrespectful. I remember the Bush girls actually being underage at bars and it was just them “trying to be normal”. But two African American girls who have not one piece of skin showing below their necks are liken to drunks just because they are not smiling when you want them to and their skirts come to their middle thighs—the standard used in most schools. I for one am feed up with people thinking their privilege gives them the right to be the standard setters for all. How about we do not accept your apology…

  • IAmLawlessBrooks

    I can understand constructive criticism but the criticism became personal when she said the part about their mother and father not respecting their position as leaders! She took it to far….rather DISRESPECTFUL if you ask me!

  • The Truth

    What makes the President JOB so challenging? It’s people LIKE Elizabeth Lauten, who has to belittle and write negativity to make a name for herself. She is part of what’s WRONG with AMERICA! It’s the “MEIDA CIRUS” and The “Media Harassment” when Blacks are involved. This happens with skin prejudice.

    The concept in the media is, anything dealing with Blacks can bring “Internet Clicks” or “INSTANT FAME”! to the person reporting…..all this on the back of people who is the backbone of this nation.

    It’s become pretty obvious the attack on Blacks and people of color in the NEWS and how they report “OPINIONATED NEWS” according to who they like or dislike…in power of trying to make society DisLIKE A GROUP OF PEOPLE…by joining the “HATE WAGON” with them!

    All this, while soaking up all the “goodies” our President has brought forth….

    There were over 8 million people signed up for Obama’s health care! how many of those people make our PRESIDENT LIFE HELL…are these the same people who support the republicans while soaking up the good our President has DONE?

    They “Hypocrites” bad mouth the PRESIDENT at the same time reaping all the benefits he has brought fourth….
    ~~~~~~~~~I SAY TWO-FACED-HYPOCRITES~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • kickash

    people have always felt the need to police black women’s bodies what else is new

  • nykke

    There is nothing more tasteless and classless than a grown Damn women trying to belittle some children. Shows how low her self-esteem is to me.

  • Gerri DeGross

    No other President in U.S. history has faced such blatant disrespect as have President Obama and now this racist THOT has the nerve to humiliate and disrespect Sasha and Malia. This Staffer needs to be fired immediately. Most of these Republicans has hatred in their hearts for the First Family for no other reason than that they are black.

  • IgnantAzzKnuckleheads

    Nope….Obama-Hatred is not racial at all.

  • mmmdot

    First of all, the LIE that acting like a [white middle class] “lady” will prevent dehumanization, violence, and disrespect towards black women and girls is ABSURD. It doesn’t matter what we act like, we’re still going to be dehumanized and disrespected ANYWAY. Second, white women won’t ever truly bite the hand that feeds them. They will never truly challenge white male supremacy/patriarchy because they want to BE white men but still be revered as white women while having more social value and social power than all other women. Not only was this aggressive, bitter, racist, trick proliferating racialized sexist stereotypes about black girls and racism towards black people general, there are studies that show it’s actually people 2nd on the hierarchy that are most violent, trying to please their superiors. This disgusting, anti-social, bitter, basic, jealous white bxtch SHOULD be fired if she hasn’t been already.

  • ValdaDeDieu

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. When it comes to “classless”, grown-ups picking on children is a prime example. Elizabeth Lauten is a thoroughly repugnant piece of work. Watch her go into obscurity… #KARMA

  • Kay

    1. Her comments were out of line, esp. the whole “you’re parents don’t respect the office, why should you?” That was petty and uncalled for.
    2. She shouldn’t have apologized because it just sounds SO fake. Like those thoughts weren’t really from your heart? So then why’d you write them in the first place? The Bible itself says from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Just own up to your triflingness (yes I made that up, lol).
    3. I may get beat up for this, while I don’t agree with what this woman did and how she did it, I have to say my first thought when I saw those side eyes and their facial expressions was, “They look a little salty…I bet someone spoke to them about that later.” They’re teens so that just comes with the territory I guess. The only difference, and I’m sure they’re tired of hearing it, is that they are on an international platform. You can’t hide the side-eyes and eye rolls in front of the media, sorry. Maybe they shouldn’t bring the girls out for events they know they won’t enjoy?? Just a thought. They’re teens though, so that may mean not bringing them out for anything, lol…

  • Marty Frazier

    They really acted if they didn’t want to be there , and their father looks as if he didn’t like the way they were behaving.

  • t

    I wonder what she said to Bush’s daughter when she was busted fir underage drinking & a fake id… I’m sure there was some excusable reason for that though huh…

  • thebobbob

    Their heads exploded when Obama was elected. They’ve been sputtering around sparking and twitching ever since. Just more hate from the haters.

  • trash will be trash

    America will always show her true colors during President Obama terms…damn hourly…the hate President and First family receives is…frightening…secret service BETTER do their DAMN job…because the GOP staffer is only the tip of an iceberg….

  • Tera C

    Someone please smack her.

  • I know Mr Obama will never read this.. but Mr President.. Your kids look fine..

    I certainly wont hold ‘today’s’ teen fashion sense against them.. Heck, in a perfect world boy’s pants would often be pulled higher, and girls skirts would hang lower, however I don’t want to sound like my own parents so many years ago either.

    Your kids look not only fine, but they look healthy and about as happy as any normal kid would be under the circumstance.. I myself think they have done a near perfect job of representing fine mannered and well adjusted young people who are part of a loving family who are now seemingly expected to quasi ‘represent’ to the nation.

    It’s hard enough being ‘anyone’ in the White House every day of your life for so many years, let alone a kid. In some ways it is cruel and unusual punishment in the modern world. That said, I can’t imagine a first family in modern times, having children who have adjusted and ‘understand’ any better than these two girls. I think they have done us all ‘proud’… and that is an awesome responsibility indeed when the nations eyes are upon you every day.

    All politics aside.. from one parent to another.. ‘salute’..

  • Terrysa Anm

    time wasting writing stupid stuff,,,,,

  • Ronnie

    I have never seen those teens nor their parents dress in any risqué way. Attacking children, now that classy. Shame on you hatemonger.

  • MsLadyE

    This poor white trash female has SOME NERVE telling Sasha and Malia to “try showing a little class”. Give me a break. Sasha and Malia have more class than this dizzy Lizzie heifer will ever have. She doesn’t know the true meaning of class. Classy people do not attack someone’s children, insult their parents, or show disrespect to the First Family. Also, posting this mess on Facebook and then some weak-butt “apology” and then deleting the comments is just plain childish. She needs to go sit in a corner for timeout because she’s acting like a bratty little kid who hasn’t been taught any manners.

  • 1Val

    The countdown to her termination begins now.

  • hi-liter

    A whyte racist piece of shat.

  • Alabama Gurl

    That FAME OBSESSED B!&<H needs to have SEVERAL SEATS!!! She needs to get some class & learn how to BE QUIET (well, just SHUT UP)!!!!!

  • People can be mean & dumb

    Sad that this GROWN woman doesn’t have more important issues to address. These are children & she apparently is a child as well. Why delete what you wrote & then apologize & then delete the apology. You’re just another idiot looking for attention. #SillyRabbitTricksAreForKids

  • Kev R

    Stick a fork in her. She’s done.

  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    And then there were the Palin’s.
    #enough said

  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    This classless woman has lost her mind.
    These young ladies have shown nothing but manners and grace.
    What a COWARD to go after the President’s daughters! And then delete the post as if it wasn’t going to be shared and go viral.
    It’s a turkey pardon for goodness sakes. Get over it Lizzy.

    Funny how this deleted post is many years late. This bull swanky should’ve been directed to the Bush twins. {just sayin}

  • *Star*Bryte*

    Now had this been Regan, Bush, JR or SR, or any other former POTUS, do you think this schitt would fly?? But because he’s black and getting the most disrespect that i’ve ever seen hurled at the POTUS in my 44 years on this earth is why she’ll be able to get away w/it!!!

  • My opinion

    After praying, not…. She is just thinking about her job. This woman is truly racist. She insulted the children and parents for no reason other than a personal agenda. Everything she said was from the heart. Pure evil at work. How often do we dislike what teens wear without spewing such hatred.

  • Cartier

    She didn’t realize that her venom did little to shame the first family and much to make her look like a complete fool…..take several seats, you have no class

  • Myhonestopinion

    Yes she did go a little on the offensive side with that letter. But overall I agree with the point the GOP was trying to make. I understand they’re teenagers and rather be doing something else but, Sasha and Malia are part of the first family and there is an expectation to uphold. I saw the turkey pardon and they were totally disinterested, arms crossed, unhappy looks on their faces. That should have not been displayed on a live conference with cameras rolling during Thanksgiving smh. Nothing was wrong with the outfits they choose because many teens dress like that. But the way they were standing looking like they wanted to punch out a person was not attractive. It would have looked better if they smiled, uncross their arms and stand up straight. My mother saw the turkey pardon and felt they weren’t putting their best face forward also.

    • guest

      Point well-made. Now, if that wench who wrote the original tirade had learned to put her words as tactfully as you, she wouldn’t be getting dragged all up and through …

    • Normella

      They totally acted like typical teenagers, right? It amused me, but I think you make an excellent point. They probably hate that they even have to “behave” a certain way at all times because the public is constantly watching and judging. Must be tough.

    • Nadifa Foulds

      You don’t have to concede anyone’s point to come to same realization as them. In the case of Captain Crusty Heaux Obvious, ANYONE with two eyes can see that Malia’s and Sasha’s skirt are little on the short side(although they really aren’t showing skin), and they were making awkward faces. But this woman’s comments were NOT “a little on the offensive side” they were plain down rude and disrespectful. If she was really concerned that these girls behavior and mode of dress were taking away from the integrity of the Office, she could have easily let her concerns be known to the right people in the white house or if she really felt it necessary written a polite article (Note: really not necessary). No, this woman, a Senior Communications director, wrote a hate-filled media post that was no doubt a political move on her part or for someone else. If that was not the motive, than she is just an idiot, who managed to accomplish that anyway.
      Women partners come into my highly affluent firm’s office from time to time with clothing errors that they shouldn’t have left home with, but no one drags them publicly or on social media, because it is just plain down disrespectful. Mostly they already recognize by the time they get in that that particular dress or heel was mistake. Do you realize how embarrassing and inappropriate it would be for someone to walk by their desk and start calling them all kinds of heauxs and bar sluts? At best, if they needed to be talked to, HR would intervene and privately and politely inform them of their clothing error. Why is it then, that people feel that they can talk to black people like dogs? Is this done in some misguided effort to “keep it real”, if so you really need to go keep it real with someone else….your buddy El Hefe or Jerome or Jimmy, but don’t engage someone you have never met and know nothing about like your homie on the block because they have the same skin color and/or look like they may be of the same income/culture/”class” of people.

    • CyberianGinseng

      Did you see the Bush daughters underage drinking? If so, did you complain about it?

  • CC

    Sorry but you are a loser…and you said what you meant the first time…you should never speak on someone’s children…and bar look, is she serious….What is she talking about, they do not dress like they are at a bar…now in my clubbing days, I dressed like I was at a bar, so I could show her the club look!!!

  • Da_Boss

    An adult with no class is tell two children to show class… SMFH…..

  • enlightenment

    How about this foolish woman show a little respect to the POTUS & FLOTUS by not undermining their positions. They are above you, woman. Stay in your lane. And I was not a least bit perturbed by the Obama girls and their clothes. There’s more important things to worry about than the facial expressions of two teenage girls. Do your job GOP staffer.

  • Chill

    Just another piece of trash running her mouth

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  • frances

    This silly woman took out her obvious dislike and contempt for the First Couple on their two teenage daughters. She lacks the very class that she’s wrongly demanding others show, not to mention even a smidgeon of common sense. She sounds petty and mean-spirited, and it’s a sad commentary that it took her own parents to help her understand how unprofessional and uncalled for her own words were. If she thinks that funny expressions show a lack of class, what does she have to say about the Bush twins who were always intoxicated?

  • fromanotherplanet

    This crusty white heaux tried it. Did you use melted wax as foundation?? Serving Wicked Witch of the West realness with her busted veneer-having Roseanne Barr-looking self smh I can’t. I just cannot.

    • Day


    • hollyw


    • mmmdot

      LMAO!!! For 5 straight minutes I laughed at this! 5 straight minutes!! Damn, I can’t breathe! But seriously though. There is SOMETHING wrong with these irritating, passive aggressive, phony, and sneaky white women who act like BULLIES and MEAN GIRLS in HIGH SCHOOL instead of mature, adult, grown azz professionals at WORK. White women have always been jealous of black women because unlike white women, black women can have a lucrative career based on TALENT and INTELLIGENCE versus being the company hoe…like so many white women.

      • trash will be trash


    • halima229

      I died. Melting yankee candles on a tuesday

  • Meme

    I really want to tell this trifling lady a thing or two. I bet her stupid butt didn’t say anything when Sarah Palin’s trailer park kids were acting up in public except, “Kids will be kids”. Then you penned the letter to those children and then disrespected their parents. That was so distasteful and tacky and I hope this broad losses her job over that. Talkin’ about class. Heffa you have no class!

    • Karla

      I don’t remember this much anger when the Bush twins were photographed falling down drunk. I think one of them had a liquor bottle in her hand.

    • mmmdot

      “Sarah Palin’s trailer park kids were acting up in public” LMAO!!!!

  • papillon

    In a culture where the the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Rhianna set the trends for young girls, the Obama daughters look downright matronly. Just an excuse to attack the President and First Lady, yet again.

    Once the oldest turns 18 and is no longer viewed as a child, I expect the attacks to get much worse.

    • hollyw

      Just the fact that they’ve already started at 13 and 16 is an unfortunate indicator of how their criticism will be coming much more early, relative to the other First Children…cuz you know black kids get treated like grown azz men and women w/no chance of childhood or innocence.

  • Chas

    Do you want to lose your job??? Because this is how you lose your job…

    • guest

      …Unless you’re some wh!te wench who enjoys a life of wh!te privilege.
      I don’t know, Chas … plenty of people of have disrespected this President and his family and have suffered NO consequences. I thought the same thing as you after I read this little passive-aggressive, juvenile, unprofessional rant, and I said, ‘Oh, this skank is gone, it’s over, she’s done.” But then I remembered that people have stood and called the President a liar to his face, sent e-mails of the White House lawn digitally covered in watermelons, talked about the First Lady’s hair and hind parts, and STILL have their jobs. It ain’t right, but it’s the way wh!te folks roll…

  • MsSincerity

    I googled a close up of Elizabeth’s face and I can’t even take her serious enough to care about what she said…..she’s ugly and it looks like she has the mumps. Anywho….this whole “pardoning of the turkey” is stupid, ridiculous and a waste of time, not to mention they have to go through it each year. I don’t blame them for displaying their lack of interest….I’d rather watch my clothes tumble in the dryer.

    • Dorris Patrick

      Very good point!

    • yep

      No one was outraged when the Bush girls giggled through the whole thing, probably still a little drunk from underage drinking in bars. The Obama girls were simply standing there. What else were they suppose to be doing?

      • halima229

        You read them their rights!! lol

  • Mya

    The most disrespected First Family. To attack their daughters? New lows. Not even surprised. I am sooo sick of this ish.

  • It’s bad enough that the GOP doesn’t respect the president but it is downright shameful that they are attacking his two most precious possessions, his daughters. SMH

  • Gene

    somethings just need not be said….

    • ADS

      No they don’t need to be said. Not only was she repeating that tired and harmful idea that women are only to be respected when they meet someone’s puritan standards for modesty she is attacking children because she has a problem with their parents. That’s a huge no no and I can’t believe any reasonable person would think that’s ok.

      • AmberingRose

        In all fairness, the Puritans have never monopolized restrictive standards of female modesty. There’s a whole big world out there who prefer their women to cover up. Lay off the Christians, please.

        • ADS

          seriously? you took that one remark as an attack on Christians. you couldn’t think of any other context for it? wow ok.

  • hollyw

    Lose her job?? Are y’all forreal?! This lady will probably be promoted before year’s end. How disgusting, talking about children, I didn’t even finish reading. As soon as the first sentence trashed the kids, and she could barely finish before exposing her and ever other Repulican’t’s not-so-subtle feelings on Obama and his wife, I already knew this was just another over-the-top, unprofessional, irrelevant reason to criticize the Presidency. Oh, now they’re poor parents and role models, huh. Because their kids, currently in the awkward stages of adolescence, actually look awkward. Unlike the Bush daughters, who couldn’t stay sober for a photo…

    Btw, this woman is a Communications Director for Congress… =| She could learn a lesson from the Obamas on how class has more to do with how you carry yourself and less with putting some pearls over your dowdy azz outfit. Veeery classy, Lauten!