“Miss Me With That BullSh*t” Kevin Hart Clapsback At Folks Who Called His Proposal “Shady”

August 19, 2014  |  


When news broke that Kevin Hart proposed to his longtime girlfriend Eniko last night, people had all types of things to say. Naturally, there were well wishes but there were also those who suggested that Kevin proposed to Eniko last night specially because it was the night “Atlanta Exes” premiered. And as many of you well know, the new VH1 reality show follows the ex wives and girlfriends of famous men in the industry. And Torrei Hart, Kevin’s ex wife, is on the show.

Folks were wondering if he proposed on this night to… I don’t know rub salt in Torrei’s wounds, send a message that he really is over her…who knows.

Either way, Kevin got wind of the comments and a few minutes ago, he took to his Instagram page, to offer a bit of clarification.

I wish y’all could see my face when I read some of the comments that you guys leave….I just want to take a second to share some COMMONSENSE with you guys!!! August 18th was @neekibaby actual Birthday…it wasn’t the day before or the day after. I will say this one more time & never repeat myself again….I wish my X Wife nothing but the best in life…I’ve moved forward with my life & have been doing so for the last 6 years. The only thing that was on my mind yesterday was making sure my lady had an amazing 30th B Day. I’m happy to say that my now FIANCÉ was blown away by the entire evening. #MissMeWithTheBullshit #KillNegaitivityWithPositivity

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  • Ms. Pea

    I love Kev and I am happy for him. He went thru a really dark period in his life and rose out of it a star!! I do not like that he continues to lie about what we know to be the truth. He was messing around with his Fiancee while he was married and his marriage had been rocky, but just like Gabby these women go after these successful married men with no care and what goes around comes back like a boomerang. I think this chick…chicken he is with loves him, however, it is easy to love someone that is taking care of you. Lol…my friend in the industry knows of her and says she is a wannabee model and that she us very pretty and ambitious. Went on to say that this “chick” was looking for her big break and it was a blessing that she wounded up with Kev because chick’s like her are a dime a dozen and she probably wasn’t going to make it as a model. Sadly it was one of her only options…to find a black dude/dummy with hunger to make money that I can latch on to…Kev is a good person and I wish him the best. Must say that he has been disrespectful af by having his kids out snapping photos with this women…js.

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  • Who cares

    I never understand why celebrities ALWAYS respond to NEGATIVE comments on social media…They NEVER acknowledge true fans who support and respect them

  • Duni1

    I don’t care about his relationship with his ex-wife or the new boo. Why, cause I don’t personally know them, so I’m not invested in anything that doesn’t concern me. If 1 of those 3 adults does a movie or sells a product i’m there for, I’ll buy. But until you tell me that one of them is a criminal or they are doing something to the kids (I simply do not support criminals)… congrats to Kev and the new boo, good luck. Torrei, good luck in your new endeavors and/or relationship.

  • Shan Frazer

    Congrats Kevin, may you keep your dingaling in your pants now!!!

  • ” Miss me with the bullsh*t.”
    ^^^^^ couldn;t agree more. CONGRATS to these two. I wish them a happy marriage

  • Jennifer D.

    That’s right Kevin let’em know. Damn why can’t ppl just be happy for you and let you live.

  • Babygirl

    I think what people are saying in a less intelligent way is that, ” Kevin you could have been more tactful in how you’re deciding to share your mistress with the world”. I know he may hate hearing that is side chick was that, but in reality he just gave many many more side chicks hope that maybe the married man they’re dating will leave there wife and kids for them. I’ve told people time and time again ” don’t get it twisted, because it can happen” ain’t that right soon to be New Mrs. Kevin Hart? Oh and catch this tea, watch out how you find your man, because that’s the same way you can lose your man.

    • ANON


  • Lilacbenson

    Let this whole mess be a lesson to all of you ride and diers womn out there. Never sacrifice your own hapiness and accomplishment for a man,and wait as long as humanly possible before having babies,even the legendary (lmao) jose hernandez said : “i luh ma huband but ima always look out fo meh”.

  • HarrietWinslow

    Like i stated, it don’t know these ppl at all, but they were a very open book about their marriage and they opened the door for ppl to have opinions on it. So yes, ppl are gonna leave comments, hence the term “comment”. At the end of day, i couldn’t care less, just stating my opinion or shall i say “commenting” on the subject matter, after all that is what you’re supposed do here, correct?

  • Hilltower

    Sorry I had a few typos

  • Hilltower

    So I see everyone’s comments and what I’m missing is how the two even begin to clash. His engagement was at a private location and was not on TV. Her show was, so how does his getting engaged affect the number of people that watched her show if you didn’t eve know he was getting engaged until after it happened???? It was her birthday and he was at a birthday party. He didn’t publicly broadcast it so the world could see it as it happened. So both events were on the same day big deal. Know thinks this hasn’t happened before. Her show would have had the same number of people watching it regardless.

    Also I know from personal experience that you can do a lot for a person and go through hard times and not have the outcome you wanted. Regardless of all the interviews you read no one is going to really be 100 and tell what happened that they were responsible for that helped bring them to that point. They only want to express what the other side did. Rich or poor this has rarely ever changed.

    At the end of the day it’s entertainment for the common folk. Just something to past the time.

    • Paige

      because he shared it on social media WHILE the show was airing.

  • Michelle

    WOW!!!!!! His wife and mother of his children was there from the beginning when he had nothing and was struggling when he started out. It seems he basically told her what to KISS. His fans support every movie and show that he is in and he tells us basically the same thing…what to KISS! Well he must have told his PR person the same thing because no one was
    there to tell him not to post such a disrespectful post to his fans. I hope she is still there for you when you lose your fan base. Yes people break up, get divorced and move on. Yes, some men cheat, and throw their side chick in their ex’s face. Yes, fame goes to some peoples head but I thought Kevin was a better guy then all of the above. He doesn’t have to worry about me supporting him anymore. He has made his money and doesn’t need anyone anymore. It was so sad to hear his wife basically say, you took my husband and get to be around my children then he does this… I’m done!

  • soisaid

    happy honeymooning to you and yours kevin….

  • Joshua

    Folks talk about Kevin preposing on purpose because it was the ex shows, Think! This is reality TV. The produces knew or found out Kevin Girl birth was on that day so the made sure the launch of the show was then, why? Because whatever happen they knew it could be used to draw attention to the silly show. If It was for this I wouldn’t of known Atlanta ex was on.

  • Jackie K.

    You’d think with all his money, she could afford better than those Lee press on nails she’s wearing. And they look like eggs. Wtf?


    Kevin, common sense is two words…
    Guess it ain’t all that common

  • Trini_Angel

    He said it best……Miss Me With The Bullshit!!! People need to mind their own damn business and let others live theirs. He’s not living his life for u. GET OVER IT!!!

  • Precious Stayinmyownlane Stoke

    Who cares life goes on u cant wait around and be stuck on one relationship that u knw that’s not gonna work anyway the damage has been done a long time ago he start on a new relationship he say he loves her so he wants to marry her rather it was y the ex was there or not it still was gonna hppn ppl need to stop being so judgemental the way ppl be tlkin like he was messing around with them dang who gonna loose sleep cause he proposed to another yung lady in front of his ex wife ppl act like the are madder than the ex she said she was in love with her new man so it dont matter apparently she has moved on to I hope theyboth hve a hppy bblessed life

  • HarrietWinslow

    I thought what he did was disgusting, dirty, and down right evil. He must really despise his ex because that was cruel. His ex has every right to be hurt you can’t just “get over” somone you met at 19, struggled with, married, then had 2 babies with. Only for that person to become a millionaire comedian/actor and propose to the girl he allegedly cheated on you with on the day your show aired. She has to look at them flaunting their love on award shows and movie premieres knowing that she was supposed to be at his side. It’s kinda hard to get over that when everywhere you turn you see them, and even though it was her birthday I still think he and his “rib” planned that out of spite, he could have waited a little bit. I think his fiance helped encouraged him to do it. Then to top it off with “I wish the best” is the icing on the cake, no remorse. Torrei is strong to endure that cause that’s a lot of hurt to “get over”, I sympathize. Just my opinion…

    • CaribbeanGlow

      I totally agree with you. I too know that Eniko could have known about and planned this with thim. She may not have, but I wouldn’t put it past her. Did you see those posts she made on twitter, with that drawing of a woman laying on a man, with the captions “She mad bae” and “I know, lol” after Torrei spoke out recently? Eniko is a cutthroat, moral-less person.

    • Mia

      WHY????? She is constantly taking digs at this man. Come on chick, you got a divorce.. PUT your granny panties on and MOVEW ON.. I mean 1 year 6 years 7 years who cares, it has been over 365 days ago that you two were not happy together. Or at least one of you were not. You hurt (Torri) cause this is suppose to be your life now, we get it. Bit I read that you got a MAN THAT LOVES YOU… You cannot be anything to me sitting back taking LONG DIGS at your ex and I am your PRESENT…. AUGUST 18TH is KEVIN HARTS GIRLFRIENDS BIRTHDAY DAMN GET OVER IT…… If you think everything is about you girl please, that lady is living your life and you just a ANGRY BITTER BLACK WOMAN… U and Tomika Usher are both two SAD BITTY’S .. Hell you got to be still in love with this man cause you are now a well paid woman and you still crying over spilled milk…… Girl get your life….. no Kevin was not wrong. Everyday of the year gonna have some memory of this old relationship… Their anniversary may be the day Torri and him did something like went to the movies or went skating or made love in the back seat of a JEEP… DANG… Who cares. take care of your kids and keep it moving…..
      #keephopealiveforanothermantoloveyoutorri #stopbeingsobitter #ifitaintaboutthemoneythenwhatisitabout #youcanbuyyouanotherkevinhart #ifhewassuchacheatertoyouwhyyoumadnow

      • HarrietWinslow

        Some ppl can deal with things better than others, and i don’t think she’s bitter, i just think she still feels the hurt of losing her family and money can’t fix that. I know ppl that have been divorced for years that still can’t get over the loss of a marriage. But i do feel the reason she’s talking about this so much is because she has a show to promote, and why not? Kevin always talks about her in his stand up shows. But I don’t know these ppl from a can of paint, so these are just my theories.

  • ash

    What does it matter the man is happy how does it effect anyone of our lives ain’t none of us messing around with him for real if he does cheat on her that’s his stupidity if not leave the past in the past and push forward

    • mia

      Torri is so focused on him cheating and thus and that when she is making herself look like she is on a train to run over Kevin Hart. They got kids that can read and they can get into the internet with friends computers. When thy Google their parents they can read this mess. I would be careful in what I say so that I do not have to explain my actins to my children. You do not have to say a word, children will see the truth and that is always how they find out that one or the other parent was not a god one… You do not have to say a word…… She is so bitter to me and always talking about Keeping it 100/ Child please, her keeping it 100 is what will keep her less relevant to me … I cannot stomach her bitterness at all. Her and that old Tameka Raymond holding on for what LET IT GO….

  • Oh please!

    Shouldn’t he be still celebrating his new engagement? Kevin do you fear your ex-wife is about to blow up and take the lime light from you? Oh you know what’s up. His responses are so feminine. Kevin stop whining every time someone makes a comment about you and your former mistress. Check her credit and be quiet, because your rants will not change what people think. Every time you rant, your street credit decreases. I will wish you good luck because you will simply need it someday. Torrei I wish you well and hope you accomplish all your goals and dreams, and something tells me you will. You make up your mind what you want lady and GO GET IT. You will gain all the fans Kevin lost due to his disrespectful, narcissistic ways.

    One thing I can promise you Torrei, Lil Kev will always be ” looking up to you”. Yes that is my shade for the day.

  • CAliQueen

    So who will be watching RHHOH? I wonder if his ex will be written into the script this season.

  • Susan Edwards


  • Susan Edwards

    If someone , anyone put me on front street for being happy simply because I am no longer unhappy . One has to wounder . Why ? I can’t even believe that I ,am even going here ! LOL ! I endorse happy people . And Kevin …. You can use that if you want 😉

  • vcubain

    Paula Patton has to be the only person with a crazy relationship who has sense. Paula made one statement and was done. After that she let Robin Thicke talk and talk and look crazy all by himself. Paula Patton had sense.

  • vcubain

    just thinking she would not have given his lil bitty greasy looking azz a second look back in the day. hope he got a prenup

  • dagr8

    These people need Will Smith, Jada and his ex wife counselor. kevin need to stop being shady. Idc what some of you say, he has been shading his ex wife for several years and now that we hear her voice—people are calling her bitter. She is voicing her opinion but now she need to chill, we heard it. Torrei need to start saying “no comment” because she is making her relationship with her obviously sensitive ex husband and his soon to be wife more tense. And Torrei need to just collect that alimony and have fun with her boyfriend spending Kevin hart money.

  • Kimberly Jackson

    Kevin 1st of congratulations to u n Ur beautiful fiance I pray nothing but the best of blessings that God has in store for the both of you. Please do as u have bn which is bn you… you can’t please everyone n some of which may not be even worth it at all nothing bets your own happiness in life. After all it’s your life to live no one else’s. I to had to learn the hard way not allowing ppl to detact who iam. I refuse to let anyone get nor try n kp me down the h… With that. I pray GOD continue blessing for you ♡ u respectfully @Kimberly Jackson

  • positivebeatsnegative

    People are wayyyyyyy too invested in other folks business. #livesareneeded

  • Ash

    I’m going to be the grammar police and note that Eniko is now his fiancee. 2 e’s for women, 1 e for men.
    I think the whole situation is hilarious.

  • blogdiz

    BM must really be scarce in America if this lil gremlin causing so much drama LOL
    I used to like him but he is really caught up Oh Well

    • Lilacbenson

      Lmaoo scarce is right haha

  • Linda M McCuff

    Thanks for clearing that up Kevin. The best to everyone involved.

  • therealme

    Ppl get money n don’t know how to act get yo corny a** out ta here

  • blogsnob

    If we blasted Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union we can blast this man too for cheating on his whole entire family and then leaving them for the mistress. Do people deserve happiness, they sure do but people also deserve loyalty. I would expect for my husband to not try to upgrade just because he found a certain level of success. This resonates with women because we see it happen too often (with kids involved).

    • Spoongyal

      He didn’t leave for his mistress. His ex left him.

      • MonicaElise

        She said in an interview that she wanted a separation so he could get it out of his system, so to speak but she didn’t want to be broken up forever. Then he met Eniko and decided to leave for good.

      • blogsnob

        After he cheated

  • evonne97

    who cares? I just hope he has an iron-clad prenup, otherwise he’s screwed if this one breaks up too.

  • Martha Poobado Hairston

    Kevin keep doing you boo

  • Whitney

    Congrats to them! But I hope they BOTH stop talking about each other, it’s a bad look on both sides, especially since they claim to be happy now…

  • Khartoum

    This is random but when they first started dating I thought she was too thin/unattractive but she’s beautiful. Must be nice to have someone pay all your bills and treat you well. I wish the happy couple love and happiness

  • fujo

    why does any of yall care? if he is happy or if he moved on or if he did this because his ex’s show aired last night…why does anybody care what this man and his fiance does? get a life people!!

  • Jose Manuel Brito

    So let me get this straight. Ya’ll right for blasting him on HIS IG account, and he in the wrong for puttin’ ya’ll in your place? Talking bout “well why’d he have to talk back he stupid for hearing us out”. Lol get outta here ya’ll got worse people to hate on than this hardworking dude.

  • MzBrenda Tyson

    Say that sh*t again. Somebody didn’t hear you. I can’t stand a hater. But you gotta love the haters they make the world go round. Lol. Congrats again.

  • ShellyKelly

    Who is he trying to convince of his/their happiness? The public or himself? I ask because, in my estimation, truly happy and self-confident person would either not bother responding to perceived “negativity”, or wouldn’t bother publicizing private, happy moments on social media in the first place.

    • Dee

      oh please don’t act like you don’t address foolishness on the internet. we all do at one point

      • C

        Thank you Dee. Lol. She’s probably one of those posting her every move on social networks

      • ShellyKelly

        I don’t. I’m too grown for that. As far as KH is concerned, this isn’t the first time he’s had words with strangers online. He doesn’t have to address anything. I don’t have an instagram, but I’m sure he could just as easily ignore or delete these comments, or just disable the comment option in the first place.

        • Rickie Redmond

          Who are you trying to convience them or yourself? I ask because, in my estimation, a person who that didnt apply to wouldnt have felt the need to reply

    • louvres

      Oh please I also share happy moments on facebook once in a while and I do respond when someone comes fool at me!

      • Machone

        But you are not in the public’s eye…..

  • alex

    (HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POST) but if I have to hear Marsha Ambrosious say “my heart is yearning” 1 MORE TIME…..

    • Whitney

      Lol before I even read the articles, I make SURE to hit pause!!!

      • alex

        Lol…I’ve just started to put my whole computer on mute before I go to sites like this

        • Girliusmaximus


    • Ce1999

      If you have Google Chrome get ABP spam blocker. I don’t even deal with ads or auto-play on sites any more. It blocked 28 ads on this page.

      • Sweet_yams


      • alex

        Oh ok cool, thx



  • Guestest

    Why does he even bother responding? Him and his fiance stay reading the negative comments that people leave..

    • Guests!!!

      Because he cares. He may say he don’t, but he does. There’s a reason why you don’t know EVERYTHING about Oprah or Kerry Washington’s relationship/marriage. They don’t need nor care about the public’s opinion. It does not fuel their life or career.

      • Guestest

        I agree!!

      • Marcus Page

        True but its very few people who actually don’t care what people think! Kevin is a comedian so he has to an extent care what other people think! Oprah got money but at one point she did care and Kerry Washington is a drama actress and her career does not depend on people spending money to see her in large venues! Truth is he just needs to stop responding cause trolls live on the internet instead of under bridges now!

      • Dee

        That’s very true. Never give someone ammunition to shoot you in the foot with… Kevin stay posting and writing about his relationship which opens the gate to negativity. If he kept it to himself, they wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

    • Dee

      you do know there is no disclaimer before comments right? you have to READ the comment BEFORE you can decide whether its positive or not. perhaps he wouldn’t have o read negative comments if ppl wouldn’t leave them

      • Guestest

        Kevin isn’t a stranger to harsh comments that people leave about his relationship with Eniko. He KNOWS that there are many negative people who follow him on instagram who were never fans of his relationship with Eniko from jump. He and Eniko are always reading those comments and “clapping back” at the people who leave them. He or should i say THEY should learn to ignore them because people will always have something to say.. It starting to seem to me like they just sit around and say “c’mon bae, let’s read what the haters have to say this time”. Celebs should really avoid reading those comments left under their instagram pics because people are harsh and they will say whatever’s on their mind.

    • Trisha_B

      To be fair, you don’t know if a comment is negative until you actually read it lol

    • BeckyGrey

      Maybe he wanted to make it clear to everyone, including Torrei, that he wants the best for her and that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her on purpose. If the two of them could be in Magic City on Monday night after the proposal and no incident, then let them be. They seem to be grown, let’s all follow suit.

    • Angie

      He is a cancer man and ALL cancers care DEEPLY about what people say and think about them. Kevin’s fiance’ is a leo….Leo woman LOVE the spotlight and LOVE to be catered too! Leo and Cancer are NOT good matches…Karma will catch Kevin if he did indeed cheat on his ex-wife. I am a FIRM believer that what makes you laugh will make you cry!

      • Guestest

        I’m a cancer and i don’t care what people think about me… If i cared about what certain people thought of me i would be a friggin wreck Lol

        • Angie

          You happen to be the exception to the rule. Your moon is prolly in a fire or air sign….than again you could be a mature and evolved cancer which are the best cancers you could meet in my opinion.

          • Guestest

            You are really into to astrology huh Lol…

            • Angie

              I Love astrology….Explains ALOT about a person. I study astrology just for fun

        • Lol, I’m a Cancer too, and I don’t give a crap and a snap about what people think about me lol. And Kevin and I are like 3 days apart. I actually know a lot of Cancers who feel this way. We are sensitive, yes. I think people try to use that to say we are weak. We are sensitive about the things we actually care about. Or, atleast I am.

          • Angie

            I wont call cancers weak, but they are VERY sensitive and I know deep down cancers care what others think if they didnt they would be so sensitive!

            • Angie

              Wouldnt be so sensitive, sorry for error

          • Guestest

            Agreed =)

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


  • mdoubs

    well said…

    • guest

      Very well said. I don’t believe him though.

      • b

        Notice he said 6 years this time. Wasn’t it 7 years earlier this year? This man is a compulsive liar.

        • a

          he never said he divorced her 7 years ago, maybe hes just been moving on since 6

          • b

            He said earlier this year that they separated 7 years ago. But it made no sense because their son had just turned 6 in November. Google it if you don’t believe me.

            • Sheenat3

              Separated doesn’t mean divorced. The could have been separated one year trying to work on it then the next year could’ve been when the divorce was done.

              • b

                They divorced in 2011. And my point is that he has given inconsistent answers as to how long he’s been separated from Torrei. You don’t have to take my word for it. Go through his interviews.

                • Sheenat3

                  The thing is doing all of that would mean that I care too deeply about what he has going on In his life and I really don’t. You can continue to be the soul expert on his life. I was just throwing out an option not knowing the details of his personal life.

                  • Miss D

                    “Sole” expert

                • V

                  So what get a life who care.

                  • Oatmealman

                    So what if he lies? hes an actor he better be the best damn liar out there. thats the negativity hes talkin about right there.

                    • CaribbeanGlow

                      Calling out lies we catch is negative? I think lying is negative.

            • chris

              but november is almost 10months ago meaning he is almost 7, plus the time she was pregnent

          • dagr8

            yeah he did say 7 years they were separated and 5 years with Eniko a few months ago.

            • Luke Searchwell

              Damn, just let the man live his life, stop dissecting each and every detail and worry about yourself. It doesn’t concern you in the slightest.