Sherri Shepherd Accuses Estranged Husband Of Stealing $20K From Her Account

August 9, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

In a saga including surrogate births, custody battles, and baby shower gifts, Sherri Shepherd is now accusing estranged husband Lamar Sally of stealing $20K from her account before they separated.

TMZ reports that according to sources, Sherri was unaware of the missing money until she recently took a close look at her bank statement. The money could play key evidence in the couple’s custody war.

Shepherd has filed for divorce and is contesting a contract made with a surrogate stating that Sally’s intentions for her were completely money-motivated and she wants nothing to do with him or their newborn child (via surrogacy).

Sources claim that Sally is stating that Shepherd was fully aware that he withdrew the money from the account which covered trips he took to Pennsylvania to be with the surrogate who gave birth on August 5. He states he hasn’t heard from Sherri since the child was born.

This is not a good look for Sally if he is indeed a manipulative thief, but in my opinion it’s an even worse look for Shepherd who appears to be abandoning a child they both agree to bring into the world like an expired coupon.  I really wish these two could come to an agreement to at least co-parent. Only time will tell how this plays out in court.


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  • Amariela

    How do you steal something you are authorized to take? Based on everything I have read, the account was a joint one. They aren’t divorced yet which means that until a judge says otherwise, what’s hers is his.

    • Diva

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I’m just wondering why it takes $20k to go to Pennsylvania from New York?! Like was he on a private jet?!

    • kierah

      Exactly! This was a joint account. It is perfectly legal for him to take the money.
      I love my hubby but we keep the banking separate.

  • Just Say’n

    See, he looks greedy! The judge will make him pay it back or tell him that’s all he’ll get ever from her. If so, Sherri, consider it a small sum to get this baster out of ur life!

  • Just Say’n

    This whole episode has me SMGDMMH!!

  • missjones

    WHEW!! Let’s just hope this child will be raised by someone who has the time & love, that every child deserves. Not mad at Sherry. But maybe she should set up a trust fund for the child, after all this is what she wanted, b/f all hell broke loss. This child didn’t ask 2 be here. Get a GRIP! Sal & Sherri. AND WHY THE HELL HE NEED 20,000? I guess they (sherri) owed the surrogate rest of the money after child was born. Do the the TRUST FUND Sherri & be DONE with Sal’s azz!!

  • Rosemary Davis

    What bearing does this have on her paying child support?? when they go to court the Judge will see this as a personal matter between the two of them and it will have nothing to do with the welfare of this child.

  • Rosemary Davis

    My only question is was it a joint account and if she had reputable accountant than how did he gain access to the account for that large sum of money and she not kno

  • MaxBangayvef

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    • Issabella Flower

      Get lost we’re talking real important stuff hear.

  • Mel

    Women need to stop messing with these lazy, broke, un/underemployed men.

    • hollyw

      What is “underemployed”..?

  • Chocolater Reign

    I bet she is really wishing she had NOT got involved with this guy.
    I’m also wondering how Niecy Nash and the other so-called friends of Sherri that encouraged her to deal with this guy are feeling about this situation. With whom are they siding with on this matter?
    I, myself will be glad when this is all over …

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      It’s all Niecy Nash’s fault…. (Mrs Match Maker)…. lol

      • Issabella Flower

        Yeah lets blame Niecy : – )

      • hollyw


  • Yaya

    Maybe Sally and the “surrogate” got a thing going on and that’s why Shepherd wants nothing to do with the baby.

    • Phoebe Pasdesignz Stewart


    • Chocolater Reign

      wait a minute ….. SO he messed around with the surrogate before????
      Are you all serious??? Let me go to google …

      • Music

        They said “Maybe”, as in it could be a possibility. Quit running with everything you read. That’s how unnecessary rumors get started.

        • Chocolater Reign

          I see you are on PPL post just to be talking sh*t ….. If you read WTF I typed, you should see that there are question marks behind them … WHICH MEANS I was asking the question ….. Go find yourself something else to do and someone else to talk sh*t to … because I am NOT the one, OK!!!
          Now those are exclamation marks .. which means EXACTLY WTF I typed NOTHING more or less

        • hollyw

          I think The fact that she was gone research it further negates the assumption she was going to “run” with anything, ijs.

    • Guest

      If so, this will likely become evident during the divorce proceedings. A “conspriracy” between the surrogate and Sally is the ONLY thing that would vindicate Sheperd, in my mind. I doubt there is one, though, because I can’t believe that TWO women would be foolish enough to hook up with Sally.

      • hollyw

        What if the surrogate wasn’t in on it, but her husband was still proven to be a manipulative thief..? Would she still be vindicated.

  • Say What?

    He probably needed formula and diapers. That sh!t is expensive!

    • Phoebe Pasdesignz Stewart

      This was WAY BEFORE that baby was born. Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean when it comes to him & that surrogate. This is the same man who lied about a previous relationship he had to her before. It’s a big money scheme & he thought he was about to be a kept man. Where’s his sense of pride & desire to want to provide for his family??? These suckers nowadays…SMH

      • Say What?

        I was just playing with this. We all know he’s a fraud and a thief.

    • musiiq

      The baby was just born. $20,000 of formula and diapers that early? I know its expensive but formula bought too early expires and just for numbers sale $10,000 worth of diapers? C’mon now…

      • Say What?

        It was just a joke love. That man had a plan and exit strategy from the jump.

    • Phoebe Pasdesignz Stewart

      $20K was the beginning of his exit strategy. He never intended to stay married to her. Lazy bum…SMH…

      • hollyw

        Right. He planned it well! And might just win!

    • KT

      Then Sally should have had his own money. Grown tail old broke a$$ man. Smh.

      • Just Say’n

        He looks likes he can bs somebody around. On her wedding special, i promise u he had this look on his face that said…hurry up, i wish this was over so i can file for divorce and get paid…yup, thats the look he had

  • lulubear

    he has no job why did he even have access to your account

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      Ikr…. I would’ve had ALL of my accounts closed or switched to a different number when the ish started hitting the fan.

      Sally be like: Babe, I’m at Whole Foods trying to pick up a few items to prepare dinner for us tonight and the card was declined.

      Sherry be like: Whatttt??? Sally baby, come on home so we can figure this out.

      And then….the infamous convo. To the left, to the left. Everything you own in the box to the left!

      • hollyw


    • Phoebe Pasdesignz Stewart

      He would have an allowance. It had to be like taking care of an overgrown child!!! As long as he is able bodied, no self respecting man should want to be a kept man!!!

      • Betty Will

        no self respecting woman should want to be a kept woman!!! Both parties need to bring in their own money….Bet SHERRI SHEPHERD is Famous and Rich. She knew that she was marring someone with lesser income. I just feel sorry for the baby…

        • noni

          No. Stay at home wives and mothers are here for a reason.

          • guest

            So are stay at home husbands and fathers.

      • Genia W-m

        Right. An allowance only!

      • hollyw

        YEP! You right, just like how rich men do their wives! I’d have gave him A credit card (not multiple, it an account) that could be checked up on and paid monthly lol…smh Oh Sherri

    • Exactly! I don’t understand why he has access to his account. I know they were marriage BUT she could have set up an allotment to give him his allowance.