Little White Lie: How A Black And Jewish Woman Spent The First Half Of Her Life Believing She Was White

November 21, 2014  |  

Source: Little White Lie

Several months ago, we told you Lacey Schwartz. Lacey, who may look undeniably Black, actually spent most of her life passing for White. Perhaps passing is the wrong word. Lacey Schwartz, with her brown skin and curly hair believed she was a White, Jewish girl.

That’s what her entire family told her. They attributed the features that set her a part from the rest of her family to her Sicilian grandfather. It wasn’t until her university sent her a letter inviting her to join the Black Student Union, after Schwartz sent a picture, did she realize it was time to take her questions to her mother.

And that’s when her mother came clean about an extra marital affair with an African American man. You can get a more detailed story about Schwartz’s past in the first story we wrote. This very unique story inspired Schwartz to complete a documentary about her life. The film is being screened in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and a few other theaters. You can get screening information here.

But in the meantime, check out the trailer here.

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  • Faith

    See this is what happens when the mothers don’t tell the child the truth. The mother should have dealt with this issue early on before the child this documentary would not have to happened. I can’t believe this girl went all these years believing that her mother told her that she was white. Now, you do have some blacks that can pass for white, but in her case, the mom should have been upfront with her.

  • BiscuitBunny

    If this is what shame does to families and people’s lives, I’d prefer straight up, upfront raising of children than all this complication.
    I watched her Kickstarter video, but frankly, I don’t believe her. How can you grow up in America, look like that, and think you’re fully White? It sounds like total nonsense to me. She’s either been living under a rock, been totally brainwashed, silly or lying.

  • jean

    can we please stop with this she Is not black she is biracial nonsense. I don’t understand why some people get so upset when a biracial person is referred to as black. In theory, yes, she is equal parts black and white. In practice, she is black. There are many. many books written about blacks going as far back as slavery, about the subject. It’s also why in the current day, Lisa Bonet, was a part of the Huxtable family,all black, why Zoe Kravitz is reprising Janet Jackson’s poetic justice role, Zoe Saldana played Nina Simone, Barack Obama is called, not by me mind you, but every media oulet in the world, as the 1st black president, Halle Berry played Dorothy Dandrige and I could on and on and on. There is nothing wrong with being black and when these people play these roles as blacks, I don’t see the jumping up and down screaming “don’t call me black I am biracial”. Just get over it and read the bluest eye or something.

    • Xae

      I honestly don’t understand the need to exclude biracial people from blackness. I consider biracial people black unless they go Raven-Symone and declare themselves as non-black. My little cousin is a quarter black,so that makes her a quadroon but she very much identifies as black. I live in the deep south where the majority of biracial people I meet identify as black so really I have no qualms in calling them black. Last I checked, blackness wasn’t “full blood members only.”

      • Jacque

        Raven Simone never declared her self as non-black. She just doesn’t like labels such as black or gay. However, Raven is not biracial, she is black regardless of her not liking the label. Her father and mother is black.

    • enlightenment

      Yes they are black. But they are also white. Aka Biracial. Stop perpetuating the one-drop rule that was created by racist whites during the Jim Crow era. And hold the phone…are you seriously trying to justify calling Biracial people “just black” because they were casted as such on fictional TV dramas and movies? Hollywood is notorious for having a preference for biracial actresses…no matter how distracting or out-of-character it may seem.

      By your logic, if Angelina Jolie is casted as Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart, then AJ MUST be an Afro-Cuban mix, too. If Elizabeth Taylor is casted as Cleopatra, then by golly, I guess she must be a woman of color, too? Honey, if there is money to be made, actresses will pretend to be WHOMEVER…black, purple, blue, electric pink…to be in a feature film.

      I find it highly problematic that Hollywood “lightens up” its portrayals of dark-skinned Black women such as Nina Simone and Janet Jackson. But I digress, if someone has one Black parent and another White parent, then they’re biracial…it’s that simple really.

      • jean

        No one is denying these people are biracial. ok? we get that there is 1 white/1black parent. what I am trying to get you to understand is that nobody cares. 500 years from now President Obama will be in the history books as the 1st black President. these educated historians know full well that his mother is white, but that means nothing. Obama is called every n-word, monkey, gorilla in the book by people that know as well as you that his mother is white, but it doesn’t matter. I am not perpetuating anything, I just have enough sense to know that this is how people think to this very day. and by the way that one drop rule goes back to slavery, hundreds of years before Jim Crow which should let you know that this how they always have and always will see race. I don’t understand why it matters so much to you that a person is labeled black if you don’t see anything wrong with being black. or “just black ” as you put it. As if people who are “just black ” are somehow lesser beings.

        • enlightenment

          Why do I care how racists or other ignoramuses perceive Obama? They can call him an oopma-loompa for all I care. He is still a product of a Black father and a white mother. A biracial man.

          So just because “THEY” see biracial people as “just black,” then we should too? I don’t care how “THEY” see race. We need to stop allowing “THEY” to dictate how we view ourselves…especially if they’re borne from the racist, pro-slavery, pro-separatist, Jim Crow Era mentality.

          The one-drop rule was especially pertinent during the Jim Crow days because they needed to find a way to classify biracials…”should we treat them like n*gg*rs or first class citizens?” To make things easier, they called them blacks to wipe out the confusion. We are now in 2014 and we don’t need to perpetuate how whites “classify” biracials. They are what they are. Half black and white. period.

          Why should someone negate their white side because society says so? That makes NO sense to me.

          • jean

            we are clearly never going to agree on this issue. I have said repeatedly that we all know these people are biracial. if this Halle Berry story about blackness and the perception of blackness doesn’t prove my point then nothing will. you keep harping on this biracial thing as if it is somehow progressive thinking. It is not. the entire apartheid system was based on blacks, white and you guessed it, coloreds which were biracial people. it’s sole purpose was to divide. every time you say “just black” or “biracial you may as well be an Afrikaner because if you truly believe all races are equal, what difference does it make what someone calls themselves. you feel free to keep saying biracial over and over and I will continue to live in the real world and we can just agree to disagree. how about that?

            • enlightenment

              “Harping”? Not sure how it’s harping when I simply state a fact. Biracial people have black and white parents.End of story.

              So wait a minute. Just because I am calling someone with Black and White parents biracial…that means I think races are unequal? I don’t understand your train of thought here…

              I don’t care how people refer to themselves. I knew a White woman, despite having Irish parents, that calls herself “Colombian.” Just because she identifies with the Latino culture. But is she truly Latino? No! And Halle Berry calls herself Black. So what? The truth of the matter is that she’s borne of two races….hence biracial.

  • since1911

    If she is mixed doesnt that logically mean she is White and Black? Why must she be just black?

    • Why are we even trying to “separate” and “decide” what she is?

  • enlightenment

    Ain’t it funny that whites will take their “blackness” to the grave and into the depths of hell…but blacks will go above and beyond to let people know about their european background?

    • MayBaby

      I wish I could give 100 kudos for your comment!

  • honeybee808

    Fascinating. Interesting really, because I’m sure growing up, black people she may have encountered thought she was a biracial child, even though she had no clue. She could never truly “pass.”

    Also, that man was right about some white people believing anything about race. I worked with a man who was astounded that Rashida Jones had a black father; he also said that Mariah Carey needs to cut the bull and just identify herself as white.

    But then at the same time, they find it incredulous that a person considered “black” could actually “pass” for white.

  • guestt1

    this is just lazy
    a old rehashed story form over at b.a.w…s.i..p
    and she is not black she is biracial

    • Guester

      Every ORIGINAL black person in the US is “biracial”, “triracial”, “quadracial”, and whatever other new category you choose to implement.

      So claiming “she’s not black, she’s biracial” sounds contradictory, redundant and just weird.

      • cece

        Ain’t nothing weird about it. She has a white mother and a black daddy so she’s biracial. My goodness, what is so hard to understand about that????? We can say she’s black, but not white? Why? Why are people like you so pressed about biracials being who they are? Not only is it offensive to “non mixed black people”, but it’s also disrespectful to their non black side.

        I don’t know any black person that has a non black parent. Every black person I know has two black parents, so bye with the foolishness.

        • enlightenment

          I agree. If one parent is Black and the other is White, then you are biracial. Not just black. Don’t see why people don’t understand that.

          • Dr. Dubya

            I believe the issue is how far back to we go? Some of the many shades that we come in is due to having some white ancestry. Are we limiting biracial to our parents or great grandparents or even further? If I go far enough back there is a white ancestor. Indeed, I am still black.

  • fromanotherplanet

    America don’t play about the one drop ne groid rule. Y’all don’t play smh

  • TheMsmother

    At least her family raised her with love regardless of what her race is and how she came to be.

  • Zina Gray

    I would definitely like to see this. One thing that boggles my mind though is that she thought she was white but she didn’t know what Caucasian meant even though she was going into college??? And she didn’t ask anyone or google it?