“I Would Have Been Fed Up Before The Jail Situation Ever Came”: Kandi Burruss Speaks On Whether Or Not Phaedra Should Divorce Apollo

September 16, 2014  |  


In a chat with The Breakfast Club alongside her husband Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss spoke about married life and filming the new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” During that conversation, she was asked about good friend Phaedra Parks, and whether or not they had spoken about what Parks should do about her marriage. With Apollo Nida currently behind bars and looking at eight full years away from his family, many assume that Parks will run for the hills. But Burruss says she wouldn’t have left Nida over his second stint in jail. In fact, she would have left a long time ago if she was Parks.

If She Advised Parks To File For Divorce:

No, I didn’t tell her to get a divorce. See, I’m cool with Phaedra, but Todd is cool with Apollo. So this conversation gets heated sometimes. He and I debate about the situation.

What She Thought About Nida’s Behavior Over The Years:

It’s a lot of stuff about that situation that you’re going to find out on the new season, so I can’t really tell you. I can’t, no, but it’s some things that will be surprising about that situation that’s going to come on the new season. So I can’t go too far about that. It’s some things that’s going to come back that you’ll see that you’re going to be like, ‘huh!?’

If She Would Leave Her Husband If He Went To Prison:

For me, if it were my husband or whatever, I wouldn’t leave him just because he was going to jail. I wouldn’t. But if it was about the other stuff that was going on that would be different. If he was just doing me wrong all the time, I would be like, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ There are certain things that could put any relationship in a bad position. But I would just say that I would have been fed up before the jail situation ever came…

I feel like, if she does do anything, I feel like she’s going to be judged just because people are like ‘Oh you’re supposed to stay down for your man.’ But nobody really thinks about whatever else may go on. I don’t think that’s fair.

You can check out Burruss’ full conversation, alongside Tucker (who is promoting “Hollywood Divas”) below. Her statements about Parks and Nida start around the 9:25 mark.

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  • Hope Nodrama

    OK ppl. There’s no reason to attack me on my opinion. If i misunderstood something then i misunderstood. There’s no reason to jump down my throat. Only one person reply with respect. I’m asking please don’t disrespect me. If u disagree with something i said reply with respect or don’t reply at all. Thank u. I just know when friend speak on each others stuff wether it’s harmless or not nothing good come out of it. The media have a way of twisting ppl words. If Kandi and Peadra have and understanding then that’s good.

  • Toosmart2bfooled

    Kandi can’t offer Fakedra any advice. She should focus on her own marriage. And make sure it last beyond a year.

  • vidman

    “It’s some things that will be surprising about that situation that’s gonna come out in the new season” – do these people ever stop “marketing” this trash for ratings? It’s all about self-interest right. The bigger the ratings, the more money they can make. So, as we build up to the new season, you’ll be hearing the cast drop little bits of info to raise the audience’s curiosity to tune in. I won’t be one of them.

  • s

    Finally Kandi is honest …usually she just sits on that fence……I hope they finally realized that sticking the poison on the other woman for all her husbands indiscretions was waaay wrong ….she wanted to blame the other woman for all his misdeeds…..all it did was bring to light what a low down dog she had tied herself to ….but having said that she showed her true colors at the end of the last seasons sit down and boy is she a vindictive evil piece of work …..so in the immortal words of the other woman …..what goes around comes around and I do not feel sorry for Phaketra parks noooo way !!!

  • Lesson learned

    This whole situation with Phaedra / Apollo and kandi/ Todd
    reminds me that in life we have to be truthful with ourselves and make
    ourselves happy before we worry about looking good to others.

    This whole situation with Phaedra occurred because she had an unplanned pregnancy and
    instead of having this baby and raising it herself she decided to marry a felon
    to give everyone the impression that she has a solid relationship and that they
    are the ideal couple. If Phaedra really thought about it she would have never
    married Apollo. She must have known her marriage was not going to last forever
    but I don’t think she ever thought this marriage would leave her humiliated,
    under the watch of the law and being a single parent as such a short time. She
    married for beauty and keeping up appearance instead of true love. They seemed miserable most of the time and Apollo was very disrespectful. I have been there before
    and no one knows the pain you are suffering in private but you.

    Kandi on the other end is desperate for a husband. I would
    have put a break on that marriage as soon as Todd refused to sign the prenup.
    Todd knew that the prenup was coming yet he acted surprised. He should concentrate
    on making his own money. It is only a matter of time before you hear Todd is
    spending too much of Kandi’s money and now they are separating.

  • Katherine Chandler

    First off, ignorant people stating that Phaedra shouldn’t leave her husband!! Get some self-respect! He publicly announced how he was putting thousands of dollars into the g-strings of strippers as opposed to showing the world that he provided for his wife as a man should. ..im sure he did, however, Phaedra had her own money! Also, when disrespectful, classless Kenya flirted with Apollo. ..he flirted right back with her in his wife’s presence. ..soo I say….you reap what you sow!!!! Its her decision! ! Go Phaedra…my blessings to you and your children.

  • Dina Turner

    If you haven’t figured this out yet then something is wrong. Kandi is a grown woman and there is nothing fake about her. She will tell you the truth. She didn’t throw her friend under the bus and she was respectful towards Phedra’s and her husband’s situation. Kandi didn’t put anyone on blast. One thing about Kandi is that when she’s wrong she admits it and will stand up for herself when necessary. A real business woman knows how to handle these situations and make it look easy. That’s Kandi. She has been in this business longer any one on this cast. Leave her alone!!!

  • Doris James



    Kandi just needs to close her mouth and cont. to work on her relationship . the interview should just stayed on her and Todd, even if they are on the show. I feel all that Apollo did Phaedra didnt walk always then , so y now. But this show that these women are weak on these shows. I guess she feels this is her only way out. I guess.

    Kandi shouldn’t give advice to Phaedra . because she going to end up like Evelyn and Phaedra going to end up like Jennifer. Weak given Weak advice.

  • Cheryl Robinson

    She says she does not share conversations she is just like a bucket with holes.

  • Cindy Kelly

    She didn’t trash Phaedra…….she called it like she saw it and said what she would do if it were her. Now if I were Phaedra,
    I would have kicked his a$$ to the curb a long time ago. She brought him out of the gutter to a better life and what did he do? He continued with his shady schemes and crawled right back into the gutter and was dragging her with him! He is a cheat and liar, he will never stay out of prison for very long because that is where he belongs. Phaedra is better than that and she has 2 beautiful babies she has to consider!

  • Deborah Allen

    Kandi said she is team Phaedra, but her husband is team Apollo and they often debate the issue. She also said much of this is included in the new season, which means there is a confidentiality contract limiting what she can and can not discus to a certain extent. I think people need to wait for the new season to see what limits where placed on her and the other women concerning the subject of Apollo, Pheadra, the arrest and possible divorce.

  • Jan

    Now here this,,, this is your Commander Apollo Pollo Loco, announcing the Submarine has officially gone asunder!

  • bertye brown

    Whether they stay together or divorce they are forever linked because of the children. And because of that I hope there will be an amicable relationship should they divorce.

  • Mew0116

    Todd is just as shady as Apollo and once it all comes to light, everyone will see why Kandi’s mom wants no part of him! Kandi has ignored the warning signs, so she will have to learn the hard way, the same as Phaedra!

    • Martha

      What proof do you have? IMHO I felt Kandi’s mom was more worried about the Kandi gravy train for her own selfish needs and not looking out for her daughters happiness.

  • yahoouser

    Kandi is so ugly Gorila is more attractive than her.

    • Charlotte DiLondon

      Did you really have to say that, Mr. or Ms. I’m afraid to show my ugly face?

      • ladybug

        Thank you!!!

    • ladybug

      Kandi is beautiful. Please show your have and let us judge

  • Coya

    Her and Todd may want to watch out on getting caught up in other’s business, whether it’s friends, family whatever. Never let what’s going on in someone else’s house affect what’s going on in yours.

    As far as Phaedra goes, yes Apollo did a lot of the things on the show that everyone could see that was disrespectful outside of the whole Kenya situation. Sometimes God has to force someone out of your life the hard way if you’re not willing to listen to Him and pay attention to the signs. I’m all for working out your marriage and yada yah but you want to be in a relationship where you have a peace of mind and peace period.

    • ladybug

      Kudos to you. I agree wholeheartedly

  • mmmdot

    I completely agree. Phaedra is not dead because her husband is going off to jail for damn near a decade and she doesn’t have to put HER life on hold for HIM. Would Apollo be waiting for her if SHE had all that time in jail? I think not.

  • Alfred Cox

    This provides no insight on the situation, which is fine because Phaedra and Kandi are cool as hell, ditto with Todd and Apollo. But still, have a definitive opinion, not just because that’s your homie.

  • JaneDoe

    Phaedara should have left him and Todd should have left he a** alone for the way she allowed her mom to disgrace him on Nataional tv. Just saying

    • Hope Nodrama


    • Really

      How you stop a grown woman from voicing her opinion? How would you “control” your mother and not be disrespectful?! Kandi did stand up to her mother and at times it was painful. It may not have come off strong enough to other people but at the end of the day no one should disrespect the person that gave you life. Kandi did set boundaries for her mother so that Todd could feel comfortable. Let’s not forget that she can’t stay at the house, she brought it a therapist. You can not say she is not trying to resolve the issue. Some things takes time and if Todd is willing to go through the trial then other people’s opinion on the state of the relationship and what he should be doing are irrelevant.

    • Bird

      You may be right, but Todd declared that he would stay with Kandi regardless of how her mother acted towards him. Todd appears to be a good guy, but we don’t know if Kandi’s money, fame and lifestyle attracted him to her.

      • ShawnCurtisLacey

        No Bird, You don’t know! The rest of us know that it is the money! He is not in love with her at all even though he was the aggressor in the relationship. Why would Kandi cry during the relationship of how he always gets excited ONLY when it is time for him to go on the road? Not only that, he gets married but tell his bride that he will be gone a few months. THE REAL TRUTH is that Kandi will be having her own crisis in a few months. I saw this in Apollo and called the shots. Women from everywhere were attacking me. I told them that I am sticking to my opinion and that they will see down the road. I called him a thief who had not changed, and that is exactly what he did. If mama Joyce hired a private investigator, Todd will get busted the FIRST WEEK. A cheater is like a dumb thief, he/she does not think before he/she acts. Todd will think the coast is clear forgetting that he is now a public figure with his face being all over the t.v. When he least expects, someone will see him in the act and take a cell phone photo. Mark my words!

        • Kelly

          You are way too invested. Scary.

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      Todd this and Todd that! What does Todd have? Did Kandi run after him and was he not the one to run after her? Kandi would have loved to see him walk away; deep down inside she knows he is a leach. If mama Joyce has any sense at all, she should hire a private investigator by “Cheaters.”

  • Melyssa

    First of all, who will judge Phaedra for kicking Apollo to the curb and tell her ‘You should stay down for your man” after all the humility he has put her through, #Said NoOne Ever!!!
    Apollo had some ish with him it was no secret he was slanging dack in the ATL behind her back.

  • Guest

    If your mother treated your husband to be the way her mother did Todd, I would think that it would be enough to show you, you’re not in any type of position to talk about the way other people behave!!! Silence is Golden!!! Just saying!!!

    • JaneDoe

      Round of applause. The nerve of her

    • Hope Nodrama

      Well said!!!

    • blackrose

      exactly. some may say that if they were Todd they would have left HER a long time ago based on the way his mother treats him

      • ShawnCurtisLacey

        Are you stuck on stupid? Leave who and for what? What is Todd bringing to the table? What does Kandi have, 35 million dollars and making more? “He would have left her.” You could not pay Todd (that crook) to leave if you tried to force him out. He does not have a pot to piss in, and you are talking about leaving her. Even if she did not have any money, he has nothing to give her. HE DID NOT STICK AROUND BECAUSE OF LOVE; KANDI COULD HAVE STABBED AND SHOT HIM AND STILL HE WOULD HUNG IN THEIR FOR A PAY DAY. A cheating man or woman do not stop cheating when they get married; he is STILL cheating. I went down this same road with Apollo when BLACK WOMEN were saying the same thing. I said that he was a crook and that it would come out in the end. I will continue to say that Todd is an imposter who is only fooling SOME black women. He will get caught and exposed. What does not come out in the wash will come out in the rinse!”

      • Shunda

        I agree to a certain point. Still can’t compare the two. Things eventually can be worked out between Todd and Kandi’s mom. But, lets be real who can get over how Apollo was so disrespectful with the whole Kenya situation? Stop comparing the two cause it makes you sound ridiculous. Now Kandi’s mom is dead wrong but it would be easier to get over and eventually work it out, than your HUSBAND making it very obvious that he has eyes for another woman in your face, the public, and whomever else child please!

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      Todd was NOT her husband but and still is a money grabber! You dumb women deserve what you get! Did you not see him get an attitude about the pre-nup? So you can back off a loving mom just because your mother would not have cared.

      • Guest

        Well since she proceeded with marrying him, I would say your point is pointless. He is her husband (whether he is sincere or not) and her mother can always speak her mind and then back off. That’s what mature people do. They don’t continue to carry on over other people’s business. Lessons in life are learned through experience and each individual is allowed to experience life as they see fit. The fact that you resorted to name calling to make your point says a lot more about you than “dumb women”. You have no idea whether I’m a man or a woman!!!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    sometimes it’s best to say no comment

    • Shunni

      I feel like this a topic Kandi is going to have to discuss, yes Phaedra is her friend in real life but she is also her cast mate on a reality TV show. She cant say no comment this topic is off limits because she my friend, that would be somewhat foolish of her to do. Besides Kandi has always been very open and honest and forthcoming with her opinion as she should be when your life is broadcast for the world to see.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        Maybe so but just like giving an opinion on a friends relationship came between evelyn & jen on basketball wives…it can cause a problem…i just wouldn’t comment on my friends situation reality show or not

        • Hope Nodrama

          My point Exactly!!!!

        • Really

          Even if she had said no comment someone would have said Kandi was being shady. You can not please everyone. This is not her first time being interviewed. She knows how to handle herself. And how does anyone know if she did not have a conversation with Phaedra about what Phaedra would feel comfortable being discussed? If Phaedra isn’t complaining, and it’s her business, what is anyone else’s problem?!

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            who knows anything it’s all speculative right?…my general opinion with out knowing the specifics of their particular conversations is that u shouldn’t comment on ur friends marital or relationship issues

        • ShawnCurtisLacey

          This is “NOT” Evenly and Jen; this is Phaedra–Taneesha! We all know what a snake in the grass she is and how she uses folk to get what she wants and to make herself look good. Don’t even pretend as if Kandi had not been given directives from Phaedra as to what to say. Fakedra could never say it because it messes up her image, but she can get Kandi to say it and end up being the poor little victimized wife of that God forsaken Apollo!

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            lolwho is Evenly? & u think Kandi would let Phaedra use her as a mouthpiece?…naw more than likely i think it’s kandi just talking a little too much.

            • ShawnCurtisLacey

              Taneesha, that is what you want to think because it serves you best. Phaedra talks to Kandi about everything and basically rules her life from the time she was in the group to EVERY facet of her life. Phaedra has made a few millions (if not most of her money) off of Kandi. When Kandi wanted a man, Phaedra not only went a found a man that she approved of but wrote up the Pre-nup. If you do not think they have not talked this over between them then something is wrong. Neesy, Phaedra’s mind never stops and is always conjuring up something devilish. EVEN IF YOU LIKE PHAEDRA AND YOU DO, she is the QUEEN of getting others to do her dirt. Kandi said exactly what Phaedra told her to say no doubt about it. There are two folk in prison and another that served time all because of a ring leader who you still think has a level of innocent. Baby girl, “a tree falls in the direction in which it is slanted!” This means that she is still doing the same thing now through Kandi the way she always have through someone else. HAVE YOU NOTICED THE TOPIC WE ARE DISCUSSING TODAY; IT IS ABOUT APOLLO? Where is Phaedra? She gets away Scott free as usual and the light is ONLY on Apollo! Phaedra always end up shining like a star, and we end up talking about the very ones that she put to do her dirt. Now we are talking about Kandi; again, someone doing Phaedra’s dirty work. Phaedra knew that Kandi was going on that show. If anything, Kandi probably did not do all she was asked to do because it is not her nature.

              • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

                Waaaaaaayyyy too much involvement & concern & assumptions on ur part…way too much…(did it just call me baby girl & tell me i like phaedra?) Had to talk to myself for a minute anywho …I’m gonna just let u have all that because i don’t feel like this back & forth with u writing whole books & what not & i honestly don’t care that much about people i don’t know to psychologically evaluate them so u can have it

        • Shunda

          Can’t agree with that. Jennifer did trash Evelyn and maybe you need to go back and play the interview that Jennifer did. You can’t never compare the two… And maybe people who feel that Phaedra was trashed by Kandi may need to go back and read this article again.

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            Once again i am very specific…i did not say that khandi trashed phaedra…i said & let me say it again…reiterate if u will…as a friend u shouldn’t discuss ur friends
            relationship…that is what i said & evelyn & jen is still an example because jen shouldn’t have said anything…that’s my point

  • Hope Nodrama

    Kandi need not to have her mouth on nobody’s business but her own. Trashing ur BBF marriage to the media is not the way to go. Kandi wrong for this. I don’t even like Phaedra but i feel she don’t deserved for her so call friend put her on blast.

    • Juliana

      I, honestly, don’t think she trashed Phaedra. They asked her if she was in the situation would she have left and she said everyone’s circumstance is different. She did not insult Phaedra, call her out of her name, or imply anything negative about Phaedra’s situation.

      On top of that, Phaedra’s situation is already on blast. And as Phaedra’s friend she is probably more privy to the situation than anyone and Phaedra is handling it her way. Kandi did not say Phaedra should just get divorced and drop Apollo. Sometimes, I feel like people comment without listening to the entire audio so they can just comment and be negative.

      • Hope Nodrama

        There ‘s no reason for u to attack me. I just voice my opinion. Me personally if the question was ask i would have simply said no comment moving on. I wouldn’t of spoke on my friends situation period because the media have a way of twistin ppl words.

        • Sarah

          But they do a show together called Real Housewives of Atlanta, so it’s not necessarily like everyday people who don’t do reality shows. She could have said no comment, and ended the interview. But being she’s interviewed just because of the show, she kept it as PC as possible. Though there was one subtle dig at Apollo in there…

          • Bird

            I agree with you that Kandi handled the situation respectfully and she did not take a dig at Phaedra. Everyone is aware of Phaedra and Apollo’s relationship that he cheated on her and is going to jail, so how was Kandi disrespectful when asked what would she do. This will all come out during the next season of RHOA and Phaedra will be the one dishing her own personal business to the world not Kandi. I don’t see anything wrong with Kandi’s comments.

        • s

          I don’t think Juliana meant to sound like she was attacking you. I hear what you are saying about not speaking on your friends business and I think that both phony phaketra is too smart to have not let Kandi say anything these two are tight and you can imagine they would have given each other boundaries on what can and can’t be said.
          Personally as you can tell I cannot stand Phaketra….for me the jury is still out on Kandi…..but I don’t dislike her as much as I dislike phaketra.
          My money is that soon enough her hubbie once he is tired of looking at those four walls will start doing a whole lotta talking and it wont be nice for miss phake pants.

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        And they don’t realize they are doing that. Khandi said nothing negative about her friend.

      • ladybug

        I heard the audio. But as a friend I would never publicly discuss my friends marriage especially if she isn’t present. Where I’m from we call that messy and gossipy lol. But I don’t think she had bad intentions. Seems like she was trying to defend her friend from people who are trash taking Phaedra for not standing by her husband but it did look messy and gossipy though. Sometimes you have to know when to say no comment.

        • ShawnCurtisLacey

          You would if your friend asked you to do so to make her look like the victim. Since when do you think that Phaedra did not know aforetime that Kandi was going to address this issue? Phaedra has been getting others to do her dirty work for years. You all need to wake up a get a clue!

      • Felicia Ward

        I agree with everything you said. And I don’t she said anything much different than what anyone might have said. She essentially said, “No, I didn’t tell my friend what to do, but this is what I would do in this situation”.

    • morrow

      So what article are you reading, because i just don’t see where Kandi put Phaedra on blast. You do know and you did read where Kandi said how good friends they are , didn’t you?

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      Calm down, it is not what you think! Kandi worships Phaedra, and you know this. Phaedra being the fake person that she is knows full well what Kandi because she put her up to it. Anything to look innocent and to stay in the good graces of the audience, Fakedra will do! If you have not caught on by now, everyone does Phaedra dirty work for her. How do I know this? Kandi would not even speak badly of her former band mates until one kept running her mouth to the radio stations. There is no doubt that Phaedra put her up to this in order to get the sympathy of the public. Don’t be fooled, Phaedra has Apollo’s millions and is laughing all the way tot he bank. Whether crooked or straight, he made far more than she did being the little black sweet onion of Georgia!

    • s

      I disagree…..she is not trashing Phaedra …..her fakeness would have done the same thing in the same situation and if you look at what Kandi is actually saying you can bet that phony phaketra already agrees with all that is said and more ….there friendship is not done if anything the fact that she did not show up in court speaks volumes as to where phaketra is in that relationship.