“She Said YEEEEESSSSS”: Kevin Hart Announces Engagement To Girlfriend Eniko Parish…The Night “Atlanta Exes” Premieres

August 19, 2014  |  

Well look who went and put a ring on it!

After four years of calling Eniko Parrish his rib, Kevin Hart has finally decided to make her his wife.

Parrish started celebrating her birthday this past weekend (as she told Twitter followers on Friday, “It’s officially my b-day weekend! Ahhhh! !”), and what better way to start off 30 than to be proposed to? Hart announced the news of their engagement on Instagram and Twitter a hot second ago: 

“She said YEEEEESSSSS…… #Happy #MyRib #iF**kingLoveHer”And already this big news was trending on Twitter with the hashtag, “So Kevin Hart.” And people weren’t talking about his proposal because they wanted to show him love. No, folks were putting Hart on blast for announcing his engagement the night his ex-wife’s show was scheduled to premiere on VH1. Torrei hasn’t commented on the big news, but I doubt he would put that much thought into all this just to spite her (or at least, I hope he wouldn’t).

Anywho, before popping the question, Hart wished his boo a heartfelt Happy Birthday, saying the following:

“Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in the world. Today is your day babe & we are going to party like it’s 1999….I love you so much. I’m a better man because of you. P.S your old as sh*t now lmao #Dirty30 #HappyBday”

Congratulations to Hart and his “rib” on their engagement. Now they can get to making the babies that everyone thought she was expecting

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  • patricia

    Do anybody think if he did not have money and his little fame (he not that funny anyway) that chick would marry his but , I think not , she a goldigger and she found her fool ,i hope she take him for every he got

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    I predict 5 years, 2 caramel-complected slanted eyed babies, and a hefty divorce settlement, followed by a white woman.

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  • Venus

    Karma won’t be riding with him too long. Its gonna be so funny!

  • KK Holidae

    OMG so much negativity from everybody. What if they are really happy?? Has anybody ever thought about that? I mean her birthday was yesterday so I’m sure Kevin didn’t give an F about his ex’s show premiering. I am sure it was always planned to propose to her on her bday. What gets me is that this happens everyday regardless if the man has money or not ppl get divorced and they find other ppl that they want to spend their lives with and they try love again for the second time.

  • Lilacbenson


  • Courtney Rene’ Lowe

    All these negative comments (especially the ones on here) are SO DISGUSTING. How do you all know they started as an affair? Were you all there?
    How do you all know he PURPOSEFULLY chose yesterday to announce it? I guess ya’ll were there when he made that decision too. Because now that she’s his EX-wife, he has to consider her in everything he does? *SARCASM*
    Let that man be happy. Damn!

  • guest

    I’m really confused why people are saying he’s shady because of the premiere of his EX-wife’s show… Umm so, they are not together, it was her birthday. He’s not thinking about his EX-wife, he’s happy with his girlfriend. Whatever the case is of how they got together, doesnt matter. At least there are men out there who still believe in marriage. A black man at that. Y’all can kick rocks with the EX- wife sh_t. I know I wouldn’t give a damn about what my EX does after we’ve been divorced for what.. 5 years now?? #girlbye

    • PluhEase

      Nike’s birthday was sunday. Torrie’s show premiered yesterday. Bytch-A move by Kevin Hart. Anyone who can’t read between the lines of his actions is blind. He is in the entertainment business. He knows the meaning and importance of debut dates. He has a right to move on and marry his h*e but don’t excuse his bytch behavior or actions. That’s why so many men running around here acting like bytches in relationships these days. Stop the madness…..

      • JA3DN

        Blah blah. Be real, even if he had posted the picture on Sunday, y’all still would be complaining calling him ‘a bytch’ for doing it before the premiere.

        Can’t win.

        • PluhEase

          Yeh, but he didn’t, did he? That’s my point. BYTCH-A move….besides, if I was Ecko, I would NOT want my engagement day to be associated, affiliated or remembered by the masses because of my man’s EX-WIFE’s television show premiere that…but then again, that would’ve been the case ONLY if they didn’t want the attention, right? Riiiiight. I’ve enjoyed the debate.. He’s a girl and I’m gone 🙂

          • J

            Please say it again, I don’t think anyone heard you. Not only was her bday Sunday, he’s had over 4 yrs and previous birthdays to propose, he chose the night his ex wife show debuts? Come on now. He knew exactly what he was doing. That’s why guys treat women like ish these days, because the mass of women defend such vile actions like this.

          • guest

            So you’re saying you would be upset that your ex-husband of 5 years got engaged to his girlfriend? for what? and you still bring him up every chance, move on. yea it hurts, but if you’re still hurting after 5 years, then something is wrong with you.

            • PluhEase

              Stop putting Kevin Hart in the same category as Boo Boo from ’round the corner. Our debating and discussing a topic as silly as this is fun but you first have to keep the topic at hand in perspective. Kevin is an entertainer and has a PR and Marketing team that calculates his EVERY move so, keep on topic. Don’t try to align it with everyday folks because it takes away from the point you’re trying to make….Understand? That being said, NOTHING an entertainer of his magnitude, who is known for his marital issues because he uses them in his acts, is NOT PLANNED. Just being real, my friend….nice chatting with the MN posters today…been fun.

              • Guest

                Move on dude you sound like a kid.

          • guest

            okayyyyy because his gf really cares about his ex-wife’s show premiering LOL. go somewhere.
            what was she gonna say “oh no babe, wait til tomorrow to post. Torrei’s show comes on tonight, let’s watch”

      • Trisha_B

        Monday is just the day after Sunday, 24hrs. You acting like he waited a week or something after her birthday. Maybe the place her birthday was held at only had reservations for Monday. Everyone doesn’t always celebrate their birthday the day of. Calm down lol

        • PluhEase

          Real, grown a** women over here, son so take them games and “he really didn’t mean nothing by it” somewhere..keep giving boys passes that’s why they don’t grow into men….(LOL!)
          From J: “Not only was her bday Sunday, he’s had over 4 yrs and previous birthdays to propose, he chose the night his ex wife show debuts? Come on now. He knew exactly what he was doing. That’s why guys treat women like ish these days, because the mass of women defend such vile actions like these”

          • Trisha_B

            You are way to invested lol smh. Grown a55 women wouldn’t be going in like this….so he was suppose to rush an engagement b/c his ex has a show? So if he would have proposed earlier, then y’all would be complaining that he didn’t even wait to the ink dried on the divorce papers.

            I feel like y’all are only going in, b/c y’all swore this wouldn’t last. Y’all didn’t think he was going to propose to her. Y’all didn’t think they would still be together. But he did otherwise. Lol

          • guest

            you are really feeling some type of way LOL.. it’s not that serious. either way he’s getting married, whether he proposed the night of his EX-wife’s show premiere, or whether his EX-WIFE was gonna be on an awards show presenting an award lol.. WHO CARES, its his damn life.

          • guest

            how the hell u gonna tell someone when to propose to their significant other? LOL.. You are something else lol

    • VVV

      How does he believe in marriage when the two of them so sorely defiled his first one.

      • d

        Say it again. …….year of THE SHOT
        #Side Hoe Over There

  • PluhEase

    I just don’t like for grown-A people to post EVERYTIME something happens to them in their lives. Kevin is not 21. Neither is his reformed side-piece. Her birthday was in Sun, he should’ve have proposed and posted then so don’t tell me he didn’t plan to do this the same night Torrie’s show premiered. Atlanta Ex’s has been being promoted for months so the debut date as been known FOR MONTHS. Yeak, Kevin is a bytch-A man and 9.5 times outta 10 that trait comes out in every and I do mean EVERY relationship he has….enjoy your engagement, honies, Ecko or whatever the heck your name the REAL work starts the day AFTER the wedding. You better ask a MARRIED somebody…or you could always simply ask Torrie. Grown men do NOT change. They just find new people to tolerate their bulls**t.

    • But how can you tell someone when to propose to their girlfriend? Lol. I highly doubt that he and Eniko just put this together on a whim, and I highly doubt that Kevin bought the ring 10 mins before the party. It was her birthday party wayyyy before it was probably the “Atlanta Exes” air date. Clearly, he wanted to do it in front their friends and family. I don’t think he desrves that much credit to try and ruin things for Torrei lol. Especially for a show that I’m sure he could’ve put a halt on her being a part of. I think the man just wanted to propose on a special night for her.

      • dagr8

        Nobody is blaming Eniko, well im not. You can propose anytime you feel like but when he announced it, Atlanta Exes was on. I remember looking at my TL and seeing it. To me, he was throwing shade because he probably could have picked any other time to announce it but he decided to do it while the show was on.

  • Trini_Angel

    What’s new, black people always find a way to pull down each other, never to uplift!! Congrats to them!! So what if he and Torrei didn’t work out? What business is that of some folks?? Gosh, I hate Twitter!!!

    • b

      It’s not the fact that he’s moved on. It’s the fact that this relationship started as an affair. There are still a few people in our generation who don’t take that lightly.

      • Trini_Angel

        Lightly?!?!? Lmao!! IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!! That’s my point!! Everyone has skeletons in their closets….including me!! Some people act like stalkers over these celebrities!! Its their life….live ur own and mind ur own damn business!!

        • PluhEase

          Chile please, it is our business…he’s an entertainer and doesn’t even burp without his PR and Marketing people strategically timing it …folks who say ” its none of our business” about entertainers who POST their business, really sound crazy…

  • starapple

    The man proposes to his girlfriend on her birthday, and we are calling him disrespectful because his ex’s VH1 show, not even a major movie, premiered on cable tv that same day? By the way, her show was a re-run, as the same episode aired last week Monday. Some of us are just petty.

    • Right? So I guess Kevin and his gf couldn’t have possibly planned this birthday party prior to “Atlanta Exes” getting an air date huh? So, Kevin had to change his plans to propose to Eniko just because Torrei’s show premiered? I think people are reaching to think that he really cared that much.

    • coolyfett

      LOL say it again…the emotions in these comments are stupid funny. Never knew this much bitterness could gather in one place. OUCH.

  • FeelsGood

    I can’t see the ring b/c I’m blinded by that terrible shirt.


  • Peaches

    This young lady is smart. She is marrying a successful rich comic who stands to make more money. But something about this girl and Kevin just dont seem right. She is going to spend all his money and look stupid when she leaves him. The not so attractive male stars always pick someone out of their league to use them.

    • side eye

      She’s definitely not as stupid as she looks and sounds. She knew exactly the kind of insecurities to target in a man and popped up just when he was starting to blow up. She and adrienne bosh probably attended the same training program.

      • thatguy0101

        Hahahahaha, Adrienne Bosh…..smh I dont even know why Chris Bosh would wife that, I was totally confused by that. I know some people MIGHT change but with her pass with chasing and scamming rappers/athletes, that would be a red-flag for me….

        Why dont these dude find a successful smart business woman, or a woman that has alot going for themselves???

        I dont know this chick eniko so I cant pass too much judgement but I dont think this will last…. but I do wish them the best but

    • Machone

      I bet she forces herself to have sex with him. She is not into him at all but is willing to sacrifice it since he has money.

  • Trisha_B

    Don’t really feel them as a couple, but then again I don’t know them personally lol. Only see & hear about them in the media, it’s usually painted negative. But the way other celebs are showing them so much love on Instagram, kind of shows they are a good couple. These celebs hang out w/ them personally, see them interact as a couple, & if the relationship was as phony, horrible, etc as you guys want to make it seem, I doubt others would show so much love…congrats to them!

    • birds of a feather

      Other celebs’ approval doesn’t mean they are good people/couple. A lot of the celebs they hang out with don’t know or care about how their relationship started. Some of them started out the same way so they support each other. Ex: two of his good friends are d wade and ludacris.

      • Trisha_B

        How anyone’s relationship started is not the next persons business. But if Eniko was such a horrible, gold digging person you guys are making her out to be, I doubt many would want to be around her.

        • birds of a feather

          But this is a celeb news and gossip site. Why would you be here if you don’t believe their lives should be any of our business?

          • Trisha_B

            The runnings of someone else relationship isn’t anyone’s business. You said “. celebs they hang out with don’t know or care about how their relationship started….” & I simply was saying, it’s none of those other celebs business. Probably why they don’t care. How they got together, how often they sleep together, who cares? It’s not affecting me. They are here to give me entertainment, which is what this blog is for.

        • Courtney Banks

          You forget they’re in hollywood, where that is the norm. IJS

  • They’ve been dating for 5 years and his ex has a new man as well. Good for him! and Congrats!

  • louvres

    loooooooooooooooooool Y’all were knocking her because she dind’t get a ring after 5 years and now she gets that ring and it’s still a problem loooooooooooooool

  • iamthetruth

    Kevin, here comes Karma….

  • Well it took long enough. We will see how long they last. He’s rubbing it in Torrei’s face. Eniko will get paid!

  • arieschic

    Kevin Hart is coward and punk for proposing to his mistress. When this THOT break him and take him for everything oh well. I am sorry I will be married one day and it’s a scary thought knowing society puts the mistress on a pedestal .

    • DLB

      To be perfectly honest, don’t see Kevin having much in the years to come. He may be the “sambo” man now, but it won’t last & Kevin ain’t really all that wealthy.

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    Chile I guess……

  • C’mon son

    Huh. So MN wants to continuously go in on Torrei for speaking about this relationship from her perspective, as Kevin has done in so many of his stand-up routines, but then you turn around and act like Kevin is the bigger person in all this? (No pun intended.) From now on you will be referred to as Noire News because it’s clear you don’t have your priorities in order.

  • Selena McQueen

    I say congrats to the happy couple Smh y’all just heard of his ex like yesterday and y’all all hopped on the bitter train. If he’s happy then that’s all that matters and they look pretty happy to me

    • Misss

      Please. People knew he was married he started out talking about her and was still talking about her last comedy special SMH. His antics are feminine and petty. Most masculine men I know wouldn’t be ALL the time making these simp like post in a way trying his best to rub it in his ex face. He’s bitter, if Torrei is bitter which she has every right to be he is too. His last show he said he’s happier than her …SMH thats his pettiness !

    • Tiffany Brown

      Yeah he look happy I just hope he does better second time around and she just as genuine as he make her seem. Wish them the best he still my best 2K comedian

    • BrownKitty289

      Of course they’re happy!
      She hit the jackpot!
      & He “thinks” he did a checkmate on Torrei.

      I honestly hope Torrei can put her emotions to the back burner & stay focused to become kicka$$ comedian. I want her to win.

  • prettyredbone

    I cant wait for karma, b/c the same way you get em is the same way you’ll lose him… People put torrie down but fail to realize that niko willing dating a married man she was definitely the side chick at one point. I do feel that Kevin did do this proposal on the night of torries premiere on purpose, to propose on the same day and post the same time of the premiere isnt a coincidence. To everybody saying he proposed to her on her bday, her bday was Sunday not today. I hope niko keeps a eye on lil man.

    • Sherry

      Oh, blah blah blah. It’s always the bitter baby mamas whose baby daddies will never marry their a#### that have something negative to say when another woman gets engaged. Don’t hate, congratulate.

      • arieschic

        Blah blah nobodies hating on mistress.

      • Jane

        The ex wife was just that, a “wife”not a baby mama. Get your facts straight.

      • Damn

        Torrei is Kevin’s ex wife, not a baby mama. They were married you idiot

      • Kath

        Lol.. stop, women do need to unite. However, I certainly would not be playing step mommy either. Hence, if his baby mama wasn’t good enough to marry, I’d have considered him worthless entirely.

      • Kim T

        Bitter? She gets over 19,000 a month AND debuted her new show. He’s just not as smart as we thought, and it sucks cause he’s so funny. Now I BET she has a baby so she can get a piece of that “have a baby by me baby be a millionaire”. Awww Kevin. You lost so many cool points. By the way…an “aspiring model” at 30!? Lmbo

    • Tierny

      Eniko wasn’t even dating him while he was married to Torrei. He said that himself. He met her after the divorce

      • Courtney Banks

        So they were just sleeping together before, and didn’t make it official until the papers were signed? That makes it much better.

      • Damn

        They were dating while he was married. They’ve only been divorced for 1 year, they were separated a year before the divorce, Kevin says he and Eniko have been together for 5 years…. You do the math

      • dagr8

        All cheating people say that. Just do the math and then use your own common sense.

  • Mel

    I hope he gets a prenup…….

    • Tiffany Brown

      Yep he will need it.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    This was such a girl move on his part

  • BrownKitty289

    I heard she was pregnant….b4 all this.
    Hmmm might be true. Good for her. #KARMASABITCH

  • Define2

    Lol, he looks like his stomach hurts in that pic…

  • Say What?

    Ah….well good luck with that….

  • CAliQueen

    She will bleed him dry in the divorce.

    • Lele

      That was a Shady move. Hopefully he can stay faithful to this one or she is going to be another scornful ex as a another addition the the Atlanta Exes. Then again I don’t think Eniko cares she just sees dollar signs. Now I’m not saying she is all about that. Probable got with him at first for the money then learned to just like him over time.

    • MiaSara

      Word! She abt to..(Jodeci voice) “Take his money…his house and his cars…”

      • CAliQueen


  • VVV

    People like to knock Torrie Hart for talking about their relationship but he just finds ways to insult her over and over and we give him a pass. Money or no money he is classless.

    • b

      Twitter: @Torrei_Hart
      Instagram: @torreihart

    • louvres

      What did he do to insult her?

      • CAliQueen

        You are in the small minority who doesn’t get the b!tch/shade move he just made.

    • louvres

      He Wasn’t Worried About His Ex .. He Was Worried About The Woman He’s With Now .. As He Should Be

      • dagr8

        Well since he isn’t worried than I hope that he will stop talking about her in his standups. He has talked more about in a negative light than she has in the last 5 years.