Comedienne Retta, A Seat Filler, And Commentary On Racial Injustice

August 28, 2014  |  

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Please tell me y’all watch “Parks and Recreation,” affectionally known as “Parks and Rec” for those in the in crowd. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of goodness, a lot of goodness.

But that’s only part of the reason why I’m here today.

“Parks and Rec” features the brilliant comedienne Retta. And she is everything. Sharp, in touch, and of course hilarious. In case you’re not familiar, this interview of Retta with Conan will tell you practically everything you need to know about her.

In other words she’s the ish.

And feeling the way I do about Retta, I don’t take it lightly when people come for her. But I also look forward to it because she will read you for filth. That’s exactly what happened at the Emmy’s earlier this week with a random type of dude.

Retta is known for live tweeting and so naturally, she did so with the Emmys.

But before the show even got going, she had to deal with the seat filler dude.

She tweeted the awkward interaction.

Source: Twitter

So once the seat filler got home and saw that Retta was tweeting about him, picture and all, he didn’t take too kindly to it and started insulting her, by calling her fat and smelly…very elementary school.

I’m not really going to discuss his insults because they were unoriginal, irrelevant to the initial altercation and just stupid. What is interesting though is the conversation it’s since sparked. One of Retta’s twitter followers asked her why she said it was “very white of her” to call security. She even used the “Keep It Classy” hashtag as a way to let her know she thought it was tactless.

And Retta let her know umm… the random man challenging her very presence at the Emmys–when she had more reason to be there than he did– was something she was not going to let slide. And she proceeded to educate. See what she said in a series of ten tweets.

This is a classic example of diff points of view. By saying it was “white” of me, I read it as I’m not taking the assumptive stereotypical “black” route by being confrontational and thus putting me in the “guilty of being black” position but rather chose to go the white/safe/appropriate route of seeking an authority figure. 

I haven’t spoken up about it or posted on social media about it because it put me in such a place of rage that I couldn’t see straight but the rawness of the Michael Brown tragedy and the “guilty of being black” inequity is at the front of my (and many others’) mind these last 2 weeks. Yes, you were coming from a place of was race necessary? You are white (drawing from your profile pic.) As a black person ON the day of Michael Brown’s funeral, I was coming from a place of WHAT THE EVER LIVING FUCK?!? For me it is pervasive and pollutes almost every thought. So you are right. My joke didn’t need to be about race. But neither did that shooting on Aug 9th and many others that have taken place in the past. And I guess I just chose your tweet to make my social media statement on how I felt about Michael Brown’s shooting. Probably unfair but there’s a lot of that shit going around.”


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  • Kat23

    While I’ve never seen Parks & Recreation, I may check it out now. The seat filler was wrong, first by asking if she belonged where she was sitting. And rude for then asking to take a picture and how to get on the show.

    I too am a fan of classical music. Retta has a beautiful voice.

    As for the Michael Brown comment; it’s her Twitter account. Those who do not like what she had to say can unsubscribe.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    She kept it classy. Very well played.

  • ebonyhud

    She was WEARING that yellow dress on the article homepage picture! YAS!

  • She was petty for posting it. She was disrepectful so she got disrespected. All of it is ignorant.

  • Jay Lane

    I have ZERO problems with Retta’s response. Few things are more irritating than people who are presumptuous and overly familiar. What does her being an A-lister have to do with anything? She has a level of insult, as any self-respecting person should, and clearly it was met that night.

  • Gabie Aldrich

    That is why Retta is my hero “Treat Yo Self day” is next month! Everyone celebrate!!

  • ms stacye

    I like Retta. However, I have mixed feelings about what she posted. She’s not necessarily wrong for saying all she said—it is her opinion after all—and there is some truth in it BUT she was wrong for the way she clowned seat filler dude. It was kinda funny, but wrong. I know one thing: I wouldn’t want her coming for me!

  • Trisha_B

    Never heard of that show, never heard or seen this woman. Maybe she needs to humble herself. She’s not an A-lister. Not everyone knows who she is. As a seat filler, maybe he shouldn’t have questioned why she was sitting there, but those string of tweets were immature as well

    & wtf does sitting at the Emmys have to do w/ Mike Brown?! “…white/safe/appropriate route…” I find this to be ignorant!

    • Gabie Aldrich

      It’s part of her act.. You should check out P-Rex all of the seasons are on HULU then you will understand why she was taken back by the rude seat filler..

  • here for the laughs

    The shooting wasnt about race.
    If he pushed an elderly worker around after robbing him, he probably tried to manhandle the cop too.
    And after all the bellyaching, moaning and rioting, the cop will be vindicated and ferguson will go back to status quo.

    • Guestest

      “he probably tried to manhandle the cop too.” PROBABLY as in you don’t know for sure so stfu!

  • soisaid

    hhmmm let me see…. a paid actress vs a seat filler… the guy already lost even before the race begun…

    • here for the laughs

      A “paid actress” sitting next to a “seat filler” is the real loser. What, they couldnt find a place for her with the other “paid actresses”?

      • soisaid

        step away from the drive through window on your break and look up what a seat filler is.

        • here for the laughs

          Drive through window?
          No “girl”, im not like your baby daddy.

          • soisaid

            smh. that comment doesn not apply to me,

            • here for the laughs

              Only a matter of time.

              • soisaid


  • here for the laughs

    Acting with cclass and common sense is not “acting white”. Its bewildering how some of you African americans love to espouse such illogical views.

  • here for the laughs

    You perpetual victims and your faux matyrs are hilarious. First it was Saint Trayvon and now its the fat robbery suspect, Saint michael brown.

    • Gabie Aldrich

      You are on the wrong site troll..Shouldn’t you be having Hot Pockets in your lonely creepster basement in the house that your mom owns??

  • here for the laughs

    So the whale gets on twitter and insults the dude, and when the dude responds to shamu, he’s in the wrong.

    • here for the laughs

      So making an error about a place to seat is equivalent to “challenging her very presence at emmy’s”?
      You poor oppressed black people!!!!

      • soisaid

        you have many comments on this one article. you even went so far as to comment on your own comment. i am convinced you are the loser in her selfie. and by the way, you should consider changing your handle…. nothing you posted has been funny so far. just attacking ones race and size.

    • Gabie Aldrich

      Have several seats troll….

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