Unarmed Teen Shot By Police Days Before He Was Scheduled To Leave For College

August 10, 2014  |  


If the deaths of Sean Bell, Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin are any example, we would hope that we’d have already seen an end to young men falling victim to the trigger happy hands of the law. Unfortunately that fails to be the case once again.

Reports from St. Louis Today indicate that Ferguson teen, Michael Brown was shot at 2:15 on Saturday afternoon as he was walking to his grandmother’s residence.

Piaget Crenshaw, said she was waiting for a ride when she witnessed a police officer attempting to place Brown in a squad car. She says Brown, then attempted to flee with his hands up before he was shot several times by the police.

A backlash ensued as people began to rush from a nearby apartment building in a melee involving police taunts and more gunfire. 60 police officers responded to the scene where infuriated residents taunted, “Kill the police!” Louis Head, Brown’s stepfather held a sign that read, “Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!!!”

The evening went on to include fleeting times of tension as well as calm that included a prayer circle and a candlelight vigil. At about 8:30 pm demonstrators begin to swarm the streets chanting, “We are Michael Brown!” as police officers stood on alert armed with assault rifles and barking dogs. 100 protesters also marched to the Ferguson police department and chanted, “No Justice. No Peace!”

Brown was scheduled to begin classes at Vatterott College this Monday. His mother, Lesley McSpadden could be seen being comforted by friends and neighbors periodically throughout the night.  She told an acquaintance:

“I know they killed my son.”

“This was wrong and it was cold-hearted.”

Her son, she continued, “doesn’t kill, steal or rob. He doesn’t do any of that.”

Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson immediately turned the matter over to St. Louis County police.  He commented:

“We are hoping for calm and for people to give us a chance to conduct a thorough investigation.”

County police spokesman Brian Schellman promised a lengthy investigation and the officer in question has been placed on unpaid administrative leave.

As the afternoon went on, political activists and public figures arrived on the scene to try and maintain a sense of calm. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III said the city was in mourning.

“It’s a tragedy whenever a young person loses his life,” the mayor said as he urged residents to remain calm and “have faith in the process.”

We are glad no one else was harmed in the hysteria that seemed to follow this tragedy. I don’t know what the answers are: Better gun control? Better training and screening of law enforcement? A change of mindset in our communities?  Whatever the case may be I hope that we don’t have to keep losing the lives of young men and women to learn how to cooperate as a community. Our thoughts are with Ferguson and the family and friends of Michael Brown.

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  • tkell31

    Funny to go back and read the witness accounts and realize they are at best wrong at worst lies.

    Her son, she continued, “doesn’t kill, steal or rob. He doesn’t do any of that.” Right, mom didnt know her son…mabye because he didnt live with her.

  • KT

    Black on black crime is a crime. Black Men being killed by cops every 38 hours is a crime too. Neither should be seen as trivial. Rioting is the language of the oppressed, MLK.

  • FEDup

    The kid was resisting arrest and grabbed for the gun inside the squad car resulting in it being inadvertently fired. He then ran.. Yes, the cops had every right to go after him with deadly force. Face the facts or the black community will always be in turmoil.

    • KT

      Where was the threat if someone is running away. White folks shooting up schools, malls, post offices, etc. Killing kindergartens. Face the facts, are whites the blame for mass shootings?

  • Jayda Brown

    I’m from St. Louis and having a bunch of folks starting a riot is not going to bring Michael back. I get the anger and sadness of our community, but this is not going to solve anything.

    • KT

      The police cover up won’t either.

  • pologuy

    A few questions, why was he being placed in the patrol car?
    Did he resist and flee. Was he known to the police/? No
    comment to the public is SOP during an investigation.
    As usual the race bait- ers are claiming the cops
    went out Saturday to kill a black teen. Hardly ,as the
    investigation, time, effort and expense would be not
    worth it.Not to mention the publicity.May i remind you of
    the property damage to the business owners. Yea,
    the police went out that day to kill a teen. Use your
    heads for a change.

    • KT

      Not saying it’s right. But folks probably upset and preparing to deal with the “evidence” to be presented. Let’s hear that Brown was a thug, a Facebook gangsta from St. Louis, a threat to all around him. Let the police officer continue his paid administration job and chalk this up as another justifiable shooting by police.

  • MsZZ

    “….then attempted to flee with his hands up before he was shot several times by the police.”

    Why did Michael try to run? Why couldn’t he just go to the police station? Why was shooting Michael the officer’s response? Why was shooting him that many times necessary? Why did he shoot to kill? Why is the officer on PAID vacation for an obvious case of misuse of force/murder?

    Lord Have Mercy

  • ZenZurround

    It has gotten to the point that black people and the mentally ill, for their own protection, should shoot police on sight.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      I know this wasn’t meant to be funny but I find that hilarious! That’s what they’ve apparently been trained to do when they see us so why not lol

      • ZenZurround

        People are willing to make this a black/white issue only.

        No. There is a real problem with police and gun owners to ‘shoot first’ in altercations.

      • hollyw

        I’m ashamed I chuckled when I read this too, even though I know they were dead serious lol… was not expecting that solution.

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • slimpickens2916

    Why is it necessary for the police to shot a gun to stop someone? What about a Taser? A gun ends life, a taser can stop you in your tracks. My heartfelt sympathy to the family!

  • Faith

    When is somebody on the police departments around the country will get a backbone and do the right thing? I know all cops are not bad, but, this is getting out of hand. These cops gunning down innocent young black men and laugh and walk away. Well, when you do wrong it will eventually come to them. The thing is they don’t know when or how it will circle back. It could hit a family member or somebody close to them.

  • hurling

    “I don’t know what the answers are?” Stop running would be a good start

  • Fair and Balanced

    Nothing is going to change it has always been okay for the police to harass, kill, degrade and any other dirty tactics they can think of to suppress Blacks. It does not matter if the police officer is Black, White or whatever, one thing they know for sure is that they can do anything and everything to Blacks and there will be no repercussions. I have seen this so often in my community with Black judges letting them off the hook that they now do whatever they want and could care less what the community thinks. May God bless and keep the family, into heaven may the angels lead this young man.

  • Naked Truth

    This is very unfortunate and my heart goes out to the family of the victim.

    On another note, how can we expect the police to value the lives of young, black men when we don’t?

    • Fatima

      Agreed! Let’s see if this post gets any real commentary or discussion as the 131 posts about “well endowed celebrities “…Smh….my prayers go out to this young man’s family and friends ..

    • cinna

      what a cheap shot at in inappropriate time. speak for yourself. i do value black boys and their lives. so before you generalize you need to know that all black folks aren’t criminals.

      • Naked Truth

        This is not an “inappropriate time.” This is actually the perfect time. Check the statistics on black on black crime. It’s happening and probably right in your backyard. It’s people like you that want to turn a blind eye and find an “appropriate” time to discuss this topic is the reason that the numbers continue to increase.

        I never said that “all” blacks are criminals (duh), but a great majority are. Check the numbers on the percentage of black folks that are incarcerated.

        Maybe you should take the blinders off and spend more time reading than commenting on blogs.

        • Truth

          Propaganda. Guess what? whites kill whites the most as Latinos kill Latinos the most.

          • hollyw

            Ikr. “Black-on-black”; please stop it. Dumb, media – driven non-existent “phenomenon” to try to justify and distract the black community from a much more pervasive issue: WHITE -ON-BLACK CRIME. That first comment is a prime example of how it is being used to completely derail the real discussion smh.

        • cinna

          your comments insinuate that all blacks are criminals. first of all this young man was a real person and he deserves to have his story told and his family grieve and justice to be served without YOU generalizing and comparing him to other street crimes by certain black people. so yes this was inappropriate of you to bring up criminals street crime which has nothing to do with him as a person. and what is black on black crime??? how come we never hear about white on white crime???? black people do NOT kill blacks no more than white folks kill white folks..that is a proven fact, look it up.while your checking the stats how about reading up on history which shows white people were more violent as a race than any other. whites enslaved us, killed us, and tortured us for hundreds of years…. how can somebody do all that to people who did nothing to them. so if you wanna trade facts on what race is more violent, go right ahead, your gonna look real ignorant. and many of the blacks who are incarcerated for crimes are innocent, dna is releasing them from rapes and murders everyday. why is it when ever a black kid is murdered for doing NOTHING, FOLKS LIKE YOU ALWAYS WANNA COMPARE THEIR MURDER TO STREET CRIMES. THIS BOY WAS AN INNOCENT KID SHOT BY CRAZY POLICE OFFICERS WHO LATELY HAVE BEEN TRIGGER HAPPY shooting at will without even knowing whats going on. i’m sick of it and i’m sick of people like you thinking all blacks are criminals or that we don’t care about our race. we have survived throughout these years even though we have been discriminated against. we started out with nothing after slavery, and whites continued to be ahead due to the wealth that was made off the backs of slaves.

      • sdasdfasdf

        I feel you. Majority of black folks are not criminals. Majority of us do not kill other blacks. I’m sick of black folks measuring our worth by using the bad ones in the bunch.

        • Brytt

          And when you think about it, the odds are in our favor. We can’t just afford attorneys to speak for the innocent and poverty and classism. We are held down by society because society doesn’t want us to succeed. Why you think it’s so hard for them to give us credit for the stuff (good) that we do? Why do you think they always putting black on black crimes in the news, and dead beat dads, baby momma’s… why they blame the destruction of Amerikkka on the president?! Why do deprive our youth from knowing that fact that “slavery” existed and the “willie Lynch” theory that still exist today… they don’t teach our youth that and they don’t want to. They want to leave the past in the past….

          • Brytt

            aren’t* sorry, spell check! LOL

        • Ignorance is bliss

          When non blacks refer to the African American community do you think they single you out by name? Of course not! So what are YOU doing to aid in the decrease of the crime?

    • 19 Years an African-American

      Oh Hun. Respect from these fools (the cop/cops) in this case. Has NOTHING to do with black-on-black crime which is what I think you are hinting at.

      The vile atrocities that are committed by the police towards our young men have to stop. Point. Blank. Period. The law was never meant to protect our own, so we must not blame our own. Have you taken the time to inform our youth? Have you taken the time to organize our youth into a powerful movement?

      I know that we are all not MLK or Malcolm X. But at the very least, do NOT dare criticize this generation (which I, at 19, am apart of) if you have not done your part to make us better, help us reach our potential, or protect us from those that seek our blood.

      • Jamaia McAllister

        I agree. Im from the St. Louis area and was upset about the young man’s death but I’m also upset about the 70+ black on black killings that happened this year alone. We have so far to go and sometime it feel like we are going backwards. The way we think, treat each other, and treat our neighborhoods we need to do better.

      • Naked Truth

        You’re absolutely delerious if you think that this has nothing to do with black on black crime. The police doesn’t value black lives b/c we don’t. Check the statistics.

        And before you make the assumption that I’m not involved, you might want to think twice. I’m an educator at an urban high school and I’m a mentor as well. I’m not part of the problem hun; I’m part of the solution.

        I suggest you live a little big longer and perhaps you can see things from my perspective. Be the change that you wanna see.

        • 19 Years an African-American

          I suggest you open your mind to a new point of view. That is what I suggest.

          You sound just like my parents and so many other folks that I encountered on the campaign that I worked on this summer.

          Instead of looking at my rhetorical questions as points of growth, you do are starting from exactly what black-on-black crime starts. You are taking a point (a very simple one) and making it personal to the point where you become defensive. Overly so, if I might add.

          No one has the answers. You, at whatever age you are, do not have the answers. I, at nineteen, have experienced so much. So instead of thinking of my thought-provoking questions as arsenal, open your mind.

        • ImariRose

          I’m sorry I had to respond again. These people can’t be serious with these comments. I think they’re either in denial or lack intellect because they all completely missed the reality of the point you were making.

        • hollyw

          What statistics are you referring to that would actually prove that police brutality against black men is caused by black -on- black crime? No, seriously, I want you to post them. Just one.

          Otherwise; you’re not doing much on here but posturing and condescending down to others who are younger than you simply because they have a difference of opinion. I can tell you right now that there is no fact to support your claim since law enforcement has had a steady aggression towards the black community for forever, whereas crime in poor black neighborhoods is a generational and economic occurrence. Again, I’m waiting on those stats.

          • Naked Truth

            I’m not saying that black on black crime is the SOLE REASON. I am well aware that racism still exists and police brutality happens; I’m not living under some rock where I am unaware and misinformed. What I am saying is that it is a CONTRIBUTING FACTOR. There is NO REGARD for a black life these days. Its just as sickening that we’re killing EACH OTHER than it is for someone of another race to take lives from us.

            And for the record, I’m not talking down on anyone. Just sharing MY opinion just as everyone else is, but I’ve been on this earth a LOT LONGER than 19 years and sometimes it’s hard for people of a younger generation to understand where I’m coming from.

            • hollyw

              “Point. Blank. And. Period, ” sir, you still did not make that point. You continue to make inferences based in false logic, and that’s not okay. You can have your opinions, but you have no proof, and I know as a researcher that it will never exist for you based off what you’re trying to infer b/c that is not The reason AT ALL.

              It seems your biggest problem is wanting to create awareness on crime in the black community (there is no such thing as a ‘black on black crime phenomenon’), or don’t want one fresh to be deemed more important than the next. However, as the initial responder stated, trying to actually BLAME one on the other to exaggerate your point is just silly. Anyone who’s ever done research can see right through that faulty logic.

              Also, using someone’s age as the sole reason that your argument is better than theirs is the height of condescension, whether you want it to be or not. Your actions precede your words.

              • KT


          • Naked Truth

            I never said that black on black crime is the sole reason. I’m well aware that police brutality exists. I’m merely saying that black on black crime is a contributing factor since in BOTH instances there is no regard for a black life. It’s sickening in both cases. Injustice is injustice. Point.Black.And period.

            We shouldn’t just protest when racism is involved. We should protest every time it happens. The young man’s life that was lost over the weekend was just as valuable as the young man that was killed on the street corner by his own kind.

          • KT

            I agree with you Hollyw. In fact in America every 28 hours black men are killed by law enforcement, security guards, etc. When you perceive a race of men as a threat then your response will be in the majority of utilizing deadly force.

        • KT

          When our fore fathers came from Africa as slaves the devaluation process began.

    • lil ray

      Speak for Yourself, I Value My Life and the Life Others.

    • ImariRose

      I agree with you completely. David banner posted something similar to this yesterday on his twitter. People can personally say, they value black men and women, but in the case of reality, majority of blacks could care less about each other. When someone is doing well, another looks down upon them, or doesn’t led a helping hand: crabs in a bucket. How about gangs? Why target your own people? I’m not saying target other races but why join something that’s supposed to be your family and protect you, but you’re out here killing people just like you.We can teach our children all they need to know to survive, but when they leave that front door, we no longer control what may happens to our children.

      • cinna

        really??? you think we could care less about our people being murdered??? so thats why we march, protest and call for justice because we dont care? obviously you are racist and David banner is an idiot. why is it if one black commits a crime then all blacks are criminals and do not care and why is that you think that because that one criminal did something wrong that none of us cares about our children who 9 times out of 10 are innocent victims of crimes. this boy was a innocent kid and you think the police are justified in executing him because another balck kid may have committed a crime in Chicago??? wow thats is raist thinking and shows you do not value HUMAN LIFE. people should value this boys life NOT because he was balck but because he was a human being who was a kid doing right on his way to college. most blacks are law abiding citizens, it is a myth that we are committing most crimes. we make up approximately 13% of the usa population and most crimes are committed by whites, this is statistical fact. yet the media and racist folks want you to believe that we commit most of the crimes. many blacks in jail are being released due to dna evidence. question is why were they jailed in the first place, oh because yal think most of us are criminals and guilty of something. and yes even blacks like david banner have been tricked into thinking that blacks commit more crimes, he needs to study and learn the truth.

    • Erica

      -YES! Yes!! This was my exact sentiment when I heard of this story. When will people be this pissed about the black men killing black men.
      -I am from St. Louis, actually I lived about 5 minutes away from where this happened. And the crime is SO bad in St. Louis ciy. Check the stats!! St. Louis is always at the top of the most dangerous cities.
      -I’m not saying this is not a tragedy or this should be downplayed, I just wish other issues would cause this much hysteria!

      • cinna

        you said “when will black men be pissed about black men killing black men????” probably when white men get pissed about white men killing white men! yeah when i say it like that it makes you look dumb. crime is crime. if a white man kills a white man we call him a criminal and do not assume all white people are killers BUT when a black man commits a crime against a black person we give it a name “black on black crime” and we pretend like they are animals worse than the white man who killed the white man. truth is they are both criminals. a criminal is a criminal no matter his color.

        • Erica

          cinna, Are you from St. Louis? I’m guessing not.
          My issue with people getting angry is not isolated to this single incident. Everytime there is police brutality people get angry, but were is the angry for the hundreds of boys/men being murdered every year. And of course there are criminals of all colors. Duh.
          My point is….when will this level of angry/concern arise over the brutality going on amongst black pleople. I didn’t say when will BLACK people get mad about BLACKs killing, I mean all people.
          Whether you like it or not, it is about race!! I don’t have the stats, but there is an overwhelming amount of young black men killing young black men. Not only do I watch the news, I read!
          Its like awhole generation of black boys killing themselves off. I have brothers, a husband and a son and everytime I see any child hurt or killed it hurts my soul.

          • cinna

            Erica you question is dumb, you say you meant when are blacks gonna get angry about all killings…you actually think blacks folks have no heart??? and you ask this question of a person who is angry about all the killings thats been happening. smh why is it you think that we cannot get angry about the killings of innocent black people.,,,and why do you assume that black people are happy about the gang-related killings but not others. why do you associate certain criminal activity or murders with just black people. white people kill, white people die, we get angry about it all. why do you insist that we should only get angry when blacks kill blacks….what a racist mind-set you have. i am more concerned with when innocent people who do nothing at all and get executed/killed for no reason. not because of a drug deal gone wrong, not because of gangs but these folks are being killed for walking down the street and the killer is set free. why is it that when a school of white children are murdered the world cries and grieves but when the victim is black then we are told not to get angry because last year a black gang member killed another black gang member??? tell me why are we as blacks not seen as human. why in your opinion must we only be allowed to grieve for certain types of killings and if we cry about an innocent teen being executed by the police in daylight, why do you think we don’t have a right to honor his life or investigate his murder. if you wanna know why we protest when things like this happen but not when the drug dealer kills another drug dealer.. well i will tell you. if the killer is black and he kills another black person guess where their killer is????? let me help you out since your a bit slow..they are in immediately arrested and jailed. if the killer is white guess where he is??? out free pending an investigation that will ultimately set him free. this is why we protest, this is why we get angry because if the killer is white he is set free and called a hero for killing a black person. protests happen in order to get justice. when the killer is black the justice is automatically served by putting them in jail. why are we asked “why are you mad that an innocent kid was murdered by your not mad about the drug dealer who robbed a bank and died?) that to me is a dumb and unfair question. yes we are mad but the killer if black is placed behind bars as he/she should be if one commits a crime. and what does me caring about the fact that racist people are murdering blacks for no reason…what the heck does that have to do with me not living in st; Louis….smh how come when you see innocent kids killed you say you care but i am not allowed to care. if you truly didnt care about the color of skin you too would be just as outraged as me about killers being set free. george zimmerman is a murderer who is free. no matter how hard we fight for equality we are still seen as criminals. we cant even look at a knife set in walmart without a white person assuming we are a criminal calling 911. in Ohio the law allows you to openly carry a gun, visible to all and no one can stop you or ask you to put it away….BUT when a black young man was at walmart in ohio the same state by the way, he was looking at and holding a toy gun hes blown away!!!!! the gun isnt even real, yet a white man can carry a REAL GUN and even the police can’t tell him hes not allowed to carry it through walmart. the fact that you think i shouldn’t be outraged by a young man being murdered while walking home proves you have a serious issue. either you are racist or mentally off. either way i hope you get help. and by the way throughout history up until this day black folks have been murdered and tortured by whites a million times more than black killing blacks. do you know how many blacks were killed during slavery, on the way to slavery and after slavery through the 60’s, 70’s up until today. and you actually are stupid enough to think blacks kill blacks more. you do realize we only make up a small percentage of the usa (13%). statistically if a crime is being committed its by a white person, this is a fact yet blacks are the only ones in record numbers that are incarcerated. and even a percentage of that number are actually innocent, dna has proven that in record numbers.

    • hollyw

      “Black-on-black” is nothing but propaganda. It is media – driven “phenomenon” to justify and distract the black community from a much more pervasive issue: WHITE -ON-BLACK CRIME. Your comment is a prime example of how it is being used to completely derail the real discussion.

      Statistics will show you that crime has much more to do with poverty than color, one. It just so happens that blacks are disproportionately poor in this country, but all poor neighborhoods deal w/the same issues. Two, the vast majority of households with guns are white families. So what stats are you referring to that would support the claim that the black community doesn’t value young black boys or men..? You’d have a much easier time pulling up those implications for black girls and women first.

  • Zettai

    I am filled with an overwhelming sense of helplessness. I know things are better than they were for our parents, grandparents, and ancestors, but I sat here and started dumbly at the screen for minutes, just thinking, “But what can we do? What can we do?”

    The police’s lack of information makes it even clearer that they are already working to cover this up, to spin it in their favor. However, no matter what the eventual outcome of this is, this young man is still dead and this will keep happening.

    • Razors & Bleach

      Do not feel helpless, the battle is NOT ours, but God’s. God is our refuge, Jesus Christ is our Salvation, and these are the last days. Just heard from my sis in law in ATL there was an earthquake there, I’m from Cali and no one has ever heard of an earthquake there before. The Bible says in the last days there will be wars and rumors of wars, and earthquakes in places never before. We must stay prayed up and ready cause this is spiritual warfare as Ephesians 6:12 states and we must stay ready cause the rapture is coming sooner than not, and those non-believers and unrepentant will be left here for the Tribulation. We die as believers ONE death. Amen. Be blessed and my prayers go up for the family of this young man and I feel he is in the arms of Jesus Christ—the greatest place to be.

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