Bishop T.D. Jakes Takes Legal Action Against Young Jeezy & Kendrick Lamar’s “Holy Ghost” Remix

September 23, 2014  |  


This month Young Jeezy released his seventh studio album, “Seen It All: The Autobiography.” On that album, Jeezy collaborated with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar for his hit single’s remix, “Holy Ghost.” In the track’s intro, listeners hear an annotated version of Bishop T.D. Jakes’ popular sermon “Don’t Let The Chatter Stop You.”

Although the track is a win with fans, Bishop Jakes’ legal team will be taking action for his sermon being featured in the rap song without authorization.

In the snippet, Jakes preaches:

To tell myself, I’m still on fire. 
I’m under attack, but I’m still on fire
I got some chatter, but I’m still on fire
I got some threat, but I’m still on fire
I got some liabilities, but I’m still on fire
If it’s not amazing that I’m on fire
I’ve been to hell and back, but I’m still on fire

Jakes sermon aligns with Jeezy and Lamar’s verses that reminisce on the trials of a life of fame. Jeezy nostalgically tells listeners about his pre-rapper occupation as a drug dealer in order to develop a source of income. He then transitions into how his life — and his friends — changed after he became famous. Perpendicular to that, Lamar drops bars on how he enjoys his new life but he’s consistently questioning if he is a true role model by enjoying the materialism and sexual experiences that come with stardom. Both artists are conflicted with their lifestyles since the public and those close to them judge their characters.

The song title, Holy Ghost is based on the nickname Jeezy has for his Rolls Royce; he drives Ghost around while he is reflecting about life.

In a statement posted, today on Facebook, it was announced:


Since this post, there have been no updates as to what legal actions will take place for the unauthorized use of Bishop Jakes’ sermon. Below you can hear the Holy Ghost remix in its entirety.

Here is Bishop Jake’s sermon, Don’t Let The Chatter Stop You. The snippet starts at 15:10.

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  • Andrea Efstathiou

    ALL they had to do was say ‘Oh Bishop, yr message is SO powerful, we’d like to take it to a wider audience, and yr voice is SO connected to truth, it would be such an honour to use an excerpt of the sermon, rather than a copy, could be please work with us to ensure the message you taught is the message we translate to the secular world’ ? 62 words,like, ‘how hard could that be? Very difficult if u want the publicity stemming from this plagiarism. Christian doesn’t mean you allow people to take advantage of u, Bishop Jakes is INDEED a man of God, but he shouldn’t just let people take advantage, this case is SO unnecessary.

  • ozuiiii

    we call it in French: “Trafique d’influence” …. while bishop was struggling, was not known no one used his sermons! why now? …. money, money and fame …. very sad

  • Iamderricklogan

    Maybe God told them it was okay! He had a message for somebody. But if not I guess it’s business as usual!

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  • Marcal Mitchell

    “The love of money is the root of all evil…”

  • Wizedollars

    The black woman will defend a preacher way more than they will their own husbands/boyfriend, no other group of women does this….interesting

  • Marty

    I’m pretty sure most of you Negroes complaining about Jeezy’s music was just dancing to him the other night at the club

  • Marty

    How would a preacher even know what’s in a Young Jeezy song? Freaking phony!

  • madchunk5

    Why would you sue two young black men as another rich black man who has made his money off of selling lies to weak people. TD Jakes takes a big L for this one.

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  • lennonjones

    Rap is not what it use to be it is crap, get them Bishop Jakes how dare them

    • Wizedollars

      Negro please, I saw you grinding in a girl the other night when they was playing Jeezy at the club GTFOH

  • Travis Nocc Osirus Jenkins

    I consider my self a man of Gof but i have to say this about this if you are man of God you would want your word any which way plus this song was sold so they are not making any money off this song any way. Plus this man so called T.D. Jakes cracks me up I dont trust a so called man of God making money like this and seem too have aura about him that is about money. Is he going to tell you that he is about money and like that life style no because to me he likes the “Vanity” life style if it was a taken away from him what kind of man would he be.

    • Marty

      When I saw Jakes aving lunch at a high end place in Beverly Hills years ago surrounded by bodyguards I knew he was a fraud…..

  • Mrs. E

    He’s a pimp because he’s taking legal action because they used his stuff????? Thats crazy!!!! So they can get paid for using his sermon but he can’t?

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  • Yeah_So_I said it

    Church Fokes be about thier dollar too. Ha ya thought he was diffrent?


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  • bigdawgman

    So he’s suing over intellectual property rights, but if it’s a sermon, shouldn’t that be God’s Property? ijs

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  • RevealingBeaute

    Jeezy would have done the EXACT same thing. There’s a right and wrong way to do any and everything. They choose the wrong and there are consequences.

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  • MeeShell Belle

    Seems a bit heavy handed. If his message can reach the youth, then why lambast the messengers?

    • bean83

      They should have asked for permission.

      • MeeShell Belle


      • Stacy D. Smith

        That’s the long and short of it.

      • septbeauty

        Yeah by not asking for permission they only made things messy. They should’ve known better. I don’t even see how this slipped past the record label and producers smh.

        • Doll Phace

          Drake steals from people all the time and ya never see him getting sued. I think he should have reached out to young Jeezy before going legal, it would’ve been an even better look for Mr. T. D Jakes

      • Iamderricklogan

        Maybe God told them it was ok

    • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

      Because Bishop Jakes has every right not want his messages being used by an entertainer who has glamorized (and profited from glamorizing) “slangin narcotic” to our youth. All publicity/money isn’t good publicity/money, contrary to popular belief. What if the LGBT community wanted to use a snippet of one of his messages in their ads? I’m sure that message would reach a lot of youth as well, but what good is it to him or his message/religion if it goes against the very thing he preaches?

      Good for Bishop Jakes for standing up against being pimped by a couple of rappers trying to sell a few extra records at the expense of his name and principles. Besides…its copyright infringement, plain & simple.

      • MeeShell Belle

        The only thing valuable or meaningful in your post was the last sentence. Whew! Took a long time to get there!

        • “The means don’t justify the ends”… very general, but meaningful and valuable

      • Preach: Waking Up The Masses

        “Good for Bishop Jakes for standing up against being pimped by a couple of rappers trying to sell a few extra records at the expense of his name and principles.”……………..Seeing as he does the exact same thing to unsuspecting church folks using CHR!ST’s name, I don’t see the problem. I mean it’s not like both he & the rappers aren’t on the same team, that being Team S@tan. I thought together they stand, divided they fall.

        • Ksuave57

          #Rude! LOL

      • Ksuave57


      • hanalei

        I found your post to be valuable and meaningful throughout. I think it was a thoughtful post and I agree with it.
        Integrity being the cornerstone of your message.

    • Dona Deri

      And that’s why it’s profit not prophet. You don’t get the word for free. Tithes and Offerings is what he’s asking for.

      • MeeShell Belle

        Huh? Lemme ask you:

        Did you by any chance make a down payment on the Brooklyn Bridge?

      • Preach: Waking Up The Masses

        And that’s exactly what Jakes does: He profits for Sat@n.

      • Miss D

        God’s word doesn’t cost a dime

        • Margie Jordan

          You pay Jeezy, for his Secular World music… It’s called PLAGIARISM & it’s illegal in this country!!!

        • Doll Phace


      • Nichole Collins


      • Lelee

        Is he not supposed to live? The bible tells us to tithe. Are u contradicting God’s word? Tithing is necessary. God’s word is free but the building they teaching you and ur children isnt. Neither are the lights, ac, or anything else. Do u expect to work for free? This is his livelihood. How he takes care of his family. Should be not have any income because he is a pastor? Again, do u work for free? People at McDonald’s dont work for free, why should he? Pastors spend days and nights getting sermons put together. #GirlBye

        • Doll Phace

          In that case when he made everybody he should have included them with jobs that way he would have no problem getting his tithes

          • Lelee

            I can’t even respond to this foolishness. Tithes or 10% is necessary but obvi if u have no job, u can still give time such as volunteer.

            • Doll Phace

              I’m sorry doing a job with no pay is not in my vocabulary! !! What’s is a volunteer? ? Lol

              • Lelee

                Well obviously you have no time for God’s love and grace. If u cant volunteer 1 weekend a month or a few hours a week to help people, then nothing I say will make u understand. My entire point was that tithing is necessary and u dont have to only tithe financially if u are unable. God knows what u can do and whats in ur heart. I volunteer in the children’s ministry every other week in addition to tithing. I go to school. I go to work. I can give God 2 volunteer hours a month because He has givem me much more. People with no jobs I have seen them clean up around the church and other things and the crazy part is that time spent as a volunteer is usually repaid in some monetary fashion which10% should then be givien back to the Lord because He was faithful.

                If u wouldnt volunteer for God, why would u expect a pastor to? Shouldn’t he get paid, since thats the real issue? U said so urself. U wouldnt do it. Contradictions. I love em.

                • Doll Phace

                  Ok soooooo I’m not a religious person I love God no doubt, but life has got me by the balls right now so volunteering my time right now is impossible! ! But I do other things and I hope there good enough for saint john to let me walk through the gates but if not then I wanna talk to the manager! !!

                  • Lelee

                    I respect this comment… I’m not religious… I’m spiritual… I am a follower and believer of Jesus Christ and all that entails… There are many things that you can do… It is not about what you can’t do… It’s about what you can do.. as I said God knows your heart… He knows what you want to do but can’t yet do… He loves you anyway… If you see a homeless person and you give them a smile and a dollar or something to eat… He sees that… If you spread His message of love to someone in pain… He sees that… It is not about over working yourself so thin that you can’t live life… Indeed, it is about giving God the glory and giving someone the opportunity to hear a message they might not have otherwise received. If you help someone in need, that is volunteering your time… that is all that is required… is for you spread forth the love that God gave us when we didn’t deserve it… there’s much that I wish I could do now, but I can’t… it doesn’t mean I don’t do anything it just means I must be faithful in what I can do…

                    Oan: tithing was meant to help people… it was a way for those who had a lot to share with those who had little and everyone had something… it is to sacrifice what you have, based on faith, that God will replenish it 10 fold… even if all i have is a dollar… i will give it… and magically, I will get a check in the mail that I never even expected… it’s amazing how it works… Tithing is to keep the ministry running so that they can reach others who have nothing… Most churches and pastors do not live off tithes, that goes to food ministries and others things they do in the community… Most churches pay bills off other services such as weddings, funerals, etc… Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough… I hope something I said will touch your heart and maybe you can see things differently… sometimes you just need to expand your heart and see things from another point of view… God bless… and whoever that is in your profile pic, she is adorable…

                    • Doll Phace

                      Thank you so much for this post!! Even though I’m not able to make the time now I do know heart and best believe when I give I go over and beyond and that is my daughter the reason why my life is so full. But full of love at the same time thank you and God bless u

                • Marty

                  You can volunteer on uour own time, doesn’t have to be through a church

                  • Lelee

                    I don’t believe I specified where the volunteer work had to be, sir. I only gave an example of where I volunteer. Obviously, one can volunteer anywhere, that seems obvious to me at least.

        • Marty

          10% would be better served building up our communities IMO. Preachers aren’t doing much for thrir flock but selling them buckets of hope. How has that worked out for Black folks for the last 400 years?!

          • Lelee

            And yes, 10% would be better served in building up our communities BUT that doesn’t actually seem to be being done… at least thru my church (I cant speak on others) we provide meals to those who cant, reading programs, counseling, bills paid, mission trips, stopping sex trafficking, homeless shelters. Don’t tell me what would be better when we are serving our community.

            This race baiting convo is not going to be had. The buckets of hope that u say they are selling is sometimes all one has…

            • Wizedollars

              How am I race baiting? I actually think what your church is doing is wonderful. All I’m saying is if we have all this extra income why not direct it toward something g that can provide recyclable revenue in the community like small business fund I bf or job training or trade training for our youth. Focusing on economics would solve 90% of our problems and allow us to do for self. What good is faith without action?

              • Lelee

                It was race baiting by questioning how something has worked for blacks the past 400 years when that is the not conversation we are having. We’re talking about tithes, offerings, and volunteer work… let’s stay on topic here. I dont like jumping and switching in conversations.

                “If black ppl have all this extra income…?” What?! That’s race baiting! I will not have a conversation about what black ppl do or don’t have because this isnt a racial conversation. Black ppl have or dont have just the same as whites do or dont. ✋ Please… The ppl who need help are the ppl who dont have extra income, so they need faith and hope… I dont have extra income. I have what I have and I give because I believe in the supernatural power of God.

      • Marty

        Even Jesus was a carpenter. TD Snakes needs to get a real job and stop pimping gullible Negro women every Sunday

        • Lelee

          I am not gullible. Nor naive, simple, easy to be led, or stupid. I am educated. And using empirical evidence that I myself have experienced tithing has literally saved my life sometimes. Going to church and praying and being in His presence is sometimes the difference between receiving a blessing and it passing me by. If u want to call me gullible, do so, it means nothing in the long run. TD Jakes has a real job. He is an author, a movie writer, and other things im sure.. #StopHating it’s not a good look. It makes u look petty. If he’s not taking your money, then stop worrying about anyone else’s.

          • Marty

            “Empical evidence” don’t even use that term in a conversation about tithing….

            • Lelee

              Yes I will because I’m not stating what someone else experienced, it is my own experience. My own evidence. My testimony.

    • It’s a rock and a hard place to be between. On on hand the message can reach the youth. But they would also get another, contradictrary message: that copyright infringement is acceptable. I don’t believe there is any religion that teaches theft is acceptable =/

    • ask

      well duhh people have to get permission on stuff like this I would assume, he just doing what any business man would…

    • Lelee

      Not only that but what pastor wants to be affiliated with a rap song with vulgarity and profanity perpetruates by a rapper in the mass media known for drug and non Christian like activities. Reach them yes, but never join in on the sin!

    • Tiptoe

      Its a rap song with most likely cursing in it how is this positively teaching the youth about JESUS. Secondly any sane pastor would not want their voice associated with something like that.