#TeamWendy: Kenya Moore Defends Wendy Williams Against NeNe Leakes

July 31, 2014  |  

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Kenya Moore appears to have always been quite fond of Wendy Williams. However, it seems that she has a bit more of an incentive to adore the outspoken television personality these days: Porsha Stewart and NeNe Leakes’ beef with Wendy. Kenya was recently asked what she thinks of NeNe’s feud with Wendy and unsurprisingly, she repped #TeamWendy loudly and proudly.

“What’s your opinion on the Nene and Wendy beef?” one fan questioned.

“It’s petty. @WendyWilliams speaks her mind that’s why ppl watch,” Kenya responded.

“#teamwendy some people can’t take criticism it’s really not that serious. The truth hurts it u don’t have to believe it,” she continued.

Earlier this week, NeNe spoke to us about her beef with Wendy and the “Glee” star accused her former friend of being extremely harsh towards Black women on her show.

“She’s not only negative toward people, she is negative toward Black girls,” said NeNe. “And you’re a Black woman sitting up here. Now, I have a feeling why she’s saying it, but I just want people to know it was not about my Birkin bag, my bag was the last straw for me. She put on this sabotaging campaign for a very long time. So I wanted to do an open letter and just said to her ‘What did I do to you?!’ Because if I did anything to you, you need to tell me.”

NeNe went on to express that Wendy’s entire empire was built on being negative.

“We all know that Wendy has been very negative towards a lot people in the industry. That’s basically how she built her career. That’s fine with me. No tea and no shade. But the deal is I supported Wendy, I was supportive of Wendy.”

“All of a sudden it’s like Wendy flipped and went on some type of sabotaging campaign,” she continued. “Every time she would put my picture up, she said something negative about me. I don’t watch her show anymore because she has been so negative toward people.”


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  • pat219

    One man defending another man!

  • Gidgetgirl1234

    Kenya is soooo desperate to stay relevant and in the headlines she will say or do anything. She is so negative and vile and I really wish she would go away.

  • IGotItLikeThat

    Wendy’s taken some harsh jabs at Kenya too, so it just shows that Kenya doesn’t take Wendy’s half-a$$ed comments too seriously! Porsha & NeNe (of all people) should follow suit!!

    • BeckyGrey

      Kenya’s hate for Nene overshadows criticism from Wendy. Remember Kenya’s theory is all press is good press. If Wendy was talking about her, then in her mind, Kenya is relevant.

  • slimed through Hollywood

    please go to your obsession where are the real Men please!

  • Ran through Hollywood

    Loved, the instant untalented undeserved fame.

    • Betcha

      Pop culture in a diluted mind is a violation that needs to stay away from me>, FAME

  • pow

    Wendy has made a career off of criticzing celebraties and gossiping about them. Everyone likes her up until she starts doing it to them. So they’re all ok with it as long as they’re not targeted! Pleease!

  • Martha

    Kenya Moore trying to be relevant…. #EpicFail

    • Bird

      But in all fairness to Kenya, she was asked to respond to the Nene and Wendy feud. Kenya should keep her name out there or she will be cancelled from RHOA. I hope

      • BeckyGrey

        Kenya could have said “no comment”. But Kenya is too thirsty to do that.

  • Roxee

    NeNe is the most negative person and a trouble maker. She dishes it out but can’t take it. So is Wendy.

  • faithfult

    I not a fan of either man, oops I meant woman, but Nene is right, anytime I surf the TV and Wendy show appearances she is hating on her own people. Who has a shows that promotes negative comments about their own race. GET HER OFF THE AIR~

  • wveronica7

    Wendy always been negative, so since she became negative towards nene I guess Nene want to use she’s too negative as a complaint. NeNe is a negative person as well, she can’t dish out what she put ouy

  • Anthony Swift

    I guess Kenya forgot how Wendy Aka Wendell said Kenya had craters all over her face.

  • yellowleo

    Yea, Wendy is negative, but so is Nene. Pot, meet kettle.

  • slimpickens2916

    Kenya needs to stay out of this mess. She is messy enough and does not need to try and throw shade. Her relevancy is attached to theRHATL. Beyond that, she gets sloppy!

    • Wandaarmstrong

      Did we all forget that Nene thinks she’s better than the other ladies on the show,kandi asked it she would be in the play an Ms Leakes act like she was too good bye Felicia

      • Lisa Tate

        Exactly. I remember her saying why should he do a Kandi Burruss production when she’s in A Ryan Murphy production. Well looks like Ryan Murphy is over Leakes.

  • GymJunkie43

    I agree that Wendy is a bit too negative and critical. However what Wendy said about NeNe is correct. Just 4 years ago NeNe was bouncing checks and being evicted and now she acts like she has Oprah’s money. No one is going to buy a Birkin bag that has been customized by NeNe Leakes. Sorry

  • Music

    Oh Please!!!! Kenya just wants a friend, and will jump on any bandwagon to stay get that friend.

    • Gidgetgirl1234

      My Daddy has a saying “she is anyone’s dog that will let her hunt with them”.

  • Lola

    I noticed the influx of negativity too and I don’t understand it because she’s being negative towards women who have supported her since the beginning of her TV talk show. NeNe was a frequent guest on her show. I don’t get it!

    • Lisa

      Just because the people were friendly towards Wendy does that make them immune to criticism? When Nene is unhappy we all know it. I didn’t like her attitude last season or during the reunion. I thought she was very rude to Andy. The show that Nene was on was cancelled, Glee was held back she wasn’t happy. Remember the season of, “Greg I ain’t neva, eva did you wrong?” Nene opened herself up and we all loved it. Last season it was very stand-offish. Although people have issues with Kenya, she did give Nene the biggest room for the Savannah trip, and threw the bootleg charity for Nene, Nene could’ve just been the bigger person, but she wasn’t.

      Anyway Wendy has always been honest about the show. She told a married Porsha and Kordell, on her show not to do the show. She said they were happy and that reality show will ruin their marriage. Look what happened.
      She said that Phaedra should go, I agreed. Do we really think Phaedra is gonna really open up this upcoming season about Apollo? We will see a happier Nene though her HSN line sold out, she did Dancing with the Stars…my point is Wendy has a job. People think she’s negative, but they call her Wendell, who’s being negative?

      When Eveyln got engaged to that baseball dude many called her a gold-digger, but when Wendy said it clutch the pears. I just find people to be very hypocritical of Wendy. How is she different from TMZ, PerezHilton, The National Inquirer, and all the other rags out there? Ohhhhhhh she’s a black woman.

  • sexcgenius

    I am not a huge Nene Leakes fan; however, she hit the nail on the head. Wendell is so negative and messy.

    • Lele

      That’s why she hasn’t been getting any great guest. Once a celeb leaves her show she starts talking about them.

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