Momma Dee Says Until Erica Learns To Respect Her They Won’t Have A Relationship

August 14, 2014  |  

Yes, you read that right. The Momma Dee -Erica Dixon saga continues.

Though we’ve been chatting with Momma Dee quite a bit on the phone lately about her rumored romance with Andrea Kelly’s ex-husband Brian McKee, we just recently got to sit down with the Queen of the castle face to face for the first time and we must say it was rather entertaining. As expected, Momma Dee did not hold her tongue when we asked how she feels about her son Scrappy’s ex, Erica Dixon, these days (don’t expect them to reconcile anytime soon). And we got more than we bargained for when we asked the LHHATL vet about her plans to launch a singing career. (Read: She sung live for us. A Cappella.) Click the video above for the full Momma Dee experience and tell us what you think. Do you agree that Erica has some “respectful issues”?



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  • Music

    At least she sang on key. Lol That’s more than we can say for most reality stars wanting to sing.

  • Nykkol

    I am shocked. She spoke so eloquently and I can understand every word

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Same goes for the Bambi. Shay has respect for me & I returned the respect to her. One must give to get, yes I need to do the same but overall I feel I have changed a number of my ways. But I still stand where I do for giving respect. It was this way for Diamond, Erica #1, Shay, the Bambi, Erica#2, and the others too.

    • KenHay

      LOL!!! Is this really Momma Dee?

      • Texazcutey

        Okay! Lmao….

  • Louis Swan II

    QUEEN ! ???? What QUEEN ??? Queen GHETTO !

  • Louis Swan II

    I am sure Erica, don’t want to be bother with you anyway with your Ghetto A _ _.

  • janelle

    It’s like she’s struggling to speak properly – damn shame when a woman her age still can’t speak like she has a basic grasp of the English language. Sad.

    And the way she behaves doesn’t warrant any respect. Being someone’s mother doesn’t automatically mean you deserve respect. Erica is an adult woman just like she is, and if she wants to get Erica’s respect, she needs to give it in return. And that goes for ALL the women in Scrappy’s life – she needs to stay out of his private life and mind her own business, then maybe someone will respect her.

  • Deatiny Brown

    Mama Dee needs to get somewhere and act her age. She is a disgrace and isn’t growing old gracefully. I believe she secretly embarrasses Scrappy every time she opens her mouth.

    • Yvette

      It ain’t no secret. He cringes every time she says something lol!

  • Nic TheDragonslayer

    Can someone please PLEASE get this woman an English book?! She mispronounces words, uses words out of context. Ugghhh!!!!! Every time she talks I cringe.

    • ThaTruthful1

      Ikr!!!! She mispronounces her own grandbaby’s name Imani “E-munny”.

      • Yvette

        Lol she sure does but she’s not the only one. Erica and Scrappy say it that way too. They all should consider getting hooked on phonics.

        • Cleveland Cutie

          I thought I was the only one that noticed that! LOL

        • ThaTruthful1

          I forgot her own parents pronouces her name that way too, you’re right. This is why people says southern folks have poor grammar(btw I’m from the south myself and it doesn’t apply to all).

          • Yvette

            I know that’s right. I’m not from the south but I live in the south and I work with folks who are mostly from the south and they don’t rip the English language to shreds. I think it’s an excuse to be lazy and not pronounce stuff the right way. Why give a child a name you don’t even bother to pronounce correctly?

            • ThaTruthful1

              True dat!

      • coco

        maybe its a nickname

        • ThaTruthful1

          Nah it’s poor grammar.

          • Sallly

            It’s not grammar it’s pronunciation.

      • B Cooper

        I always thought the same. On a recent episode her name was captioned and her name is spelled E-M-A-N-I LOL

    • Music

      Lol….I started laughing when she pronounced “Madame Norie”. The way she said it sounded weird. I love Momma Dee though. She have me crackin up.

  • Guest

    This lady crazy. You have got to give respect to get it. That’s were a lot of black mothers fail miserably. You are his mother, not mine. They don’t seem to realize that the woman has parents. As long as I’m dating your son, we are two women who need to establish a relationship with each other, nothing more. I will give you the same respect I give any elder until you cross the line. You will then be put in your place. Momma Dee is a habitual line crosser. She’s made her bed, now sleep in it.

    • Yvette

      Your post is spot on. Tell it!

    • ThaTruthful1

      I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Maria Maria

      Amen and thank u