Nine Personality Types That Men Won’t Date

March 18, 2011  |  

ATTENTION: The Department for Protecting Women’s Good Names (TDPWGN), is seeking perpetrators who constantly shame the image of all the good women in the world. Do you or someone you know fit any of these descriptions we’ve provided after the jump? If so, please turn yourself in, using the ‘Comments’ section.


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  • MissMJ

    Im a rough around the edges type although I would not embarrass someone or act a fool. I am outspoken, loyal, and funny once you get to know me. Plus, when people do pass my aloof exterior, they’ve got a friend for life. I was rather surprised they didn’t have a Mademoiselle Aloof selection: The Coldhearted Woman. Traits: Wants to be committed and show love. Doesn’t trust anyone, Alone, and Uncertain.


  • Izzy


  • Price MChubbz Auguste

    I feel there are sum missing.

    – Low self esteem – Never happy with them selves always putting them selves down even when they're doing good.
    – The beg-er – always needs you to get them something and will beg and beg until ur ears bleed.
    – The compulsive Liar – lies about everything even when there is nothing to gain.
    – The damaged from a traumatic experience (Adult or childhood)
    – Miss indecisive can't ever make a decision without asking for help

    -M.Chubbz @ChubbyFlyers

  • I actually think every woman and man has a few of these traits. They may not be traits that they show to people on a daily basis but everyone posses them. I will admit I can be crazy at times when I'm pushed to the point, needy at times and self centered. We all, as humans, been here or there quite a few times in life.



  • Funny article! But men say they don't even need a women to make them happy. They don't even care for relationships. Check out this survey about Stuff Men Like, women didn't even make the list:

  • Baale Adeyinka Adeyeni


  • Queen

    I was told I was rough around the edges (when I was younger), I will tell you one thing, Men don't like women rough around the edges but the like promiscious women, I have seen them marry them, leave their spouses for them, but I have also seen women do the same. Some people like drama pure and simple.

  • omina-homina

    So, a person can't have issues? Where's the humanity? The list aids in further 'weeding out' our race. Haven't you guys consider that there have always been women like this in history, not in our race but in general. Everyone deserves love.

    And, shoot, you need to apply this list to men, too.

  • Honey Love

    Its sad but on the flip side they have really good women out there that aren't dated because some men are too dense and superficial to know what a good thing is( too big, too smart, to independent, make too much money,not traditional enough, dont go to church …etc) while some women are like this we cant ignore the fact that alot of men who date these kinds of women stay in these relationships because the woman is either fyne or they are providing for the men they are with and some men honestly just love being treated like shyt. In the grand scheme of things it doesnt change jack not a man's opinion on women cause people will like who they are attracted to or a woman's deportment…sad to think…

  • Educated thug

    Phoenyx whay are you talking about me like that You know I love you.

  • Men don't "love" these types of women, in my opinion. There are, however, men who avoid the red flags early in the relationship. Most of the time, men will avoid certain women like the plague if they see these character traits early in the relationship. And, just like women say men "change" during the relationship, the same goes for women. For the most part, these relationships usually don't last long. I believe this is primarily because of the lack of maturity on both sides from the start. When we're young, we try out different types of people, but the wise learn to leave these undesired traits alone. So, we can toss around accusations and excuses all day long, but in the end, you need to accept responsibility for YOUR choices in a mate. Everything else is just basura.

  • PatraD

    So it seems like a consensus amongst women & most of the men:
    The article is wrong.

  • PatraD

    IMHO… I KNOW plenty of men that look for needy & sex-crazed women.
    They look at outward appearances First, Second & Third.
    If not, why are so many of these types of women with men? I'm just sayin'???
    Sure, I know women like this but if she's got large breast & a big derriere & is a certain complexion –
    she's got a man.
    Please believe.

  • datgirl4509

    Men love ALL these types of women. I have friends with women who have cheated on them, busted windows out their car, almost stab them, spent up their money, cuss them out anywhere, stalked them, pull their nerves etc, etc. but they love them. I also know women who love men with these same traits. REALLY don't understand it. Where are my "normal" men and women at?

  • lovelee614

    im sorry these are great but men like this stuff as long as ur hott to them its amazing what they put up with. i kno for a fact numerous occassions where a man has picked a more attractive female over the nice girl they already just to get beyond played. but thats what they sign up for so hey, drama loves more drama.

  • Jellybean Dream

    Humorous article, it brings to mind a couple things:

    1. When someone is solely drawn to disfunction (man or woman), it should be considered a blessing that they don’t want to date you. You should probably consider sending a thank-you card.

    2. I’m not “normal”, I’m extraordinary. No, I don’t sob uncontrollably because it’s Tuesday or require a 3 car note minimum for intimacy but that’s not what makes me or anyone else great. The appeal is in having a full life(travel abroad, good friends and family, cool hobbies and interests, self-care, etc.) and a sense of self-confidence (not in the obnoxious sense but in the knowing, accepting, and loving yourself). After all, the energy you give off is the energy you will attract.

  • XFactor

    Funny… But not to be taken seriously people! All she did was take a few “negative” traits and attached the label “Woman” on there and *Viola”!!… Women can apply the EXACT same reasons as stated for men as well. Can’t wait to see if they’ll have the same “Rules” in article come out for us girls!… All in all I found the article hilarious but a bit bashing, all this (the article) coming from a chick whose single herself. Ha!

  • XFactor

    Funny… But not to be taken seriously people! All she did was take a few “negative” traits and attached the label “Woman” on there and *Viola”!!… Women can apply the EXACT same reasons as stated for men as well. Can’t wait to see if the have the same “Rules” in article come out for us girls!… All in all I found the article hilarious but a bit bashing, all this (the article) coming from a chick whose single herself. Ha!

  • Meme

    I dated a dude that dumped me basically because I wouldn't rip his clothes and bust the windows out of his car when I was mad at him. Come to find out, this made him feel appreciated and important. I guess the hoodrats he dated in the past were violent. Not my style at all.


    Let me say something to the ladies.

  • Dwayne Wayne


    • crystal


  • woww22

    Wow, I love how this article is tagged as “black women personality types” like its just limited to our race…smh

  • Louisiana Lady

    Contrary to the title all the cousins, co-workers and churchmembers I know that fit one or more of these traits are always going to dinner, going shopping and going away-for-the-weekend.

    Miss Needy, Miss Greedy-Gold Digger, Miss Whiney and Miss Psycho KEEP not only a full social calendar, but also all the spoils of a successful invasion! (Mortgage payments, car payments, weekly spa treatments and children's extra-curricular activity payments) etc, so somebody's dating them!

  • SkyeHye

    This is “common” sense… But common sense is not that common

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  • Rastaman

    This warning is more fitting for the man or woman who believes they can redeem the other person with love. They will discover they are in for a rude awakening because these women are like that for good reasons.

  • Tricksie

    Im a woman, none of the character traits above apply to me but MEN are very narrow-mided today & these are the kind of women that turn the men' neck, make them forget about the good thing at home. In todays times most men think good is boring and are attracted that the crazy, needy type. I say have at it cuz I don't have time for the drama.

    • Good Black Dude…

      Some men like crazy, some men like boring… Most of the time, the ones that think they're the boring type be the worst ones… and delusional

  • misses

    Im so sick of this what men want they want everything their cake and eat it too. men love these women you just listed. So many of these women are the last one because it all ties into one personality type…ghetto fabulous hood chick. I didnt want to fight with my ex about things I let him have his space and he walked all over me had girls busting his car windows out but i was his gf. My next situation is no better the guy i just been seeing for a year has a live in gf Im just tired unless you are willing to deal with anything the only option is single

    • MRMAN

      Well it sounds like you have so issues. Why do you keep on dating the same type of man? Stop! Do not look at the man, look at yourself and ask yourself why are you attracted to losers and dirt bags? Do not put all me in that category, you might want to change your program and the way you operate because what you are doing right now is not netting you the results you seek

      All me are not bad, just the ones you have dealt with, and that says a lot about you.

    • Jeweleast

      Take a look at the article. You might find it quite interesting and able to explain a few things about men.

  • TeeTee

    Okay…Since the traits have been identified, what's considered normal?????

  • Moanmyname

    I dont fit into none of those list. so what the hell is the problem? I’m above average, no kids and in the process of studying radiology…not ghetto, although i was raised there and i love my family…so where are all the good men at?

    • Good Black Dude…

      Your name probably has something to do with it… Dudes like to one night chicks with that type of name but not wife them… College and no kids are not the automatic marriage signs… character plays a much larger role…

      • Moanmyname

        Don't stereotype off the name..just happen to like it and created the name. I'm not scandelous and dont engage in one night stands….I'm sharp so I dont just go with anybody. I'm more of a homebody so whats the problem again?? I know my character is good

  • TheBarberLady

    Ok so I know at least one woman for every category listed here. To my experience, they NEVER have problems getting a man. Keeping him may be a different story but she never has a problem pulling em even with a terrible reputation. I’m always thinking…’What am I doing wrong?’. That these men no matter how psycho these girls get, keep buying gifts and coming around. I’ve just decided that men love the chase and trying to change a chick as much as any woman but men will deal with it longer or will fall for the game more times if the girl looks good, even more so if she is also fashionable because men are so woefully visual. We both need to learn to recognize game a little quicker

  • Amelia

    @Phoenyx Fire Exactly. I asked a friend of mine the other day why he dates chicks that fall into these categories. His response was "I love a Ghetto B@tch". That is response is typical to just about every black man I know regardless of their socioeconomic status. Someone like me who is more demure, fairly educated and for all intents and purposes "classy" is unappealing because I am lacking certain ghetto (WTF?) qualities. They tell I look good but I'm not "Hood" enough.

    SIDE NOTE: My ex husband fits into about SEVEN of those categories. They need to do an article about the 25 personality types that woman won't date. Just Sayin'

  • Juicy Duboise

    Seems like these are the women who get the men if you ask me…I.e. Evelyn Lozado (who has most of these personalities.

    • Prissy

      You are sooooo right! THESE are the SAME women who men CLAIM they don't appreciate…. They are the one's getting into committed relationships. While those of us who are deemed "normal" are single or not in a "committed" relationship.

    • misses

      i was thinking the same thing… what are they talking about every good woman i know is single ..including me

  • moi

    so basically women who have the same characteristics as men

    because the modern average man has all of these traits esp self centered (no misandry intended)

  • DGOLD1

    We know this but we are talking about women, not men. Stick to the subject matter…Please and Thank you.

    • denise

      dgold1 u must be a man with these traits!!!

  • InnocentTruth

    Sadly, there are women in society that make this list. As a man, all you can do is identify them and move the other way. The problem of the matter is that it takes a while (usually a few months) to identify these types of women. Guys would be better off going overseas for a wife.

    • Simmone

      Overseas? There's plenty of good women right here. You just have to be careful, especially these days.

  • Lisa

    Funny post….too bad that there really are some women like this.:(