Give Her A Medal: Woman Saves Family Members From Ebola

October 13, 2014  |  

Source: HLN

Fatu Kekula is a hero. The 22-year-old Liberian nursing student, in her final year, managed to save the members of her immediate family from the ebola virus, all without the help and convenience of a hospital.

The feat cannot be over exaggerated when people in West Africa and here in America are dying at a 70 percent rate from the virus. And many of them were treated in some type of medical facility.

Kekula reduced the rate to 25 percent. Four of her family members were infected with the virus. Her father, Moses, her mother Victoria, her sister Vivian and her 14-year-old cousin Alfred Winnie.  Sadly, Kekula’s cousin succumbed to the virus.

It’s also impressive to note that while Kekula was treating her family members she managed to avoid ebola entirely.

Here’s how she did it.

All of this began towards the end of July. On July 27, Kekula’s father, Moses, went to a hospital in Kakata, after his blood pressure spiked. The only reason the hospital had a bed to offer him was because someone had just died. But staffers didn’t realize the patient died from an Ebola infection. Shortly, after he was admitted to the hospital, Moses developed a fever, started vomiting and was suffering from diarrhea.

Once nurses started dying of ebola, the hospital shut down and Moses had to leave. Kekula drove 90 minutes to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, to seek treatment. Three hospitals turned them away because they had reached capacity.

Kekula made the drive back to Kakata to another hospital. They told Moses he had typhoid fever and did very little to treat him. So Kekula took him home. Once he was there, he infected three other family members. Her mother, sister and their cousin who was living with them.

Kekula began operating as her own hospital for two weeks. During this time Kekula consulted with her family doctor who agreed to talk to her over the phone but would not come to the house. She gave her family members medicine she obtained from a local clinic and fluids through intravenous lines she started.

Here’s how Kekula managed to save her family and protect herself in the process.

Several times a day, for two weeks Kekula put trash bags over her socks and tied them in a knot over her calves.

– Then she put on a pair of rubber boots and then another set of trash bags over the boots.

– She wrapped her hair in a pair of stockings and over that a trash bag.

– Then she wore a raincoat

– Four pairs of gloves on each hand

– And a mask.

There were times her family’s blood pressures dipped so low, she feared they would all die.

She told CNN, “I cried many times. I said ‘God, you want to tell me I’m going to lose my entire family?'”

But that wasn’t the case. Kekula only lost one patient, her cousin. Her method proved so effective, international aid workers, including UNICEF, began teaching it to others in West Africa who may not be able to get to hospitals for treatment.

Her father, mother and sister were already recovering when space became available at the JFK Medical Center on August 17. Alfred passed away at the hospital the next day.

Kekula’s father, Moses said, “I’m very, very proud. She saved my life through the almighty God.”

Now, Moses is working on getting a scholarship to finance Fatu’s last year of nursing school.

He said, “I’m sure she’ll be a great giant of Liberia.”

You can watch Fatu Kekula and the family members whose lives she saved in the video below.

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  • Sometimes, the best answers are the simplest answers. This young woman is amazing, so pure and good, and in earnest. Thanks for having shared this story!

  • too_real

    Another thing I must say as I keep reading black people on this thread calling out to the CDC for direction and guidance.., Black people need to READ UP and LEARN about their good friend the CDC and their history with using black people as LAB RATS for all sorts of wicked medical experimentation. I know about some of this, so forgive me if I’m not running into the arms of the CDC in times of crisis.

    The CDC is the same organization that told black women that half of y’all have herpes. The same organization that is advocating black women to inject toxic chemicals into their bloodstream and DESTROY their reproductive systems via birth control devices and under the guise of cervical cancer vaccinations. The CDC is no friend of yours, honey.

    I recommend all black people read the book: “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans…” written by a black woman Harriet Washington.

    You’ll then see what’s up with the CDC.

    Love y’all.

  • too_real

    Black people: Be ye not deceived. The Ebola virus is but the latest tool in the U.S. government’s arsenal of weapons of biological warfare. This virus was MANUFACTURED in a laboratory sponsored by the U.S. government and Tulane University with the express intent of its used as a tool of international terrorism. If you don’t believe me, Google “US government Ebola patent” and ask yourself WHY the U.S. government holds a PATENT on this virus. You can only patent developments you CREATED. So ask yourself how is this possible?

    The initial virus was unleashed on a village of black people in eastern Zaire (presently Democratic Republic of Congo) near the Ebola River in 1976 (hence the name Ebola). This was used as a experiment to test the U.S.’s newly manufactured tool for genetic warfare. At the time the virus had a 90% fatality rate and virtually DECIMATED that village in Congo.

    The U.S. kept the virus safely stored in its inventory of biological arsenal to be used in the future. Black people, now is the future. I want black people to understand that neither Ebola nor HIV are viruses that occur in nature; both are manufactured super bugs developed to be used as tools of genocide. You all think its coincidence that all these super viruses all happen to originate in West Africa? The very same place where our ancestors were captured from? No, they were deliberately planted and unleashed there.

    Understand this: American and European scientists have been working overtime for centuries to create super viruses that will be used as trained soldiers to attack and KILL people with certain genetic codes (read: the genetic codes of black people). This is but ONE of the reasons why Ebola and HIV are more deadly in black communities. The goal is to develop a disease that attacks black people where white people are immune. This is why not one white person that I know of has succumbed to Ebola yet. This is how I KNEW and predicted that the black man in Texas was going to die from the disease. How many whites can you all recount that have died from Ebola? I’ll wait on that answer.

    Black people wake up. Turn the damn tv off and pick up a book, please. This is warfare out here, we are the last ones that can afford to be distracted by the propaganda. Don’t let them convince you that you are “paranoid.” This is real.

    Love y’all.

  • frances

    This is such an uplifting story in the midst of all the gloom and doom stories about the lives Ebola has claimed. She is a brave, intelligent, and persevering example of the best of humanity, and I wish her success in her career endeavors. I am happy for her family as well.

  • the.sun.will.come.out.tomorrow

    That is wonderful! She didn’t even have all that fancy stuff. She took what she had and made it work.

    Now, maybe she can share her tips with the CDC since they act like they confused a little bit.

  • I want to know what methods she used to save her family. What medicines? Yes it is important to know how she protected herself, but it is more important to know what methods she used.

  • SALady

    You made me cry Fatu Kekula. God please we need answers, what did we do as Africans? I just don’t understand. Civil wars,famines, poverty,AIDS now Ebola? How can you come down so hard on us without even telling us what we did that made you so angry at us. Leonardo diCaprio was once said in one of his movies,”God left this continent long time ago”, in my weakest moments like these I do believe you left us, abandoned us. Please hear the voices and cries of the African people, look down and see the pain of Africans, the children of Mama Africa succumbing to some disease they don’t understand and not of their own doing, they are just children for Heaven’s sake. We feel your whip in every corner of this continent, you whip one nation all of us bleed, we nurse our scars and lick our wounds hoping tomorrow will be a better day but it just gets worse for you are not done with us.

    • too_real

      God didn’t leave Africa, Africa left God. You have to understand the history of humanity to get a clear picture of what you see before you today. It’s too much to type, but in a nutshell, Africans (and here children) are suffering worldwide because we traded the truth that God gave us for a lie that white people gave us.

      I could go into it deeper, but I’d type a dissertation. The truth is, Blacks had access to God FIRST and left him, this is the result.

  • K C

    of more interest would be what she did to them to save them. The interventions are two or three fold. 1) how to treat the patients 2) how to avoid getting infected yourself and 3) how to avoid infection spreading to healthy people …. whats needed is such information so people can care for and heal their own at home. the time is coming when it will be safer to use home care and e-medicine to avoid spreading this virus

    • ThinkAboutItCritically

      I agree. Just reading this and watching the video leaves so many questions. I’m glad to hear that she healed her family; however, just using trash bags, a raincoat, mask, and four gloves to heal her family? There’s got to be more. Besides, what happen if one of her family members sneezed her way and sprayed her in the face [bodily fluids]? How then would a transmission not happen?

      Not knocking her effort, but obviously this is a story that has greatly been altered in order to stop some of the fear tactics that is going on.

      People please use some critical thinking and ask more questions of this…..

      • Amarossa

        I can understand your disbelief. People like you discredit the hand of God the Almighty working miracles. *sideye*

  • phat504

    Totally off topic but she is beautiful!

  • SlimveggieLuv

    She need to stay in liberia with that ebola crap where she belongs, they’ve already infected people in TX

    • Junie

      The Hospital in Texas did not follow protocal and allowed people to become infected. Before that , a U.S.Doctor, Volunteers and a NBC News anchor man were infected after traveling to the Ebola affected areas but were successfully treated. That guy in Texas was ignored by the Hospital even after he told them that he was coming from the Ebola infested Liberia. They sent him home with antibiotics & 2 days later he was back, it was then they realized they made a mistake and he died 10days later. He wasn’t as Fortunate as the Americans who were infected before him.

      • too_real

        If you think the hospital made a simple “mistake” then I have a bridge made of gold in the San Francisco Bay area for sale. Are you interested?

        Sorry, but Ebola cure is NOT for black people. The Ebola virus was manufactured by the U.S. government to eradicate the very people you see succumbing to the virus. Good job U.S. government. You did it again.

    • Q

      she is tho. it is the tx guy who traveled to liberia lol get yours facts straight

      • SlimveggieLuv

        Tomato, tomatoe. If he didn’t lie we wouldn’t have ebola in TX

        • too_real

          and if your government hadn’t manufactured Ebola and purposely planted it in Congo in 1976 then you wouldn’t have to worry about Ebola in Texas in 2014.

          • SlimveggieLuv

            I love a good conspiracy theory but where’s your fact?

  • Beauty85

    That’s so beautiful. I have tears in my eyes! May god bless her in so many ways!

  • TrillProphecies93

    Praise God! I’m glad she had the strength and courage to do all what she did. She might be able to teach more people her methods and save more lives! She is very gifted and I hope someone reaches out and helps her pay for her last year. If they start a petition on change dot org or something I’d donate to her! God bless her! Just goes to show our people do amazing things without all the advantages that others have

  • Johnnie Q. X. Sturner

    I’m actually feeling misty-eyed. This is amazing. What a brilliant young lady.

  • MLS2698

    Great job. And her skin is the biznazz!

    • Misss

      And her teeth ! Beautiful

      • MLS2698

        A ” Color Purple ” moment!
        Mister: ‘ Oh, Nettie, you sho has nice teef.’
        Mrs. Celie: He talk ’bout yo teef?
        Nettie: ’bout how bright dey shine!

        I love that movie!

        • Misss

          Lol right

  • Misss

    That is very inspiring for a current nursing student like myself. That is crazy how much protection needs to be worn for this disease! This is NOT like AIDS, in the way of transmission. I think the CDC has belittled how contagious this disease is.

    • NewsJunkie

      Along time ago people were saying there is going to be a disease worst than AIDS. I think this is it? And I think this Ebola, disease is much like TB. CBC needs more research done on it.

      • Misss

        Yes the PPE guidelines/ protection document from the CDC is over 200 pages just on how to robe and derobe while caring for an Ebola patient and an American health care work still has contracted Ebola, because the process is very difficult. So this young lady is truly remarkable in what she has done. Yes I’m thinking more along the lines of something like TB and the flu…. They wouldn’t be needing hazmat suits and respirators ( the CDC claims it’s not needed but they are using them anyway).

      • too_real

        Honey, the CDC KNOWS this virus quite well as her sister agency, the U.S. Department of Defense created this pathogen. Now, like every other creation of those WICKED scientists who develop biological weapons to eradicate black people, it WILL backfire on them. This is as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Now the question is whether this virus has gotten out of control; this remains to be seen.

    • jen.rozay

      yes. i think the CDC is hiding how contagious the disease is…dont think researchers are completely sure how it is spreaded. which is scary and more reason for pharmaceutical companies to produce more of the drugs and send them to places greatly affected.

  • hollyw

    Woooooow. This is amazing.

  • honeydew

    She make her people proud

  • Justwow

    Such a great story. Congrats to her.