“It Kinda Felt Like A Competition”: Diamond Says Relationship With Scrappy Suffered Because He Was Jealous Of Her Success

August 28, 2014  |  


Ever been with a man who you felt you couldn’t share good news with because he always tried to downplay your accomplishments? It’s not easy, and someone who knows that from experience is rapper Diamond. We all know about her relationship with Scrappy of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” fame, and we know that when they split after a few years together, things got ugly (and she moved on quickly to Soulja Boy). But the “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” star shared on the show that a big reason their relationship didn’t work out was because she didn’t feel like the rapper was supportive. After cast member Siya spoke on her girlfriend not supporting the work she does by starting unnecessary drama, Diamond shared her story. Though Scrappy has had some hits (“Money In The Bank” and “No Problem” for instance), Diamond says that when she was focused on her career and started doing big things, he acted more jealous than encouraging.

“Sounds so familiar.

I was in a relationship with my ex Lil Scrappy. He was a bit jealous. So, it kinda felt like a competition.

You’re supposed to be with someone who is going to uplift and add to the equation. You’re not supposed to be dimming your light. That’s what I was doing with Scrap. All because I can’t come home and share accomplishments because you’re going to rain on my parade…then everybody else is your cot damn co-star.”

And on a side note, Scrappy was all in the video when Diamond was featured on Ludacris’ “My Bad Chick” remix.

As we told you recently, Scrappy said that when Diamond left him, he took it quite hard.

“Boy I’m going to tell you, I’m not going to lie to you. Man law! Your boy cried. You feel me, I cried.

You know let me tell you something when I cried like that I knew then I never been in love before. I thought I was in love with my baby mama. I never been in love before.”

You can check out her statements on Scrap’s jealousy around the 3:30 mark:

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  • honeybee808

    you hear that erika? – I THOUGHT I was in love with my baby mama. I NEVER been in love before.

  • Renee155

    Is she has so much of a career then why is she not mainstream. I mean I haven’t seen her anywhere except for blogs and EBT network. sweetheart get over yourself.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    What career?

    • KenHay


  • MissRebel

    Sadly I never called it that til she said it. Never to old to learn more. Jealousy. An understanding. When u hit rock bottom. There’s nothing left to hit

  • Jay Lane

    Welp, she’s clearly relevant to Scrappy, lol. #ThugTears #SomebodyHoldMe

  • Chaz

    Im mad at that purple hair though.

  • Kimmie

    He cried, because he wasn’t able to ***k over her like he did all of the other women. She was smart enough to leave in search of better and that’s what hurt him. She didn’t stay around and brag about “taking it” and “putting up with” all he could put her through like the other women therefore; he had a level of respect for her that he did not have for the mother of his children! Sad to say ladies, but if you have multiple stories about how a man is doing you wrong chances are it’s because he doesn’t respect you and once you accept that you can’t make him respect you that you have to respect yourself by leaving before it ever gets to the point of turning you into a doormat then…THEN… you have men saying,”I don’t know why I love her so much….” Have a backbone, know when enough is enough…and stop having babies by men that don’t want to marry you.

    • cantcommittoahairstyle

      Right On!

  • Tigger83

    I thought her last bf was Soulja Boy? Why she still talking about Scrappy?

    • Chaz

      Because he is the only one who is relevant at this time.

  • The Elusive Chanteuse

    what success? No shade, but Scrappy and Diamond seem like regional artists [they get play in certain parts of the country] how could he be jealous if they’re both on the same playing field?

  • kujh

    wow she really needs to calm down she’s only famous in america

  • kujh

    wow she needs to calm down no one knows her outside the america

  • LVRS

    ugh please..she still tryna thrive off crime mob days…let it go Diamond.

  • Lissa329

    All this girl does is talk about him. Damn, she should have just joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop instead of being so scared of the cowardly lion, Mama Dee. JEEZ!!!

    • Tigger83

      Scrappy making all these chicks famous! lol. Him and his CRAZY mama. lol.

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    I swear she really needs to get over herself. I thought I was going to like her, but I can’t stand arrogance especially when you can barely back it up. You’re known for the grown boys you’ve dated more than your music….so stop it.

    • Chaz

      Did you see when ol girl came out and was lik oh, I didnt know you was apart of Crime Mob. Lmao. She felt some type of way about that.

      • cantcommittoahairstyle

        yeah she did and if she a Diamond are that apart in age she probably didn’t know she was apart of the group. Especially if she didn’t live in the ATL. Like this aint Destiny’s Child we talking about. Heck they weren’t even on The Five Heartbeats level…..and they weren’t even a real group.

  • Kelly

    If she’s so successful why is she on a show with up-and coming-rappers? Crime Mob came out like 10 years ago. She IS the only one from the group that you still hear about. I guess that counts as “doing big things.”

  • Slim

    What success?

    • My thoughts exactly. They’re on the same level at this point. Neither of them are getting any air time on the radio or any clubs.

    • Guest

      this girl sound like a mouse on the show i swear..all the hype on knuck if u buck..i was confused

      • hollyw

        ………mmkay until you just said that song, I had been vaguely wondering what exactly were her hits.

  • Sim

    I watched a little of the show and I’m so turned off by how cocky this chick is. She acts like she’s superior to everyone else and she’s the most successful but I really don’t know anything about her music except for crime mob and even that is scarce…oh and who she dates lol that all I know but as far as her success I’m stil baffled

    • LVRS

      off one song tho!? I was just cracking up when Nyemiah said she dnt know she was in the group

  • Dang

    Wow. I wonder how baby mama felt about that. He THOUGHT he was in love with you, but he wasn’t. Stop popping out babies for a man that has yet to make you his wife!

    • Kimmie

      Thank you!

    • therealnumber1

      They are not married today because Erica gave back the ring and changed her yes to no…but you are right…to know now that he was in love with diamond and not erica makes me wonder why he even proposed to erica…