Torrei Hart Explains Talking About Kevin So Much: “People Ask Me Questions And I Just Answer Them”

August 5, 2014  |  

Torrei Hart has gotten a bad rap as of late for publicly airing her grievances about her former husband, comedian Kevin Hart, and his new lady Eniko Parrish and with her new reality show “Atlanta Exes” slated to air in just a few weeks we have a feeling the bitter ex label won’t let up anytime soon.

We had a chance to talk with Torrei on the brink of her reality debut and we asked her how she feels about the bitter ex label and, more pressingly, why she keeps talking about Kevin so much, to which she replied “People ask me questions and I just answer them.” Well we had plenty more questions for Torrei after that response. Check out the interview and see what all she had to say about her current relationship with her ex-husband, her new man, and telling Tameka Raymond to kill herself.


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  • 601_602_662

    So he cultivates a lucrative career talking about his wife and kids in the early days of his standup. Before he gets popular she works multiple jobs to keep them financially secure, he gets on and find him a arm piece and she is not to discuss her hurt because it makes his girlfriend uncomfortable…??? *OR* use “her” experience to shine & establish her career? Oh. OK. Some of y’all are aspiring side-chicks I see. I hope it works out for you. I wish you the best.

  • NativeBeautyy

    She doesn’t have to explain herself at all .. she was obviously part of that situation so it’s her choice to speak on it. No one can be upset at that. Not Kevin, Not Eniko, Not ANYONE.

  • Its unforunate. I don’t think this is a good look for her, talking about Kevin and his gf. What’s done is done and the world knows he cheated. It happens. I’m sure he’s paid for it and $till i$ paying. Her and Kev have both moved on so hush honey.
    This ratchet Atlanta Exes show looks like a clown show. I hope she doesn’t get too wild on the show because her babies won’t be babies much longer and they will surely see this mess

  • altK

    She’s so pretty! I love her hair!

  • Farrah

    I wonder how many of you who say that she should just get over it would be able to do the same thing if your man took all your hard work and brought it to the new relationship, and left you with about a tenth of his income? It’s easy to point the finger at another woman and say that she’s bitter, but until you’ve been in a situation like that, maybe some compassion is needed. Consider seeing the ex who wronged you EVERYWHERE, proudly holding on to the woman he cheated with, doing the things for her that he should be doing for you since you stood by him and supported him before he was everyone’s comedic flavor of the moment, swallowing your pride while your kids spend time with the other woman. I don’t think it’s easy. And just because he paid her something, doesn’t mean that he bought her silence. Too many of us think women are for sale – that we should accept blatant disrespect because we received some money. Maybe her hurt doesn’t have a price tag.

    • thunderstorm

      Very well said, couldn’t have said it better myself…

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  • Selena McQueen

    Her marriage died a long time ago so why beat a dead horse. Why talk about it now that he came up and not when he was coming up. Yea she’s smart and pretty but to me she seems a little petty

    • Growth

      Kevin talks about her ALL of the time. At his shows, in interviews, references in movies. Why is it he can do it and be funny, but she needs to “let it go and move on”?

  • LisaLisa

    She has every right to speak about her failed marriage as long as she wants. Kevin has used her pain to make us all laugh and has profited greatly off it. So now it’s wrong for her to do the same thing?? NO! She should ride that wave until it’s gone!

  • tarrilove

    People are crazy your going to mourn your man. Especially if you help mold him into the man he is today. All her hard work went to the other woman. I would be a little bitter too. She needs to move on and maybe this show will help. It cathartic to talk about your personal relationships. Maybe she’ll get closure. I hope she find someone better and build a good happy life. Money isn’t everything, Kevin looks like a cheesing idiot on red carpet with that homewrecker. She gonna wipeout his bank account. Kevin I want HALF! – Eddie Murphy (bush woman voice)

    • Just Say’n

      And besides, Kevin is ugly azz hell. Looking just like a lil ape. And he ain’t funny, he just LOUD as HELL and that never makes a man funny. Now Katt Williams is funny as hell

  • fuzzydred

    I hate that term “Kill yourself” and you don’t say that to someone who’s lost a child. Suicide is nothing to joke about – especially if you’ve been affected by it (as I was).

    • Just Say’n

      Thats bcuz ppl vocal is limited. The little kids sayings today r just dumb.

    • Chasity Flanders

      Yeah any grown woman telling another woman to go kill herself doesn’t sound like a mentally mature female. Especially I ally given that woman lost her son recently.

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  • Ksuave57


  • T. T.

    Well MN whether Torrei is wrong or right you all are just as much to blame as she is because I swear every time she opens her mouth about Kevin you all are right there listening and ready to post a story about it. I swear this dead horse is no more, gone, no longer existing from being beaten to death, sheesh!!!!!!!!

  • thunderstorm

    I like Torrei Hart, and i think she is entitled to share her point of view because Kevin does it all the time, just in a different way like she said. People are biased because Kevin is likable and popular, so people are blind to that, no matter how wrong he could have been. She’s using him, just like he used her in his stand up. Why should she be so loyal to him when he clearly wasn’t to her?

    • B

      I like Torrei a lot. She’s a beautiful, strong woman and I wish her the best. However, I think she’s still too emotional to do a show like this. I feel bad about saying this but I’m secretly hoping atlanta exes gets canceled or she decides to walk so that God can open a better door for her

  • DroneRivers

    I see nothing wrong with her talking about him and/or their marriage. They were married for close to 10 years. Is she suddenly supposed to pretend he doesn’t exist now? She can take as long as she needs to get over it and act a fool on as many TV shows as she wants. I’m sure Kevin’s comedy routines will reflect their ups and downs from time to time, too. People cope in different ways.

  • Trini_Angel

    She’s stupid. Let me explain: Kevin Hart is taking care of his kids and her financially every month. The only way he can take care of them and afford them the lifestyle they want is by making money. He makes money by doing stand-up comedy and movies (and other ventures). Why would u try to take ‘food out of ur kids mouth’ by saying in interviews that his material comes from the time they were together and literally dragging his material through the mud??? That’s how u and ur kids get fed, clothed and sheltered!!! Some women are so damn bitter when the man leaves. U have someone in ur life now, Kevin doesn’t want to be with u anymore and he nor Eniko talks about u, so why are u shining them up every chance u get under the guise that ‘someone asked u a question and u answered’???? Oh right I forgot, she has a reality show coming up and she has to highlight her stupidity. Black people are always making clowns of themselves for others entertainment and their family life just lose out in the end

    • Kiana

      So what you’re saying is, its okay for him to drag her name through the mud as long as its bringing home the bacon but she is not allowed to say anything about it when she is ASKED! The material he used DID come from the time they were together. And it is sad that we found it so damn funny that he cheated on his wife. Please have several seats ma’am.

      • Elle

        I have never heard in his standup him say anything bad about her.

        • Trini_Angel

          No Kiana u need to have several seats. And where the hell did u read that anyone finds it funny that he cheated on her??? Do u have cataracts? Who the hell in their right mind would want to keep/fight for a cheat anyway? She should be glad he left. He talks about his ex but never in a bad light. If u listened to any of his stand-up (and I can see u don’t) u’ll hear him always gushing about his kids and friends. Here and there he’ll mention his ex. I repeat, never in a bad light. She’s bitter #EndOf

      • Selena McQueen

        But he mainly talk about himself he don’t go into detail about their relationship. And it’s definitely not that much material about her. She need to have several seats and stop hating

      • guest

        agreed, it’s a shame that women don’t stick together and are eager to down another. Funny cause most the women on this site can’t keep their past experiences out their mouth either; it’s human habit.

    • Rita

      Kevin paid her off…less than 1 million, and give her the house. She’s getting child support, so she not talking about that…I’mma tell you how I see it…Kevin made millions, jokin’/displayin’ their marriage for years!! He told his side of the story, I wanna hear hers…and that doesn’t make her bitter, not one bit.

      • Chasity Flanders

        She was getting child support whether it not he “paid” her off. What are u saying?

  • louvres

    Why wearing a top crop when you don’t have a flat belly? On a positive Note: I LOVE her hair!

    • hotmama01

      I guess cuz she felt like it…*shrug*

    • WhatMoreCanISay

      She was sitting. A lot of people’s is smothering their cooch when they sit down so stop reaching.

  • lockstress

    Uhm…you can always “decline” to answer said questions politely.

    • Krystal

      but why? he can tell a joke about it. why can’t she have a voice? because people are “tired” of her? we could always just choose to ignore her if that’s the case.

      • NativeBeautyy

        It’s only the fact that she’s being honest, and it messes up their bogus a** fantasy world. Smh.. Its all fun and games until the truth comes out. KH doesn’t want his chick to be known as a mistress/home wrecker. So she’s going to look like the angry bitter woman, no matter what she does or says ..