“Maybe Reality Was A Mistake…This Negativity Is Tragic”: Chrisette Michele Already Regrets Doing “R&B Divas”

August 2, 2014  |  

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When I heard the news earlier this year that Chrisette Michele was going to be taking part in R&B Divas LA (as well as Leela James), I was pretty shocked. Sorry, but I consider those type of reality shows as a good look for singers/artists who have been in the industry for years and years, have amassed a decent amount of notoriety, but want to take their career to the next level (and have a little drama at the same time). Michele has only been active in the industry since 2006, and she just seemed like someone who would never give reality TV the time of day. But she has…and now she regrets it. In a lengthy open letter of sorts on her Instagram page, Michele talked about the surprising onslaught of negativity that she’s had to deal with since she decided to be a “Diva,” and how she now realizes that it’s not for her.

“Hey can I write you a letter? Dear fans, Maybe you were right about me not doing a reality show. I have had so much fun staying beneath the radar. I’ve traveled to more countries then I can pronounce and made friends of fans and celebs alike, collabed with my favorite artists (you know I’m a nerdy hip hop head). Truth is, I wasn’t raised on R&B. I just happen to sound okay singing it. I’ve never thought that wearing angel wings and trying to be open about feelings would make people send me evil tweets and receive awful phone calls. A Diva. Maybe that’s not the right term for artists now a days the way it was when Whitney was here. Maybe it’s meaning has changed. I’m truly just here to say hello. On your TV screens to show you who I am outside of this music/Hollywood stuff. Maybe reality was a mistake. Maybe I should stay in my comfortable cave where I’m only loved. Half a million twitter followers, 200k insta Rich Hipster’s and 2.1 million Facebook likes have come from the music alone. From backstage hugs and kisses. From marriage proposals on my open hearted stage. From my quirky ever changing style. From hellos on the streets. From meet & greets. The moments un-telivised. Some people aren’t meant to share their personality. Maybe I’m one of those people. One of those who are protected by the Art. Art is love and it covers. It shields. I don’t see myself doing reality again. I’ll hang out with my pet unicorn in Artist-ville. This negativity is tragic and I can’t transfer these vibes to my Art. I love you. I won’t speak negativity against any one on the show in any further interviews. I won’t speak the name of people who quell my light. I can’t participate in brokenness. Healing is my ambition. Light is my nourishment. Be well. The Rich Hipster Captain #chrisette #ChrisetteMichele #Art #RichHipster #randbdivasLA #rbdivasla #rbdivas #iamstillhere #itsByTheGraceOfGod”

In a recent chat on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Michele revealed she was a little apprehensive about joining the show. In fact, she wrote this on Instagram three weeks ago:

“Gearing up my mind for what is to come. I’m new to this. I’ve only exposed my Art. Now to expose my Heart. Find me on @tvonetv every Wednesday night. I did it because I want you to know me outside of the lyrics. You’ve seen my Art and you haven’t broken it. Now see my Heart, I’m just there to open it. R&B Divas LA.”

She also told Smiley and co. recently that she hopes the show won’t hurt her image:

“I’m pretty human and pretty normal. At the end of the day, I think that’s what goes far. I have a solid fan base for these last 8 years and they’ve been kind to me and full of love and affection. So, I don’t think they’ll change their minds.”

That’s probably what Kelly Price thought too…But what do you think of Michele’s revelations in her letter? And if you’ve been keeping up with the new season of R&B Divas LA, what do you think of her on the show?

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  • asia

    I do understand and respect Christie Michele , intention on what she was trying to do to get people to know a different side of her, I have always loved and respected her and her music and art from day one , and always will be a big supporter of hers from day one, I will always ride with her she’s a beautiful person inside and out and I really was shocked and surprised when I found out she was doing reality TV , reality TV is not for her, she’s not a negative person .and in reality TV the stigma is negativity on majority of these shoes, but I’m not speaking I’ll of any of the woaman on Christie’s show I hv the most respect for all of them as woaman.i just wish Christie the best and may God bless her , carry on queen I wish you the best in all of your future endevours and I will be following you no matter what God bless you my sister you hv a unbelievable talent and voice keep it up love u a fan to the end.

  • I’ve said it from the jump that Chrisette Michelle was not right for R&B Divas LA!!! Her star is steadily on the rise, she’s just now beginning in her career, this show is for artists who are are trying to reclaim the fame/career they once had!!! Chrisette is a sweet young lady, who does not do drama, & in all honesty, should not be on R&B Divas LA!

  • Pamela

    I was very disappointed when Chrisette Michele joined the cast of R&B Divas LA. I, too, thought that these shows were for singers who have been “off of music scene” for awhile and now want to make a comeback and need the exposure. Chrisette is still relevant and does not need a show like this. I believe she has done an excellent job remaining positive and portraying a good image of African American women. However, I am very excited that she made a decision not to return to the show for a second season.

    P.S. No one had anything negative to say the first season when Chante came up with the idea of them marrying themselves.

  • Fox Fine

    People are gonna hate on you and misconstrue your actions and motivations because, like Bob Marley said, “You can please some of the people, but you can’t please all the people all the time”.

    That said, don’t let them producers get you to actin’ a fool. You have something most reality stars do not: i.n.t.e.g.r.i.t.y. You don’t seem like the type that would lose it. I ’bout lost my head when I was reading articles about Angie Stone wantin’ to fuss and fight over some dude. I mean, I know we’re only human, but I wasn’t expecting Ms. Stone to get caught up in Reality drama- let alone Reality Man Drama.

    Do you It’s beautiful, it’s refreshing, and despite what people say- it’s welcomed.

  • Music

    I love Chrisette, but I never understood the reasoning behind her joining the show. When I think of RnB divas, I think of ladies who were popular in the 90s and now need to be reintroduced to the music world. The same goes with KeKe. I don’t understand why she’s on RnB divas.

    • Prettyreddbone

      Keke made music in the 90s too. The domestic violence allegations between her and her former hubby put her then budding career on hold.

      • Music

        I totally forgot about the situation between her and her ex husband. You’re right though.

        • SunFlower78

          I think Keke has a very powerful voice, one of the better out of the group of women…for some reason labels market who they want (most are superficial) because they are looking to pimp their stars….labels don’t care about longevity anymore. If you are are one hit wonder, they could care less as long as they make a profit…
          It also seems people don;t appreciate good vocals anymore…just a good beat…which always doesn’t make for good music,

  • What did she expect? 95.9% of reality shows create and perpetuate drama.

  • diana

    she shouldn’t be on show in the first place. i thought it was suppose to be about older r&b artists trying to make a comeback. she’s still considered a new artist.

  • ThaTruthful1

    I still question why was Chrisette was on R&B Divas to begin with because she is the only one on the show with relevance idk.

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    As butt backwards this may sound chrisette is too much a positive flower and a LEADER to be on a reality show like this. It’s messed up but our people don’t appreciate you when you don’t look or act like you fit the part. Yet, we complain about who makes us look bad…..after we praise them for “keeping it real.” To me she’s a can of frebreeze for a.a. women on reality t.v. right now. Not even the power of pinesol could clean up the rest of the angry birds we have to witness. We say we don’t want any drama but clown the 1st person who doesn’t bring any. She actually brings the solution. Keep doing you Chrisette, its much needed in the world.

    • NiHi

      I love your post. Chrisette seems to be a beautiful young lady inside and out. I find people who have such strong opinions about therapy are usually the ones that need it most. I would love to see more of Chrisette and people like her instead of people like MiMi, Joseline, Erica M., etc. Our young girls need to know there’s nothing wrong with being “different” and stop buying into the stereotype of what being a black or brown girl means. Maybe Chrisette should think about getting with other like minded people and going to OWN with an idea for a show of their own. VH1 and company want their black and brown women to be as rachett as possible. Stay positive Chrisette!

      • cantcommittoahairstyle

        Thanks & i agree she would be awesome on OWN with her own tv show.

  • nss

    Reality TV isn’t for Chrisette Michele. She has a really good spirit about her; she should just be lowkey

  • Ay

    Chrisette is very eccentric but I like her. She seems to be doing ok on the show so far but she’s right not everyone is built for reality. Keep doing you Chrisette, you’re a talented girl.

  • Jazzy!

    I actually love her on the show. She has not done anything wrong, so I don’t see why she has gotten a lot of negativity.


      The same shade Lelah was throwing, that’s the type of response she gotten from those like minds&types. Those that don’t mind being sincere, cool, intelligent, OPEN, happy…and petting unicorns lol didn’t get offended by her vibe. I love the girl even MORE now! #wings On a national stage, a sister with a heart and soul like that is NOT EASILY palatable to some, it appears vulnerable and brings the sharks out who sense blood in the water. #meanGirls #BitterBirds Tami Roman types are more easily celebrated and idolized in “those” spaces…
      Btw To some of our people words like therapy and “talk” is immediately off putting. The guard went up and claws came out REAL quick- why they mad at Iyanla? Lol

      • Jazzy!

        I totally agree about the mean girls getting idolized. SMH! I wish I had a friend like Chrisette though. She is so loving 🙂

      • Ashleej

        I don’t think it’s that & I’ve watched the show a couple times. I’m a huge fan of Chrisette, I still jam out to her amazing first album. The thing is, is when ppl only know Ur music & not u we form our own idea or image of what we think u’d be like. When we learn otherwise & u turn out to be something completely different sometimes it’s a bit disappointing. Personally Chrisette is nothing like I’d imagined & it kind of does take away from her music as in now I don’t get the same feel however I’ll always be a fan.

        • MJ

          I understand what you are saying about being disappointed when the image of an artist does not match your ideal, but I think the previous posters hit the nail on the head. Culturally we are not ones for talking about feelings, or airing our dirty laundry so to speak–especially with a therapist. GASP! I mean really, what exactly is so hard about hashing out issues in a constructive way instead of throwing wine bottles(hello, Evelyn)? Maybe it’s because I can relate, but I love the fact that Chrisette is what’s considered a little off-center in a good way. I would take her open and quirky nature over constant shade throwing and “diva-like” behavior any day!

    • Lenne Graves

      She will only get the negativity from negative draining people…those kind of people don’t like positve people to shine..where they have pissed at and on like dogs claiming their territory….there are many people that is in love with hate…it is as simple as that….anything that reminds them that there is light…they will move hell to earth..to prove you otherwise…I would usually say..forget them
      evil bums…but at this point…who needs to work along side the one who want to spread heat…when you can save yourself under a shaded tree of nice people…

  • Happy

    I havn’t watched this season but I thought it was common knowledge at this point that being on reality tv brings drama. I’ve always been a fan of Chrisette Michele but I’m confused of why she’s shocked about the negativety associated with being on tv. What did she expect? Esp with the amount of drama thats been on R&B Divas since season 1

    • whatsup

      She is only getting back what she put out. It’s reality TV which showcases drama. She participated and has made her rounds on radio shows bashing Chante Moore. Now she is getting a taste of her own medicine and she does not like it and wants to quit.

      • Lost Soul

        She was bashing Chante Moore? I’m shocked. Chrisette seems so positive on the show.

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