The Best Types of Men to Marry

March 31, 2011  |  


In case you were wondering how to sort through your pile of potential marriage candidates, here are the best types of men to marry…

The “Been There, Done That” Man
You don’t have to marry a 100 percent innocent, puritanical guy, but if you marry a man with a “past,” the key is to ensure that he’s been there, done that, and ain’t never going back again.
PRO: This man’s experience will teach him the way forward, and prevent him from repeating the same B.S. mistakes.
CON: He’s usually older.

The One You Didn’t Notice in High School
The guy you didn’t notice in high school was often too busy prepping responsibly for his future. He wore glasses…maybe he still does, maybe he’s gotten contacts now, maybe he’s eyeing some Lasik surgery (pun intended)…whatever the case, he is full-on ready to take care of a family and has no need to play irresponsible bad boy. His mates may do the “player-player” thing, but it’s just not in his looks or his character.
PRO: He’s a nerd.
CON: You’re not.
Girl…you better get your nerd on, if you don’t want to become a love statistic. Just saying.

The Excruciatingly Honest Man
Would you rather marry a man who tells you that your grades, work ethics, weave track and false eyelashes are falling off, or one that that just lies to you as you do your worst? Exactly. You want to marry the painfully, excruciatingly honest man.
PRO: He’ll never lie to you…
CON:…not even if he cheats–in which case, you’d have to dump him.

The Feminist
There is nothing sexier than a man who fights for women’s rights and does his best to ensure that women are not mistreated. Of course, you don’t want a faux feminist who only does “feminism,” so he could do women. You want a man who understands women’s struggles, respect his mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s and wife’s pains and wants to do something about them!
PRO: You’re his woman, right? He’ll march for you.
CON: None whatsoever. Hehe.

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  • Ashley

    @No Lies….YOU BETTA PREACH!!!!!!

  • No Lies

    lmao this article is just dumb, maybe we can shed our men in a better lightwhat about

    The hardworking focused black man
    The man who shows respect to his maternal figures in his family
    The man that supports your dreams and encourages and empowers you to do better
    The man that will defend your honor and give you his last breath if your life depended on it
    The man that knows and understands how to function within a family unity, how to raise his children and treat his wife equitably and respectfully and lovingly as a formidable part of the family institution
    and last but not least The man who loves the lord and has morals and ethical standards that guide his life
    PRO: He will love you and cherish you and help you bring out the best in you
    CON: They are rare and if you find one or have one love him like your life depended on it

    • Alex P

      To be honest though, there are a lot of guys out there like that. When I was in college all the smart, studious, responsible black guys got no play while the Greeks and athletes had teams of girls. The men you describe aren't that hard to find, they're just not the flashiest cars on the lot

      • No Lies

        Hey darling….Point taken but the thing is that they really are hard to find as you get older you will realize that they also have evolved into making them selves marketable and current with the dating scene. My point is that all THE STUFF I READ ON THIS SITE DEPICTS MEN NEGETIVELY AND I AM JUST SAYING THEY ARE GOOD TYPES MEN IN THIS WORLD WHO SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON ALSO.

  • I would take the feminist that seems like a careing and thoughtful man exactly what I need.

    • DJ1969

      Hmmm, of all of the ones listed, I have to give the 'feminist' man the side eye. I don't know if I want a man who is THAT caught up in women's issues and concerns. I think I much rather have a man who is more concerned about fighting for men's issues cause lord knows they have a lot of them.

  • blacklace

    Like SADE says–" I've been torn up inside, I've been left behind, but still I rise…" I have been hurt so many times I was going to give up on love, I'm taking a break from men for a while, then when I'm ready, I'll jump back into the love life,. 'cause I'm a soldier.

    • menissance

      by that time b1tch u will be old and wrinkled…we dont want that dried up pu$$y of yours and saggin t!ts and cellulite a$$…take a break from men when we dont want u anymore: when ur 50yrs old and menopaused out lmao 😉

      • Jasmine

        Wow. Get a life

      • Beachgirl

        Stay classy, menissance

    • Jasmine

      @blacklace, I totally agree. Women need to be strong enough to step back for a while, and jump back into the dating scene when we are ready,oftentimes with more wisdom and a better perspective.

  • Darkesthourglass

    I’ll take the “Been There, Done That” Man as long as not living in the past, gotta keep it movin’. I don’t care about the older part as long as he ain’t Frederick Douglas old.

    • Mannndi


  • trisha

    got a d!ck AND a job? That man's mine!

    • jules

      LOL! that is hilarious

    • Mz Thang

      Aint that the truth!!!