Tara Wallace Says She “Was Never The Other Woman” With Peter Gunz

August 21, 2014  |  

Remember during last season of “Love & Hip-Hop New York” when Tara Wallace said that during her relationship with Peter Gunz at some point he basically had an entirely separate family? Because of that confession, a lot of people have been less than sympathetic to Tara’s plight after Peter up and married Amina behind her back, calling the situation nothing but karma. But when we talked to Tara in the wake of Amina giving birth to Peter’s baby two weeks ago, she told us she “was never the other woman.”

Is that so?

What about when she was sleeping with Peter after he married Amina? Nope. Tara told us she wasn’t the other woman then either because she and Peter were still living together. Anyone else confused why that was so? Check out the interview above as Tara gives us more insight than we bargained for into her life with Peter pre- and post-relationship, like “giving him an allowance” but money never being an issue — not to mention their pattern of complicated love triangles. What do you think?

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  • Jasmine

    I think both of these women regardless of who got married were victimized by this man. Maybe she thought she was in a monogamous relationship (dilousional) with this man, and had hopes of marrying him however to her horrific surprise, he went behind her back and married Amina. Men are highly to blame because they prey on tender hearted and naive women. It’s not about Tara breaking the rules, it takes two to Tango. Men have been glorifying the wife and mistress lifestyle since the beginning of time. You can me married to someone on a peice of paper but if your heart is another place..where does it leave this situation? He’s a very sick individual and needs a lot of help and training in how to treat woman. And these women need lessons on how to run when you see major red flaggs. Good luck sisters.

  • Shawnee

    Smh Lawd ham Jesus…I simply can NOT with Tara…let’s pray for her…

  • rene

    Tara needs to move on she was a side chick she not going to every claim it but yes you were or Peter had clothes over both womens home his wife Amina and Tara’s so that’s what it is stop being naive on the situation he Married and still Married and with a new baby so end that chapter hell you pretty it’s not like you can’t get a man and someone that’s all about Tara only have eyes for you remember that but no real man going to deal with a torn women you still holding on to your ex, 13 yrs dont mean nothing if he couldnt put a ring on it, its more them making kids thats a time when they should want to be married anyway!

  • Ms.D19

    It’s sad so many women confuse getting laid with being cherished. You were a jump off-just because you had some kids does not mean you were not a jump off. Say what you want about Amina, but he MARRIED her and then had a child (not that that’s the prize with a man like Peter)-but stop thinking because you were first you were best. Stop making an a&& out of yourself by claiming what’s in the pants of a man that hasn’t claimed you.
    And screwing another woman’s HUSBAND makes you a side dish.

    • ComeLetsTalk

      “but stop thinking because you were first you were best.” Exactly, so many women play into that nonsense. It’s a damn shame.

  • gg

    She says she found out at the same time we did…anyway she deserves much better I wish her and the boys well.

  • IllyPhilly

    *raises megaphone* Move on! I repeat move on!

  • hi-liter

    Tara is still saying how Peter’s “peter” is still hers and always will be hers and she can have it if and when she wants. Tara, bae-cake, Peter has chosen. Just because he flucks you when you want to fluck, doesn’t make you special, you are just getting flucked. Take them boys and move on.

  • Niesha

    smh… girl grow up..these women are so simple…

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    Tara…we are all laughing!! #shegotjokes#

  • DeDee82388

    Tara is about as delusional as MiMi.maybe she keeps telling herself that she was never the” other woman” maybe one day someone will believe it. Someone please get her a seat on Dr. Phil !!!!!!!!

    • KenHay

      Facts!!! You took the words,right out of my mouth.

  • Me

    Bless her heart.

  • Trini_Angel

    YES Tara u were! And probably still is (from what the industry is saying)……too pretty to be so dumb and naive!!!

  • candy cane

    I’m confused that she is still talking about this and it still being an issue after all this time. Amina has given birth so we know it’s been at LEAST 9 months. Tara needs to come out of denial because when it was CONFIRMED that Peter DID marry Amina, whatever Tara allowed him to keep doing made her the other woman whether she wants to accept it or not, it is what it IS.

    • Shawnee


  • yamini

    She might not have considered herself the other woman, but he did.

    • Shawnee

      Lol if that helps her sleep better at night…

  • soisaid

    sounds like she will never move on… god bless her. sometimes we have to find a way to find peace in our minds and she found her silver linning.