Ray J At The Center Of LAPD Internal Affairs Investigation

August 10, 2014  |  

Image Source: WENN.com

Apparently it’s illegal for police to get their pose on for the ‘Gram with celebs or any civilian for that matter after they’ve been let off the hook for a crime.

Ray J is once again at the center of illegal activity for a bizarre encounter that took place on Wednesday. According to TMZ, Ray J was pulled over in his new Bentley in the San Fernando Valley after officers witnessed the singer appearing to text. The two officers informed him that it was illegal to text and drive and were furthermore suspicious of the vehicle because it had a vanity frame that read “RJ” instead of a an actual license plate.

Ray J went on to explain that he wasn’t actually texting, but trying to connect his Bluetooth. After running his license and registration, the officers returned to his vehicle and warned him about using the phone while driving. They also asked if he was in the music business.

Ray J responded and says that he began to worry when the cops then ordered him out of his vehicle. But instead of placing him in cuffs, they pulled out their camera phones and asked him to take a few pics.

Now law enforcement sources are reporting to TMZ that the LAPD is launching a full internal affairs investigation. Apparently, it’s against policy for cops to take a picture with a driver after letting him off the hook because it creates the appearance of impropriety.

OK LAPD, I am sure there is a crooked cop somewhere shipping coke across the border, or some senseless shooting that deserves your attention more than some officers taking “us-ies” with Brandy’s little brother. I’m sure the people of California would like to see their tax dollars go to much better use. On the bright side, it’s a relief that Ray J was merely an innocent bystander in any situation involving law enforcement.

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  • Ray J sit down some where. I know this wasn’t your fault THIS TIME but still get your tail some where and SET DOWN!

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  • Faith

    They are not suppose to be taking pictures with celebs unless they are “off duty”. Why pull somebody over and asked to take a pictures with them? How crazy is this.

  • David Otto

    What’s amazing is that the pigs didn’t kill him in cold blood. Cops are the enemy. Never cooperate with them. Never answer their questions. Always ask for a lawyer.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    It’s not his fault this time .. Whew. Sigh of relief.

    • aliashooda

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  • hollyw

    Wow. Really? This is what gets priority in Internal Affairs lol?? No wonder…

    You know what really creates the “appearance of impropriety”, and also easily proven? Cops blazing thru intersections w/their sirens on, only to be cruising two blocks later w/them off. Same for ambulances and fire trucks. Idk about L.A., but at least in NYC, it’s purty ridiculous. Like, I’ve been more closely hit by a cop car or ambulance going exactly nowhere than a busy yellow cab. So you’d think that’d be more serious, w/the increased chance of accidents and pile-ups, but whatevs…