‘They Shot At Us With Real Guns:’ Keke Palmer Recounts Experience After Joining Protesters In Ferguson

August 18, 2014  |  

Source: IG

Apparently, Keke Palmer is one to put action behind her words. Last week, the actress took to social media to express outrage over the shooting death of Mike Brown. Though she was criticized by some for her words, Keke doesn’t appear to have allowed her critics to slow her down one bit. Over the weekend, the “Masters of Sex” star and her mother flew out to Ferguson to join those who were protesting to have Mike Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson, arrested and charged in his murder.  She later took to social media to discuss her troubling experience.

In one Instagram post, she shared the story of a woman who said that she was assaulted by officers. In this same post, Keke also revealed that police officers fired “real guns” at them (her and the protesters) and that her mother was even hit with pellets. Her post reads:

“God bless this woman right here! I met her out here in Ferguson tonight, & she was telling me about her violent run in with the police not too long ago. She was in an accident & called the police, & allegedly THIS is what SHE was put through.

She was out here PEACEFULLY protesting, and after they threw tear gas at us, my mom was shot in the neck with pellets, they shot at us with REAL guns(a young man actually got hit), she came back & picked my mom, my friend & I up & took us home. God bless you sister & thank you! When you’re peaceful you play as a mirror to people’s wrong actions, instead of a distraction.”

The “Just Keke” host also shared footage from one of the protests.

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  • Jaynicia

    I’m sorry that her mom got hurt, but we told her dumbass to stay where she was. She wanting to prove how grown she is; all butthurt because Black Twitter called her naive. Then she shows up in stilettos and a designer skirt doing a Pussycat Doll strut up the street grinning like she was at the Source Awards. Naive is exactly what she proved to be and this is why very few celebs ever show up for this type of thing. This is real life, not Hollywood make believe. Denzel wasn’t gonna swoop in in a lear jet and get her out if something happened. It was like she was photo’oping the whole thing. I wish that girl’s publicist told her to stay at home. Social media is a mutha and connecting with your fans is alright, but sometimes you gotta know your limitations. She grew up upper middle class not knowing what it’s like to be in that situation. If anything, she learned something and hopefully will grow from it.

  • AfricaChillin

    …..”Why don’t blacks complain about black on black violence”

    There’s this thing called google now, I don’t know if folks that use this argument have heard of it but you can look up protests in different cities where blacks are fed up with gang violence. That’s if you really care to answer your own question.

    The same media you call bias for sensationalizing events that happen to not fit your personal narrative is the same bias news media that casually decides to not report when blacks voice their opinion about the inner city violence amongst each other.

    Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Oakland and other inner city violence are only a convenient talking point when folks want to make a point about gun control or deflect the issue of police brutality. Other than that? none of those places really matter for the rest of the year to some of these commenters on social media. Be real.

    • ladybug

      Thank you thank you and THANK YOU!!!!! It’s all about what the media and blogesphere chooses to cover. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, Two years ago my city had a public event, They have away free food, games, music and had guess speakers encouraging local black men (and women) between the ages of 13-29 to throw their guns away. Guess speakers shared facts and history of a deeper meaning of black on black crime. We couldn’t even get our LOCAL news to cover. Not to mention Riots, picketing and protesting is to get a specific person, lawmaker or authorities attention. They are protesting to get the officer off PAID administrative leave and in prison. If you protest for black on black crime how in the world can police and politicians help you? People don’t think! Rant over 🙂

      • AfricaChillin

        Thanks for sharing what the folks in your city did. This “black folks don’t care about black on black crime” argument is just unfortunate and ridiculous.

  • AllyCat

    Oh Keke, it was all good just a week ago.

    • hollyw

      Ha! Childish Gambino ref, I love it!

  • Chris K

    I wish Keke Palmer would go grow a brain.

  • biglittlemason3

    Michael Brown got Michael Brown killed. While I do find that cops encroach on everyones rights, freedom, and lives. How about that little store clerk up the street that just had his rights encroached on by Michael Brown who felt he could walk into someones business and take what he wanted and use his GIANT stature to push and strong arm the clerk around.

    Then you have his supporters who want justice by going toe to toe with the police by making a stand looting, plummaging and pillaging their own community as if that’s going to make any difference. Damn fools, all you are doing is making things worse for yourselves by not having anywhere to shop in your own community causing you to have to go further out when some of you don’t even have decent enough transportation to do so. What the hell are you thinking…didn’t you learn anything from the riots of the 60’s?
    We’re not talking about killing somebody who was non-violent (Martin Luther King Jr.), who was fighting for our civil rights and helping us to gain freedom and independence, we’re talking about a 2 bit thug who took too much for granted the rights we’ve earned and did wrong by it.
    I’m sorry for his family’s loss but I do not feel sorry for Michael Brown.

    • hollyw

      Nothing you did has proof. Please check your bias. The ONLY fact already presented is that Wilson killed Michael Brown.

      • biglittlemason3

        Listen, I don’t give a damn who killed Michael Brown, the fact remains that if Micheal Brown didn’t walk around thinking that he can bully people around and take sh2t that don’t belong to him and then walk down the middle of a damn street blocking traffic, with the mentality “I dare a car hit me”, he might be alive today……that is my point and my damn opinon simple as that!

        • hollyw

          That’s great. Your point and opinion are wrong, and not “fact”, though, and in no way justify a killing. You’re welcome.

          • biglittlemason3

            Your seat is all the way in back….NOW SIT!!!!!!

            • hollyw


              I’m in awe at your thoughtful commentary. Have a good one.

    • Duni1

      Here are the 2 latest facts in the case: 1 the store clerk who was robbed, through his lawyer stated that the person that stole the cigars and Michael Brown ARE NOT the same person.
      2. The officer the shot him hand’t even gotten the call that Michael Brown was a suspect.
      So what can we conclude from this… the the police in Ferguson released footage to try and smear a victim and are now trying to back track their own information.

      6 shots to the right side of his body, including 2 to the head, none of which exited out through the back of Browns body. Which means the officer was LYING about Brown running and that the witnesses that says he surrendered were telling the truth.

      You flat out called him a 2 bit thug, yet you know nothing about the case itself except that he was a black man that was shot. And called him a thug. The ONLY thug in this case was the officer who killed a young man and his employers are bullies trying to get away with that crime.

      • biglittlemason3

        I know the story as well as anyone and in this case they are both losers. You don’t go around taking stuff that doesn’tt belong to you and then strong arm the situation as if nothing can happen to you…..case in point, the idiots rioting the stores….what in the hell is it going to solve? As for the officer,,,,,yes he is as guilty as sin for shooting an unarmed man SIX f’ing times and expecting to get away wtith it…..not going to happen. The only thing I am guilty of is calling the young man out of his name…..any opinion beyond that I am entitled.

  • 1Val

    Keke is a poor little rich black girl.
    She has money without sense.

    • Lola

      Why does she “not have sense”? I’m confused…

      And how can you be a “poor little rich” anything?

      • Lost Soul

        Poor little rich girl is an expression. I believe it was the name of a movie.

      • hollyw

        Because she didn’t believe the violence until it happened to her.

        Because she was naive in thinking that the main solution to this problem was peace, which obviously is wrong since she got shot at just standing there.

        Because she was a victim that night and she is rich.

  • WeThePeople

    I am hurt and angered at the events that are occurring in Ferguson. It is a senseless killing. The media however, is using the shooting of this young man, and the protests that have followed to race bait, and increase their ratings. Although, I do believe that racism played a part in the tragedy, the way our people of color are behaving is deplorable. Can we be smart and educated in how we protest? Yes, the police are overdoing it with the military gear, etc. However, we as black people need to be wise in our actions. And I would like for someone to answer (if possible), these questions for me: What are we as black people doing about black on black crime? Although racism exists, and there is a disparity between the race of the community (Ferguson and many communities around our nation) and the race of the police force that protects it, how often does a black person get killed/ shot by cops?

    • 9Boots

      Due to the lack of the government keeping track of this data the estimates are 350-650 people of all races are killed by cops. We also have to keep in mind that some of these people were shooting back at the cops while others were unarmed. Check out the article ” How many people have been killed by the police.” at Massachusetts Cop Block.


  • teah

    Its okay to protest and express your feelings but most of these people are provoking the police just so they can say how cruel the police are. All the looting and acting irate breaking things is not going to lead to any peace or kind of resolution.

    • hollyw

      Where did you get your information??

  • Rise

    People love to *Kanye shrug* well I’ve been on a *Kanye RANT* because its so in your face but these glittering distractions and ambitions blind most of us. As Ye would say… thats some “N!!!a what you doing in this store” racism. And it got a little brother killed.

    • rb


  • Toya

    What is amazing is that the guy in the robbery video has on flip flops but the body lying in the street has on sneaker? If the robbery happened minutes before the shooting when did he change he shoes, if that’s really him?

    • wow

      No the body lying in the street did not have on sneakers. He had on the same socks that he had on during the robbery, witnesses have even said that he had on flip flops, they just came off when he got shot.

  • The Elusive Chanteuse

    And this is what i call the “N-word Wake up call” When you realize that even if you pushing a benz you still a N-word in a coup! Welcome Keke, we been waiting for your great awakening. Leave the koolaid you were sipping outside.

  • lockstress

    So can someone riddle me this…did he really rob the store before getting shot?

    And yes…so glad she and her mom made it outta there safely.

    • Chey

      I truly believe he did. He was wearing the same outfit that you see in the surveillance footage. His friend Dorian was there too…which surprised me, b/c he said that he met up with Mike in the neighborhood.

      • lockstress

        Thank you for clarifying this for me. I got so mad at my cable bill that I cancelled it and haven’t been up on the news lately…lol.

        • Lost Soul

          Sidenote: As far as cable, DirecTV is pretty reasonable.

          • lockstress


    • Kwazi Style

      Robbery eludes that there was some sort of stick-up…. they’ve been calling it a “strong-arm robbery” which is not the case, he shoplifted. Though I’m not condoning shoplifting or any criminal behavior… shoplifting and strong-arm robbery are 2 different things. And yes he did shoplift at the store.. however the chief of police admitted in a press conference last week that the officer had no knowledge of the shoplifting when he stopped and shot the kid.

      • don’tshootmy3

        That is what angers me the most because people are actually trying to justify the murder of this kid for shoplifting. Wording the offense as robbery to spin the situation and cast a bad light on the victim. I pray justice for his family and his death is not in vain.

        • lockstress

          Just for the record…I’m not trying to justify ANYTHING. I was looking for clarification because some say it was him and some said it wasn’t.
          Its tragic but he’s still a thief. Just saying.

          • f

            So yes him and his friend stole 3 cigarillos at the store but they say the owner did not report it to the police. I really wish they will clarify everything.

          • akamissj

            Why does him being a “theif” as you call him even matter? The two situations are totally unrelated – the police even said so. As you said yourself, this doesn’t justified being UNARMED and SHOT 6 TIMES, ONCE IN THE HEAD. He was killed! Who cares if he’s a “theif”, there’s still no justification so why even bring it up? I’m just saying. SMH…

            (I live in St. Louis by the way.)

          • hollyw

            No, what’s tragic is people trying to justify a killing by “just saying” he’s a thief.

            Where you know people getting killed for shoplifting?? Plus, Officer Wilson was completely unaware of the alleged crime. Smh.

      • Let It Be

        Shoplifting is stealing something and walking out of the door. This became robbery, specifically “strong armed”, when he put his hands on an individual in the store. I’m not justifying; just letting you know. The dumb chief gave a horrible press interview. They refuted his claims shortly after words; at least here at the local news stations in STL.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        Yeah that whole strong armed robbery nonsense is some bs…he was shoplifting armed robbery involves a weapon & a threat of force…so i guess his as were strong & threatening?

    • NewYorkBunny

      Um, no. The store owner said there was no robbery. The store where there actually WAS a robbery was over 5 miles away…..and happened in June. The still shots released of the strong-arm robbery are not of Mike Brown but of someone of a similar build of Mike Brown. The time stamps for the still shots show that the particular incident happened in June and it wasn’t even at a QuikTrip (the store Mike Brown had just left). The still shots, while may be authentic, are not of Mike Brown or the Ferguson incident. It is propaganda to justify the killing of an unarmed black boy.

      • ??

        Mike browns mother even said it was him in the video. She’s lying too?

        • hollyw

          In what article?!?

      • Trisha_B

        It is of Mike Brown. He’s in the same exact outfit when he was killed. His mother & friend admitted to the stealing

    • mikki21

      He did rob the store. The thing is that is not what he was stopped for. The police officer didn’t even know he robbed the store. A lot of people are mad at the police department for showing the video, because they feel it is taking away from what happened. But what many fail to understand is that the police department didn’t want to release the video, a media outlet, I believe either Fox or CNN stated that the police were violating thier 1st amen. rights for withholding the tape. The police didn’t want to release it because 1) They didn’t know how it played into the whole situation and 2) Didn’t want to spark anymore problems. I don’t know if you recall the familie’s representative was on the news talking about how they wanted to see the tape, why were they withholding the tape. His dread headed friend was even up there talking about nothing happened at the store. So it was finally shown that he not also robbed the store, but was aggressive towards the clerk…..and his dread headed friend was in the tape???? Now his family is mad that the tape deplicts him in a bad light?? I am confused, didn’t you get what you want family? I do find it bothering that people only want to put in the media what they feel will best serve their purpose.

      • rb

        Please proofread. Thanks

  • hollyw

    Ummm…wow. First, I’ll say I’m sorry she had to experience that and I’m glad she seriously was not shot dead or critically injured. People can die frm both real and rubber bullets, fyi. Guess she didn’t follow the news coverage over the past week before she went down..?

    Second…I don’t wanna seem like an evil person when I say that that picture link + caption made me ‘lol’ a bit, but…it did. She was real content under that youthful ignorance and “we’re all one color” bullsh*t last week. This generation seriously does not understand (or want to acknowledge) that blatant racism still exists. However, when SHE gets shot at for just being black and standing still… it’s a problem. Just hope she learned a valuable lesson that day and won’t put herself in this situation again unless she’s fully prepared for the consequences, cuz please believe there is real racial and class warfare our there, and both sides are about ready to go out fighting…

  • SJKE29

    Still singing Kumbaya, Keke?

    • cece

      Talk about a rude awakening.