“It’s Only So Much A Single Person Can Take”: Towanda Braxton Explains Why She Spazzed Out In “BFV” Premiere

August 19, 2014  |  


If you tuned into the premiere of Braxton Family Values last week, I’m sure you saw all the bad energy and glass throwing that occurred.
It all started at Tamar’s birthday party when one of her friends, a fella named Charles, stood up and made a speech after the sisters saying that Tamar hadn’t changed in all the years that he’s known her. This directly contradicts claims from the Braxton sisters that Tamar has changed since finally reaching solo fame.

Things went left when the sisters (minus Toni who was in bed over a lupus flare up) took the man’s comments personal. Tamar tried to defend her friend from her sisters, and from there, the tension was non-stop, with Towanda calling out Tamar’s beloved (but sometimes crazy) fans at a dinner for Toni. By the end of the episode and a third dining opportunity, things came to a head. Tamar left the table because she didn’t want to argue with her sisters any longer, and eventually, Towanda flipped the HELL out. She stated that she felt like no one really cared about her and her feelings before banging on the table, flipping over glasses and storming off.

From the outside looking in, it was definitely a breaking point for Towanda, and she tried to explain her behavior on the WeTV blog.

For YEARS I’ve never been one to share or show my emotions. It’s almost an expectation from my family to not even ask about me or my feelings. Therefore, I taught myself not to show them at all and to suppress my feelings to be buried in the pit of my soul. When Iyanla was my life coach, she warned me that somehow, it’s going to get to a point of explosion….Boy was she right! I tried to hold on to my emotions to no avail.

It’s only so much a single person can take. When my CHILDREN were being attacked on social media, that’s where I drew the line. I’ve been baffled in trying to understand why the innocent relatives were not being defended. The ignorance of childish cyber bullies need boundaries and needs to be addressed by their leader.

One thing is for certain, I’m ABSOLUTELY not ever going to tolerate ANYONE disrespecting my children or nieces and nephews. They are off limits. I know I can’t expect anyone to act or react the way that I’d like.

I can no longer be a punching bag of everyone else’s emotions. Just because I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve, it doesn’t mean I’m not hurting or going through something. I am human.

If you missed out on the episode, the full thing is below. But if you want to see where things went haywire, start watching from the 32:00 mark.

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  • LVRS

    I watched that episode and she snapped…but it really was uncalled for

  • kierah

    Towanda is mad. She needs to direct it at herself though. She is the sister that has made the least progress since the start of the show. Toni didn’t really have to do anything – she’s a star. Tamar became a start. Trina graduated, put out a single, and started a bar business. Even Traci got a radio gig, made appearances, and got another reality show run. What the pluck has Towanda done but be there to take note of it all? She sees the train passing her by and I bet that ish stings like a mutha.
    If you don’t like your life, only you can change it.

  • norma01

    Towanda you were wrong on so many levels. How are you going to box all Tamar fans and friends as rude and as children on twitter. One person made that stupid statement, and Tamar herself addressed that person. It seem as though you are blaming her for something she had nothing to do with. That is why people are saying you are acting like a very jealous sister. Towanda, you might not be the leader of the pack. However, your sisters certainly does follow your lead. Tamar is always being ganged up on by her sisters.

  • Yvette

    Ok y’all I just watched the entire episode and I’ve read most of the comments and I have a few thoughts I’d like to share. It is merely my opinion so please refrain from the keyboard thug antics. If you don’t like something I say please just agree to disagree with me and keep it moving. Towanda is frustrated because she is tired of Tamar and her “the sun rises and sets on me” attitude. Am I the only one who noticed how obnoxious Tamar was on her birthday? I mean come on….really? She was over the top more than usual. How many of you could handle and deal with Tamar on a day to day basis if she was a member of your family? All that mouth and attitude would make even Mother Theresa want to slap the taste out of her mouth. Now from what I saw in this episode it is the both of them (Towanda and Tamar) not just Towanda. Now Towanda from this point forward needs to say what she means like she means it at the appropriate time and stop holding it in so there will be no more meltdowns. It is not healthy to keep stuff in. I remember a few season back when Towanda said that since they were all small kids that none of them EVER said anything to Tamar about her mouth and/or attitude; they would just ignore her or chalk it up to her being the “baby” of the family instead of calling her out on her foolishness. Every single sister at some point has had an issue with Tamar. It is not just Towanda. I don’t know how they are gonna fix this. I hope they can. I know siblings argue and don’t get along sometimes but darn these folks have taken it to a whole new level. It broke my heart to see Towanda spazz out and Trina crying. Get it together Braxton girls!!

  • They should leave reality tv. No good is goin to come from it. Other than a few nickles and dimes from the show. Its not a good look at all

  • I’m Just Sayin’

    Towanda needs to stop blaming everyone else for her issues. She has made herself a martyr under the guise of being a listening ear to everyone else. That’s the role she chose for herself; if she doesn’t like it, then she needs to change her behavior. In regards to Tamar, I totally get what everyone says about her being the common denominator in the arguments between sisters BUT, she is also the common denominator when they decide to ostracize and/or bully her. She can’t be all wrong or all bad. I think her past behavior has made her an easy patsy for narrow minded folk who always want to look at her past behavior. The fact is that she’s not perfect, but neither are any of the other sisters. Towanda should spend more time sweeping around her own door instead of listening to other people’s problems…so that she doesn’t have to deal with her own

  • JustIce21

    I agree with Towanda. Tamar was dead wrong for defending “Tamartians” over her blood. What those ppl said about her niece and nephew was absurd and completely disrespectful. Tamar seems very in denial about her changing and the rudeness of her crazy fans. Seeing poor Trina cry over her sisters broke my heart. What also baffles me is the fact that their parents say nothing worth hearing about the shenanigans smh.

    • TBH

      Tamar never defended those people comments she said whoever said that (about her niece and nephew) wasn’t a Tamartian cause Tamartians know that she loves her family and know not to say that. With that said, google any celebrity and tell me what off the wall thing has not been said about a celebrity and/or their kid? (i.e. Tia Mowry) People say Tamar kid is ugly, do she blame Towanda fans? Get out of here. Thats childish. The entire argument is childish. And Trina is torn. Toni starts the crap.

  • yep

    I will not be watching this season… I never like it when one person wants to make their issue with a person everyone’s issue. Towanda has felt a certain about Tamar since she won the public “favorite” vote in the first year. She has been martyring herself ever since by always saying how she is the most grounded. It is sad that people want you miserable just because they are–who is she to judge what Tamar deserves or not. If you go back to her episodes with Ilanya, you will see that she always had a challenge of jealousy and envy of her sisters and what she feels she has been slighted out of.

  • duh


  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    That bish needs meds

  • Just saying!!

    Wow everyone is biased towards Tamar, I guess because she “made it” now. That’s crazy to me. Just because Tamar has an album doesn’t mean Towanda is jealous. That’s a simple minded thing to say, particularly when we don’t have the whole story.

    • mzpw

      I dunno…I think folks are just tired of Tamar’s antics. How can someone be in their mid-30’s and still act like a junior in high school? We all know Toni is the breadwinner in her family. I don’t know if I could be related to a dram queen either….

  • Just saying!!

    I do feel for her. As much as I love Tamar, she has a way to make everything about her and is always waiting for an apology from someone. She played her part in this too and she NEVER takes accountability for anything. Just about every piece of drama the sisters had involved her somehow so clearly there’s a problem.

    • C

      That’s why I cant seem to be on Tamar’s side with this one. Say what you want about Towanda and her recent foolishness but if ALL of your sisters have had a problem with you at one point or another, it’s not them. It’s you.

      • Eri Cad

        From what I observe from the sisters disagreements its that they don’t listen to each other. They get so wrapped up in the feelings and the what someone did or didn’t say, how they said it they take everything between them personally, then it blows up, than its avoidance, than its resentment. I think its very common in families. We hear but we don’t listen.

  • Mimsy

    Perhaps Towanda should direct that anger at herself and that sorry @$$ husband she keeps enabling and keeps around! They all clearly have issues, even the mama! I can see why the dad left and the brother comes around. They are all drama queens and want attention.

  • Tonie

    She said “the cyber bullies need to be put in check by their LEADER”. Who is that? Tamar? Girl bye! Nobody has control over CRAZY fans. People are just hateful PERIOD. You can’t blame Tamar for a STRANGERS actions. Yeah true…they shouldn’t attack the kids, but watchu mad at Tamar for? Towanda needs to make a single or something. That’s what made Traci happy!

    • C

      True. But from how I’m looking at it, its not the fact that cyber bullies are crossing the line. Its the fact that they’re crossing the line in defense of Tamar while Tamar sits back and lets it happen. But let soneone say something about Vince, its over. Of course Towanda is upset about that. Who wouldn’t be? To me, both Towanda and Tamar have turned into some cold chicks since this show took off and it’s so sad to see fame get in between this family.

    • ashessehsa

      That’s like telling Beyonce to control the Beyhive lol…They’re much worse IMO. Let the Beyhive come for Towanda, and she’ll be doing more than breaking glasses.

  • superchick

    What keeps getting lost in those clips is that Towanda instigates over half of the arguments! She CHOSE to take it personally when Tamar defended Charles’ statements. You can control what the sender sends (Charles), but not what the receiver receives (Towanda). Nothing Tamar says or does is right to Towanda. It’s like being related to a frenemy. Are you happy for Tamar or not?? It was NOT Tamar in that incident NOR the one at the dinner table who brought up drama. Oh- and the celebration for Toni…. Towanda made the “Tamartian comment”…. Why??? why was that needed??? The third time, it was Trina. Then, in a deleted scene, Towanda is saving a seat for Toni, but gets mad when Tamar sits next to her. GIRL GROW UP. Really? Tamar tried to be playful about it “we’re all sisters. why arent you happy to sit next to me, too?” Towanda has some deep seeded resentment towards Tamar that’s not really getting explained. What is the root of it, really?

    • Eri Cad

      Let me put this in all caps THANK YOU superchick because I felt the same way when I saw the episode. Tamar couldn’t get a word in edgewise without being made to feel that she was straight up wrong AND I would like to point at that I distinctly remember Tamar checking disrespectful fans about negative comments towards Towanda’s kids. Tamar never tolerated that mess. What I hope Dr. Sherry or someone will say to Towanda again since apparently Iylanya already did is that its your responsibility to express your feelings. Its no ones job to pry them out of you. I would venture to think maybe folks stopped asking if Towanda was ok because she always said she was fine. You gotta speak up!!! Maybe part of her always envied Tamar not over stardom or talent but because Tamar always makes her feelings known when people don’t ask. Shoot Tamar makes her feelings known regardless maybe Towanda wishes she had a little more of that gumption

  • SunFlower78

    I can’t with Towanda…I understand she has feelings as do all the rest of her sisters. Maybe she should think about theirs as well if she would like people to think about hers.
    I can only speak for what I see on TV, whatever their history and underlying issues are…they need to seek therapy and get help with them…

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  • T. T.

    I think Yankee Stadium will be able to accommodate you Towanda with your need to have several!!! Girl beat it!

    • alone_in_a_crowded_room

      Hahaha. … Yankee Stadium! I love it!