Doing The Most: Gabrielle Union & D. Wade’s Wedding Guests To Sign Confidentiality Agreement

August 28, 2014  |  

Last month, we told you that Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade had quite a few rules in place for friends and relatives lucky enough to make the cut for their August 30 wedding ceremony.

“To our family and friends,

We are looking forward to sharing this very special day with you. For the comfort of our guests and to protect our privacy, no cameras or cell phones will be permitted at the party. Also, photo IDs will be required for all guests. Gentlemen, formal attire in black; ladies, we would love to see you in formal white.
Transportation to and from the party venue will be provided from the [redacted]. Buses will depart promptly at 9:45pm from the North-North entrance of the hotel; please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure to process through security. If you choose to drive yourself, please call [number omitted] hours prior to the event at [address omitted] for directions to the venue (located approximately 45 to 50 minutes south of South Beach). Once on-site, you should allow at least 30 minutes to process through security at the venue.
We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. See you soon!

Love, Gab and Dwyane”

Now, it appears that the bride-and-groom-to-be have taken things a step further to protect their privacy as well as the privacy of their A-list guests. According to TMZ, the pair will also be handing out confidentiality agreements, which must be signed by all relatives, friends, vendors and caterers or they will not be allowed to enter the venue. Gabby and Dwyane appear to be dead serious about the agreement too. If reports are correct, then there will be a hefty financial penalty imposed upon anyone who runs their mouths after signing the agreement.

I understand Gabrielle and Dwyane wanting to protect their privacy and not wanting their ceremony to be a media circus, but good Lord.


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  • Ifuaskme2

    All that only to be upstaged by Brad & Angie. Poor thing!

  • CAliQueen

    If this confidentiality agreement isn’t hurting anyone then I don’t see what the problem is.

  • Justknowitsme

    These two?….Blah

  • candy cane

    This trollop gloated how she was dating someone else’s husband, accepts an engagement ring AFTER he has a baby with someone else while they were on ‘break’ but wants to keep the nuptials secret??? #BEYOTCHPLEASE #BYEFELICIA #GETALIFE

  • Karolyn Harrington

    I can’t say as I blame them. Its sad they have tot go through this to keep their event private.

  • coco

    i love how gabrielle and dwayne think people actually care who is checking for them o_O

    • Girliusmaximus

      I was looking for this comment thank you thank you thank you!!! Who in the world is checking for their marriage like this besides the tabloids?

  • Kase

    why even invite people if you have to do all that and threaten them? i understand privacy but thats a little extreme. its a choice. I wonder who was the driving force behind that. Probably Gabrielle.

  • blackrose

    Like a previous poster said, their biggest scandal is out, Do people really care that much about their wedding. Im into the fashion so I probably would look at pics of her wedding gown, as im sure she will look beautiful. Other than that I dont really care who he or she marries

  • AfricaChillin

    Good for them. Too many opportunist and so called fans want to involve themselves way to deep into something that doesn’t really concern them to begin with.

    The average person has rules that guests must follow for their wedding. I don’t see why this is a problem.

  • Trisha_B

    It’s their wedding. They want their day to be THEIR day. It should be private. If those are true family & friends that are going to be there, there shouldn’t be any issues signing the form b/c they’ll understand how important that day is for them. I would want my wedding to be for myself & not have my special day broadcasted to the world or paps sitting outside the venue. It’s not doing the most. Y’all don’t think Jay & Bey had a confidentiality agreement? They been married how many years now & not a single detail of that day has been released lol

  • Good! Its sad that they have to do all this to enjoy their private moment. Hopefully thier have a happy life together. Congrats!

  • I can understand that to us it may seem like a lot, but I’m sure they are not the first high profile couple to do this. I don’t think this is a coincedence that we’ve never seen any pictures of or heard any real details about Lebron and Savannah’s wedding (other than their friends saying that it was beautiful and we know she wore her hair in a bun) or Bey and Jay’s other than what they decided to release. I get it. Especially with all the scandal and drama surrounding their wedding (the fact that people say Gab is a homewrecker, his youngest son) etc, I don’t blame them. It would become a “did they invite the child and was he allowed to be apart of the wedding” and whatever else people wanted to know. whatever works for them.

  • Pixie

    The most interesting thing about their relationship already happened and someone already let that cat out of the bag soooo… it’s a little late for for confidentiality agreements…

    • heyheyno


  • Marehoop

    I get it….the media goes crazy and is out of control.

  • musiiq

    Too much. Too darn much. I’m happy I’m not a celebrity for 2 reasons. One, I never want to have to feel like all of this is necessary and two I never want to subject those closest to me to such foolishness and fudgery. (Yes that’s my edited version of my second favorite bad word)

    • Regina Davis Clark


  • KK Holidae

    They doing too much

  • ShazzNem

    Good Lord indeed. Would you cut your arm off? We’ll see?