[Listen] Daniele Watts’ Boyfriend Throws Her Under The Bus To Police Officer

September 17, 2014  |  

Source: Facebook

Update 2:28 pm ET: The witnesses who claim that they saw Daniele having intercourse with her boyfriend in a parked car have since offered what’s perceived as photographic evidence to TMZ. In the images (provided below) Daniele can be seen leaning out of the passenger side of the car while holding on to the roof of the car. However, not much else can be made out from the grainy photo. But one witness claimed that she was grinding on top of Brian with her shirt pulled up and her breasts exposed.

Source: TMZ Source: TMZ



Last week, we told you about Daniele Watts, the Django Unchained actress who says that she was detained simply for showing her White boyfriend affection in public. On Monday, a brief audio clip documenting her arrest was leaked to the web. Judging by the clip, officers were called after Daniele and her beau Chef Brian Lucas were spotted performing lewd acts in their vehicle with the door open. Once officers arrived on the scene, Daniele refused to show them her ID…and the rest is history. As previously reported, Brian took to Facebook seemingly outraged following the incident.

“Today, Daniele Watts & I were accosted by police officers after showing our affection publicly,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “From the questions that he asked me as D was already on her phone with her dad, I could tell that whoever called on us (including the officers), saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO (prostitute) & a TRICK (client).

This is something that happened to her and her father when she was 16. What an assumption to make!!! Because of my past experience with the law, I gave him my ID knowing we did nothing wrong and when they asked D for hers, she refused to give it because they had no right to do so. So they handcuffed her and threw her roughly into the back of the cop car until they could figure out who she was. In the process of handcuffing her, they cut her wrist, which was truly NOT COOL!!!

Our freedom isn’t freedom folks, when people can abuse others with no reason or evidence at all just because they “think” they have been given the power by people that are ONLY equal to us. Of course, they had to let her go eventually cuz we weren’t a threat to anyone. They weren’t expecting D to be so intelligent and outspoken, and left truly feeling the fear vibration finding out that they had just f*cked with 2 celebrities (Celebrated People). WE ALL HAVE THE SAME POWER INDIVIDUALLY IN THIS WORLD, AND I’M GLAD WE’RE ALL TAKING IT BACK ONE BEING AT A TIME!


Although he appears to be strongly defending Daniele in his Facebook post, full-length audio from his exchange with the responding officer seems to suggest otherwise.

“This is a very sensitive subject to her. You know, the black and white,” Brian began explaining to the officer. “This is about the third time we’ve gotten accosted for it.”

“It’s not as sensitive to me because I understand where you’re coming from,” Brian continued.

“She’s just using it as her crutch. It’s fine. You get used to it after a while,” said the officer.

“I bet,” adds Brian. “I understand your job so […] I know you don’t wanna deal with stuff like this. This is not a protect and serve issue.”

After a bit more small talk, Brian and the officer returned to their discussion about Daniele’s belief that she is being targeted because of her race.

“She needs to not see everything in black and white,” said the officer.

“No pun intended,” Brian joked. “[If a Black officer pulled up] it would’ve been the same thing. In the future, that might be what has to happen for her to…Hey, I’ll bring that up. That’s a good idea. Thank you. I’ll share that with her and I’ll do that from a perspective of you not sharing that with me, but like, ‘Hey babe, what if it was a Black cop? Would it be the same thing?'”

Once officers placed her in the patrol car Brian responds:

“It’s her first time being in the car. It’ll be good.”

Brian can even be heard laughing awkwardly after Daniele was cuffed. SMH.

Listen to the full exchange below.

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  • Ted Barbaras

    Read this and I can see what he was doing. He was not throwing her under the bus. He was trying to defuse the situation because she had blown it up. He was hoping by small talk with the officer that they would see everything was fine and let them go on the way. Totally understand what he was doing. He was just trying to protect her.

  • Guest

    lol and she was probably one of those black girls that felt so special for dating a white man smh..just when i started to think about giving a white man a chance..nevermind

  • Tom Magee

    Way too many black Americans want to be the victim of ‘racism’ and lash out when they aren’t included in something the national media claims happens 24/7.

  • Gail Becker, MS.Ed.

    She was not just kissing! She was sitting on top of her boyfriend, grinding with the door open and her entire naked breasts exposed! I listened to the entire recording, and SHE WAS EXTREMELY OUT OF CONTROL! The police was so respectful to her even after she was cursing them out and still yelling back at them after they let her go! Other people who did less than she did were either beaten, or shot dead! HOW DARE SHE!

  • Priscilla Marie-Reine

    By the way, those pics don’t prove much. Where’s the nudity? I still think it’s strange that she’s on his lap while kissing in the car. They should’ve went somewhere more private like AT HOME!!!

  • Priscilla Marie-Reine

    So much for being a loving and supportive boyfriend, even if she was in the wrong. If this article is accurate, he made a joke of their relationship. I thought they were married but if they’re indeed just in a relationship, she should dump him. I stick up for my man even if he was in the wrong, I’ll yell at him on the way home. Especially with an interracial couple, people are waiting to see the example of a supportive, strong relationship. Fail!

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  • LoseyGosey

    So basically this white guy knows how to handle the police in this kind of situation and the woman does not. She was cuffed as a direct result of her actions and both the officer and her boyfriend understood this. Its not about throwing anyone under the bus. Its about knowing how to handle certain situations in order to keep yourself out of trouble. Had she done the same this wouldn’t even be news. I’ve gotten away with much worse just by acting how I needed to act and saying what I needed to say as opposed to throwing a fit or trying to make a cops job more difficult.

    • SMH

      Well said! Act like a human, get treated like a human. Act like a raging lunatic, get treated like a raging lunatic. It’s really not that difficult. Get the chip off your shoulder and drop the attitude and you’ll be just fine.

  • Tom LeJeune

    Why is everyone just ignoring the fact that they were having sex outside. The police could have arrested both of them and charged them with indecent exposure and lewd conduct.

    • Freeordie

      Because it doesn’t fit the narrative

  • laura

    she is a crackhead and he is creepy.

  • Tony Williams ModelInc

    Well i guess all white men arent prince charming after all black ladies LMAO!

  • reese

    Dump him now! I would be so done with this dude.

  • Klas

    Can you imagine being in a relationship with this girl…

  • Mi

    White people stick together regardless…

    • SMH

      That’s pathetic. He’s acting like a grown up and not a little kid throwing a hissy fit because he didn’t get his way like she did. The race card didn’t work that time. I am loving the audio and video (Oakland firefighter lying and having his kids lie on white officer), I’ll chip in a little more in taxes just to supply all cops with them!

  • Jeff Krutsinger

    I hope this whole story goes to show everyone how hyper sensitive some people are and so quickly rush to pull out the race card when they are in fact, in the wrong. These officers reacted professionally and I hope that others see that some “people” and the activists that defend them are too quick to rush to judgement without all of the facts. In the future, I hope people of all color will pause long enough to get the facts before rushing to the wrong judgement which has only proven to show a blatant disregard for the proof while endangering the lives of others and the community as we saw in Ferguson Missouri. Please people, stop and think. 99.999% of the police are good people who do the right thing and act appropriately and we need to give them, not the self proclaimed “victims” the benefit of the doubt. So tired of the double standard and reverse discrimination I have seen and experienced in over two decades working in law enforcement as a “white” or caucasian “American!”

  • Phoenix M.

    Take a bath. The both of you

  • chaproste

    A couple of misbehaving, entitled degenerates who won’t let a good officer do his job, and are now being exposed for the liars that they are. They truly deserve each other.

  • Leona Yorkork

    So he said one thing to the cop, then AFTER said another thing to her, then posted racial accusations AGAINST THE COPS on Facebook? If he agreed with the cops, wh did HE make the first post?
    I think he is a coward and says whatever suits him in front of various people. She shuld get rid of him.

  • Melancholy Sunshine

    In the end, this feels like a clash of privileges. Celebrity/idol worship makes some media people feel they are above it all. Just as carrying a gun makes some law enforcement feel they can bring anyone down to size. And, add the borrowed race of the boyfriend to make the brown woman feel she was an honorary white… a sad indictment of wealth, fame, color, race, gender and power in modern society.

  • Laura

    She’s NOT cute. Her boyfriend looks dirty and he’s a jerk. They both need to go away.

  • BrownPaperBag51

    Stop it everyone the officer said and there were multiple witness who said lewd acts were taking place. When we cry racism for stuff we know we did people with legit complaints aren’t believed. I don’t know who either of this people are and the cop didn’t either if you want to have sex go to a hotel or your home but when people ask you to sop and you don’t please don’t surprised when the cops are called. The reason they were called was these two people and their actions now stop making excuses for them.

  • Mort Noodleman

    They should have tazed that shezilla

  • Awesome – thank you for sharing – transparency benefits everyone.

  • Michaëlle Abraham

    This is why I don’t want to date a white man. How would I know if he would throw me under the bus? Too risky.

    • boogie

      im just going to guess that nobody has ever accused you of being a genius

    • reese

      Black men throw us under the bus all the time. It isn’t about him being white, but being a coward.

      • Michaëlle Abraham

        Oh I know! I’m not saying black men are any better. But in my honest opinion I’d prefer to date within my race because I’ve met so many black women who date or marry white men only to find out later that they’re racist or when a family member made a racist remark he wouldn’t defend them. I don’t want to deal with any of that. I’m not opposed but I can say the idea of settling down with a white man isn’t really appealing for me.

        • Mustachio

          If your man won’t defend you, that’s a problem with him. His race has nothing to do with it. Mixing races might make life more complicated, but that’s about it.

          • Michaëlle Abraham

            We can just agree to disagree. Because a white man doing this to his girlfriend is pretty different from a black man saying similar. Like I said I’m not gonna date a white man and I believe that’s fine.

      • Michaëlle Abraham

        Too many black men are notorious for expressing how much they hate black women. I am fortunate enough to be dating a black man who isn’t like this at all. He’s respectful, caring, kind, loving, patient, and overall a very awesome partner. I know it’s not the same for some other black women which is why I said I in my original comment as opposed to we. I don’t speak for anyone else but myself. He is a coward but unfortunately there are many more like him.

    • chicagomycity

      Putting the boyfriends to the side. She is being completely ridiculous. This cop wasn’t even a douche like many are…..the cop said “I would have been gone”. He wasn’t even trying to do all the extra. Then she acts like a child crying to parents……and makes the cop speak to her dad? But having sex or making out in public isn’t a child act……so be a grown woman about it. There are too many ACTUAL instances of discrimination against blacks for people to just make assumptions, especially when he was chill about it. If cops don’t respond to calls, then they are unresponsive and get complaints.

      • Michaëlle Abraham

        There seems to be a lot of focus on her behavior as opposed to the cop implying she was a prostitute. I’m not condoning her behavior; as a young black woman i do my best to keep interactions with law enforcement brief because I do not and will not trust them. Childish or not i think it wasn’t right at all. I feel as if many people don’t really care about the way she was treated and her boyfriend’s response.

  • blueskybigstar

    One says anything to get the cops off your back. Hardly a throwing under the bus.

  • A818

    From her behavior, she was ALREADY under the bus.

  • Deez

    everyone in this situation is retarded minus the level-headed cop. Kudos to the cop for keeping composure. She is absolutely ridiculous. Race doesnt apply at all in this situation and this is coming from me, a black man.

  • OCWeedReview

    Maybe next time she will have sex at home instead of on a public street during the day.

  • Jessica

    And they say white men aren’t punk b****s. That’s your girl, dude. I’m not on her side either though. Being black means being a target. Don’t walk away from a cop like that. Be on your best damn behavior… Other than that, her man is a punk b****.

  • Nigabfk

    She is a pathetic douche bag… she just wanted to play the race card to cause a scene. The officer asked her AND the white guy for ID. He complied and she didn’t and copped an attitude which is typical

  • boogie

    tatted rawker whiteboy? no you look like you have aids

    • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

      Heroin imho.

  • vibez

    Are they still together is my question

  • YeahRight

    This is the problem in this country. Trash like this is given attention.

  • Amanda Turner

    Excuse me Madam Noire, what happened to all my comments? I came to check if I had any replies and they are all gone. I believe I had my own comment and several replies to others. I said nothing obscene, racist, hateful, etc. I’ve also noticed you delete any posts that are critical of Daniele Watts. When I was going down the page I tried to reply to some, and they had already been deleted so I received an error! Do you not want a complete discussion? Daniele Watts’ Facebook page is full of very sharp criticism and even SHE is not deleting them but is replying to many individually. Shame on you.

    • Freeordie

      Exactly what happened to me on another article in Madam Noire.

  • A Thomas

    Typical negro bedwenching. Enjoy your “white knights”

  • Eleanor

    Nosy farts keep out of other people’s car. Couple – get a room. The boyfriend sounds like he’s trying to calm the cop, not turn on her, but that’s one ugly bug. She could do better. The picture shows her in a Tshirt. The cop says she’s wearing a tube top. What is that?

  • tlarosa

    She brought this on herself. She jumped to a conclusion and then made
    things worse for herself. I think the BF talking with the cop made the
    situation better. she wasn’t calm about it at all and the bf was calm.
    he can be honest and still support her. she seems like a spoil brat that wants to have everything her way. If the police were called, then they investigate the call. he is right, she does need to get a taste of reality and not throw up the race card on everything. This had nothing to do with race and I don’t see where the bf threw her under the bus. my bf and parents would do the same thing if I was acting the way she was acting.

  • John

    And her come the internet lawyers. Well just so you know this is the law codified and ruled on in case law. An officer who detains a person(s) on reasonable suspicion may hold the person(s) briefly while identity and outstanding warrants are checked. As a matter of fact most cities have ordinances that require you to identify yourself to police and all city ordinances violations are arrestable

  • stephanie

    Why do you think you are in handcuffs?? Jeopardy music playing…because you are just a another n******… Uh…that’s not what I said but it was absolutely what I was thinking…I am a white powerful cop, and I have more power than you….always have, and always will…now take your little nappy head behind somewhere and when I get off work, meet me for a make out session…

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  • Eyedre

    You play nto the ” Agenda ” of Intergration….this is what you GET! A simple minded American N*gro would say: ” Well, that is Just one whtboy “……….smdh………

    The history of the life of your fathers reveals an evil, murderous condition that they had to undergo. The treatment you are receiving now and have received should bear enough witness to the truth. Your love for this unalike people and their wealth which they have robbed you of and the majority of your people now makes you want to be one of them and desire to intermarry with such people, while history has recorded them as burning your actual living flesh at the stake out of the law of justice.

    – The HEM

  • malcolmtbm

    she need a new boyfriend, see how homie was back dooring her the whole time…?

  • Man

    Why is the LA times trying to make their voice recordings look like “L” from Deathnote.

  • Lisa

    I think she’s playing the race card. Her & the bf were doing private things in public and now she’s embarrassed.

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  • MsK_NY

    and this is why I stopped dating white men – there were always situations where I felt they didn’t have my back 100%. I could only date a white guy who understands, challenges and questions his privilege.

    • Freeordie

      Or you could deal with a Police officer respectfully who was only trying to do their job?

    • Ms.D19

      That’s the only kind to date-if they don’t recognize their privilege, they can’t be an ally against your oppression.

    • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

      Black men seem not to feel the same about dating all the white women.

    • reese

      I always laugh at this because black men have a history of not having our backs.

  • Sarena Watkins

    “She clearly over reacted. She should have just shown some cooperation & remained respectful & polite towards the officer in authority. This wasn’t about race. She should have shown some professional demeanor also. Her boyfriend should have tried to talk to her and help calm her down. She wouldn’t have been so defensive if he’d stepped up instead of stepping on her in her time of need. Some man. I’d also drop him after this if I was her & heard this audio tape.”

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  • Mello

    Funny how “Pleasantville” people get when a Black person gets in trouble for being human. You may not say it’s about race, but remind your emotions of the same thing. After all, notice how this discussion has shifted into being about her, not about their initial behavior. I guess this “playing the race card” thing automatically makes you the culprit. Ever wonder how it got in the deck??? Or better yet, how it keeps getting shuffled back in the deck?

    How about this. Let’s call the police anytime we see people at the park (or anywhere) laying down next to each other face-to-face (like they’re in the bedroom), and wrestling (like their preparing for sex), or rub their partner’s booty. Press 9 then 1, and if it looks inappropriate, press the other 1. Also, call in for those see-through lecra pants, or if they don’t pull a wedgie out fast enough.

    • Freeordie

      Lets see the guy helps the officer and gives him his ID, the girls goes batpoop crazy. HMMMMMMMMM

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  • Brian Lucas, Chef BeLive, and I used to be very close friends about 7 years ago, long before his raw food chef career took off and he started dating actresses. I was his best Black sexual experience and he later told me this, that I turned him onto Black girls. Every girlfriend he has had since me has been African-American. The man I knew is all about love and peace, but haven’t listened to the audio here, I’m a little upset. We’re not thinking of Danielle Watt’s state of mind – she said she was on the phone with her dad talking about her dying stepmother. Her reaction was justified, because nobody went off on Brian, it WAS all about her. And as mentioned, if a close relative were dying, and I was in an emotional state, then got detained by the cops interrupting my phone call too, I’d be very upset. The buddy-buddy White guy routine between Brian and the cop is really sickening. He could have stood up for her but he’s not that kind of person. I’m sure he thinks he was just trying to keep the peace. I’m not talking bad about him, but he doesn’t understand racial issues. This audio hurt me to the core. When he laughs with the cop about his girlfriend, I got really upset. Brian’s a good guy, but I would never date him. Not a good boyfriend. And I think his celebrity status these days has gone to his head. Both heads.

    • ITrue

      When did the cop “go off”?

      • When he sent the female cop after her, and when he condescendingly said about her boyfriend who cooperated though he legally didn’t have to either, “See this gentleman’s not in handcuffs.” And then the cop wouldn’t give his first name and said “That’s why you’re in handcuffs.” I hope she got his badge number.

        • ITrue

          So if the cops are called on you, you can refuse to identify yourself
          and just walk off like nothing happened?!?!? All the rest of statements
          where replies to her loosing here damn mind. She’s lucky she didn’t get a
          really bad cop because I heard that “wait till the cuffs are off”
          threat and honey threatening a cop
          is illegal and stupid everywhere. You don’t have to shy away or not stand
          up for your rights. Please do so because the LAPD sucks most of the time.
          But this is a situation blown 1000% out of proportion by her.

    • guest

      You actually had s e x with that meth-addict looking white boy? And you’re proud?SMMFH. Is white validation that important to you?

      When will black women FINALLY learn that they can’t f**ck their way into the dominant society???

    • Freeordie

      Or she could have cooperated with the cop who was just doing is job like her boyfriend did.

  • John

    This guy is a complete idiot to. For your information Brian your both not so “celebrated people” as you think. I myself have never heard of either one of you until this story broke. Oh and by the way Shite head the officer got a call for service and have every right to ask for your identification. Sadly I didn’t get the call because I would have lugged her. Enough with the do you know who I am John Kerry crap.

  • The Cops Were called on indecent exposure activity.. Witness photos are what we are seeing.. This is an example of crying wolf and misusing our protest energy against real injustices.. I saw the video and the cop said they got a call about a Negro Bed wench and a piece of white trash making out.. Pick your battles show your ID and Keep it movin One…

    • Christophe Tam

      agreed, not to mention they’re making out in broad daylight. Stupid

  • amber

    See that’s why I’m not trying to date a white guy even though that’s all that seems to hit on me. But when it comes to a race situation, which almost always will at some point of an interracial relationship, I feel like they will always clam up or throw you under the bus, or do whatever benefits them. They can’t take the heat. Not all white guys of course. But you won’t find me trying to prove otherwise, ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • Asante

    When you sleep with the d(evil) stuff like this will happen!

  • The Bear Jew

    Move along folks ! Nothing to see here!

  • romeier

    It’s a matter of knowing your rights and how to handle the situation….

    In Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada, the Supreme Court
    upheld state laws requiring citizens to reveal their identity when
    officers have reasonable suspicion to believe criminal activity may be
    taking place. Commonly known as “stop-and-identify” statutes, these laws
    permit police to arrest criminal suspects who refuse to identify

    As of 2012, 24 states had stop-and-identify laws. Regardless of your
    state’s law, keep in mind that police can never compel you to identify
    yourself without reasonable suspicion to believe you’re involved in
    illegal activity.

    But how can you tell if an officer asking you to identify yourself has
    reasonable suspicion? Remember, police need reasonable suspicion to
    detain you. So one way to tell if they have reasonable suspicion is to
    determine if you’re free to go. You can do this by saying “Excuse me
    officer. Are you detaining me, or am I free to go?” If the officer says
    you’re free to go, leave immediately and don’t answer any more

    If you’re detained, you’ll have to decide if withholding your identity is
    worth the possibility of arrest or a prolonged detention. In cases of
    mistaken identity, revealing who you are might help to resolve the
    situation quickly. On the other hand, if you’re on parole in California,
    for example, revealing your identity could lead to a legal search.
    Knowing your state’s laws can help you make the best choice.

    Remember that the officer’s decision to detain you will not always hold up in
    court. Reasonable suspicion is a vague legal standard, and police often
    make mistakes. So if you’re searched or arrested following an officer’s
    ID request, you may contact an attorney to discuss the incident and
    explore your legal options.

    • hollyw

      That’s exactly what I said above. People seriously need to learn your rights.

    • Freeordie

      Very very good post. Most people don’t know their rights or the law.

    • Scott Worthington

      I failed Criminal Law first year, and had to take it again 2nd year. Criminal Procedure was easier, less abstract. My grades in law school SUCKED!

  • guest

    Her ugly, ex- con white boyfriend threw her under the bus.

  • Net

    Umm, since there was no moving car violation, technically you can refuse showing your driver’s license (which is normally what is asked for). A driver’s license is just a privilege card to let you drive. You are only obligated to give your name and age to an officer who
    confronts you for a non-moving violation, so she was in the right
    regarding that. The officer obviously wasn’t focused on the report of lewd activity if he let the guy off just for showing ID yet arrested HER. IF they were heavily making out/having sex, BOTH should have been taken in.

    • Freeordie

      She wasn’t arrested, she was detained until her identity was verified which the police can do if they have reasonable cause, which would be the complaints of a couple having sex in public.

  • Been waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one. Struck me as very similar to all the waiter / waitress “I was called a bad racist name” stories that later prove to be fake.

  • neverdiss

    Break up with his butt! smh

  • Adam Cooke

    lol. can’t say i feel sorry for her cause i don’t #shethoughwhitewasright

    • Amanda Turner

      They are both total idiots.

  • LoveasLove

    “The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. ” – Banksy

    • Amanda Turner

      Banksy is a brilliant artist whose only apparent rule-breaking is painting his art on public buildings (“vandalism”). The greatest crimes in the world are done by people who destroy lives through murder, torture, rape, abuse, etc. Would you not agree? Some people ruin their own lives through their self-destructive behavior. Like Daniele Watts. Anyone who thinks she is on the level with any great cultural or humans rights icon fighting for justice or love needs to get some serious perspective.

    • Freeordie

      Yeah, I could care less what banksy thinks

  • PCC914

    I wouldn’t say he threw her under the bus. He’s white. He saw what happened from a white man’s aspect. What did y’all expect? Journalists sure can REACH, though.

  • Shejay

    She doesn’t have to give here ID if she is not under arrest. She was handcuffed without being under arrest. The police in the US need to go through some serious unconscious bias training.

    • Amanda Turner

      That is simply not true. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! There is detainment and arrest. When you are detained you must ask if you are free to go. She stormed off after the cop did not want to speak to her daddy on the phone (LOL!) and was quickly brought back in handcuffs. It is not that complicated. Because the officer was called to the scene after someone called the police, he had the right to detain them. He had the right to ask for their IDs for his report. It is part of his job to file a report for every incident. None of this which would have gone anywhere if she hadn’t acted like a spoiled entitled brat. At worst they would have gotten a written warning. Now the most famous lines in her career will be “My DADDY wants to talk to you!! I need your name for my PUBLICIST!” She and her idiot boyfriend deserve each other.

    • Freeordie

      She has to give her ID if the cop has reasonable cause to think a crime has been committed and if not she can be detained until her identity is confirmed

  • drive

    I couldnt listen to the audio but in text, its not so bad. What if he was just trying to befriend the officer. Agreeing with the officer and getting on his good side isn’t the worst idea when being faced with this. They both fucked up and trying to paint this as a race issue is lame anyways. They were doing lewd acts, both of them should have been treated equally and questioned but she wouldn’t show ID so how can they be treated equally if one is cooperating with the law and the other isn’t..?

  • Shejay

    Spineless coward who needs immediate dumping! With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    • Freeordie

      Yes he should dump her

  • Officer 206

    The so called black African Americans – totally lost….. She’s nothing but a disgrace.

  • theoneboss

    i feel sometimes the cops have the right to ask for ID..i understand if you walk around and they stop u and asked for your id i would straight out refuse them.. in this incident the cops was called about the couple having sex in the car. It was justified for the cops to ask for her id..especially when she the one who is committing lewd acts..She did have sex with him in the car there is pictures of them getting it on..Also a lot of witness said it too..i feel bad for the black community cuz this made them look so bad

  • Reality

    How were these two dirtbags “accosted” by the police? Big word from a small brain.

  • Christen

    Um…yeah I’m calling complete BS on this. It probably wasn’t even them in the recording. The way of the world, you could say.

    • Amanda Turner

      Nobody has denied it’s them on the recording. Get real.

  • Omega

    I would dump my mans s$$ so fast if he carried on a conversation like this with anyone, much less a cop. The officer using the term “race card” was about all anyone needs to hear to realize that cop himself is indeed racist. Any white man dating a woman of color should know the basics of race and racial profiling. Regardless of whether or not she was in the right, her boyfriend revealed some deal-breaking character flaws and was totally in the wrong.

    • Amanda Turner

      Did you listen to that entire recording? She has deal-breaking character flaws that just torpedoed her career. Girl needs serious mental help. He is just as ridiculous.

  • Kenni

    This is bullsit, the tone of the officer say a lot. People may try to say that the color of the skin did not play a role. My question is if was a black boy friend would the officer have had such a decent conversation. The person who reported saw a black women with a white man and thought oh the interracial must be making money because a lot of (black women are sluts)

  • Tony Wallace

    The article said the same thing happened to her and her dad.

    • Sys

      I think he meant that somebody mistook her for a prostitute with her dad when she was 16. The exact same thing happened to me when I was 14. Embarrassing….

  • Winston Null

    I have gotten pissy with the Police before. They really do not like it and it doesn’t help my cause at all. She should have shown the idea, gritted her teeth and be done with it. Michael Brown in Ferguson should have complied with the officer and not created that whole fiasco and he would be alive. I have no pity on this woman whatsoever. It goes to show you how often these stories that pop up here usually have a bit more to the story !

  • fear is real…but throwing her under the bus? god, i hope he is learning the lessons he needs to learn. and i hope her heart is protected.

  • MadSanity

    For all those angry sistas that say that women get bruthas on trouble with the law, or they’ll leave us at the first sign of trouble, here’s proof of the opposite! When the cops are down white men will throw YOU under the bus. There’s a price tho pay for being a bed wench. Y’all keep playing world’s wow if y’all want. Just don’t think you’re entitled a good brutha afterwards…

  • Kerry Cooper

    And somebody always suggesting we date these people…….

  • Anonymous

    Wow … I guess the grass ain’t always greener on the other side.. Yall gon learn..

  • Ashiedu Nwadiei

    I’m not against interracial dating, but a white person will never understand what black people go through and I’ve known some fairly sensitive white folks. This dude has absolutely NO idea why his girlfriend is upset.

  • Sys

    Bipolar disorder is an equal opportunity mental disorder that can be treated with therapy and medication. Some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder are extreme mood swings, mania, euphoria, delusions of grandeur, delusions of persecution, hypersexuality, then depression. Most of the symptoms seem to be fun except the depression. Any boyfriend may really like the hypersexual experience, but weary of the mania.

  • SherrylovesP

    maybe if she would have just shut tf up..

  • Guest

    This is the generation of “can’t tell me nothing” and I’m sick of it. She should have just given the id and kept it moving if she was so innocent. Smh, she acted a fool when all she had to do was cooperate. Come on black america we can do better.

  • wham

    I guess he was “in love” while she was screwing him in the car. But then after he came back to reality and she was just a bitter black woman. Smh. This is why I could never be with a white guy. My husband (who is black) would have my back, not talk behind it.

    • Guestest

      Stfu. I think you’d be a little upset too if you had the police pull up asking you for your id clueless as to what the hell is going on.

  • Guestest

    LOL, She has a slick mouth on her.
    Officer: Do you want to be out of handcuffs?
    Daniele: I don’t know. I could sit here and talk to you all day. I’m enjoying myself.
    Lady Officer: Do you want the cuffs off of you?
    Daniele: I don’t know. Maybe i can take them home and f**k my boyfriend with them.
    I think the cop was racist af though Lol. He wanted to get that white boy away from that black woman as soon as he could. He kept distracting him talking about motorcycles so he wouldn’t think about his girlfriend over there crying. He couldn’t wait to let him go LOL

    • Amanda Turner

      The cop did nothing racist whatsoever and all she did was act ridiculous and totally disrespectful. There are racist cops but this officer was totally professional. He even asks her several times if anyone said anything disrespectful to her and she says yes over and over but will not answer the question of what that disrespectful thing was. This should have been a five-minute incident that nobody ever heard about. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with a batshit crazy woman who thinks she is a celebrity and chose to act ridiculous and childish in public. Her boyfriend is an idiot too.

  • JJ W

    Why do black folks (yes I’m black) always defend someone doing wrong. I watched her on CNN and she’s acting like she is some type of civil rights activist. There is real racial profiling going on. Her and her boyfriend got caught with their pants down, he saw that and provided his identification. She for whatever reason thought that she was a bigger celebrity than she really is. If I was a cop and you gave me the “do you know who I am” line, I would detain you for as long as I could legally. That cop did a good job, he never raised his voice. Coming from someone who is not a cop supporter, that means a lot.

  • matthewsteena

    To all the delusional negros who keeps saying the witness is lying…. cut it out. Why would the witness videotape them if they plan on lying about what they saw! I know some of you sistas is disappointed that this white man wasn’t the truth. Lol

  • Angel.J

    she needed that lesson. before she makes babies with his sadistic self.

  • trav/wayne

    This whole post is missing the point. Those photos does not reveal anything it’s much of a blur. And whoever took those pictures do they not realize the legal consequence? They were not arrested for anything lewd. Why should we assume this is a lewd act by a blurry photo? No flesh, no lewdness and no intercourse at all in those photos. They might be kissing that’s about it. Which brings me to a point. The person that called 911 you would have to think how much public affection is too much for that person to perceive? If that person did see something its still very questionable if they did have sex. The onus is really upon the person that called 911 if you really observe the beginning of this situation. Maybe it was an old lady who have a disregard for interracial relationships, I don’t know… However, whomever is behind those photos raise a considerable question. Are they behind those phone calls?

    • Carol

      “The onus is really upon the person that called 911” to do what? The caller did what they had to do; they called the law and let the officers handle the rest. How likely is it that the caller only mistakenly saw exposed breasts, grinding, and a lifted shirt? I agree that the photos do nothing to prove that there was lewdness, but the call was based upon eyewitness testimony, not upon the photos. I find that testimony to be far more credible than either of two of these publicity punks.

      • trav/wayne

        How can eyewitness testimony be trusted to the point of being credible? You believe in a world where everyone will tell the truth of they witness? I know you don’t live in a bubble. It’s more credible that nothing in fact did happened, considering no one was charged with anything.

        • Carol

          I think that this is an interesting perspective, considering that you are willing to take the word of Watts and Boyfriend, who actually have a reason to dissimulate, as being more credible than the word of an eyewitness who on face does not have a motive to do so. Perhaps you are the one living in a bubble.

          • trav/wayne

            “I know you don’t live in a bubble” does not equate to me stating that you actually do. No need for me to twist words in such a fashion to be irate or condescending sorry for that. I comprehend where you are coming from. Okay maybe something did happen and these two were lucky. Also, you can’t say that whomever called 911 did see anything. I guess it goes both ways. But I can’t leer, heckle or presume that they have no class based upon an assumption now can I? That’s the perspective I am coming from.

  • cmysterylights

    if i were in her shoes and i made that comment about talkin about the cop f’ng his wife? being a male “white” or “black” i would have been cuffed and thrown in jail.

  • King Askia


    Black people have enough problems on all levels from racism,
    unemployment, redlining, and anything else you can think of.

    We as black people didn’t need you to make up something that
    was not a problem other than correcting your own actions. Surely you had
    control of the situation. With your immature action, by the information and the
    pictures of your action you were wrong. If I was walking with my child and seen
    your actions I would have called the police. You were disrespectful to
    yourself. And since you involved black people as a whole you are disrespectful
    to your race. Not by who you date by your sexual act in public. You could have
    been charged with a sex crime. Consider yourself lucky.

    • trav/wayne

      You cannot honestly imply any lecturing at all to Miss Watts. Look at those photos again. What does it exactly reveal? Nothing. And also consider who was behind those photos from the moment of arrival to leaving. This is now a celebrity invasion of privacy issue, when you consider the paparazzi nature of those photos.

      • ITrue

        Paparazzi??? They are not taking pictures of her walking down the street. Witnesses thought they saw 2 grown people having sex in public, so pictures where taken. She was in an area with a lot of personalities apparently and I think she was totally safe from “paparazzi” since no one was clear as to who she was until now. Also her man took most of those photos. Hell those two knuckle heads posted the story in the first place, this has nothing to do with privacy invasion.

      • Freeordie

        Wrong, they were engaged in what would be called lewd behavior in public. He asked them both for ID, and he complied, she didn’t. If a cop gives you a lawful order comply, if you think its wrong sue them later.

        • trav/wayne

          Not an absolute wrong, for there is not an ounce of lewdness proven by anything. If anything lewd did happen they would’ve been charged for it. For example, I agree if iv’e caught someone in the act of lewd behavior in public I would report it. And to what degree they would deny it, if they were engaged in it? That takes verifiable proof on my behalf and maybe more eyewitness. And if they were found innocent (compliance of I.D. or not) as in this whole story, then even in your doubt and others that don’t believe them, there is a legal angle that exist. Leering, hecklers, harassment and slanderers can be sued to. I agree perhaps none of this, we would write about if I.D. was simply provided. But how much compliance is too much if you feel you did no wrong?

          • Freeordie

            WRong, even if they were just grinding in public it would be lewd behavior and they have VIDEOTAPE.

            I’ve stopped by the police a few times, only once did I do something, I walked btwn two train cars, every time I was let go because I acted like a law abiding citizen

            And I find it hysterical that Madam Noire is censoring my post simply because I am criticizing this actresses behavior.

            • trav/wayne

              If i’m wrong you can’t honestly debunk every comment iv’e written so far. Actually I’m in favor of being a law abiding citizen also. But if you were accused of anything lewd, you must put yourself in their shoes. How would you react? I’ve made a few points enough already that state how I feel if they are innocent. You saying i’m wrong is just opinion not fact. And before you respond by stating I’m wrong because they have reasonable suspicion of lewdness; note they were found innocent.

              • Freeordie

                Incorrect, Like I said there is video of the two in at the very least engaged in lewd conduct. But such things are usually only fines at most and Police officers have discretionary power to let you off with a warning. As I stated above this has occurred with me in one instance, they let me off with a warning, in every other instance I was innocent and they apologized for stopping me and I want on my way.

                • trav/wayne

                  I’m curious, what kind of person would film them if this did happened? If there is a video don’t give me further details.

  • afrocrombie

    wenches lose again. smh

  • Indigo Mcleod

    For some reason I don’t feel bad for her… And after listening to her “husband”, I most def don’t feel sorry for her. He should have said he’s upset too! But I bet she won’t shut up about having a “prize” to grind on in public.

  • OCHE

    What’s happening with his bumper?

    • Cinnamon71

      Ikr? He claims to be a “celebrity” chef on his FB page…smh

  • B4-Bossish

    I dont think it was that, i think he was just trying to seem docile by behaving in an obsequious manner hoping the officer will take more favourably to them given the circumstance. People do it all the time when police come.

    • Sys

      That’s what I do – I get real DOCILE. When I get pulled over, I am “sweetly reasonable” every time. the more hostile they are the more quiet and apologetic I become. So far they, every time send me on my way (with a ticket). The ACLU says if they treat me unfairly I can file a complaint later, but acting aggressive and getting confrontational with a cop in the field never ends well.

  • May

    If she’s still with this dude she is dumb.as.hell

  • Stephanie

    “Its not as sensitive to me… you’ll get use to it after awhile”.

    I don’t think her boyfriend threw her under the bus but I do think he could have come to her defense better. I wouldn’t appreciate all the “kee-kee ha-ha” jolly interaction between the cop and boyfriend if I were her. I’m sure if she’s didn’t act in a dramatic yelling manner the situation would have been different. (But then again she’s an actress – Notice how she’s literally crying at the 14:00 mark, then calm sarcastic remark at the 14:52 mark). There’s such a thing as racism & perceived racism, that minorities much CONSTANTLY have to decipher between. It’s like we always have to be in tune with what THEY might think of US, and then act accordingly. In an interracial relationship, its difficult for a white partner to understand the experiences minorities deal with

    • Misss

      Thats why I can’t deal with them, seriously. She thinks its always a black and white issue. SMH. They can never truly understand being black or truly sympathize with what we go through. His kee-kee-ha-ha was very disrespectful. He should have been saying, we were both in the wrong for engaging in intimate acts publicly and I apologize for the both of us. End of story. Or not have said anything. But whites are notorious brown nosers.

      • Sys

        I’m a brown-noser when it comes to police. I go straight into “job interview” mode.

    • alldayevrryday

      Why any black woman would subject herself to such is beyond me? But self hate is a difficult creature to understand after all.

    • qualityrkc

      Judging by this story I would say that even minorities do not understand what minorities have to deal with. Common sense dictates if you were familiar with something you would be able to easily identify it yet here we have this black woman misidentifying racism. This leads me to believe this is not the first time it happened. If you walk around with racism on the brain 24/7 you will find it even it isn’t really there.

  • Guest

    “Its not as sensitive to me… you’ll get use to it after awhile”.

    I don’t think her boyfriend threw her under the bus but I do think he could have come to her defense better. I wouldn’t appreciate all the “kee-kee ha-ha” jolly interaction between the cop and boyfriend if I were her. I’m sure if she’s didn’t act in a dramatic yelling manner the situation would have been different. (But then again she’s an actress – Notice how she’s literally crying at the 14:00 mark, then calm sarcastic remark at the 14:52 mark). There’s such a thing as racism & perceived racism, that minorities much CONSTANTLY have to decipher between. It’s like we always have to be in tune with what THEY might think of US, and then act accordingly. In an interracial relationship, its difficult for a white partner to understand the experiences minorities face.

  • red10462

    Let this be a lesson to all negro bed wenches. They do not have your back.

  • kendra

    There are pictures of them displaying some forms of sex acts
    She’s a mess

  • Anon

    Negro-assimilationist never learn until it’s too late…Boom there ya go. I don’t feel sorry for her. She got caught for fuckin’ in public. Take your hits like someone who’s been caught. I’d put you b/f on trial too if I were her. I see the most clueless/ratchet on this forum are doing everything in their power to defend her.

  • coco

    they’re celebrities i dont even remember seeing her in django

  • CAliQueen

    Actions typical of a cowardly white boy and a black woman who can’t own up to her sh!t.

  • Warrior KM

    The only two in this story bringing up race are the two white boys (the cop and her boyfriend). The projection is real on this one. *le sigh*

    • MsSincerity

      She mentioned race first at the 0:36 mark.

  • Josh

    Keep swirling Danielle! That’s what you get! lol

  • Lorna Doone

    They are both idiots – case closed

  • Bradley Steven Merritt

    Was a crime committed? not in my opinion. Although im no fan of public affection i believe thats between her and her dude. Though some prude saw it as a problem and called the cops. At that point she honestly shouldve just shown them her id so they could get the hell out of there and everyone could go on with their day.

    • alldayevrryday

      Having sex in public is a lewd act and represents cause.

    • Freeordie

      Lewd behavior in public is illegal regardless of your opinion, and yes after being busted she should have shown her ID and moved on.

  • DoinMe

    Forget the incident. Her “boyfriend” showed his true white color. When it boiled down to it, he sided with his white brother and threw his black girlfriend under the bus. It’s stuff like this as to why dating outside of your race becomes an issue because eventually those racial prejudices will rear their ugly heads.

    • hollyw

      LOL @ “his true white color”

    • Freeordie

      Not too racist are you? Or maybe he acted like a law abiding citizen and complied with a police officers lawful request.

    • qualityrkc

      The truth is no enemy of love and a lie is no ally. You need to discount the very nice things he said about her to believe he threw her under the bus by speaking honestly to the police officer.

  • trudi

    She was over the top. And her boyfriend did not throw her under the bus. And the police officer had every right to do his job by asking for id. Since when does having a publicist and being an actress exclude you from abiding by law. Also, i didnt believe this story from the beginning. Who calla the cop s simply because a bw/wm are sitting in a car.

    • Annette

      Um, yes her bf did throw her under the bus. I don’t care how dramatic she was being! If you are the bf your job is to calm her down and stay loyal to HER. You can comply to the officers wishes without agreeing that your gf is acting silly and needs to learn better.

      Then, later, this fool completely jumps ship and pretends he’s on his gf’s side saying the cops were doing her wrong because of her race. I guess he thought his gf would never get to hear an audio recording.

  • MsSincerity

    Was I the only one annoyed by her voice or nah?…..I’m like girl would you stfu already. She definitely overreacted… btw, is she underage or something, because that’s the only reason that makes sense for her to request for him to speak to her dad….I’m like huh? I’m definitely 100% for my people and I know that we are victims of racism far too often, but this was just over the top….and as far as her boyfriend, if you were to look up disloyal in the dictionary, right next to it would be him posing while cheesing in a selfie….like WOW….an eye opener for you chicks that likes to run to the other side thinking it’s better over there. Good Luck!!!

    • MsSincerity, this girl does not help the cause of bringing focus on the racism we often face from law enforcement. Her behavior is the incorrect way to conduct yourself under these circumstances. I would not want my daughter to take this a role model as to how to behave if a police officer approaches you.

      • MsSincerity



    Oh wow ! First of all, she was being really disrespectful and arrogant. Just because you’re an actress, doesn’t mean that you’re above everybody else.

    Then, I’ve been telling for years that as black people we can’t expect people of other races to relate to our issues. Just because someone from another race dates you, doesn’t mean that he or she cares about your race issues and will defend you.

    • Freeordie

      Its not a race thing, he acted like a law abiding citizen, she didn’t.

  • YNN

    Who makes out with their boyfriend in front of the office where they just had a business meeting? After listening to her audio, she sounds unstable and thirsty for attention.
    There are real racial problems in this country and the world. This distraction has nothing to race; it’s about class and home training.

  • B

    Wow! Number 1 contestant on the Ex factor.

  • sha

    Well, DAYUM! Threw her under the bus, hell he, jumped in the driver’s seat and did a buck 50 downhill right over her @$$. SMH!

  • JJ Watts

    Told you guys this lady is missing a few screws. I’m a black guy and would do the same thing if I was in his shoes. They were doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing, cops were called and the cops did their job. Nothing about race here.
    I dated a girl who was black who was so quick to pull out the race card eventhough she was always speeding and driving crazy. Some people are crazy and crazy is only fund for a very short time.
    Run away from her as far as you can get buddy

  • Stephanie B


  • Its the Truth

    Get right p

  • Almond E. Brown

    WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smh…. People will ALWAYS show you who they are sooner or later. Smh…wow.

  • scottrose

    Because it would have helped her had he been belligerent with the police?

    • kendra


  • Pru

    and that’s exactly why some black women date outside their race. In my experiences if you are different, for example listen to more than rap or r & B, like other alternative things or “white” things, talk “white” or proper and you are just being yourself a lot of black men are judgmental and don’t know what to do with you.

    TO be black isn’t just to fix in a little box and be the same, so you can keep the same girls you’ve been dealing with women like me are not loosing sleep over men like you.

    • not to be tit for tat, but the woman’s actions in this case are why some black men date outside of their race as well.

      • Pru

        I think its funny that a black woman dating a white man and their situation warrants you and the other guy to write why a black man wouldn’t want her, or why you 2 don’t….ummmmmmm she and most likely women like her don’t want ya’ll which is why she is dating a white man. NEWSFLASH it’s not always about black men

        • she could date oscar the grouch for all i care. i didn’t write one word about him being white. all i wrote about was her actions, which were not only disgusting, but embarrassing. displaying a total lack of self respect. any woman that behaves like that, i don’t want anywhere around me. period.

        • Guest

          Just like there are many white men who won’t date a white women that dates white men, so there should be black men who won’t date a black women who has dated white men. Cross enemy lines and stay there.

        • hollyw

          BOOM again haha you are killing them! You are so right, it is so apparent how b/c black men are the only thing missing from this story, that they gotta force themselves into it with the petty ol’ “We didn’t want you anyway!” Umm, she clearly was not interested in you, to begin with smh lol…

    • JJ W

      Get over yourself. I have a masters degree, speak proper English, go to symphonies and etc and I agree with Harper 100%. This girl is Crazy. Nobody cares who you date it is all in your head.

    • Oh thank you so much for this. My self-esteem has been crushed by so many of our people because I wasn’t viewed as “your average black girl”. Talk about damging. How about we have our preferences without being judgemental.

    • hollyw

      BOOM. And you told ALL the truth, okay lol??

  • Sherryann

    Danielle you need a new man ! if he was a black man he would’ve never thrown her under the bus in this particular situation !

    • if he were real, he wouldn’t have done that. not everyone is down w/ the cops; Black, Latino, working class whites. Not every Black person you meet is down, like the Black cop who infiltrated the Panthers and drugged Fred Hampton, so that police could ambush the apartment and shoot him

      • manny

        even with all the proof,u black women are still defending white mn.u b.w are disgusting traitors

    • JJ Watts

      I think this is not a black and white issue. She seems like she’s not all there during her interviews. As a man, I would try to calm the situation down if my gf was acting crazy like that. The cop was just asking her for her id and he knew (the bf) that they got caught with their pants down 🙂

    • if that was my girl, we wouldn’t be having sex outside in public in front of people in the middle of the day like they obviously did. not only do i respect myself but i respect her just as much. and if she does not respect herself then that is not the woman for me. black women, black people… get it together. enough excuses.

    • Laura Anderson

      Chile please, black men do the same thing… it’s not a race this. Don’t make it one

  • A-LA

    After listening to this, I think she made it worse on her own. If she just cooperated I think he would have just let it go.

  • intelligent chik

    can’t trust em

  • Aemrys

    Such a sad situation, she clearly was very upset with being thought of as a prostitute, no matter what, I believe that was her anger’s main impetus. What woman wouldn’t be insulted in being labeled a sex worker? She may have been mistaken on the race card draw but, I don’t blame her It was “low hanging fruit” in her enraged state. I do think there is a possible racial inequality discussion to be had here but, it doesn’t involve the cop but, rather the reporter of the incident in question on a psycho social level ( If they were a ethnically same couple would it have been a problem at all). If I saw a woman straddling her boyfriend in a car kissing him intensely, It wouldn’t phase me one bit. That’s not my business. I feel sorry for her in knowing she’ll possibly receive less work in her industry for this “hiccup” and also she’ll need to find a new supportive boyfriend whom isn’t prone to cowardice and utter stupidity. It also sucks that the reality of race based arrests or questioning or race inequality in general will be coloured if you will, by this silly case.

  • Susy

    She was wrong.

    He threw her under the bus. No loyalty to her at all.

  • seankoby

    She was clearly playing by the race card, if blacks wouldn’t cause so much trouble, people would like them more. Thats what he gets for dating easy..

    • Jackie Johnson

      are you crazy? white people kill, steal, & massacre everybody in the building. you must be from the 60’s. that statement just made you into a joke. GTFOH

    • Laura Anderson

      “If blacks wouldn’t cause so much trouble, people would like them more”
      Please take off running and jump off the nearest bridge. That type of ignorance is not needed and I pray you didn’t have any offspring… so sad. Not all blacks are bad just like not all whites are good. FOH with that.

    • guest

      let’s suppose we all thought like you and take it back to slavery then. So why did whites hate blacks then cause you know since they were the slaves and took care of their kids; based off your reasoning (as blacks didn’t cause trouble) they should have been loved by whites.

      But really you are just a racist troll…….move along.

  • Chuckle

    Best case scenario is thaht this young lady is not clear on what is appropriate and not appropriate as far as showing affection in public or what constitutes racial harassment on the part of the police but I’m thinking she knew better and put on a show based on the photos and the audio transcript. Either way she has undermined every legitimate case involving racially motivated harassment and the police. And people were so quick to jump on this B.S. and side with her without question. This is why all police officers need body cameras.

    • Cinnamon71

      Thank you! That is why you need to wait and let the whole story get out first instead of jumping on the bandwagon. If people just go by the first “soundbite” that comes out, people will end up protesting and rioting for someone who was participating in somewhat suspicious and compromising behavior…smh

  • NewYorkBunny

    I told you about messing with them white boys…

  • Annette

    Either way…… Her bf was dead wrong.

    I think she very emotional. I think she made it a race issue, even when it wasn’t. (Of course she’s going to be somewhat emotional. Someone just called her a prostitute.)

    But her boyfriend really showed his *ss. If he thought she was doing too much, he should have tried to calm her down and give the cops her ID. Instead, he let her run off. Then he completely threw her under the bus to the cops. And afterwards he played the part of a loyal bf by going on CNN with her and making it seem like this whole incident happened to BOTH OF THEM because they are an interracial couple.

    • Annette

      Sorry about the grammatical mistakes. I was trying to type on this phone.

    • hollyw

      Yeah, people are really missing the big picture. This article was about the bf’s two-facedness lol, which, whether she was right, wrong, exaggerative or not, is unacceptable in a relationship. Shw deserved better.

  • People are videotaping everything these days.

  • ayiteygmailcom

    ha ha ha -these white boys ain’t loyal!

  • appassionata

    No you don’t get to straddle your boyfriend in the front seat of your car with the door open while parked on a public street. Get over yourself. And kick that boyfriend to the curb ’cause when ish goes down he’s gonna play his White card.

  • wow

    BOOM! AND THERE…IT….IS… (arianne from lhhatl voice)

  • quashi

    Wow…just wow!

  • Khai


  • hollyw

    Ohhhhh the fugging irony!! Of this woman playing a “comfort” sl@ve to a despicable white plantation owner in Django, to being accused of being a pr0stitute to a white man in real life, who ALSO doesn’t seem to have all his priorities straight! SMH!

    I just hope Daniele heals from this experience, and also has the sense to walk away from this weak azz fool…

  • Just saying!!

    Lying sack of SH**!!!!!!!!!


    GET A ROOM! 3rd time?

  • speaksthetruth

    That’s wow. O wow. I don’t have any words. If this was my white husband, I would of stopped over the divorce lawyer on the way home. That’s all I’m saying. “It’s her first time being in the car. It’ll be good.”

    • hollyw

      Boyfriend. Not her husband. He can go lol.

      • speaksthetruth

        I meant my husband. IF he left me out to dry like this and worse is say those things I would of had alimony by now.

        • eggshen

          Or you could split and find a job yourself. Why do men have to pay for women?

        • hollyw

          Ahhh. I see. Welp, yeah, I agree. That was betrayal, pure and simple. This scenario reminds me so much of that scene in the movie Crash, it’s not funny. I know we are all nervous around the police these days, but to be buddy-buddy to a man who just cut yo girls’ wrists throwing her in the back of his car…and be so easily two-faced like that (saying that to the cop, then posting that stuff on Fcbk)?? That’s, like, my worst fear dating outside my race.

  • lola

    She should dump this clown….

  • MySister’sKeeper

    This woman is just dramatic and exceptionally immature. That audio is clear that she went overboard. It really wasn’t that serious.

    • KARMA

      Her feelings are valid ….for her. You can’t down play the emotion she was having. It was HER experience. SisterKeeper….you haven’t walked a mile in her shoe.

      • MySister’sKeeper

        You’re right, I have not walked a mile in her shoes nor would I ever want to. I will stay in my shoes and keep intercourse private, rather than screwing a busted looking white dude out in the open. Yes, you can down play the emotion she was having. She can be as emotional as she wants when caught having sex in public, but it does not diminish the fact that she was dead wrong and horribly immature. Who calls their dad after getting caught having sex?

    • Nicole S

      Completely agree MySister’sKeeper! Not to mention that the police officer seemed to conduct himself in a polite and professional manner the whole time, that usually doesn’t happen with a “racist”. She is a joke.

  • guest

    See just remember when you are so ready to jump into an interracial relationship you are doing it at the expense of them not understanding your social position in society nor sticking up for it.

    In the end you are still seen as a N that they just want to bang but I guess if you are lucky they will marry you. SMH

    • Black Love

      EXACTLY!!! I have never (& will never) be involved in an interracial relationship.

      • RealPaigeTurner

        Well, I hope you are in a loving relationship now with someone of the same race, because if you aren’t, you are definitely limiting yourself.

        • Dating outside your race definitely has it’s rewards.

    • Chuckle

      There are plenty of exceptions. But I agree that this is a common attitude among those date sisters.

    • Wow… it’s a harsh reality but many are willing to take the chance. And some of them end up very happy.

  • blogdiz

    I know racial profiling is a problem but I am SOOOOOOH over this chick ” me think this lady doth protest too much ”
    There are some pics on another site of her straddling him with car door open and whilst one cannot definitively see if they are having intercourse …She was doing WAAAAAy too much if you ask me
    Enough Already

    • guest

      that’s the point people assumed they were having intercourse which could be because of her race. If were a white girl people would have assumed that she was just straddling her boyfriend instead of a prostitute having sex. Get it?

      • Trisha_B

        No, people assumed she was having sex b/c she was in a sexual position

      • thecocoacritic

        Look at the pics at TMZ. It certainly looks as if they were having sex. This is not a case of racism. This chick is nuts.

        • Annette

          I didn’t see all that. It just looked like two people young and “in love” who couldn’t keep their hands off each other, to me. I would never have just assumed they were having sex in broad daylight unless I saw exposed skin. But that’s just me…

          • Annette

            I mean she probably was “doing too much.” But I would never have assumed they were doing THAT much, because typically, people don’t have sex in public.

            • thecocoacritic

              Typically but it’s obvious these two aren’t ‘typical’. They’re nuts.

          • thecocoacritic

            You don’t do that in public. Whoever called the cops had every right to do so. Sorry, what they were doing could easily be misconstrued for having sex and the cop was doing his job by checking it out.

      • Shawnna Ramsey

        If it were a white girl, there would have probably been the same assumption. It looked like sex. Unfortunately, some people believe the only people who have sex in broad daylight are prostitutes.

      • Nicole S

        Hey “Guest”, I think that is a ridiculous statement to make. THIS was NOT a race issue…..police were called, they showed up, they asked for ID of BOTH of them (which by the way is totally and completely NORMAL no matter what color you are), he (the white boyfriend that is) gave it, she started IMMEDIATELY whining about it being a racial thing. This woman really behaved like an idiot and pulled a race card at a time in our society where unfortunately this is a real issue and people are really being profiled and harassed because they are black. She was not however. She has managed to now make a real problem become a bit of a joke with her foolishness. She needs to go ahead and take several seats. SMH.

        • Cinnamon71

          Exactly! Why didn’t they get a room? If you’re out in public view, are in a compromising position and the police get involved, you may get cited for lewd conduct at the very least. Keep your exhibitionist behavior behind closed doors. She went way out of her way to protest when she was wrong in the first place. She and he need to understand there are consequences for your actions and you need to take accountability instead of deflecting.

        • guest

          Yes and I guess all the other studies and incidents that show blacks are more likely to be followed and have authorities called on them is not a race issue either. Guess all the racists statments on the internet when a black does a crime is not a race issue either but only about the crime committed. Guess the historical and social psychological implications that we have been taught in our society that white is right and black is bad doesn’t have a bearing on our psyche to prejudge a situation involving a black as vulgar or criminal either.

          Stop day dreaming honey…..

          • Nicole S

            Guest, you are a moron. If you read my post you would see where I clearly wrote that racial profiling IS AN ISSUE in this country. I merely pointed out that this particular instance was not a case of racial profiling. You cannot compare this situation, which was caught on tape by the way, showing exactly what happened to “all the other studies and incidents that show blacks are more likely to be followed and have authorities called on them”. I am a BLACK woman “honey” and if a police officer asks for my ID guess what? I give it to them! It would not have gone any further than that. In this country not having proper ID is a crime, and not showing it to a responding police officer can be construed as resisting arrest, also a crime my dear. All she had to do was show ID and file a complaint if she truly felt she was being wronged. She immediately claimed race which is a slap in the face to the REAL VICTIMS of racial profiling. Maybe you AND her should consult with the families of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and Mike Brown BEFORE you make these outrageous allegations. Do some actual research on race relations and racial profiling before you make assumptions. Me: being realistic, NOT day dreaming “honey”.

            • guest

              You resorting to name calling shows your lack of
              intelligence. As far as researching, I
              don’t have to, to know that not giving your ID is NOT a crime just as not
              allowing the police to search your house without a search warrant. I feel bad for you since you’re thinking
              allows for you to think that we have to do anything a police tells us without
              having them be accountable. She has a
              right to not show her ID and for your information in my opinion the police
              situation was not racial profiling or discrimination but the fact that people
              assumed she was having sex is racial profiling; as I stated before this exist
              for mostly blacks, you knowing assuming we are up to no good based off of
              limited or half evidence which is the reason it has become a race issue. Again to reiterate because of her race there
              is a higher chance to have the police called on you, cue the people that you
              named in which…..the initial incident is that the police were called.

              Thank you

              • Nicole S

                Congrats Guest, you have now graduated to full on idiot……or you can’t read, not too sure which it is, because once again you have not read what I wrote carefully before you posted your next asinine comment. Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll give you a few minutes to read it through again…….very slowly and carefully this time ok, I’m serious. Ok, are we all good? Did you find your mistake? Once again if you read my post I said “In this country not having proper ID is a crime, and not showing it to a responding police officer can be construed as resisting arrest, also a crime my dear.” And by the way, please don’t ever feel sorry for me sweetie, because I for one know the difference between “YOUR” and “YOU”RE”. I also know enough to read and understand someone’s comments before posting statements back to them. You need something else to occupy your time, you should get a dog.

                • guest

                  there you go with the name calling again, You can formulate sentences with them huh? And as I stated before in this country it is not against the law to not show your ID. I agree resisting arrest is against the law, but not giving your ID is not.

                  • resisting arrest = breaking the law, not showing ID = resisting arrest therefore not showing ID “may” lead to breaking the law… I think that was the point she was trying to make *Kanye shrug*

              • Guest

                Name calling? Lol.. “dear” and “honey”? Wait didn’t you call her “honey”? Maybe you didn’t *Kanye shrug*

              • It is a fact that people assumed she was having sex. It is an opinion that their assumption was based on race. As another commenter pointed out, we don’t know who called the cops.

          • I almost feel like maybe you missed her point. She actually said that we are in a time where blacks are a target for racial profiling, harrassment, etc. Her point was, it’s one thing to protest over an innocent man being gunned down. It’s something completely different to protest because you were asked to show your ID. It’s the latter that is not only an insult to people like Mike Brown’s parents but it’s also comparable to the boy who cried wolf. You remember the end of that fable don’t you?

          • Salvatore Buttice

            And now for the last 20 years we’ve been taught by Al Sharpton and the rest that white is bad and black is always innocent, and I’m sure that doesn’t have any bearing on your discussion of this issue. Speaking of stop dreaming…

            I spotted a guy down the street stagger out of the bar and take a leak in the street. I didn’t care that he was white, black, hispanic, whatever. I just didn’t appreciate him whipping his willy out in the street and draining the main vein. When I shouted down the street that they probably had a toilet inside, maybe he ought to use that, his instant response was, “Cracker, quit givin’ me just cause I’m black!”

            Idiot is idiot, it doesn’t matter what race. But when EVERY case of a crime involving a black person instantly starts raising cries of “RACIST!” it actually detracts from the REAL abuse that does happen. It’s no longer the boy that cried wolf, it’s the race(s) that cried wolf. Eventually no one believes the cry because they’ve heard it too many times.

      • sasha

        prostitution thing came from the fact that he was willing to show his id and she wasn’t. seems like the cop was going to let them off the hook (after all, he did), but she just started doing the most when the dude’s “aw, shucks” schitick was probably more effective at getting them off anyway.

        the cop probably comes off as the least shady in all of this. who would have thought that would be the case? smdh.

      • “If she was white people would assume…” and that’s just what that very comment is, an assumption. As another commenter pointed out, we don’t know who called the cops.

  • Trisha_B

    Post the pics MN, let that be the end of this BS situation. She did this to her self. There are numerous pics out now showing her straddling him w/ the door open in broad day light in the passenger seat of a car! Nothing to do w/ race, it was all inappropriate! She did pull the race card, but now she has made herself look dumb smh

    • guest

      she said she was straddling him but that doesn’t mean they were having sex. Get over yourself.

      • Trisha_B

        So that’s normal behavior to do in public? If you were walking down the street & saw 2 individuals in that position, what’s gonna come to mind? Sex!! What other reason are you in that position in the car? To eat McDonald’s? Smh no, she needs to get over herself!

        • keekee1kool1

          If their clothes is on why you minding their business… stop getting into what people are doing when they are not causing harm… so I guess you can’t playfully sit on your boyfriends lap and move your body around to see if he gets aroused or to temp him… please mind your business because it looks like it is open season for all blacks either male or female

          • Jessica

            Soooo stop snitching?

            People like you give white people an excuse to criticize black on black crime….

            “They don’t even report crime in their own neighborhood…”

            They looked like they were doing nothing illegal. Sex in a public place is illegal…
            That is probable cause….

            How hard is that to understand…

            • keekee1kool1

              you telling me to stop snitching… why and I’m not snitching??? or you talking to someone else!!

              • Jessica

                You clearly said “mind your business”…

                Who were you talking too? The people that reported the crime? The people on this board?

                Regardless…If you see a crime, report it. My comment wasn’t that hard to understand…

                • keekee1kool1

                  girl have a seat because I don’t give two cents about you or your comment…. go piss off somewhere

                  • Jessica

                    So you’re replying because….?

                    It amuses me when people get salty over a PUBLIC board!!

                    • keekee1kool1

                      I don’t even like salt but you can have a full stadium of seats to sit in!!! take one anyone!!

                    • Jessica

                      My, my the emotional creature aren’t we….

                • keekee1kool1

                  what CRIME!!! two people showing love to one another is a CRIME… BYE

                  • Jessica

                    Well the “love” she showed him…ie her showing her breasts to him in public is illegal in the US. She got what she deserved….

                    • sherryann

                      You are mean that’s the problem no compassion ! I am sure many of you on this board kissed or make out in a car or movie, that’s Human nature Looking back America has been doing it forever Drive in Movies malls, cars, Alleys . in the bushes etc so what’s the big deal,and here’s one for ya I think if it was a white couple no one will care, that is why she’s emotional,

                    • Me

                      Where is it PROVEN that she did that?……We’ll wait…………………………………………………………………… Thought so!!

                    • Jessica

                      The police officer is not the court of law. This is not an innocent until proven guilty situation. A police officer does not need PROOF to detain you. They only need probable cause. The probable cause was the pictures, the caller’s descriptions , and the fact that they said they saw here expose her breasts. Plus there was more than one witness that said she did. Also, I have to hear her deny that she did do it. Sooooo I’m really trying to see your point that proof is needed……

                      I will wait………

                    • ScubaSue

                      Where in the photo is she showing her breasts? Looked covered to me, plus some of those photos are kinda grainy.
                      My cell phone would take much clearer pics from that distance, even when enlarged on the cell; same would go for my telephoto lens.

                    • Jessica

                      I’m not going by the photo. I’m going by the witnesses who said her breasts were exposed and she was grinding on top of him.

                    • Jess

                      Yeah go ahead and try taking a picture of someone who has their breasts exposed in public. See how well that goes for you.

                  • disqus_FSBqTVUTBQ

                    It’s called lewd behavior, and yes it’s against the law. What if someone was walking by with their kids and they saw this? Maybe they both should show some class and wait until they are in a private place instead of having sex in public, in broad daylight, for all to see. Trashy!

            • guest

              so it’s about what white people think now? Oh ok cause whites don’t report other whites who are not causing crime, it’s also a known thing as well especially if you have watched any episodes of “what would you do” but there goes that double standard that even some brainwashed blacks promote. SMH Sitting on your boyfriend can be a normal thing in public only for some races I see.

              • Jessica

                I never said I care what white people think. I said the failure to report crime is what make white people an excuse to criticize black on black crime. Sitting on your boyfriend is normal. However, sitting on your boyfriend, exposing your breasts, and ignoring the warning from people asking you to stop gives the police probable cause to detain you.

                • guest

                  what you are mis-understanding is that failure to report crime happens in white neighborhoods all the time as well as in corporations, criminal justice system and the political specter when involving white people. It’s blacks that are more likely to get the police called on them….

                  • Jessica

                    What? We weren’t even talking about that. I am WELL aware the failure to report crimes happens in all races and in all places. My comment was directed to the person who said the people that the people that reported this crime should have minded their business. That is a “stop snitching” mentality. That mentality in that black community gives white people an excuse to criticize black on black crime because we supposedly don’t even report our own crime. That poster proved that point….

                    • guest

                      yes but what I am saying is that they also have a stop snitching mentality also although they don’t name it as such but they are more likely to call the police on us blacks. This was something that will not hurt society so why tell on an already marginalized person while other non marginalized groups get to get away with murder.

                      Plus whites are going to criticize blacks no matter what because they don’t like us, this comment is where I get the “caring what white people think” message from.

                    • Erika

                      I will say once again that I agree “stop snitching” is universal. However, it is not gloried, and i will go as far as to say it is not praised in other communities as it i the black community. White people may continue to criticize black people as a whole, however it gives us no excuse to praise bad behavior. I want my people to be uplifted and law abiding. I could give to craps what any other race thinks about that……

                      And although blacks are more likely to be called on by the police, that was not the case in this matter. If you think that someone is having sex in public (because body parts are exposed) you will do something about it. The position those two people is unfair to the general public…..Children could have been watching, marginalized person or not, this was wrong….

                      My confusion is why do people keep saying they called the police on HER? They called police on both parties. A black and a white person. They asked both parties for ID. It was the lady who took it to another level.

                    • guest

                      I think people who are saying that they called the police on her with the background knowledge of knowing that her black skin may have been a catalyst to people who didn’t want to “mind their business”. As someone stated before people have been having sex in cars from the 60’s and it wasn’t a big deal. For me I would have minded my own business, I only call police if a “real crime” is happening otherwise why not call police on several women who have their goods exposed

                    • And for others it is a direct offence to their values and morals, so they are going to disagree with you… should they disregard their conscience because “it hasn’t been a big deal” since the 60’s?

                    • Salvatore Buttice

                      Well, first of they didn’t usually have sex in a car in broad daylight parked on a neighborhood street. The car would be parked in an alley, or at “lover’s lane,” or some other discreet location. And if you were stupid enough to do it in broad daylight on the street, you would probably get arrested and put in jail.

                      Plenty of places in LA and the surrounding areas that you can park and do pretty much whatever you want without anyone seeing it. If you’re such an exhibitionist that you HAVE to do it where someone can see it, be prepared to be stopped and have questions asked.

                    • Society has to hold society accountable. Our society crumbles because no one wants to take accountability for their actions. Why blame them! The very people that they are accountable to won’t hold them accountable. Smh…

                    • *clears throat* Cam’ron… anyone?

                • Didn’t her boyfriend say that cops have given them a hard time in the past for “showing affection” in public? So I guess they thought if they kept at it eventually they would be ignored… *Kanye shrug*

                  • Cinnamon71

                    Exactly, he said it was the third time. How many times is it going to take their simple behinds to understand you can’t have sex or simulate sex in public and not have to be held accountable for it. Get a room or go home if you’re “in the mood”.

                • ScubaSue

                  Jessica-what proof do you have that “failure to report crime” is specifically black behavior???
                  You’re talking hearsay.

                  • Jessica

                    I obviously cannot read. I said the opposite of what you are saying in three separate posts. I even used the word “universal” which means more than one group, opposed to the word you used “specifically” which is only targeting one group.

                    Based on the fact that this is now my 4th post that says reporting not crime is universal, I’m not sure what your point is…..

            • ScubaSue

              “People like you give white people an excuse to criticize black on black crime….”

              Yeah, I suppose blacks can’t/don’t/shouldn’t criticize white on white crime (sarcasm), i.e. Boston Bomber, AZ movie shooter, New Town shooter, Virginia tech shooter, some white guy killed his GF, then ate her brains and other organs, etc. all white on white crimes.
              We don’t “give” you anything. You draw/make your own conclusions.

              • Jessica

                And where in any of my posts did I say blacks can’t critique or criticize white on white crime.

                You are grown woman. Do as you please…

                You are clearly trying to pick a fight about something that is completely unrelated to my comment…

          • Trisha_B

            Anything done in public is no longer personal business. If my eyes have to see it, it is my business. I don’t want to be walking down the street & see people having sex or having the appearance of sex. It’s gross & inappropriate, period…There’s a difference between sitting on your mans lap & straddling him. & for what reason would I want my man to get aroused in public? Lol if I want some, we going home. At least go to an empty parking lot & make sure your car has dark tints lol

            I’ll mind my business when people stop doing dumb stuff in public lol

            • Cinnamon71


            • Rahim

              I’m not taking sides or anything. I just want to know why you think sex is inappropriate and disgusting?

              • Trisha_B

                Are you seriously asking that question? -__- I clearly said I don’t want to walk down the street & see sex. Having sex or lying in a sexual position on the street is disgusting & inappropriate. Shows a lack of respect for yourself & others.

              • Tom LeJeune

                I don’t think she’s saying sex is gross and inappropriateinappropriate, just public sex.

          • fevfth

            tempt. not temp.

          • Janine Robertson-Gaines

            Saying for her to mind her business sounds stupid. It’s a news article and we are posting comments.

          • lol

            what the hell does this have to do with blacks? smh
            the discussion was about people grinding.
            jesus christ.

            • guest

              lol are you serious? Did you read the article? LOL

          • Donte Bland

            Lose me with the ‘it’s because I’m black’ nonsense. The fact of the matter is that there are certain things you don’t do in public (sexually straddling your partner is one of them). Whatever is done in PUBLIC becomes everyone’s business So, common sense would tell you that if you don’t want people ‘all up in your business’, then take that hot garbage inside. It’s not that hard of a concept to grasp.

            • Cinnamon71


          • FromUR2UB

            Oh, please. When people want to keep people out of their business, they do what they do behind closed doors. Things done publicly become public business.

          • Anna Sun

            “so I guess you can’t playfully sit on your boyfriends lap and move your body around to see if he gets aroused or to temp him…”

            In public? No, you can’t……

        • Anna Sun
      • Shawnna Ramsey

        If someone saw a woman straddling a man in a car and reported it, the cops have to investigate it based on what the witness believed they saw. It was the appearance of sex in broad daylight! @disqus_pSHIxJFAlH:disqus I agree with your comments.

        • MonicaT

          I don’t know where some of these people live thinking this was a normal occurrence. This has nothing to do with race! If I was waling pass and saw those two and she was straddling him I would have called the police. It could have been children around and even if it weren’t take that in the privacy of their home. She must not understand what lewd means. If it appeared they were having sex because she was straddling and kissing him then that’s offensive to anyone in the public because they were in a public place.

          • guest

            others things are offensive as well: cussing in public where children are in hearing distance, wearing shorts to show booty cheeks, breast exposed…..doesn’t mean I’m going to call the police. But society has shown historically and academically that blacks are more likely to have the police called on them, this is where the race issue sets in.

            • Jessica

              So if you commit a crime, we cannot call the police on you because you are black?
              That crime should slide so no one looks racist?

              • guest

                are you seriously getting this out of my statement? Um no to reiterate it is more likely that police will be called on you because you ARE black.

            • MonicaT

              Why are people making the assumption a Caucasian called the police. If the person that called the police was African American or another race would this still be a race issue. This has nothing to do with race.

      • hollyw

        I agree. I’ve seen couples do this all the time. To imply that sex is occurring w/o actually seeing the act…you’ve got to be real nosey and caring about other people’s s3x lives too much.
        Furthermore, where/who jumped from a man and a woman engaging in a “lewd act” to she’s a prostitute?? THAT assumption is where race comes into play! *sighhh*

    • MonicaT

      Right and if you listen carefully the boufriend says they were doing more then just making out! This has nothing to do with race and she pulled the race, fame and daddy card! Someone even came down to ask them to stop and they continue on. She should have been arrested because there were eyewitnesses and pictures.

      • hollyw

        Being considered a prostitute, rather than them being an inappropriate couple (which I don’t think they were), is whre race comes into play.

        • MonicaT

          The police didn’t call her a prostitute nor did they imply she was one! She implied that! Ignorant people make there wrongs right and blame, complain and make excuses just to be right. These nuts were clearly having sex in a public area and that is breaking the law. The boyfriend even admitted they were doing more then making out. Stop encouraging and justifying bad behavior.

        • Chuckle

          I think a white girl in her position would have been treated the same way. Been to L.A. lately?

        • lex

          But did anyone actually accuse her of being a prostitute? From what we know, neither the police nor the person who called the police said anything about prostitution. The only people making that assumption were Watts and her bf.

      • Mello

        This is where your point falls short and shows your inherit bias….you said the boyfriend admitted that “they” were doing more than making out, but then conclude that “she” should have been arrested. In lewd acts, both usually go, so why should she alone be punished? You’re saying it’s not about race, but you, yourself, are looking real suspect right now. How did this become shifted from them to just her?

        • MonicaT

          I meant they should have been arrested and again I say this has nothing to do with race! Again I say she pulled the race card, fame card and daddy card and none of that work! She wasn’t being arrested and if she took time to listen and stop playing the victim she would have understood what the police officer was explaining to her. There was a reason she was straddling and kissing her boyfriend and not because she didn’t have a place to sit.

        • Tom LeJeune

          Where does it say “only” she should have been arrested in Monica’s comment?

    • FromUR2UB

      As much as I hate that ‘race card’ reference in other instances, I agree that this is a clear case of that. I’ll bet she doesn’t identify with being black in any other circumstance, but was trying to do that thing people do to rally support from people they usually want nothing to do with.

      • eggshen

        Um, no. I’m guessing that she pulled the race card hoping that the officer would back off due to all the high profile cases that are happening right now with white officers and black perps. She also tried the “I’m famous” line, but that has been used too much too. She called her dad thinking that she could avoid talking to the police since she was on the phone. Only young girls think they don’t have to hang up to talk to the cops smh.

    • keepingitreal

      No race card need when there are so many Racist still using the “You people” and “Us” type verbiage. There was no sex involved, just some White folks that didn’t appreciate a mixed couple showing affection in “Their” neighborhood. I see gays showing affection in public and I don’t like it, but guess what; it’s not illegal. I ignore it and keep it moving. This was plain and simple Racism. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Did you see them having sex? That’s what i thought, just your opinion and opinions are like assholes and so apparently are you!

      • Trisha_B

        Oh please. If it’s just my opinion, why are you mad?! Smh there are other ways to show affection other than sitting in a sexual position. nothing wrong w/ kissing/PDA. Some show affection w/ oral, should that be excused in public too? Smh…their race had nothing to do w/ it. This was taking place in front of their establishment. Who would want that kind of activity happening in front of their establishment? It’s disgusting whether they were both white, both black, both Hispanic, etc. ITS N^STY!! The only reason you guys are excusing this is b/c she’s a black woman w/ a white man, yall love your white men in here smh. Let this had been a black actor w/ his white girlfriend, I doubt no one would be excusing this traShy behavior

        • ScubaSue

          Wait a minute. We’ve seen the photos (which, to me some look grainy/not clear/they’re in the shade), and most are screaming “It looks like sex!”
          Where’s the CLOSE UP of them having sex? That “zoom lens” shows nothing.
          The words “Looks Like Sex” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually having sex (not making excuses for them); those words are speculative.

          • MonicaT

            Someone came out and ask them to stop and they continued on so when they didn’t they called the police. That person saw them as well as others saw them having sex.

      • MonicaT

        No but other people nobody knows what race they were saw them having sex!

    • Guest

      It’s not against the law to make out in public, and the pictures don’t support your claim that she was having a coital moment in the car. I think you are assuming she was having sex because you like fantasizing about it, because you’re a voyeur and you’re not getting any at home. Mind your own business, you pent up racist prig.

      • Trisha_B

        You are crazy. How am I racist? B/c I think it’s trashy to straddle someone in public? Maybe you are just one of those trashy individuals that partake in public lewd acts. I get mine. But I respect myself to where I wouldn’t let my man put me in such a position in front of people on the street!

  • Tae’lur Alexis

    I don’t know what to think of any of this. Was Brian trying to be nice to the cop or be friendly to try to lessen the situation? Using race as a crutch? I know of many who do use their race as a crutch but I’m sure she truly think it was because of her race…think of all the incidents that have been reported by the media of white cops mistreating and abusing minorities.

    • guest

      for as many who use race as a crutch there is double of us who ignore it and try to act like it doesn’t exist which is a catalyst to racism. “Us” meaning black folk. We also ignore to the point of taking on the view of the oppressor and actually furthering racism against ourselves, but I guess that gets us further along in those non-black circles.

      • lol

        yeah, or maybe some of those non-black circles aren’t paying attention to race at all. jeez….some people.

        • LOL MY A$$

          You can believe that BS if you choose, but even subconsciously, non-black people judge and discriminate against us.

          • Salvatore Buttice

            And by that statement, you consciously or subconsciously judge and discriminate against non-black people. Pot meet kettle.

      • Tae’lur Alexis

        Yessss. The more you ignore the ish that happens when you’re black, the more accepted you’ll be by non-blacks, it seems. Stupid right?

    • daren III

      “use race as a crutch” lol


  • bryan

    Fake is as fake does.

  • Shay

    Well there you have it….her loving supportive boyfriend just made it ok for the cops to arrest her in the sake of teaching her lesson that everything is not about race….total liar and manipulator of course he throws his black girlfriend under the bus to save his own butt.

    • ITrue

      She was not arrested. I wish these fools would just go away.

      • she was in handcuffs, though

        • guest1

          She was in handcuffs because she walk away not because she is black, she blow up and didn’t handle the situation right.

          • bb ragusa (the medium ragu)

            I earnestly wish more people would realize that if the police are not arresting you they have no right to detain you. You do NOT have to show ID to the police just because they ask for it. This video shows a woman being illegally detained by the police. Why is that not the focus is this and every story? There is video evidence of a police officer breaking the law at the expense of a black woman and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT. Why?

            • theboss1

              she bring it upon herself for having sex with her bf in public.The cops have every right to figure out whats happening.she didnt get arrested they let her go..If she would of not thrown the race card and act like a animal , barking like a dog she wouldnt be in that position ..you know why she acted like that? cuz she was in the wrong ..please dont tell me she wasnt have sex there is multiple witness that say there were doing it.especially people in the office who take pictures..this is the reason why no one believes a black person when they are truly telling the truth.People like her make it harder for your color

            • Jason Aaron Moran

              the police were called so they can ask for ID. This was not a random stop. Its not the focus of the story because you are misunderstanding what happened here…

            • jennymonroe

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            • Steven

              bb ragusa writes “I earnestly wish more people would realize that if the police are not arresting you they have no right to detain you.”

              That is completely and categorically incorrect. Brush up on the law before posting on it.

              • Blahblah13

                I think BB Ragusa must have played a cop on television as well because clearly she is another authority on what real cops can and can’t do. Her and Danielle should collaborate… just not in that broken down Mercedes.

            • KC

              Just as well you have to realize that you are just trying to have a “good day” we can’t be MLK everyday. You can see my ID, and I’ll ask for your COMMANDING OFFICER’S name. The PROBLEM is enough people don’t approach the police as in any business transaction. GET TO THE POINT and stay sharp. There is a balance to find, some are just doing their job but for the ones that aren’t YOU have to make that decision if you want to end up. Police deserve no more or less respect than ANY homeless person, mentally disabled person or other human being. That is the premise we all start or should start with an EQUAL level of respect and things tend to flow somehow usually from that origin.

              • Stan Robertson

                “Police deserve no more or less respect than ANY homeless person, mentally disabled person or other human being.” BS! You put on a badge and a gun every day, and walk among the people. Do the job they do EVERY day, in an attempt to keep you safe.

            • Fred Flint

              You are absolutely WRONG. Sorry, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. While conducting an investigation of a potential crime, officers have every right to ask for your ID. If not provided, they have EVERY RIGHT to detain you. You need to look it up. You don’t have to show them ID, but what they can do is cuff you, take you to the station, to try and ID you. It would save so much time to simply show ID. Yes, I’m Black. Yes, I have a legal background. Yes, she was using the race card. Yes, I was born and raised in Los Angeles. No, I’m not an uncle tom, and no, I am not as stupid as you.

            • Veritas

              no one is talking about it bc police have a right to detain you upon reasonable suspicion of committing a crime. police have the right the to arrest you if they have further just cause to believe you did that crime. this is all upheld by the Supreme Court and more, so…you are WRONG. everything the cop did was within policy and law. sorry, go back to law school ragu!

              • angrywhiteman

                I agree ..not only that but when she tried walking off it gave them reason to detain her..right? what are they supposed to do just let her walk off only to later fnd drugs,guns,stolen vehicle etc…her trying to leave only made her more suspicious…

            • Christi Ballard

              Yes, they DO have the right to detain you. They have the right and the occupational responsibility to make a scene safe before continuing. They are NOT breaking the law in any way. Try learning about a subject before you run off at the mouth, racist.

              • mary_schneider2014

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              • R. R.

                Take your own advice, you ignorant trick. Learn the actual definition of a word (like “racist”, for instance) before you attempt to use it.

                • Joseph Kool

                  Shutup stupid

                  • R. R.

                    It’s “shut up”, stupid. Again, take your own advice you ignorant trick.

          • she doesn’t have to provide ID or stay if she’s not under arrest. Let’s see how coo u would be if cops kept approaching you, accusing you of prostitution for kissing in public. we’re tired of this bs & privileged folks trying to tell us racist profiling isn’t real, nor their white privilege.

            • ‘Richard Weber

              What are you talking about? She’s the one behaving like she is privileged. Give it a rest and stop defending her JUST BECAUSE she’s black.

            • hollyw

              Thank you for your logical, sociological perspective!

              • Jeff Krutsinger

                I hope that was sarcastic. You may have to use smaller words though.

            • lawyer man

              That is not true if the police have probable cause.

            • John

              Actually she does have to identify her self. You are right however about her being able to walk away. She wasn’t just kissing in public either. Funny how you call the cop privileged when it was these two nit wits that were looking to use there status as “celebrated people” to get them out of a jam. So you know an officer on a call for service has every right, and as a matter of fact would be derelict in his duty to ask for ID. Also city ordinances require you identify yourself to an officer when asked and violation of any city ordinance is arrestable. I am sorry you feel the way you do about “white privilege” But it’s a fallacy brought to you by the race baiters.

              • white privilege is not a fallacy unless you choose to deny reality & racism. This aint apartheid, and if she isn’t under arrest, she don’t have to provide nothing.

                • John

                  Oh please enough with the white privilege. I got out of the military in 1978 as a police officer. Started taking the exam that year and every two years after never scored below a 98. I finally got hired in 1993 when I found out I was being by passed for minorities that scored in the 70s and I filed a lawsuit. Military police training, Army Ranger school, Air Base ground defense school and SWAT trained by the FBI. By passed for High school grads with no military sounds like that white privilege worked out great for me. As for your law degree you might want to get a refund. See Comm Vs Pagan 440 Mass.62 2003. Officers who detain a person(s) on reasonable suspicion may hold a person(s) briefly while identity and outstanding warrants are checked.

                  • Mrs.Mickle

                    People of your color always use the passed over for minorities, because the are minorities excuse. I had a white gentleman tell me that same story about how he scored in the top 10% of his firefighter/emt class, and still wasn’t hired as a fire fighter. He went on to tell me that it was because he was getting passed over because of affirmative action. I said well how many firefighters are there , he said 24 and I said how many of them are black 3, to which I replied that still is no where near a majority that isn’t even 10%. So please don’t insult our intelligence with that straw man argument. The one or two percent of spots held for minorities are not hurting your chance for getting a job, if you look at most jobs the majority of the people look like you and are Caucasian .

                    • wow u just said some fucked up stuff & dont even know it.. priviledged!

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      Please elaborate ….

                    • kidked

                      why don’t you do some research idiot. the people that benefit the most from affirmative action are white women. Tell you’re dumbass friend he wasn’t good enough. How does he not know those blacks guys weren’t also in the top 10%. N if there’s 24 firefighters, that means there were more than 24 students in the class.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      Why don’t you learn to have a mature conversation without name calling let me re post my reply to another commenter……According the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, By race,Whites made up the majority of the labor force (79 percent).Blacks and Asians made up an additional 12 percent and 6 percent, respectively. American Indians and Alaska Natives made up 1 percent of the labor force, while Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders made up less than 1 percent. People of Two or More Races made up 2 percent of the labor force. ***************** so again even with all the minorities including blacks, whites still make up the majority of the job force******** so again those 12.5% of jobs going to black people really is not the reason you are not getting the job and I’ll reiterate the majority of people on jobs are Caucasian so don’t blame affirmative action on you not getting that job. And you can find this information on the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics website. I just so happen to be a black female….

                    • kidked

                      I’m actually sorry about my comment. I interpreted your comment wrong.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      No worries ;),Thanks for having integrity and apologizing…

                    • Michael Rice

                      Still idiotic.

                      If you are passed over for someone who is black, solely for race, it is costing you a job.

                      If I am more qualified than you, I should get the job. Percents do not matter.

                      Typical minority, liberal crap.

                      You are saying it is okay to discriminate based on race as long as it helps the minority.

                    • Richard Luttich

                      Shes a racist, dude. They’re kind only see in black & white.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      Tell that to my husband my last name is Irish….

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      No what you are saying is it’s okay if blacks aren’t hired because they are black , but don’t hire them just because they are black. Now I hear you and your Fox News cohorts repeat that low score misinformation all the time. But no affirmative action law states that you have to hire the black person that has the lower score that’s the choice of the person doing the hiring. Employers have been caught not calling people back if their name sounded black and calling them back if their name sounded white.Job applicants with white names needed to send about 10 resumes to get one callback; those with African-American names needed to send around 15 resumes to get one callback.The 50 percent gap in callback rates is statistically very significant,It indicates that a white name yields as many more callbacks as an additional eight years of experience. Race, the authors add, also affects the reward to having a better resume. Whites with higher quality resumes received 30 percent more callbacks than whites with lower quality resumes. But the positive impact of a better resume for those with Africa-American names was much smaller. “While one may have expected that improved credentials may alleviate employers’ fear that African-American applicants are deficient in some unobservable skills, this is not the case in our data,” the authors write. “Discrimination therefore appears to bite twice, making it harder not only for African-Americans to find a job but also to improve their employability.” Further, discrimination levels are statistically uniform across all the occupation and industry categories covered in the experiment. Federal contractors, sometimes regarded as more severely constrained by affirmative action laws, do not discriminate less. Neither do larger employers, or employers who explicitly state that they are “Equal Opportunity Employer” in their ads.

                    • alani

                      I agree. It is against the law for them to tell you anyone else’s score, so how does he know who passed or failed? I had a white person tell me that the firefighters and police share the answers to the Questions. When they want one of the friends or children to get a job they make sure they are well prepped.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      That but what they also do is they make an appointment for a personal introduction. I worked at a major pharmacy as a pharmacy tech for years, one day this girl comes in I train her and like a month later they send her to pharmacy. Now I’ve been there for years and should have been offered the position first … I was also the only black at that store location, now I train her and she gets a promotion, well she was neighbors with the store manager and her father and him played golf together….. They did that to me twice and than I left , and each time it was for a white person again I was the “token” black person at that location. They fired one of the employees for telling me how they call their black dog a Bigger with a N dog , on top of that every body was mad at me and I had to be subjected to a hostile work environment, because of course she should have been able to talk to me like that…. So yes if there was no laws I guarantee no black people would have a job. They purposely hired one black at that store ,I replaced a black guy who was leaving and he was the only black there.

                    • Michael Rice

                      White women….bahahaha Okay. You need to learn basic math, as well. Reading comprehension would help, too.

                      There are twenty four employed and three are black. He was in the top ten percent of HIS class.

                    • kidked

                      Go look at the stats fool. N you want to explain how my basic math skills were off?

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      I’m a black female please read what I said and understand it before you comment….

                    • Jessica2248

                      I’m sitting here wondering what the hell they were complaining about, lol! I read your post twice just to see what was so “messed up”, must not be very comprehensive readers there or they glanced over it.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      Lol…..when things get a little lengthy we tend to skim and not read…..

                    • Priscilla Marie-Reine

                      I understood what you meant.

                    • Jessica2248

                      Maybe you should reread what this sista just posted.

                    • John

                      Oh it’s not a story I work with guys that were hired over me on the first exam. On my Department there are roughly 2500 officers the ratio is 25% black officers Hispanics, Asians and Females were not included in the consent decree. The makeup of the city is 20% minority and that includes Hispanics and Asians. The city was hiring one black for every officer it hired since the late 70s until a law suit ended the consent decree. Even still they push for minority hires. Now these officer I work with make no bones about there scores or the fact that they have reach the time on point when they can retire in their 50s. Me on the other hand I have to go till I am 65 to get the full pension. The fact that any job especially a job you must test for is set aside based on race is wrong. Don’t insult me when you don’t have the facts I lived it.

                    • disqus_FSBqTVUTBQ

                      You might want to learn how to do some math. 3 of 24 is 12.5%. About the same percentage as the black population in this country. There’s no discrimination there. You might be able to present a better argument if you didn’t just spout off completely untrue statements.

                    • Kevin

                      3/24 is greater than 10 percent or nah? Thanks for the insight.

                    • PleaseDOBetter

                      White privilege is affirmative action for White people…I wish they would understand that.

                    • Darrin

                      3 divided by 24 = 0.125.
                      0.125 multiplied by 100 (that’s for the percentage) = 12.5%
                      so you are technically correct that 3 out of 24 is not 10% however black people are not the only minorities.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      According the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, By race,
                      Whites made up the majority of the labor force (79 percent).Blacks and Asians made up an additional 12 percent and 6 percent, respectively. American Indians and Alaska Natives made up 1 percent of the labor force, while Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders made up less than 1 percent. People of Two or More Races made up 2 percent of the labor force. ***************** so again even
                      with all the minorities including blacks, whites still make up the majority of the job force******** so again those 12.5% of jobs going to black people really is not the reason you are not getting the job and I’ll reiterate the majority of people on jobs are Caucasian so
                      don’t blame affirmative action on you not getting that job. And you can find this information on the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics website.

                    • angrywhiteman

                      why cant they just take the same test like everybody else and be hired on their own merit instead of because someone feels sorry for you..id be ashamed if I were black what an insult to my race to think we need a dumbed down test to compete with whites..for this very reason I never once no not once allowed a black dr of anykind any where near my children…..

                    • Michael Rice

                      That is idiotic.

                      Someone with a lower score got hired due to the fact the person was black and you have no problem with it.

                      WHat does it matter if it is a majority?

                      He was turned down because of a spot held for a minority. So, yes, it did cost him a job.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      Please reference this so that I know this isn’t some straw man argument you and Fox and friends like to repeat. That spot was held for that minority because whether they make good scores or not they are being passed over for jobs based off their skin color. Employers have been caught not calling people back if their name sounded black and calling them back if their name sounded white.Job applicants with white names needed to send about 10 resumes to get one callback; those with African-American names needed to send around 15 resumes to get one callback.The 50 percent gap in callback rates is statistically very significant, It indicates that a white name yields as many more callbacks as an additional eight years of experience. Race, the authors add, also affects the reward to having a better resume. Whites with higher quality resumes received 30 percent more callbacks than whites with lower quality resumes. But the positive impact of a better resume for those with Africa-American names was much smaller. “While one may have expected that improved credentials may alleviate employers’ fear that African-American applicants are deficient in some unobservable skills, this is not the case in our data,” the authors write. “Discrimination therefore appears to bite twice, making it harder not only for African-Americans to find a job but also to improve their employability.” Further, discrimination levels are statistically uniform across all the occupation and industry categories covered in the experiment. Federal contractors, sometimes regarded as more severely constrained by affirmative action laws, do not discriminate less. Neither do larger employers, or employers who explicitly state that they are “Equal Opportunity Employer” in their ads. This research was done by by NBER Faculty Research Fellows Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan.

                    • Joseph Kool

                      The problem is those 3 were hired only because of their skin color and not because they were the best firefighters. These people are counted on to save lives, don’t you want the best firefighter to get the job when lives are at stake?

                    • Sarah

                      And how do you know those 3 blacks weren’t the best firefighters or got the top score? Because they’re black and you’re racist enough to think that blacks can’t get top scores, f*$^$er. Why doesn’t your dumb friend question whether the whites were the top firefighters. If there was no affirmative action, NO BLACKS WOULD HAVE ANY JOBS. Until racism in hiring practices ends and the government doesn’t need to make laws to get us hired, then i support affirmative action!

                • Jeff Krutsinger

                  Wrong again. Police officers while investigating a crime have the right to detain persons of interest to determine if a crime has been committed. If those in question refuse to cooperate (as most guilty people tend to do) the officers have the legal right to detain and in the event of a combative or vebally abusive person, place them in handcuffs until they conclude (that means end) their investigation.
                  In the end, the police officer showed good judgement when they determined that while there was no prostitution occurring and they chose not to arrest them for lewd acts in public which by the letter of the law, they probably could have done.

                • Michael Rice

                  White privilege isn’t a fallacy. It is an outright lie.

                  Al Sharpton with his false rape accusations against officers. OJ and the cover up of Ray RIce…yeah white privilege.

                  The kid in NJ who was murdered by a Muslim Jihaidst and the news media leaves it alone.

                  Reginald Denny.

                  Ray Lewis….I guess it was white privilege there, too.

                  Racism is alive and well. You just proved that.

                  • Mrs.Mickle

                    Yeah you are right and your comment just proved it… it doesn’t make any sense OJ was found not guilty get over it. And don’t forget about Ben Rapesburger, the white NFL player accused of rape so really what is your point…..

            • Bruce LeRoy

              keyanna you sound like another racist punk

            • KC

              “Stay cool my friends” in the words of the beer guy. We have to let some things slide now what does showing and ID actually give the cop the power over??? Nothing. You can request his ID as well.

              As a umm..”black” man I have been profiled and letting them know you are no joke in a cool collected manner is best. You can be respectful and still stand up for yourself and rights. There are idiots with guns who wear uniforms and idiots who don’t. Cops are subject to the same inaccuracies prejudices and unprofessional behavior as any human in any occupation. So help give then the LEAST margin of error.

              I just act like I’m arguing a case in court …applied strategic emotion and thought usually work. I’m being nice but letting them know if anything illegal is done I’m cognizant and can become a real court-room problem. There is more than one way to be a warrior/tough. Warriors are not just good at fighting they are good at THINKING! It is quite a dance the black man must do to survive in this country -one of which a white man will never grasp FULLY…much less likely a cop! We must WORK to earn understanding and everybody ain’t gon’ show up to building …and some never even got out of bed!

            • Jeff Krutsinger

              Keyanna, again, you do not know the law. Handcuffs do not equate to being under arrest. It was a “lawful detention” provoked by her lack of cooperation of police officers who were there legally investigating a crime (sex in public) Would you be ok with two people having sex in there car in front of your house where your kids could see it in the middle of the day? If not, then who would you call? Then again, maybe you are ok with this sort of behavior. I for one, think these two should have been a little more private about there public display of affection.

            • Kayla

              * racial profiling. Racist profiling would be profiling people because they seem racist.

            • Michael Rice

              Except, it turns out that isn’t what they did. White privilege that.

            • Richard Luttich

              “White Privilege”?! You’re an ignorant racist. The only “privilege” here is the celebrity privilege that broad tried to invoke. I realize you’re kind cant help but be racist. Its been drilled into your malleable little mind by your Liberal college professors. Time to grow up.

              • Mrs.Mickle

                And we realize your kind will never be able to see past what you hear on Fox and Friends….

            • Stan Robertson

              She WAS NOT kissing in public! She was doing the guy in the front seat!. Wake the hell up.

            • Toast

              um if you were acting like a prostitute in public than no one cares….

          • Adifah Crista Kelly Sadler

            Wah who cares. Ive been cuffed SO many times. My sin, being depressed to the point of suicidality. Its not that bad. Now go away troll…

        • ITrue

          Because she walked away and he had to send someone to come get her.

          • Caydence James

            You might to read up on that because according to the law classes I’ve had it’s always been relayed to me that unless an officer had probable cause to believe that she committed a crime or was arresting her, she had a right to walk away.

            • John

              His probable cause is the call for service with a description of the two suspects and the car all of which match.

            • ITrue

              mmm hmmm good luck with that

            • ITrue

              And also I was replying to why she was handcuffed and her man was not. This is the only reason she was handcuffed.

            • Katebird

              I am always for people asserting their legal rights… in this case, though, the officer did have probable cause for public lewdness–people had called the police to report that the couple was having sex in the car with the door open.

              Would I have called the cops? Nope. Do I think that was silly? Yup. But in this particular case, they did have a legit reason to ask for her ID. And she behaved badly. I thought they were actually remarkably patient with her shenanigans, considering how crazy she was acting and what we’ve seen from other cops in the news recently.

        • Jeff Krutsinger

          Handcuffs do not mean she was arrested. She was lawfully detained while refusing to cooperate with a lawful order and showing aggressive behavior. The handcuffs were to prevent any further excavation of civll disobedience. Had she simply cooperated after “allegedly having sex in public” (which is a crime) the police would have let her go. She created this entire overreaction. I hope she is ashamed of the way she reacted as well as those who were so quick to defend her false allegations. Good job LAPD and thank you Chief Beck for backing up the professional behavior of your officers.

      • lawfulscholar

        Correction: she in fact was under arrest by legal definition. once lights turn on to pull you over or you’re engaged by officers, you are under arrest. this is part of the problem, nobody keeps law dictionarys to understand what things really are.

        • La Shawn

          This is patently untrue. You can’t pass off bs like this even if you’re username is ‘lawfulscholar.’

        • NaturalDisaster

          you cant be serious! so ppl are under arrest as soon as the cop lights go off? who do think your kidding

        • John

          Wrong sorry I have a degree and 25 years on the job and that is not true. This was a call for service and the two suspects and the vehicle match the description. This gave the officer probable cause. The officer was making a threshold inquiry based on probable cause. She has the right to walk away, however the officer has the right to ask for ID and if she refused to give it she can be arrested for violation of city ordinances. That being said once she was cuffed and placed in the cruiser she was in fact under arrest. And in my mind should not have been released.

        • ITrue

          Even if this is true (which I have my doubts) the White man she was with was “arrested” also and this is still not a race issue. This woman is an embarrassment and pulled every card she had from perceived fame, race, to nepotism for no reason at all. Everyone has a story about racist police, including myself. I know what it looks like and this ain’t it.

        • bb ragusa (the medium ragu)

          You. Can’t. Even. Spell. Dictionaries.
          The problem is dummies like you spreading this false information. You are not under arrest until a police officer states you are, why, and reads you your rights. You act like police lights are magic. Don’t be strong and wrong.

        • Steven

          That’s utterly false. You are most certainly NOT “under arrest” “once lights turn on to pull you over or you’re engaged by officers.” There’s a difference between a stop and an arrest that has somehow completely escaped you.

      • John

        She should have been arrested.

      • remoi

        She was arrested then released at the police station

        • Pennywise

          That’s a lie.

    • Sorry, but she wasn’t arrested. And she was cuffed because she walked away. And he rightly and respectfully called a female officer to bring her back and she resisted that female officer and “she” the female cop was like “I ain’t having this” and cuffed her. Please, please, whoever you are, if the cops stop you for whatever reason and ask for ID…give them ID… it is not that big a deal. It is not really a violation of your rights. If is it is a very small one. There are much bigger and more serious violations to fight against than a cop asking you for your ID. HOWEVER with that said, I think homeboy is in for a break up when Danielle hears this LOL LOL

      • Annette

        I don’t think the 1st commenter was talking about the cops. The person was talking about the bf’s role.

        • FromUR2UB


        • Right. Like I said… I think the bf is in for a break up. He certainly has a lot fast sweet talking to do when she hears this. lol

      • hollyw

        Actually, depending on what state you’re in, it may be a violation of your rights to be forced to show i.d. Some states, you have to; some you don’t. The question is, was the cop overstepping his authority or not. It doesn’t matter what you would’ve done in the situation; if she was w/in her rights, then he violated hers. And her boyfriend helped.

        • I’m pretty sure in Cali you do. But maybe not. I always did when I lived there. Never had reason not to. Can’t really imagine what that would be or why I would not. But so be it.

          • John Bailey

            living in cali doesn’t void your rights under the constitution.

          • Nikki

            California does not have the ‘Stop and Id Laws’. Twenty-four states do, but California is not one of them.

          • hollyw

            The only reason you need is not wanting to lol. Additionally, someone frm San Fran told me last week that L.A. police were storing folks’ names as alleged gang affiliates, which gave them probable cause during and future searches, w/o a warrant…for me, THAT sounded like a reason lol…

            In most states, you have to show if you’re being questioned for a crime, but the cop has to make that clear that you are and are not free to go. I didn’t watch the video b/c it seemed like a whole lotta drama, plus I couldn’t stand to hear her bf, so idk if that was done. There’s a handful of evidence that being helpful and cooperative during questioning increases the chances of being charged for a crime. Another reason. For that, retired NYPD sympathetic to black youth being falsely charged tell them it’s better to keep asking if they’re under arrest or free to leave, keep silent otherwise, and just risk the arrest b/c they’ll release you soon anyway due to no evidence. Of course, getting your wrists cut and roughed up is extra and unnecessary force.

        • Traceyann ImaSurvivor Lumsden

          It being flooded with illegal immigrants, I would suppose they would…lol

          • hollyw

            Smh lol.

      • trav/wayne

        I understand exactly where you are coming about this particular circumstance and agree. But what about a cop that roll up on you that you don’t know? What if they ask for I.D, you pull out a wallet and they think it’s a gun? Presumably if the cops are untrained, paranoid and have issues with perception. Especially with reading body language and also the trouble cops have with stereotyping.

        • laura

          if you don’t act stupid you won’t have a problem. every time i’ve ever been pulled over i act respecful and cautious. when they ask for license, insurance, and registration, i say, “my insurance and registration are in the glove box. is it ok if i get them?” no issues. if i was a cop i would be cautious of a stranger reaching into the glove box. they always have to be on their guard. if people woulnd’t act a fool and like a crackhead like ms. watts and her fugly “celeb” friend, they wouldnt have any issues. respect begets respect.

          • trav/wayne

            I couIdn’t take your statement personally at all; being that you may not have crossed paths with one of the bad apples. For example, I speak from experience and reading journalism not stupidity. You must understand that respect is not always granted no matter how much you feel you should be respected. And that will depend upon what I already stated, of which I stand by. Being respectful and cautious is not always a guarantee of being safe guarded from something that can horribly go wrong. that Amadou Diallo

      • daren III

        yeah just give the cops whatever they ask for even if its a violation of your constitutional rights … just what germans had to do with the gestapo and same in all police states … “its just a SMALL right we’re taking —jusy co operate and you’ll be fine”

        of course the german jews and other citizens in police states said the same thing “just do what they say ;it’ll make it easier for yourself”

        when when they decide to take another small right you have no right to complain

        • SteveBiko

          Couldn’t have said it better myself Daren.

        • hollyw

          Very well said. That “cooperate is you have nothing to hide” is a trap. Especially if you’re skin has color.

          • laura

            if you don’t like american rules then leave

            • laura

              i’m sure that things are much better in west africa. smh

            • hollyw

              You are so obviously a troll. Soooo pathetic :-). Good luck with your life lol.

        • Russell Curtis

          What everyone seems to be missing is, if there is racism it was the person who phoned in the complaint. The officer was responding to a call and had to request identification. And from what I can tell from the pictures I would have called it in also. They were not ‘just kissing’.

        • laura

          if you have a problem with american rules and respecting authority maybe you should move elsewhere.

          • daren III

            the constitution is our law –which is the point of what i said

            if you dont like the constitution get out of our country

        • Tom LeJeune

          There’s a huge difference between getting stopped and searched to make sure you’re not Jews and being asked for ID when police are called out to investigate a couple having sex in a parked car in the middle of the day. Your Nazi metaphor doesn’t really work in this scenario.

          • daren III

            actually it does

            if the constitution doesnt count sometimes then eventually it may not count at all

      • Missfitt

        “Please, please, whoever you are, if the cops stop you for whatever reason and ask for ID…give them ID… it is not that big a deal. It is not really a violation of your rights. If is it is a very small one”….Did you just say in the same sentence that it is not really a violation of your rights if it is it’s a really small one…Whoa you are not the sharpest nail in the shed!!!! Sooo if cops knock on your door to “check” to see if you are harboring a fugitive will you let them in or better yet what if a cop says jump off the bridge…no big deal you could swim right??? There’s no such thing as not really a violation of your rights, they either are violated or aren’t theres no inn between. With that said I do not agree with her actions but I also don’t agree that I should just hand over my ID to an officer if I am not being detained. Sheeple wake up..Officers are civil servants guess who they work for?!?! US!!!

        • Your hysterics or name calling don’t intimidate me. I might have mis-worded that idea (pretty badly- point taken) but if you quote someone, quote the whole context. I said “There are much bigger and more serious violations to fight against than a cop asking you for your ID.” You can agree or disagree. If you want to fight a cop every time they pull you over for speeding or a tail light, go right ahead. Me, I guess I’ll just let them walk over me and show them my f***ing drivers license and bring the free world down. The assumptive assertion from that to I’d “jump off bridge” if they told me is of monumental exaggeration and absurdity. This girls actions are no example to me of how to preserve your rights.

        • hollyw

          You are diluted, the U.S. police force does not work FOR citizens. Their main role is to control and subdue, and they work for the gov’t. Esp. after 9/11.

      • Meow Mix

        There are 24 states where you must show ID to police upon request….. Cali is not one of them…..

        • bb ragusa (the medium ragu)

          If the police are not arresting you, they can not detain you. You have every right to walk away. You do not have to produce ID on demand because the police all for it. I don’t care how polite he was about it WHAT. HE. DID. WAS. ILLEGAL. This is a blatant violation of this woman’s civil rights and it’s scary how many people are refusing to recognize that.

          • Russell

            If police a reasonable reason to suspect that ypu may have committed a crime then they have every right to sk for your ID. In this case the officer had a reason to belive that the two were having sex in public based on the 911 they recived and so the offier had a legal right to ask for their ID’s

          • Ureidiots

            Considering there was a 911 call and numerous witnesses, there is an investigation going on. So, in fact, legally she has to give up her ID. So…what she did was illegal. One way or another, what they were doing was illegal, and they should have been arrested. Stop making excuses for other people, and making every issue about the world being against “law abiding citizens” like Michael Brown.

          • loveofcircus

            so if the police pull you over can you just drive off?

          • Salvatore Buttice

            Incorrect actually, they can detain you while they investigate if a crime has/is being committed. For example, they show up at a domestic dispute. The husband is led to the police car. In most cases, for officer safety, the suspect is handcuffed, and then put in the back of the cruiser. He is not at this time under arrest, merely under suspicion. They investigate at the scene and find out that the person calling it in misunderstood the situation or whatever, he is released from the vehicle and uncuffed. Now as for the ID issue, you are right, in Cali. there is no law stating that you must show id, but court cases have been mixed on whether or not you have to identify yourself. Had she not got on her high horse and walked away while flipping out, she never would have been cuffed. The reason why she probably wasn’t charged with anything was because the BF was being polite to the cop, answered questions, explained the situation, and helped defuse the situation. If anything, she owes the boyfriend a big thanks.

        • AnthonyGarcia61

          Actually Cali is one of them now, if an officer asks for ID you must show it or you can be detained.

      • LoveasLove

        What if you don’t have ID at the time. Then what? Do they have a right to harass you for not having ID? Especially if they are NOT detaining you? What are we now… some kind of checkpoint nation?

      • Net

        No! At least in my state, you do not have to show ID if you are being confronted for anything other than a moving violation! You are only obligated to give your name and age. That would be like an officer asking for someone’s military ID— it is a privilege card that has nothing to do with driving or anything else. I got SO frustrated applying for things that would only accept driver’s ID before I was able to drive- they made it where there was not alternative, so I just decided to go without certain things, because that is my right!

      • NaturalDisaster

        your first statement is that she wasnt arrested. the rest of your defense becomes irrelevent

      • John

        She was in fact arrested and rightly so. The officer responded to a call for service and based on a description of the suspects and vehicle conducted a threshold inquiry. The officer had probable cause to believe a crime had taken place and based on that asked for ID. She is required to identify herself to the officer and can be arrested for violation of city ordinances if she does not. Once she walked away and the female officer attempts to bring her back and she resists she has committed another violation of the law. Once she was cuffed and placed in the car she defiantly is under arrest. She should never have been released at that point. And I hope the officer in the report is able to say she was released per order of a supervisor or he may find his arse in a sling on this one.

      • Sadiki Akil

        How do you resist a officer if your not under arrest|?Legally she has a right to walk away and she doesn’t have to show id(cause folks don’ have to walk around with id legally).If she was a white woman this wouldn’t be a issue.And how is she using her race as a clutch?The boyfriend is full of chit with what he was saying.

    • SheDevilsRule

      Keep beleiveing everything you read. They was having fun, having sex & got caught. He didn’t throw her under the bus. SMH

      • Lisa

        Thank you!

    • John

      Ya we all know if that was some white chick dry humping her boy friend in broad daylight on a public street the cops would have never been have been called. Insert sarcasm any where you like.

    • Pennywise

      Seriously, if that’s what you’re taking away from this, you are part of the problem.

      She got what she deserved. Actually she could have been arrested if the police pursued it and asked eyewitnesses if they wanted to make a citizen’s arrest.

      She got off easy, the little brat.

    • They should have arrested him for having s*x in public.

    • Brian Kirkland

      He was neither arrested nor handcuffed. He cooperated from the start. He had no butt to save.

      This was just him being a privileged Caucasian; an insider with some forbidden fruit, for whom he has no real affection.