What Your Sexual Fantasies Say About You

March 24, 2011  |  

Let me ask you ladies a few questions- do you have sexual fantasies? Now before you say something like- “No, Dr. Phoenyx. I don’t fantasize. Especially not those really hot, kinky, dirty kind of fantasies” – let me first assure you that sexual fantasies are nothing to be ashamed of. Sexual fantasies are a natural way to escape reality, satisfy curiosity and relieve anxiety.  It’s all perfectly healthy. And we’ve all had sexual fantasies.

Furthermore, sexual fantasies can even enable us to enhance our sexual experiences. How? Well, many people think sexual arousal and orgasm is about genital stimulation- but they’re wrong. Do you know what your most powerful sex organ is? It’s your brain. That’s right ladies. Your brain is your most powerful means of getting off.

Now with that being stated, have you ever wondered what your fantasies mean, or what they say about you? Ever had a hot lesbian fantasy and then started to wonder whether it meant you were interested in batting for the other team? If you’ve ever had a sexual fantasy and wondered what it meant in regards to your sexual orientation or degree of freakiness, then you should definitely read on.

Overall, in women, sexual fantasies have been shown to be associated with higher sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. Sexual fantasies are, and should be, part of a healthy sex life. It’s nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. So go ahead ladies and let your imaginations run wild! Remember- a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste   😉

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  • LadyJ

    I have fantasies about being with older male Celebrities…Most recently MMA Fighter turned actor Randy Couture…IDK just something about a guy who is tough but is admittedly a softie turns me on. However, why do I feel guilty about doing it just b/c I know in real life he has a significant other?

  • I have quite a few female friends. They know that I used to ID as a lesbian. One night we were all out. Two of us are bi and the other two are straight (they say). Me and my bisexual friend began flirting just for fun, holding arms and the other two got really embarrassed, even walking away. So as we continued, I jokingly (we were all drunk) said “I think all women should try it at least once.” My other two friends seemed weirded by it. Maybe most women are not overt with their lesbian/bisexual fantasies or will not talk about it…but I tend to believe that there are some women who are just not into it. (And yes, we’re all good looking gals…I believe). 

  • GQPhive

    It also seems that societal/self-imposed guilt accounts for the main reason these fantasies REMAIN fantasies. Is there any truth to that?

  • Carcia Graham

    What if you have had several of those at the same time!! The submissive, 3some with two men in public sounds really good right now!!! LOL!! Great article. Very insightful. Women need to feel comfortable expressing their desires without feeling dirty.

    • LOL! Go on and "express" yourself girl 😉 Thanks for checking out my article! – Dr. Phoenyx

  • win

    What about having fantasies of people that would be considered off limits, such as, your college professor; your dad's best friend; your boss. I have pretty much did everything, but I guess morals allow me to only have dirty dreams about people I know I will never have.

    Great Article:)

  • His Freak

    Thank you Dr. Phoenyx for the great article! I have been having fantasies since 15 y/o (now 35) and never acted on them. I was always ashamed and scared of someone passing judgement. Me and my fiance (just proposed a week ago) both have them and we have shared with each other just recently and we have been together for 2 years now, it has brought us so much closer together.
    Ladies, I encourage you to try expressing your fantasies with your man, but be sure to accept his too. The main thing is to have an open mind, set boundaries and standards to what you are willing and unwilling to do.
    Remember, if you aren't willing to try, someone else will. This will eliminate him from wanting to cheat, hanging out in the clubs or giving his money to strippers, I promise this will bring so much trust and honesty to your relationship.

    • Thank you for checking out my article His Freak! Always a pleasure to read about a healthy and happy couple. Love it! – Dr. Phoenyx

  • isis

    Ive always had the fantasy of another woman. I would NEVER tell my man. he is sort of a square box ;p

  • mpho

    I am “educated!” Please do keep them coming Dr Phoenyx!

  • Thanks for checking out the article mama!

  • gean

    what about ritualistic sex? what does that mean?

  • Lady A

    I have a fantasy of f******* my man in the a$$ with a strap on. I want to make him hollar and penetrate him for a change. Now will I tell him that?…no. Because then I'd be looking at him sideways if he was eager to try it. lol

    • Whoa! You're a freaky lil' thing 😉 JK- Thanks for checking out my article and thanks for sharing 🙂