NeNe Leakes Covers Pose Magazine, Talks Coming To The Realization That She Doesn’t Like Cynthia Bailey

August 21, 2014  |  


Nearly every Atlanta housewife, has directly or indirectly confirmed that they will be returning to the Bravo franchise; however, a huge question mark remains when it comes to the show’s last standing original cast member, NeNe Leakes. She’s currently the cover girl for Pose magazine’s September issue, where addressed her extended journey with the series and discussed coming back for season seven. Check out some highlights from her interview below, including her discussing coming to the realization that she doesn’t like former friend, Cynthia Bailey.

On her HSN clothing line being designed for full-figured women:

“Big girls would write to me and ask me where I got my clothing from. I thought, there must be a void in the market for the curvy girl. When HSN approached me to do the line, I said I can’t unless I can include the curvy girl.”

On how she has changed since season one of RHoA:

“I feel I have definitely grown since season one. I also think about the years that have passed. When we started, my youngest son was in the third grade. Now he’s in the 10th grade. My oldest son was in the twelve grade and now he’s 24 years old with a daughter.”

On realizing she doesn’t like Cynthia Bailey:

“They want viewers to believe we are all friends because we’re on a show together. Now, Cynthia and I did form a real friendship over the years we were on the show together. I don’t think the viewers know that I never knew her until she signed up to do the show. I never met her. I never knew anything about her. I never met Kandi Burress, Porsha, or Lisa Wu Hartwell until she stepped on the show and we signed these contracts. When you guys are getting to know us, we’re getting to know each other. We are going out, having drinks, and getting to know each other. Sometimes you meet people and you like them. Then as you get to know them, you think, ‘You know, I actually thought I liked her…but I don’t.’ We’re shooting season seven right now so the viewers get to see how it plays out.”

On her real friends:

“I love my girlfriends and love being with them, going out in our neighborhood for a drink, where we don’t have to wear make up or going to lunch with them.”

On her realness being mistaken for harshness:

“I do think that being real comes off as being harsh. I always have to think before I say things because I’m a straight shooter. I don’t think I’m being mean. I think it’s the delivery that makes it mean. Sometimes I shoot and move on. I don’t know any other way to do it, but I am learning that sometimes everything doesn’t need to be said. But, if you ask me to be real, I’m going to be real and you may not like it. Be sure you want to ask me, because I’m just going to tell you. Some people have a really sweet tone. They say things and it comes off really sweet. I do know it’s all in the delivery. There are people who say that they’re real, but they mean real loud or real ghetto or real crazy. What I need to do is try to be a little phony now and then. [laughing] My husband is always on my case. ‘You don’t have to say that,’ or ‘You don’t have to be that real about it.’ Like, okay, maybe he’s right. I’m going to do much better from now on. I am really working on it.”

Are you looking forward to the upcoming season of RHoA?

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  • Silencio

    I love Nene, loved her from the first episode. I’m a straight shooter too, sometimes a bit too honest which I’ve learnt people don’t like; trying hard to be phony lol!!

    • Malcolm Turner

      You and Nene got problems

      • Silencio

        Mmmmmkay *shrugs*

  • Nene can be likeable if she remained consistent and stop trying to look down her nose at people. She speaks about Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia and Phaedra as if they are nobodies and she’s the Queen Bee. Meanwhile, the four of them have careers that span before the show and Nene does not. She dishes out the insults and “truth” but certainly cannot take it. I believe her and Gregg’s divorce was a scheme to get money and a spin-off in an effort to REALLY get “rich”. It worked. She says she has grown and I surely hope so. They are all too old to be acting so foolish. Especially for the whole world to see.

  • hotttlanta

    YAWNNNNNNNN. Cynthia was a SUPER MODEL for years before Moose, excuse me Nene came on the scene. Clothing line really, I remember back in the day when fashion meant fashion and now any Moose can get a clothing line.

  • chyrelj

    I will be glad when they take this mess off the air. It is not entertaining watching all these old women fighting like cats and dogs week after week. I’m just saying….

  • Sunny

    I wish people would say “no comment” when they’ve answered a question 20 times. You and Cynthia are no longer cool. We get it.

  • Lovely

    It’s funny how she mentions everybody that she didn’t knew except Phaedra! Oh so Nene, you DID know her??

    • nia

      They’ve been established this during the reunion and the recent season

  • Lilacbenson

    “Sometimes you meet people and you like them. Then as you get to know them, you think, ‘You know, I actually thought I liked her…but I don’t.’

    I can totally relate.

    • Debonne

      Lol me2

  • MiaSara

    Perpetual victim. It must be exhausting being around this woman. I need a shot after reading brief articles…

  • Dee

    She looks great BUT i’m just tired of that wig! LORD!

  • lockstress

    OMG….damn girl..shut up already.
    But why does it look like it says POLE behind her…to me. lol
    Slide off the pole mentally already!

    • hi-liter

      POE, the rich beyotch is poe now.

  • rochelle

    i’m not sure she is saying that she doesn’t like cynthia in this interview. she said that she had a real friendship with cynthia. and then, speaking in general, she mentions how the ladies get to know each other and either like each other right away, don’t like each other (implied), or end up not liking someone they thought was cool. i like this interview…seems like she got the memo that she needs to calm it down. and i still don’t think cynthia is innocent in their falling out. cynthia was shady af at the reunion.

    • f

      I agree with you. She did not say she came to realize she doesn’t like Cynthia. I think she was making a general statement like you said. I also think she is right about that because I meet people and think this person is nice and everything. Then I realize I’m not that into them for some reason. But she has grown and I had to learn not to be so real. To my friends I’m always real but to other people I kind of bite my tongue. But my delivery is never mean but I think that people take it that way plus some people are more sensitive than others and they really don’t want to hear the truth. That’s what I have learned.

  • jjac401

    If Nene liked herself, just maybe she could learn to like other people who have their own mind!

    • Yvette

      So true but not gonna happen. NeNe likes no one who doesn’t pucker up. Just ask Gregg. His lips are super glued her her arse!

  • Yvette

    “There are people who say they’re real, but they mean real loud, real ghetto, or real crazy.” I didn’t realize NeNe would be honest about who she is lol! and now all of a sudden NeNe realizes that she doesn’t really like Cynthia. Translation…Cynthia stopped kissing my arse and grew a backbone so I don’t have time for her anymore. Please have all the seat in Madison Square Garden. I think that venue is big enough to house your ego.

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