Exclusive: Momma Dee Responds To Brian McKee; Says She’s In Love With Another Man

August 6, 2014  |  

Earlier today, we spoke with Brian McKee, who told us that his relationship with Momma Dee is strictly platonic.

“I’ve gotten to know her. She’s a really good person, really down to earth and we really have become friends, but we’re not romantically involved. We’ve been talking and that sort of thing, but I’m really just going through my divorce with Drea. I’m not really seeing anybody like that.”

This, of course, left us slightly perplexed as earlier this week the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star told us that she and Brian were dating. After hearing about our chat, Momma Dee’s publicist reached out with a statement regarding the drama. As it turns out, she’s romantically involved with someone else.

“They are friends; however, she had to be honest with him and let him know that she is in love with another man and is not able to commit to him fully at this time,” said Momma Dee’s rep. “That is the truth.”

The statement continued:

“This all has occurred over the last 48 hours, so Brian knows what is going on.”

In other Momma Dee news, she recently unveiled the cover art for her new single, “I Deserve,” which she told us she’ll be performing at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion.


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  • YupISaidIt

    That album cover looks like something from the 80’s

  • Imjussayin

    She just needs to have a seat, or better yet, lay down.

  • YepIsaidit

    Yep, she is in love with another man and his name is Scrappy….It’s so disturbing to see mothers so involved with their sons lives that they cannot have one of their own. She almost jumped out of the seat when he said he gave Bambi a ring…Mama Dee you are an attractive woman and a survivor…you will survive if you cut the apron strings loose on Scrappy. He loves you but by keeping him on such a tight leash you are only teaching him to be indecisive and a follower. He hardly can follow through with anything without consulting ” ma dukes”. It is why he seeks out women who are aggressive as you. He rebels against strong women as he wishes he can do with you. Let that man be…all of you single women with sons take heed, it disgusting!!!! He is not your man!!! You are hindering him from being the head of his household. How can a man lead if he is always looking for direction and approval.

  • honeybee808

    and why does momma dee need a publicist?

  • angiedavis


  • FromUR2UB

    I see an aging woman who is being dragged away from youth kicking and screaming.

    • Teidra

      LMAO@ ALL Y’ALL!!!!!!!

  • Blacqsugga

    Who stylist this women she look like Cruella De Ville! Or a the court jester. “AND IN THAT ORDER” LOL!

  • theladymagic

    Where is mama dee tonight? She was all on here last night. alright @ the realmamadee where you at? Enquiring minds would like to know!

  • sarasefree

    lmfao……momma dee publicist is just too full of ghetto rachetness just like her…..what happen to having his back and being a ride or die momma dee?????

  • CAliQueen

    Mama Dee tried to stay relevant through Drea and Brain’s drama. That’s all that was. Ole Skeezer!

  • musiiq

    Well this is awkward…

  • Trisha_B

    Scrappy needs to come get his mother lmao

  • kecia

    Although she is a macadamia, I like mama Dee. She is always entertaining and every now and then she drops a little wisdom. Not today though. LOL. I hope she finds the companionship she is looking for.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      I like her too lol

  • Nykkol

    She’s trying to save face

    • Sonjagrl

      Maybe he’s trying to save face. He said they were “talking”. He probably led her to believe he was interested, then got embarrassed and told her to clean it up. For all we know, he could be working her by telling her to end the rumors so he can see each other secretly and he can have time to get to know her and how much she has in the bank. He is in his 40s, he knows how to work desperate women. I don’t believe a word he says, DK and all those women can’t be lying about him.

  • cantcommitttoahairstyle

    LEAVE US ALONE *lil Daryl’s voice*
    Mama Flee start loving the grown man you see when you look in the mirror and start acting like it….too old for this mess.

  • guest

    Mama Dee needs to take her meds.

    • MzBrenda Tyson

      Very much so

    • honeybee808


  • coco

    this is the funniest thing i have ever heard really as soon as people knew the truth she states shes in love with someone else if that was the case why even do the interview about him or why not say something before he did. they both need to have several seats

  • A-LA

    They both need to have a seat, a stadium full

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