[Watch] Rihanna Yells At Overly Eager Fan Asking For A Photo: “Give Me A Minute! Jesus Christ!”

July 31, 2014  |  

Sometimes you run into celebrities and they’re super nice and ready and willing to take a picture or sign an autograph. And other times, you run into them and they’re thinking, “Not today…”


That’s what seemed to be running through the mind of Rihanna when she was trying to navigate through JFK after arriving from Detroit, where she was rehearsing for her “Monster” tour with Eminem. As she got off the plane, Ms. Fenty wasn’t in the best mood, and who hasn’t been there? Airplane food and snacks are nothing to smile about…

As she moved up the stairs and was hoping to head to her car, a fan following close behind (there would be many more) asked for a picture, and she yelled out, “Give me a minute!” She then dropped a quick expletive and then said “Jesus Christ!”

But that didn’t stop other fans from following the Bajan pop star through the airport as she was hoping to make an exit. But things got worse when she was told that her car wasn’t ready for her, and she ended up giving her security guard the death face. The security guard would then take his anger out on one of her fans, pushing a young man out of the way without blinking an eye as he continued to walk with Rihanna.

While some say she behaved pretty rude, I can imagine that always stopping to take selfies with fans, to sign autographs and to kiss babies can get a little tiring when you’re just trying to move along quickly from place to place. It’s hard to always be “on.” But then again, yelling probably wasn’t the best response. Ah well, you live and you learn…

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  • rwats007

    I don’t flock to celebrities at all. I never saw the point in doing so. They are no better than anyone else. I saw Michael Jordan once was not fazed at all. Could care less about celebrities or meeting them. To me, I view thrm as being regular people who put on their clothes, use the restroom and bleed the same blood as I do. Society needs to getover itself when it comes to worshipping ccelebrities. The only one I will ever flock to and worship is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  • Zahnia

    Rihanna is always trying to handle her overzealous fans by herself. She needs to get a personal bodyguard. Jay Z got Jules for Beyonce, maybe he can get one for RiRi too. The poor thing needs help. She can’t handle all that celebrity stress by herself because she is just trying to be a recording artist. Drake didn’t help, he didn’t want a serious relationship with her. He wants to dip it with other girls, fool! So Babygirl is alone.

  • Renata Barnes

    Everyone has a bad day and even if that isn’t the case…sometimes you’re just not in the mood…you’re in a rush, tired, frustrated, things on your mind. People also think that it’s ok to approach celebrities when they are out in public trying to eat, meet with a friend, at some celebration with non-celebrity people…they get followed in their cars, when they walk, at their homes…I can imagine that it gets to be too much sometimes and you want to rebel against it. It seems as though she is usually gracious so to begrudge her a meltdown when it gets too much is greedy and selfish on our parts. If you don’t like her attitude. stop buying her “music”. Chase Kim Kardashian…she can’t get enough cameras

  • shon

    So I guess using the Lord’s name in vain is not a problem? Hmm.

  • coco

    actually rihanna is one of the few celebrites that do take time to take photos she is great at greet and meet so she was just probably in a rush today

  • motorfingaz

    Not only is she ratchet. ……she’s ungrateful!

  • MajorKinksnCoils86

    Celebrity is one thing, but remember she is human first, who knows what she was going through, and the fact that she was going from one place to another. Maybe I’m not a patient person, but I wouldn’t want to be bothered at that time either.

  • Rebbekah

    People like her for that curt personality, it should be no shock to her fans… She could have punched the dude in the face, there will still be millions coming to her concerts and millions asking for her autographs.

  • Markitha

    She’s such a JERK!

  • CAliQueen

    I’m not going to comment on what I thought about her reaction to dude because I don’t know why she reacted that way to him but I will say that couldn’t be me because I would have snapped back on her @ss. LOL IJS she hasn’t met the right one yet.

    • Rebbekah

      yea, but think about it, if you’re following her around like that so much that you are close enough to get an autograph, you’re most likely a big fan and you’re not gonna snap back as you see her as some sort of Goddess or queen

      • CAliQueen

        As I said that could never be me. Whether i was a fan or looked at her as a “goddess” (which I do not) I would snap back. Regardless of the situation or who ever it is I would not respond well. I am speaking from my own personal point of view.

  • uniquefashionista

    I do understand that we are all human, but when you became a celebrity, you signed up to be in the public eye. That means signing autographs, taking pictures, answering questions, etc. Not to mention, if it weren’t for these fans, you wouldn’t make any money. You should never bite off the hand that feeds you. She will eventually learn.
    I am a school counselor. There are several days that I don’t feel like being bothered. But, its my JOB. I can’t tell students, “Jesus Christ give me a minute”. I signed up for helping those who reach out to me. I have to deal with everyone else’s problems even though I have problems of my own. She is blessed and is taking it for granted. Her attitude lately isn’t a good look. Get it together, Rihanna, before you become the next “has been”. Then you will be begging people to take pictures with you.

    • Just saying!!

      That doesn’t mean fans don’t sometimes do the most. She’s not God, she’s a human being. I’d imagine anyone would get sick of that **** after a while.

      • uniquefashionista

        You are absolutely right. Fans can be a bit too much sometimes. But, this isn’t the first time Rihanna has been rude to her fans. There have been several instances she has been more than at her best. Let’s not forget the teen who wore an outfit like Rihanna. Rihanna then went on social media belittling that poor girl. In my opinion, this isn’t the way you treat your fans.

  • JHudson

    All i can say is, I don’t give a F***K :). She is just as imperfect and normal as anybody else that walks these streets not paved of gold. So yes, she will be not so nice plenty of times and yes other times she will be nice and sweet. Whatever….so how about that weather?

  • kaila P

    yeah she’s a celebrity but people constantly in your face is annoying af,

  • heyheyno

    I still don’t know why Rihanna is famous and if I could halfway sing I would probably hate the girl but it’s something about her I like one thing she’s always consistent and we’re the same age and her hooks are catchy so if she wanna be rude hey girl do you lol

  • Whatever

    Surprise, surprise. The Navy is out in full force defending Rihanna’s stank attitude.

  • Guest

    I’m not surprised. Rihanna has a temper..

  • Trini_Angel

    OR she’s just probably jet-lag. Come on, after all she’s a human

  • Jane

    Why won’t you guys post where she apologlized to the fans she ignored? no? because that would take away from your story and blog hits huh? She is on an escalator so that was dangerous. Did you post when she paid for her murdered teenaged fans funeral? Did you post when she found a fan who IG and told them to turn around and come back to arena to meet her and take pictures? No?

    • MNEditor2

      Navy member, huh?
      I definitely said I can understand why she would get tired of folks coming at her for photos when she’s just trying to get from point A to point B quickly. Didn’t try and make her a villain for being human.
      And look again, she was on the stairs–not the escalator.

      • heyheyno

        right must be a navy fan you’re going in for no reason at all Jane calm down it will be alright hunny

  • ladybug

    Isn’t this what all celebs want? To whom much is given much is required. I truly believe that. I’ll also say that I can image it gets annoying. But whatever happened to a simple “no pictures please” ?

  • Trisha_B

    He wasn’t a fan. He’s a guy that sells celeb autographs on eBay. She knows who he is. So she was annoyed by him lol

    • And he probably alerted the vultures for payback,this mofo right there…

  • dagr8

    She is usually nice to her fans so she gets a pass. People really need to remember that they are only human

    • Rebbekah

      Usually nice??? that’s not what I hear…

      • Whydid Youblockme

        me either! lol
        i heard she’s a real BTICH

    • MajorKinksnCoils86

      absolutely! that was my initial thought, no one knows how tired she could’ve been…I know I wouldv’e snapped at someone, especially if they kept asking, she did say give me a minute…she could’ve said much worse lol…

    • motorfingaz

      Usually nice? LMAO now that’s a lie

  • sha

    It may have been rude but it could also be a dangerous situation for a celebrity. Especially since her car was not ready. I would be pissed as well.