“They Make It Seem Like There Can Only Be One”: Remy Ma On Why Today’s Female MCs Can’t Seem To Get Along

August 6, 2014  |  

With Lil Kim coming out of maternity leave to drop a “Flawless Remix” remix and her new song, “Identity Theft,” both aimed at former arch nemesis Nicki Minaj, Nicki’s perceived issues with Iggy Azalea, and Azealia Banks’ issues with damn near everybody, it’s clear that the sisterhood in hip-hop is not as strong as it could be. Talented folks who could actually put out some great music together have instead resorted to taking subliminal shots in interviews or they just get froggy on social media and on wax. One person who can explain what all the animosity is about between women in hip-hop is Remy Ma.
In a new interview with Hot 97, the newly released rapper said that people let other individuals get into their ear and make them think that there can only be one diva on top of the rap game.

“What I think happens with females in this game, they tend to allow other people to pit us against each other. I’ve said this before. They make it seem like there can only be one female. It can be a thousand guys that’s putting out music and rapping and doing what they do, but when it comes to females in this hip-hop business, they make it seem like it can only be one, and if there’s more than one then, ‘Alright, y’all better be at each other’s throats every chance that you get.’ And anytime you say one of those things, they be like, ‘Oh yeah! She has to be talking about this person when she said that!’ And I just feel like it got really crazy. I wouldn’t tolerate it, me personally. But some people are easily led astray. If you have enough people like, ‘She’s coming at you! She’s getting at you! You gotta say something!’ Or, ‘You tryna get on, ma! You gotta diss her to get on ’cause she’s who’s winning right now.’ Like, that’s not what it’s about. I’m around all day. I don’t have to go at somebody else for Rem to do her.”

Remy (aka, Reminisce Smith) has already said that she would love to do a track with Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, and if possible, all three women all on one song doing their thing. But do you see that happening anytime soon?

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  • Tonie

    That’s why I love Remy!

  • ace1981

    Lil Kim started the BS trying to make a comeback. Failed.

    Nicki rightfully took offense to Forbez claiming that Iggy was number 1. Blame forbez for that BS.

    Iggy and Kim are the ones who stay taking shots. Cut them out. Iggy is a fad and Kim’s days are numbered if not over.

  • septbeauty

    Yeah Remy’s right. Back in the day female rappers did collabos with other female rappers, like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot, Left Eye, like I could continue to name artists. I mean, back then you had a few rap beefs here and there, but mostly between the males. They need to stop cause it just makes them all look petty and young. But really, there needs to be more unity within not only the rap community, but among African Americans in general. Our art is a reflection of what we’re becoming as a people. I’m not going any deeper on that right now lol…

  • Ann

    The men have their beefs too. Not just the ladies. Although it’s probably just more entertaining when the women do it. I’ll pass on the Nicki/Iggy collaborations.
    How I miss the days of Eve, Missy, Foxy Brown, MC Lyte.

  • southsuburbs

    I agree with what she is saying…but I do not think that would be a hot track with those three. LOL Iggy sucks. Now, Remy Ma & Nikki…fine. Kill it. But Iggy is wack as hell. Let her make it though…like someone said there are plenty of wack male rappers out there making it…but don’t mess up a collaboration like Remy Ma & Nikki by adding Iggy. LOL

    • Taye Terry

      Its haters like u the reason that remy said what she said… Why not all three your not the only one that has an opinion. Iggy is good she is new, and Nicki is not the best btw but it would be nice to see three females repping just like ladies night in the 90’s was classic. The union alone would pull in everyone of there fans and dead the beef people keep creating for no reason..

      • hollyw

        “Iggy is good…” o.O

        No, clearly, YOU are the only one to have an opinion. Know the difference between a critique and a hate; it’s Not hating if it’s based in truth. Iggy’a gimmick, and so is Nicki. Only difference is, Nicki was shown to actually have raw talent when she first came out. Iggy’s lyrics?:

        “I wanna see that azz go, speed it up, now go slow; Azz low, azz low, money pile overflow!
        Daaayum, baby got the fattest azz;
        I ain’t g@y, so, problem is ill have to pass!”

        All propaganda. Biggest irony is, she doesn’t even write her own raps, which as a rapper, basically means you’re nothing. This whole argument is a joke.

  • andressbidle

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  • Bry Shonyea

    Loves Remy since before she went to jail.! Sure I won’t be disappointed.!

  • Tameka (BloggerPoet)

    I agree with what everyone has said. Also, there are so many issues these ladies could be rapping about but getting caught up in disses usually takes over the conversation. I am not saying it has to be Kumbaya and phony, but it doesn’t make sense that the artistry is getting destroyed over beef.

  • Guest

    She is the voice of reason.

  • DroneRivers

    I think that would be a hot song. And maybe the friendly competition would bring out the best in all of them. It can go really well like with MC Lyte, Latifah and Yo Yo on Brandy’s classic remix, or it can go left like when LL went at Canibus on the same song he was featured on. Female rappers have gotten along in the past and they can do it again.

  • Trisha_B

    She’s telling no lies! There needs to be more female rappers. People always making it seem like there could only be one. Not just media, but regular people who visit these blogs. Saying Nicki times up b/c Remy out or w.e. It’s like no, Nicki time is not up. She’s pretty solid in the industry, but there’s more than enough room for Remy too. I hate when the BET awards come on & they got Nicki in the category w/ nickelodeon stars & randoms lol.

    • hollyw

      I refuse to believe there are any, currently. I feel like the real ones went on a long vacay, and it’s just been a bunch of little kids, a la Lil Mama, Nicki, Azealia, playing in their shoes while they’ve been away lol… Can’t wait till somebody return! Or otherwise somebody new and RAW pop out!

  • dagr8

    Thank you Remy..I said this before about Iggy. You may not like her or think she is inauthentic but I don’t see the problem with another female MC. We have a million wack male rappers and inauthentic male rappers all producing music that we bop our heads to. Drake comes to mind, he is talented but has anyone ever heard the difference between his speaking voice and his rapping voice. ijs. Or the fact that Tyga is garbage but somehow is relevant.ijs… I just want to see more female MCs along with Nicki.

    • MonicaT

      I totally agree because there are so many wack one hit wonder male rappers that could not compare to the successful female rappers from the past. I think the biggest issue for female rappers is a female rapper is looked at as only being in rap because she was put on by a male rapper. She’s always associated with a more successful male rapper and his entourage. A female rapper is also looked at as a sexual object ( she has to sell sex) and look that part in order to be recognized. There are some that did not sell sex and are legitimately recognized for their talent. However we also don’t embrace the many different styles of women rappers. There are many that sell sex, but they can rap and have there own individual style. There were so many successful female rappers such as: Lauryn Hill, Eve, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Trina, Rah Digga, Shawnna, to Missy Elliot. Some of the more recent ladies who all have a different individual style and all rapped around the same time. It was competitive and they were successful. Females rappers have faded just like R&B and both have moved towards a POP music sound.

    • hollyw

      Now that I’ll give ya, b/c after Nicki won her THIRD Best Rapper award in a row with literally no one else in the category with her, I said I wasn’t even gonna stunt female rapping until there was more than one again. Iggy is literally the only one who’s come out since, and Missy, Eve, Kim, and Foxxy were clearly out living and loving life instead of worrying about any of their fans or their music, so I just say fug em all, girl lol… We need new, fresh rap!! … that’s GOOD!

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  • LovAsia

    I hope so that would be saweeet!