“I Was Sacrificing Myself For A Paycheck” Kim Zolciak Says She Hated Being On RHOA

August 13, 2014  |  

Source: Bravo

Even though Kim Zolciak managed to make being petty look fun and easy, she recently told In Touch Weekly that she really dreaded her time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

In fact, she believes the way the producers and editors portrayed her was not an accurate depiction of who she is as a person.

“I was made to look like a wine drinking, raging lunatic! I hated it!”

Zolciak, the mother of six, says she feels leaving was a great decision for her. “It got to the point where I felt like I was sacrificing myself for a paycheck. I never knew what I was getting into.”

And then, she threw just a bit of shade, saying that her relationships with her castmates influenced her decision to go.

“I didn’t like half of the women on the show, so that made things difficult.”

Ok Kimmy. We’re hoping that’s the truth (Ruth) and she’s not just a little bit bitter because Bravo didn’t ask her to come back.

Kanye shrug.

Either way, these are just a few of the juicy quotes from the In Touch interview, there will be more in the new issue which is on news stands now.

Do you think Kim was really having that bad of a time or do you think she’s a little salty now that the ride is over?

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  • GoldenGirl

    Ummm, anyone would have a bad time on that show!! Reality TV is pure negativity, it’s entertaining to watch, but hell to live!! I would hate to live like that, for any length of time. It sure is fun to watch though. LOL!!

  • Rita Karson

    And I hated her being on RHOA…glad she’s gone, don’t come back…I wouldn’t watch her show for anything.

  • ladybug

    People keep talking about how kz would be broke and living off her hubby but really Kim was one of the few successful women on the show before the show. She was having an affair with a billionaire (not to be applauded) who had no problem investing in her, she has a degree in nursing and she has her own money. She’s a lot of things, narcissistic, petty, selfish, rude, but broke not so much. I also understand why she left the show. Who wants to be on a show where you don’t like your cast mates, you don’t like the image they put out on you and you have to be negative for ratings all the time. Once she got married and increased her family it seems she was in another place in life focusing on her family and positivity. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Martha High

    Those narcissist women on that show are ridiculous. I’m glad Kim has more self respect and left

  • Shunni

    OK… she needs to personally thank Nene and Kandi because they in particular made Kim everything she is and gave her everything she has. Clearly nobody is checking for her or her tired wack show! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    • ladybug

      They got her a position on that show for exposure but they didn’t give her what she has and made her who she is. Kim was successful before rhoa she just wasn’t publicly known.

  • SnkyPetePuma17

    Is it really that hard being thankful to a show that put you in the place you are now? All we hear is how much you hated the show, well without THAT show your living off your husband that you might not have met at all. Really your boring, complaining most of the time and no real talent other wearing “nice” wigs (oh that’s not a talent) you didn’t want to participate in anything while on the show that might be why you were removed. Hint ride your show for a long as you can cause you’re @ the 13:20 min mark of fame left. I didn’t want to even hear what you have to say, i’m going off the headline you that much of a NON FACTOR. #disrespectful #ungrateful #duces

  • honeybee808

    well if i recall, kim walked off the show (most likely after she knew she had her own in the works) in dramatic fashion after being questioned about something during a luncheon. i never really cared for kim after her and nene fell out, and she never really fit into the show anyway.

  • Reality

    She’s crass & low class…but I like her!! šŸ˜‰

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

    Damn. You people are stuuu-pit

  • Dianne Stewart

    so you must really hate your reality show.

  • Whatever

    Kim WHO? I forgot about her a long time ago. I certainly don’t watch her spin-off shows. When she left RHOA she became yesterday’s news.

  • precious

    Please she’s a wannabe and trying to be she’ bossy look how she talks down to her husband treat him like one of the kids and the dumb jerk takes it must be good stuff(lol) lets she what she does when that oldest one gets pregnant and the youngest start having relationships she already boy crazy! Troy tries to school her on Brianne but she don’t want to hear it until she wants him to bail her out of trouble who would keep letting a teenage destroy 4 cars and get a attitude when they won’t let her drive another one or have her way,people get real she only got this show because of Housewives of Atlanta she has to pay for all those kids,house and helper yea right she hated the show I got dirt I can sell you all dirt cheap if you believe that bull! by the way what man would let a woman talk him into having a operation? no man that was a true man and in his right man not whipped for sure! she didn’t want anymore kids keep your legs shut or get your own self fixed your the one having them supposed they spit or divorce and in some near future he wants kid if he remarries then what dumb jerk can’t stand neither one of them and those of you go the nerve and gull to put down NeNE betcha Greg wouldn’t had done it!no matter how much he loves Nene now that’s a mansman say what you want and will wishes are just a dream and thought of mind! whats so good about Kim only that you all hoping she dishes dirt,stir up drama about the housewives and that they put her back on hope not not in this life time and especially since her and Khandi are enemy big time still don’t know how they let her win the case when it was clearly she couldn’t sing! and guess what folks her life wasn’t a bed of rose before housewives remember or it’s okay that she sleeps with your husband,for that pay check that one day Kroy not going be able to furnish her with the big poppa cashflow his wife should come and sue her straight faced long nose for the humiliation she may had put that woman through or what she went through when found out Kim was sleeping with her husband then what you all would do then yea?(hm)shows how much this society supports infidelity and home wreckers no matter still wasn’t her man or husband see big papa never put ring on it or left the home root!(lol)just saying!

  • Icare

    Now she literally has her LEGS UP on the competition.

  • Kathy

    If she had a brain or an education she could have gotten a job to pay the bills. Let’s face it she is LAZY and prefers to live off men…like Big Poppa and Kroy.

    • ladybug

      She has a nursing degree.

      • Kathy

        so she says…have you seen any evidence of her using it?

  • MissDominique

    Yea whatever!

  • Jai Simmons

    Kim is full of it. She was creating most of the drama on RHOA. Dating a married man and taking a ring from him when you know he is still married???!! And now that you have married Kroy, you want folks to believe that you are a changed woman???!! Have a seat because you still sacrificing yourself for a paycheck (with your show) and spending Kroy’s money like he’s going to play forever.

    • momatad

      she’ll be all ‘fool, bye’ when he gets dropped from the NFL.

  • gskorich

    you mean the LPN who worked for a week and bought real estate and had her own black AMEX card and who convinced her husband that the furniture she had was not bought with another mans money? miss i have enough of my own money i don’t need big poppa sacrificing herself for a paycheck really? did she need that paycheck?

  • Kendra Shavonne Mua

    She aint salty. She got her own show. And she chose to leave. sigh.

    • Shirley Rodriguez

      No! remember she and Kandi had a law suit over the song Tardy For the Party. Nene and Kanda wrote and produced this song which became a hit. Kim won in court cause Kandi trusted her with no contract. Kim got $80,000,Kandi got only $3,000.

  • Toosmart2bfooled

    B**ch Please! This fake tiddy no body is popping that B.S.! now that she has ole white boy Kroy. Who has a little bit of $$$$. Once he can’t play ball anymore, this trick will look for the next d**k to ride.

  • Boom

    She has her own show why would she feel salty?

  • Blanca

    I like her show, wish her and her family the best!!!

    • Annielee

      Me too! I like her show and her kids are beautiful plus Kroy is an awsome father. I wish them the best too!!

  • mom

    So the feeling was mutual?

  • P Kane

    I sacrifice myself everyday for my paycheck. What a bunch of BS, white trash!

  • I think she should be thankful for it because it provided her with the opportunity to have her own show.

  • cs

    Easy to say now that she has married her new meal ticket.

  • Danielle

    Wow! Kim has changed! That GIF… OMG! Harsh makeup, crunchy-looking, mismatched wig. Lol, it looks like she has a hair hat on! RHoA (and Kroy) have definitely helped her up her game! She needs to back off the plastic surgery, though.

  • HelenJean Strang

    Uhm, yeah …but you got BIG paychecks Kim. Stop hatin’ and just concentrate on your family and your show (which you would not have if you hadn’t been on RHOA).

  • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

    Boy she looks sooo cheap and low budget in that GIF above. U can tell she finally made her own substantial amount money of RHOA, Don’t Be Tardy N cementing her 21yrs of payments w/Kroy from the way she looks now…

  • hikitu

    Kim Zolciak would be just another trick from the ATL without RHOA.

    • Annielee

      And so would Nene ( stripper trash) be a real trick from ATL without RHOA.

      • rhonu

        You keep bringing Nene in this, you got Nene on your brains, you’re in love with Nene BUT this is about Kim.

  • williar

    I wonder how many more kids she would have if not spending that time on the RHOA. She just can’t keep her legs closed. She isn’t the looker you think she is.

    • Danielle

      Lmao! I think most husbands would appreciate it if their wives couldn’t keep their legs closed!

  • Quantez Williams

    I’m still in shock that her husband even married her: he’s an NFL player and can presumably have anyone he wants; certainly a higher caliber than Kim. I mean, she’s older than him, has implants and has a gang of kids already. it’s his life, but I’m surprised.

    kind of like Ciara and 3-baby-momma Future.

    • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

      It’s called “I met a a streetwise woman who knows how to blind me with her bedroom skills”….

    • SunFlower78

      I gang of kids, she had 2 girls (before the meet), both by her ex-husband, I may not consider her a catch, but “a gang of kids” is stretching it. All her babies now are by him…

  • Really Girl!

    OR….did she prefer to “get paid behind close doors” from Big Daddy! Oh, Yea. The show revealed it or maybe it was her. smh

  • j


    • Kristen

      Um her mom drove a wedge between the family. Her mom even talked crap about her online..who’s mama does that?

  • coco

    How can she be salty when she has her own show??? i dont get this article she has something that nene wishes she had shes on her third season of her own show so how can she be mad about leaving all the drama get your facts straight people

    • Laura

      You mad or nah? Lol

      • coco

        nah never you hating or nah

    • kierah

      She has her own show, but Nene still gets paid more.

  • faith

    She knew what she was getting into. Now she is saying that she didnt know after getting paid all that money. Please……………..

  • soisaid

    i believe her

  • deschl

    Bye Felicia

  • You sacrified yourself for a paycheck PRIOR to RHOA with Big Papa’s married suga daddy azz

  • Lupichi

    Kim loved every minute of being on house wives of Atlanta just because she’s married to know has security with her Football husband

    • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

      I agree she has a security blanket in Kroy becuz of those kids. She knew how to cement her money! but she thinks she’s above it all becuz she’s married with children now. But if u notice of course she’s different on her spin-off becuz she’s she’s the queenbee on that show. She couldn’t take not ruling the roost on RHOA or being roasted in front of her man on TV.

  • Kristen

    I think seeing herself on camera made it obvious to her how sad her life was at the time of RHOA. Her getting her own spinoff was the best decision. She’s clearly much happier, and more down to earth than the other women on RHOA. I like the fact that her show is drama free (when it comes to other women) and how she interacts with her husband and kids. You have to admit, Kim has grown. She’s a mother of 6. 6!!! That would be ridiculous to still continue on being catty on RHOA.

    • SunFlower78

      Yeah I agree, I didn’t care for her personality much on RHOA, I think she has changed a lot over the years. She is still a little over the top but that is just her….
      Also I don’t know why the author would think she is still bitter for not being asked back on the show, when she got her own show, with less drama and more pay….I don’t get that note.

      • Queenvictoria

        Agree with you! How else would the author drag up attention to her article unless she dissed Kim in her title?

        • SunFlower78


      • Kristen

        Yep I totally agree. The author seems to not be aware that she has her own show. Plus we saw Kim’s face when she walked off RHOA. She knew it was no longer worth it.

  • Divine Justice

    You sacrificed yourself for BIG POPPA to get a townhouse, handbags, wigs, plastic surgery, diamonds, designer clothes Girl Bye!.

  • Fear and Loathing in Hawthorne

    Nah, u was sacrificing yourself sleeping with ” BIG POPPA” for a townhouse, handbags, wigs, plastic surgery and etc…!!!!! FOH!!!!

    • Annielee

      Just like Nene was doing with her Italian Pizza Guy, shoes, watches, flowers, sacrificing herself for a BJ and a F while still being married! FOH!!!!

  • hollyw

    No one cares.

    • Toosmart2bfooled

      You got that right. She is so irrelevant right now that it makes Honey boo boo look good. And that family sucks!!!

      • hollyw

        LOL right. Her meme up top is EXACTLY how I feel about her and this article smh.

  • face

    i like kim and love her show. it shows how much she’s grown from that dumb hoes-wives show. we get to see her and her husband, and their growing family. and the fact that her SUCCESSFUL spin-off show is on Bravo shows that she’s not salty at all. she’s just speaking from her experience. seems like y’all didn’t do your homework. AGAIN.

    • precious

      You didn’t either! from BRAVO? who supports Housewives of Atlanta but BRAVO! and how her show became a spinoff (dah)what you like about her? that she degrades her husband and talks to him like he’s one of the kids oh how she thinks her eldest does no wrong take your favorite pick!oh,oh oh,how she keeps talking about her wigs and fake hard breast yea,which one?(lol)what else that at her eldest age she went off and got married and had her,or that she slept with a married man what goes around comes aground she has three girls now which picked is it too rocket science for you?(hm)

  • Roc White

    She got a spin off how man could she truly be???

    • precious

      And? to pay for what Kroy can’t! how you think she got that spin off,(dah) it’s boring and stupid how she degrade that man and that suppose to mean something hey I still have dirt I can sell you real dirt cheap!(lol)now that would be a spin!

  • Shirley Rodriguez

    Oh! Please Kim this show and these ladies pull you out the dirt going with a married man. Kids without a father living in the home, hating your mother. Nene is the one who got you on the show. AS PER THE YOUNG PEOPLE GO TAKE A SET. Your show will not stay because you do not have the audience.

  • DEBZ

    The RHOA ride may be over but she has her own show! I enjoy watching her show with her family then watching that messy NeNe Leakes or any of those other women.

    • Maryp

      Lol—Kim is that you

      • Shirley Rodriguez

        I asked the same question looking old

        • Minnie Mack

          she is looking more and more like her mom!!

          • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

            Thats y she got some much botox now so she won’t look like the ultimate prune like her mom when she turns 50 next month

    • Shirley Rodriguez

      Oh! please!

    • coco

      i like her show too i mean its on the third season who else from any of the real house franchisee got they own show i think the people that’s salty is just haters

      • alurt55

        She’s selling herself and her family for a paycheck.

        • Queen Victoria

          So none of the other “real housewives” AREN’T selling themselves and family for a paycheck? Get real, stop watching all this trash. It is all staged to draw ratingsā€¦ The overwhelming majority of these “wives” don’t even see each other unless they are filming their program!!! Or have you missed them saying that to each other in the season openers??? I finally saw the light and have given it all up. Was just looking around on here to see WHAT is going on with Kim Z. Have found my answers and don’t need to see what her supposed life is as I have a FULL life with no time left over for soap operas!

      • cat

        She’s doing the same thing with her own show. Selling herself for a paycheck, she’s full of ish she just wanted to be the center of attention, and she wouldn’t have that show if it weren’t for that guy she’s with.

    • precious

      You enjoy how she talks to her husband like a dog? says alot about how you think and what you support,but NeNe messes girl take a ride and just chill! so you like someone that sleeps with married men for a check how long you think that wife will let that last when found out girl she’ll take that man to the cleaner and clean out his pockets and house,yours too if your the infidel! just saying becareful of what and who you give your support too somtimes the one you support not actually worth the giving! my saying just my opinion,take it leave it accept it or push reject your button not looking for haters or argument folks just voicing an opinion and commenting do have a very nice day!

      • Queen Victoria

        preciousā€¦.have you ever thought of taking an English class?

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Girl bye…

    • hi-liter

      Oooookkkaayy! After she has made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Gone get enough of biting the hand that has fed you. Dingbat.