The Trouble with Team Breezy

March 30, 2011  |  


A few days ago, acclaimed journalist and ghostwriter of Jay-Z’s Decoded, Dream Hampton’s “The Trouble with Chris Brown” mysteriously disappeared from The piece was posted shortly after his Good Morning America behind-the-scenes performance; and, after a little work presumably on the part of his “enablers” (as Hampton so adequately referred to his manager, publicist, etc.), the commentary was removed.

Addressing real issues isn’t always profitable; but, more disheartening than BET’s permissiveness is the slew of young women and girls that make up Team Breezy, female bloggers and Twitter followers who have unwaveringly stood by Chris Brown amidst domestic violence charges and uncontrolled, violent outbursts. They are the 1.9 million @chrisbrown followers who drove his new album F.A.M.E. to number one and, instead of holding him accountable, relentlessly displace responsibility for his actions onto others.

Chris Brown’s unhealthy man-child syndrome is that of a sickness and the symptoms are a lack of self-control, anger and violence. At this point, he is just as likely to do what he did to Rihanna to the next woman. He is just as apt to throw another chair through a window. Then, go out and party later that night before asking for forgiveness in the morning (as revealed on the Wendy Williams Show).

What type of young women have we become that this sort of man is attractive, that this is what we defend?

We deserve more.

Women have to stop accepting (and defending) less and start expecting more from our young men. Hold them to higher standards for your affection and they will rise to the occasion. It is not O.K. to be belligerent and disrespectful; it is not O.K. to hurt other people; and, I’m sorry doesn’t make everything go away.

Chris Brown fans are quite possibly the most influential “enablers” of all and at their own dismay. For, their love for Brown is simply a testament to young men and boys across the country that this is what women want; and they can expect to see the same behavior manifest itself into future dysfunctional, abusive relationships.

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  • Coolnclassic22

    I agree.  MadameNoire.  Black people and the urban community deserves better than his crappy music and enabling white fans.  R&B deserve better than him

  • Coolnclassic22

     I’m over you, lowlife hoodrat diseased ho.  Peace Out.

  • Coolnclassic22

     Jasmine, another illiterate TeamBreezy skank

  • Coolnclassic22

    Why can’t Chris Brown be on list as well as Flavor Flav, Dennis Rodman, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, New York, Bobby Brown, and the chick with blonde hair on the Flavor of Love who can’t cook chicken?  Because anyway he’s already listed

  • Coolnclassic22

    Seems like you support their behavior Natosha because you are much as an enabler as their inner circle is.

  • Sensational_AKA

    Yeah that’s just his wack shtick.  Smiling like a damn gorilla.  With weak MJ moves.  R&B deserves better.  The whole black youth deserves better than him.

  • Wild_AKA08

    I don’t think he’s attractive.  Stupid black women who think Chris Brown is attractive because he’s light skin in just completely bullsh!t.  He’s another annoying stank yellow rusty manchild.

  • Nenibive

    these comments are f-cking scary. 

    fathers, you have failed your daughters! Please go all DIAF. 

  • thedistrictceo22

    It's normal to be angry and people express their anger differently. You're saying you wouldn't go around doing that, I wouldn't do it either. Chris is not me or you and we aren't Chris. By your comment I would like to know where there is a statistic that the majority of humans don't go around having tantrums. You can't make a group of fans stop supporting his music because of his own personal issues. If he wasn't in the public eye and he was doing this people wouldn't care.

  • Analyst

    Seriously Madam Noire stop hating on CB, yes you're team rihanna we get that and is sooo obvious that you are. But don't let your preferences make you start hating on him at every opportunity, it makes us take you less seriously….mssccchhhewww (rolls eyes).

  • recie

    And this is the same female who was really good friends with biggie and still talks about him on her twitter (no shade at big) but everyone knows he use to lay hands on lil kim all the time. Chris brown was 20 years old and did it one time. smh at people judging him like he's satan.

  • Fedup

    Typical black people – demonise their own. Instead of trying to uplift him and make him a better person – crucify him! Everyday you post negative things about him; that’s enough to make anybody mental. He has apologised countless times. Listen to his songs

  • jane

    okay so YoU dont have 2 listen to or support him!

  • jane

    that is so not the case, if it was, then more blacks would be married which is noy the case soooooo! You sound dumb, really really dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jane




  • Pearl Bailey

    How sorry does he have to be before you people are satisfied? I have boy and girl children and I know that girls are not always right and neither are boys.. When does forgiveness start? When can he move on with his life??? Why are we so intent on demonizin him when Rihanna is not???Why is he considered a thug and Charlie Sheen is not???Young men, like young women have to learn so many things and they need proper mentors!!!Would you abandon your young son because he made mistakes??This young man is a talented young man..How much trouble did you get into when you were young???How did you like it when people kept throwing it up in your face long after you paid for your crime??How did you like it when you changed your ways and nobody gave a damn!!!How many times have you gotten into an altercation with you significant other and thing got out of control??This is a young man!!!This is someones child!!!Could've been your child!!

  • Odetta

    Damn! well i've read a few comments and b4 i get so upset that i cant even articulate my feelings let me say: FIRST it IS our business as women and men on this planet when some one we admire is acting like a damn fool to say something about it! You dont understand that "INFLUENCE" is a powerful thing. B4 we get in to what the parents responsibilities are let me say that it is the entertainers responsibility to be a POSITIVE influence on the people he /she is trying to reach. The problem with this generation is the lack of concern about what people especially children are being exposed to. To naiive to understand that the music, media, all that entertainment influences people. It will either be positive or negative! If we were to sing and talk about respecting each other and loving ourselves we wouldnt see so much violence and so many unwanted pregancies and disease!

    • Odetta

      2nd -It takes courage to stand out from the crowd and say something is wrong when every one else is saying its right! It baffles my mind to see so many people agree on views that could impact their very own children one day. Most people here seem to agree to mind your own business but would you still feel the same if some one was beating your behind on the streets or if someone took something from you that only you considered valuable? you'd want people to reach out to you then? Well thts how i feel about Breezy. I happen to like his music and i dont want to see him destroyed, that young man needs some help! why are we pacifying him? when i need help if some could help me i could careless about whether they are a stranger to me or not! Its crazy this whole " he's an entertainer, mind your business" it kills me. If we held each other accountable for our actions we'd be more successful. this relates in all areas of life ya'll its bigger than the incident between this man and that woman its about what do you STAND FOR and WHAT DO YOU SUPPORT AND BELIEVE IN?

  • dame

    it's a complete joke , this article is just ridiculous , she probably didnt have anything write about

  • Kim

    Speaking as someone who used to have serious anger problems, I can tell you with honest conviction that Chris Brown has not resolved his anger problems and will more than likely be violent again in the future. Yes the media is hard on him but I do not feel he has really taken full responsibility for his actions. He says he has, he says the right things but just look how he apologized for the incident at Good Morning America. He said "he apologized IF anyone was offended". He didn't apologize for throwing a chair in at a window, or stated that his behavior was out of line. He apologized if people were bothered by what he was doing. That's not the same.

    But here's a question someone should pose to Chris to help him gain better prespective of his actions. If someone violently attacked his mother the way he did Rihanna, would he ever forgive that person or let it go especially when that person keeps trying to tell you to "let it go" and refer to it as a "mishap." I dare anyone tell me he would forgive and forget and move on.

  • mary

    *CLAP CLAP* couldn't have said it better myself

  • Janay

    It’s just deeper than the cb issue. That’s all Im saying. Women need to open their eyes. And minds especially.

  • Janay

    I am in no way blamint only Chris brown. Im blaming rap music and current state of black culture. Most importantly I blame black women. I as a black woman love black women. But the reason I’m so hard on the women is because it all starts with the women. It is up to us as women to stop rewarding our men for their wrong doings. Both in entertainment and in personal relationships. If we as women all had better standards men would think twice about their actions. But now the games all messed up we have guys thinking they do the choosing when women do that. We have raised boys and enabled boys to remain boys through relationships and now we have made monsters out of our black men. People keep talking about judging. I am no one to judge only god can do that. But what about showing men there are consequences for their actions which may include losing the support of black women. Why does everybody have this self absorbed “it didn’t happen to me so not affecting me” attitude? It’s sad blacks used to be about unison and morals. HAlf these black male entertainers dont support your average black women anyway but we steady putting money in their pockets.

  • Kam

    Charlie Sheen – Black people write a song about him.
    R. Kelly – Black people act like he's freaking MLK
    Jay Z – Black people think he's a saint even after he hit a young girl

    Haven't heard much about Mel Gibson, but best believe I give much hate to him as I do to all the other folks above. But voices like mine get shouted down….

  • Kam

    Who's talking about white people? If white people think that beating your spouse up is ok that's on them, I care about Black people. I do not think that Black people should go around doing what white people do. Our ancestors would have done worse to Chris Brown than what we are doing to him now. Because back in that day they had something called discipline.

    • Guest

      @Kam, quite frankly our ancestors would have said their piece, issued their warning and moved the hell on. They wouldn't constantly ridicule him and tear him down in the media (tv, blogs, etc) for a laugh or to be just plain old bitter. Our ancestors would have scolded him and then help pick him up by his bootstraps and show him the right way. What we have today is a media set on killing your soul. There's no other explanation for the hateful reports and comments. @ Linda–while I don't entirely agree with your post–you are correct in that we as a people are constantly looking for approval from the those other folks and will jump on the bandwagon to seem relevant. Our ancestors did that very opposite thing because if they hadn't, we wouldn't be voting or have "equal rights" today.

  • ifitwalkslikeaduck

    It is very distrubing to read any post about these two people. For all of you that feel like this article is not an accurate representation of you then why be offended by it. It may not be the case for all of “Team Breezy” but you can act like what she is talking about doesn’t exist. This type of woman, girl or suport fan is out there. Have you read some of the posting on this blog. There were people wishing Death towards Robin Roberts and Rihanna. One hand his fans are trying to promote forgiveness, growth, youth and the everybody makes mistakes theory but on the other hand throwing any name they can think of under the bus to make that point. I have not sen any make any positve characteer points about this guy without trying make someone else look just as bad to support it. Do you know how many victims have forgiven their attackers and have been murdered later on by that same person. Do you know how many criminals were forgiven and let out into the world to become repeat offenders. Do you all suggest that we go to the jails and start releasing people who commited crimes only once or more then 2 yrs ago. Do you suggest that all vicitims should extend a olive branch to there attacker depending on the length of time. You all keep saying that we don’t know what happened even though out of 2 people in the car only 1came out beaten not (hit) as you all keep putting it. Do you also know that Chris Brown plead guilty to 3 seperate incidents! I am not a hater I do not wish Chris down Fall. However this situation hs moved way past a Chris And Rihanna thing for me. It has become a eye opener to what people will except and from who they will except it from. If Rihanna had gotten beat by Flava FLav would the outcome be different. At this point it is shocking and upsetting to know that depending on your wealth, your looks, your talents your Actions will be judged. Sorry is an Action word. If you did something that was out of character you would do everything you could to try to make that right even talk about until the day you die. Thats what I can’t respect about Chris his behavior after this incident has not shown his sincerity no matter how much you try to say that it has. Please post a detailed list of those positives if you have them. If he show some sincereity and not take it back with a get over it twitter post maybe someone would believe him!

  • CoCoa57

    well,it's about time somebody said it. I'm 57 years old and I see Chris as if he were my own son. I love Chris and Im so sick of all these self righteous hypocrites dogging him out. God made Chris like he wanted him to be. Noone ever ask why Rhianna what she may or may not have said or done to elicit the response she got.There are 2 sides to every story. Chris is a prodigy and he needs to do what God made him to do. We need to forgive him and move on and be helping him to move on.Im on Team Breezy to! What I want to see for Chris is that he find out what a good man is,and to grow up the right way.He is the breadwinner for his family and He is doing what he should be doing. He is not a habitual abuser,otherwise Rhianna would not have been the first. None of us know these kids personally and it flat out is not our business. Instead of tearing him down we should be building him up! He's not Mad,He's trying to figure out who he is..

  • beachchairny

    Actually, the questions he was asked were not the questions he approved. Get your facts straight.

    I hope none of the people who are so determined that Chris Brown should pay for this for the rest of his life have no relatives or friends in any kind of legal trouble. Because what you are saying is it doesnt matter that you've done your time, community service, paid your fines, gone to counselling, apologized countless times….you will NEVER be forgiven for your crimes and you should for the rest of your life be prepared to answer for them. SERIOUSLY??????

    Have we become a society of people who do not forgive? No, we selectively choose who we will and wont forgive. If we are going to boycott every celebrity who has a record, than hip hop is completely over.

  • cr

    The real truth is inside that covered mirror that’s why she wanted order lifted doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure dis spit

  • cr

    She probably hit him first but no punishment for her as u read if u do she likes pain and being the bosscarma
    is haunting her and he’s bouncing back with a fame

  • whoyoutellin


  • Agreed


  • a grown up

    This lashaun chick and her opinion “articles”, smh. Separate the artist from the actions already. White people do it all the time. Research the rock and roll genre, hun.

  • Lala

    #1 movie takers,3 grammy nominations,#1 album, more than Rhianna in first week sales, 3 top ten hit singles including #1 single Deuces! Team Breezy aka the enablers, WE DID IT baby!!!! We on it! To the haters, a hater job is to hate right? Well you haters are not on your job because team breezy is winning lmaoooooooo!!!

    • Coolnclassic22

      I’m a hater (rolling my eyes).  LMAO!  Bullsh!t.  Team Breezy a bunch of hoodrat slores.

    • Sensational_AKA

       Lala TeamBreezy nothing but hoodrats

  • Lala

    To the judemental writer of this story and to the haters who say we should not forgive chris because of what he did to Rihanna (a person they dont know) may I add. I find it so amazing how quick you chris brown haters are to post on a topic about him. If you hate him so much why even click on a story about him. Let me ask you this important question? Its amazing we have all of these "captain save a hoes" on the internet talking about women supporting woman beaters but do any of you volunteer at abuse centers for women? Probably not! I am sure there are women you know getting their tails kicked daily that work with you, in your family, live next to you, etc .Do you lend a hand to them? Probably not! So dont try to be captain planetteers on the internet now because you dont probably even help abused women in your city or around you. Instead of worring about Chris Brown and fans being enablers, all of you haters since you like other people's business so much go out and empower some abused women and lend a hand instead of protesting chris brown use your energy to that cause! as you see Breezy is #1 on the charts his fans did they part but are you doing yours!

  • There are people who did things far worse than Brown, the man did what he was court ordered to do, he is trying to move past this and people still want to talk about it. Stay out of his personal life and enjoy the mans music!!

  • LamesEverywhere

    WOW LaShaun really pls have a seat pls w/ this garbage article. I think most of what I wanted to say has already been expressed but I would like to add that everything you say about Chris Brown fans can be attributed to fans of any artists. Eminem just to name one has a much larger fan base, has admitted to repeatedly abusing his ex-wife even making threats to kill her in various ways in several songs. Admiting to even hitting his wife in front of their children therby furthing the cycle of abuse yet we have no articles calling for his fans to not support his behavior. No the real reason this article was even transposed was in light of Chris Brown's new album FAME claiming the #1 spot on Billboard and his inability to just stay down where all of the media wants him to be. May Chris Brown continue to rise and Teambreezy grow bigger and stronger. and may every word of hate spewed towards gain him another fan/supporter. And LaShaun just to even things out, maybe next month you could write an article on the Trouble with Team Eminem.

    • Coolnclassic22

       I should say the same about Chris Brown’s music.  Garbage.  He’s need to leave this industry with his weak MJ gimmick

  • NSB

    There's so much talk about Chris Brown mistakes but what I don't seem to understand is why we are so concerned with his personal life and not his TALENT. Chris is one of the best TALENTED entertainers right now but we want to put him down while we cheer on those who have no talent at all. I'm a fan but I also realize that he needs help so instead of the media or people critizing him why not offer help. Our society is so concerned with putting each other down instead of helping one another. In order to progress we need to do it as a community and Chris needs people to help him succeed. It must be hard to be reminded of something you did 2 yrs ago constantly. Everytime he looks at the news or sees Rihanna's pictures anywhere he is reminded of the horrible thing he did to her and I think that's punishment enough. You can tell he's a good kid struggling to let the world know who he really is and he's troubled by the fact that everyone(not everyone but you know) thinks he's a monster.

  • Erica

    Hey author I guess Colby Bryant/Laker fans r the reason women still get raped? Colby ever get help for his sexually hate of women? Snoopy Doggs fans the reason why drug use is ok??? Snoopy never went to rehab n was on trial for murder. Really lady? The fans blame others n u blame the women fans for abuse that has been around longer than Chris n most of his fans.

  • monique

    who wrote this crap. granted he beat riri assests but the boy is talented nuff said, ur a black website and your dogging out brother, you mustve got yo assets whipped. what women need to do is learn how to fight back, quit being a victim, get some self esteem and get you a gun (if necessary) i love coming to your website but this was straight b.s….you dead wrong for this b.s for reals

  • NIE


  • rebecca

    i see that you are ignorant to the fact that CHRIS BROWN has quite a few male supports who defend him. I also see that you along with this article writer is ignorant to the fact that there are quite a few male members in
    TEAM BREEZY. as a memeber of TEAM BREEZY i defend CHRIS because he made a mistake & paid his debt to society. yet the media continues to bully him and expect him not to react. i have been very close to a victim of domestic and she agree's that the media is and i quote "full of s****." people are blaming him all women who are victims of domestic violence. he was absolutely wrong for hitting her but i see an angle that has never been explored. has anyone looked into her background of dealing with anger, because i have seen reports from her own family of abuse anger issues. the world needs to stop trying to pubish him and embrace him and help teach him the qualities & values they see he is missing. i would just like to say that this issue is completely bs and that I WILL ALWAYS STAND FOR CHRIS BROWN F.A.M.E IN STORES TODAY! 🙂

    • Coolnclassic22

       Rebecca, point blank, bottom line, you’re an enabler.  TeamBreezy Tea Party yo azz out of here buffoon.

    • Coolnclassic22

       Rebecca, you’re are an enabler.  How does making him No. 1 on the charts is making him a better person?

  • April

    So true. His biggest problem is his anger and how it deals with it. Why are people saying he's trying so hard to be good and forgiven and work past his issues? He's obviously not trying that hard if he had that GMA outburst. The questioning was meant to get him angry. He should've seen it coming and shown a better side of himself. Not the violent CB we already knew he was. Whether he was violent against a person or room on the GMA set, there's still something wrong with that. It's called self control. Learn some CB. That's it.

  • April


  • Lala


  • Lisa

    Its sad to see obviously these young girls and some grown woman don’t have positive male figures in their lives because if they did his behavior would not be acceptable, they will not be happy until he hurts himself or someone else I hope his enablers show up at the court house to support him when he is booked for the next issue. He doesn’t think that he needs to act any differently because his little followers defend his behavior but they will be the cause of him hurting someone else and they will find an excuse again. SMDH!! Men please show your daughters how true men are supposed to act and treat a lady. We are in a sad state of affairs.

    • April

      Lmao! Agreed 🙂

    • Guest

      @LIsa, I think you're in a sad state of affairs! Positive male figures in our lives? Grew up with them baby! I don't think anyone here condoned his behavior–can you read???? We support his music, we support a young man working to make himself a better person. Obviously, you're lacking that, which makes me feel sorry for you.

  • NappyCentric

    Not a fan of Chris Brown, wasn't before the whole Rhianna thing, and will never be. However, I do think that just like a regular guy out on the street, this is on his record and will follow him from now until the moment he dies. The only difference is that Chris's record is being brought up in front of millions while a regular guy is only be brought up in front of a few hundred. Chris Brown is getting the SAME treatment any guy would get, but because he's a public figure it seems more harsh because WE see it.

  • Joy

    So it's a crime to be Chris's fan just because he hit someone?! I'm not saying he was right because he wasn't but he is a spectacular artist & that is why he has all these fans! Like get a grip & get over it…LET HIM LIVE HIS LIFE! He is NOT the only celebrity to ever hit a woman. What about all the other people? Charlie Sheen is crazy as hell& beat his wife but yet people praise him! WTF IS THAT? But since it's Chris its a different story! Y'all are f*cking hypocrites!…he is trying to move on with his life but how can he when people constantly criticize ANY & everything he does. JUST STFU! He is a GREAT ARTIST period! & At the end of the day that's why we are fans…If you don't like him that's fine but why keep talking about him? He's not worried about you is he? NO!

  • LEB

    Why are people so concerned and angry about Chris Brown. If you don't like him don't listen to his music just like any other artist but you can't make other people hate him just because you do. First you judge him now you are attacking his fans plz. If you are that concerned about Chris and his fans for that matter then pray for them. You can't bring karma or make a person reap what they sow…only GOD can do that! Wishing bad upon someone doesn't make you any better.

  • Aqeedah

    This article actually made me sick. smh. I really dont know where to begin. I see myself as an uplifting, loving, positive young woman. Why would I want to continue to drag Chris brown down to the ground? Where do you see this ending? How do you see this ending? What is the end result you are supposedly pushing for by positing this? I want to attempt to stay away from my personal judgments of that actual situation and simply address the fact that THIS HATEFUL POSTINGS against Chris Brown and now against his fan base HAVE TO STOP! All such negativity does is beget more negativity. As far as blaming Chris? No. If you had been on twitter or googling or searching your favorite artists name and seen all the stuff that comes up. and NOW YOU'VE CREATED YET ANOTHER DAGGER 2 STAB not only at Chris Brown but at his fans. So now when #TeamBreezy goes to search their favorite artist to see what new pics or music they can find. THEY SEE THIS. A BLOG OF GROWN WOMEN BASHING TRASHING, NAME-CALLING, INSULTING, and DEMEANING THEM. is this really meant to progress any positivity? or did you just desperately need viewers for your blog? I dont want to assume that you are ignorant enough not to realize that Team Breezy would see this posting, so I will assume that you did realize that they would see this posting. Than the question is, Why post it? The only benefit in a posting like this goes to the blog itself. So congratulations on your $. -good day and try to be blessed and more positive, maybe you should give that FAME album a listen… OH MY LOOOOOOVE YOU GOT MY HEART HEART HEART!

  • femme_fatale

    Wow all tht anger smh you should seek help for tht. All these negative feelings towards someone you don't even know and you werent even invovled in the incident. And for you to say tht his fans are supporting a women beater well I guess the same can be said about a lot of artists fans. Ex. r.kelly. I guess everyone who bought his album or likes his music supports a child molestor right? The point is they're here for a reason and tht's to entertain us what chris brown did was absolutely wrong but for you to get mad @ his fans becuase THEY choose to suppport him and because they like his music is stupid. Where has anyone mentioned in their replies tht what he did was ok and tht they accepted it or even blame Rihanna? Quit making assumptions

  • K

    Ok. MY OPINION. Yes I follow Chris Brown on Twitter. Yes I like his music. But I believe in second chances. Chris did what he was asked legally and his restraining order was lifted due to the judge and RHIANNA agreeing. He is trying to move on with his life like Rhianna is, so let him. What he did was wrong. But I’m sorry, I don’t think he should be punished for the rest of his life for what he did. I’m sure the writer and many other people commenting has done things in the past and has asked for forgiveness. I’m sure you didn’t wanted to be judged by that regret for the rest of your life. Let him live. Yes R. Kelly did what he did which was wrong too, but I can’t knock him for his music! I like his music! I pray that Chris doesn’t beat another woman and that he gets his anger under control. But I will tell you this, if this have been reverse and Rhianna was abusing Chris, majority of the women would have been with her! They would have blamed Chris for his abuse. That it would have had been a reason for it. BET THAT!

  • jasz

    This article is stupid to me. Ok yes he had an altercation with rihanna a few yrs ago. Your point ? There’s three sides to every story. His side, her side and the truth. The media just chose to defend her side because she is a woman. We don’t know wht really went down tht night, and we don’t know wht triggered him to act the way he did. Now had it been your best friend and her boy friend or anybody you know the issue wouldn’t be pressed as much as it is now. Since they are in the spotlight, now all of a sudden we’re told not to support this man because of something tht happen in HIS relationship? Doesn’t make sense. Maybe if the media minded there own business then we would be fine. It wasn’t our relationship. This man has apologized time after time after time. God forgave him so why can’t we? Only God can judge anybody, so who are you to say who we can or cannot support. Just let it be. He is back on top and making his fans proud. Rihanna is doing her thing and doing it well. I wish them both the best success! #TeamBreezy.

  • kim

    What’s the purpose of the judicial system? Even after he has paid his debt to society people still want to ostracize him. Same thing with Michael Vick. Its not that people think domestic violence is okay. They just want to move on. Who are any of us to judge?

    • MrCommonSense

      Did you allow Michael Richards to move on?

  • breezySTAN

    Alright seriously this is ridiculous we are not his “enablers” we are his FANS and yes what he did was wrong but it happend 2 years ago and he’s apolgized for it so many time I think your forgetting chris is HUMAN just like everyone else he is not perfect and makes mistakes but how can you expect us to throw away 5 years of love and support. Oh and really why can’t you focus on anything he does postive like how good his album and that its number 1 or the fact his performance on DWTS was amazing. If you have nothing better to do but bash him on something that happened two years ago you need a life.

    • MrCommonSense

      Beating the crap out of a woman isn't a "mistake" or an "accident."

  • Addie

    I’m really liking all the positive comments.

    People really need to let this man live his life. it’s so easy for you to judge him, but trust me, you wouldn’t last a day in his shoes. The amount of crap he’s recieved over the past two years is ridiculous. I have never seen anyone at such a young age continue to be exiled for a mistake that he has shown his sincerest regrets & apologies for. The media tries so hard to make it seem like he’s ALWAYS been an angry person, when in reality it’s THEM who make him so upset. I don’t agree with his actions on GMA, but I do understand how he felt. He’s trying so hard to focus on himself, his career & his fans yet all people want to do is tear him apart. He’s a talented young man & whether you like it or not, he will continue to be relevant in this industry & he will always have supporters.

    & how dare you try to act like you KNOW what every woman wants. As a female, I wish nothing but success & happiness to him, not because he’s “attractive”, but because he’s talented & remorseful.

  • This situation between Rihanna and Chris Brown happened 3yrs ago. Why is it that “BLACK PEOPLE” are the only ones bringing this up? We are some hateful people, now granted he hit a woman, and that is wrong. Famous people are human as well and to think that they don’t have any psychological issue is just plan ignorant. We all heard vague description of what went on that night but not the whole story.
    Continue ….

  • tee

    Wow! really? So you know all f his fans so well you can put them in one little box?
    This is a piece of crap article. Yes you guessed right i am a chris brown fan and a very smart college educated young women.I am very offended by your assumption about us.Number 1 I along with the rest of TB do not support dv.I do however support chris taking responsibility for his action and getting help and also trying to learn from his mistakes.You may not have liked how he took responsibility for his action and may even say he didnt own up to it.However that is your opinion.He has never blamed anyone for his bad action.As for the GMA situation,that was a bad judgement call.His intention was not to hurt anyone it was to let of steam.Should he have chosen another way to do that? yes but that is just another learning step for him,he cant go back he can only go forward.He has apologized for his action (he did it on 106 and park the next day) and could possibly be receiving help right now. Which you do know because you dont care.
    But all of that said is besides the point.His career as an entertainer has nothing to do with his personal life. He does his job (entertaining) extremely well which is why he will continue to have fans (both male and female fans at that).Also just because you dont like chris brown that does not give you the right to call out his fan.Have you called out the fans of other abusers? repeat abusers? twice his age abusers? No! Stop acting like you and the rest of the media care about dv that much.Chris and Rihanna situation was a teachable moment yet no one took the time to teach them anything.All people sad was chris was wrong and should be punished. Newsflash he was! What should have been taught was that hitting in a relationship is wrong,period.And that if you are in that kind of situation get help.I have noticed not one article has been written about how rihanna should get help.As the "victim" of dv dont you think she should seek help as well? do you not read some of her interviews and interpret that she needs help as well? Rihanna and Chris should not be the poster children for something that has been going on long before their years.They both grew up seeing things that no child should.
    Instead of trying to bring chris down how about we try and bring him up? Thats what adults do
    So how about in the future you dont call out fans of an artist just because you dont agree with their actions and act like an adult and offer helpful suggestion and advice.

    • tee


  • Capo

    On his di€k again damn…who gives a $hit his record #1 rite now u think he give a fu€k…i dnt care wat he did his cd nice n ppl kno that thats y he #1

  • Nay

    Christine, it’s not about us liking him it’s about respecting him as a person & enjoying his talents that obviously God wanted him to be able to share with the world. What his personal life mishaps happen to be is not our concern. We can pray for him. God said Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.

    Love is all we need.

  • Jessica

    He* . I don’t get if people let Charlie Sheen shine , look at this guy… he’s funny . But he’s doing drugs and were praising that. Crazy dude. Chris is one of the best entertainers , singers , even pretty good actor .. triple threat. But yall still dwelling on the past. Get over it and move on . And on GMA he had a right to get upset.

    • Courtney

      Of course. When people say or do something we don't like, we should all throw a chair through a window.

    • Coolnclassic22

       Jessica, I condemn them both.  Now shut up and go educate yourself

  • Nay

    There is only one judge & that be GOD! No one here on earth needs to forgive him. He must deal with him on his own accord. What you fail to realize is your just a critic. What is a critic? Someone who criticizes what you do because they can’t do it. Now you deal with the lord for your sins of judgement. You don’t know US (team breezy) personally. So how dare you try to categorize us? If you knew every wrong doing someone you liked did I bet you wouldn’t like them anymore. Stay in your place.

    The Bible cleary states : Matthew 6:14-15 For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

    That is all.

  • Ppl, just need to let the man live his life. Be made a mistake, 2 years ago. Like seriously this writer is dumb, and who asked you. I guess your perfect huh? Let God be the judge not us humans who make mistakes ALL the time.

  • Christine

    Wow. Most of y’all seem to be committed Chris Brown fans. Amazing that you have so much dedication to some you don’t even know. So who are the real monkeys?

    • Lala

      Girl shut the hell up!! You probably look like a damn monkey. Just because we support his music we are "monkeys' you are an idiot!!! people try to act so high and damn mighty. i guess miss christine is sooooo damn perfect. Fake ass!

      • Coolnclassic22

         You more faker than anyone in this blog.  Lala.  Lala, a name for a stripper hoe

    • rebecca

      the real monkey is the judgemental being casting the first stone when im positive you yourself is a sinner.i advise you to grab a bible and head to church. because forgiveness isnt for others its for you.

  • Ms. Tk

    It's funny Chris Brown is constantly brought up about this incident with Rhianna from over 2 years ago… But what about Jay Z punching that chick in the face and she was just a fan, he was the main one trying to stop Chris Brown at different events but he had serious charges against him in the past and he is a woman beater himself. Or other entertainers that have been in and out of court for other serious charges rappers, singers sports players etc. Let it go people, I am against domestic abuse but if the victim is also tired of hearing about it we have to let it go…

    • Kam

      Michael Jackson died at age 50 and people still ask his dad about beating him. No one gave Ike Turner a second chance what he did to Tina. His name is a joke now. That's the difference between the generations. A man who abused people was a coward and treated as such.

  • MsKim851

    I like Chris Brown the artist. His albums have been good music so I buy (not bootleg). As for the two incidents they are technically one. If Robin Roberts would have moved on with the interview he wouldn’t have gotten so mad. Everyone says he was given a list of the questions so he knew it was coming. True enough which is why he stated “I didn’t come to talk about that, I’m here to talk about my new album….” She provoked him. He is trying to move on from the Rhianna incident but the media wants higher rating so they provoke people to get out of conrtol. As long as he is making good music I will buy it as for his personal life I hope the media will learn to let him move on so he can show that he is a better person.

    • April

      We don't really know if he wouldn't have gotten so mad at something else or some other line of questioning. The problem is learning to control yourself. That's it. The media loves to do nothing more than push your buttons. You don't have to be super man or a robot and hide your feelings, but for really, he needed to have exerted more self control. In every interview he should know people are going to mess with him. Don't worsen your image and make headlines again for doing something stupid. Yup, he has an anger problem like most of us do, but because he's in the spotlight and his career depends on him exerting some self control then he should definitely look into getting some help to do that.

      • femme_fatale

        I agree with this. He needs to learn tht he will be asked questions about tht night for a while and his name is going to be forever attached with it, the only thing he can do is learn how to control his anger and how to answer or not answer the question w/o seeming angry. It sucks but that's just the way it is because he's a celebrity, I love his music and he's very talented which is why I hope he gets help soon because I would hate for his career to end

  • Janee

    If we're gonna judge Chris Brown and say he's the reason for all of this then we also need to look at artists like Lil Wayne, Diddy, and even "women" like Nicki Minaj and Trina. Chris Brown is not alone in this industry so let's not act like he's the only one to blame. Men (and women) have been objectifying women in music for years, even before Chris Brown was born. This is nothing new…

    • April

      That's true. It's not but Chris Brown doesn't help, whether he's alone in his behavior or not.

  • Janee

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I'm pretty sure all of these people who constantly ridicule Chris Brown for his actions are not perfect either. Ok maybe you've never thrown a chair at a window or beat your significant other, but there's plenty of stuff we ALL do in our day to day lives that deserve the same ridicule. Stop bringing him down because that's not going to solve anything. If you want to help the dude, pray for him, and pray for yourself that you'll learn not to judge others. But I'm so tired of hearing about Chris Brown's "mantrums" or whatever we're calling them today. Take the plank out of your own eye before you start to judge others, because there's a million things under the sun that God (you know, the only one who has a right to judge anyway) can look down on against you.

  • tired

    Will you be satisfied when his life is totally ruined??? Will you be satisfied when he has no friends and no career??? Geez. You want his entire life to stop because of one mistake? I bet you have made mistakes in your life too and I am sure you were glad to be forgiven, accepted and supported regardless of the fact. Get over yourself righteousness and get over such an old mistake (I mean, it's been two years already). The person who was hurt is the one who has the right to complain, which she has done. If you should right an article on the issue, it should be about if he has made any positive changes or improvements since the incident.

  • ultimateroses

    I think everyone should just leave this man alone. I completely understand hid outburst. Maybe it shouldn't have escalated to that extreme, however, the incident with his ex-girlfriend happened 2 years ago and people still want him to talk about it. I know this might sound a little heartless but, get over it. He's paid his dues and he's trying to move on and promote his new album. Rhianna seems to have moved on, why can't the rest of us?

    • MrCommonSense

      Leave him alone? He is the one choosing to live his life in the public and conduct interviews with the goal of selling CDs. He is free to become a hermit and not have to answer any questions for any interviews ever again.

      Leave him alone? That's hilarious.

      • lol, I really wish Ida seen this earlier. I think YOUR hilarious. First of all, for example, if your cheated on your wife and she forgave you and yall moved on, would you want her or anyone else to repeatdly bring it up over and over? You'd be pissed right? Exactly. And please don't hand me that crap about he "public". That doesn't give anyone the right to bombard you about your past every opportunity they get. If your were in his shoes you'd feel the same way. Ok, bye!

  • Guest

    You would think Chris Brown was a violent beast from what was written in this article! Everyone is aware of what he did to Rihanna, and while it was definitely wrong, he still deserves a chance to get his career back on track and not be labeled like this. He was on the show to promote his album, not discuss the situation with Rihanna, and he was not informed that they were going to be talking about that in the first place.He has been working hard to get his career back and the incident with Rihanna was over two years ago, so people really just need to get over it and let this man live his life!

  • Lala

    People are such hypocrites like the writer of this story. Talking about WE deserve more. Who is WE? Chris doesnt owe me anything. Like Nancy said, he gave an apology to the person he hurt and did what was asked of him by the judge. Do you think Chris Brown is the only entertainer that beat his girlfriend because if you do you are stupid. There are probably alot of entertainers that people like that are doing dirt but they have not been exposed. But they are entertainers and their job is to entertain not make you happy. Like I said I dont care, it was an unfortunate situation, that I wish,, he probably wishes, as well as team breezy wishes never happened but we cant change the past but move on from it. He is an excellent entertainer and that is what I am concerned with not worried about somebody's personal business that I dont know personally. Mind your business!

    • Coolnclassic22

       Lala, you must socially backwards and uneducated.  You don’t sh!t about talent and performers.

  • meme187

    no one is defending him, we are forgiving him for a one time mistake 2 yrs ago. he's young and immature. also why doesn't he deserve another chance to grow from this? hating him and putting him down is no better. we like him because hes talented not because he abused a girl, whose to say she didn't instigate it, in fact married couples experience domestic violence too. its a bigger issue than one incident with a pop icon. chris brown is trying to improve and haters are holding down from an incident that hasn't been repeated. we all get angry and don't always control it. he is human too. when will people move on instead of relive the past.

    • Coolnclassic22

       Meme I know more talented artists than this piss in pant stank Virginia garbage like Chris Brown.  I will choose them over gimmicks

  • Nancy

    the issue I have is with people not looking at this with the right perspective. He committed a crime and met the requirement set by the LAW issued by a JUDGE for recompense. He has issued an apology to the PERSON he hurt and she is tired of the issue being brought up. Someone needs to offer him a road to redemption. He is now 21 and cannot pay for any mistake for the rest of his life.
    Now here is where I think he needs help. The incident happened when he was 19. in the 2 years since I don't know if or what kind of help he has received. His current state of "anger" may indicate he received no sincere help to the issues he is dealing with. The "man-child" is the bread winner for his family and has been since a very young age. There maybe too many people on the payroll who are not really helping him.
    Side note-be very happy no one knows your mistake from when you were 19. No one is going to bring it up incessantly or stop you from working and understand what that message is saying.

  • Lala

    I never post on here but let me say this. People are so sensitive to other people's business. They love to get involved with things that have nothing to do with hi. Am I a Chris Brown fan? Yes I am? Do I follow him on Twitter? Yes I do. Did I buy his album? Yes I did! He is an entertainer. His job is to entertain. Why do I care about her personal life. The writer is trying to say women deserve better than that and Team Breezy are encouraging his behavior? How? He didnt beat me up! I am not dating him and neither the writer who wrote this topic so why are you so concerned with it? Rihanna has forgiven him and moved on with her life but people who dont know either one of them are more upset about it than they are. No one is perfect. we all have made mistakes maybe not domestic violence but something. Yes women should NOT be in a domestic situation. Get out! Leave immediately! But as far as Chris Brown, I dont know him probably will never meet him so me buying his music is not hurting me!

    • Janee

      I like how you said Rihanna has forgiven him…the ONLY person that needs to forgive. Man, I wish people would stay out of his business!! Kudos to you!

      • Lala

        Exactly! Rhianna is the only person that matters and if she forgives him, everybody else should because no one knows what happened entirely that night but them. kudos to you too!

        • Courtney

          Why should I forgive him? I don't know him and he has nothing to do with me, thank goodness. And as for what exactly happened the night he left his girlfriend in his car alone, bloody, and brutally beaten, the proof is in the pictures. Quite easy to see what happened when she's the one injured, and that punk didn't have not one darn scratch on him.

    • Courtney

      But it is encouraging his bad behavior. He even said it himself, "It's all about the music." In other words, "No matter what I do, or who or what I do it to, in the end it's all about the music."

      • Lala

        he is correct, its about his music. You dont know him, you dont live with him, you dont date him so why care about what he does in his personal life? We nor he care about you and your personal life. He is an entertainer! Here to do music that is what we care about his music and nothing more. sorry but true!

    • Coolnclassic22

       Move on, my azz.  Why don’t Chris Brown commit suicide to be more convincing?