[Watch] K. Michelle Discusses Beef With Elle Varner & Her Crush On Meek Mill

August 19, 2014  |  

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A couple of months ago, we told you that K. Michelle and Elle Varner had a falling out. It appeared that several factors contributed to the demise of their friendship, but K’s main beef seemed to be that Elle failed to give her credit for “Cold Case”—a song K claims to have written. During a recent interview with Hot 97, K discussed their falling out and what fueled it.

“I had a record. It was my favorite record. It was ‘Ride Out’ on my album and I wasn’t allowed to put out that record because management said the record was already too big,” K explained. “I played that record for my friend [Elle] at that time. The next thing I knew she threw off her shoes and said ‘Oh my God, this is a great record.’”

She went on to say that Elle later played a song for her, which sounded quite similar.

“She played me a record. She said, ‘You like the record?’ I said, that’s my record. Ain’t nobody yodeling on the hooks but me. Then you went to the same producers. I came to [her] like a woman. I said, this is my record. You can’t put that out. That sounds like me. [She copied my style.] But I said it to you as a friend in a proper manner. I said it to management in a proper manner.”

The former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star says that management did not handle the situation as they stated that they would. In her interview, K also addressed why she decided to go after her former friend after photos of Elle and Meek Mill were uploaded to Instagram.

“I’ve never slept with Meek in my life. Me and Meek are friends. We flirt and poke, know what I’m saying? We don’t poke,” she shared. “I did have a crush on Meek. We do that. You know that as my friend, me and Meek do this. You get on Twitter and say, ‘Yeah Meek tried to talk to me and I swerved him.’ Okay, why would you do that to your friend. But I’m the crazy one. I’m the mean one. I let it slide.[…]She wanted attention because we don’t give a f–k about that India Arie a– music. No offense against India Arie because I love her. We like India because she’s India. [Elle’s] not India. Go sit down trying to be K. Michelle and India with the guitar. It just don’t work.

So when you grinning taking pictures with Meek and he posted under the comments that he’s posting this picture to let her know how real the swerve was. He’s still f–king with you, you know what I’m saying? It was just took much for the attention that she wants. I get it. I understand it. I’m not gonna lie. She can sing. I’ll never take her gift from her but I was very, very quiet in that situation.

Once she took my song and because we got into about the song you’re doing this and posting pictures with Meek with hearts and s–t to try and just do something. But y’all don’t get on her for that.”

As previously reported, Elle has denied stealing the song from her former friend.

Watch K’s full interview below.

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  • R.Thompson

    I did not understand one thing…

  • SweetE

    The more I hear this chick talk, the more I wish she would shut up! Every few months she has beef with someone. She’s gonna mess around and get blacklisted.

  • Joe Joiner

    She is a clown. India Arie has 4 grammys sold millions of records, has a legit catalog of music and has never twerked on camera

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    How she gone say she bored with R&B music……h e l l aint no more R&B music and second its supposed to be about broken hearts, happiness and just all things to do with love both positive and negative. But nobodys making that feel good music anymore including her a s s. Jagged Edge is back with a song called hope and they said the same thing about the state of R&B music. But, that’s how everybody is today its just money, big a s s e s, twerking and turnin up (which I am tired of hearing by the way) I mean does it hurt to slow it down sometimes, tell a woman how beautiful she is and how much you love her instead of “when you gone ride this d i c k” IJS

  • Ce1999

    I was having difficulty even comprehending the comments she made so I’m still not sure what went on.

  • Sounds like some elementary school sillyness

  • ladybug

    I love me some kmichelle. But the girl has more drama and enemies than anyone I’ve ever known. My goodness

  • On_Point

    wow, she is such a miserable person. is there someone who she does not have problems with? she needs to look in the mirror.

  • Ms.D19

    Too old for such childish shenanigans!!!

  • Lex

    Cold Case and Rideout sound.nothing alike.

  • alex

    dang…i love Elle Varner (& K. Michelle)…but what she’s saying makes sense….

    • Growth

      It makes sense? I went an usher concert as a teen. I actually got a picture to take a picture with him. The next week I found out he was dating Chilli. I felt like I was cheated on and broke all of my tlc CDs and burned the tapes that I made in the VCR of the tlc videos and performances. That made sense to me at that time. If what she is saying makes sense and you’re a teenager, you will live and learn that as women we can romanticize the most innocent of situations. If you are grown then there’s a problem that you can’t see the jealousy that this woman has. The other 2 people she referred to have not even acknowledged her in this situation. It could all just be in her head.

      • alex

        Yeah, I have thought she may be jealous too..but the reason I said it makes sense is because I listen to Elle Varner a lot and I did notice a lot of things she was saying…but then again like you said, she could be turning this into a bigger situation…

  • Trisha_B

    So she’s just jealous

  • D

    Why is K.Michelle always on these young dudes?!? smh

  • kde_girl

    In order to “beef” with someone there has to be a reply….i’ve not heard a response from Elle so who is she “beefing” with? She just can’t leave the dramatics alone and it makes it very hard to respect her as a mature artist.

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  • Guestest

    Ugh! K Michelle, either claim him or just stfu!