New Documentary “Bleaching Black Culture” Tackles Cultural Misappropriation

October 24, 2014  |  

As Iggy Azealia and twerking continue to gain popularity in mainstream media, the issue of cultural misappropriation has once again become a hot topic and Moguldom Studios has just dropped a documentary addressing the subject titled “Bleaching Black Culture.”

According to

From the birth of jazz to the evolution of hip hop; the advents of urban trends to transformative advances in technology, African Americans have played an integral role in molding American culture. Unfortunately, we tend to not be the beneficiaries of our own innovation. Bleaching Black Culture examines the continuum of America’s black cultural appropriation and effects on the African American community.

The imprint of cultural theft has a long legacy, and this power of influence in music, sports, fashion and art translates into millions of dollars for our country. So, if the African­ American community is the cultural architect, why are we still outside of the building begging to get in? Cultural branding has not only helped to exploit the hip­hop community along with other forms of black art, but it’s managed to monetize off of black marginalization. Currently, the Rhythm and Blues Billboard chart, a genre developed for the African American voice, is dominated with the likes of Robin Thicke, Justin Bieber, and Adele. Perhaps, it’s easier to sell black art when it’s masked in “white face.” Yet the argument with the latter comes from the 2013 African American consumer report. It shows black buying power rising from its current astonishing $1 trillion level to a forecasted $1.3 trillion by 2017.

Since the African American community is the number one consumer, it begs to ask – can we take ownership of our cultural influence and convert our buying power into economic capital? Or, with the appropriation of black culture becoming more and more exploitive and lucrative, is admiration the new bastardization?

Check out the trailer for “Bleaching Black Culture,” which is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon now, above. What do you think?

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  • Mike j

    Sad that you label art a color. Art is not black or white it’s what you feel in your soul. Is there Tyler Perry and a bet because they sold a black face to black customers(even tho sitcoms, on the lines of different music being “black”, could be considered white)? but it’s wrong to sell a white face to whites? Music doesn’t have a color just a feeling.

  • JaneSmith100

    We need to be careful about this. As they said in the documentary, WP can say that it’s cultural appropriation when it comes to: eating hot dogs, doing ballet, playing rock n roll, What Iggy is doing is honestly no different than Minaj & Lil’ Kim before that.

  • mmmdot

    Cultural appropriation: instances of white people blatantly ignoring a history of Black excellence and often propping up a white person as a creator and/or the penultimate intellectual and innovative “genius” of every single little thing on planet Earth. This INCLUDES black music. It’s a part of white supremacy, and it’s why I keep hearing ignorant white azzholes seriously claim that Eminem is the greatest rapper that ever lived. Today, thanks to America’s history with white supremacy, racism, THEFT, and cultural appropriation these white azz corporations that have CONTROLLING INTEREST STOCKS in record labels, movie studios, mainstream media outlets, and America’s PRIVATE PRISONS, have been able to push people like Vanilla Ice daughter Iggy Azalea upon us and call her “the best” and nominate her for tons of AWARDS.

    Thanks to these corporations we also live in a culture where it’s almost politically incorrect to use the term ‘Black music’ for fear of “excluding” those “multi-cultural”, “colorblind” audiences – which is a euphemism for the typical ignorant, selfish, milquetoast white middle class mainstream audience. Funnily enough, they embrace the term LATIN MUSIC wholeheartedly. Maybe it’s just that the word “black”, “Black-Americans”, and “black people” are just be too much for these stupid, mindless, “colorblind”, hypersensitive white middle class mainstream audiences to face? What does “Urban” music mean anyway – city music? “URBAN” is a fxcking euphemism for black. Urban Music = rap music. Rap music IS black music. Now black music is JUST black SOUNDING with white faces, and sometimes it’s not even in particularly good or creative ways. And it ALSO suppresses diverse and talented black people with diverse and creative viewpoints from being involved. So it’s not just white faces, there’s no honesty, no uplift, no truth, no nuance, no balance, no struggle, no liberation, no nothing.

    • Joe Smith

      What a tiresome litany of blame…..You’ll never progress as a people with that attitude…..

      • mmmdot

        White people are not superior to anyone, anywhere, ever, ESPECIALLY when it comes to ACTUALLY working hard. Every white person’s success is suspect because of racism and white privilege giving you LAZY AZZ, uneducated, mediocre, and straight up unqualified sociopaths every single little thing you have. White privilege is the REAL “affirmative action”. Deal with it, you toothless, hillbilly white trash. The only reason you “progressed as a people” is because you CON ARTISTS are money hungry, greed-based sociopaths who are immediately ready to use violence to quell ANY small, singular, solitary sign of resistance to your systematic oppression, dysfunction, and subjugation. You OWE PEOPLE for all the shxt you stole and the shxt you CONTINUE to steal today.

        Don’t blame me because white people – particularly white AMERICANS – are really nothing but a Confederacy of Dunces, Liars, and Thieves that are too stupid to come up with innovative and novel ideas of their own, so they have to STEAL everything and pretend that THEY were the ones who created something or did something “the best”. You didn’t, you haven’t, so get the fxck over yourselves.

    • Mrs. Torres X 2

      This documentary was excellent!!

  • On_Point

    yt media and “historians” has been trying to change our black history and culture for hundreds of years. First the bible, Israel, Egypt etc. have you noticed that they see lightening images of MLK to make him appear more yt? Look at hollyweird, those biblical movies, bio-pics… *smh

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  • Quest

    I’ll definitely support this doc and see it!