“People Thought I Was Crazy”: Monica Wright On Facing Major Criticism After Saying She Left Kevin Durant For God

October 13, 2014  |  


Back in July, we told you about Monica Wright, the Minnesota Lynx baller who was engaged to Kevin Durant, but split from him over issues in their respective faith and beliefs. As she told Lynx fans at a Faith and Family Night event this past summer:

“I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.”

Of course, the decision to share this information put Wright in the spotlight and started a conversation for many people about what role religious beliefs and the walk you take to strengthen your beliefs play in your relationships. Many people were critical of her choice to ditch the NBA MVP, while others applauded her for doing what was best for her and putting God first.

Months and months later, while speaking to Risen Magazine, according to theYBF, she spoke about that load of criticism and God having her back in her decision to leave that relationship behind.

“Yeah, in my last relationship [with NBA All-Star Kevin Durant], I had to make a decision about compromising myself as a woman. I had to make a decision to leave a relationship, which a lot of people thought I was crazy to leave. There was a lot of criticism over it. But I think God had my back in it. Because I hold to what I know to be true, that is what God will reward instead of what people on the earth think is a good catch.”

I’m currently struggling with my own partner when it comes to our denominations/where we worship, so I can understand how hard it had to have been for Wright to move forward without him because they were on two different pages. I respect Wright for being brave enough to make that decision and for sharing that information with others. You can’t compromise yourself for a ring.

Have you ever felt the need to separate yourself from someone you were dating, or even friends and family, because of your faith?

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  • arieschic

    I am confused by some comments, because Kevin his self is spiritual young man he has his beliefs in God to. The break is because their faith in spiritual not because she has a relationship with God, and Kevin doesn’t. Her first interview she addressed that they have two different faith beliefs in which why they broke up. IJS i respect them both for realizing up front that it’s not going to work out, for the none believers please stop fronting like oh to be true to your spiritual beliefs is something new. Even our great ancestors spoke about this, religion or non religion energy of the universe still works the same.

  • LOLMan

    christian guy here and a distant former classmate of durants. i knew kevin growing up in southern MD and I can’t figure out what was so off based about him that she would throw that all away. i knew this summer (while the world thought he didn’t do the world cup because of under armour….) that they had broken up. everything i am hearing from people close to him that they werent seeing eye to eye on things for their marriage (pre-nup???, kids???) but to say i am done over “spiritual” reasons….. well, i hope she finds what she is looking for. and for those who keep posting here kevin must be cheating and stuff. STFU. That isn’t how kevin is…. he is a good guy, any lady would be lucky to be with him with or without the basketball!

  • Lilacbenson

    Im not religious but i do have a tight hold on my beliefs and morals,and i have dropped people that were friends or are family member over their BS and never looked back. She is entitled to her own choices,however if he is a good guy and she merely left because he wouldn’t go to her church or something,I would be inclined to O.o her but again,her choice.

  • tita

    Money does not buy happiness, all good guys are not ACTUALLY good, an image is what the general population obsesses about and maybe she is not down for an image but for the real thing. Who knows what happened between them, either way good luck to her for standing up for herself because if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.

  • Frenchy black girl

    Yes I did it 6 years ago. After 2 years of relationship and almost engaged. We had certain differences on faith (we were both christians by the way) :Where to pray, the way of living our faith etc. When we split, I was sure of myself. I was THE good christian, went to church all sunday, pray all days, reading my bible, so i was like: It doesn’t matter, God will send me my right husband, because it is what God wants for me. Well, today I’m not very sure it was the right choice and i have to admit , may be i made a big mistake. 6 years after, I’m still single, I have never met a person as serious as him . And sometimes I even come to regret. It’s really tricky. There is no perfect man (or woman). I think now that it is God who changes hearts. If your other significant is a good person, responsible, who take care of you, respects you, respects your family, not violent, hardworking, even if you have differences on faith, you can pray God to change his (her) heart and enjoy your relationship focusing on the positives. It’s not because you don’t have the same beliefs that the person is bad for you. On the other hand, have the label “believer” tagged does not make a person a better husband (wife). There are too many other factors to check. So carefully consider and do nothing one could regret thereafter.

  • NormenBatez

    I think the idea of God magically dropping the perfect man in your lap is a belief that keeps a lot of women single.

    • Hope Floats

      As a Believer, I could see how you’d think that. But honestly, most black women (and people in general) do not have a relationship with God (though they may be religious), so I doubt that that is the reason. The reason it is so hard to for black people to marry is because first off, there’s not as many black men as there are black women in the US (for some reason); and the black men who are single are usually not even considered ‘qualified’ (i.e. a bunch of kids, ex cons, little to no financial means to support a family, effeminate, daddy issues, etc.). And to make an honest addition to that list, many many of our black women out here are not the best wife material either. #Dysfunction runs rampant in the black community…

      • NormenBatez

        I’ve herd people make that statement before and I really think the word “dysfunction” is a matter of perception. I have seen women date men with kids, criminal records, and men without stable employment. There are women who date men with the qualities you named. I don’t think the black community is so dysfunctional that they can’t date.

        • Hope Floats

          It’s not that we have the inability to date (where else do all these illegitamite children come from), it just seems that we can’t *successfully date (i.e healthy marriage).

  • Harlem2

    I don’t care what religion you have or what you believe you will never be happy with someone that you feel and know in your heart and mind that’s not for you! It doesn’t matter about the money or the lifestyle. This world is filled with enough pain and sorrow if you can’t find joy with your partner why would you be with them!!

  • hanalei

    I hope her decision is based on her relationship with God and not her relationship with this man.
    Apparently she feels having God in her life is more important than having this man in her life.

  • mnyama

    Jeezus is her boyfriend.

  • Parrishon

    Here’s the thing her decision does not mean he’s bad and she’s good!! It means they are obviously not good for each other. Compromising herself as a woman can mean so many things when it comes to faith. I like to drink wine, but what if my guy thought that was totally against his faith. Maybe he wanted her to sign a prenuptial agreement which is totally contradictory to “til death do us part.” No one knows what she felt was compromising to her personally as a woman.

  • Justwow

    Maybe I misread her situation but my understanding is that he was unfaithful, she prayed and looked to her relationship in God for guidance, and for her based on HIS decision and mistake coupled by her beliefs grounded in Christianity she decided to go her separate way. From my understanding they are BOTH Christians but I think there was a disconnect in the relationship. What I do know is we don’t know what occurred in their relationship, but I’m sure this was a hard decision. I wish her luck and commend her for staying steadfast in her decision regardless of what the outside world says.

    • Parrishon

      This particular article said nothing about cheating just differences in their faith.

  • 1Val

    How refreshing to read an article about a black woman who LEFT a relationship because of her relationship with God instead of using belief in God to justify her mistreatment/abuse in a dysfunctional relationship.
    Kudos to her!!!

    • Parrishon

      Was there mistreatment and abuse? or Was he and her on two different pages for as his and her faith. She didn’t say he
      treated her badly.

      • 1Val

        Ask yourself this question, do women leave GOOD men?
        I’ll wait…

        • Parrishon

          I’m glad you waited…YES THEY DO!! You can’t take anything from him. She did not give a reason for leaving. Questions. ..Do those in Christian marriages get divorced? I’ll wait…..

          • 1Val

            Not hardly do women leave GOOD men.
            Many women rarely leave NO GOOD men.
            So that should be your first clue that his public image that you think so highly of contradicts the man she knows in their relationship.
            I was unaware that divorce was limited to Christians.

            • Parrishon

              If that’s what you got out of that question. It’s no wonder you think he’s the bad one and she’s the good one.

              • 1Val

                If that is what you got out of my comments no wonder you think i’m disparaging him.

                • Parrishon

                  Mistreatment/abuse….who were you talking about? If not him why say it? Especially if it isn’t applicable to her reason for leaving.

                  • 1Val

                    Really, dear?
                    My original comment addressed a black woman leaving a relationship because of her relationship with God opposed to using her relationship with God to justify remaining in an unhealthy relationship.
                    For Monica conflicting religious beliefs made their relationship emotionally unhealthy because it undermined her value system.

                    • Parrishon

                      Which once again takes nothing from him. Your question was do women leave good men?

  • Liza

    Well go for her, always put God first.

  • Seriously?!

    This is that pseudo transparency mess I don’t like. As a Christian, I applaud women who leave relationships to honor God. I had to do the same. But please Monica stop acting like you’re helping people and you’re not at all being transparent. This vague explanation is only confusing people. Using generic terms like “God’s got my back” I mean come on what are you saying? Did you leave because of sexual immorality? Was he not a praying man? Did he not have a relationship with God? I mean seriously you call this helping women and being transparent? Is the article missing something?

    • Riley “Miss Lisa”

      I think the reason she’s being vague is because she doesn’t want to hurt him. I think she’s doing the right thing by keeping that between him and her.

      • Renee155

        I think so too. He has this good guy rep and she seems like she doesn’t want to mess that up for him.

        • Riley “Miss Lisa”

          That’s not what I’m saying at all. Smdh.

  • Mike Francis

    what was the exact reason- he didn’t have good values? he didn’t treat here right? he belittled her faith? or they just didn’t like the same church and minister? what was it? as for God having your back. silly. take responsibility for your own actions and don’t try to make yourself seem like the bigger person by saying your decision comes from God. Who has the back of the Ebola victims in Liberia? Who has the back of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria? But God has the back of a wealthy female athlete who wants to break up with a wealthy and famous male athlete. ok.

    • Maria Simpson

      You really need a reality check brotha. I could go on and on and on concerning the statement that you made bringing ebola, kidnapped African girls, and the like into this conversation but I won’t. However, I will say this; we all know nothing of her or Kevin Durant’s lifestyle, situations, or what have you, but they know where they are. And obviously whatever that was did not line up for her in her walk with Christ. God also definitely will have her back for breaking up with a “wealthy and famous” athlete if she decides not to compromise what He says. What she did is called putting your actions where your faith is. Are you suggesting that for material status she goes against her beliefs? And to your point of silliness, God having your back is never silly. I feel sorry for you if you think that it is. When He has your back, nothing can prevail against you. Also, who said that she is trying to make herself the bigger person? I never got that implication. And just to clarify, in God’s eyes, for His children, He is not a respecter for persons. From ebola victims to homeless people, to people with addictions to people who may just simply have a headache, He cares the same for all, and any situation. Read your Word before you go there. Have a good day!

      • Mike Francis

        tell that to the kids beaten, burned and sexually abused by their parents. God has your back. Thanks for deleting the original comment, hater. Go spend the day in church.

    • mmmdot

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Coya

    People are too busy looking at the outside appearance rather than what is going on or may be going on behind closed doors. Just because Monica and (myself included) take God’s word and Christianity seriously and don’t choose to live lives hypocritical to the Word and God people claim to believe in doesn’t make her or anyone else foolish. She has not missed out on anything, yes Kevin may have some good qualities but that doesn’t mean that he is the one for her. If he’s forcing her or pressuring her to sleep with him (which more than likely he probably was) (which is going against God’s word, which some people seem to forget) then he is not the person she needs to be with.

    People continue to sleep around with folks like STDs and soul ties don’t exist. She did the right thing and God will reward her, while everyone else will be looking and walking around with their 5 kids and 3 baby daddies and still no ring or husband in sight. It takes more to being spiritual and a Christian than just knowing that a God exists. It’s not what you don’t know, it’s what you do know. Once you know better, do better. #sowhatifshehasstandards #getyousome #beadoeroftheWord #stopplayingchurch

    • Parrishon

      You can’t say that was the problem. Your assuming. This exactly why she should have not put it out there if she was going to leave her words open for others to draw there own conclusions.

      • Coya

        I said probably, it is an opinion. No one knows what is the real reason. People will always have their own thoughts whether they know the whole facts or not. People tickle me trying to be the fact police. The point is that God will send the right man to her and she made the right choice despite her reason for making it. I commend her for taking God seriously and not being a false claimer like so many millions of other people in this world.

        • Parrishon

          That’s not me being fact police. That’s me not assuming.

  • SammyD333

    I’m sorry Mr Durant, but I don’t believe in prenumptuals.

  • churches is destroying Black relationships/marriages yo!!!

    • Slim pickings

      No worries, god will send a good black man to them. LOL

  • Mrs.Thomas

    Good guy doesn’t mean good for her. It’s a faith thing, if you believe the bible ( which I do), have experience that confirms this truth (I do) & put more trust in God’s wisdom & plan for your life (I do) you understand God is not a dead beat Dad, He takes excellent care of His children & the partner He presents (we always have choice) is strategic & fits into His plan & purpose for believer ‘s lives. Wise woman!

  • The Elusive Chanteuse

    you know i dont get why people think she’s crazy. if you have differences in your core values, i think those marriages usually end in divorce. regardless if its an NBA MVP, you can’t deny what your heart wants. although we were all looking forward to watching them have a super baby! LOL jk but frfr at the same time

  • Bettye Neely

    It is not about religion whatever that is. It is about her relationship with God. What does light have to do with darkness and how can do walk together (Marry) unless they agree? She did what is right. Sometimes we have to Love from a distance. That is also with just a friend.

    • Bettye Neely

      Sorry, I meant to say “How can two walk together, unless they agree?” That is Scriptural.

    • Riley “Miss Lisa”


  • Concern

    My question is why she didn’t communicate this to KD before the relationship got serious.far?

    • Riley “Miss Lisa”

      Because when you’re dating someone you’re still getting to know that person: she probably didn’t know everything about him until they became deeply involved. You don’t know a person until you see how they react in certain situations. People put on their best face in the first few weeks & after that you start to see how they really are….Kevin might be a good guy, but I guess they weren’t on the same page as far her church and religion are concerned. She probably goes to Bible study twice a week—and maybe that’s not something Kevin is into, I dont know.

      • I’m Just Saying

        She hung around long enough to get a ring so I’d venture to guess she knew prior to him requesting her hand in marriage what she was getting in to. Another story says she wanted he to be as devoted a Christian as she is which if that’s the case is wrong and he should be glad she broke it off.

        • Riley “Miss Lisa”

          Girl, just because you get proposed to doesn’t mean you know everything about a man. Some women have told me their boyfriends were perfect until AFTER the wedding day. They say it takes a while to really get to know someone.

          • I’m Just Saying

            First of all I passed being a girl over 40 years ago. Second if you don’t know what’s important about a man prior to accepting that ring, then don’t accept the ring. People show you who they are all the time, some women choose to ignore what is right in front of their faces because she thinks her cooty cat will magically transform him once they get married. It takes a while to get to know someone if you are sporting rose colored glasses and ignoring the obvious. I don’t subscribe to that BS. Many women want to know his favorite color and all that other fro fro BS. Instead of asking the important questions she goes with the flow and ultimatley ends up discouraged at what she eventually finds out, as in this case . No matter how hard someone tries to be someone other than who they are at the core, bits and pieces of them will surface sooner rather than later. As I said in my first response, she was around him long enough to know his religious convictions, when she saw she couldn’t sway them to hers she chose to end the relationship. In this case Ms. Wright finally removed her rose colored glasses and realized she couldn’t change him.

            • Nikki_Coco

              But this assumes people don’t change or grow in different directions. Who I am now at 33 is in a lot of ways a far cry from who I was when I was 18 and 25. There has been a lot of changes in what I value and prioritize. I have become more mature in some ways and less mature in others. I can only imagine what who I am at 40 will look like. Maybe she changed. Maybe she realized that she needed something different than what he could offer? It sounds to me that her faith grew stronger over time, so she wasn’t the same person she was when they came to the relationship. It really burns me up when people act like people are not going to evolve and change and that a woman or man who finds him/herself at a relationship crossroads should have “known better”. Sometimes you really don’t see it coming, b/c you’ll never fully know another person or even yourself. Yeah, she took the ring b/c maybe she really did believe he was “the One” but he wasn’t. From the sounds of it, they started having those serious conversations and they realized this wasn’t going to work. They grew a part, and thankfully they parted before they walked down that aisle.For some, marriage isn’t simply about finding someone you can live with, its also about finding someone you can grow together with and share a vision with.

              • I’m Just Saying

                People change yes they do, however they do not make such a drastic change overnight. I am knocking on 50’s door, I have evolved throughout the years yes, however at my very core I am who I am whether I am 21, 35 or 40. I don’t buy into that BS that you don’t see it coming. I spent four years in an abusive relationship that I knew from day 30 was bad business however I chose to rock my rose colored glasses and hope that it would change. Who do I blame for that? Him for being a beast and abuser, or myself for allowing it to happen for so long knowing I knew better? I saw it coming and chose to stay rather than realize it was doomed from the start. As a woman that’s what we do, try to fix what’s irrepairably broken.

            • fineline

              I agree and asked myself the same question when I read the article, like she sure took a long time.

              ” It takes a while to get to know someone if you are sporting rose colored glasses and ignoring the obvious…Many women want to know his favorite color and all that other fro fro BS. Instead of asking the important questions…”

              THIS absolutely. Even though I went through more in my last short relationship than I would wish on anyone, the only reason that I cannot put all of the blame on him is because I did not listen or rather I did not understand. I would always tell him that I felt like he knew more about me than I knew about him and that he needed to talk more, and he joked and offered to write a book about himself. Thing is, he was telling me A LOT that I ignored. He may not have told me his favorite sports team, but he damn sure let me know the type of man I was dealing with EXPLICITLY, no beating around the bush. He foreshadowed ALL of the bs I experienced with him. Me being stupid and vulnerable (low self esteem at the time, not gullible) I dismissed the part when he told me he cheated on all his exes, that he loved sex, and I’ll stop there lol. He awakened all of my cautionary senses going into future relationships, because I doubt all men are as forthright as he was.

              • I’m Just Saying

                My guilty pleasure is Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. On that show is a young woman named Hazel E who is hot for Yung Berg. Since the show started he has told her they are everything but man & woman, that their relationship is one of convenience for him as he has other women. Everything this man has told her has gone through one ear and out the other OR she has interpreted it to mean something else. She is neither listening to nor hearing the man when he says he isn’t ready to settle down and there will be other women. Of course she blames him for leading her on. Newsflash, you can’t be lead on if you don’t follow. If a man is telling you point blank he isn’t going to sacrifice for you he means it, if he says he’s not giving up other women for you he means it. As a woman, she is ignoring all that and setting herself up for failure. If he ever gives in he will only do so to keep from repeating himself over and over again. This may be scripted reality TV, however this scenario plays out everyday in real time and life. There are women who do not listen AND hear when a mans tells her where they stand and all she hears is: blah blah blah blah I will try to be a better man. He’s not going to try and be a better man for you, he’s going to try and be a better man for himself but she didn’t hear all that. I can speak on it because I’ve been there: Trying to fix something that can’t be fixed, trying to keep someone that doesn’t want to be kept. They didn’t change, I did.

  • Tish

    Never once mentioned that she didn’t love him anymore. I think she was influenced by people who benefit from having Black women alone and lonely, that’s church mentality. I’d hate if she lost out on true love.

    • Machone

      Kevin Durant is one of the few black professional athletes that are good guys. Heck, he doesn’t have any baby mamas and he’s been in the league now for 7 years and no criminal record. Good luck finding someone else.

      • Sillyypuddy

        Wow, that is incredibly bitter and narrow minded of you… So bitter, it put a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Shirley7681

        The church would benefit more from thriving families that are married so their focus needs to be on that. She’s a looker with a head on her shoulders who can get anyone she wants and won’t have to lower her standards for anyone.

      • Erika

        Are you kidding me? “Good luck finding someone else”? I hold to what I know to be true, that is what God will reward instead of what people on the earth think is a good catch.” – in other words she knows God will bless her with the man That’s for her! Not who society thinks is good for her.

        • Riley “Miss Lisa”

          Women need to realize that when men say things like “good luck in finding someone else”—-that’s actually a form of Emotional Abuse. Abuse comes in many forms, not just physical— and one things that Abusers do is try and lower the self esteem of a woman, and make her believe that no one else will ever want her, and she should be “thankful’ and “grateful” for whatever crumbs come her way. Its how they trick you into degrading yourself into accepting things that are unacceptable or doing that make you feel uncomfortable. People who love you think Highly of you—not try to lower you.

          • SunFlower78

            Tell it

          • TreyIM2

            That is true to an extent. Some ppl think the grass is greener on the other side based on the wrong reasons and perspective and sometimes when it is said in a relationship, it’s to get the person to realize themselves.

            Case in point, I had an ex who was easily swayed by any attention from men and had a penchant for dating the wrong type of guys excluding me. She claimed she never had a reason to distrust me, I was always there for her, treated her beyond well, and all the good stuff she and other women claim they want in a man so during and in between breakups (her faults and she would always come running back) I used to tell her, she needs to appreciate a good guy (she never seemed to appreciate me, anyway) like me because too many guys are on that nonsense based on being a guy around guys and based on not only her experiences but other women she knew.

            Whatever the case, we had that final breakup for good and on more than one occassion, even over 5 years after the break up, she tried to spark things again. Was it because she finally got what I meant and come to appreciate me? Hmm.

            Anyway, in the case of Monica, I don’t know her situation with KD to apply the same statement. Maybe he wasn’t such the good guy everyone believes and publicly said something else? Maybe she realized she really didn’t want to be with him based on some of traits or whatever? Maybe SHE is the problem? Who knows. I just wish them both the best.

          • fineline

            Exactly!! This is a bit irrelevant in the context of this article, but I also hate when men say “You are beautiful in my eyes”. It seems like that saying is really a euphemism for, “You may be ugly to everyone else, but at least I can see your beauty. I’ll save you from your ugly despair.” I’ve had two guys tell me this, including my ex-boyfriend, and I just looked at him and said, ” ‘ Oh, you think you’re the only one. Funny’ ” Lol, I hate that line, because it doubles to make the woman feel like crap and plays on a woman’s low self esteem. Good thing, he redeemed himself by admitting that I can find someone just like him or ever better.

        • SunFlower78


        • CedarHill

          Let the church say “amen”.

      • naiah112@hotmail.com

        Hmmm, are we forgetting he cheated on her as well?

        • All black men cheat

          Welcome to 2014.

        • MoMo74

          Right he CHEATED & got put on Blast by his sidepiece!!! That’s where Monica wouldn’t compromise…Obviously she wasn’t swayed by his money. She’s a Good Girl maybe he’ll grow up and they’ll work it out!!!

      • YoMama

        Lol. I don’t think she will have too much trouble meeting someone else.

    • mrs. MGM

      You can love someone and still choose to walk away from them because you see that the things they do now will only serve to cause problems in a marriage later. It is an insult to her Intelligence to assume that She couldn’t have made that decision without outside influence. There is no conspiracy theory, she walked away right in the nick of time. Better a broken engagement than a broken marriage.

  • mmmdot

    Even though I don’t believe you should compromise, harm, and undermine yourself for a ring, I have to admit that I frankly don’t understand letting RELIGION be the thing that makes you break up with someone you love. But that’s just me. I’m not a religious person in the least and I think religion often ruins more things than it helps.

    • Living Love

      It’s not religion…is her relationship with God (spirituality). If you’re not spiritually happy then you are no help to anyone in a relationship or marriage.

      • mmmdot

        “If you’re not spiritually happy then you are no help to anyone in a relationship or marriage.” This is something I can understand and relate to, but it really did sound like this was because of her RELIGIOUS beliefs. Sorry.

    • Shirley7681

      Sometimes its not “religion” but common sense that actually lines up with the word of God or Christian principles. I.e. if Kevin was still trying to party and live as a bachelor and not prepare himself to be a mature husband Monica has to take his character into consideration. That’s common sense and that advice is also in the Bible. Any and everyone can tell you that we can’t lower our intuition’s call or standards for a man or a ring, Monica’s response is just based on her Christianity.

      Also religion does not equal a relationship with God. Christians like Monica take walking with Christ as a personal, developing relationship that reflects in their lifestyle. When you have a relationship with someone, you take what they say and consider that thing. In this case, Monica takes her relationship with God more important than any other (1st commandment), thus she’s going to weigh what she feels she’s being lead to do, what lines up with God’s word for HER life.

      • mmmdot

        …Yep, I don’t get it. I’m agnostic and I haven’t been to church since I was 12. I understand the importance of “Christ” and “the Church” to many people and I understand and appreciate why it’s so significant to many in the black community, but for my life I just can’t. But hey, do you.

        • SunFlower78

          What you said just clarified her reasons for leaving. In any relationship if you are unequaled yoked it will cause problems. There are going to be key issues that will not be resolved because they clearly have 2 different views points on how they live their lives.

          It would be have a been a road to problems…because they are not on one accord.

    • Dee

      I guess a simpler way to put it is if she LOVED shellfish and ate it ALL DAY, everyday but then he developed a severe allergy to it, she would have to change her lifestyle to be with him. If she couldn’t change then he would have to leave.

      Hope that made sense lol

      • mmmdot

        Hmm, that’s a great analogy! And it’s kinda making me hungry too. LMAO!!

  • soisaid

    bet mona scott wont be scouting her for an upcoming reality show. seeing that monica has her own mind and is not in it for the fame and money. thats true definition of self worth, congrats and be blessed.