Exclusive: Momma Dee Confirms She’s Dating Brian McKee, Addresses His Marriage To Drea Kelly & Spills Crazy LHHATL Tea

August 4, 2014  |  

Last week, Momma Dee had the Internet buzzing with rumors that she is romantically involved with Brian McKee, the estranged husband of “Hollywood Exes” star Drea Kelly. We recently had the opportunity to chat with the outspoken “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star and she had quite a bit to say. For one, she confirmed that she and Brian are definitely involved. However, as well all know from watching the VH1 series, she has never been a woman of few words. In addition to confirming her relationship with Brian, who she actually says is in his 40s  and only five years younger than her, she also spoke on his marriage to Drea and dropped the bomb on some mess that’s going on behind the scenes with Scrappy and his ex-fiancée, Erica.

MN: Momma Dee,what is up with you and Brian McKee? Is it a strictly business relationship or is it romantic?

“We have both. We are seeing each other, but we’re friends first. You can’t claim somebody without being friends, so you’ve got to get to know one another. I found out that in dating, women tend to sleep with these men. We’re very emotional creatures. We give up our punanies and feel like that man is supposed to be ours. But if you’re still dating him—dating means getting to know one another. If you jump that process and it doesn’t turn out the way that you want it to turn out, then people will get salty. You know what I mean? They get salty. They don’t wish that individual well in their future endeavors, when they move on. If you get my drift…if you get my drift.”

MN: You said that your relationship is both business and personal, can you tell me about the business projects that you two are working on?

“Um, you’ll see.”

MN: Are you concerned about the allegations that are currently floating around about him?

“I got his back. I’m not going to let anyone say anything negative about him. It was put out there that he was out for money and that he used certain people for money. That’s not true.  As a matter of fact, they were married an entire year prior to him coming on. So how he gonna use her for money when they asked him to come on the show?”

“I’m a ride or die b—- and we’re going to ride it out together—me and him.”

MN: You once said that out of all of the girls Scrappy has dated, Bambi was your favorite.

“All of them sweet. Shay is a sweet girl, she’s very respectful. Erica, I respect her as my granddaughter’s mother. I tried to apologize to her [on Thursday’s nights episode] for any wrong that I’ve done to her. Do you know that b—h came for me at the reunion? She came for me, baby. I had to lay that b—h to rest and I did.

Scrappy left the set two hours early on the second day. And I guess she felt that I was the weaker link and because Scrappy wasn’t there, she could come for me. No, boo Scrappy is the weakest link because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t still be f—ing you behind Bambi’s back! When I tell you, this reunion. I can’t! It’s a shake-up in the palace! It’s okay because all the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to put somebody back together again if they don’t straighten up. When I tell you it goes on and on and on!”

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  • Sedrick Roeshard Gilbert

    She makes it seems as if HOLLYWOOD EXES was thirsty for Brian McKee. NOT! No one knew who he was, and the only person who wanted him was Drea Kelly, who prematurely declared him to be not only ‘The One’, but also ‘The Prince of R&B’. Furthermore, I don’t think the NAACP wants to hear anything from Momma Dee, nor anyone involved with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The struggles of those in the organization have nothing to do with the foolishness that goes on with that show and its characters.

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  • So he just hopped from one VH1 show to the other? SMH. Is it just me or does he give off zesty vibes?

  • Kimberly Gibson

    What the “F” happened? I thought Drea was so in love with him and he had her back. And she was about to lose her best friend… Who was first? Nicole and Michael or Drea and Brian? Will Smith’s ex will be next. She changed. How did he find Momma Dee? UGH!

  • I’mthereal MOMMA DEE

    SMH at yall who really think that Momma Dee has time to get on this site and comment back to you…just because the pic is there and the name means NOTHING IN THE KINGDOM……..Hell I could be Momma Dee…in that order….OFF WITH YOUR HEADS…lol

    • blindieblu


    • MrsMommy

      I know, I saw Lady Eloise down below, calling Marcus.

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  • honeypa72

    Mama Dee. I gotta admit, last season I was like “what is really good with this lady?” But you are endearing, and definitely a loving mother and grandmother. I think the way you apologized last night shows that you are loving and caring. I don’t always agree with everything you do, but you’re alright with me!! Congrats

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  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Buy my single on Itunes! Be on the lookout for my cooking show AND be ready to see my clothing line in that order!

    Love Always,
    Momma Dee

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  • hollyw

    I agree with what she said about Disney and Nickelodeon, though. I believe it.

  • Cleveland Cutie

    This lady and her “palace”…#thatsall

  • Miss Marcie

    I like Momma Dee that’s my girl. But I want her to be careful with this guy though. Also I will add, there was one other Black girl that had her own show in Disney. It was the little girl named China from Tyler Perry ‘s House Of Payne she also played in Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls.

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      Thank you sweetie the Queen loves you too.

  • Guest

    She looks like a man with a wig and makeup on! Are you sure this is really a woman?

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  • Dorothy

    Momma Dee exposed Drea and Hollywood Exes for the reality fakeness. She said, Drea and Brian were together for a year and they ask him to be on the show.

  • Bullheadedtaurus

    Did you hear him sing on Hollywood Exes?! Bwahahahaaa! I can’t take him seriously…or his new drag queen boyfriend…er girlfriend.

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      B1cth you got a problem? Dont think i wont still fugg a broad up, ya heard me?

  • Starr King

    Smh, wow

  • DoinMe

    She sounds like an old thirsty fool. SMH. What in the world does he want with her other than to ride her coattails on LHHAtl for TV time? I know Drea is somewhere wiping off her forehead for getting rid of this gold digger before it things got worse.

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  • FromUR2UB

    I think he’s a gay gigolo.

  • Lilacbenson

    That man is appolo nida and sherri’s husband love child. What an opportunist…

  • DroneRivers

    So… Momma Dee and the El Debarge wannabe gonna be shackin up in her “palace”? lol I hope Erica pushed her wig back at the reunion.

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      We are happy & in love. Shaking up is such an ugly term to call it. We are just getting to know one another while living under the same roof.

      • DroneRivers

        lol this is hilarious.

      • middleagerant42

        This man is claiming just friends. So now y’all are living together? How come he won’t just come out and say you are dating? He acts as if he is ashamed. Be careful I hate to scrappy in jail for whipping his azz.

      • middleagerant42

        You spoke some real truth in the interview. But Mamadee why not let scrappy make his own mistakes and learn from them as a man? I’m a mother of sons also and I know it’s hard to cut those apron strings but if we don’t they can’t get life lesson that is theirs to learn. Also i hate to hear of you and Erica fighting like that. It had to be painful for scrappy and even more so for your grandchild to hear of the two of fighting. After this show goes off the air your lives still must continue. Think of the impact all this negativity can do to her emotionally. You and Erica don’t have to best friends but respect one another for your granddaughters sake. Or you all will regret this mess when she hits those teenage years because you have taught negativity and violence is how you communicate.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    I love u mommadee getcholife!

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      Yes baby, Momma has got to live too!

  • noneya

    Gross. Just…gross.

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  • Quinshay

    He really is doing the most, trying to stay paid…

    • theres

      That is one dumb ugly old woman. I’m sure he is laughing behind her back like he was laughing at his ex-wife and probably any woman dumb enough to get with him. He seems to have some type of disorder and he should be ashamed. His whole family should be ashamed of him.

      • Gingertee

        The good thing is that aside from a view free invitations he did get to any of Drea’s money.

      • Davids Hair

        You’re so pressed.

  • kickash

    I don’t like to throw this word around a lot but THAT is an opportunist. I know Drea had no business with that fool he better off with that psycho mama dee

  • Jordan Washington

    How are you going to refer to your son as a weak link though? Lol.

  • bigdawgman

    Daaaayum! I know that boy gotta feel like Eddie Murphy with Lady Eloise in Boomerang! H3ll to the naw!! There ain’t enough darkness!!!

    • Lady Eloise


      • MrsMommy

        Lady Eloise on here too?

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      I love that you have compared me to the great Earth Kitt.

      • sarasefree

        lmfao………. mama Dee is that really you???…….seriously tho u need to stop all that cussing you’re grandma…… respect yourself.

        • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

          If I need to check a b1cth for stepping outta line I need to keep my pimp hand strong. I never claim to be perfect, however there is always room for improvement.

          • sarasefree

            lol…..so true Momma Dee….keep strong

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  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    Publicity stunt for ratings?? It’s gotta be! Who would??? Why would??? oh hell, nevermind!!

    • Lele


  • Kiki

    Man he’s such an opportunist she’ll learn

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  • T. T.

    Well you knew if no one else would give it to you straight with no chaser it would be Mama Dee. I’m too through with her saying punanie and dry snitching on Scrap about him still sleeping with Erica behind Bambi’s back. Hell Scrap got biological and baby mama drama. D@mn shame!