Alek Wek’s Niece, Model Ataui Deng Missing, Last Seen In New York City

August 18, 2014  |  

The niece of supermodel Alek Wek, Ataui Deng has been missing for 10 days. Deng, who also followed in her aunt’s model footsteps, was last seen in the Lower East Side section of New York City. Deng, originally from Sudan, stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and her career took flight in September 2008. She has appeared in numerous fashion magazines and she has walked for designers Zac Posen, Christian Dior and Lanvin.

The Black Girl Project reports via her friend Ajak Deng’s Instagram, if any one finds Deng, please email:

Our thoughts are with her family at this time.

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  • Guest

    Now I know that MN is pure trash. How are you going to report on a missing person AFTER the person has been found? Do you guys even research at all? Not even a simple google search? This is the laziest piece of writing ever. I can’t even take this site seriously.

  • Courtney Banks

    She was found already. Shes ok

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  • smh

    They say she suffers from mental illness; she has threatened to kill herself before. The white guy she was dating did not care she was missing cos he had dumped and moved on with his life. Chef Roble, her friend, got call from the police and that is why he started the campaign.

    I think she wanted to kill herself cos she was dumped by that white trash. SAD.

  • dice and po

    she NEEDS TO get stay away from white trash; get closer with her family ands the culture she comes form; stay away from that crazy white druggy sinister crowd.. Joan smalls lives in Brooklyn cos she wanted to get away from that crazy scene. Oh, and she needs to get help with whatever issues she has.

  • karakafka

    Just heard on the news that she was found. She’s in a NYC hospital. They didn’t give any further details though.

  • FromUR2UB

    I hope she’s ok.

  • pass

    Grant Monohon was one of the last people to see Deng. He had a romantic relationship with Deng, and tells the Voice the two of them lived together. Monohon is an actor who’s had roles in Transamerica and Lady in the Water; he also works in PR. He organized the event at the Attic the night Deng went missing. The model was acting “irregularly” that night, Monohon says.

    Around midnight, he says, “I walked outside with her. I gave her my keys, she didn’t want them. She’s just standing there. I was working, I had to go back inside.”

    Deng, Monohon says, will sometimes disappear for a day or two, but this is different. She began missing professional appointments, and other people started calling him, asking where she was. “Her bookers hit me up like, ‘Where’s she at?,’ Your guess is as good as mine.” About four days ago, he went to the police.

  • pass

    didn’t want them. She’d just standing there. I was working, I had to go back inside.”

    Deng, Monohon says, will sometimes disappear for a day or two, but this is different. She began missing professional appointments Other people started calling him, asking where she was. “Her bookers hit me up like, ‘Where’s she at?,’ Your guess is as good as mine.” About four days ago, he went to the police.

    In the NYPD bulletin the model, whose full legal name is Ataui Deng Hopkins, is described as six-foot-one-inches tall, 110 pounds with black hair, a dark complexion and a slim build. No clothing description was given. He said she was acting irrational

    HE JUST LEFT her like that and went back to partying and work. I would tell my boss she is sick and ask to be let off to take her home. He was just using her cos she was black model

  • GameOver

    I hope she is still alive and found soon. Being missing for weeks has got to be troubling to her family and friends.

  • Trisha_B

    Check that boyfriend!! No cell phone to be tracked?! Hope she’s found soon

  • pass

    HER BF is broke scary white man and he claims this african born woman wanted to sleep in the park?

    THE WHITE MAN IS GUILTY. But, he will get a pass

  • Misss

    Wow shes stunning! I hope she is found safe.

  • Music

    “She was reported missing by her boyfriend, Grant Monohon, on Aug. 16, sources said. He told investigators that the last time he saw her, Aug. 6, she told him she wanted to sleep in a park, law enforcement sources said.” Ding!!! Ding!!! Check the boyf. and the ex husband she is in the process of divorcing.

    • pass

      SHE was born in Africa. How many AFRICAN WOMEN WANT TO SLEEP IN PARKS IN nyc? HE is white, very un african, culturally and scary looking. He looks like he is involved drugs and weird behavior. Check the house, She might there. I know black women are desperate for white men, but U gotta do a better job screening them and don’t just jump for the 1st white man.

      • Reallytruly

        Oh STFU. ur going to take this tragedy and use it to indict a whole race of women? Can’t even get offended, u sound stupid.

        • pass

          If it was black bum working in a nightclub, who was partying with white women, while his GF was missing and did not care till it came out from Chef roble….BLACK WOMEN WOULD GO HAM over it.

          But because he is white…….

          • Reallytruly

            Now just because no black women want U, doesn’t mean that we all want white

        • pass

          If it was white model dating a black nightclub prompter THE WHITE MEDIA WOULD BE ON BREAKING NEWS AND EVERY YOUNG BLACK MAN IN NYC WOULD BE ROUNDED UP IN JAIL


          • Sheenat3

            You are going crazy with the replies making points about everything but what reallytruly was trying to say which was how can you say all Black women are desperate for a white man which is definitely not true. Now reply away…..

            • Guestest

              That person is “Chase” from B o s s i p. He is a psychopath who hates when white men find black women attractive. He hates black women/white men relationships. He is very insecure and makes comments under numerous names.. smh

              • Sheenat3

                OK gotcha

              • pass

                Still does not change the facts. The facts are this black model is dating a bum white trash, who uses her and dos not care if she lives of dies and that summarizes how WHITE MEN feel about black women lives at large.

                GOOD DAY

            • Reallytruly

              Thank U Sheenat3

        • pass

          I heard this white man is gun collector.

        • pass

          se it to indict a whole race of


        • pass

          LOOK at you defending the white race AKA WHITE MEN but 17% of whites think Darren Wilson is guilty. That means whites are on the side of the cop and OVER 50% of balcks are on the black kid’s side.

          ALL this don’t generalize the whole white race. YES: I can, WHITE MEN have done more than enough over the DECADES FOR me to judge them as whole TILL prove otherwise.

        • pass

          I am pretty sure this black model was likely to be racially profiled at top stores cos WHITES THINK SO ILL OF BLACKS.
          DONT she live in NYC? Don’t they think blacks are criminals in NYC?

      • Music

        No one is desperate. People like who they like. There are just as many white men who love black women, and just as many white females who love black men (vice versa). When I made the comment, I didn’t make it based on his race. His race doesn’t matter. I dislike black blogs where the commenters have to make everything about race. Just because person dates outside their race, it doesn’t make them desperate. Grow up!

        • Guestest

          You have common sense. A lot of commenters lack that.

    • pass


      NOW WHAT? Still wanna blame black men?

      • Sheenat3

        Who blamed Black men?

    • pass

      A man who said he was the owner of The Attic said police had been by but, “we don’t know nothing. She was never here.”

      A manager there said Monohon never worked there. Monohon’s Instagram feed is covered with photos of him, Deng and other people partying at The Attic and other nightclubs.

      There are also Instagram photos of Monohon partying with several women at The Attic on the day he reported her missing.

  • Music

    Praying for a safe return

  • lulubear

    oh that is tragic I pray she’s found