How Cute Is North West In Her Ripped Denim?

August 22, 2014  |  

I cannot take North West’s cuteness.  Little North is beautiful, the perfect combination of her mother and father. Recently, North and her mother Kim Kardashian were spotted in La Jolla, California.

Apparently, North has got this walking thing down because Kim, instead of carrying her let her stretch her baby legs on the sidewalk.

The two wore similar outfits with rips in their denim.

The paparazzi caught the one year old taking a couple of steps in her white tank top before Kardashian picked her up.

Too precious.

Source: GSI

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  • tamar

    I just love that baby!! She is just too CUTE !! Very Pretty Baby !!!

  • Taymar

    WOW I can’t with these comments..>SMH

  • annierwise

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  • Luanne Blossom

    Adorable jeans on the little lass…. too bad her mommy couldn’t find a cute top to go with them, as opposed to a “wife beater” t-shirt or “underwear”. ((sorry but in these parts, we call shirts like that “wife beaters” or undies… unless they are a color, or printed on))

  • karerna

    pretty baby — Smile — Great Times for mommy and baby!

  • Mynx

    North is so adorable. I think she looks just like her father.

  • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

    They are soooo beautiful. <3 Nori n Kimmy!

  • Russ Brooks

    Sign on the back of her skirt: “Wide Load Ahead”!

  • W h o r e t r a m p in training, learning from the best W h o r e t r a m p on the planet!

  • Selena McQueen

    I just think everything Kim does is for attention why else would she be taking her baby who just learning how to walk outside in pumps. It’s ok for u to look like a casual mom some flats sandals or sneakers would ask look cute. North is absolutely adorable tho and I know they gonna pimp that baby out for money real soon. But I know she gonna have to fight Kanye about that

  • Buck Wheat

    this is ridiculous the every day bombardment we have to put up with with FAT Ghetto Ape Fornicating Cow and her 1/2 bread niglet.

    • Rosemary B

      Look in the mirror at your self, if it doesn’t break.

  • R Rizzonelli

    Nothing beautiful about this kid, yuk!

  • delilia norville

    Oh my goodness, that baby is sooooooo cute.

  • Lissa Glidden

    I love when Kim’s fans come back with the old “jealous” and “hater” bit, when all the while they’re the ones trying to be her. I think we’re okay just being ourselves, time to get over being butt-hurt over a celebrity.

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    North, is a cute baby girl. I wish they would let her do the series, the ratings would shoot through the roof. Seeing Kim inter-acting as a mother, could change a lot of opinions about her.

  • I thought she had a little girl who is that little boy she is walking with?

  • Jane Morgan

    North hair is kinda pubic a little don’t ya think? Kim is a bloated mud cat she need to run from the dinner table.

  • real7777

    Horrible name for a girl. Also, kim gained too much weight and baby might get food addiction with high level of sugar while pregnant.

  • MeMe

    I thought that heifer was “waist training”. Damn she is HUGE!

  • Trenieceypoo

    heyyy kim is workin it in them heels walking that baby, i wish i could do that but flats are more comfy….lol anyway North is a cutie

  • fernelly

    kim looks horrible

  • Silk Silky

    looking at north one year old pic, she has a very big smile and her bigg mouth are ready to blow a bigg …. thing …like moma

    • Trisha_B

      MN delete this disgusting comment. Omg you guys are some pathetic people. How a 1 year old can get you guys so riled up?! Smh a bunch of sad a55 individuals

  • paulchief1

    Lets go to the zoo and see your cousins.

  • donewithit

    who cares??? Now do we have to watch the poor kid grow up too? Enough already about KimYe!


      You are a grown up and that means you have choices. You don’t have to watch the “poor kid” grow up any more than you have to click on articles about her mother/family or buy magazines with them on the cover or tune your TV to the channel their shows are on. Problem solved. Now, that was easy.

  • Rise

    Awwww! Kim and North are so cute matching!

  • Mexican Bob

    Ugly kid like the father

  • Rachel Slurr

    Kim looks like an organ grinder with her little pet monkey, named Nigglet!

    • donewithit

      All right..that was a very racist remark and should be removed! Really??

    • Guestest

      And that comment made you look like a racist idiot!

    • ny155

      You have been reported, slimeball.

      • Rachel Slurr


  • nexus0411

    She looks like a little boy in that outfit cute but a little too much let her be cute before she reaches the teenage years…

    • Cisley

      she is cute, just because it isn’t in your eyes smh! what does she need to live up to your standards even though you don’t take care of her

  • very nice denim dress

  • Judy

    I doubt the paparazzi “caught” them in La Jolla, more likely they were given lots of notice. Is Kim wearing heels? Who wears heels to take your kid to the zoo? Another attempt to stay relevant at any cost. So pathetic.


      You are spewing some hate when you clearly don’t know much about Kim…she is always in heels. Unless she is working out or something she is in heels.

    • Trisha_B

      These pics aren’t from the zoo

  • craiggnt

    So we have 1,500,000 homeless kids on our streets and yet we get to see pictures of the freak show so they can make millions more


      You might want to go to the national news or world news if you’re interested in topics not pertaining to entertainment. If you’re hear looking for politics you will be disappointed every time.

    • Rosemary B

      And you aren’t doing a damn thing for the homeless kids either you just need attention.

  • kandai

    she is cute but the little girl doesn’t have a smile at all. “I wonder” why?

    • Cisley

      would you be smiling if you had 10 or 20 ppl always in your face snapping pics, I don’t see anything there to smile about..Put yourself in other’s shoes and you won’t ask silly questions, because if you seen her at home with her family in pics with just her family and not camera’s around, She is smiling

      • MeMe

        That heifer loves attention. Hush

  • Sky Johnson

    Now I know the photo yesterday of KK with a waist cincher on WAS photoshopped although she was careful to state it wasn’t.

    • MeMe

      I just said that . Lying heifer!!! Do you see all those rolls!?

  • Guest

    It’s funny to me that grown adults can comment so negatively on a child who they don’t even know. Y’all seem bitter and hateful

    • Laurie

      I don’t see a single negative comment on North. People don’t like her mother–the public is sick of her. So they are venting. If Kim and the Kardashians’ are going to keep pushing themselves on the public all day, every day, picture after picture, story after story, this is going to happen. And when they’re not in public, Kim sends out her selfies. No other celebrities–none–do that. They bring this all on themselves.

      • M0XIEMADIS0N

        People pay her to take her picture and that only happens for one reason…demand. The “selfies” she posts to her Instagram and all these gossip mags pick them up and post them all over the net. The reason is the same…demand. Plenty of other celebrities post their selfies – plenty, but there is not a wider audience interested in them – unless there isn’t anything new about Kim, that is. Click on something you’re interested in reading and save yourself the aggravation.

    • donewithit

      and there you go …AGAIN!

    • Leave us alone we are having fun…

  • Patricia Krause

    that poor child.. she is just Kims Barbie doll. Never will have a normal life, well as normal as it mite be…. so sad


      How do you know? You’ve seen a few pictures (a picture takes about a second to snap) and you’re able to determine how Kim feels about her child and the entire future of the little girl. You should shine that crystal ball and spend a little time looking into your own life.

  • blogdiz

    The body language between this woman and her child is always so Off every single pic

    • Trisha_B

      Blogs pick certain pics. I saw one pic on Instagram where Kim had just picked up & was kissing on North’s cheek & North was just smiling. It was a really cute pic


    He we Go!
    Pimp my daughter the sequel!

  • AC

    OMGGG that is too precious

  • Okay, now that’s adorable and I’m glad to see Kim dressed like a mommy.

  • adam lover

    he looks gangsta in those jeans…..

  • alondia01

    The negativity of such ignorant people is astonishing. Go work on yourself…your negativity is not hurting the celebrities you trash. Don’t like them, don’t read about them because each time you click to do that, you are supporting them – like it or not.

  • alondia01

    North is absolutely beautiful! Yes, perfect combination of Kim and Kanye.

    • hillaryfan


  • Amelia Jones

    Quit making that little girl look like a boy, quit dressing in tattered clothes that make you look impoverished, and lose some weight. Oh, and get rid of the implants.

    • Raija

      Ooooooops, look out … Total Perfection is giving advise …. who do you think you are? You are by far nothing to look at, and talking badly about someone who you could not even come close to ….. what the majority of you hateful people make obvious by all your rude ignorant comments, is that your life is empty, you are obviously a very boring person who no one want to even be around so you spew on the pc news feed with your jealous hatred…… try taking your insecure self outside and get to know the world other than hiding behind a screen releasing hate because you are so miserable with your self!

      • donewithit

        You sound pretty hateful there you own self Raija! Reasonable, intelligent people are sick and tired of the Kardashians and Kanye! There ARE more important things going on in this world than gushing over people with no talent and mouths that can’t shut!
        Don’t be talking about people with hate and jealousy, you are no different. Oh…and please, learn English and how to speak it, please.

        • M0XIEMADIS0N

          Funny, you state that people are tired of the Kardashians; however, the fact that they are on multiple sites, on magazine covers, etc. every day suggests you are wrong. If they were not in demand they would not be every where. You also suggest they have no talent, but they are multimillionaires – they have enough talent to get what they want out of life.

      • Legggo

        Yet in one of your replies, you’re skinny shaming? What right do you have to speak ill of those of smaller frame? Can your comment not be taken as something “rude”? “ignorant” “hateful” to some? So let me ask you, who do you think you are?

  • Ava

    Kim looks enormous! IDK why anyone would want such a wide body.

  • jeannwhitefield

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  • angela fumi

    Cutie North….So calm and cute

  • Ruby

    Sorry, but North looks like a little boy in that ‘wife beater’ and ripped jeans. And what does the author mean, ‘got the walking thing down’ when Kim only let her take ‘a couple of steps’n picked her up again?
    North is a cute baby, but certainly not cute enoug to be gushing over.

    • Guest

      Bitter ness in the comment saying a child isn’t cute enough. Y’all are grown adults saying things like this. Whewwwww I hope u don’t have kids

    • MeMe

      Oops. I thought that was a boy. Damn

      • Gidget Flowers

        Baby always looks like a hairy little boy….unfeminine,

      • Rosemary B

        Up yours.

        • MeMe

          Unlike you, my husband is “up” mine’s. No room for you, trick.

          • Rosemary B

            I feel sorry for your husband knowing he can’t breathe from funk.

            • MeMe

              But I have a husband, Rosemary. Do you need more batteries? He doesn’t have to powder me, to find the wet spot … unlike yourself. Pow. (This is fun)

              • Rosemary B

                I have a husband too but I’m not up his rear. I see you know about batteries I’ve never been that press in my life..

        • Malibu

          That wasn’t very feminine, either. You must be upset because your living room is tilting. Maybe it has a flat tire.

    • Rosemary B

      Looks better than anything you ever birthed.

  • JACK


    • Raija

      Jealous! Hating towards someone who has done nothing to you! You need mental help quickly! There are WARS going on fueled by hate……. and you are one of those who actually make excuses to hate! Disgusting excuse of human existence, you are!


      A slug? Like her or not, she could run circles around you. She is far from a slug. And her gansta, ghetto trash father has won more awards than anyone in the music industry and he has more money than that little girl could ever spend…she is going to be just fine.

    • MeMe


    • Rosemary B

      She looks better than that trailer trash you have.

  • M35

    North is soooooo darn cute!!! I just love her pics!

  • GanjaSeed

    That little baby is being overfed- she is already fat.

    • Ruby

      You don’t know anything about kids do you? She not being overfed, she just has a little tummy on her, like all 1 yr olds. As toddlers get older then lose the chubbiness because they become more active after learning to walk and run.

    • Raija

      North is HEALTHY! What do you do? Put your kids in cages and starve them! You’re probably one of those seen on the news abusing your kids by starving them to death!

    • Rosemary B

      Mind your damn business.

    • Selena

      HA! I think she should be slightly more chubby!! Adorable 🙂

  • Renee155

    She is to cute

  • Trisha_B

    Her little chunky self haha. She’s so pretty! & those jeans are too cute…her faces crack me up lmao


      I bet she has that cute fat-roll out of the top of her “Sunday” shoes…add the white ruffle socks – love it.

  • jjac401

    Pretty little girl!

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    Love me some North….go head gurl!

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    her mom looking kinda chunky, tho

    • Doja

      If you don’t have nothing nice to say, stfu.

      • Nikia D-Shiznit

        Like… LOL

      • Sky Johnson

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And she DOES look chunky.

        • Rosemary B

          I’m sure she looks better than you.

      • MeMe

        You must be chunky, too! HA

      • Rosemary B

        I agree all of these haters.

    • Raija

      Are you one of those freaks who believe that all those women who look like they are hooked on Meth, are so great looking? Probably so! The best thing about Kim is that for all the attention she may receive, she DID give way for women to be seen as attractive because they DO have curves! Not every woman wants to look like an Ironing Board or piece of spaghetti. Kim figure is the norm! Normal weight for a normal height frame

    • guesswho

      And? SMH….

    • Rosemary B

      I’m sure she looks better than you.

    • Misha

      Wow! Can’t believe the responses. You’re right, though, that shirt makes her look chunky. I was thinking it the moment I saw the pic. And, in spite of what Raija said, it’s not because we think women should be rail thin. It’s because this particular look did not work for her and her figure. There’s nothing wrong with curves. Everyone makes a bad clothing choice at least once in their life.