Congrats Are In Order: Amina Buddafly Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

July 31, 2014  |  

Amina Buddafly, wife to veteran rapper Peter Gunz, is officially a mother. The “Love and Hip Hop New York” star gave birth to a daughter on July 29.

Personally, I’m still in a bit of shock. When Amina announced that she was carrying Peter Gunz’ baby, I thought the whole thing was a sham. I didn’t place too much faith in their relationship either, considering Peter Gunz himself admitted that he only behaved so scandalously on television so he could make money for his family.

But I guess he took that acting thing pretty seriously because now there’s a new life in the world and based on recent interviews from both Peter and Amina, it seems like they’re trying to make things work in their marriage. Peter says he’s in therapy trying to become a better man and husband and Amina who’s always been down to ride says that she would die for him and is seeing things that are giving her more hope in their relationship. 

Either way, their daughter, who was born on Tuesday, hasn’t made a social media appearance yet but Amina did release a statement via her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

No word yet on whether Peter was there for the delivery or not. His last tweet was sent out on July 25, where he detailed the sunburn he was getting from vacationing in the islands, apparently with the two sons he and Tara have together. On Instagram, he posted a shot of his sons the day of his daughter’s birth and even an “inspirational” quote and funny meme but no word about his baby girl yet.

Hopefully, he didn’t miss the birth and just wants to keep things private and under wraps for right now. You never know.

Either way, a baby is always cause for celebration so congratulations to Peter and Amina and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on their story and their new bundle of joy.


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  • mmmdot

    SMH. Poor baby coming into the world with two trifling azz parents.

    • EP

      Lol I was just about to say poor baby. I feel sorry for the child though.

    • rene

      Nobody has to feel sorry for Amina she loves her baby from day one weather Peter takes it all in as her Husband as a new mother Amina seem like she going to put her child first… so it’s so many man run games on women it’s crazy some man have them both pregnant at the same time or married to someone way somewhere else crazy world but the baby going to be fine man can come and go period that child is yours!

      • mmmdot

        Okay. But I feel sorry for the baby though. Not Amina. Both her parents are trifling. Sorry.

        • rene

          This is Amina first child so don’t know why she is trifling thats yet to be learn may Peter i don’t know how he is with all his other kids he acts like Tara kids the boys is all that counts but i think that’s considered as trifling man….

          • mmmdot

            Excuse me? I don’t get what you’re trying to say here. She knew he had a long term girlfriend he was COHABITING WITH and that THEY HAD KIDS. She smiled right up in Tara’s face while knowing she was married to her man. Amina is just as trifling as Peter. They are BOTH trifling. SO like I said, I feel sorry for the baby because NEITHER ONE of her parents seem to have any kind of MORAL CODE or a SENSE OF DECENCY towards other people–ultimately they betray other people’s trust to GET what they want, and then insincerely and disingenuously feel “sorry” for it later–I hope they don’t teach their daughter to be that way too. Usually one parent is more decent then the other parent and kids have a chance–but with THESE two? It’s going to be hard for that child to develop a moral code that doesn’t somehow justify steamrolling and crushing other people for HER happiness.

  • rene

    Opps Sleeping with peter but Tara going to be fine anyway…..

  • rene

    Forget about Tara they are not together and that’s the end of match making it’s about Amina and Peter new beautiful baby girl period….truth is she was seeing with Peter when she faught out the truth he was married to him so she was thinking he was going to divorce her telling her what she wanting to her but he loves Amina he was never going to let her go even not God bless them both a man dosen’t Stop your life keep moving on cause you have too….

  • Doll Phace

    I hope she teaches her daughter about sleeping with other people husband’s.

    • mikki21

      Your slow, she didn’t sleep with anybody’s husband. She slept with someone’s boyfriend, that then turned into her husband….. Tara slept with someones husband……

      • Doll Phace

        Sounds so much better smh

        • rene

          Yes Amina is married to Peter the whole to when they were tapeing the show so Tara was another babymama but when she faught out she was still sleeping with Peter thinking he was going to divorce Amina but still they are together and married…..

          • Doll Phace

            Is that you Amina?? Gon girl and defend yourself! !

  • Lisa Tate

    I hate to play devil’s advocate BUT was Tara with him and their boys on that island? Sorry. I’m still looking at Gunz side eyed.

  • candy cane

    AWWWW…congrats to Amina and Peter…

  • Toya

    Therapy isn’t going to make him feel something he doesn’t feel. He said straight up that if he’d known how Tara really felt he would have never taken things so far with Amena. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

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  • Hope Floats

    We as Americans can literally sexualize anything and anybody; teenagers, children, food, ‘toys’, cartoons, shoes, clothing, hair, technology, anigamals, cars, most entertainment, undergarments, art, literature, education, etc. Can anyone think of anything else that has been given a sexual innuendo or undertone?