Lifetime Pulls The Plug On ‘BAPS’ After Just A Few Episodes

August 20, 2014  |  

Source: Lifetime

Earlier this month, we spoke to “BAPS” star Gina Cheatham, who defended the new Lifetime reality series against critics who felt that the show promoted division among Black people and encouraged viewers to continue tuning in.

“With the show starting off in the midst of their controversy, I can see how people can be taken back,” Gina explained. “But believe me, there are a lot of positive messages and a lot of positive things that take place. If people continue to watch the show, they are going to laugh and smile right along with the rest of them. With every television show, you always have to have an antagonist.”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you felt about the show, viewers did not show enough interest for Lifetime to continue airing the series. According to EurWeb, the network canceled the show after just four episodes. Apparently, cast members were informed of the decision via email.

“I wanted to let you know that Lifetime informed us that they will not be airing the last 2 episodes of ‘BAPS,” a rep from Asylum Entertainment reportedly wrote. “We’re very sorry it panned out this way. It’s very difficult to build an audience for an ensemble show like this one, but we’re very proud of the show and happy to have had the experience working with you.”

Were you keeping up with this show? Are you surprised that it got cancelled?

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  • NotBuyingIt

    I tried to watch but the whole calling themselves BAPs and BAP elders was extra fake and pretentious. No one actually does this, they were just trying hard to make it a thing

  • danceislife

    The show was an embarrassment and a disgrace. I hated it and everyone else I know who watched a few minutes of it agreed it. So glad it was cancelled. Classless and foolish.

  • Jay

    Ugh this show was bad on so many ways, my mom is a reality show addict which is the only reason I knew this existed and saw this. It was obviously fake… How did they get flashback footage of the fight that happened between the two “main characters” that happened several years ago, before the show was even filmed? If it was being filmed when it happened, what happened to all that footage? Why wasn’t that shown instead of the recent stuff which could be shown another season? Something was up. And we all know the producers were behind most of those dumb arguments between the main characters. Won’t be missing this racist and sexist junk!

  • margie

    No, I’m not shocked. Gina was the worst. Money can’t buy you class. It’s usually the uglier of the ugly

  • thedesignerbride

    Glad its gone.. maybe if we boycott or show non-support of shows like this and more, we can change the parameters of how we as Black people choose to be rather than how society dictates us to be. I say burn all of the rachet shows… and put us back in quality shows.

  • marissa

    I think if they didn’t call it BAPS people would have watched it. Its kind of offensive and dilusional.

  • TheaTheMBAgrad

    Thank the lord, i barely could watch the first episode. No thank you

  • I’m not sure why this was on Lifetime. Its ratchet tv like all the other shows on VH1 and Bravo

  • Jayda Brown

    They would have a better chance of being on a certain network and being called “The Real Housewives of St. Louis.

  • Niesha

    o thank God. The show was horrible, and made supposedly “sophisticated blacks” look ignorant.. a mess..

  • KK Holidae

    I watched one and half episodes and DID NOT like it! Good riddance!!

  • DoinMe

    Never heard of this show

  • Mody

    I only watched to see what was going to happen after chick spit in the other girl’s face…nothing. It grew on me, it only displays the same ignorance that all other reality shows do. I wish they had showed the last two episodes. I was wondering why my DVR didn’t record and it didn’t show anything about future episodes.

  • Virgo Nation

    I didn’t like Gina at all. Rai Rai and her uncle Kendrick were the only likeable ones.

    • B Cooper

      Which is funny because they (Rai-Rai and Kendrick) DID NOT want to be referred to as BAPS.

  • Trini_Angel

    NEVER heard of it!! Guess I didn’t miss alot!!!

  • Nicolet75

    I watched. We were just starting to really get to know the people! And this was set to be the first show where Black men were decent, attractive and had way more going on than the women on the show! I was more interested on them than those fake debunots! These men were educated, handsome, great fathers, husbands, friends and all entrepreneurs, sad we won’t get to know/see more of those images on tv

    • B Cooper

      I think the name they chose for the show and the show’s scheduling was it’s downfall. It would have been to their advantage to not call themselves BAPS and to not follow Bring It!

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I never saw it advertised. I just happened to be flipping through the channels and there it was. I didnt like it. It was the same old drama filled, boogie, “I think I’m better than you” type of mess on every reality show. Snoozeville

  • Kristen

    I recorded one episode and couldn’t even get past the 20 minute mark. Adios!!

  • BabyBlue

    Thank the heavens. I couldn’t stand that show.

  • J

    I bet those B roke A rse P eople are running back to the store returning stuff they bought on credit trying to fake it for the show.

    • BU

      Oh you funny huh… Best acronym for that show EVER!!!!! Haaaahaaaaa

  • kimmie

    Not surprised. It was corny…

  • Truth be Told

    I couldn’t get into it .

  • hollyw

    Wtf is “BAPS”??

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    I remember seeing it on the tv guide but I thought it was the movie until I clicked on it…………..I didn’t give it a chance so I don’t even know what its about

  • guest

    Watch 10 minutes of the first episode this show. It was horrible so I won’t miss it.

  • B Cooper

    I hope that dangon Raising Asia is next on the chopping block.

    • Mickers

      I agree completely! It’s very hard watching a kid w/ a 6 pack (when I say kid I mean a 8,9 or 10 y/o) and her parents who act like she’s grown, ugh! I only watched the 5minutes of the 1st episode!

      • Sheenat3

        Don’t forget about their younger daughter because they sure have

        • Get Over Yourself

          Poor Bella. Her mother acts as if she doesn’t exist. I love her!! I wonder if she will resent her sister and definitely her parents when she gets older.

          • Sheenat3

            Exactly she will love her daddy since he spends the most time with her. But she will not have a relationship with her mom. I believe she will become famous or go to the Olympics no Thanks to her mother.

      • BabyBlue

        Yes. I admired that little girl from a far as soon as she opened up her smart mouth I was done. Dad is a punkkk

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        I admire Asia but I her parents push her waaaaay too hard and its sad to watch.

    • Kristen

      I hope so too!! The whole family is fcking annoying!

    • NotBuyingIt

      That shows is AWWWFFFULLLLL I couldn’t only stand about 17 mins of it

  • A-LA

    I watched it, but I found out about it by accident. Lifetime didn’t do any promotion for the show. They could at least play the last two episodes.

    • Music

      Yea….at least put them online. I don’t like the overall message of the show, but I did enjoy Jason and the chick with the almoat bald cut. They seemed pretty down to earth, and didn’t really agree with the whole BAP title.

  • CAliQueen

    BAPS…..Bougie A$$ Pathetic Skanks! That was my impression of some of these women.

  • MzBrenda Tyson

    It was to much drama for them to be so classy. This show should have been on VH1 or Oxygen or Bravo.

  • naynay11206

    never heard of it real talk

    • CAliQueen

      Had I not browsed Shows on Demand I would completely oblivious to this show existence.

  • MiaSara

    Bye by tches! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

  • oscardgrouch

    A real BAP would never be on a show like this.

    • Sunshinegirl


    • BU

      A real BAP would NEVER have to call themselves a “BAP” It was stupid for the jump and totally unbelievable, un-relatable and uninteresting on too many fronts to count.

      • BabyBlue

        A real BAP uses his or her real government name they don’t need acronyms and nicknames

  • Carmencita Kay Suitelady Willi

    I didn’t even know this existed

    • Guestest


  • MonicaT

    It was terrible!

  • Very Happy

    I’m very ecstatic they cancelled this show. I’m from St. Louis and know very affluent people, which DOES NOT include this circle of characters. They are NO representation of anybody in St. Louis. I have no clue where they even dug these people up from!

    • Sherry Favors

      I’m not from St. Louis and I was wondering the same thing. I didn’t like the show at all. I could not believe that these people represented the “affluent” people of St. Louis. I couldn’t help but to think, “Is St. Louis really this ghetto!!!! In one word, Horrid. No home training. The one girl didn’t even clean her refrigerator. Her house was tacky. Low class people don’t have much but they do clean their refrigerators and keep their homes in order. These people were so classless. I am glad it’s off.

  • Jane Doe

    How can you claim to be a BAP (BLACK AMERICAN PRINCESS OR PRINCE) according to them but not have money? They were very regular. EJ Johnson is more of a BAP than these people.

    • MiaSara

      You kno what!?

  • yoda

    I didn’t watch this show and I didn’t even know what time or night it came on lol

    • bigdawgman

      lol! This is the first I’ve even heard of it! Fire the PR guys!!