“It’s Called A Jedi Mind Trick”: Mathew Knowles Says Beyoncé & Jay Z Used Divorce, Elevator Drama To Sell “OTR” Tickets

August 27, 2014  |  


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For the last few years, Mathew Knowles and Beyoncé’s relationship has been on the rocky side it seems. Ever since she dismissed him as her manager in 2011, Knowles has appeared to be on the outside of the family, as Bey, Jay, Solange (along with her son Juelz and man), Tina and her new man, Richard Lawson, continue on, smiling in pictures. Especially as paternity suit after paternity suit plagues his name.

But according to Radar Online, in a chat with 104.1 KRBE’s Roula & Ryan, Knowles says that he still speaks with his daughter, and that things are fine between them.

“We still talk every Sunday. She’s still the humble, generous person that she’s always been.”

But things might go south when she hears what he had to say about the elevator incident between Solange and Jay Z, and those divorce rumors. According to him, they used that drama to get people to see their On The Run tour.

“I know, because we’ve done this. From experience, there’s a tour going on. So you sometimes have to ignite that tour. It’s called a Jedi mind trick. The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot.”

Knowles was then reportedly asked if he thought they staged and leaked the video of the elevator fight.

“All I know is the Jedi mind trick. Everyone’s talking about it. Ticket sales went up. Solange’s album sales went up 200%!”

C’mon Mathew! This man has too much drama in his own life to be spilling any beans on that of his child’s…though what he’s saying probably wouldn’t be a shock to most…

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  • stefani

    It’s all SATANIC!! Google Jedi Mind Tricks. It’s VOODOO

  • Laura

    I’m just saying… maybe he should perform a “Jedi mind trick” and come up with money to pay his child support…

  • Starr King

    Well, he taught her well, hehe

  • Crystal

    I make no claims to know if they planned this whole soap opera or not. But, if they did then both her stans and his fans should be disappointed being used in such a way. Anytime an individual fabricates or exaggerates a situation to play on the emotions or sympathies of others, they are called manipulators. Some may say that Beyonce and Jay-z wouldn’t need to manipulate anyone as they already have money. But keep in mind Ecclesiates 5:10 “A lover of silver will never be satisfied with silver, nor a lover of wealth with income…”.The wealthy are always seeking to make more money because they are simply never satisfied with what they already have. And if they happen to lose that wealth, they lack the humility to scale back on their lifestyle. They continue to try and live above their means. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is back on tour within another 6 months. She can call it “I’m gonna take the last little bit of yall’s money” tour.

    • janice

      It’s all SATANIC!!

      • janice

        google jedi mind tricks Voodoo

  • Charma

    Numbers don’t lie – this is ALL a business – can’t take everything that’s put out there to heart

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Just can’t understand why the artists at the top of their respective genres, coming together for a tour, would need such a scandal to sell tickets. Jay’s album crashed Samsung’s servers the day it was released. Bey’s album has sold 2 million copies to date. It’s his daughter though. If anybody knows, he would.

  • Yvette

    Just b/c a person doesn’t care for Jay Z and Beyonce doesn’t make that person(s) a hater, it just makes them have an opinion. The two of them are not the best thing since sliced bread. Some people like them; some people don’t; and there is nothing wrong with that.. If nowadays entertainers have to do WTF things just to sell more tickets, that shows you that there is no REAL, TRUE talent left. If Mr. Knowles said what he said, so what? The two of them are family and they will handle things the best way they know how. Whatever wrongdoing or trickery that the two of them have did or done, The Lord God Almighty will deal with them through their everyday lives and situations. I’m just saying.

  • I kinder thought so I believe he is right but of course y’all rather believe the family and relationship destruction news about divorce destroying a family and a women attacking a man that’s what most of y’all want to be true and hate that it ain’t so!

  • Just saying!!

    He’s probably right but it’s still wrong to dish out that information. (But then again at this point he’s nt getting any money from her so he probably doesn’t care smdh) if it’s true I think it is very pathetic. So many celebrities today do that. So sorry to be one of those people but I really do miss the days when artists used talent to sell their records.

  • LilyMars

    Funny how Beyoncé got a Tumblr where she likes to put pictures of her family and even random people but yet not a single picture of Matthew Knowles…but everything is fine between them ? Right ! Also Mathew Knowles did an interview with a french TV in Houston and Matthew is a rude and disrespectful person. I was flabbergasted by his attitude. He’s just an awful man.

  • Hush Mr. Knowles. Just hush your face and keep them pants zipped … Sir

  • karla

    I definitely believe this story, look at the drama that developed during the Destiny Child Era, Beyonce would throw shade at her other members excluding Kelly then remove them from the group then make a fake story saying they will be missed nothing but drama to bring sells to Destiny Child and then next thing you know Beyonce’s a solo artist and she’s so damn highly amongst everyone else in the group. If anything her father who was her manager for years should know what was going on he trained Beyonce to scheme her way to where she is today,

  • Ylvette

    I don’t believe Mr. Knowles would divulge this information about his daughter. What kind of father would do such a thing? Radaronline is a TABLOID!! They fabricate most of their stories. I’ll give this man the benefit of the doubt…..for now.

  • Ugh…how bout you take care of the child you had while married to your wife sir? Can you do that?

  • DoinMe

    That elevator video was released on purpose by Beyonce’s camp. She has always had a tight grip on her “perfect” PR image but all of sudden, this video gets released right as it had been announced that the ticket sells for ONR were low. People should know by now that she is the queen of Jedi Mind Tricks. Who has the nerves to pull off a fake pregnancy?

    • Brandy

      No it was not! The leaked video came as a complete shock to Jay Z & Beyonce. Beyonce is STILL embarrassed! Jay has million dollar investors, he has to be very careful about his PR image. Most importantly, Bey would never throw Solange her beloved Sister under the bus like that. Are you crazy? They can’t escape the rumors so they’re being told by the Management team to capitalize off it! Mr. Knowles is right…the Jedi trick has been used by by anyone in Hollywood who faced a scandal. Just because Jay & Bey are Black, super rich & successful doesn’t mean they shouldn’t buse a scandal to their advantage. Good for them!

  • IllyPhilly

    That’s not hard to believe.

  • Tish

    It’s a shame her own flesh and blood would say that about her. What’s true is true, though. Thankfully, she and Solange got their looks from their Mom’s side…

  • tinisha

    Also I dont know what you guys are looking at but I am still seeing stories about them divorcing. Saw a story that Bey talked to Rihanna to keep an eye on Jay, there was a story today about how Bey is pregnant and Jay hopes it will save the marriage. The stories are still out there. ijs

  • tinisha

    Im confused wasnt the tour nearly sold out by the time all those rumors started. I know in my area they were sold out in days.

  • KK Holidae

    Matthew have several seats! Nobody cares about you anymore…get those paternity situations together!

  • PrettyBrownEyes

    I believe him. For folks that were so private before…now all of a sudden, their business is in the streets?? And did they sue the person who leaked it??? I doubt it.

  • soisaid

    well the dad used his mistress to cheat on his wife and create another life… .too bad nobody bought into his story, he didn’t get paid interviews to explain and no one gives a rats azz about his and his baby daddy drama….
    if bey and j created drama to sell tickets then they damn sure delivered when it came to their performance…

  • Mary Bertie

    Matthew Knowles need money to support those two children he fathered. He ask Beyoncé for money and she refused him. What Father would say such things about their children whether it was true or not. When he and Beyonce’ mother was divorcing you did not hear anything mean from Beyoncé’. He is just mean and broke. Now he want everyone to hate her. There will always be haters but remember there are many who love her. He need to stop this; he is just messy.

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  • Sunny

    What is about Beyonce that makes people who don’t like her abandon all common sense? Beyonce had the highest selling female album last year, sold out her tour doing her old stuff, and was Forbes’ highest earning celeb. All that with no promotion and no interviews. But we’re supposed to believe that she’s so desperate for money and media attention that she’d pretend there’s drama in her relationship? If that makes any sense to you, there’s something wrong with you. What galls me the most is that the same Black folk who dog Beyonce will defend Kim Kardashian’s useless a$$ and say they respect her hustle even though she LITERALLY screwed her way into the limelight. Just to be clear, a Black woman who’s been working her a$$ off since the age of 15 to get where she is is less deserving of respect than a white woman who got where she is on her back and if that tape is any indication wasn’t even good at that. I’m too through.

    • Amarossa

      First sensible post I’ve read on this topic.

    • Suchalady

      The stans are the ones with no common sense because they love to make baseless comparisons (who the hell defends Kim K.?) and they refuse to believe that she would ever do anything shady. Everyone in Hollyweird does things for attention. Relevancy is the name of the game and the game doesn’t stop because you’ve reached a certain level of popularity. You people have your heads soooo far up her butt you cant see the sense in what THE MAN WHO RAISED HER is saying.

      • Vicki

        The same man who also stole money from his daughter, had two kids (so far) with various women while cheating on his wife, sexually harassed his daughter’s dancers….the list goes on and on. He raised her but it does not mean he’s not a snake. This nutjob also says he still manages Destiny’s Child…wow, real credible.
        Beyonce is not perfect but she does have a brand, part of which is her marriage to Jay. That elevator is the last thing she would want to use for publicity. Her private life is one that is controlled.

        As for Kim K, you’d be surprised. She does have defenders. More stans than Bey or any music artist.

        • Suchalady

          That elevator incident did not and would not ruin her brand. That’s the way their world works. Any publicity is good publicity. Look at the swarms of people that came to the family’s defense and tried to sweep it under the rug beecause they feel that the Carter’s are too perfect for this. It’s just funny that they protected their brand for so long and that video was so sloppily and easily released.

  • ashaballot

    Um it was already reported at 100 million before the elevator thing. I was on Ticketmaster like everyday like a crazy person lol. To be honest there were not a lot of seats left by the time that video came out but okay Matthew. Just go get your excise to run around with those babies you making at 80.

    • ashaballot

      Yall this is her dad not some dude she hired off the street. True or not it should’ve never been said if in fact he said this. And I will fully believe he said these things when TMZ gets it on tape lol.

  • Shadina Smith

    Mr.Knowles shut up and have a seat and take care of them babies you made.

  • solargeknowles

    The sad thing is. Since it is beyonce, people will believe anything.

    So instead of the divorce rumors being a way for the magazines to sell copies and bloggers to get more clicks, it’s jay z and beyonce who put this story out there. When we ALL know the real reason is that people who make a living off celeb gossip JUMPED ON creating a story out of the elevator incident.

    Other than rumors and speculation this was the first BIG scandal.

    And the divorce rumors didn’t help anything, because the concert was selling out anyway. Rihanna and eminem tour was sold out until a few days before the tour.

  • solargeknowles

    The sad thing is. Since it is beyonce, people will believe anything.

    So instead of the divorce rumors being a way for the magazines to sell copies and bloggers to get more clicks, it’s jay z and beyonce who put this story out there. When we ALL know the real reason is that people who make a loving off celeb gossip JUMPED ON creating a story out of the elevator incident.

    Other than rumors and speculation this was the first BIG scandal.

  • Krystal

    What wrong did Matthew say? This sounds true. There’s no shade here. Everyone & their dog knows J & B used their elevator embarrassment to sell tickets. What other choice did they have…CNN and the rest of the media hounds wouldn’t get off theirs or Solange’s back….so they did what they had to do, use the drama to sell their concert. Next!

  • MonaLisa

    If true, so what!!!! The elevator drama played out for the entire world to see and for once in their lives Jay & Bey couldn’t control it! So they went into damage control mode and used the scandal for their tour, to their advantage! Every celebrity manipulates a scandal to promote their albums or movies ala Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston! Jay & Bey didn’t do anything wrong. Matthew was asked a question and answered it , saying his daughter is still generous & humble. Ya’ll are reaching! Notice how he didn’t comment on Jay Z. Matthew doesn’t like Jay, never talks about Jay…that’s the real shade!

  • Teesoup

    Pop stars always have gimmicks. This is nothing new and it’s not a secret. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Poor Janet; her super bowl performance was basically supposed to be the trigger of her new album….s*it happens. They are slaves to these record labels and have to pull in the big bucks…as long as they are relevant

  • Sha Lily

    If anyone knows Beyonce’s actions better it would be the one person who groomed her to be exactly who she is today; her father. Matthew knows more than anyone exactly what it took to get Beyonce to be the household name she is today, and she definitely did not get here by walking on water as many of her stans believe. You do not become that rich, that famous, that untouchable without a lot of smoke and mirrors or as he says Jedi mind tricks. I never believed for once that she just decided to fire him and hire her husband to run her career because she became a “grown woman”. If people remember back at the time she “fired” him was the same time her mother was divorcing him and it surfaced he had another child then boom another CD and another tour. So Matthew knows exactly what he’s talking about. I don’t think he meant it to throw her under the bus, but he’s never been one to sugarcoat anything either.

    • PrettyBrownEyes

      Thank you a million times!!!! These idol worshippers believe that Jay Z and Beyoncé is the second coming.

      • PrettyBrownEyes


    • xo

      agreed i still believe matthew helps bey in her career but behind the scenes so as to not destabilise the image ,bey;s trick is just to keep her thoughts,actions private,she films everything to control everything ,and acts very professional and friendly at work while being distant to people out of her circle,and crazy iron-clad contracts,i respect her nerves they must be made of steel after all this but most importantly her fans and stans buy into so much of what they do and don’t do,must be exhausting trying to figure out the ins and outs of a couple tht famewhores without revealing anything

  • sarasefree

    well…….. i guess he has just become part of the haters that he taught to love.

  • Kemi

    Either that, or the divorce rumors were actually true, and instead this new “revelation” is the REAL jedi mind trick being used to dispel the divorce rumors. With these people, who knows what to believe? They do and say anything for fame and fortune. Just goes to show you how dumb and gullible they think of the masses. Fortunately, I don’t buy their albums nor go to any of these people’s concerts. Been to one Jay-Z concert and that was enough for a lifetime.

  • honeybee808

    and in another mind trick, he’s putting it out there, as though he’s appearing to talk too much, to get people off that very real incident in the elevator. the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, beyonce and her daddy know exactly what they are doing…



    • Sunny

      Anytime Beyonce does something big, haters come out of the woodwork with some BS. They’ve kept their relationship super private for years, and now they’re planting stories so everyone can be in their business? Okay.

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  • Hope Nodrama

    Just because they don’t get a divoice doesn’t mean that the whole thing was a publicity stunt. It just mean they decided to work things out. Ppl are entittled to change their mind. He father is dead wrong to throw shade on his daughter like that. He only doing it to take the heat off his dirt. I tell ya family always the ones to screw u over. smh…….

  • avu

    It’s really true guys… A lot-of pop and hip-hop performers use drama for media-play! The jedi mind trick has been used by many and the list would be too long to start naming them. Even most of you suspected it! I don’t think her fathers intentions were to be against anyone, I believe he was in an interview and was asked about the elevator and divorce rumors… I’m definitely not a fan of Matthew Knowles, but maybe now these people will stop the over-sexed and drama to sell their new-releases and concerts tickets. Maybe now people will start focusing on talent alone and force artist to just stop-it. Beyoncé doesn’t need the jedi mind trick, or-even some of the others! Enough with the drama, just performance please.

  • tommy_one

    He’s so slimy.

  • Tresea Campbell

    Well knew they were up to something. People talk bad about kimK, look at the way Beyonce opened up herself to sell her tickets. Its called a whoring, not Kim.

    • Genia W-m

      It started when the media said the tour wasn’t selling tickets. All of a sudden there was a story a week about Beyoncé and Jay Z. I knew they were not true. Now the tour is almost over, no more stories. They pimped their fans. LOL… I just read about these people I don’t buy their cds or go to their concerts.

      • Tresea Campbell

        Not a fan, never was.

      • solargeknowles

        How they pimp their fans if people were going to see them regardless.
        We went to see jay and beyonce, not because of no damn rumors.

  • Define2

    He said she was generous…this is very telling. Maybe he was turned down when he asked for money. That will definitely bring out the ugly.

  • Fear and Loathing in Hawthorne

    Hey I believe it! I put nothing passed these Celeb*tches! I believe all of Hollywood and the Music Industry is full of a bunch of shady, and Greedy mofo’s! YAWNCE is the queen of Smoke & Mirrors!

    • Suchalady

      Exactly, the only part that wasn’t believable was the “humble and generous” bit.

  • noname

    that’s what I’ve been wondering about Mariah and Nick. Apparently their sales aren’t going so well either.

    • Genia W-m

      His father is all up in that so that’s true. Plus, Nick admitted they were separated.

  • Dawan

    If they don’t get a divorce, then we’ll know it was a “jedi mind trick?”

  • ODOG

    I would not be surprised if this stuck up Beyoncé used all of this to boost sales of ticket and numbers of her subpar album. The chick is way more into herself

    • SAM

      Boost numbers of the album?? You do realize she sold almost a million units in the first week with no single, went platinum in week 3, and ruled the charts for a number of weeks. Please comment on things you know!

      • ODOG

        Oh Same….you do realize those sales are not as high as she is used to selling. Why do you think she basically played most of her album on the VMA’s and not her hits? It was just a 20 min plug for a sub par album to get sales. When you say “ruled the charts” for weeks it just makes you ignorant and look like the typical Beyonce fanboy.

      • Vicki

        This person can’t comment on what he knows. If they did, they would know she has the #5 digital selling album and so far, still top selling female album this year. Drunk In Love is also platinum selling for a single. Another “I can’t stand Beyonce so I’ll pull anything out of my cheek” commenter.

  • Renee155

    And this is why you get a phone call once a week.

    • Tudbee

      Yeah and there’ll be no more when she sees this.

      • Renee155

        So true and he might be lucky if he gets a Christmas card.

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    Poor Beyonce! There’s just some things family shouldn’t say publicly about each other no matter if it’s true or not.

  • Michaëlle Abraham

    I think it’s pretty fucked up that he threw his daughters under the bus like this smh.

    • Genia W-m

      Right, unless he’s trying also steer people off the elevator incident, which looked real to me. After yet another story I posted that those stories weren’t true. There was a story a week so who could do all that leaking when Jay Z and Bey never even acknowledged their relationship or marriage for years?!!

      When the media started with the slow ticket sales for their tour that’s when the stories started about the divorce. Now that the tour is almost over, no more stories. Duh!!! They had their fans really fooled too. One story had Beyoncé shopping for an ‘apt.’ Her mother called people ‘haters.’ LOL They had that down pat!!

      • Michaëlle Abraham

        But we don’t know for sure. this is all gossip and a classic case of he said she said. I don’t work or know these people personally lol. I get why people are excited and interested to talk about it but unless they say so themselves I don’t believe it’s false or true.

  • Sunny

    I see why she dropped him as her manager. Yeah, I’m sure she’s enjoyed people talking ish about her marriage for the past three months just for the sake of selling tickets when her Mrs. Carter Show tour just pulled in $100 mill.

    • Michaëlle Abraham

      He just seems like another snake in the grass. First Karrueche making jokes about Blue Ivy’s hair and now her father is making these comments smh

      • Lyle Raqui Mason

        BET just SUSPENDED a producer for WRITING that joke, Tran had NOTHING to do with it! She simply read the teleprompter. BET also apologized to HER!!! Know what you are talking about before posting Michaelle.

        • guest

          Aw defend the poor mixed girl that apparently doesn’t have a mind of her own! FOH. She can read and she could have chosen not to say it. She CHOSE to say it, so she DID have something to do with it!

          • Lyle Raqui Mason

            You obviously know NOTHING about TV so just shut up dummy! The teleprompter is there for a reason, talent doesn’t have a choice but to read what’s on the prompter. You’re an idiot.

          • Nia

            just out of curiousity, what does her nationality have anything to do with this? or am i interpreting your sentence incorrectly?

        • MszMax51

          But she didn’t have to read it, that was her choice. Because I know she can see what was about to say before saying it. Come on now. She’s just as guilty as BET.

          • Lyle Raqui Mason

            Talk to anyone who actually WORKS in TV and see. Anchors use teleprompters EXCLUSIVELY, you think they can just ad lib what they want? NO!!! They READ what’s on that prompter. If it’s found to be wrong later, the PRODUCER takes the hit, but talent READS what is on the prompter. It’s NOT like they have a choice.

            • Cookie

              Nobody is disputing the use of a teleprompter, that is not the issue. The issue is she still CHOSE to say it. She knew what she was saying.

          • Lyle Raqui Mason

            I have worked at BET as a producer. I produced an entertainment show, and we used a prompter. I also produced news at local TV stations where they also used teleprompters. You read what’s there! That is what it is there for. Sometimes talent can preview the prompter before going on air, and consult with producer then, but once you are on air. it’s the prompter all the way, although the script CAN be changed.

            • Michaëlle Abraham

              I really don’t believe you. Sorry people on the internet lie about being scienticts, producers, managers, etc. on things all the time. You don’t have to read anything that’s there. It’s about accountability for your actions. I’m not stupid and I won’t coddle peoples’ piss poor decisions. BET knew what they were doing and so did Ms.Tran. Nobody was holding a knife to her throat lol

              • Lyle Raqui Mason

                Stay uninformed then. And you ARE stupid if you think you know how TV works.

                • Michaëlle Abraham

                  Yes calling people stupid will make them side with you. If you have been a producer for BET why are you so upset that people don’t believe you? I don’t get that about people. It just makes the lie more apparent. Resorting to name calling just to prove a “point” is pretty unnecessary. We’re both adults here and I’m saying that I just don’t believe you’ve ever been a producer. And I don’t believe what you’re saying mainly because I can access the information myself. People lie all the time on the internet. I’m not stupid. I just don’t believe you were a producer for BET lol.

                  • Lyle Raqui Mason

                    Oh I don’t care if you ‘side’ with me or not. This is about how TV works, and how you are clueless to the industry. Lol

                    • Michaëlle Abraham

                      You assume I’m clueless because I disagree with you. Obviously if I didn’t know anything about TV I wouldn’t say anything. Consequences can be dished out for not reading everything off the teleprompter but you have the power to say no. Simple as that.

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      When you are in the middle of a LIVE SHOW, how is the anchor going to ‘ad lib’ a story and NOT read the prompter, oh smart one? No, I say you are clueless because you are about TV. By the way, check your inbox on Facebook, genius. Lol

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      And if you were smart, you would have simply googled Lyle Mason and Black Entertainment Television. It would have answered your question several posts ago. But you don’t seem that bright. Lol

                    • really

                      @lyleraquimason:disqus you seem pretty bitter and upset at her comment, for really no reason. It was just her opinion. smh. Producer or not, your attitude speaks volumes about the quality of your work. And if you are that much of a producer, why do you have so much time to comment on madame noire. Just saying. #shoulder shrug

                    • Michaëlle Abraham

                      Thank you! I think he’s lying. And as far as who is responsible: BET and Karreuche are. She didn’t have to say it and they didn’t have to write it. I’m not stupid and the fact he keeps saying that is just in poor taste.

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      If knew how teleprompters worked, you wouldn’t say that. You act as if the person reading knows what the next line will be. Prompters don’t work that way, and that’s why I think you are stupid. BET didn’t have to write that, Tran may or may not have known those words were coming. You think Brian Williams of NBC News memorizes the entire script before the prompter is loaded? Research how teleprompters work stupid. And we BOTH know what you saw on my Facebook page, and if it was not true, don’t you think people at BET would have said something by now? Lol And you wonder why I think you are stupid.

                    • Michaëlle Abraham

                      You keep going and going it’s crazy. I’ll never understand people like you. Very disrespectful and for no reason either.It’s easy to attack someone via internet and call them names. If you’re so much smarter than me you would’ve stopped a while ago but no it’s not enough. You’ve got to call people stupid because you take pleasure in belittling others. “Producer” yet here you are, grown man, resorting to childish behavior smh it’s disappointing that people don’t know how to state their side without name calling. You act as if they don’t brief you prior to going on air. You want me to believe that she didn’t know about the joke AT ALL? That these things aren’t discussed? BS. And no I never bothered looking at your Facebook page because like I said people lie all the time and the reason why BET hasn’t said anything in regards to your comments is because a) You could be lying b) They most likely don’t care to look on websites like Madame Noire lol. I don’t even get why a so called producer would even be in this commment section it just doesn’t sense to me at all.

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      The internet, the information highway, the world at your fingertips and you ‘guess’ instead of knowing. How pedestrian is that? You could have answered your own questions by the various search engines at your disposal, the teleprompter and how it works, whether I am who I say I am, and most anything else, but you CHOSE to be STUPID about it. Maybe it’s the time I spent working in local TV delivering the news, but KNOWING is a lot better than opinions, especially wrong opinions! But I’ve grown tired of this, believe what you want, think what you will, it no longer makes any difference. Stay as you are. My people my people…

                    • Michaëlle Abraham

                      You can’t even admit that the name calling and belittling is unnecessary. Smh people just don’t know how to make an argument without behaving this way. I’ve stated my viewpoint and I refuse to believe anyone who makes comments like yours. My skepticism is valid and it’s justifed. I’ve never met a professional who does this kind of stuff on social media. That doesn’t make sense and it never will.

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      Scroll back and read the comments again. The FIRST one I made, was to you, the others were to other people, but you assumed they were to you so I let you think that. I did not call you stupid until you called me a liar. Look at the posts, they SAY who you are replying to. My ‘conversation’ with YOU started with this comment. “Stay uninformed then. And you ARE stupid if you think you know how TV works.” But, you have all of the answers, the next generation ready to take on the world. Lol

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      Oh, and your skepticism is WRONG! See what happens when you let your OPINION guide you instead of research and FACT?

                    • Michaëlle Abraham

                      ….Are you done yet?

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      Why yes, I think I am. The question is, are you? Lol

                    • Michaëlle Abraham


                    • Michaëlle Abraham

                      You could easily be lying about who you are.I’m skeptical and don’t need to google you because people lie about who they are all the time this is a public forum after all. You’re so condescending it’s pretty unnecessary. I don’t get people like you to be honest. The arrogance and name calling proves nothing.

                    • Lyle Raqui Mason

                      You just realized you could have done what I said, but you’re too stubborn, proud, or stupid to admit it. No problem, keep thinking what you want, can’t force someone to be right. Lol

                    • rantadiatribe

                      I must say, what an absolutely mesmerizing (and thoroughly engaging) exchange… I’d been sitting in the shaded breeze of my back patio (affectionately dubbed “The Edge”) and happened upon this interesting dilemma…. but enough ‘pontificating” 🙂

                      no doubt there are Youtube vids demonstrating functioning teleprompters from an artists POV – then (in a relaxed and quiet ambiance) mind project your physical and intellectual energy into BEING that performer in front of the teleprompter. Feel the experience…

                      But I didn’t come here to complicate the respective perspectives….:) – just passing through the pot-pourri of comments…. 🙂

                      oh, one more thing – although I have no personal knowledge, I do have an opinion that many live stage performers are a bit floating on the “green” – but that’s another observation….. toodles! :*

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