Nick Cannon Says He’s Concerned About Mariah’s Mental State

August 23, 2014  |  


If you’re still nursing a broken heart about the Nick and Mariah break up, Nick Cannon wants to inform you that he’s the one choosing to leave the relationship and it’s for the best.

TMZ reports that Cannon is the one who decided to end the marriage mostly because he believes that Mariah’s mental state isn’t healthy for their family. Sources close to the family revealed to the site Cannon believes “the environment around Mariah is toxic and fears for his kids.”

He’s said to describe their living situation as chaotic and believes Mariah’s primary concern is making money. Apparently, he’s already witnessed signs of emotional upset in their children: Twins, Moroccan and Monroe, which the public has come to know affectionately by their nickname, “Dem Babies”.

The couple has been living separately and despite rumors of Nick’s infidelity he maintains his main focus is his children.

No one likes to see the break up of a family, but the industry has made Mariah’s diva-like ways no secret and I would hate to believe she displays that same kind of attitude at home. We hope this family gets the help and support they need.

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  • gessiewtf

    Whoever spends the most money on lawyers wins. That would be Mariah Carey.

  • GoogTwitFace

    Oh come on.

    Nick Cannon finally made enough of his own money with Americas Got Talent that he doesn’t need Mariah’s money anymore.

    So now he is dumping her and bad mouthing her to get even for everything she made him do before she gave him his weekly allowance.

  • Jerry Fischer

    Uh,.. Nick. Mental state? Because of money? Ever hear the one about doing your laundry in public? Google it.

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  • Analystgirl

    Mariah mentioned that she fires nanny’s who get ‘too close’ to the kids. She doesn’t want them to love the nanny as much as they love HER. No paranoia there! She needs psychiatric help, before she messes up the kids any further.
    I used to think her fantasy world was harmless…but now I think she has some serious problems living in the real world.

  • Maizey

    Funny how folks give online marriage advice when you’re probably A)Single and Lonely or B) In a relationship and miserable. So just C) Have a seat. And let these adults manage THEIR divorce. Quit judging. Sheesh!!

  • Apollo Creed

    “Yo, Nick!! I tried to tell you that broad was crazy! Call me and we’ll make a song about it.”


  • Phyllis Delgado

    Silvergryphon…I am not questioning what the courts do re custody battles. I am questioning why this man who is supposedly so concerned with his children, left them with this toxic wife as he discribed…..He is full of himself. You love your children, you protect them. ..unless, he is just blowing wind!!!!

  • lou Brown

    Most FAMOUS people get gag orders, this is not new..but he does need to SHUT THE @#$% up! What’s wrong with him. I can’t stand a man that kisses and tells or one that brags about what he can do or has done. Call your lawyer and handle it correctly. Idiot!

  • Cheryl Robinson

    I wish them the very best for all in involved.

  • Michael Gaskill

    She can come stay with me any day.

  • GG’ma

    MOMMA Mariah is wearing the pants in this marrriage, she’s way too CONTROLLING, Nick is NOT A CHILD!! The man, needs to be treated with more “RESPECT!!” From everything I’ve seen over the years, Nick is “REAL,” but Mariah is NOT 🙁 Good Luck Nick, hope you get the twins before she destroys them mentally!!

  • tutttul

    Really sad howevere there were previous rumors about Mariah having a breakdown in “sanity” before the release of her double platinum “Butterfly” but no mention of treatment and she seemed to move n with her life. Actually Mariah appearing in public always with bodyguards holding her hand and shielding her with umbrellas should’ve been a big clue something is off with that woman. Good for Nick – now let’s hope he gets full custody.

  • Erin Argast

    Mariah HAS a mental state? Who’d a guessed? She seems rather mindless to me.

  • This is about to get ugly. Nick needs to hush and stop telling their business. Its so petty

  • AM68

    It’s been well known that Mariah has some “issues”. I remember when she had her breakdown live on MTV some years back. If she is still having her mental health issue but doesn’t have the right kind of people around her who are urging her ti get help then it can be a very unhealthy environment to raise kids in.

  • anony5

    First of all he is a lying idiot that would be sitting in a gutter somewhere if he hadn’t married Mariah. Second, I always see pictures of Mariah with her kids and they all appear to be happy, and unstressed. He knew she was a “diva” before he married her, he knew what he was getting into, it’s really lame to go spilling all your personal relationship troubles, he must be mad that she cut him off… AND Mariah has a poop ton of money, like she’s worried about making more.

    • oscardgrouch

      He may or may not be lying, but he would have never been in the gutter. Nick was making that Nickelodeon money (on screen and behind the scenes) and continued that into adult hood. He never needed her money and he doesn’t now.

      • anony5

        Oh please, the only decent gig he has now is America’s got talent, and only losers watch that mess. He isn’t funny… at all. He would be nowhere if he didn’t marry Mariah when he did. Agree or not, that’s the truth of the matter. Mariah carey is worth half a billion dollars, nick cannon on his best day isn’t worth anywhere near that and he never will be.

        • oscardgrouch

          No one said he has a much money as she has. If he isn’t worth 1/2 billion, he does not and never will need her money. So saying he would be in the gutter is wrong and that is “the truth of the matter.” He’s is more than ok financially. Being corny has nothing to do with his money.

  • annierwise

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  • Taz

    It is always sad when parents split but if one party feels it is best for them and their children then it should be done. Both of these parents work hard and I am sure that takes a toll on their children however if there are issues with mental stability that takes it up a notch. We don’t know all of the details but hopefully both parents will keep their children’s well being a priority. Good luck to them.

  • Judy

    All of these conversations just prove how obsessed people are with the rich and famous and their hideous lifestyles. Seriously who cares? There are so much more important things in life to care about. You ALL need to get a life and care about things that matter.

  • Whodid?

    She’s trying to stop him from talking because she is coo to the coo! I can only imagine the crazy he has had to deal with the past few years.

  • C Joseph Fontenot

    If he was that worried, why would he move out of state and leave his kids behind! He is full of it. Another irresponsible black father, shifting the blame and not taking responsibility!

  • Simone Coyne

    Maybe Nick needs to shut his mouth he caused the divorce bragging about his past B#*@^es! His career was going nowhere fast until Mariah gave him the time of day he needs to be thankful for all she did for him and quit being a little immature punk that he is!!

  • ELD

    The ro ot of evil is money and the pursuit of it has destroyed America’s moral fiber!

  • ELD

    Just an excuse for him to fool around with other women. If he is so concerned about the kids, why is he leaving? You are supposed to stay for better or worse. He is an opportunist and we all saw this coming. Why do men always leave their families when the kids are so young? It’s time for Nick to man up!!! Opportunist! I hope everyone fires him!

  • mindy rodgers

    divorce the b**** Nick you can do better.

  • carla saunders

    Oh, so when your wife needs you the most, you bail. And did you take the children with you since you feel they may be neglected by her mental health? Good grief.

  • Johnny Martinez

    all women are crazy and irresponsible end feminism crap and convert to islam =]

  • dfmr

    I wonder if he wants half of that money she is always determined to make and is so important to her. Sounds like he is building a case of fighting for custody. What a shame that parents can’t share the upbringing of the kids. She has always had a childrens charity that she has been always involved in….so……. the fact she is ..her kids look happy and healthy

  • B

    I like both Mariah and Nick but always thought they were an odd couple. Sometimes I wonder if Mariah asked Nick to marry! Unfortunately I have little sympathy for rich people with mental problems – give me the money!

  • kate

    my daughter’s x husband of 24 years tried the same tactic…that he was concerned about her mental state. It is his mental state that we all questioned. So, Mr. Cannon is that your evil strategy too!!!!

  • myownwords

    wow, what a loser. I guess when the going gets tough, ditch ur wife and blame her for the break up then air out your business for all to see and read. smh

  • k

    Poor Mariah…Here we go—like poor Tori Spelling. These guys have had things come too easily for them. Mariah is probably having to handle everything with the kids and needs help from their father! He, not knowing how to help—expects her to have to tell him everything what to do and then he can’t/won’t help-so she gets because he’s not doing his fair share–example: friends of ours; the mother works while the Dad is a stay at home Dad. Many a times we go to school events and the Mother is always mad because she hasn’t had anything to eat yet because the Dad can never seem to be able to cook. Yep, still these guys see chores at home as “women’s work”. So Mariah, your fans love you! We support you. Even if your husband doesn’t

  • char

    It would be more respectful and commendable for him not too comment about the condition of your children’s mother and wife to the public.

    • oscardgrouch

      I agree. Perhaps she does have issues, but he should keep his mouth shut and let this play out in the courts and not the media/social media.

  • Mia Aza

    Get caught cheating on your wife. Claim she is crazy. Don’t buy it.

  • bin-there-done-that

    I know what he is talking about. my son is in the same situation. thank god nick has money to survive

  • Joey

    Sounds like alot of you forgot Mariah’s nervous breakdown when she barged onto TRL unannounced a few years ago. She has a history of mental illness & attention-seeking behavior.

    • Andrea

      No Nick “forgot” we all know she cray and so does he.

  • grandmadove

    He say’s she is not stable but he is leaving the children with her. Doesn’t make since.

    • oscardgrouch

      It is extremely difficult for men to get custody from a mother. He will need medical proof saying she is unstable before the courts will give him custody.

  • Andrea

    I don’t believe this. We all know Mariah cray and she is my favorite female artist of ALL times. She had a mental breakdown WAY before they got married and had children. She was a diva WAY before they got married. So to come out and blast the mother of your children (AKA – spousal support) on the basis of he is concerned about her mental status now that she has children, don’t buy it. And if she is that bad, why leave the children? You petition the court that she is unfit. Sorry, she got duped and married a moocher on her name and fame. Not buying it…

    • oscardgrouch

      While much of what you say may be true, Nick never needed her money. This kid made bank from his Nickelodeon days. He was making money behind the scenes (executive producing) on many shows and no one even knew. He may be an a** but he doesn’t need her money.

  • mary

    marriage is not in the good times, the for better, for richer, in health, etc. that is only the honeymoon. marriage is when the going gets rough, in the for worse, for poorer, in sickness.

  • Sad in Oregon

    I can’t believe he’s vocalizing these thoughts to the public. This is a travesty. This is a family that will go their separate ways and if he had a brain bigger than a pea, he’d keep his mouth shut and figure out a way to get a long for the sake of the kids. He is an idiot.

  • Me

    I’m sorry but she was like that when he met her. It’s always been known she’s a total diva. He was just star struck. Now that he’s got some kids with her, and he’s concerned for her “mental state”, he’s probably about to get the kids and get paid.

  • Kelly Jo Goodley

    WHy isn’t anything private? It’s noones business to know why it fell apart.

  • Sandra Santillan

    I usually side with women. Especially when Daddy can stop working and become a stay at home father at mommy’s expense. Yet, Mariah seems off for a long time. I even think Cannon is being nice in stating it’s only her ambition. The last time Mariah seemed in control of herself was in her Tommy Mottola days.

    • oscardgrouch

      That was because Tommy had total control over her.

      • Sandra Santillan

        Although this is frowned upon. Mariah, once upon a time was beautiful.

  • smile61

    Kids don’t want a diva, they want a mom. She should learn to leave her work at work.

  • precious won

    seems like jealously 2 me…ok yes nick has money but he is one of these men that hates that his wife is getting so much attention more than him that he is willing to make up this lame excuse…. talking bout he doing this cause of mariahs health…. just stop it!! u lieing to her and u also lieing 2 yourself…. just admit it it u r jealous of your wife…..

  • Eva

    This is sad for the kids. This is what happends when you get married to soon. Hopefully counseling can help.

  • Toni

    Nick needs to grow up, a man that speaks about his adventures with women and tries to discredit the mother of his kids is not a “man” He needs to keep quiet and focus in trying to fix his marital problems and his wardrobe. Keep quiet like it or not she is the mother of your kids….

  • avu

    No he doesn’t need her money but he’s trying to get-out of child support since he wants to be single… He walked-out evidently, a few months ago! He’s hitting below the belt trying to use her mental state against her. Her mind is where it was when he married her. He’s playing ugly now because he’s using her past depression issues against her, to build his case in court. He’s really trying to push her over the edge, by causing this kind of disturbance. Half the world is living with depression but they are not a threat to their kids! When he married her he and the world knew of her depressed moments. How low of him! What about the fact that she’s been home, all the while they were together; taking care of the kids while he was traveling? So now he wants to play and suddenly he’s trying to play the mental-state card? He wasn’t worried about the kids while he’s been all-over the map. He should shut-up and settle in court! His career is on a roll now and he’s away more and having a ball. She’s been at home being a good mother, as she should-have been. What makes his words more golden than hers? Oh, in-case the media catches him stepping-out on a date he’s trying to do just what he just did; making himself look like the innocent one… Just like (deg) below said, there’s always two sides to a story. Like Daphne Reynolds says, what a laugh! He should top disrespecting her and fight it out in court. Follow the prenuptial-agreement, share the kids and move on respectfully. Just shut-up Nick.

    • Andrea

      He wouldn’t have to pay child support. She makes more. She will owe him spousal support. That is what he is after. Not the money for his kids, money for himself.

      • avu

        I totally agree.

      • oscardgrouch

        Why would he want her money when he is a multi-millionaire in his own right? Spousal support isn’t a guarantee, it is something that can be agreed upon. With his income, spousal support may not even be an issue.

  • zoom

    Why is this boob even talking ? When he is was all wrapped in her “Madness” Dressed up in those ridiculous costumes He was loving it … Talking bad about the kids mom is not gonna help those kids .. He needs to be there for his kids and get to a court if he really feels his are in any danger …

  • Natalie

    A few years ago, Mariah and Nick did a television interview together. As they were being interviewed I distinctly noticed the lack of respect that Mariah displayed toward Nick. Right then I thought to myself that if she didn’t change and show him more respect he was going to leave her. It’s sad that it’s actually happening. Nick is by no means perfect, but if you want to be in a relationship, or even a friendship, there needs to be mutual respect for each other.

  • guest

    He’s a piece of cramp to be talking about her anyway.

  • Gail Michael

    What a bunch of hooey!! Sounds like he’s not getting the attention he wants now that dem babies are here. He knew he was marrying a diva. All of a sudden there’s a problem with that? All of a sudden there’s mental problems? What? She loves and dotes on her kids more than him? Maybe her mental problems are him. This could be the best thing for Mariah. Sure hope he doesn’t try to take them from her and demand support. Maybe that was his plan all along.

  • Guestest

    Some things should really just be left unsaid. None of us were there in front of the pastor (saying vows) when they got married so why should we know about what’s going on in your marriage, Nick? Nick talks too damn much.

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  • d e g

    there is always two sides to something, but Nick wanted her before he even met her. She is such a DIVA. IT SEEMS NOBODY LOVES MARIAH MORE THAN MARIAH. She did a commercial for something SERIOUS, NOT TOO LONG AGO ( sorry cant remember what it was for) but she was in all of these different sultry poses on the floor, while talking. She couldn’t even do this commercial standing or sitting still, like she should have. She needed to try and make it about how she looked.—-IT MADE HER LOOK STUPID AND WITH NO CLASS. Only saw it a couple of times. Miss thing needs to be knocked back a peg or two, or more.

  • apriljerby

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  • Diane Webster

    No wonder she didn’t want him commenting. I would either.

  • Lorraine

    Cannon had better have a whole slew of medical documentation to back this VERY UNWISE public allegation. Yes, from a Civil law standpoint, public figures may be slandered without the type of legal shield afforded to private citizens. HOWEVER, the potential damages of jeopardizing Ms. Carey with regard to custody determination, makes statements like this, if proved to be false, BACKFIRE against Cannon. Nowhere in the article did I see that Cannon took the children with him when he moved out.

  • windyblue

    She never changed the diapers on the kids he did that was told on TV. I can bet she is a huge Diva at home. She always dresses having naked. she is net worth 500 million his is 10 million
    she has the money. so add the jealousy. Too. on his part. And well they are both at fault.

  • mysty Blue

    I’d like to know how this case turns out. There are many diva mothers that don’t have the money but have the me me me me attitude. My son stays because he’s sure she’ll get the kids and not take care of them, feed them or send them to school ( he does all of that now plus cleans the house, does the laundry cooks meals and works all night) (( she stays up all night on the computer, reading books and sleeps till after 1 pm)). If cannon can prove she is an unfit diva like my daughter inlaw, then there is a chance my son can get custody of his kids. If not, he’ll stay put until they are old enough to let them choose and take them then. It’s all about the kids when mom or dad disconnects themselves.

  • darlene

    we all knew she had emotional problems before nick came in picture

  • Anna

    run Nick run and take the kids.

  • Xoinks

    “which the public has come to know affectionately by their nickname, “Dem Babies”. – ” Really? Can’t say I’ve ever once even heard that nickname.

  • Sharon

    She was considered crazy years ago when she was all loopy all the time and calling Howard Sterns show wasted. Nick decided that was the woman for him to have children with…Go figure.

  • sue

    he has to talk about her mental status and worried about the kids he wants custody and the money he will get from her

  • Five Kay

    OH WHATEVER! Leave the relationship with some pride in tact. You have children together for God’s sake, don’t spend your time attempting to slander each other in the media. Typical “ex” that’s “worried for their former spouces mental state.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      All he seems worried about is how he is perceived.

  • yeah right

    so let me get this right, he is concerned about his kids because of mariahs mental state?????? yet he leaves, moves out and leaves the kids with her???????who does he think heis fooling with that??

  • kory taylor

    Mariah’s always been a skank ,mental beotch

  • kory taylor

    she will be the next to “ACCIDENTLY ” kill herself, just hope the kids are with Nick. She has been unstable for many yrs……To me she is a has been have not listen to her music in many many yrs

  • darrin rigotti

    who cares

  • kayeellen

    so of course he took the children when he left. because, the children are his main concern …. yeah babies daddy, you keep sayin that …. bout dem babies …

  • Reneé T. Armstead

    I don’t know what these 2 expected when you only date 6 weeks before tying the knot. WHAT ON EARTH do you know about a person in 6 weeks? Was he enamored over her celebrity? Now the novelty has worn off and he wants to leave? He can brag about the sex all he wants, but that is only part of a marriage. The other part is the relationship, which is the most important part. I also think that when you are in the performing arts you have to work that much harder in the marriage because your life is SO different from the norm. That’s why so many of these marriages break up.

    • Kia

      people date for years and breakup

      • Reneé T. Armstead

        Yes, very true, but you are really inviting a break up when you marry someone you don’t know much about.

  • Linda

    I thought that celebraties suppose to be somewhat a role model for are kids of todays world. But even with them they believe in what makes you feel good at the moment do it and don’t worry about the consequences it has on you or your family. One quick nut can ruin a lifetime of dreams.
    SAD, but true. Wake up AMERICA!!! ETERNAL LIFE is a very long time NICK!! I have lost respect for you and Americas Got Talent.

  • Courtney Banks

    But her “Diva-like” behavior has been well known Wayyyy before they got married. Even then wouldn’t he have figured that out during the dating/courtship period????? What ever happened to sickness and in health? You know what’s funny when Mariah had that beef with Minaj everyone took her side, too eager to remind Minaj of her tour sales,records sold etc…. Now everyone changed their mind.

  • Jenero

    For some reason I do not believe this article. 1 it was reported that the divorce is said and done and everything is worked out from finances, property and the custody was Nic’s idea to let the children stay with Mariah for more stability. Whatever the case maybe, I hope if they do in fact divorce that it will not turn ugly and be all over the place.

  • Patricia Longo

    Nobody wants to break up families???
    -except for all the fathers of small kids. Every father of small kids-
    the most bored & hateful caste ever.
    Nothing causes ED faster than talking, growing kids.
    Nobody is EASIER to criticize than the MOTHER of your own talking, growing kids.
    Nobody is crazier and more greedy than the mother of your own, talking growing kids.
    An American lives in torture until he can leave his own talking, growing kids-
    and escape to an Amber Frye at the bar.
    They vare waiting to praise you- your ex was a gold digger- but Amber cares.
    and she’s really HOT.

  • KeepingItReal

    This is what happens when people date people based on looks alone. They look at the exterior package without digging deeper. The older generation did it the right way…get to know their family…because sometimes things like mental illness is hereditary.

  • jio

    It sounds like Nick is making sure that it is recorded that she has displayed some unstable behavior that has scared him to fear for his safety and his children. A few years back, Mariah had a break down and she was wandering in the streets. Sometimes Mental illness is triggered and now a days people do unspeakable things if they don’t get help. A lot of spouse ignore signs and end up gone including their kids. It sounds like something has come to ahead and he is done trying. Both of them had a health scare and they stuck by each other. This sounds like he is making it known that she needs help and he is trying to protect his family. Wow. Gag order didn’t work with him.

    • Patricia Longo

      Nothing but nothing causes ED faster than talking, growing kids.
      Nobody is EASIER to criticize than the MOTHER of your own talking, growing kids.
      Nobody is crazier and more greedy than the mother of your own, talking growing kids.
      An American lives in torture until he can leave his own talking, growing kids-
      and escape to an Amber Frye at the bar.
      They are waiting to praise you- your ex was a gold digger- but Amber cares.
      and she’s really HOT.

  • Caroline Mcclain

    If that was really the case, Nick would not have filed for divorce. This is the media at work as usual, rumors is all. Not true story, just make believe.

  • Pameela

    If he believes her mental state to be toxic for the children, why would he leave them with her? He should either file for primary physical custody or stay there to watch over them.

    • Patricia Longo

      My ex would be in that same category- ALL ex’s of small kids seem to fit there!!
      They need out- she’s toxic- but their DEAR little ones are best left ALONE WITH MOM!! and Dad is GONE, GONE, GONE!!

  • Rose

    You know the sad thing is no matter whether you believe Mariah or Nick (and regardless of who is right) the thing that is tragic here is the 2 children are witnessing their family fall apart. What is shameful is that because their parents are celebrities they have to have their whole world dragged into public scrutiny. It doesn’t matter whether Mariah is being diva like or Nick is a blabbermouth they both fail as parents because they are engaged in this public back and forth about what should be a private matter in their marriage. Plenty of Hollywood couples have divorced without dragging one another through the muck. That Mariah is a DIVA (could be true) I see the gag order as a way to protect her interests (don’t know if those include her children) only she does. That he publically calls his children’s mother mentally unstable is not the mark of a real man or a father concerned about his children. But it may be his attempt to make a play for full custody. Again the ones that are truly loosing here are those 2 kids.

    • Patricia Longo

      Nearly ALL little kids who ever met their dads see this!!!!
      but their mom isn’t well off- she’s also WORKING POOR!!

  • yah

    have you seen pics of nics’ feet? ugh! they r so hideous and thats why mariah wants out!! trust me! Godzilla has better looking feet!

  • pathan232

    I don’t know how he put up with her in the first place….she never seemed right in the head.

  • nancysvalenzuela

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  • nancysvalenzuela

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  • Bev

    Deflection, that is what is going on here and men are experts at it…..Mariah is the same person she was before marrying this immature man that goes on a national forum and admits to bedding down of all people Kim K. He is immature and needs to grow up!!!

  • mollymol

    i still think it’s funny she first claimed she had never heard of kim kardashian. i’m positive my deceased relatives know who she is. sad that the family is breaking up, but if it wasn’t right (& obviously it wasn’t) then that’s that.

  • misssultrylady

    I called this years ago. I knew he was going to do a Kevin Federline on Mariah.

  • Phyllis Dixon

    What kind of punk is he…. all of his thoughts and feelings don’t have to be put into the news. It is pitiful.

  • notadailycaller

    I just lost any respect I had for this “man”. A real man would not need to share his dirty laundry for public fodder, especially inferring his wife is mentally ill.

    • Boogie Oogie

      That’s right

  • eyelostmyname

    Every time I see Mariah stuff herself in one of her outfits that is way to small for her big butt, I think she may not be wrapped to tight, either. Nick is right to be worried about his kids.

  • NotCC

    Wow, Nick’s the last one to figure out that she has some serious mental issues.

  • Daniel Barger

    What we have here is the typical nature of relationships. Men as a rule are LESS concerned with the success and wealth of the women in their lives. To men LOOKS are more important. For women it is usually the reverse…..looks are important but NOT as important as having a man they consider higher status/higher success etc. So Mariah does not respect Nick Cannon because he is while quite successful not near as successful as she is financially. Remember…..she will compare him to Tommy Mottola of Sony who she used to be married to. A man who was DEFINITELY higher status than Mariah.
    Nick Cannon is more concerned with enjoying the “young hotness”. And when they first hooked up Mariah was still relatively young and hot. NOW……not so much. She is still a
    fine example of feminine beauty….FOR HER AGE. She does NOT however compare well to a hot PYT of say 25. And THAT is what Nick Cannon wants. It’s nature. It’s biology. It’s reality. Virtually ALL celeb marriages end because of variations on this theme.

  • Mary

    We already know she has mental health issues. I do agree that he should not talk about it to the public and we should not care. Couples go through this everyday.

  • kittty cat

    I thought I would throw in my two cents worth…. listen up people, it takes two to make it, and two break it…grant it… she has leverage… because she did get him to where he is at today….but… she can’t be too bad of a person… she happens to be a very strong and maybe a little TOO strong for Nick…. most passive guys can’t handle women like that…..he shouldn’t be trashing her image because, after all she is the mother of his children…I love them both, no matter what..!!!!

  • EmeraldEyes1

    I’m not surprised that he wants to leave her. I know someone who saw her in person when she was making an appearance at the place where this person works. She said that Carey was such a snotty, stuck-up person; didn’t want anyone to look her in the eye or talk to her, etc. I don’t care who a person is. Nothing gives a person the right to treat others badly.

    • Boogie Oogie

      She’s shy.Or maybe she’s trying to save her voice for a performance

  • Malanye Chantye

    This is so sad.

  • Grace Vargas

    Hes doing it on purpose.. to gag. away.. Hes sick and tired of the Diva.. treating him like hes a boy toy.. that’s why hes.. talking..and he probably hates her. It sure sounds like it.. to me.. He knows what hes doing.. Dont you guys think .. His friends and family.. are giving him that’s enough .. now shes putting a gag order on you oh hell no..Hes strong very handsome man and he looked in the mirror.. and thought.. Hmmm. Im sick of that plumpy dumpling..And now im gonna shoot my mouth off To drive her crazy.. well more crazy…

  • sho nuff

    For better or worse. For richer or poorer. In SICKNESS and in health. Till death do we part. What part of that wedding vow did you not hear Nick!!

    • MajorKinksnCoils86


  • steve

    sounds like he’s planting the seeds for a battle in court for the kids he can use the story she is un stable that way he’ will keep getting money from her

  • jes5263


    • jes5263

      I think Nick knew what he was getting into when he married her – she has been a huge star for a long time…when he met her, her ego was well intact….to make a comment about what he thinks of her mental condition just shows his immaturity…I wouldn’t believe anything he says.

  • Boogie Oogie

    TheyThey really need to go to church as a family again. It started on the right connection when they said it was a spiritual connection and maybe they lost that


    Mariah needs to stop being an alcoholic in front of her children.

  • jessie

    What happened to sticking with your partner despite the ups and downs? Not running and telling your personal business to the world than complaining about lack of privacy. Every one keeps on pointing at Mariah and I’m not saying she doesn’t have her issues but Nick is just coming across incredibly immature about this situation. He should have know who he was marrying before he walked down that aisle. Her attitude should not come as a shock to him.

  • Boogie Oogie

    First off, when Mariah had a breakdown her beloved father had terminal brain cancer, and her sister full blown AIDS..Who the hell wouldn’t have a breakdown unless you don’t love your family that much. Second, regardlesss she is still “gifted” and a good mom and has really grown up the way she handled herself being berated by Nicki Minaj and now Nick. And Nick remember, your babies are half Mariah, putting half her down is putting half your kids down

  • mysticyat

    Why would you imagine that her behavior at home is soany different than it is in every other aspect of her life? But that said, it would certainly be to Nick’s advantage – especially financially – if he gets primary custody of the twins – there is the potential for tens of thousand a month in child support and spousal support at stake here.

  • Entertainmentluvva

    this ain’t Mariah has suffered a mental breakdown in the past,making her vulnerable to it again smh

  • fireangel

    Hey this is BS- Mariah Carey is NOT cracking up. Yes she wants to make money. She is one of the most talented singers on the planet. This guy needs to be 86’ed out of her life. She is well and doing great. She is a consummate professional and does not deserve your contempt. I am NOT kidding. OK?

  • KeepItClassy

    A few years ago, Nick was soooooo desperate to marry Mariah that he had a HUGE tattoo of her name inked across his back. Who was the crazy one then? And who’s crazy now? The gold-digging man, or the gal who has a meltdown when she realizes her husband is a just a manipulative cheat?

  • NAN752

    This is so sad…I always considered them to be a very solid couple with their beautiful twins. Still this isn’t the first time she’s had problems.After her first marriage broke up she had to go and stay with her mother for awhile til she got back on track. I just hope she gets the help she needs and soon.

  • KeepItClassy

    Only trailer park trash would go public to say the mother of their children is crazy. This is the woman you said you loved and now you’re trying to tell the world she’s nuts just so you can cash out? Just call him No-Class-Nick!

  • brendawbov

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    >>>>>>>>>> http://x­u­r­l­.­e­s/ngvfh


  • disqus_ewermPMJBA

    we know she’s got money, but the thought of having someone tells you to not open your mouth makes some people even wants to do it more than ever. the way the woman is in public the diva behavior, imagine the woman at home. phewwwwwwwwwww

  • bsota

    “Dem babies” shows you the lack of intelligence.

  • Phoebe Brown

    This is some funny commentary to say the least. We all started out talking about Nick and Mariah and it ended up with discussions from their marriage to the state of the union, to the Obama, Bush, etc. These are some really heated comments. They’re funny as hell!! I’ve never really quite seen a story go out this far left or right wing over a celeb. Dammmmn! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL, you get my meaning, LOL!!! I see Mariah makes EVERYBODY mad and crazy all at the same time!!!
    And as far as Nick saying that “Mariah has emotional problems”, didn’t he know this when he got with her? Cause I was asking myself the same question when I saw that she was one of his secret love interests. I’m like, what is he thinking? Don’t get me wrong, she sings like an angel, but everybody that knows her, knows that the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor with her! She’s definitely light on the top!

  • shellvee

    Nick, you are in trouble!!!

  • Phoebe Brown

    If this is true, how much money do you need when you’re worth 500 million? This is so CRAZY!!!! Some of these celebrities are so crazy. I’m not a bit remorseful about her marriage breaking up after the way she treated Nicki Minaj! I’m not and I’m not ashamed to say this. What I saw was just over the top disrespectful and crazy. Hopefully, she’ll learn how to treat people a little better, at least in the future.

  • Richard Piamai

    Spare me the I am worried story, just get the divorce and move on.

  • homeskil

    Nick Cannon is the most no-talent person on earth and wouldn’t even have the job he has now if it wasn’t for his celebrity wife.

  • He knew…

    she is mental…. but he knew from the beginning!!!!

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    I said no longer tan yesterday, that I thought Maruah was getting a little out of touch with reality. She has had a nervous breakdown, and is a little emotionally unstable. There was a time that her career was in jeopardy because of that. Maybe Nck needs to take the kids until Mariah is better.

  • AreYaKiddin’?

    It’s like the woman that marries a guy notorious for beating women and expect him not to beat her. Duh she’s crazy! I understand love is blind but damn is it stupid and h*rny too! Then you had kids with her? Mate you screwed the pooch with this decision, hopefully she’ll cut you a fat check when the divorce is final.

  • OkSure he concerned enough to ask for full custody? Just wondering….

  • Marlane Speed

    It was probably his cheating that put her in this emotional state he talks about. Typical man, desert his wife when she is down He is a punk

  • chris

    well didnt she try to kill herself years ago? and by looking into her eyes and seeing her face, you can see she is hiding and faking her true emotion.. she obviously suffers from depression, and she is a burden to everyone around her.. nick probably cant handle it anymore as it brings him down too.. she needs help.. and someone aging like her, and losing her star power and fame to the younger generation, probably also fuels it.. she will end up damaged goods if she doesnt accept her fate, and move out to the country and age gracefully..

  • peacelilly

    if he’s really concerned about her why isn’t he quietly helping her instead of making it public……not buying it in fact I think he’s backing his own agenda??!!

  • sdtigerlily

    Yeah. Ya husband putting who he’s slept with on blast after being married to you for six years would drive any woman up a wall. Ni**a please! I think this is spin because the media reported that incident has Mariah reconsidering her marriage. Cannon still does stuff for Nickolodean, so he has an image to protect. Either that or his camp planted this chyt to sniff out who talks to the media about him.

  • LoosyGoosy

    Does he have physical custody of his children? If he doesn’t, he is full of crap that he has concerns about his wife’s mental health. He should be staying in that house and helping her and taking care of his kids.

  • Laura Keller

    They named a child “Moroccan”? They both need professional help if they saddled a child with a name like that. Bizarre parents tend to raise bizarre children but I’ll stay optimistic for the kids’ sake. Here’s hoping these two kids end up with something resembling a healthy, normal life.

  • lucifer69

    I always thought she was cra cra because she seems to be always loaded. I am sorry Nick is going throught this but he wished for her and as yall know, Be careful what you wish for because you might get it.

  • hug&kiss

    He talks too much. She is probably better without him. There are three sides to the story, her story, his story and the truth. Just because he is the first to speak don’t mean that’s the truth. And it’s nobody’s business. I hate to see people divorce. Now a days people give up on marriages so quickly and just replace people like they are things. If the house is dirty don’t clean it up, just buy a new one right? smh

  • Msvi

    In a real marriage, you stand by your mate and help them get the support they need. I love both of them as entertainers, and would have preferred to see them work it out…That’s what’s wrong with the world. No loyalty, everything and everyone is disposable.

  • anderson

    first of all Nick knew Mariah was not mentally stable from the beginning. The diva attitude is very much present in her everyday life. She never got the medical assistance she needed to help her transform back into reality. She still in that state of mind when she was eighteen and those years have been long gone for ages.

  • kim

    he’s concerned about her mental state and fears for his kids so he’s leaving ? Seems like those reasons should make him stay

  • Kia

    Is this quote unqoute Nick? Or TMZ bs?

  • Eileen Truman

    Always the classic excuse from the guy who leaves the wife with the kids…

    • MelissaM

      If he is concerned for his kids chances are he will want custody.

  • Colene

    Take the high road & think about the children.

  • Daphne Reynolds

    If he is actually saying this, I think he is pathetic. This is likely his way of trying to get custody of the kids and therefore hang on to Mariah’s money via child support. He knows that she had a breakdown years ago and since then people have been wanting to label her as crazy. This feeds into that and is in incredibly poor taste. Nick Cannon: Another Kevin Federline.

    • Tinara

      He has his own money. LOTS of it. That’s no secret.

      His 2014 current net worth is $20+ Million. And as you would expect, that’s plenty. He doesn’t need her money at all.

      • Kia

        Not much compared to 500+ million

  • kel

    when a picture was published of Mariah pushing the kids on swings in the park and her attire was a skin tight boob showing dress, we knew she was not a relaxed cool mommy. she believes she is a diva above all else in her everyday gowns and furs. sorry for the kids and a normal upbringing

  • Kyle Brandt

    I do not believe for a moment that a rich black cheated on his wife. White folks making stuff up again.

  • Liz

    If he IS worried about his children and thinks Mariah is unstable…WHY is he leaving them alone with her??? Does not make sense that he leaves. Crazzzyinesss to me.

  • Tinara


  • Diane Smith

    OMG Boo Hoo!

  • rvlady

    Lets hear her side!

  • Bria Jackson

    I am losing respect for Nick. This is the perfect example why older women should not marry younger men. Look at Demi Moore and now Mariah Carey. Is Nick trying to take her kids now? Sounds like he is just ready to move on to something younger. Hopefully he will end up with some young gold digger that will use him like he used Mariah.

  • DeOnte Lewis


  • DeOnte Lewis


  • ldean

    Always consider the source – this comes from TMZ – the great hate monger of Hollywood gossip, bowing down the almighty dollar

  • Ed Romero

    Did this fool really believe that Mariah was going to give up her career to spend the rest of her life taking care of him and the kids. This why so many of these marriages go down the drain. He was a no body when she met him and still is. As for Mariah’s mental health, he knew about that before he decided to get involved with her. It’s like getting involved with Christina Aguilera and all her baggage.

    • JReezy

      Nick Cannon has a few jobs so “Did this fool really believe that Mariah was going to give up her career
      to spend the rest of her life taking care of him and the kids” sounds pretty stupid. He’s capable enough to provide for himself and his kids.

  • rick

    It’s called being married to a spoiled c*nt. What do you expect?

    • Kia

      Rude, distasteful, and disrespectful!

      • rick

        and who are you, a friend of hers?

        • Kia


  • Ron DayVoo

    Bruh better be careful what he’s saying or she might cut him off financially and what will he do for income then?

  • Im just saying

    they always looked odd together anywayz

  • Phyllis Delgado

    He is worried about the kids….then why did he move out and leave them with this so called toxic mom. Nick, I am disappointed in you. You knew who she was when you married her, you also knew she had a lot of money, don’t need her anymore, you hit the jackpot and will walk away with mega bucks and a career she helped mold. … sleaze!

    • silvergryphon

      Courts automatically side with the mother so he has to follow protocol and wait for the evidence to be gathered and proved in court , a battle that can take years. A good friend just spent the last 6 years trying to get custody from his drug addict ex-wife.

  • ED

    Hell, a casual observation of this woman should have shown him she was nuts before they were married. I saw it and I’m not within a million miles of her. Her beauty blinded him.

  • Pon_de

    I’m disgusted if it’s true that Nick spoke about private matters like this and is trying to call Mariah out. She has not said one word about Nick since this all blew up (because she knows that one day her children will get on the internet and find out). That’s called class. If I were her I would have slapped a gag order on that azz too. For almost a year now she has been hinting about Nick is constantly working and not spending time with his family. Yet, Nick finds the time to do interviews talking about his past relationships and hook-ups. That’s not the behavior of a committed man. That’s the behavior of someone who doesn’t know what he wants and has his priorities out of order. Immature acts like that breed insecurity in a marriage. Do you want to be a husband/father or do you want to reminisce about when you were smashing anything with a pretty face??

  • rod turner

    Hide all the belts.

  • Sarah

    Nick Cannon should NOT discuss whatever is going on with his marriage, his life or his children in the media. I like this guy a lot, but he needs to close his mouth. No talking. No interviews, nothing that has to do with his personal life.

  • katbee

    I hope he is taking the kids!

  • KnottyCalif Irene’s


    • Tony

      Relax, and lay off the coffee….. Oh and there is not need to yell, take your caps lock off. Lol If you are not interested don’t comment. Just saying….

  • AstarteOurania

    Nice of him to share private thoughts with everyone. Sounds like he’s trying to set her up as an unfit mother so he will have custody of the kids and alimony and child support from her. Better for both if they quietly divorce so their children won’t read what they’ve said about each other one day.

    • Universal

      Of course to you Astarte, it’s impossible for his words to actually be true? Really? I don’t know if he’s speaking the truth or not. Neither do you. But, of course, AstarteOurania is the official on all that is true and not true.

      • AstarteOurania

        Ok, then let me focus on the more important point – both of them are acting without class by saying anything about this situation in the media, particularly as they have children. No need to get your panties in a bunch because I pointed out one possibility based on comments of his that have been cropping up across many media channels. Normally people adopt a “please respect our privacy in this difficult time” attitude.

  • lifemaidsimple1

    I don’t know sounds like he may try and use this mental thing to gain leverage and get the children he married her and made babies with her so he knew how she was if he cared he wouldn’t drag their private business all over the media.

  • starapple

    Are we sure those words actually came from Nick’s mouth? I ask as nowhere in the “article” is a quote attributed to Nick. I guess all that matters is that people click on the article.

  • Maile00

    Ok how was her mental state before you impregnated her? She hasn’t changed much I bet. So NOW you are all concerned?

  • goggles

    I don’t understand this. He’s got a big mouth and shoots it off all the
    time. She’s still trying to be a 20 year old streetwalker with the way
    she dresses.

    It is funny that he said that he slept with a Kardooooshian, hasn’t just about everyone?

  • loasporter23

    It sounds like nick only married her to grab hold of the gravy train.

  • AnnMcV

    But just yesterday he claimed it was his work schedule?!? Today it’s all about HER desire to make money… know just like it is HIS desire, hence so many hours away from home. So I also assume he is going for full custody, since she has mental issues? Don’t think she is the only one with some ‘crazy’!

  • goggles

    between the 2 of ’em might make an iq of about 80-85 tops

  • angela fumi

    What about ”for better for worse”…. Hollywood marriages never freaks me a bit. Some claim to be successfully divorce!!

  • kaz

    TOO much $$. And she knows she’s a DIVA…..Too bad for hubby and kids

  • Coco

    this is not the first time she flying around the coo-coo nest–but when kids safety and well being is involved first come first and it apply to ms.Mariah..Nick Cannon please defend your children and do not be manipulated by money.You can and will feed yourself will you not??????

    • Universal

      This I can actually agree with. We do not know the whole story though. Maybe he left because she was getting ‘violent’ with him, literally physically, but maybe he feels like a little wussy if he truly got his a$$ handed to him by a woman, and doesn’t want to fess up about that… yet. She looks pretty hefty and I’m sure pretty strong. She’s definitely far bigger than Nick, and most likely stronger. He’s a super small dude. Let’s not be too quick to judge. Maybe he was being the ‘bigger’ ‘man’ by leaving so as not to make the kids keep seeing him and her arguing/fighting so much.

  • Chi Momof2

    I’m sure trashing her in the media will help her mental state a lot.

  • laverdad_ab

    Mariah was not in a good place back when she was dating Luis Miguel. I had hoped she had finally found a good man and straightened out.

  • CarlaD

    The big question is: Will Nick fight for custody of the kids? I wouldn’t want my kids raised by someone like Mariah.

  • Georgia Jackson

    If he is worried for the children then he needs to get them away from her. I have always thought that she was not with it very much.

  • Ammoguy

    I agree, I remember Mariah had a nervous breakdown before. I hope she will be ok.

  • Leon Gall

    did they try counseling? Walking away isn’t honorable.

  • LTK

    Nick needs to focus on the children if he is so concerned for them. What ever is going on with Mariah he needs to at least help her thru it for the sake of the children. What ever happened to in sickness and in health. He should step up to the plate here after all she made him what he is today.

  • abbi

    Not my circus, not my monkeys. That’s all I have to say.

  • RobynH

    If he were really concerned about the kids, he wouldn’t have publicly called her mental state into question. He is just trying to set the stage for custody and support. If he were the man he wants us to believe he is, he would have kept their business in house and handled it privately.

    • Kelly

      Yup, sounds like he’s posturing for a nice, fat payout,

  • Patrick Skeaton

    Just another pin in the celebrity marriage board…

  • pattib

    She had a mental and emotional breakdown when she was 31 years old. It was also rumored that that she tried to take her own life during that time..She has probably been in a fragile state of mind for many years. I think she lives in her “ivory tower” in isolation and that is the main reason she is no needy to have Nick with her all the time. I can’t imagine any of her staff or anyone else associated with her would dare to tell her no about anything. Nick Cannon probably has a legitimate reason to be concerned about his children. Obviously, her diva tactics is not working on Nick Cannon. He probably just got tired of being told to shut up all the time.

    • Kelly

      Then he was completely irresponsible to have children with someone that the thought was so emotionally broken down. It didn’t stop him from spending all her money though, did it.

      • pattib

        I am surprised to see that a commenter knows how much of her money he has spent. If he was living off her money, there would not be a problem with their marriage. That is what she wants. She wants a husband who will be at her beck and call and I think he did that in the early years and he just got tired of it. He seems to be working all the time to earn his own money. If everyone in this world only had children with responsible partners, there would be millions of less children around today.

  • DAVID, one of a kind.

    Another commenter said,” hottest woman on the planet” – Commenter you live a cave. I would take CATHARINE ZETA JONES, ANNE HATHAWAY, AUDRINA PARTRIDGE, BROOKE BURKE, CAMILLA BELLE, JENNIFER GARNER, JULIANNE HOUGH, JESSICA BIEL, LEA MICHELE, MEGAN FOX. any day over Mariah Carey. Oh to show I am not racist, throw in GABRIELLE UNION, PAULA PATTON, NAOMIE HARRIS into the mix. I am not big on short hair but I would take HALLE BERRY too, cause she can pull off the short hair look.

  • Yamilette Soto

    He is afraid of Mariah mental health and he leaves the marriage!!! where is responsibility? how about the kids? Is he leaving them with her without no concern about the safety? You don’t let your partner down when he/she needs you more!!!

  • Kelly

    That statement about her mental health is so going to work against you now Nick Cannon. You just showed the world your true colors.

  • Just The Facts

    What ever happened to “in sickness and in health….” ??

  • nohly

    if he truly concern about his children he should shut his mouth and not talk so much negative about their mom.This is his way of preparing CUSTODY for his children
    i wonder who has the kids now if he believe that she is crazy than he should stick around for the kids sake or make sure they are living with him during the separation

  • IJS

    Nick, you knew she was a headcase when you married her – it was common knowledge. So don’t try to throw her under the bus now, as if she somehow “changed”. And you can’t throw shade at her saying all she’s concerned about is making money, when you only married her to boost your own career.

  • Richard Smith

    i blame bush.

  • Jerry T

    It was pretty clear from American Idol that Carey is a nut job. While Minaj is a bit of a lightening rod herself…. you can see what she had to deal with by listening to Carey’s own husband ….who by all accounts is a pretty decent and well balanced guy.

  • respectfully sure

    What is the most heart breaking thing about this picture is the black man, even though this one has enough sense to see what he has done to these small children. I’m sure he wanted children and she knew he was in need of the right skin because the diva image was always there. Now that they both got what they want for show the kids will be the ones to suffer. You cant just take the other half out of the picture that easily. they will always remain apart of you! that is why young men and women, go for your goal in life first and go to church while you are doing it. you will be a whole lot more stable when you finish school and join society. You will know exactly what you want and what it expects of you. Men and women in generaln really.

  • Richard Smith

    believes Mariah’s primary concern is making money….really? wow there is something new.

  • Susan Brunkhorst

    If he really loved Mariah and was truly concerned about her mental health and the family, he would ask for counseling and support services. His comments make him appear that he is setting her up for a big payoff…for himself.Sad and no way to treat the mother of your children.

  • Ramona

    Creepy girl. Always was.

  • Kerstin Brewster

    eeeeh where was his mental state when he married her?????

  • Kelly

    Will Mariah’s next song be about Mama’s Boys….. I hope so.

  • Damien Sarsorito

    Uh oh, looks like he’s going full on Federline with this one….

  • kelley

    I knew she was a nut…i been saying that for years.

  • jstein7444

    Tony Mottola her 1st husband was really too old for Carey – Nick was too young and not in the same league as Carey – she is somewhat of an icon and it will take someone who is as famous or experienced, closer to her age or older, someone who has something to offer her – Nick had nothing to offer her – don’t even see what they had in common except maybe a chemistry that lasted for a short time…..atleast they have some cute kids….

    • Pon_de

      I agree. She got with the first husband when she was like 19/20 so there were daddy issues all over that. He turned out to be controlling and abusive so I think naturally she ended up being drawn to someone younger who would let her be herself. Unfortunately it seems like Nick was too young and not ready to settle down. He wanted to be on the grind (even after having children) and then stayed talking about some past relationships/hook-up instead of reminding folks that he’s married and his current relationship is all that matters. Save the throwback stories for your boys in private.

    • hollyw

      Are you kidding me, anyone with as much ego as Mariah Carey in the same room will make everything IMPLODE lol!

  • Just saying!!

    This dude as usual is saying way too much. He really doesn’t know how to shut up. I guess he had to make it known to everyone that he’s the one that wants to leave (for his pride– which is unrelated to his kids). Dude keep your business to yourself. Divorce is tough enough and now you’re going to make it worse. Smdh

    • Keisha

      Exactly. Nick is a punk. Nick talks to much and Mariah likes her privacy like everyone else. I believe they’re getting a divorce because Nick talks to much.

  • dRuNk


  • sejohn

    he is an idiot

    • Universal

      Of course you would know that. Takes one to know one.

  • jstein7444

    Gee, lucky for Nick…hookup with one of the most famous singers of our time, spend 6 years enhancing your career, oops….time to go….I got mine, don’t need you anymore…..gee, and you wonder why she is upset…seems like husband No.2 is no different than husband No.1, both saw a way to enhance their bottomline except Nick is not quite the guy Tony Mottola was, a record executive with some bucks…..atleast he had something to offer Carey….

    • Kelly

      Exactly and then he has the balls to call her crazy on the way out. Well, what did you do to support her if you thought she was having mental issues Nick. Oh, yes, you went out to promote yourself at clubs and hung out with young women. I’m sure that was helpful to the situation. PULLLLLEEASSE!

      • jstein7444

        I don’t know if he is aware that when people talk about Nick in their mind they connect him with Mariah Carey – when being interviewed he always seemed to interject a comment about his most talented & beautiful wife Mariah Carey, the most famous singer in the world” – now he will just be Nick Cannon…some will say ‘WHO?’

  • Kelly

    Ok Nick Cannon, you can stop disparaging your soon to be former wife now. Good riddens for her and you need to grow up. She was just raising a boy in her marriage and maybe she will realize that a real man doesn’t pull the BS that you just did with your statement.

  • bigdog

    I hope he didn’t cheat on the hottest woman on the planet, but who knows, as for Miriah being crazy, she could get crazy on me.

    • DAVID, one of a kind.

      ” hottest woman on the planet” Boy you live a cave. I would take CATHARINE ZETA JONES, ANNE HATHAWAY, AUDRINA PARTRIDGE,BROOKE BURKE, CAMILLA BELLE, JENNIFER GARNER, JULIANNE HOUGH, JESSICA BIEL, LEA MICHELE, MEGAN FOX. Oh to show I am not racist, throw in Gabrielle Union, Paula Patton, Naomie Harris.

  • Carlton Oneal

    cannon who has ugly mommy issues of,from being aware that his mother barely avoided having an abortion with him .seems that Nick cannon is trading in a younger female ,for his older wife !he is just using his false concern their children to make him look good !he is just wants to end a marriage which Nick cannon entered into falsely !i know mariah Carey is probably a demanding performer ,but,i am sure her side benefited nick’s side more then he benefited mariah Carey side !how disappointing !

    • hollyw

      HUH where you hear about his mom like that???

      • Carlton Oneal

        Nick cannon talks about thanking his mother for not aborting him.he sings about the personal issue,occasionally ,but ,not frequently .

        • hollyw

          Wooooow. Smh. Wow. That is a horrible thought to live with. I see why he married Mariah now…

  • jello

    Nick Cannon seems like a nice guy to me. Look at Ashton and Demi, he finally got out of that situation he was in with Demi, she was toxic as well. Ashton finally seems happy and is ready to start a new life with Mila and a brand new baby. Nick is still young also and I’m sure he will take responsibility for his kids BUT he also has to move on and find happiness elsewhere.

  • Erica Mathis

    What’s with all the black people stories on this site? Where is the diversity and equality?

    • bigdog

      They haven’t woke up from he looting last nite.

  • Your Mom

    This Negr0 seriously just talks too much. You’re afraid for your children, but supposedly you’re the one that decides to leave them? Not denying Mariah could be a class A diva with a horrendous attitude, but sophomoric Nick Cannon plain ol just talks too dang much. He is not the one with a v@gina. He needs to have several seats.

    • Universal

      All your words were lost on deaf ears given you opened your first statement with a crude word that harkens back to plantation owner/slave ownership days. Great job racist scum.

      • hollyw

        You’re white.

      • Your Mom

        Oh, go have a seat.

  • Jojo Spearmint

    Oh, who even cares anymore? She’s probably already got a new main squeeze by now anyway.

  • katydid41

    Who knows what the behind the scenes dynamics are: his infidelity?, “mental health” issues for her? no mutual interest anymore? Who knows?

    But for Cannon to take this tack of: I’M the one who’s choosing to leave cuz… well, “look what she made me do?” and so I claim the high road… is just scuzzy.

  • lil Lasagna

    i mean she seemed really crazy before they were together….no one would touch her…she is a nut case…its obvious

  • Chloe

    Not necessarily do I believe Nick Cannon said these things. He is no dummy. And it has nothing to do with Ms. Diva “ordering” him not to say anything. There is going to be a HUGE fight and not over money either since Nick has his own little empire going on. It will be over those poor children. If they are smart and loving parents, as they want people to believe they are, they BOTH should keep quiet and do this all behind closed doors, at least as much as they can because rumors and crap will start flying.

    Most of us know Mariah never seems to be all there (just check out her Idol season), but I cannot see Nick talking about it openly. Maybe someone else brought it up, but again – he is not that stupid.

    • Lambyboo

      I do belive NIck is thta stupid. Mariah hasnt changed. BUt he is the one Wild N Out and running his mouth. I wonder why? Publicity stunt. Sounds like it. Mariah run for the hill.

  • Lambyboo

    Sounds like BS. Its obvious that Mariah is an excellent mother. Her kids are always happy and smiling. She even did a song withher kids-a beautiul song at that, “Supernatural”. Im more concerned about Nicks mental status. He is the only one out runing his mouth. He was the one MIA for Valentines Day. How do you miss one of the most important days of the year for MC?!? Most pics we see are with Mariah and the Kids…wheres his pics with the kids and family? Team Mariah all the way. Been a Lamb4Life and will die a Lamb4Life. Mariah turn to God, your fam and your kids. The fans support you. I do understand now why Da Brat and others were against her with Nick. Nick got problems from how he did his hair that time like a cheetah and what he calls his album to how he made himself look White. He always got jokes but this ish aint funny. NIck STFU please!

    • Chloe

      I’ve seen photos of Nick with the kids. You have blinders on.

      • bigdog

        NO, he’s been doing “things” with the kids.

        • hollyw


  • Ron I.

    Too much gossip. People need to shut it off and go outside and enjoy the weather. (sunny and warm in CA)

    • Chloe

      Warm here in the Midwest with rain.

  • strech

    let the character assassinations begin……..

  • Layla13

    Lost all respect for her, well, there was not much, when she lied about fertility treatment, I
    work in health care and women still think they can do the same without her money.
    She and Nick were photographed for years in and out of a well known clinic and then OH surprise I am having twins at 40 something, just yoga and progesterone, dont need an IVF clinic for either of those. Just say nothing or tell the truth, Nick had mostly been with young gorgeous model types, Mariah is not aging well and has always been unstable, this is not a shock.

    • Dee Dee

      And what s the problem if this couple used IVF?…Nick seems to be the loose “Cannon”.in this separation. He has made me lose respect for him by releasing “details” about is wife that he public does not need to hear. Meanwhile, Mariah remains silent. She appears to be the “sane” one

    • Pon_de

      How do you know she had IVF? Are you her doctor? Newsflash: the same doctors that would oversee IVF treatment can be the ones that would prescribe progesterone (OB/GYN certified in reproductive endocrinology). Mariah never said ish about yoga. She said she pursued acupuncture (on advisement from Celine Dion) and hormone therapy (which explains the enormous weight gain). You sound like a hater. Are you about to mail your panties to Nick or something??

  • Jaye

    so what else is new?

  • Mr Ripley

    Wow this is th best news… now we can move on to some REAL NEWS.. did anyone in thier sane mind really think this was going to go a long time… She married this kid to nurse her ego. Infidelity.. rumor is a bunch of crap… This was a blessing now he can move on to some close to his age and finally grow up and she can act her age.. and stop picking up boys….

  • disqus_JNr8cF1G9n

    So he’s so concerned about her mental state and the children’s well-being.. that he’s leaving???????? Yeah sure Nick…. you can bet in the next few weeks there will be pics of him hanging all over some 22 yr old model………..

  • Bob White

    She is worth hundreds of millions of dollars already, more than she or her kids could ever spend and still live a luxurious lifestyle. If she is obsessed with making more, then Cannon is right to be concerned about her mental health.

    • Pon_de

      From all reports it seems Nick is the one obsessed with making more. Being called Mr. Mariah Carey started off as a joke but I think it really started to affect Nick and made him feel insecure so he started taking all these jobs at the expense of his health and family. They are just at different stations in life. She has made her mark on the world and he is still trying to. Maybe she thought he was ready to stop grinding and be fulfilled as a husband and father. And maybe he thought her showbiz clout would help him get to the next level. Started with some chemistry but they were a longterm mismatch.

  • dooziek

    I think Nick out to shut his pie hole out of respect for his children who he claims to care about. Not the right thing dude. smh

  • learntheREALhistory

    Really now??…and his solution to the problem is to be like ‘most’ Brothas which is pack his belongings and “leave” the kids off on “her”…for real though??…then Brothas men wonder why the state of black youth is disarray, because they will see issues, but still leave the kids off on, what ‘they” feel to be a dysfunctional mother..smh

    • Universal

      She most likely told him to get out, well, in much cruder words you can be certain. Who is Nick to tell Mariah the Diva NO? No one does that. I wouldn’t doubt it if she became violent with him. Not like he’s some big guy or something. She’s actually bigger and probably stronger than he is.

      • learntheREALhistory

        mmm, you may have a point, but he did an interview not long ago contradicting these statements, i posted it on here…furthermore, if felt his kids were or are in any harm, even if she told him to leave, it doesn’t negate him telling someone or taking action…those are his children as well..unless he’s just that afraid of her

        • hollyw

          Afraid of her?? Pu-lease, as much as Nick runs his mouth?!

    • hollyw

      Ikr of he doesn’t request full custody, he’ll look like the biggest lying douche EVER…

  • Eva

    Nick don’t run from your marriage when its on fire, Go back in and help your family they need you. Watch Fireproof that movie helped me when i wanted to run from my marriage.

    • Sunshine


    • Yvonne Bennett

      I second that Amen

    • Jen Anne Ritter

      How about you mind your own business?

      • Eva

        in reality i am not getting in their business, i doubt nick is really going to read my comment, just wanted to give others going through a tough time hope. 🙂

        • Amanda Mandypoo Outlaw

          Let Nick decide what he intended to do—whether he would save his marriage or divorce. Nick is a grown man so let him decide on his own.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      Amen. That movie had me bawling and I don’t even have a marriage yet.

  • Loot

    Liberal women should never be allowed to have children. They’re all deranged baby murderers.

    • ny155

      Boy, it doesn’t take long for the crazies to come out of the woodwork. Take your meds and pipe down, Loot.

    • Bob White

      Neocon make the worst fathers.

    • Jen Anne Ritter

      Just flagged your post. You are sickening and evil.

      • Universal

        Like the good majority of neocons… sick and evil. Yet they claim to be part of some ‘moral majority’. Yeah, tell me another one.

    • Universal

      Loot, the ultimate source for insanity, ridiculous, insensitive banter, and ill intentions.

  • FromUR2UB

    I’m sorry, but I think this is a punk move. He may genuinely be concerned, but it seems like he’s just creating some gossip about her now. What’s the point of announcing that to the world? When you begin bringing other people into your disagreements, the chances to resolve them pretty much disappear because other people shore up sides, then stir the pot when you try to forgive. People are so disloyal these days .

    • Nancy

      I believe him. I always thought she was a nutcase!

      • FromUR2UB

        She may have ten toes, too: four on one foot, and six on the other. But just because it may be true, doesn’t mean that those close to you should make it their mission to spread it.

    • Pon_de

      If true, he’s doing it because he knows that with her situation from 2001, people will jump all over it and believe it. It’s a low blow and in extremely poor taste. From the evidence we have as the public, her children seem happy and well taken care of.

  • StephanieB

    This sounds entirely made up.

    • Universal

      Says StephanieB, the ultimate source for truth and sanity.

    • CarlaD

      This was actually my first thought when I heard about the split.

    • Amanda Mandypoo Outlaw

      You may want to think again on that. The truth about Nick and Mariah being separated came straight from Nick himself, but I don’t know about Mariah being in that some sort of mental state.

  • DroneRivers

    Well it didn’t take long for it to turn ugly, did it? I suspect now that she’s gagged him, we’ll be hearing all kinds of interesting stuff from “sources”.

  • guest510

    To be honest, I’ve questioned her mental state for years. I don’t know his reasons, but she seems stuck in 1998. She doesn’t present herself as a 40 something-year-old woman. I understand wanting to remain youthful but she hasnt been in her 20s for a while and I would really like for her to accept that. In any event, I hope everything works out for all parties involved.

    • Pon_de

      How should a 40 something year old woman present herself in your mind?? She is an entertainer and by definition needs a public image that brings attention. The image she’s chosen to cultivate is loopy Marilyn Monroe-esque. This is an industry that is youth oriented and tries to force people into the retirement home once you’re past 35. If she feels good about herself and is being a good mother and friend to others, why is she labeled crazy just because she has a more eccentric and carefree personality? That kind of thinking dilutes the attention that should be going to recognizing and helping people who are truly mentally ill and unable to function in society. Mariah is EXTRA but seems to be quite sane.

      • guest510

        I think you know exactly what I meant but just couldn’t resist the urge to be confrontational. I have no desire to play that game with you. Good day

  • Shae

    I believe this from Nick, years ago they did a day in the life of MIMI. She was overboard with her diva attitude. She was surrounded by nothing but kiss asses and “yes” people. The part that really made me lose respect for her was; she broke one of her nails. The way she carried on about that broken nail,you would had thought someone forgot first born. Nick made the classic mistake of falling for his dream girl look and not the person. My heart goes out to those babies.

    • billy

      There was also a time when she was out eating and made her assistant hold her straw for her and feed her so she did not have to touch the same stuff common people touch

      • Jen Anne Ritter

        Holy shit,you have got to be kidding me. Sickening!!!

      • JHudson

        Seriously?? Wow she does too much ugh, i hate stuck up snooty divas

      • Pon_de

        Where is your proof of this?? People always say “there was this time I heard…” but never have any video or photos to back it up. It’s funny because there are literally only 3 people who have bad things to say about Mariah Carey (Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and Christina Aguilera). Literally every other person in show business refers to her as nothing but professional, a lover of music, and down to earth. Does she have an eccentric personality? Yes. But these crazy stories about her not feeding herself, refusing to walk on carpet, sleeping in a room full of white puppies, etc. are just ridiculous and straight out of Star Magazine!

  • Lee

    I called this divorce when they got married. Hollyweird.

  • Anna Sun

    I can totally see how this could be true.

  • Machone

    Men say that about most women. 9 times out 10, they make us crazy anyway. LOL

    • Robin Bednarczyk

      Yeah, that’s what i was thinking to. I think in their stupid little brains they think by saying we’re “crazy” that’s their scapegoat way of getting out of a relationship.My husband tells his workers I’M crazy, then when I meet them and spend a little time with them, THEY’RE the one’s telling me, “you husband SAID you were crazy, he must’ve just been mad at you at the time.” He has said that crap so much, THAT NOW, I record alot of mine and my husband’s arguments and discussions SO THAT I WILL HAVE PROOF WHO the “crazy” one is. LOL, HE GOES CRAZY everytime he realizes I’m recording, AND I GET ALL THAT TO, hahaha… ! I wonder why that is? Probably because he don’t want anyone to know THE TRUTH. Men say we’re crazy, but they’re A$$HOLES most the time who can’t tell the truth to save their life.

      • SirPuffs Alottabud

        What up? Wanna new friend with benefits?

        • Jen Anne Ritter


      • Jen Anne Ritter

        Speaking of ‘scapegoats’,that is EXACTLY what you are doing. Way to make generalized statements about an entire gender. No wonder your husband treats you the way he does. I’m sure you wholeheartedly deserve it. What a wench.

        • Guest

          Screw you.

        • hollyw


      • Jim

        Hey Robin, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you sound pretty crazy to me.Crazy and toxic.

        • Universal


      • Todd

        Wow. So leave him. You sound crazy posting this story! Why would you stay with someone that obviously doesn’t respect you? There is NO GOOD reason and don’t say “kids” because staying together in this extremely unhealthy relationship is far more harm than good

    • learntheREALhistory

      yep, as the saying goes….”for every ‘crazy’ woman, there’s a man that made her that way”…and it usually true

    • Werdsmith

      By comparison, then, 9 times out of 10, women MAKE men bust their lips, black their eyes, and otherwise abuse the F out of them.

      See how a lack of ownership for one’s decisions and behaviors can easily be extrapolated and applied across the board? Yeah…

  • bigdede

    There is a gag order on Nick so I doubt he said this but I believe this to be true. Mariah’s daughter will have an eating disorder by time she’s 7!

  • Msmissy

    What about for better or for worse? I’m sure he isn’t innocent!

    • Self Reliant

      If the guy wants out the women shout “for better or for worse”. When the girl wants out all you ignorant women say “get half”! Your disgusting!

      • ny155

        Oh, right, toolbag. “all you ignorant women”? I think YOU are the disgusting one.

      • hollyw

        Hahahaa! I’m sorry, I’m a woman and this is hilarious! Too true!!

        …of course, it’s too true b/c men have historically divorced and left women penniless, but I digress lol…

    • Universal

      No one is innocent. We’ve all done something we didn’t mean to do, said something off color now and then. That isn’t ‘innocent’. No one is. BUT, if you are referring to criminal or not a criminal, I’m pretty sure Nick Cannon is innocent of any crimes you think he may have committed.

  • og

    Let the games begin…

  • hollyw

    Huuuuuuh my gosh….and so it begins.

  • DoinMe

    Meanwhile, we’ve had a journalist beheaded, Ferguson is on fire, and a 9 year-old was assassinated in Chicago. Mariah and Nick’s problems are not ours.

    • Anna Sun

      This isn’t really the site for that kind of news.

      • colbertfan

        Yes. It exists to distract the wage slaves and clearly works. The powers that be and the banksters could not be more pleased.

        • Just saying!!

          And yet somehow you found your way on here. -_- #byefelicia

          • Persefunee

            Lmbooooo! Exactly.

    • DroneRivers

      But if you were so concerned about all of those other issues, why did you click on this article?

      • Define2

        Lol…I know I shouldn’t be laughing but the question is so logical…lol.

      • Chloe

        I just “love” it when people interject some serious post in the middle of an entertainment story reminding us of what’s going on all over the world!!! We all KNOW what’s going on but sometimes you have to keep up with pop culture just to stay sane!!!

        • Phoebe Brown

          I know! You said it, lady!

        • disqus_ewermPMJBA

          and of course it helps amuse ourselves.

        • NAN752

          So very true!

      • gman

        Because he knew it would be nonsense and not tell anyone much.

      • jen

        Duh! Probably to state his/her opinion. Where do you think it should be stated, on the NFL article or on the Mariah Carey/ Nick Canon divorce article?

        • DroneRivers

          But she never shared her opinion. She just mentioned a few important issues that we’re already aware of. And instead of mentioning them here, she could have actually been discussing them in an appropriate forum. Duh!

      • DoinMe

        Just to show how trivial and ridiculous this kind of non-news/gossip is in the grand scheme of things when there are several crises going on. How does Mariah being crazy and her divorce from Nick affect anyone commenting here? I’ll wait………………………………………………………………….

        • DroneRivers

          So we have to be directly affected by their personal situation in order to care or have an opinion? And just a reminder, but we can all click on your profile and see all of the important social, global crisis articles you’ve been commenting on lately. See ya in the next Momma Dee article. 😉

        • Mary

          Answer: We can avoid reading about the health crisis in Liberia, the war in Iraq, the Israeli-Palistinian crisis and our ineffective politicians.

        • DroneRivers

          We don’t have to be personally affected by celebs to care or have an opinion. And remember, you gushed and raved in a Nicki Minaj article just a few hours ago about how much you love Anaconda. So I say you live and let live. 🙂

        • Phoebe Brown

          True, but……………………………………..

        • Hilda Orduno

          Well you know sometimes some of of us want to just read something mindless and non eaarth shattering.

    • Bodine Bodine

      Yeah, but Obama voters have to have something to pay attention to between elections.

      • sonny

        and I bet it is obama’s fault why Mariah and Nick are getting!?!

        • Chloe

          LOLOL I’m surprised someone hasn’t mentioned that yet that it is Obama’s fault!!!

          • Joe

            It’s not Obama’s fault. He already had a press conference to blame Bush!

            • Universal

              He actually did. Where’s the joke?

            • jen

              Or Congress, the GOP, the conservatives, white people.

              • hollyw

                It is.

        • jen

          Well, thank God it wasn’t on Bushes watch because it definitely would have been stated over and over and over how he caused it. So now you are a parrot?

      • Bob White

        Obama voters are the ones who got us OUT of the Bush recession.

        • Sillysally

          We’re OUT of a recession? I want Bush’s recession. Obama’s recession is 10x’s worse. Have you got your head out of the sand and looked??

          • Universal

            That’s interesting Sillysally, because the numbers speak for themselves. Jobs in every sector are being filled, and the numbers of people out of word are lower than they’ve been since Bush years. I’m sure that’s just the ‘liberal spin’ though. Funny, I’m making great money, and so is the good majority of everyone I know. Sillysally, that’s the perfect name for you. Also, the DJIA was around 7,000 when Bush left office, look it up. Now it’s over 15-16K. Yeah, recession 10X’s worse. LOL Ever hear of the word propaganda Silly? Look it up, it suits your words perfectly.

            • CarlaD

              Jobs are being created and filled, but everything costs so much more these days. That is one reason “Obama”s” recession seems worse.

              • Universal

                This is true. Things do cost more these days. Reason is, not inflation, but the WARS Bush started having a massive everlasting impact on our semi-fragile economy. It just can’t take the billions of dollars per DAY impact. That has nothing to do with Obama or his policies..

                • William Reddy

                  The “Bush wars” you refer to were voted for by Obama and Clinton and most of the other Dems too. Without those votes it never would have happened.

                  • Universal

                    True William, BUT, remember, at that time, they were going on BUSH’S faulty (or supposed, probably lies to back his a$$ us) intel. They thought it was all necessary according to Bush’s (really his advisors, Bush never made any decision himelf) BS lies. So, sure, they voted on something they thought would actually HELP the world, in fighting terrororism. BUT, that wasn’t why Bush started it, we all know that. He wanted to go after Saddham for his father not being able to get him…. since Osama was known to NOT be in Iraq.

                    • Tony

                      Universal you are partly correct, however the President never voted for the wars, no matter how many times those at FOX try to say otherwise…..

                  • Tony

                    Umm William you need to check your facts or you are trying to change history. Clinton voted for the “Bush wars, however Mr. Obama did not…. Sorry to call you out, but the facts quail the lies every time.

                • jen

                  Taking to a liberal is like talking to a 2 year old, there is no reasoning. To everyone else, I would take Bush back in a heartbeat if that would remove Dumbo of his job. “I don’t really understand math beyond the 7th grade level” said Obama on the Jay Leno show. Not only did he retreat from Iraq, he told the terrorists exactly when he was going to do it. The blood of those killed in Iraq is on Obama’s stupid hands.

                  • Universal

                    Funny you say that because the conservatives implored he pull out of Iraq asap. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Liberals are like 2 yr olds? hahah Boehner said that he (republicans lawmakers) would never pass/sign anything that democrats put forth (bills) even if it helps the American people. He said that, look it up. Conservatives are the most evil people in the frigain world. You’re one of them Jen the Sicko.

                • Phoebe Brown

                  I heard that. How did we get from Mariah and Nick to this? That is the question?

              • Phoebe Brown

                That’s because everything has been going up for the last 10-15 years. No president is going to stop that. You folks don’t make any sense, but the source from which all of this is generated from, and that’s racism.

            • Todd

              The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The gap between the haves and have nots is widening at as high of a pace as ever. Just as in any administration, it takes 5-6 years of whatever policies were implemented in the previous one to take effect. Bush took on the catastrophic mortgage crisis started by the Clinton administration and so forth and so on. Wages are stagnant. The biggest corporations ship as many jobs as possible over seas. In order to bring them back, real workers, the vast majority of the population, have to take HUGE paycuts just to have a job and barely survive. DOW Jones and Nasdaq is no indicator for the reality of what is going on. It is a small one, but nothing significant. A little research goes a long way

              • Universal

                Carla, Clinton balanced the budget, while Bush mangled it. That has had a catastrophic impact in every sector, especially the tech sector and mortgage industry. Research goes a long way when you aren’t cherry picking individual tidbits or knowledge like you are. Also, you republicans wanted Mitt Romney in office? You just mentioned how jobs are being shipped overseas, well, Romney was a Champion for believing, just like in his own Bain Capital, that overseas workers need jobs too, and shipping out jobs was a great idea he thought, so job owners didn’t have to ‘pay higher wages’. Wow Carla, ever get shot in the foot?

              • hollyw

                You must work for FOX lol. Anyone who pays halfway attention to politics and can follow the money train knows that it was the Republican presidents and the GOP who introduced tax breaks, approved overseas jobs and tax havens, and made corporations PEOPLE which is the main reason for our economy woes. Oh, and let’s not forget the”weapons of mass destruction” war that blew up our debt! Clinton left with a surplus lol!

            • jen

              Where do you live? You are flat out lying unless you live in Silicon Valley, where they have given up any outside life to earn a good wage. Okay, maybe you are just uneducated on the real world.

            • Kelly Rocco

              Jobs seem to be filling up because every person needs 2 to afford something that they only needed 1 job for before.

            • Sophie

              ” Universal will be speaking at your local coffee shop at 10 pm every Monday night. Tickets are free!” BIO ON UNIVERSAL: Universal attended school In New York. He then moved to San Fran, where he discovered his love and passion for speaking in local coffee shops. He began to pack out coffee shops, sometimes 5-8 people! After San Fran he packed up his dark rimmed eyeglasses, his retro modern furniture, and his favorite indie albums (mixed in with some Gaga and john mayer), and headed for LA!!! While in LA he tried to establish himself as the main coffee blogger and speaker. Unfortunately, he was one of many trying to stand out in a world of,”Anything you can do I can do Better!” He had to leave. There were too many of “him”. He currently resides in an urban loft, with his small dog

            • guest1

              Do you know people who are out of work? You can’t possibly because if you did, you’d know that the propaganda is coming is coming from this administration. I don’t know anyone who is out of work who believes these numbers they put out every month, let alone can even find employment. And let’s not forget about black unemployment rates. Talk to real folks who are out of work and looking for these fictitious job that have been supposedly created instead of relying on doctored “statistics” to make your point. At least Romney knew how to create jobs. For every job outsourced by Bain, I’m pretty sure millions more were created. Let’s not let facts get in the way of your silly arguments though!

          • Phoebe Brown

            Bullshit, we’re not out of the recession yet, but Obama didn’t put us here, Bush did! Less we forget. PLEASE!!!!!

        • jen

          We are out of the recession? In whose world? Maybe in Obama’s rich elite world, but not the middle class. No one in my family has had a real vacation in years. We are all working for less. Come on down to middle America and live for a few months.

        • Phoebe Brown

          Thank the Lord!!!!!!!

      • carlos mcquakenbush

        I know we can’t just think about the slapping of Grandpa McCain and his milfbimbo or the stomping of Mittens and Eddie Munster. Our guts need a rest from the laughing. So I will have to go with the obvious pain still felt by Bodine not as funny but like you said we need a break.

      • hollyw


      • Hilda Orduno

        Why s it when someone has nothing intresting or new to bring t the conversation they bash Obama. THat is neither new nor intresrestring and it has been played to death.

    • Chloe

      The WHY are you commenting on an entertainment article?

    • golder1

      But you still clicked on the article

    • Keisha

      Thank you. We have way more important things to worry about. Like the nwo, the crazy entertainment industry confusing people, mind control, the fulfilling bible and everything else that will bring on Armageddon.

      • Robinescence

        Well, then you probably shouldn’t be spending your time commenting on an entertainment article either, huh?

      • AreYaKiddin’?

        Wow nutter^

    • Carlton Oneal

      madame noire is a that kind of magazine for celebrity news ,while those issues are important ,though.

    • Phoebe Brown

      I’m from Chicago! What is it with killing these kids in Chicago? What’s the number now of kids being killed there in the last 5 years or so? I’m so glad that I don’t live there anymore, even though it’s home.

    • Honestly, I’m reading about Mariah and Nick to mentally take a break from Ferguson, ebola, and beheading.

      • DoinMe

        I understand

    • Hilda Orduno

      If ou want world news you are on he wrong site for it.

  • Guests!!!

    …in sickness and in health…

    • Keisha

      Thank you. Marriages don’t last long at all anymore, especially celebrity marriages. Hollyweird wouldn’t dare promote healthy, happy and long lasting marriages. If they did, it would mess up their plan for population control.

      • nelks

        Population control? You do realize that more marriages equals more children which equals higher population?

        • NewYorkBunny

          Exactly. The intention is to reduce the population. Why promote what works against that?

        • lddcw

          Since when, in today’s society, does having children necessitate or obligate marriage? Look at the number of people, especially of celebs, who have kids left and right while in no marriages. Many these days will argue that marriage is a bigger decision than bringing kids into the world (still flabbergasted by that one). That is the reality of the state of marriage these days – it gets no respect and its meaning is reduced to just “a piece of paper” by those who refuse to marry. Marriage among most celebrities is a joke.

          • MonicaT

            I agree if you just look at the celebrities/athletes not your average joe! Marriage is a joke. It has been reduced to a mere piece of paper! It’s more like a contract agreement based on your net worth! Many have multiple marriages and many are married less then 6 years, but the marriage was over in 2 because they were living apart for more then have the marriage. There are very few that manage to stay together and honor their marriage (vows), but others it was nothing more then a contract agreement. In general in today’s society marriage is a joke. I would hope many marry for the right reasons, but many stay together for the wrong reasons.

          • Hilda Orduno

            Actually marriage in general is a joke. Nobody honors their vows, or i should say, very few people actualy honor their vows. So why bother? I have ben divorced 2 years raised my two sons to be good men.

      • AreYaKiddin’?

        They don’t last cause these weirdos live in LaLaLand where their egos could literally hit the stratosphere. These people don’t know reality so marriage (a part of reality) is just some game and experience and when they’re bored or the other person doesn’t bow to their ego (like those of us who know marriage is about compromise) they get divorced.

  • nala

    I guess that gag order didnt work…..

    • Zoe

      ORDER him not to speak…Are you kidding me Mariah.Who do you think you are..Oh, yeah…I am Mariah!!! I forgot. No wonder Nick is sick of you. And what do you have to hide that he cannot talk about this divorce?

      • Chloe

        Nick has a lot of his own stuff going on so he’s not hurting for money so HIS lawyers are just as good if not better than HER lawyers

        • Daphne Reynolds

          Are you serious? What a laugh! Google both of their net worths before spouting off nonsense. And by the way, everything that Nick Cannon has right now, he got because he was married to Mariah. Stop deluding yourself. This marriage is the best thing that ever could have happened to him. His career was going absolutely nowhere before she came along.

          • Just Saying

            And what makes you an authority on all this, he was doing just fine for himself before getting involved with the diva. He may not make her money, but he was very comfortable. Check your facts.

            • disqus_ewermPMJBA

              and happy without someone mothering him and giving orders around.

              • jessie

                No one forced him to marry her he should have known what he was getting into beforehand. No one force him to have kids with her either. Everyone keeps on blaming Mariah but it takes two to be in a relationship. Meaning he probably isn’t a walk in a park either. Speaking publicly about the failures of your marriage to the public while you have kids on top of that is incredibly immature. This is a grown man running around talking about how amazing sex was with his exes while he is married! Do you not realize how insensitive that is. What if your boyfriend came to you and talk about how amazing his ex was at giving blowjobs. How you are nothing compared to her. These young boys need to take hints from Denzel or Will. People have always talk their relationships with their wife. How they are getting a divorce or Will is gay. However Denzel nor Will entertain those questions they make movies and let people talk.

                • CrazyPpl

                  I have a feeling that she has two sides and he didn’t see the crazy one until after they were married.

                  • Scott Henderson

                    well he wasn’t looking then, she had a well publicized meltdown a decade ago.

                • Mary Smiley

                  I agree I think he talks way too much – very immature attitude listing all his ex’s. I like Kim K but who hasn’t she slept with? This is prob the one that pushed Mimi over the edge…

            • jessie

              No one forced him to marry her he should have known what he was getting into beforehand. No one force him to have kids with her either. Everyone keeps on blaming Mariah but it takes two to be in a relationship. Meaning he probably isn’t a walk in a park either. Speaking publicly about the failures of your marriage to the public while you have kids on top of that is incredibly immature. This is a grown man running around talking about how amazing sex was with his exes while he is married! Do you not realize how insensitive that is. What if your boyfriend came to you and talk about how amazing his ex was at giving blowjobs. How you are nothing compared to her. These young boys need to take hints from Denzel or Will. People have always talk their relationships with their wives. How they are getting a divorce or if Will is gay. However Denzel nor Will entertain those questions they make movies, make millions, and let people talk.

              • Louverne Crosby

                I agree!!!

            • jessie

              Even if he is unhappy handle your business in private. That is the number one thing celebs complain about. But they are the first to constantly open their mouths. Young Hollywood needs to take hints from Janet Jackson or Kerry you never know anything about their relationship unless they say so.

              • Malanye Chantye

                Well said, I agree

              • Nancy Kelly

                How can we be sure this comment was from Nick I tend to let time take its course and they will come to their own end one way or other.

                • ladybug

                  Exactly I never trust a “source”. Heck I can be a source lol

            • guest

              Hey stupid! He started getting offers when he married her. He was not struggling for money but his marriage opened a lot of doors. Get your delusional mind straight.

              • gessiewtf

                That is not true. You are the stupid one. Look it up.

          • hug&kiss

            I agree. Mariah’s net worth is a little over half a billion. WHAT!

          • Charlotte DiLondon

            Girl, you are delusional.

            • Phoebe Brown

              She’s right! Her net worth is $500 million and counting!

              • KiKee

                which still doesn’t mean that he is in the poorhouse. He might not be in her league, but he is quite comfortable

                • Phoebe Brown

                  I agree. As far as I’m concerned, Nick’s relationship with Mariah isn’t based on money in any way, from what I can see. I admired that he became the hardest working Black man in show business. I mean this guy is and was everywhere! Every time I looked up, he was doing something. I got tired of looking at him for a while there, but that told me a lot about his character and her money. I think he was truly in love with her in the beginning. All said and done, she might not be in his league! Ha ha ha ha ha. LOL!!!!

                  • guest

                    What you can see? Do you live with them? You people talk as if you spend time with these people. Gees! how pathetic, get a life!

                    • Phoebe Brown

                      Well it sounds like you’re pretty damned pathetic yourself since you’re on here right along with us. Gees! How pathetic, get a life!

                    • Phoebe Brown

                      We don’t have to live or spend time with these people to have an opinion about them one way or another! Knock the chip off your shoulder and play nice. It’s not THAT SERIOUS!!!

                    • Phoebe Brown

                      We’re just having a conversation or discussion! There’s always some negative person out there who will try or say anything to put a negative spin on things. Nice try, but no cigar! Luck next time.

                    • Phoebe Brown

                      Sounds like this is a case of the pot calling the kettle Black!!!!

                • Phoebe Brown

                  My comment didn’t have anything to do with Nick’s financial stature in any way, I was just setting the record straight about how much she’s worth! Nothing more, nothing less!

                • Amy Lathrop

                  But even if he weren’t quite comfortable, wouldn’t that say something if he’s willing to give up the good life to get away from her? She was just in the nut house recently too for a “nervous breakdown.” Ask any psychologist, there is no such thing. She had a psychotic break that put her there. And now Nick has grounds for custody.

                • gessiewtf

                  That is correct.

              • John

                People tend to forget that she took half of Tommy Mattola’s money in a divorce 15 years ago… That had to be a couple of hundred million right there…

            • guest

              You are sitting behind your computer. She has made millions even when her music flop. It might of been humiliating for her, but she still made millions.

              • Phoebe Brown

                You’re sitting behind your computer also. What’s your point?!!!! She’s still worth $500 million dollars. Nothing more, nothing less!

          • disqus_ewermPMJBA

            @daphne reynolds laugh all you want. you act like you are mariah’s right hand nanny.

            • Phyllis Dixon

              Right is right and Daphne, you are right!

          • EmeraldEyes1

            His career would have eventually picked up, because he’s very good at what he does. Living in a bad marriage is a particular kind of hell.

          • greenbutterfly

            That is the damn truth. He should be ashamed of himself. He knew who she was and how she acted and everything there was to know about her before he married her. What a cheap way to try and take her for her money. You go Nick what a way to show your ignorance.

          • guest


          • Amy Lathrop

            Unfortunately, some are so blinded by star gazing that they fail to see an abusive person. Mariah is one of the fakest people I’ve ever seen on screen. She can’t even a do a cooking segment on her show without being dressed to the nines and posing. And when you watch her talk to and about Nick all through their relationship, she was always putting him down and bossing him around. It’s also no secret that Mariah has displayed some very disturbing behaviors LONG before she even met Nick. She has spent more time than the average person in In- Patient Psychiatric Treatment.

          • gessiewtf

            That is NOT true, I listened to an interview he gave on Howard Stern about all of the jobs he had before he got married, he does four different things, He has a radio shoe in L.A. that he flies back and forth for, he has RHOH on the BET network, he hosts America’s got talent, he has big companies, on both coasts. he works so hard that he has collapsed from exhaustion. He has been told that he works too hard.

        • AreYaKiddin’?

          What?!?!?!! Mariah Carey could buy and sell his @$$ a million times over. Dumbest comment ever.

          • disqus_ewermPMJBA

            she may have all the money in the world but she is a miserable diva.

            • KeepItClassy

              What are you, PMJBA? Nick’s part-time lover? Or just a wannabe?

          • I like Nick

            The thing is……he doesn’t care about the money the way that she does. that’s the whole point. this is a guy who could be comfortable living a “comfortable” lifestyle who doesn’t have to be in the red hot spotlight having his ego stroked, being waited on hand and foot, while having “dem babies” looked after by some hired nanny. She should have just been artificially inseminated if she wanted kids because no man worth having is going to be happy to live in her shadow carrying her “train” and putting up with her crap wherever they go. However, that still wouldn’t have boded well for any kids that she would have had. It simply amazes me when people who SING well think that they are the be all and end all of the planet………when there are people who are curing diseases who are not household names nor do they live a lavish lifestyle.

        • Arjay

          Nick is worth $20 million. Mariah is worth $510 million. Yeah,Nick isn’t hurting. It’s just that Mariah isn’t hurting WAY more.

          • Annette

            I believe he’s worth more than that. He’s said, himself, that he’s made $75mil from 2011 to 2014.

      • HAHA

        So you are one of the idiots that believes everything they read on the internet.

      • hollyw

        I get the arrogance of Mariah (I mean, she IS a diva, he married her), but gag orders are supposed to be when the information is sensitive and/or when kids are involved. Frankly, I think speaking publicly about a divorce proceeding is just real irresponsible when you got kids, but whatevs…cuz months prior, he was talking about their sęx lives and his w/other women, so not like he can tell the difference b/w regular and sensitive info, anyway…

        • Mary

          Nick will once again prove that he has no class. Talking about his sexual exploits and now his relationship with his soon to be ex is just low class behavior.

          • AreYaKiddin’?


        • Hilda Orduno

          And you know for CERTAIN he was with other women cause he confides in you?

          • hollyw

            … =|

            That was in reference to the PAST women he recently spoke on having sex with in his radio interview.

      • guest

        Zoe you are an idiot! Writing this as if she is actually going to waste time reading something you wrote. Get a life!

      • emarez

        Tom Cruise did the same thing to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. In the industry this is not unsusal.

    • MsMT

      but it did. I gagged.

      • Tony


      • AreYaKiddin’?


    • Arjay

      The only way to gag Nick would be to stuff a rag in his mouth.

    • Annette

      Nick didn’t say this. If you read closely it says ” a source close to the family.” MN just wrote the headline like that for more views.

    • Nick

      Big Dumies

      • Nick

        Half of you have no kids ,have not been married before or have been married but because of this your dummy idea you ruin your marriage and will never get married again but are bold to talk of other people online.Big Dummies.Go get a life.

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